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             Objective                              Met Criteria                  Yes or No
Lesson 1 Objective 1- Given an example of       The student provides the
proper patrol unit placement, students will     instructor a clear photograph
explain and demonstrate proper vehicle          clearly displaying proper
placement using a document paper. A             patrol unit placement. The
sketch and photograph will accompany            student will provide a
paper.                                          document paper clearly
                                                defining all aspects of proper
                                                patrol unit placement and a
                                                clear and next sketch.
Lesson 1 Objective 2 – Given a video of a       The student will provide a
DWI traffic stop, the student will write a      clear definition paper of the
paper on what is observed on the traffic        traffic stop observed on the
stop. The paper will include a multimedia       DWI video. The PowerPoint
presentation and an aerial sketch of the        presentation will include an
traffic stop depicted on the video.             aerial sketch of the depicted
                                                traffic stop and discuss the
                                                aspects of the stop.
Lesson 1 Objective 3- Given a manual on         Students will provide to the
how to collect evidence while adhering to       instructor clear photographic
officer safety, the students will demonstrate   evidence and all DWI
their knowledge by providing the instructor     paperwork correctly filled out.
the elements of the crime, photo evidence,
and paperwork associated with the DWI
Lesson 2 Objective 1- Given a scenario          The students will define all
based on different detection methods            the element and detection
acceptable for use in the court, the students   methods acceptable in the
will correctly define all elements and          court contained in a written
detection methods use in court by               documented paper.
furnishing a clearly defined position paper.
Lesson 2 Objective 2- Given a copy of the       The students will provide the
Texas traffic code used in common traffic       instructor with provide a
violation used in DWI enforcement, the          written paper that clearly
students will accurately identify a             defines all the traffic
commonly used traffic violation from            violations seen on the DWI
patrol unit video traffic violations by         patrol unit video.
providing a written description along with
video taped evidence.
Lesson 3 objective 1- Given a test login for    A properly completed and
the LEADRS database system, the students        totally accurate LEADRS
will successfully comprehend basic              report will be submitted to the
navigation skills in utilizing the LEADRS       instructor for review.
system by providing the instructor a
completed LEADRS report.
Lesson 3 Objective 2- Given a DWI             The student will provide
paperwork packets, the students will          instructor with a DWI packet
complete all paperwork needed in DWI          completely and correctly
cases correctly.                              filled out.
Lesson 3 objective 3- Students will be able   Students will provide the
to describe the procedure for proper form     instructor with a document
and document routing correctly.               displaying their complete
                                              understanding of proper form
                                              and document routing

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