Stainless Steel Cutlery Care

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					Stainless Steel Cutlery Care

Stainless steel is a resistant, easy-to-care and good value for money metal. This is why most
of cutlery makers such as Guy Degrenne, Eternum and Couzon, give it a large place in their
range. But even if it is possible to find a stainless steel cutlery set at a discount price, buying
branded cutlery is still an investment. This text gives you some advice in order to take care
of your stainless steel cutlery and keep it shiny.

You may already have some stainless steel cutlery, maybe you have just bought new ones
but do you really know how to look after them so that they keep their original state over the
years?Even if the stainless steel cutlery is easy to care, you should follow some advice if you
want to make sure that your cutlery will shine for long. First of all, you should wash your
cutlery before the first use. Second, you will be able to use the dishwasher to clean your
stainless steel items, but then again, a few rules have to be followed.

First, rinse your cutlery in clear water in order to wash away food residue: salt, mustard,
vinegar, lemon, salad dressing in particular and every other acid substance before putting
them into the dishwasher. Furthermore, avoid washing your stainless steel cutlery with other
metallic products (silver, iron…) or any other material which potentially contains rust.
Once your stainless steel cutlery is clean, dry it immediately with a soft cloth to avoid water

When washing stainless steel products, be careful not to use bleach or acid substances.
Try also not to scratch your stainless steel products. To do so, do not use an abrasive
sponge and avoid as much as possible to clatter the cutlery.To store your cutlery without
them clattering, you should use a cutlery set case. Wooden or cardboard, these cases are
especially made to store cutlery. Various cases are available on the market; their size is
usually adapted to standard cutlery sets. Following those rules should guarantee a long life
to your cutlery. Besides, these pieces of advice are good for most kitchenware. However,
you should know that they are relevant only for stainless steel cutlery. Other rules apply
when you want to look after more specific items such as a kitchen knife.

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