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									                                      The Baca Connection
                         Baca Valley Telephone Co., Inc.          Sierra Communications, Inc.
                                                     October 2005

Baca Valley Telephone Company                             We’re keeping you connected…
awarded Rural Development Loan…                                now faster than ever!
    Baca Valley Telephone Company and Sierra            At Sierra Communications our goal is to
Communications has been awarded a rural             provide Internet access to all customers
development loan from the U.S. Department           throughout our service area. In addition to
of Agriculture to improve telecommunications        our dial-up Internet service we continue to
services.                                           add new high speed services, such as
                            The loan will finance   WildBlue satellite Internet, giving our
  “This loan will help    the replacement of        customers more options in selecting the
  improve                 some existing cable as    service that best meets their needs.
  telecommunication       well as installing over       We are also committed to offering these
  lines so that New       70 miles of new cable     services at the best possible price. As the
  Mexicans in these       in Colfax and Union       cost of technology decreases we pass these
  areas have greater      counties. General         savings on to you making Internet access
  business and            Manager Paul Briesh       more affordable than ever.
  educational             explains, “This loan
  opportunities…”         will enable us to           Type of Service       Location         Price
  U.S. Senator            replace existing                                               $39.95 per
  Pete Domenici,          telephone cable as         DSL High Speed                      month
  R-NM                    well as plowing new         (now even better   Des Moines      Install charge
                          lines. New cable           speeds)             and Maxwell     waived with a
                          means improved                                                 one year
telephone service to customers in our remote                                             contract.
areas. Improved telephone service means              Wireless                            $44.95 per
better access to other services such as                                                  month
                                                     High Speed
Internet and enhanced calling features.”             (price reduced      Raton
                                                                                         charge based
    According to Glen Loveland, spokesman for        and speeds                          on length of
U.S. Rep. Tom Udall, “If the federal                 increased!)                         contract.
government didn’t offer loans like this,                                 Virtually any   $49.95 per
telephone and Internet service might not be                              location in     month plus
                                                     Our NEW
available in rural areas at all.” U.S. Senator                           our service     installation
                                                     Satellite Speed
Pete Domenici voiced his support for the loan.                           area            fee.
“This loan will help improve telecommunication
                                                     DSL Access          Raton and       $19.95 plus
lines so that New Mexicans in these areas                                other           Qwest access
                                                     through Qwest
have greater business and educational                                    locations       charges
                                                     with Baca Valley
opportunities,” stated the Senator.                                      through-out
                                                     as your Internet
   Baca Valley Telephone has been providing                              New Mexico
telecommunication services in Northeastern
New Mexico and Southeastern Colorado for                Your location will determine which high
over 30 years. Our current service area covers       speed service is best for you. Please give our
over 2600 square miles.                              office a call for more information or to arrange
                                                     a free onsite consultation. You can also visit
                                                     our website at or email us
          Remember to "Fall Back"…
                                                     at We look forward
     Daylight Savings Time ends Oct 30th
                                                     to hearing from you!
       Set your clocks back one hour.

 (505) 278-2101       (505) 375-2101     (505) 445-5364    1-888-682-2101
                DES MOINES                          Unwanted Telemarketers…
 Bledsoe, Ben                      278   –   3848               "Do-Not-Call"
 Cotton Mesa Guide Lodge           278   –   2891       We want to remind our customers that a
 Escobar, Ismael                   278   –   3932   national Do-Not-Call Registry has been
 Hill, K.                          278   –   2728   established to address unwelcome
 Laulainen, A.                     278   –   3717   telemarketing calls. The registry applies to
 Leche, M.                         278   –   3950   all telemarketers, with the exception of
 Logan, Vickie                     278   –   3402   businesses with whom you have an existing
 Machuca, Lupe (Fax)               278   –   2625   relationship and certain non-profit and
 Martin, Bobby                     278   –   2353   political organizations. Commercial
 Zangerle, L.                      278   –   2145   telemarketers are not allowed to call you if
                                                    your number is listed on the registry
                  MAXWELL                               You may register your residential
                                                    telephone number, including wireless
BACA VALLEY TELEPHONE              375   –   2101   numbers, on the national Do-Not-Call
 Fisher, Tom                       375   –   2241   Registry at no cost, either by telephone or
 Gutierrez, Steven & Cinema        375   –   2699   via the Internet. To register by telephone,
 Hyer, Ruth                        375   –   2030   call 1.888.382.1222. You must call from the
 Pompeo, Donald                    375   –   2653   telephone number you wish to register. You
 Romero, Adan                      375   –   2965   also may register, or obtain additional
 Sanchez, Joe D.                   375   –   2499   information, via the Internet at
                Clip and Keep             
                                                        Your telephone number will be included
                                                    on the Do-Not-Call list within three months
  Directory information provided on our website     following your registration. Your number is updated monthly.          will remain on the registry for five years, at
                                                    which time you may re-enter your number
 Heading South for the Winter?                      on the list. You also can remove your
    If you’re heading for a warmer climate, or      number from the list at any time.
 just taking an extended vacation, we make it
 easy and affordable to keep your telephone                      Before you Dig…
 and Internet services in place. We offer
 reduced rates on the following:                                     Dial 811
                1) Telephone Service: If             811 has been designated as the national
                you plan to be away for over a       abbreviated dialing code to be used by
                month our vacation rate lets         state One Call notification systems for
                you keep your telephone              providing advanced notice of excavation.
                number and all your                  Cut cable is very costly…always call for a
                subscribed services at a             cable locate before starting any type of
                reduced monthly rate. Then,          digging or excavation project.
 when you return, simply give us a call and
 your telephone service is restored. Normally
 there is no charge to put your service on or
 take it off vacation rate.
 2) WildBlue Satellite Internet: For only             Baca Valley Telephone Company, Inc.
 $11.95 a month our snowbird plan lets you
                                                          Sierra Communications, Inc.
 suspend your service while you’re away.
 When you return there is no installation or                      532 Broadway Ave
 reactivation charge…just call our office to                         P.O. Box 67
 have your service restored.                                    Des Moines, NM 88418
 3) Internet Service: You can suspend your
 Internet account, reserving your user name  
 and email accounts, for up to 6 months at no         (505) 278-2101   (505) 375-2101     (505) 445-5364
 cost.                                                            1-888-682-2101 (Toll Free)

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