The automatic non-energy consumption submersible pumps by wulinqing


									    Complete sets equipment series of water transmission at high speed within vacuum pipe
         【Transmission of water at high speed within vacuum pipe (TWHSVP )】
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                    “Vacuum Flow” serial equipment of transporting water
                            At high speed & efficacy Introduction
       The automatic non-energy consumption submersible pumps are the first & foremost
in the world in promoting the supplying of water at high speed & efficiency. The equipment
of Vacuum- flow has reached international advanced level & has been granted a patent
right by the State.
         The series of equipment consists of submersion type of powers vacuum Vacuum
fluid rectifier, vacuum-liquid exchange box, connection tube & valves. All these have been
made in conformity with the Vacuum- phenomenon of water. It is not necessary to pump
out the air with a vacuum pump when using. All you need is to adopt simple scientific
method in order to affect a long-distance "Vacuum- Flow" to supply you with water.
          The automatic non-energy consumption submersible pumps of transporting water
at high speed equipment has the following peculiarities & functions:
         1. Without any power. Energy or anyone to watch over the machine, this Vacuum-
equipment is capable of supplying water all the year round without stopping.
         2. Regardless of diameter of the pipe, either small or large, the Vacuum- flow is
capable of climbing obstacle of over a height of 8 meter.
         3. One single pipe can fork out several outlets with necessary valves, which can be
open & close at will. The volume of flow is adjustable.
         4. Steel pipe should be adopted for that section above liquid level, whereas there is
no special demand for the rest.
         5. No special requirement for the depth of installing the equipment, either in
shallow or deep water, or still or flowing water, they shall not affect the regular function of
the equipment.
         6. Our equipment will not be attested either by acid, alkalis, sand or mud, the
equipment will not be corroded or eroded. Or obstructed. Without yielding static electricity.
The equipment shall operate all the year round without any accident.
         The operation power of this equipment comes from the atmospheric pressure which
is about 10 tons per square meter & it potential or pulling power and effectively converting
95% of this potential into the moving force of water. Equation for the calculation of this
power is as follows:

           Type                           diameter×height                  Weigh
          (Φmm)                               (m)                          (t)
            Sw 300                            0.6×0.8                       0.02
            sw 400                            1.0×1.0                        0.6
            sw 600                            1.4×1.2                        1.0
            sw1000                            2.2×1.4                        1.8
            sw1500                            3.1×1.5                        2.6
            sw2000                            4.4×1.5                        3.6
            sw2500                            5.4×1.5                        4.8

The following are some explanation for the 10 types of projects:
1. Long distance water drawing project: Water work project of “gravitation flow” only requires
    a “connection with TWHSVP”: Water Work Project of “Pressurized flow ” under no
    condition of increasing motion power needs only to transfer the water to a nearby pond of
     higher level, thus transform the “Pressurized flow ”, then “transfer & join ” to TWHSVP
     without increasing any motive force or changing any existing condition of the project.
     Moreover, in the prevention of explosion, erosion of the tube, keeping a stability of the tubal
     pressure shall surely yield up a miraculous action. Such an installation will surely display her
     advantage in conditions where the conduction tube has to climb up abrupt hills & down
     rugged valleys (either over hill or down the deep valley) Such an installation of the water
     work project will surely bring her advantage into full play,
2.   Long -distance water flowing project within supra-calibre tube: Long-distance “ Pressurized
     flow ”. Within huge-caliber tube whether in transporting water or oil or gas (in liquid state)
     because of the diverse functions & angular action of the diverse pumps, which pump water
     into the same tube at diverse angle swill surely counter-balance a part of its energy, causing a
     waste of energy: Adopting our gravitation flow by using our pump to draw water up to the
     high-level pond, the gas mixed in the water would be great & the space fullness of water
     would not be high enough. But adopting TWHSVP method in transporting the water under
     similar condition with many water pumps bring up water to high level ponds will surely
     increasing the effect of bringing up the water. For TWHSVP requires only one pump to the
     very bottom. Not only it raises water flowing quantity to 30%-80%, increasing 40% of the
     water transporting distance, augmenting 20%-50% of the pressure of emission, but it also
     economizes25%-20% of the energy, economizes 10%-20% of the investment of the whole
3.   Distribution of water in the project: All requires is to ”connect” the tube with TWHSVP. In
     this way, the water heat shall be raised 40%-90%, prolonging the distance above 60%.
     Abolishing the “disadvantageous point of water supply ” by 100%. Thus enables regular
     supply of water for 24 hours everyday to any water supplying point within the city is lower
     than the water-supplying pond. Thus preventing the second pollution of pond on top of the
     house. The explosion rate of the tube shall be lowered by 70% & above.
4.   In Vacuum-dredging project of pollution water of the city: In the expulsion of dirty water
     from the city, sedimentation of the sand & mud often a dirty environment of the city. In such
     a case we may utilize TWHSVP to dilute & purge such dirty water, Further to build up a dam
     at the very end of the channel, thus to raise up the water level. Whereas symphonic
     equipment should be set up. In such a way, we can no only accelerate the flowing speed
     &quantity of the water, but suck out the sandy sedimentation of the river bottom, lessening
     the piling up of sand at the bottom.
5.   Automatic refilling of underground water within vacuum tube: Over drawing of underground
     water would result in the funnel shape of a city. Adopting TWHSVP as a refilling set instead
     of the regular vacuum & pressurized refilling set, requires none of the motive force,
     meanwhile, it can employ only one single tube to conduct global water to refill several wells.
     Whenever any refilling well shows automatic infiltration, the refilling equipment is capable
     of automatic supply of the required amount of water.
6.   The project of the hydropower station to draw water at high speed within vacuum pipe: to
     draw water from the reservoir in order to generate power without any motive force, without
     excavation of subway tunnel. With only Vacuumed tube, water can directly flow up the dam
     through the spillway. In this way, we can economize the investment up to over 30%. Since
     TWHSVP is capable of automatic expulsion of gas, rectification & lessening obstruction, the
     water within the pipe would be filled up to 99% & over, thus enable the water to flow
     smoothly without any gaseous erosion or obstruction. In this way the fluid would exert her
     utmost on the wheel, & the force would be evenly distributed over the wheel. In this may, not
     only the life of the wheel can be prolonged, but the generated power can also be augmented,
     thus yielding more economic profit.
7.   Water reservoir can only suck in stagnant water: during draught period, her water level would
     be lowered down & fails to flow out. With the application of TWHSVP system no any power
     would be required to suck up stagnant water 8 metres lower than the tunnel (or spillway),
     thus softening the draught. The set of equipment can be applied to irrigation in ordinary time,
     thus one set has multiple uses, & would be of help in emergency.
8.   Water suction out from reservoir for irrigation: TWHSVP. Can be applied to draw out water
      over 8 meter high dam for irrigation without requiring any power. Utilization of such
      installation for irrigation by any newly constructed reservoir can economize at least over 30%
      of the investment. Moreover, such installation can expel gas automatically, rectify the current,
      & lessen obstruction. It can suction out water from the reservoir irrigation without requiring
      any motive force. With PVC steel tube of 150 mm in diameter & 15m—50m.long. It can be
      stored up or operate easily without any trouble. The foremost one in this country.
9.    Long—distance water project with negative head: Water distribution project of high pressure
      inside a city has the defects of high variation of levels, too many curves of the tubes, thus
      causing great losses at the water heads. As the water flowing quantity within the pipe is
      constant, it is not easy to meet with the demands or requirement of the users. In this way,
      supply fails to meet the demand, thus, there used to be a great variations of water supply &
      demand for users who reside in various parts of a city. Once TWHSVP is adopted, it shall
      surely cut down the number of the gas-expulsion valves & cut down the tubal caliber. It will
      also lessen the number of the pressure-pumps & their auxiliary equipments, consequently
      lowering the investment of the project.
10.   Current interruption of the mighty river & their auxiliary expulsion stream: Full utilization of
      the difference of water levels before the dam is closed up. Installation of several sets of
      TWHSVP of huge caliber without power (for temporary use only), thus to lower the flowing
      speed & preventing the loss of the muddy stones that would be washed away by the high
      speed rushing torrents, thus lessening the loss (the largest caliber can be 3 meters, its cross
      section can be converted into oblong or oval shape) thus lowering its speed at the mouth,
      avoiding the rushing off of the muddy rocks & stones, thus lessening the loss which would be
      profitable for the interruption of the stream & setting up the dam.
11.   Reservoir without any equipment either in the prevention of inundation or Vacuumed suction
      should utilize TWHSVP to cross over the dam of the reservoir or the spillway (the topmost
      part of the Vacuumed pipe) about 8 metres away from the reservoir, so as to conduct water
      for irrigation & to generate power. When the reservoir is in danger of a deluge, it can spill
      out the excessive water, avoiding an inundation. Utilization of such an installation with
      super-dimension tube (of from 2 meter to 4 meter) will be of help during an inundation.
12.   Project of expulsion of sandy mud with symphonic tube in the reservoir. Without any power,
      TWHSVP can easily symphonic out the accumulated sandy mud at the bottom of the
      reservoir. The larger the water head, the larger would be the precipitated sandy stones that are
      sucked out. Installed on the very dam of the reservoir, by the sluice gate or by the side of
      spillway, the Vacuumed head should go down to the bottom of the reservoir at a certain angle,
      so as to cooperate with the stirring equipment. So as to suck the precipitated stony mud &
      even stones. Thus augmenting the capacity of the reservoir to hold water.
13.   Whole set of moving installation for emergency during deluge period without requiring any
      power: Once the installations of the reservoir, such as the dam, the dyke, the spillway, the
      tunnel or the tube become damaged or impaired, it will lower the flowing out quantity of the
      water or become an impaired reservoir. Its installation of a 150 mm TWHSVP is the only
      solution. Its installation requires no much space, but with unlimited power. Once in stored, it
      requires filling in water only once within a very short time without requiring any power, but
      can spill out water from twenty thousand to thirty thousand sq. metres to spill out the deluge.
      One set of such an installation equals to the out flowing water of eight sets of immersed
14.   Vacuumed tube for the disposal of the dirty water: The whole set of equipment for the
      disposal of the dirty water of a city should have a considerable quantity of symphonic tubes
      for precipitation, infiltration, out flowing & incoming. The construction is very complex,
      slow & the effective rate not high enough. With TWHSVP, tubal diameter would be
      150mm—2500mm only, without suction to vacuum, whereas the water would fill the tube
      more than 99% with powerful capability of sucking up dirty muds. Its effect would go up
      extraordinary high.
15.   Industrial circulatory water: Based upon the demand & planning of the project, we are able to
      economize 35% of the water.
16.   Cooling of the circulation of air conditioning.
17. Vacuumed drawing of water in swimming pond, salty pond& fishery, animal raising, farming
    & forestry.
The Vacuumed tube of TWHSVP in various usages.

                                  Highly Efficient Equipment
                  (Complete set) for Transportation Of Water at High Speed
      The Research Institute of Vacuum- Flow in the Transportation of water is situated at
the starting point of the "Marine Silk Route", the historic cultural city of Fuzhou Fujian,
      The Research Institute is the leading sponsor unit in the studying of the Vacuum- flow
of water, withal a highly scientific-technical enterprise, amalgamating theoretical study,
scientific experiment, surveying, projecting & building in one unit, applying the
international advanced technique of "Vacuum- Flow" in the manufacturing to a complete
set of equipment for the highly-efficient & long-distance transportation of water at high
speed. Thus devoting us to the construction & renovation of various types, either large or
medium size project of draining water, especially long-distance transportation of water
through pipeline, either in waterworks or in reservoir for the prevention of deluge.
Applicable too are the drainage of muddy precipitates of the reservoir, the remodeling
project of the hydro-power station so as to raise power output; finally the recycling project
of the urban underground water...
      With technical experts of the 1ts grade, possessing advanced technical knowledge of
international level, our Institute devotes her energy & knowledge in solving the world
problems such as precipitation of the reservoir, deluge, interception of stream & river and
long-distance transportation of water, with breakthrough & innovation.
      The Institute had represented China to take part in the " International Technical
Conference of Water Resources”, obtaining a Certificate from the United Nations. Our
submitted paper "Block up by Air-A Strange Phenomenon of Blocking up by Air in Pipe
Flow" had been published on the International Water Resources Association journal
"Water International”. Further we have found out the strange phenomenon of water does
not necessarily flow downward", causing no little shock in the world scientific circles of
fluid mechanics. The Institute had created 5 grade-A: 1. The Diameter of the Vacuum tube.
2. The Vacuum- height size diameter. 3. The distance of Vacuum- transportation of water.
4.the capacity of automatic expulsion of gas within the tube. 5. The brimming capacity
within the tube. At present, the Institute is actively preparing to set up an "International
Academic Society of Vacuum- Flow in order to effect an interflow & exchange of knowledge
& experience in this respect with academic units, universities, colleges, engineering
projection units together with intellectuals & intelligentsia who are interested in the aquatic
enterprise, in the hope of effecting greater contribution to mankind during the approaching
21st Century.

                        Technique of Water Transportation through
                                   Vacuum- Flow of Water
       "Gravity Flow " & "Pressure Flow" are the only two ways of transporting water
ever since the beginning of the world either in China or abroad. The flow used to be eddying.
Inside the transportation tube (net), there used to exist some area of negative pressure, and
the gas has to be sucked inside the tube through the valves installed along the pipe. Further,
atmospheric gas would filter in invisible minute particles in the water; hence, each section of
the pipeline may not be filled up to the brim. Whereas those stagnant airs within the tube
would surely hinder the flow of the water, causing obstruction of flow within the pipeline.
Thus, obstruction of the gas within the pipeline would retard the water flow and even
causing the appearance of "gaseous obstruction" to appear. The gas retarded within the
pipe would cause erosion & oxidation of the tube. The air bubbles concealed within the pipe
may, with the aid of the Gravity force of the obstructed water may exert a pressure that
may burst the tube to burst at the weakened spot.
      In the project of pipeline transportation of water, beside the "Gravity Flow" & the
"Pressure Flow", there exists the third form of flow, which is the "Vacuum- Flow".
       Based upon the Vacuum- phenomenon of water, taking advantage of the potential
difference that occurred between atmospheric pressure & vacuum, this Institute has had
invented "High-speed & highly-effective Water Transportation Equipment (complete set &
in series)" to be of service to various projects such as Long-distance transportation of water,
various supplying water projects & drainage projects. We can guarantee that the water
would fill up the tube to at least 99% of the entire pipeline, and there is no limit to the
diameter of or the distance of the tube. Experiments had verified that there is quality
difference or variety in coefficient between Vacuum- Flow on one hand and Gravitational
Flow together with Pressure Flow on the other in that the water within the pipes of
Gravitational or Pressure Flow can never reach 99% while the water of the Vacuum- Flow
fills over 99% of the entire pipeline. Second, there is obvious gaseous obstruction & even
gaseous stoppage within the tube of Gravity or Pressure flow. The transmission energy
comes under 85%. The pressure as measured with the pipeline either of Gravitational Flow
or Pressure Flow is higher by 18% than that of the Vacuum- Flow under similar condition,
while their volumes of flow is less by 15%-30%. The infra pressure of Vacuum- Flow is less
than one atmospheric pressure, the water fills up to over 99% stable & reliable. The water
within the Vacuum- pipeline flows smoothly without any eddy, none of the bubble within the
pipe. The transmission of power is greater than 95%. No friction all along the way, with a
velocity that is 15% above ordinary water flow. Atmospheric pressure & potential exert
uniformly on the flowing liquid, augmenting the flowing volume. Applying it in the
distribution of supplying tap water, the volume of water coming out of the spurting nozzle at
high-rise level would be 20% higher than that of the Gravity Flow. As the pipe is fully filled
with water, it insures that no oxidation can take place within the pipe, withal, it solve the
problem of those users living in high-rise buildings or those users living in far remote &
lofty areas who used to be trouble in obtaining tap water.
        Viewing from another angle, after the rectification of the water-supplying network,
nothing has been added or altered except the augmentation of water volume to the users, in
this way, a lot of money can be saved which otherwise would be spent in order to achieve
such an aim with either Gravity or Pressure flow of water.
        With those highly industrialized countries, from the viewpoint of economizing energy,
with the continuous expansion of water-supplying network, and the distance of water supply
extending interminably, it naturally follows to go higher up to find a higher location for the
water works of gravitational flow of water so as to meet the needs of the users, i.e. adopting
gravitational flow to supplant the Pressure flow. Whereas Vacuum- flow has the superiority
over the gravitational flow by a wide margin of over 15%, hence, the superiority of
Vacuum- Flow is very obvious to anyone.
        In applying Vacuum- Flow in large & medium sizes of drainage projects, not only it
possesses a peculiar character of her own, in the expounding of systematic theory, in
induction and in calculation, it fits snugly in giving a genuine solution to these problems as
left by history. Thus, we can affirm that Vacuum- water flow has a broad prospect ahead in
exploring the latent power of our water project in automatic function and promotion of
efficacy in supplying or draining water, with inestimable social & economic benefit to

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