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					                      Oxford Union Society Library Committee
           Minutes of Meeting TT2010 Week 5 (Monday 24th May) 2.30 p.m.

Present: Omar Asfar, Anshul Bakhda, Francis Cameron, Ronald Collinson, Adrienne Cooper
(Minutes Secretary), the Rev. David Johnson, Su Lockley (Librarian-in-charge), Radoslav
Lolov, Francis Murphy, Helen Pye, Jessica Rolland, Oliver Sheerin and Alexandra Turney.

1.   Apologies
     The Committee received apologies from Andrew Boggs, William Chamberlain (Junior
     Librarian), Richard Hill, Anne Ross and John Whitehead.

2.   Membership
     Currently there is a vacancy for Senior Membership.

3.   Minutes and Matters Arising from Previous Meeting
      i.     The Librarian-in-charge reported that the Senior Librarian had spoken to the
             Bursar about the clocks. She had told him that they had been at the Clock
             Clinic since October, and would be returned when fixed. Beyond that, she had
             heard nothing new.
      ii.    The Librarian-in-charge had hoped to ask the Junior Librarian if he had
             spoken further with the Cherwell and had advertised the Committee vacancy
             in Chamber.
      iii.   Ronald Collinson informed the Committee that Conceptions of Liberty in
             Political Philosophy from his Politics Book List was more expensive
             secondhand than anticipated. He will suggest an alternative title.

4.   Complaints Book
     There were no complaints

5.   Overdue Books
     The Librarian-in-charge presented a list to the Committee of all members with Library
     books/DVD that are three or more months overdue. Their membership will be
     suspended if the items are not returned or replaced before Thursday 27th May. The
     Junior Librarian will read their names out in Chamber.

6.   Book Spend Plan 2010/11
     The Librarian-in-charge had prepared a Book Spend Plan for 2010/11. No further
     changes were proposed from those of 2009/10. The Committee gave their assent.

7.   Book Lists for TT2010 Week 5-Education (£195), Classics (£160), Modern
     Languages (£126)
      i.     Andrew Boggs’ Education Book List is pending.
      ii.    Richard Hill’s Classics Book List was passed.
      iii.   Jocky McLean’s Modern Languages Book List is pending.

8.   Book Lists for TT2010 Week 6-Philosophy (£150), Oxford (£195)
      i.     Helen Pye has written the Philosophy Book List.
      ii.    Oliver Sheerin has written the Oxford Book List.
9.    Book List for TT2010 Week 7-Biology (£116)
      Jessica Rolland volunteered to write the Biology Book List.

10.   DVD New Releases June 2010
      The Committee chose the following DVDs: ‘A Single Man’; ‘Edge of Darkness’;
      ‘Invictus’; ‘My Name is Khan’; ‘Princess and the frog’; ‘African Queen’ Restored
      Special Edition; ‘Bold and the Brave’; ‘Akira Kurosawa – The Samurai Collection’;
      ‘The Lovely Bones’; ‘Doctor Who’ Series 5 Volume 1; ‘Heimat: Chronicle of
      Germany’; ‘Heimat 2 Chronicle of Germany’; ‘L-Word’ Series 6; ‘Luther’; ‘Samson
      and Delilah’; ‘The Apple’; ‘The Island’.

11.   DVD List TT2010 Week 5
      The List was passed.

12.   Members’ Suggestions
      The List was passed. Shelby Tucker’s donation, The last banana: dancing with the
      Watu, was accepted and the Committee thanked the author.

13.   Deferred Withdrawals
      The following items were reprieved: Elements of politics; For continuity; ‘The
      Godfather 3’; ‘Alien 3’. The rest were withdrawn.

14.   Withdrawals
      The List was passed except for the following titles: ‘Amadeus’; ‘Cinderella man’;
      ‘Ghost dog: the way of the Samurai’; ‘Toy Story 2’. Since the List was created,
      members had borrowed: ‘Leon’; ‘Nacho libre’; ‘Rocket science’; ‘Two weeks’ notice’.
      They were all reprieved.

15.   New Members
      There were no new members present.

16.   Any Other Business
      Francis Murphy reported to the Committee that two of the four computers in the
      Goodman Library did not work. He asked if the matter could be taken to Library
      Strategy Committee. Ronald Collinson and Mr. Murphy asked if the Union IT officer
      could produce a report outlining the structure of accountability and the long term plan
      of the Union’s computer provisions, and if he could present this to a Library Committee

17.   Time and Date of Next Meeting
      The next meeting of the Library Committee will take place on Monday 31st May at
      2.30p.m. in the Morris Room.

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