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									Hughes Network Systems, LLC                                                                 Online Marketing Policy
August 23, 2010                                                                                        Version 1.0

1 Hughes Online Marketing Policy
In an effort to control and manage the Hughes and HughesNet brand experience, Hughes is instituting
the following online marketing policy.

1.1         Pay per Click and Search Terms

Beginning September 23, 2010, Hughes will restrict the use of branded search terms to a select number
of “exclusive” sales agents who demonstrate high standards in their online marketing practices, produce
high-quality orders and activations.

These agents will be notified and provided with the criteria required to maintain the right of use of these
terms. In addition, the Hughes corporate Web site will be designated to position one (Number 1) on the
three major search engines: Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Resellers with brand term privileges are instructed
not to overtake the Hughes corporate site for position one. Violation of placement policy can result in loss
of brand term privileges.

1.2         Example Terms Impacted by this Policy

          HughesNet          HughesNet             HughesNet          HughesNet Internet        HughesNet.com
                           Satellite Internet   Broadband Internet
      Hughes Net             Hughes Net            Hughes Net         Hughes Net Internet       Hughes Net.com
                           Satellite Internet      Broadband
           Hughes          Hughes Satellite     Hughes Broadband       Hughes Internet        Hughes High Speed
  HughesNet High          Hughes Net High           HughsNet
      Speed                   Speed

Note:       This list is not all inclusive. Search terms including Hughes and/or HughesNet are reserved for
            Hughes Corporate and selected agents only. Additional terms may be added to the list from time
            to time.

Resellers marketing online are encouraged to continue to utilize search terms specific to the category.
Examples of such terms include:

High Speed Satellite       Satellite Internet   Satellite Broadband   Broadband Satellite High Speed Internet
          Broadband       Rural Broadband        Rural High Speed      Satellite Internet         Satellite ISP
                                                     Internet             Providers

1.3         URL Guidelines

Beginning September 23, 2010 resellers marketing online are not to include branded terms in the main
body of their URLs.

      •     Approved: www.YourCompanyName.com\HughesNet
      •     Not Approved: www.Hughesnet.YourCompanyName.com

Resellers using Hughes brand terms within their URL are required to change the URL string to the
approved format. All sites must be in compliance with brand guidelines by September 23, 2010.

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