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Customer Service     The Pudding Stop (TPS) is a street-food vendor bringing back to life not only a
                     family heritage in baking but also a noble tradition of street food in Britain that
                     dates back to the 12th century. Unfortunately, it has been lost along the way
                     and it took the Farmers’ market movement to make street food popular again.
                     TPS offers the theatre of watching and smelling the caramelisation of a crème
                     brulee, freshly sliced tarts hot from the oven or the laughing and joking with
                     complete strangers tempted by the same pudding. Together with the unrivalled
                     convenience of picking up a fresh and hand baked pudding on the way home-
                     evoking memories of their childhood, bringing families together around the
                     table or helping a husband win much needed ‘brownie points’ after a long day
                     away from his family- makes TPS a very exciting stop off for the people of St
                     Aside from the core aspects of the service my customers receive each day I
                     also provide them with free home delivery, not just with puddings, but also in
                     terms of a lift home in my pudding van once I have finished for the evening at
                     the station!

Range of Drinks      N/A- although customers can drink the rum in my rum baba’s should they

Menu / Food          Being a street-food vendor means the menu can change at a whim according
                     to what looks good at the market that day, or what has been brought along by
                     a customer that evening, meaning that it’s fresh, seasonal and local. Eton
                     Mess and Hertfordshire summer fruit cheesecakes in the spring/summer,
                     Hertfordshire apple tarts in the autumn and sticky steamed puddings in the
                     winter. Similarly, I use organic stoneground Redbournbury watermill flour, free-
                     range eggs from Sarratt, seasonal fruit from St Albans & Harpenden farms,
                     schools and customers’ gardens. Furthermore I help to support other local
                     small food businesses by using them as my suppliers rather than using large
                     nationwide operations. For example Soko coffee for espresso, Andrew
                     Stevens’ Riverford franchise for organic fruit + veg and Hulse & Sons for
                     stocking my larder.
Environment /              Customers at the pudding stop are genuinely offered a unique experience
Ambience                   unavailable at any other food business in St Albans. I am able to evoke an
                           atmosphere of warmth, comfort and excitement- bringing ‘life and energy’ to
                           customers’ previously mundane journey home. Commuters piling of the trains
                           from London are instantly taken aback by seeing a pudding van outside their
                           station, people stop to read the story behind my business and my family
                           heritage in baking, they stare longingly at the puddings, and joke with others
                           thinking exactly the same thing: ‘what a wonderful idea and isn’t my waistline
                           going to suffer!?’
                           This experience also extends to the lucky friends and family of those that have
                           bought pudding that evening. They are able to share the conversations had,
                           the story behind the pudding stop, and ultimately the warming feeling of a
                           sticky steamed pudding or a cooling and zingy lemon tart.

Additional Facilities /    Local usage and community involvement are very important aspects of the
Amenities (e.g. Disabled   business to the pudding stop. Since the business started, leftover puddings
access, local usage and    from the farmers’ markets have been taken to the Christian charity Emmaus in
community involvement.)    St Albans to bring a little treat to the lodgers. Similarly, I work with Howard
                           Roberts at Hammonds End Farm, Harpenden donating apples to the
                           community and raising money for local hospices. I have brought a new aspect
                           to Julia Jenkins (Flagship wines) wine tasting evenings through matching
                           puddings with wine- helping to raise the awareness of dessert wine and
                           helping to boost business. And finally, I am currently working with Aboyne
                           Lodge Primary School, St Albans. Making usage of the apples from their
                           orchard (of which has a long and established role in the history of St Albans)
                           and in return supporting school events and raising money for re-development
                           of the playground for the pupils. I also supply other local businesses with a
                           selection of my products in St Albans, including: Lussmann’s, Courtyard Café,
                           Verulam Arms. In Harpenden: Blueberry Café (Breathing Space healthclub) and
                           Jay’s Deli. And, in London: Coco Di Mama on Fleet Street and Bean About
                           Town the mobile coffee vendors. Finally, collaborating with Mandy and Justin
                           James at Redbournbury Watermill has been a huge aspect of my business
                           over the last year. This is where all of my puddings are baked and despite
                           running as a separate business we collaborate on a daily business- offering
                           our services to local community groups through talks and presentations as
                           well as ensuring both businesses thrive in a market saturated with low quality
                           convenience stores and high street food chains.

What steps do you take     All of my packaging is sourced from a packaging company with leading eco-
to make your business      credentials. This means that all of my packaging has been recycled from
sustainable? (Evidence     materials that have been original grown sustainably and can be recycled or
of local/sustainable       composted.
sourcing, recycling etc.   All of my left over fruit + veg peelings, eggshells and other compostable
                           organic materials are composted rather than sent to landfill.
                           As mentioned previously, I also make the most of local ingredients and food
                           already growing and available in St Albans i.e. seasonal fruit and veg from
                           local farms, schools and customers. Indeed, customers are invited to bring
                           along a haul of whatever they have grown in their garden and in return they are
                           suitably compensated in the form of pudding.
Anything else you’d like The business was established in August 2010, by myself in the recession
to tell us to support your without any assistance from local enterprises, government schemes, bank
nomination?                loans or organizations such as The Princes Trust.
                           In just one year, I have grown the business from one market stall in St Albans
Max 250 words              to currently attending six farmers’ markets every weekend, St Albans train
                           station on weekday evenings, and supplying food businesses in Hertfordshire
                           and London. I have also provided jobs to other young people affected by the
                           recession, offering a full-time job and an opportunity to grow the business with
                           My business is truly unique, not only in St Albans but also the UK. Many
                           customers see its potential for expansion across the country and are proud
                           that it first started in their hometown.

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