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Vendor Profile Questionaire


									                                                       Appendix D

                               VENDOR PROFILE QUESTIONNAIRE
                           Question                                            Answer
Organization name and corporate location

Role in proposed project

What is your organization’s primary business?

Is your organization a subsidiary to a larger parent
company? If so, Whom?
Length of time your organization (not parent) has been in
business providing this software solution?

Organization Ownership / Legal Form (For Corporation –
State of Incorporation)

Number of employees:                                            California   U.S.         Worldwide
              Total
              Development
              Product Support
              Professional Services
Office locations U.S.

Financial Strength Summary:                                         2004     2005       2006      2007
              Total Revenue
              License Revenue
              Services Revenue
              Maintenance Rev.
              Net Profit
              Proposed Solution R&D Spending
Number of licenses installed                                    California   U.S.         Worldwide

Number of installations for proposed version                    California   U.S.         Worldwide

Number of implementations of proposed version                       2004     2005       2006      2007

Public Sector
Private Sector

Appendix D - Vendor Profile Questionnaire                                                         Page 1 of 2
                                                      Appendix D

Current implementations under contract for proposed            California   U.S.           Worldwide

When and where was the proposed solution implemented               Date            Customer Site
in the first customer site for the following development
environments and platforms:

       Client Server on Windows and SQL Server 2005

   Web Based on Windows and SQL Server 2005
Approximate frequency of major release upgrades

Average patches, service packs released each year

Discuss any partners, associations, and strategic
relationships. Provide details on the nature of the
Range of services your organization offers

Does your organization provide application development
Web Site

Does your organization sponsor a users group that meets
periodically? If so, how often and where does it meet?
Also, please provide contact information.

Describe your objective for the user group

Appendix D - Vendor Profile Questionnaire                                                          Page 2 of 2

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