UNITED NATIONS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME Regional Bureau for Europe by jizhen1947


                 Regional Bureau for Europe and the CIS (RBEC),
                       Bratislava Regional Centre (BRC),
                        Economic Policy Institutes Network (EPIN)
                   Managerial Capacity Development Component (MCDC)

                                     Draft Programme:
                                     1st EPIN Meeting

                                       10-11 April 2005
Overall objectives of the meeting:

   1. Introduction of:
          a. The project (special focus on Managerial Capacity Development Component)
          b. Participating institutes (Resource and Target)
          c. Steering and Advisory Committees
   2. Solicitation of views from the institutes on the project structure and implementation
   3. Sharing experience in think tank management
   4. Expectations setting (institutes from the project, institutes from each other, UNDP from the
   5. Present results of the Training Needs assessment and the MCDC training plan/programme
   6. Discuss recent trends and experience in networking, think tank development, evidence based
      policy making.
   7. Networking

                                                                                            Day 1

9:00           A tour of Warsaw (Departure from the Bristol hotel)

12:00          Free time

14:00          Registration

Session I:    Introduction
Chair – Ben Slay

14:30          Opening and welcome note – Ben Slay
                               •                    •                    •

14:50        Welcome note - Piotr Kozarzewski

15:00        Why this workshop? – Sanjar Tursaliev
                   - objectives, agenda, expectations

15:10        Introduction of member institutes– up to 7 minutes each
                    - Public Policy Research Center, Kazakhstan
                    - Institute for Privatization and Management, Belarus
                    - Center for Strategic Studies and Reforms, Moldova
                    - Economics Institute, Serbia and Montenegro
                    - ACIPS of the University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hezegovina
                    - Economic Policy Institute, Kyrgyzstan
                    - Institute of Economic Studies, Tajikistan
                    - Institute of Economic Studies at Charles University, Czech Republic
                    - International Center for Economic Growth, Hungary
                    - Center for Strategic Research, Russia
                    - Center for Economic Research, Uzbekistan
                    - Institute for Development and Social Initiatives, Moldova
                    - Center for Social and Economic Studies, Poland
                    - Other partners/participants

16:30        Coffee (and networking)

17:00        Review of the project and progress to date – Sanjar Tursaliev
                   - project specificities
                   - structure
                   - plan
                   - expectations (results of the email survey)

17:20        Q&A and discussions

17:50        Summary of discussion, concluding remarks (Ben Slay)

19:00        Reception (Salon Moniuszko, Bristol)

                                                                                        Day 2
Session II: Managing Think Tanks
Chair: Jacek Cukrowski

9:00         Resource Mobilisation (experience of CER, Uzbekistan)
             Q&A – 5 minutes

9:25         Resource Mobilisation (experience of CASE, Poland)
             Q&A – 5 minutes

9:50         Building Intellectual Capacity (experience of IES, Czech Republic)
             Q&A – 5 minutes

10:15        Building Intellectual Capacity (experience of IPM, Belarus)
             Q&A – 5 minutes

10:40        Ensuring Good Policy Advice: Quality Control (experience of CSR, Russia)
             Q&A – 5 minutes
11:05         Coffee (and networking)

11:35         Ensuring Good Policy Advice: Quality Control (experience of ICEG, Hungary)
              Q&A – 5 minutes

12:00         Evidence based policy making (experience of EERC, Eric Livny)
              10 min for Q&A

12:30         Case Network Evolution: How we did it, Artur Radziwill

12:50         Concluding remarks - Jacek

13:00         Lunch
              (For attention of Steering Committee Members: There will be a lunch meeting)

Session III: Policy Institutes Development in the region: Recent experience and trends
Chair: Pal Gaspar, co-chair Azizkhan Khankhodjaev

14:30         Group work (3 groups)
              1. Partnership building. (Facilitator: Renata Jaksa)
              Guiding questions: Is there a need for creation of the network? Formal or informal? How the network
              should be set up and how it should function? Exit strategy for UNDP? Next steps?
              2. Knowledge Management. ( Facilitator: Nodirbek Ibragimov)
              Guiding questions: Significant amount of knowledge is generated within the think tanks
              (management guidelines and note, methodological guidelines, internal capacity building training
              packages, and of course various publications), how to manage that wealth of knowledge as to benefit
              the think tank development in the region? Next steps?
              3. Resource Mobilisation. (Facilitator: Michal Mejstrik)
              Guiding questions: How as a group EPIN (as group of individual institutes or as a UNDP project
              could mobilise resources? Joint projects? Next steps?

              Guidelines for the facilitators: Facilitators will guide/not dominate the group discussions. The group
              work meeting is open to any ideas/suggestions, therefore should not be limited to the guiding
              questions. One of the important output the group work will produce is the list of key issues and next

15:30         ICEG network experience, Pal Gaspar
              10 min for Q&A

16:00         Coffee (and networking)

16:30         Reports from the working groups and discussions (10 minutes each)

17:20         “Recent trends in development of policy institutes in the region: Experience of
              PASOS network” by Meruert Mahmutova
              10 min for Q&A

17:50         Concluding remarks by Azizkhan

18:00         Closing remarks by Ben and Sanjar and other participants

19:00         Dinner (Restaurant “Tradicia”)


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