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									Invitation to Submit Quotation for Training
Getting Irish Businesses Started Online

This document outlines the type of training course Wicklow County Enterprise
Board plans to run throughout Co. Wicklow over the coming 12 months. By
receiving this document your training organisation is invited to submit a
quotation for the course outlined.

Wicklow County Enterprise Board reserves the right to run or not run training
courses, as demand and budget dictates.

Please note that generally multiple suppliers are used to deliver training
programmes; it is unlikely that one organisation will be nominated to deliver all
training workshops.

Training programmes are scheduled on a seasonal basis. Please note that
contracts will not be awarded for the full 12-month period; they will continue to
be awarded on a seasonal basis. Training organisations submitting a
quotation are requested to fix their prices for 12 months.

Wicklow County Enterprise Board reserves the right to stipulate the specific
dates and course times, at the time of scheduling the course.

Key Guidelines:
  1. Submission Date – 5pm Monday 23rd May 2011
  2. Contracts will be awarded based on consideration of the following:
        a. The background of the trainer and their experience in delivering
           training to the micro-enterprise sector, as well as personal
           experience of self-employment or running a business themselves
        b. Knowledge of Internet / Ecommerce: Please include details of any
           relevant training courses you have delivered and outline your
           knowledge of the sector
        c. Qualifications – please include details of any relevant IT
           qualifications in your proposal
        d. Price
        e. Relevant references
  3. Trainer must undertake the Google Train the Trainer course as scheduled.
     No expenses or fees are payable for this.
  4. Trainers must be registered Limited companies with current tax clearance

Participant bookings for the Getting Wicklow Business Online workshops will be
taken online, at where we will make the completed
course outlines available to the public, including a section on the delivering

                             INVESTING IN YOUR FUTURE
trainer and/or training company. Please include a brief outline in your
proposal to be included in course outline documentation if you are nominated.

Please note your submission will be required no later than 5pm on Monday
23rd May 2011. Please email your submission to

Please note that late submissions will not be accepted.
The lowest priced or any tender will not necessarily be accepted.

Train the Trainer
Google are providing Training for Trainers at Google HQ in Dublin. This will
consist of 1 half day of training. The date for the training is not yet fixed, but
should take place in early June 2011.

Commencement of Programme
The programme was formally launched on 9th May and the promotion of the
project has commenced. Following train the trainer, subject to demand, the
start of the training programmes will commence during the summer and
continue thereafter as demand requires.

Technical Support
A third party technical services provider (Blacknight Internet Solutions Limited)
will provide call centre support for website set-up, domain and hosting queries.

Training Programme Content
Group size should be 10-15 businesses max. The cost is €25 for each
participant. The duration of each session should be no longer than 3 hours. The
.ie domain is free until the 9th of November. All attendees should have details
of their domain name in advance of the training session. Advice on getting a
domain name is available on

This training can be divided into three main sections:

Why Online?
This will cover topics such as:
•      Growth of the Irish online landscape
•      Internet usage
•      Broadband
•      Where were we, where are we, where are we going
•      The Irish consumer
It is important to deliver this section so it relates to the value proposition to
them and their businesses.

This will cover the main benefits to the attendees:
•     Building online presence.
•     Increasing customer base.

                             INVESTING IN YOUR FUTURE
•     Open 24 hours.
•     Be there when people are searching for your business.
•     Competitive advantage
•     Free website
•     Free .ie domain before 9th November
•     Support. (Google and BlackKnight)
•     How? -Getting started online.
•     Set up website.
•     Be found. Through search- adwords and SEO, Maps etc.


This will be the more interactive section of the training. Start by building a mock
website taking time to go over the details of each and every step. It is expected
that participating businesses will have a website up and running by the end of
this training session.

Location of Participant Training in Co. Wicklow
Wicklow County Enterprise Board reserves the right to run Getting Wicklow
Business Online workshops throughout the county, for a duration of three
hours. Wicklow CEB will book and pay for the venues, ensuring that a computer
terminal is available for each participant.

                             INVESTING IN YOUR FUTURE

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