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notice intent to vacate

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This is an example of notice of intent to vacate in florida. This document is useful for making notice of intent to vacate in florida.

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									                                      NOTICE OF INTENT TO VACATE
We regret that you will be moving from our community. So that we may help make your move easier, please take a few minutes
to complete the following information. Please note, your notice to vacate will not be considered valid until this form has been
completed and returned to the management office.

Move-Out Date__________________________________                           Resident Name _____________________________

Current Address _________________________________                         Resident Name _____________________________

________________________ APT # ________________                           Resident Name _____________________________

Home Phone ___________________________________                            Resident Name _____________________________

Work Phone ___________________________________                            New APT. Company ________________________

**FORWARDING ADDRESS** Must have in order to process your refund, if unsure of address at
this time list a permanent address of a family member or friend.

By my initials, I understand and give my permission for my apartment to be shown for pre-leasing purposes during normal
business hours, Monday through Friday and Saturday by appointment only. I understand management will give notification, in
advance, prior to my apartment being viewed by prospective residents. (Initials) _________ I further understand that the
following terms and conditions, as specified in our lease, must be met in order to receive a refund of any portion of my security

1. The apartment will be left in the same condition and as clean as when rented, normal wear and tear accepted. Any additional
cleaning or minor maintenance required will be charged according to the rates specified in the Estimated Cleaning & Damages
Charge Schedule.
2. I will be responsible for any and all costs incurred by any other party if the premises are not vacated on the date indicated
3. This notice may not be rescinded nor may the date of vacating be changed without written consent of management.
4. I agree to be responsible for any incurred utility bills through the date of vacating (where applicable).
5. The full term of the lease shall have expired and if not, I agree to be responsible for all applicable fees for terminating said
lease including repayment of any concession (s) given during the term of said lease.
6. All door keys, mailbox keys and access cards issued will be returned or the cost of replacement will be deducted from the
security deposit.
7. This notice has been given at least ninety (90) days prior to the vacate date indicated under lease termination. Should the
apartment be vacated and all keys returned to management prior to said date, I hearby give management permission to enter the
apartment for purposes of preparing the apartment for pre-leasing.

REASON FOR MOVING (please check all that apply):
______ Employment Transfer (to city of ________________)            ______ Personal Concerns
______ Military Transfer                                            ______ Road Construction
______ Bought a House/Condo/Townhouse                               ______ Illness or Death
_____ Rented a House                                                ______ Rental Increase
______ Acquired a Pet                                               ______ Intercommunity Transfer
______ Need Larger/Smaller Apartment                                ______ Too many occupants
______ Unemployment                                                 ______ Change in martial status
______ Moving out of town                                           ______ Added/Lost roommate
______ Money Problems/Moving Home                                   ______ Management Related

I (We) have read the above terms and agree to them.

__________________________________ __________                      __________________________________ __________
Resident Signature                  Date                           Resident Signature                  Date

__________________________________ __________                     Move-Out Date is _____ Approved _____Not Approved
Management Signature                Title

Date Received by Management ___________________                   Time Received by Management ____________________

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