Twitter to Introduce Promoted Tweets by MohsinAliAli


									The integration of ads into the Twitter system has been a slow process and users have enjoyed it.
Although the Promoted Tweets have been around since April 2010, the subtle introduction to
single digit users avoided the backlash that usually comes with the introduction of ads. In the
beginning, Promoted Tweets had the option of targeting by keywords and geography, and in July
Twitter started allowing advertisers to show Promoted Tweets to their followers. Now, Promoted
Tweets will show up for non-followers, too.
Although this is a drastic step in a relative ad free Twitter, they believe their limited intrusion
will help ease users into the new layout. Promoted Tweets will only appear once at the top of the
timeline. Users will then be able to scroll down as usual. Twitter also promises that Promoted
Tweets will only appear “if the Tweet is likely to be interesting and relevant to that user.”
Twitter announced that this new platform will only be released to a single-digit percentage of
users and only to choice brands worldwide. The brands named include household names such as
American Express, Lexus, Pepsi, Xbox and Yahoo.
This seems like the first true answer to the question we've been asking ourselves since the birth
of Twitter. With rounds of Venture Capital Funding and a continuous promise of profitability
just around the corner, will this be Twitter's answer? No one is arguing that Twitter is has the
potential to be a great advertising tool. Its real time targeting and geographical information have
the ability to allow advertisers to track every dollar spent and the return on said advertising. But
as we all know great ideas are less than half the battle. Stay tuned to see how users handle this
integration and whether this is the direction that the Twitter leadership continues to take

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