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Neighborhood Watch


									                           The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office

                           Neighborhood Watch
                            V o l . 6, I s s u e 2 • A p r I l / M Ay / J u n e 2 0 0 9                      N E W S

What Neighborhood
Watch is:
A crime-prevention
program that encourages
neighbors to get to know
each other and their
routines so that any out
of place activities can be
observed and recognized
for what they are, then
reported and investigated
if necessary.

What Neighborhood
Watch is not:
A program designed for
participants to undertake
personal risks to deter
                                     Restraining Orders 101
                                                  o one chooses to be in the posi-         or harm the victim in any way. It may also
sherIFF’s key                                     tion of being afraid of a family         order the abuser to move out, keep a specif-
phone nuMbers                                     member’s violent behavior. Many          ic distance from the victim, make no contact
                                     women, children and some men find them-               via phone, email or any other manner, and/
                                     selves in situations where they can no longer         or make no contact with friends and family of
Emergency: 911
                                     trust that their loved ones won’t hurt them —         the victim. It can also give the victim tempo-
                                     and have to make the difficult decision to file       rary custody of children.
(503) 655-8211
                                     a restraining order.                                     Once the restraining order is in place, the
Business Number:                         A restraining order is a court-arranged           hope is that the abuser will honor the terms
(503) 655-8218                       protection from physical pain or the threat           of the court order. In some cases, the abu-
                                     of pain or injury. If a judge agrees that a           sive person continues to try to make contact.
Sheriff’s Office                     restraining order is justified, the offending         In this event it is always best to call 911.
Web site:                            party will be notified that a restraining order       A copy of the restraining order should be             is in effect. The restraining order stipulates        kept with the victim at all times, in the event
                                     that the abusive person cannot hit, threaten
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  The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office Citizen Volunteer Auxiliary/Neighborhood Watch Program publishes the
NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH NEWS quarterly. To learn more about volunteering for the Sheriff’s Office, go to
and look up “Crime/legal” in the Issue area drop down box, with zip code 97045. This newsletter can be found online at the Sheriff’s Office
   Web site,,. If you need additional copies, you may call the Crime Prevention Unit at (503) 353-4441.
  To receive further information or to join the Neighborhood Watch Program contact: Community Service Officer Sara McClurg,
                              Crime Prevention Unit, (503) 353-4441 or

                            12800 se 82nd AVe. • ClACkAMAs, or 97015
                 (503) 655-8218 • FAx (503) 655-8549 •
            Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office • Neighborhood Watch News

                                                                                           Orders 101
                                                                                                Cont. from page 1
                                                                                       police need to be called for a violation
                                                                                       of the order. They may request to view
                                                                                       this copy before taking action. If the
                                                                                       restraining order is violated, the violator
                                                                                       will be taken into police custody and
                                                                                          Stalking orders are very similar to
                                                                                       restraining orders. The difference is
                                                                                       that the person doing the stalking does
Worsening Economy =                                                                    not share a residence with the victim.
                                                                                       The victim may not know the person, or
Higher Crime Rates?                                                                    may be well acquainted with the stalker.
                                                                                       Stalkers do not necessarily have to have
                                                                                       come into physical contact or threaten

      t seems logical that the bad econ-   together, and this unity inhibited crime.   the victim with physical injury. If they
      omy and a high unemployment          Conversely, in the 1960s, the national      repeatedly make unwanted contact with
      rate would contribute to higher      murder rate rose by 43 percent —            an individual, a stalking order may be
crime rates — but is this really true?     even though the nation was experi-          granted. The order is served to the stalk-
                                           encing a period of prosperity and low       er — which makes it clear that continued
   Economists who have researched
                                           unemployment.                               contact with the victim is not allowed.
this issue state that burglary rates go
up by 2 percentage points for every           So, what things do cause crime              If you feel you need a stalking
point of unemployment, which seems         rates to go up?                             or restraining order, you may call
alarming until you realize what that                                                   Clackamas County Victims Assistance
                                             • Crime rates seem to go up as the
means.                                                                                 at 503-655-8616 for assistance.
                                           population becomes younger.
   If unemployment rises from 7 per-                                                       It is never appropriate for a family
                                              • Increased drug and alcohol use         member to strike out at another — but
cent to 9 percent, the burglary rate
                                           seem to contribute significantly to an      many victims of this type of violence
should increase by approximately 4
                                           increase in such crimes as domestic         endure months or years of abuse before
percent. This is such a small increase,
                                           violence and theft.                         seeking help. Their reasons for putting
it may be hard to even quantify —
especially when you factor in other           • Gang activity contributes to higher    off the inevitable are many: Some stay
elements that affect these statistics,     incidents of assault, murder and drug-      because they believe their loved one
like unreported burglaries.                related offenses.                           is truly sorry for their actions and will
                                                                                       never do it again. Some stay because
    During another financial collapse,         In Clackamas County, we’ve seen         of the psychological fear their loved
The Great Depression, crime rates          a decrease in overall crime rates for       one has imposed upon them. Some are
actually stayed stable or even fell        the past several years. even though         ashamed to admit there is a problem
in some areas of the country. Some         the population has been growing and         with violence in their home. Some are
experts believe that the disburse-         there are fewer deputies per capita.        afraid to try living on their own. In some
ment of relief funds may have con-         It’s too early to tell if this trend will   cases, the victim never gets out — leav-
tributed to the reduced incidents of       continue in tough economic times —          ing them to suffer abuse for the rest of
theft and burglary during the 1930s.       but this is a complicated issue that        their lives or, in the worst cases, to be
Another contributing factor was            will become clearer in the coming           killed by their family member. ◆
that the Depression pulled families        months. ◆

             Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office • Neighborhood Watch News

Pedestrian Safety
           ow that the                                                                                   cross and will be more
           weather is                                                                                    likely to watch out for
           improving,                                                                                    you.
many people will be
                                                                                                             3. Walk on the
venturing outside, tak-
                                                                                                         sidewalk, where pro-
ing walks and enjoying
                                                                                                         vided. If there are no
the sunshine. But some
                                                                                                         sidewalks, walk on the
people become compla-
                                                                                                         left side of the roadway,
cent when they’re walk-
                                                                                                         facing traffic, so that
ing along roadways and
                                                                                                         you can see approach-
ignore safe pedestrian
                                                                                                         ing traffic and they can
                                                                                                         see you. Never walk
    Being a safe pedes-                                                                                  down the middle of the
trian is especially                         make sure all cars have stopped before                       roadway, or loiter in
important when you are walking on roads you cross. On streets without signals,         vehicle lanes, even if there is no traffic.
with no sidewalk — and we have many         it’s always best to cross at the corners   You may not notice approaching vehi-
such roads in Clackamas County. Also,       — this is where motorists expect you to    cles, and impeding traffic is a violation.
drivers cannot be trusted to
                                                                                                       4. Wear light-colored
see you, even when you’re
                                                                                                    clothing or reflective
following safe practices.       In Oregon, there are several pedestrian infractions that
                                                                                                    materials at night and
Injury accidents involving          can result in a citation. Here are a couple of them:            carry a flashlight. A car
cars and pedestrians are
                                                                                                    traveling 20 miles per hour
becoming increasingly fre-        ORS 814.020 – Failure to Obey Traffic                             needs at least 64 feet to
quent, thanks to a combina-               Control Device – Pedestrian                               come to a complete stop.
tion of factors that include
                                A person commits the offense of pedestrian failure to obey          Studies show that motor-
unaware drivers and pedes-
trians who disregard safe
                               traffic control devices if the pedestrian fails to obey any traf-    ists see pedestrians in dark
                                 fic control device specifically applicable to the pedestrian.      clothing from only 55 feet
                                              CLASS D TRAFFIC VIOLATION                             away — which will not give
    Here are some tips to                                                                           them adequate room to
help you be a safer pedes-              ORS 814.040 – Failure to Yield                              come to a stop.
                                             to a Vehicle – Pedestrian                                 5. If you are entering the
                                  A pedestrian commits the offence of pedestrian failure to         street between parked cars,
                                yield to a vehicle if the pedestrian does any of the following:     be aware that vehicles can
   1. Stay alert. Remember
                                Suddenly leaves a curb or other place of safety and moves           sometimes hide you from
that cars can be deadly
                                  into the path of a vehicle that is so close as to constitute      motorists. Enter the road-
when they come into con-
                                 an immediate hazard OR fails to yield the right of way to a        way cautiously. Also, make
tact with pedestrians, and
                                                                                                    sure that neither of the
even if you are in the right,   vehicle upon a roadway when the pedestrian is crossing the
                                                                                                    adjacent cars is in the pro-
you may lose.                    roadway at any point other than within a marked crosswalk          cess of parking or about to
  2. Cross the street at
                                 or an unmarked crosswalk at an intersection OR except as           pull into the roadway. They
corners or in marked            other wise provided under the vehicle code, fails to yield the      may not see you — and
crosswalks. Obey all                     right of way to all vehicles upon the roadway.             you could end up pinned
pedestrian signals, and                         CLASS D TRAFFIC VIOLATION                           between vehicles. ◆

              Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office • Neighborhood Watch News

  Internet Safety for Teens
 and Children – and Parents
         re you a parent or grandparent
         who feels that your children
         or grandchildren know more
about computers and the Internet than
you do?
   This situation is very common — and
the fact that we are not nearly as tech-
savvy as our children can put our young
at risk when we can’t be there to protect
them in cyberspace. Kids are naturally
curious, and want to push limits when it
comes to using computers, cell phones
and iPods. Children also want to believe
they have the judgment and maturity to
avoid getting into trouble on the Internet
when they really may not. Because of
this, children sometimes place them-
selves in extremely risky positions.
    For example, take MySpace, one of
the most popular social-networking sites.                Here are some Web sites that
Teenagers have flocked to this site so            can help educate you about Internet safety:
that they can share interests, download
one another’s music, post pictures,
                                                         i-SAFE                              SafeKids
and make new friends. It only takes a
few minutes to sign up, and it’s free.
Although MySpace was set up with the
best intensions, sexual predators have          FBI Internet Safety                List of email and chat
discovered that MySpace can be an               acronyms
incredibly efficient tool for finding poten-             pguide.htm       
tial victims. They no longer have to loiter                                               acronyms.php
on the outskirts of the playground, trying            NetSmartz
to avoid detection while looking for the               Internet Crimes Against
most vulnerable and likely victim — they                                               Children (ICAC)
can trawl for victims from the comfort of       National Center for        
their own homes. What’s more, they can         Missing and Exploited                  bulletins/internet_2_2001
be anyone they want to be. Online, they              Children
can be a cool, good-looking, 25-year-                 If you’re interested in arranging a
old male who just happens to share the                                             Sheriff’s presentation on Internet
same interests as someone’s 15-year-old              GetNetWise                   safety for children or adults, contact
daughter — even if they’re actually a                       Officer Sara McClurg at
50-year-old, balding, out-of-shape male                                                       503-794-8064.
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              Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office • Neighborhood Watch News

    Internet                             Make INTERCEPT your
     safety                               #1 MySpace friend

       Cont. from page 4
                                                                                he INTERCEPT task force is offering
with an unhealthy interest in juve-                                             young MySpace users an extra layer of
nile females. For these predators,                                              protection by enabling them to make IN-
the ultimate goal is to meet their                                       TERCEPT their “number-one friend” on MySpace.
new friend in person and lure them                                         The Task Force’s MySpace page is available at
into a sexual relationship.                                    
    Why are our young people falling                                          INTERCEPT — the Inter-agency Child Exploi-
for this? Well, there are many rea-                                      tation Prevention Team — takes special interest in
sons. Teens are looking for accep-                                       reaching out to youths and their parents to warn
tance, understanding, support and                                        them of possible dangers prowling the Internet.
love at a time when they are also                                             The statistics are disturbing: A national Internet
naturally pulling away from their                                        poll of teens ages 13 to 18 showed that 54 percent
parents. Additionally, they may not                                      frequently communicated online with someone they
be finding the closeness they seek                                       had never met in person — while 27 percent said
among their friends. Many teens                                          they had talked online about sex with someone
say they feel closer to their online                                     they never met. In addition, 33 percent discussed
friends than anyone else. If a pred-                                     meeting someone whom they had only met through
ator can convince a young victim                                         the Internet and 42 percent said they posted per-
that he is the only one who really                                       sonal information that would enable someone to find
understands and cares for them,               About                      them. Nearly one in eight of the teens polled discov-
the victim may consider meeting                                          ered that an online “friend” was an adult pretending
with this person — even though if
                                                                         to be much younger. In another survey, 4 percent of
they’ve been warned of the risks of        The Inter-agency Child        all youth Internet users received aggressive sexual
doing so.                                  Exploitation Prevention       solicitations in which these solicitors asked to meet
   In case you were wondering,             Team launched in Octo-        in person, called them on the telephone, or sent of-
                                           ber 2007 to combine the       fline mail, money, or gifts.
MySpace and other social-net-
                                         resources of local, state and
working sites do not have a magic                                             INTERCEPT’s MySpace page can help curb this
                                           federal law enforcement
tool for identifying, monitoring and                                     sort of behavior. Parents can talk with their children
                                         agencies in the fight against
removing sexual predators from            online child sexual preda-     about adding the INTERCEPT Task Force to their
these sites. They only close down         tors in Portland, Ore., and    “Friends List” as a condition of having a MySpace
predators’ MySpace accounts when            the surrounding region.      page. Once the INTERCEPT Task Force is added to
they receive complaints.                                                 the Top Friends List on the youth’s MySpace page,
                                         The team includes the sher-     it displays the INTERCEPT Task Force badge —
   Not all victims are females —                                         which may act as a visual deterrent to predators.
                                          iff’s offices in Clackamas,
there are many male victims, as          Multnomah and Washington        However, if a youth still receives inappropriate mes-
well, but predators usually find their   counties, the U.S. Attoney’s    sages, that youth can contact the INTERCEPT Task
male victims in social gaming sites        Office, the U.S. Marshals     Force through various MySpace mediums (such
where participants can chat while         Service, U.S. Immigration      as instant messaging) to report it. The page will be
they play. Customarily, gaming sites      and Customs Enforcement        monitored by task-force detectives. Once we re-
also have security filters you can       and the Oregon Department       ceive the report, we can act on the information and
activate.                                          of Justice.           take appropriate action if warranted. ◆
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              Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office • Neighborhood Watch News

       Internet                               your Internet provider and social net-
                                              working sites to do this. MySpace
                                                                                                 8. Strongly discourage sharing
                                                                                              pictures online or on cell phones.
                                              allows accounts to be set up to block           Pictures that have been sent inno-
        safety                                new friends, unless the person with
                                              the account allows it. Make sure this in
                                                                                              cently to friends often have a way of
                                                                                              finding their way to a larger audience.
          Cont. from page 5                   place.                                          Embarrassing or revealing photos can be
                                                                                              passed around for years — and there is
                                                 5. Tell your child to come to you or
    So what’s to be done? It is unrealistic                                                   no way to get them back.
                                              another trusted adult if they acciden-
to tell your child they can only use the      tally access a site that makes them                9. If your child is a teenager who
computer for schoolwork. If they really       feel uncomfortable or if someone                will be going to college or trying to
want to have a MySpace or Facebook            communicates with them in an inap-              get a job soon, let them know that
account, enter chat rooms, or go to           propriate way. Let them know they               employers and colleges check the
social gaming sites, they will find a way.    won’t be in trouble if they do this. If         social-networking accounts (including
It is better to work with them and set        someone is actively soliciting your child       MySpace and Facebook) of potential
some firm rules.                              in a sexual manner or sending them por-         candidates. Encourage teens only to
   Here are some rules that are impor-        nographic images, you should report this        post pictures and information they would
tant to put in place and enforce:             to the National Center for Missing and          not be embarrassed for an admissions
                                              Exploited Children (see Web-site info in        officer or a potential employer to see.
   1. The home computer must be in            this article’s sidebar).                        Some otherwise-qualified applicants find
a common area where computer use                                                              they are ineligible to attend the college
can be monitored — for example, in               6. Tell your child that bullying or
                                                                                              of their choice or get the job they really
the family room. Putting a computer in a      harassing anyone online is not toler-
                                                                                              want due to something they posted on
bedroom is like offering an invitation to a   ated, and if they engage in this behav-
                                                                                              their social-networking site.
sexual predator to spend the night with       ior, they will lose Internet privileges
your child.                                   for a period of time. Encourage your               Cell phones and iPhones can also
                                              child to tell you or another trusted adult if   present a threat to children. Some par-
  2. Make it clear that your child can        they are cyber-bullied.                         ents are very careful to monitor computer
never give out personal information                                                           use in the home — but forget that cell
— such as their name, address, phone             7. Let your child know that they
                                                                                              phones and iPod Touches are essentially
number, or school name. They shouldn’t        may not meet in person with someone
                                                                                              mini-computers with Internet access.
even share their age or gender.               they first met on the Internet without
                                                                                              Make sure to put security measures in
                                              checking with you first. If you really
                                                                                              place on all electronics with Internet
   3. Put limitations on the amount of        want to play it safe, never allow them
time your child can be on the com-            to meet anyone they first met online. If
puter.                                        you choose to allow your child to meet             Once the rules have been set, your
                                              an “Internet friend” in person, thoroughly      job isn’t over: Be sure to check on your
   4. If you allow your child to have
                                              check out these friends and take extra          child’s Internet usage frequently — and
access to the Internet or social-
                                              precautions before allowing your child to       enforce the rules. ◆
networking sites, use the security
                                              meet with them.
features available. You can work with


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