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									      M           E         D        I         A                   N         E         W          S         L         E          T         T         E         R

  TGA provides America's youth with access into the game of golf through school programs that build
    life value, instill confidence through achievement, and offer a fun and educational experience.

TGA is one of the leading growth of the                  TGA is creating jobs and                                TGA’s programs are unlike
game initiatives                                         business opportunities to                               any other junior golf
TGA Premier Junior Golf is the only                      grow the game of golf                                   programs
national afterschool golf enrichment                     TGA Premier Junior Golf                                 What makes TGA so unique
program.                                                 has become a golden                                     is that they bring golf
                                                         franchise opportunity for                               directly to the schools and
                                                         self starters who enjoy                                 the masses. 60% of the
                                                         working with children in a                              students and their families
                                                         business venture that                                   are new golfers. The TGA
                                                         provides a unique entry                                 programs are conducted year
                                                         into youth sports,                                      round, anywhere, indoors,
                                                         education, and golf.                                    and outdoors with a unique
                                                                                                                 teaching curriculum.

TGA Premier                                                                                                      TGA provides all equipment

Junior Golf                                                                                                      TGA provides all of the equipment for all students,
                                                                                                                 including junior clubs, hitting mats, a variety of
                                                                                                                 props and junior friendly golf balls by Almost Golf
TGA Premier Junior Golf, formally Total Golf                                                                     to provide a real-life golfing experience while
Adventures, launched its first Golf Enrichment                                                                    ensuring the safety of students and school property.
Programs at six Los Angeles schools in the fall of
                                                                                                                 TGA breaks down barriers and cost
2003. TGA’s focus on providing children with an
opportunity to learn golf through an all-inclusive                                                               TGA breaks down the traditional barriers of
program that is fun and cost-effective received an           TGA’s program is adaptable to any sized             convenience and cost when golf is brought to the
overwhelmingly positive response from schools,                    space and has been conducted                   schools.
parents and students.                                        anywhere, including fields, gymnasiums,
                                                             multi-purpose rooms, cafeterias, parking            TGA’s unique format is a five-level program
TGA quickly expanded to many other Los Angeles                                                                   designed to allow kids to advance from one step to
                                                                  lots, hallways and classrooms.
schools to accommodate demands from students                                                                     the other in golf instruction while building self-
and parents who wanted a golf program within the                                                                 esteem, etiquette, exercise and motor skills, as well
safe, convenient environment of their schools.                                                                   as confidence in terms of education, life skills and
                                                         TGA is now one of the fastest growing junior golf
                                                         organizations and a leading initiative to grow junior   character development.
As word spread about TGA’s program, more and
                                                         golf in America. TGA has introduced golf to tens of
more inquiries from people around the country                                                                    The steps also include teaching fundamental math,
                                                         thousands of students through after-school and
expressed their interest in the organization. In 2005,                                                           science, English, and history associated with the
                                                         camp programs at several thousand schools and
after two years of honing and improving the                                                                      program and the game of golf, which is why parents
                                                         golf courses.
program locally, TGA offered geographical                                                                        and educators have been impressed with the
territories to franchisees, who now offer the Premier                                                            program, and why school systems across the
                                                         TGA’s motto is to Keep Swinging!® and we strive to
Junior Golf Program throughout the United States.                                                                country are welcoming TGA.
                                                         provide all American youth with the opportunity to
                                                         learn golf in a fun and educational environment.

TGA Premier junior golf 
                             T    G    A         P      R      E   M     I   E    R         J   U     N    I   O    R         G    O    L    F

     Fast Growing Franchise Business Opportunity Provides Unique
     Entry Into Youth Sports, Education, and Golf

One of the country’s fastest growing recreational           The program has a simple appeal to schools,             Chris Knobloch, a PGA Professional from Atlanta,
programs for kids is rapidly becoming a golden              students and parents. “As one of our school             first became a TGA owner in 2005, and has now
franchise opportunity for self starters who enjoy           principals describes it, TGA is an extension of the     added a second franchise to the area.
working with children in a business venture that            classroom through a golf conduit,” Jacobs said. “It’s
provides a unique entry into youth sports,                  great to be thought of that way. Throw in the           “I started with TGA in it’s early stages and
education, and the golf industry.                           component that kids can learn and play year round       recognized quickly that this was a great business
                                                            because we conduct programs indoors and outdoors        opportunity. Adding a second TGA franchise
TGA Premier Junior Golf is the only national after          and you have a unique program bringing golf to the      became a natural progression. As my programs
school program that teaches the fundamentals of the         masses.”                                                continued to grow, more and more parents from
game of golf, its rules, etiquette, and life values,                                                                other schools and districts were asking for the
while promoting education for kindergarten                                                                          popular after-school golf enrichment programs in
students through the eighth grade.                                                                                  their own schools,” said Knobloch.

Since its inception in six Los Angeles schools in the                                                               Michael Riccardi, who first became a TGA owner in
fall of 2003, the premier junior golf program is now                                                                2008 in New Jersey, has also added a second
offered nationwide in 2,100 schools reaching 103,000                                                                franchise to the area.
students from kindergarten to 8th grade in 22 states.
                                                                                                                    “I started with TGA a year and a half ago and
The TGA programs are reaching mass quantities of                                                                    recognized quickly that this was a great
kids in a structured environment where you have a                                                                   opportunity, not only as a successful business, but
captivated audience, the school system, capturing                                                                   also to grow the game of golf for the future and
the interest of kids and parents, which is directly                                                                 working with young kids in developing the
impacting the future of the game.                                                                                   education and life skills associated with the
                                                                                                                    programs.” said Riccardi.
“We want to impact as many kids as we can and
show schools that we can provide a component for                                                                    A major selling point of the TGA program is that it
kid’s education after school that is benefiting him or                                                               eliminates golf’s traditional barriers to entry -
                                                            TGA provides each franchise with a full turnkey
her in so many different ways,” said TGA president                                                                  accessibility and cost.
                                                            business solution that allows territories to get
and CEO, Joshua Jacobs.                                     established quickly.                                    “By bringing golf to schools at a reasonable cost, we
Jacobs was a prominent junior player growing up in                                                                  break the transportation and accessibility barrier for
                                                            "Every franchise we set up includes equipment to
Southern California and was a member of an Emory                                                                    kids to get into the game,” Steve Tanner, National
                                                            handle five schools, a 500-page territory manual,
University golf team that recorded two top-15                                                                       Program Director and COO pointed out. “TGA
                                                            everything you need to set up and get established in
finishes in the NCAA Division III championships.                                                                     provides everything for the students and all we ask
                                                            the business along with 24 hour support," Jacobs
Jacobs holds a degree in economics and business                                                                     is that they come wearing sneakers or tennis shoes
                                                            said. "Franchise fees depend on the number of
from Emory with a minor in history. He started                                                                      and a smile.”
                                                            people in the territory and average household
TGA as an overnight golf camp for kids that                 income."
morphed into the concept of introducing children of                                                                 “Around the country, classes cost between $13 and
all backgrounds to the game through schools.                                                                        $20 per class which is usually one hour per day,”
                                                            The average franchise fee is between $16,000 and
                                                                                                                    Tanner said. “It’s inexpensive compared to learning
                                                            $20,000 with some as low as $6,000 and others up to
“I have always believed that the best way to grow                                                                   golf by going to a golf course and having a one-on-
                                                            $35,000, depending on the affluence of the area and
the game of golf was to bring it directly to the                                                                    one lesson for $50 to $100 per hour. The kids also
                                                            the population. TGA has averaged opening 11 new
schools and provide an affordable and accessible                                                                    receive a 60-page student handbook, that not only
                                                            franchises each of the past 3 years and TGA revenue
program for the future of golf, which is what we                                                                    engages the kids but the families as well teaching
                                                            this year is estimated to be nearly $1 million.
have created with TGA,” Jacobs said.                                                                                history, math, English and science lessons as they
                                                                                                                    relate to golf.

                                                                                                                                               TGA PREMIER JUNIOR GOLF
                             T    G    A        P      R      E    M    I    E    R         J    U    N    I    O   R         G    O    L    F

     From the Wall Street Journal, May 15, 2010

     “Golf has to accept that today's parents don't have the patience to traverse the local muni with their kids for six hours and
     get yelled at for slow play. The future of golf not only for kids but for families has got to be short-course facilities, like the
     nine-hole executive course that wraps around the range, or the pitch-and- putt next to the larger course. People aren't
     spending money on the lessons or on private courses with $75 green fees. You have to make golf affordable and accessible
     and I'm not sure the game is equipped for that yet."

     Joshua Jacobs, president and CEO - TGA Premier Junior Golf

Continued from page 2:                                     income kids to sign up at school and receive the         This has opened the door to conducting more
                                                           program without charge.                                  parent/child clinics and parent-child tournaments.
In the Metro Detroit area, Dave Robinson, a former                                                                  It's great to engage the parents as much as we
newspaper executive who is also an avid golfer, is         Jacobs pointed out that the hours from 3-6 after         engage the kids."
entering his second full season as owner of two            school are deemed the at-risk hours for kids, which
franchises, one that covers Macomb County and              is yet another positive reason that parents support      "Engaging the parent's increases the chance of
Grosse Pointe, and the other in the eastern half of        the program.                                             keeping kids in TGA programs. From a business
Oakland County.                                                                                                     standpoint, that helps increase our retention rates
                                                           “We fight child obesity and type II diabetes around       across the country," Jacobs said. "TGA students stay
“Each session we will average around 60 classes, 33        the country as every class begins with an exercise       retained at 47 percent from one level to the next and
in one area and 27 in the other in some 52 schools,”       component,” he said. “We keep kids occupied              we transition 29 percent of our kids from our
Robinson said. “Most of the schools we approached          during a vulnerable time, and keep them off the          enrichment programs to camp programs at golf
have been very enthusiastic about the program.”            couch or playing video games. We’re starting to see      courses. The higher our retention rates, the more
                                                           P.E. programs spout from the after school                appealing our business is because our customers
“We make it easy for parents. Schools out at 3 p.m.        enrichment program as well, and it’s really              stay in the TGA system for a longer period of time."
and we schedule classes at 3:30 p.m. so they pick          interesting that schools are asking for in school time
their kids up just an hour later than normal,” he          as well as after school programming.”                    TGA is endorsed as an official junior golf initiative
said.                                                                                                               by the National High School Golf Coaches
                                                           A new unanticipated revenue stream that TGA              Association (NHSGCA); is a national supporting
Robinson said instead of spending most of his days         franchisees are now developing is teaching the           organization of the After School Alliance and Lights
in executive meetings, he enjoys working with kids,        game to parents.                                         on After School; and is a corporate advocate and
working with school authorities, building the
                                                                                                                    partner of the President’s Challenge on Physical
business, and he still finds time to get on the golf        "A number of our territories are beginning to offer
                                                                                                                    Fitness. TGA’s curriculums are also approved by the
course.                                                    golf programs for parents. Both moms and dads
                                                                                                                    United States Golf Association (USGA) under the
                                                           want to learn if their child is playing with TGA and
While middle to upper income parents are expected                                                                   Rules of Amateur Status.
                                                           they don't know how," says Jacobs. "Moms are also
to pay for their children, TGA has developed a             recognizing that their husband plays and want to         For more information, visit www.golftga.com.
Foundation to create grant programs for lower              learn like their child.

                              T    G    A        P       R      E    M     I   E    R         J    U     N    I   O     R        G    O    L    F

     TGA Premier Junior Golf Launches Non-Profit 501c3 TGA Golf

     Foundation will help provide programs for under resourced schools and

With a mission to provide all American                                                                                 year round golf enrichment programs that TGA will
youth with the opportunity to learn the game                                                                           provide.
of golf in a fun and educational
environment, TGA Premier Junior Golf                                                                                   Other TGA programs that have benefited from
formed The 501c3 TGA Golf Foundation to                                                                                receiving grant funding include the Galatas
develop grant funded programs for under                                                                                Elementary School in The Woodlands Texas, which
resourced schools and not leave any students                                                                           benefited from a TGA sponsor to create “Golf Week
behind.                                                                                                                at Galatas,” a special one-week youth golf program
                                                                                                                       reaching all 759 students.
"The TGA Golf Foundation opens doors to engage               School systems with TGA programs across the
all demographics of kids, therefore not leaving              country are already benefiting from the grant              In addition, the Calais School, a private, non-profit
anyone behind who wants to participate," said TGA            programs.                                                 school that for more than 36 years has served
president and CEO, Joshua Jacobs. "We want to                                                                          students with learning disabilities in Morris County,
                                                             Foster Elementary School in the Compton Unified            New Jersey, has benefited from a TGA grant by
embrace and impact as many kids as we can while
                                                             School District in Los Angeles, a Title I federally and   providing programs for special needs students.
providing a component for kid's education that
                                                             state funded school system, received a TGA grant
benefits everyone."
                                                             which helped develop one of the only synthetic            “We are excited about the development of our
The foundation will allow TGA and its 50 territories         putting greens on an elementary school campus             foundation and opening the door of opportunity for
nationwide to apply for grants and funding for               across the country. The Compton district is               young kids to grow and develop life skills through
under resourced schools and kids who otherwise               nationally known for being one of the most                the game of golf,” said Jacobs. “We look forward to
would not be able to participate in the programs.            challenged school systems when it comes to                developing similar models to the Compton, Galatus,
This includes golf association grants, school/district       students at risk or living at or near poverty. By         and Calais Schools around the country through our
funding, state funding, corporate sponsors, as well          receiving the grant funding, no student at Foster         ability to secure funding and reach out to under
as grants through local YMCA’s.                              will have to pay for any class, and students will         resourced school systems and at risk kids.”
                                                             benefit during the at-risk after school hours from

                                                                                                                                                  TGA PREMIER JUNIOR GOLF
                             T    G    A         P    R    E       M     I   E     R        J   U       N     I   O      R       G   O      L      F

“Every aspect of the TGA program has
been outstanding and we continue to
receive phone calls and emails from
parents telling us how impressed they
	          	         -- School Principal

Teaching golf one step at a time
TGA Premier Junior Golf’s 5 Level Golf Enrichment Program brings the golf course anywhere!
Students are introduced to golf, prepared for the golf course and then primed for competitive golf as
they advance levels. Each level corresponds to one 6-10 week session of classes.
                                                                       Red Level                            Blue Level                          Black Level
Yellow Level                      Orange Level

TGA Yellow Level teaches          TGA Orange Level builds              TGA Red Level prepares               TGA Blue Level teaches              TGA Black Level introduces
students the proper golf set-     upon fundamentals acquired           students with the skills and         course management, mental           students to all forms of
up, swing fundamentals and        in the Yellow Level to further       knowledge needed to move             focus, advanced golf rules,         competitive golf through
the game’s basic etiquette in a   develop each student's golf          out of the after-school              complex swing concepts and          stroke and match play
fun environment that              swing. Players experience            environment and tee it up on         practicing techniques.              tournaments, league and team
encourages kids to give it a      more challenging drills and          the golf course. Participants        Students fine-tune their game        play events, and one-on-one
try. The Yellow Level creates a   games while learning                 learn pre-shot routines, new         with increased instruction as       instruction from TGA golf
framework for success and         additional etiquette and             types of shots and additional        they prepare for the Blue           professionals. Black Level
establishes a solid foundation    introductory golf rules to           golf rules while preparing for       Skills Challenge, which they        players earn competitive
for TGA’s 5 Level Program,        prepare them for the Orange          the golf course through              must pass to advance into           achievement awards and have
which has introduced golf to      Skills Challenge, which they         simulations, visual aids and         TGA Black Level.                    the skills and knowledge
thousands of youth                must pass to advance into            games. All Red Level students                                            needed to play golf
nationwide. All Yellow Level      TGA Red Level.                       automatically advance into                                               competitively on junior tours.
students automatically                                                 TGA Blue Level.
advance into TGA Orange

                                                 I   N    D    U        S    T     R   Y        H   O        N    O      R   S

                                                                                                                                                “Top 10 Best Franchise Deals”
Curriculums approved by USGA
                                           Winner - Player Development                     Winner - Business Achievement                        #319 – Entrepreneur
(one of only two junior
                                           (ING’s Industry Honors)                         (ING’s Industry Honors)                              Magazine’s Franchise 500
organizations with USGA
approval)                                                                                                                                       #4 Best Children’s Fitness

                            T     G    A           P       R   E       M         I   E       R       J    U    N      I       O       R           G       O   L   F

Joshua Jacobs Selected Among Top 40                                                                  TGA Premier Junior Golf a “Top 10 Best
Under 40 in Golf                                                                                     Franchise Deal”
TGA Premier Junior Golf Founder and CEO, Joshua Jacobs, has been                                     TGA Premier Junior Golf has been selected among the “Top 10 Best
recognized for his impact on the game by being selected among the “Top 40                            Franchise Deals” by Entrepreneur, one of the leading business publications
Under 40” by GOLF Magazine and Sports Illustrated. “These 40 people, all                             in the country. The Top 10 Best Franchise Deals are determined according to
under the age of 40, are the game's up-and-coming generation of                                      total startup costs of less then $20,000 among the rankings of the Franchise
influencers, trendsetters and newsmakers, an eclectic mix of talent worth                             500.
watching today and for many years to come”, stated GOLF Magazine.
                                                                                                     “TGA decided to Franchise our unique business model because of the lack
Jacobs, 34, joins a select group of industry talent, which comes from such                           of business ownership opportunities within the golf industry for
categories as Professional Players, Instructors, Business, Media, Equipment,                         entrepreneurs along with Golf Professionals,” said TGA founder and CEO
Course Design and Greens Keeping, and Good of the Game. Jacobs joins the                             Joshua Jacobs said. “Being recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine through
likes of entertainer Justin Timberlake, PGA Professional Dan Rooney – Folds                          our jump of 131 spots and being named as one of ten “Top Franchise Deals”
of Honor, Amy Mickelson, Kevin Fletcher – Audubon International, and                                 further solidifies how our youth development business is an exciting and
Guy Garbino – The First Tee, among the Good of the Game honorees.                                    financially viable opportunity.”

                                           T   G       A           B       Y             T   H   E         N    U         M       B       E   R       S

TERRITORIES                     SCHOOLS                                        STUDENTS                              CAMPS                                            GOLF COURSES
TGA started franchising         TGA currently offers its                       TGA has introduced the                TGA ran 450 camps                                TGA works with 110
in 2006 and as of 2010          programs in over 2100                          game of golf to over                  introducing the game to                          courses across the
now has 50 territories in       schools across the                             103,000 students across               over 17,000 campers in                           country transitioning
22 states.                      country as well as youth                       the country.                          2010.                                            the students from
                                centers.                                                                                                                              school to the course.

Joshua Jacobs-CEO                                  Steve Tanner-COO
                     Joshua Jacobs’ passion
                                                                                                                   Corporate Headquarters
                                                              As TGA’s National Program
                     for golf began at three                  Director, Steve Tanner, a                            TGA Premier Junior Golf
                     years old when he picked                 graduate from USC, grew                              390 N. Sepulveda Blvd.
                     up his first golf club.                   the original Los Angeles                             Suite 1060
                     From those early years,                  program to include:                                  El Segundo, CA 90245
                     Joshua’s love and respect                enrichment classes at 60
                     for the game helped                                                                           (310) 333-0622
                                                              schools, multiple junior golf
                     propel him to play                       camps, a variety of junior                           info@golftga.com
                     competitively in high                    and family-based golf                                www.golftga.com
                     school and college                       events at local facilities, and
including national tournaments on the AJGA a partnership with the Southern California
Tour.                                                                                                              TGA Premier Junior Golf-Founder and CEO
                                               PGA Section.  
                                                                                                                   Joshua Jacobs
Joshua Graduated from Emory University             When TGA became a national organization,                        (310) 333-0622
with a degree in Economics and Business and        Steve utilized his experience and knowledge to
a minor in History. In the Fall of 2003, he        sell, train and develop TGA franchises across
started TGA-Premier Junior Golf as an              the country while also focusing on corporate
overnight golf camp which then morphed             strategy for TGA HQ.
into the idea to introduce children of all
backgrounds into the game through schools     In addition to TGA, Steve is currently earning                       Public Relations
and youth centers.                            an MBA at the University of Southern                                 Fusion Media Strategies
                                              California's Marshall School of Business.  He is
                                                                                                                   Kevin Frisch
In addition to TGA, Joshua sits on the        also the co-founder of a social golf network for
SCPGA’s Foundation Board, the VA’s New                                                                             (989) 614-0241
                                              young professionals called GLinks and an
Directions Board and co-founded a social golf assistant analyst for the Tech Coast Angels, the                     kevin@fusionmediastrategies.com
network for young professionals called        country’s largest angel investor network for
GLinks.                                       start-up companies.

                                                                                                                                                                    TGA PREMIER JUNIOR GOLF

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