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					           Association For Professionals In Infection Control And Epidemiology Inc.
                              30th Annual Educational Conference & International Meeting
                                                     June 7-13,2003 - San Antonio, Texas

 Tape Request__

Date: __________ Member Name: ______________________________ __________
Email address :_______________________

Work Phone: ____________                Home Phone:___________

Facility: ________________________
Email C. Weaver( , Lorie Thompson ( , or Angela Price
( ) at least 24 hours ahead for tapes to be brought to the upcoming chapter meeting or feel free
come by Erlanger IC office to pick up at other times.

Circle tapes requested and provide completed form to C. Weaver or Ann Samples for record.

                                       PRECONFERENCE WORKSHOPS

102    Strategies for 'Success: Developing a Scholarly Abstract Research Proposal, and Manuscript,
       Barbara A. Goldrick BS, MPH, PhD, CIC, Elaine Larson, RN, PhD, FAAN, CIC;
       Russell N. Olywted, MPH, CIC (3 Tapes)

203    Evidence –based Infection Control Mark Loeb, MD; Cindy Walker MLS (3 Tapes)

                                               GENERAL SESSIONS
1000    Meeting the Challenges of the Future, Key Note , John E. McGowan Jr. MD

1001    Non-Negotiables in Healthcare, Kate Payne, RN, MSN, ID

1002   Elaine Larson Lectureship: The Evolution of Surgical Site Infection Surveillance and Prevention
4001    It Can't Happen Here, but It Did. What Would You Do? Challenges from the Front Lines of
        Infection Prevention, William E. Scheckler MD

2103   Symposium - Construction: Protecting Patients from Nosocomial Infections During Construction-Related Activities,
       Douglas S. Erickson, BS, FASHE ;Wayne Hansen BSME, PE, REA (2 Tapes)

3105   Symposium - Infectious Diseases: Ifs a Small World: Implications of Zoonoses, Clarence J. Peters, MD;David T
       Dennis, MD, MPH, Jan E. Patterson, MD (2 Tapes
3605   Symposium - lmmunocompromised Hosts: The lmmunocompromised Host: An Infection Control Challenge, Jan E.
       Patterson. MD; Thomas E Patterson, MD; Kent A. S@pkowiM MD; Issam L Raad, MD, FACP FIDSA (2 Tapes)
           Association For Professionals In Infection Control And Epidemiology Inc.
                               30th Annual Educational Conference & International Meeting
                                                      June 7-13,2003 - San Antonio, Texas

                                             CONCURRENT SESSIONS

2101 Media Communications During an Infection Control Crisis, Ozzie Garza; Diana I Struski, D. Creagergr,,,

2102 Using Information Technology to Detect and Prevent Infections, Steven L Solomon, MD

2201   Leading an Outbreak SWAT Team, Marilyn Jones, RIV, BSN' CIC, Deborah Af. Nihill, RN, BSN' AFSA, CIC

2202   Regulatory Compliance in Long term Care,Gail B. Bennett, RIV, MSN, Cic

2301   Sports, Syndromes and Surveillance: Lessons Learned at the 2002 Winter Olympics, Adi Gund,&apiii, MD, PhD

2302    Legal Aspects of Infection Control: ICP as an Expert Witness, Julie A- Savoy, BSN, RN, Fd

2303    Vaccine Safety: Hit or Myth, Jay M. Uebemam MD, FAAP

2304    Strategies for Success in Managing Your Infection Control - Deborah Schapiro

2501    CDC Investigation and Update on SARS,Steve Solomor4 MD, Denise Cardo, MD
3101    Pediatric Patients and Community Acquired MSRA:What's a Hospital to Do? Sheldon L Kapim MD

3102     HACCP Team: A Collaborative Model of Infection Control and Patient Safety, Kathy L Brook,@ W PhD, CIC

3103     Infection Prevention and Safety in the Home Care setting, Michele L Pearson, MD

3104     The HICPAC Guideline to Prevent Transmission of     Infectious Agents in Nezltheare Settings,
          Marguerite M. Jackson, RN, PhD, CIC FAAN

3201     Group B Strep Prevention: Updated CDC Recommendations Carol J. Baker MD

3202     National Surgical Infection Prevention Project Peter Houck; MD; Lynn Steele. MS, CIC

3203     New Strategies to Improve Outcomes of Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia, Donald E.
         Cravem AfD
3204     Contaminated Devices: To Culture Or Not to Culture? Arjun Stinivasan, MD

3301     Lessons Learned from the W@st Nile Vuus: Implications for Mer Unusual and F-.xotic Diseases, Marci Layton, MD

3302     VSRA: A New and Welcome Arrival, ,Tammy S. Lundstron4 MD; Denise Cardo, MD

3303     Utilizing Associate ICPs to Achieve Best Practices in Infection Control, Marilyn A. Michels, RN, USN, CRRN, Cic

3304     Controlling Resistance in the ICU, Sylvain Delisle, MBA

3305     Complying with JCAHO Standards: T'ips from the Troops, Teresa Garrison, RN, MSN, CIC, CNLCP

3401     The CIC Advantage     Kathleen Roye-Horn, RN,CIC

3601     The Impact of Diabetic Patients on the US Healthcare System, Frank Vinicor, MD
          Association For Professionals In Infection Control And Epidemiology Inc.
                              30th Annual Educational Conference & International Meeting
                                                      June 7-13,2003 - San Antonio, Texas

3602    Standardized Management Strategies for Patients and Employees Exposed to Pertussis, Donna Haiduven, RN,CIC

3603   Brush-Free Surgical Hand Antisepsis: Solution to an Irritating Problem,Barbara J Gruendemam RN, MS, FAAN,

3604    New Criteria To Identify Nosocomial Pneumonia: What Are They And How Do They Affect The Rates? Teresa C
        Horan, MPH, CIC

3701   Ethnic and Racial Disparities in Healthcare: Infection Control Initiatives for Promoting Safer Delivery of Care,
       Elaine Larson, RN, PhD, FAAN, CIC, Wafaa El Sadr MD,

3702   Promoting Appropriate Antibiotic Use in the Era of Antimicrobial Resistance, Fdward Belongia, MD

3703   Infection Control in Long-Terin Care: Preparing Today for Our Healthcare Tomorrow, Larry James Strausbaugh,
3704   Rapid Laboratory Testing for Infection Control: Possibilities , Practicalities, and Implications for Isolation Post
       Exposure Prophylaxis and Treatment, Kurt Reed, MD

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