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									                           AirLive CamPro Express
                        Software Release Note for 2.2.5

Name                                         AirLive CamPro Express

Release Date                                 2008/10/15

This Version                                 2.2.5 for AirLive CamPro Express

Baseline Version                              2.2.5 1556_1017

Supported Operating System                    Windows XP Professional Service Pack2

                                              Windows Vista

Supported Operating Language                 Chinese (Simplified and traditional) English


AirLive CamPro Express is a simple to use digital surveillance application designed to be used as a small
scale surveillance system on a standalone PC. Its main features include,

   Support 16 video channels

   Support IP cameras

   Flexible group and user administration

   eMap support

   Remote client for remote monitoring and administration

As with any software update, customers should first make sure they have adequate and current backups of
their data. Customers are also urged to create a Windows XP System Restore Point before proceeding.


1.New IP Camera integration for UPP Partner:AirLive, OvisLink Corp.

Bug Fixes In This Release


What's New In This Release

New IP Cameras support added: POE-100CAM, POE-200CAM, OD-300CA
Notes In This Release

    1. AirLive CamPro Express does not compatible with the ESET NOD32 anti virus version 2.7, please
       upgrade your anti virus version to 3.0 and it is recommended to stop the anti virus while executing
       the AirLive CamPro Express installation.
    2. Windows Vista users:
          (1)Windows Vista operation system’s user control feature may interfere with the normal operation
              of AirLive CamPro Express application. Please go to User Accounts and Family Safety > User
              Accounts > Turn User Account Control on or off, then uncheck the “Use User Account Control
              (UAC) to help protect your computer checkbox. Restart your computer to validate the setting.
              For additional information of User Account Control, please go to

           (2)Windows Vista Premium, Business, Ultimate users: If you want to install web monitor module,
               please refer to product FAQ to configure the IIS7.0 setting.

    1. Multi Channel Playback Function:
           (1)Recording files are played independently for each channel. Recording times are not

           (2)It is recommended to use this function in the client side.

    1. Auto Discovery Function:Only devices with UPnP support can be discovered automatically.
Installation and Configuration Instructions

    Note for installing AirLive CamPro Express:

    1. First time install AirLive CamPro Express, please refer to the user manual.
    2. If you have AirLive CamPro Express 2.2.2 and later for AirLive CamPro Express 2.2.5 installed, you
      can upgrade the software directly to version 2.2.5 for AirLive CamPro Express if the same language
      option is selected. If a different language option is desired, please uninstall the software and install
Supported Device

IP Cameras :

WL-2000CAM (FW version:LM. Thu May 29 19:29:59 CST 2008)

POE-100CAM (FW version:Refer to WL-2000CAM)

POE-200CAM (FW version:Refer to WL-2000CAM)

OD-300CAM (FW version:Refer to WL-2000CAM)

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