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					Insurance inspector jobs
You will be working for companies that offer workers compensation, general liability and auto
fleet audits on businesses large and small that will offer telephone audits, voluntary audits and
physical audits.
Many of the audits involve inspection of accounting records including payroll journals,
disbursements journals, general ledgers, social security reports, state unemployment forms or
other tax reports.
Insurance Inspector Workers Compensation Classification Field Inspector job description
You will be required to interview key contacts with insured businesses and perform physical
inspections to assess employer operations, then compare the operations to the workers
compensation classification system for the particular jurisdiction and determine and assign the
proper workers compensation classification codes.
The person hired will be responsible for ensuring the workers compensation classification system
has been applied correctly at the discrete employer level to arrive at the most appropriate
premium for a policy and consistency in application of the system so that the overall impact of
each inspection results in the potential shifting of premium.

Other job responsibilities include providing comprehensive technical expertise in participating
and testifying as an expert witness in support of the Classification System at administrative, non-
judicial, or judicial proceedings, as well as identifying areas of potential class issues to support
Classification analysis activities.

You will perform physical inspections of insured operations such as classification quality
assurance, as well as special or customer requested to resolve a dispute, or State Special and A-
Rate Inspections along with telephone inspections or surveys.

Studies show that you will need to know how to complete a classification Inspection report with
the department breakdown and assign appropriate classification codes based on the results of the
physical inspection that is in accordance with the basic manual rules, classification codes along
with generally accepted definitions as well as state or federal law.
You will be able to receive, acknowledge, review and organize inspection assignments by city
and ZIP code as well as contact employers to efficiently schedule classification inspection
appointments while sending inspection appointments or announcement letters.

It will be best to conduct background research into an insured and insured operations prior to the
inspection that will require one to review the employer and policy information, along with the
basic or scopes manuals. It is recommended to conduct research and prepare to determine the
appropriate classification code prior to the physical inspection as well as develop a list of any
exceptional questions to be asked during the physical inspection.
Some required Education and Experience
To qualify for this type of work you will need at least a High School diploma or GED equivalent
plus a minimum of eight years experience in workers' compensation, in the areas of WC field
auditing, classification inspections, WC audit review, WC underwriting or WC loss prevention;
or a combination of equivalent targeted experience and education.

insurance field inspectors
As you are probably aware rising foreclosures, bankruptcies and white collar crime have created
an demand for Field Inspectors who provide vital information by being the eyes and ears in the

It is important to note that a field Inspector provides a visual inspection of property or other
collateral such as heavy equipment, computers, RV’s, boats, and other business related items.
Interestingly these inspections are required mostly by a bank, credit union, mortgage lender or
insurance company simply to to finalize or update a particular business transaction.

You will be happy to know that a field Inspector can work for several companies in this capacity
doing a variety of inspections. How it works is that as an independent contractor, the inspector is
outsourcing to financial institutions, which allows for a flexible work schedule.

Basic field Inspector training includes: learning about industry standards, procedures and
guidelines, terminology, code of conduct, ethics, as well as residential property hazards,
insurance for restaurant and franchise, or commercial leasing and collections.
Qualifications and Skills:
Many will need to have a professional insurance license such as an agent license, certified safety
professional license or professional achievement or certificate such as associate in premium
auditing or CPCU.
You will want to have knowledge of workers' compensation manuals along with the
classification System so that you can determine and assign classification codes based on a
physical inspection of insured operations. Most who do this work have an understanding of
business operations necessary for assignment of appropriate classification codes. It is best to
have an efficient use of MSWord or Excel for Classification Inspection Reporting.
Other spreadsheet application such as Excel for expense tracking and reimbursement will help
with an inspection tracking system application.

Find state insurance inspection service businesses
You can start your search by state, here is a list of the most popular cities:
Atlanta Insurance Inspection Services
Austin Insurance Inspection Services
Baltimore Insurance Inspection Services
Bellevue Insurance Inspection Services
Boston Insurance Inspection Services
Bronx Insurance Inspection Services
Brooklyn Insurance Inspection Services
Buffalo Insurance Inspection Services
Camden Insurance Inspection Services
Chicago Insurance Inspection Services
Clearwater Insurance Inspection Services
Colorado Springs Insurance Inspection Services
Dallas Insurance Inspection Services
Denver Insurance Inspection Services
Everett Insurance Inspection Services
Fort Worth Insurance Inspection Services
Herndon Insurance Inspection Services
Houston Insurance Inspection Services
Irvine Insurance Inspection Services
Las Vegas Insurance Inspection Services
Long Beach Insurance Inspection Services
Los Angeles Insurance Inspection Services
Madison Insurance Inspection Services
Miami Insurance Inspection Services
Minneapolis Insurance Inspection Services
New York Insurance Inspection Services
Newark Insurance Inspection Services
Norfolk Insurance Inspection Services
Orlando Insurance Inspection Services
Philadelphia Insurance Inspection Services
Phoenix Insurance Inspection Services
Pittsburgh Insurance Inspection Services
Plano Insurance Inspection Services
Portland Insurance Inspection Services
Providence Insurance Inspection Services
Quincy Insurance Inspection Services
Richardson Insurance Inspection Services
Richmond Insurance Inspection Services
Sacramento Insurance Inspection Services
Saint Petersburg Insurance Inspection Services
Salt Lake City Insurance Inspection Services
San Antonio Insurance Inspection Services
San Diego Insurance Inspection Services
San Jose Insurance Inspection Services
Sarasota Insurance Inspection Services

insurance audit inspection company
To understand what a premium audit is it starts with a review of a policyholder’s records and
operations to ensure that the coverage information is accurate. Studies show that one of the
conditions of the insurance contract is to provide a complete audit to assess the insurance
premium that accurately represents the proper risk exposure and the premium audit process is
based on the size of the policy and the nature of the operations for a physical audit, phone audit,
and mail audit.
What are the benefits of a premium audit?
Interestingly the premium audit allows for credits to be awarded and enables insurance premium
to accurately reflect the exposure and reduce insurance costs of what the payroll records reflect.
as in the case of overtime maintain records to show how overtime pay will separate employee
and summarize the classification of work by state.
As you are probably aware the division of payroll can keep payroll records on a time basis with
the hours in each classification accurate. It is important to note that subcontractors if insured,
obtain a copy of the insurance certificate which is a written statement from the subcontractor for
proof that the certificate on file for the auditor to review.
   •   Property and Casualty of the Southwest, Inc Premium Audit and Workers Compensation,
       General Liability and Auto Fleet Premium Audit Services. Insurance property inspection
       services for commercial lines and Property and Casualty Surveys of the Southwest, Inc.
       provides inspection and audit coverage in the States of Arizona; Nevada and New
   •   National Risk Services Insurance Audit and Insurance Property Residential property
       inspection services for commercial lines and personal whereby companies outsource the
       entire audit department function to company and with a primary focus on premium audit,
       field inspections and underwriting support services.
   •   SEER Insurance Inspections, Inc. is an insurance field-services company, operating from
       plains of North America. They are an inspection company based in Aiken, SC, serving
       many MGAs nationwide. Specializing in commercial and personal lines loss-control
       inspections, dwellings, daycare centers, resident care homes, restaurants, bar taverns,
       retail stores, condo complexes, and pawn shops, where they can conduct telephone
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