Profit Loss and Income Loss BP Claims by MohsinAliAli


									Who is eligible to make bp claims?
   •   An individual or business that has lost profits due to the BP spill (resort owner, hotel
       owners, any other individuals or business owners)
   •   An individual or business that has lost his income and earning capacity because of an
       injury, loss of real property or destruction of personal property as a direct result of the
The lost profits or earnings can be recovered even if the individual or business is not the actual
owner of the respective damaged property, but only a lessee. For more valuablebp claims help,
please contact GCCF’s expert team of attorneys and specialists.
Documentation and proof required:

                    B   P   C   l   a   i   m   s

BP Claims
   •   Documents that will prove the destruction, injury or the actual loss of a specific property
       due to the oil spill accident.
   •   Documents/ information that will clearly show the lost profits of the claimant, losses that
       were caused by destruction or injury, and as a direct result of the oil spill. For instance, a
       business owner might bring as proof of decreased profits that have incurred due to the oil
       spill (the beach & swimming areas have been affected by the oil leakage, and now
       tourists are not coming to the resort anymore- this had as a direct result a major decrease
       in the profits for the owner). All oil spill claims must be accompanied by some form of
       relevant documentation in order for these to be accepted for review!
                  O   i   l   s   p   i   l   l   c   l   a   i   m   s   h   e   l   p

Oil spill claims help
Oil spill claims help is extremely important, if you have suffered direct damages because of the
2010 oil sp8ill. Just make sure to contact GCCF in time, and with all the necessary

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