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Ideally suited Biking Shoes


Ideally suited Biking Shoes

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									Ideally suited Biking Shoes

Don’t you hate it when riders with good bike shoes and multi tool blast by you without breaking a
sweat? Are you that terrible of a rider, or is it your shoes?

Well, I have to say, I noticed a major difference after I bought real bike shoes. Having my feet firmly
planted to the pedals made me feel like the king of the biking world.

It really helps when you have rigid soles transferring all your power to the pedal rather than letting
limpy soles dissipate that power. It’s just like skiing. You wouldn’t ski in flip flops, would you?

The stiff soles also protect and support the full length of your feet, reducing cramping and fatigue. The
firm upper part of the shoe also helps support your feet and ankles.

When you ride in sneakers, your feet can collapse through their arches, and this can injure your
tendons or make your feet burn.

There are also several other differences between bike shoes and other sport shoes. It’s important that
Shimano shoes fit snugly so your feet don’t swim in them. And they should have little or no cushioning
in their soles so as to prevent interference with peddling. The upper part of the shoe is lightweight and
ventilated to keep your feet cool and dry. And, of course, the bottoms of the shoes have fixing points
for the cleats.

There are dozens of styles of bike shoes, but they can be broken down into three basic kinds: road, off-
road and casual. Which kind you choose should depend on the kind of riding you do and the amount of
walking you plan to do in them. If you plan to walk around quite a bit in your bike shoes, then you’ll
probably want to get casual bike shoes.

Road Shoes

These shoes have the stiffest soles and the worst traction, so they’re difficult to walk around in,
particularly the ones designed for racing. But they’re the most efficient shoes for riding.

The best material for soles is carbon fiber, which is light in weight but extra strong and stiff.

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Road shoe uppers are usually made of light-weight nylon mesh, reinforced with synthetic leather.
Ratchet or Velcro fastening systems are great for making adjustments while you’re riding. You can
loosen them if your feet start to swell, or tighten them if you’re sprinting or climbing.


These are designed for mountain biking, but some people use them for road touring. They have enough
flex and traction to walk around in, but are stiffer for riding than casual bicycle shoes.

The more expensive shoes tend to have enhanced foot protection, stiffer soles, waterproof liners and
better straps, and they’re often lighter in weight.


These are designed with comfort and walk ability in mind, while still being far more efficient and safe
for riding than normal sports shoes. They’re popular with some touring bicyclist because they’re more
comfortable for long tours than other bike shoes and because they’re the only shoes a touring biker will
have to take. They’re definitely the most versatile type of bike shoe, which makes them popular with
some commuters.

But no matter what kind of bike shoes you buy, you’ll obviously have to match them to your bike pedals
and cycling and running tights.

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