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									 AR 4.2A: Grant Review Policy
 Effective: 12/01/2009                                                                    Page 1 of 3

                                                        NUMBER:                  PAGE 1 of 3
                            ADMINISTRATIVE                          XX
                             REGULATIONS                REVISION:                SUPERSEDES:
                                                                  NA                      NA
SUBJECT:                                                APPROVED BY:             EFFECTIVE DATE:
                                                            FRED DIAZ,             DECEMBER 1,
GRANT REVIEW POLICY                                         City Manager           2009


     The purpose of this Administrative Regulation is to:

             Help make informed decisions about grants for which the City applies
             Help identify the impacts (positive and negative) of grant funding on all City
             Identify the process by which departments shall seek administrative approval to proceed
              with grant applications
             Encourage departments to seek grant funding, particularly when it provides opportunities
              to fund priority items that would otherwise use General Fund resources
             Ensure that the department seeking a grant receives a recommendation from the
              Administrative Services Group (ASG) and approval by the City Manager prior to
              applying for a grant.

     “Grant” means a contribution of cash or other asset(s) from another governmental entity or
     foundation/organization (private or public) to be used or expended for a specific purpose,
     activity, or facility.

     It is the policy of the City of Fremont:

     A. To actively seek grants from public and private sources that will support services, capital
        asset improvement/development, and/or other forms of benefit to the City of Fremont and its
        residents. The Finance Department shall be responsible for coordinating the grant review

     B. To place particular emphasis on seeking grants that will benefit General Fund operations.
         Where possible, grant proposals/applications shall seek both direct and indirect administrative
         overhead costs to maximize the financial benefit to the City and to offset Citywide
         administrative impacts. Indirect costs of administering grant programs will be recovered to
         the maximum extent possible.

     C. For grants of $20,000 or less that meet the following criteria, review by the ASG will not be
        required, however, the applicant department shall forward the completed grant application to
        the Finance Department (concurrently when application is sent to the grantor agency):

                      1. The grant will not increase staffing (including full time, part time, temporary,
                         or partial increases to any positions;
                      2. The grant will not be used to expand or create new services or programs;
AR 4.2A: Grant Review Policy
Effective: 12/01/2009                                                                  Page 2 of 3

                   3. Any matching funds or in-kind contributions are already available within
                      existing resources, and no additional appropriation of unreserved,
                      undesignated fund balance, working capital, or other funding is required;
                   4. At the conclusion of the grant, there will be no ongoing commitments or
                      obligations to continue the program;
                   5. The purpose of the grant program is clearly consistent with current City
                      plans, policies, and goals.

   D. Renewals/augmentations: For previously approved grants that will receive augmentation or
      annual renewal, departments will not be required to go through a full grant approval process .
      However, departments will need to forward the related financial information (as indicated on
      the Grant Application Review form), as well as any changes to the reporting/auditing
      guidelines, so that the Finance Department can verify/confirm the financial effects for the
      current and future fiscal years. Information regarding renewals and/or augmentations shall be
      forwarded to the Finance Department within one week of receipt by the applicant department.
      [For grants that have any substantive changes including expanding programs and
      services (i.e., reporting/auditing guidelines, matching requirements), the applicant
      department will be required to submit a new Grant Application Review form to the
      Finance Department for review.]

   E. Grants will be considered on a case-by-case basis, after careful consideration of the benefits
      of the program and the ongoing impacts on the City if grant funding is no longer available.
      (Grants that fund “pilot” operating programs or short-term staffing enhancements should be
      avoided, if taking on programs of these types could ultimately aggravate the City’s fiscal
      position by creating an expectation that program services would remain even if grant funding
      is no longer available.)

   F. The City will only seek grants when sufficient staff resources will be available to successfully
      perform the grant work scope and effectively administer the program in compliance with
      grant requirements.

   G. All departments shall contact the Finance Department (Budget Manager or designee) when
      considering applying for a grant to discuss: the scope of the grant; the potential impact on
      operations; financial considerations; the procedures utilized by the grantor agency; as well as
      completing a Grant Application Review form, which is available on the (Intranet) or from the Budget Manager or
      designee. The department seeking the grant application review shall conduct a through
      analysis of the costs and benefits of specific grant programs and its impacts (financial,
      services, expectations, and/or other) on the City and various departments. The Grant
      Application Review form must be signed by the Department Head prior to forwarding to
      Finance. The applicant department shall be responsible for preparing both the Grant
      Application Review form to the ASG and the actual grant application to the grantor.

      Evaluation of grant proposals will include analysis of the benefits and costs of specific grant
      programs, including the following important aspects of each grant:

                   1. Purpose of the grant program and its consistency with identified City goals
                      and objectives.
                   2. Identification of additional staffing needs, office space, facilities, supplies,
                      and/or equipment that will be required if the grant is awarded.
                   3. Ongoing impacts of the grant program after it is completed.
AR 4.2A: Grant Review Policy
Effective: 12/01/2009                                                                Page 3 of 3

                   4. Responsibilities of other departments and impacts on them if the grant is

   H. All grant proposals shall be reviewed by the Administrative Services Group (ASG) prior to
      submission of grant application to grantor. The ASG is comprised of the Deputy City
      Manager, the Finance Director, the Human Resources Director, the Assistant City Attorney,
      the Information Technology Services Director, and the City Clerk.

   I. Departments are encouraged to contact the Finance Department as soon as the possibility of a
      new grant resource is discovered so that review by the ASG may occur as early as possible in
      the process.

   J. After review and approval by the ASG and the City Manager, the applicant department shall
      be responsible for ensuring that the grant proposal is brought before City Council , for
      authorization to apply for or accept a grant, if such authorization is required by the grantor
      agency or by City policy.

   K. The Accounting Services section of the Finance Department shall ensure that all appropriate
      reporting procedures are established at the outset of any grant contract to support compliance
      with applicable grant requirements. The department representative shall coordinate with the
      appropriate Accounting Services representative as soon as the grant application is approved
      by the City Manager. The Finance Department shall be responsible for drawdown of funds
      and shall coordinate all financial reporting required by the grantor agency.


        The process and procedures to be followed for grant review are described in Exhibit “A”
        attached to this Administrative Regulation.

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