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									                                                 CARLOS O. PLACIDO
                              +1 202 558-2099 • +54 11 4704-9336 • Fax +1 314 228-9760

Professional with thirteen years of progressive experience in telecommunications and entertainment. Strong analytical and
managerial background, directed towards areas of innovative services. Recognized for exceptional ability to bridge both
technical and commercial aspects and manage complex programs in a multicultural environment. Fluent in Spanish
(native) and English.

                                               PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE
PLACIDO CONSULTING, Buenos Aires, Argentina                                              2004 – Current
Independent Consultant
Advisory services on technology opportunities in the Satellite, Media and Telco sectors.
     Business and product development support to satellite and media companies across the Americas
     Sales representation and local support in Latin America
     Began collaboration with Northern Sky ( in 2007 on technology and market research.
TELEFONICA EMPRESAS, Buenos Aires, Argentina                                                2005 –May ‘06
Project Manager, Service Provisioning
Managed cross-functional teams for the execution of converged telecom projects within the banking/finance segment.
 Exceeded 2005 objectives and managed to execute multiple simultaneous projects on time -including largest in the
    segment- while substantially improving customers’ satisfaction in key accounts (independent survey).

INTELSAT, Washington, DC, U.S.A.                                                                1999 – 2004
Manager, Data and Video, Technology Development                                                 2001 – 2004
Responsible for identifying and validating emerging data and video technologies for their potential application to new and
existing satellite-based services. Supervised a team of hi-tech professionals and simultaneous developmental projects in
the areas of video, new media, Internet and enterprise networks.
 Spearheaded the effort to offer services in the emerging IP Television (IPTV) space. Designed and tested potential
    service scenarios, paving the way for the commercialization of Intelsat’s current IPTV product.
 Facilitated the evaluation of an innovative terrestrial backbone redundancy system for TV transport (Standard and
    HDTV) that allowed Intelsat to differentiate in the U.S. through a highly reliable transport service, superior to
    Sonet/SDH provided by telcos.
 Led the design and testing of a prototype on-demand system to automate fixed satellite services in applications such
    as television news gathering and cellular backhaul. The initiative increased the company’s awareness and was used
    as input for the development of the cellular backhaul product.
 Managed a cross-functional team in the design, testing and installation of a digital video monitoring system for a video
    community built around one of the company’s satellites covering the Americas. The system was completed on time
    with limited budget and is currently in operation at the Video Operations Center.
 Identified the potential of Internet restoration and load balancing (based on BGP) as a retention solution for ISPs not
    fully utilizing the satellite links. Developed detailed analysis of optimization scenarios.
 Validated new commercially available products and developed network dimensioning models and case scenarios for
    broadband and enterprise content delivery networks.
 Increased the visibility and value of Intelsat’s forward-looking initiatives through the documentation of service
    scenarios, presentations and demonstrations at international conferences and trade shows.

Principal Engineer, Intelsat Technical Labs (promoted to Manager)                             2000 - 2001
Conducted technical evaluations and field trials. Provided guidance to senior and junior engineers in evaluating newly
developed or emerging networking technologies, and associated hardware and software.
 Played key contributor role in the development and optimization of the Internet Trunking Service. Backbone Internet, in
    its various forms, became Intelsat’s fastest growing service, representing 10% of its revenues (US$ 100 million / year).
 Spearheaded the design and testing of traffic load-balancing scenarios for Internet Trunking Service customers
    connected to the Internet backbone through multiple service providers (Multi-homed customers).
 Managed an R&D contract to implement industry’s first high-speed satellite Ethernet adapters to coexist with growing
    terrestrial LAN-to-LAN networks. Units currently in use by NASA for the delivery of high-definition video over satellite.
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   Played key role in the design and implementation of a dedicated technology demonstration center, leading role in field
    trials, seminars and trade shows, preparation and dissemination of training materials and user-friendly technical
Senior Engineer, Intelsat Technical Labs (promoted to Principal Engineer)                     1999 - 2000
Conducted testing and field trials of multiple internetworking scenarios, supporting corporate initiatives in satellite Internet,
quality of service and throughput enhancement technologies.
 Made significant contributions in the areas of satellite throughput enhancements and quality of service (QoS) through
    extensive work on IP Differentiated Services (DiffServ), TCP spoofing and ATM.
 Produced important contributions to the development of asymmetric Internet and TCP spoofing to improve throughput
    performance of satellite Internet services.
 Managed a contract with Comsat Labs for the evaluation of voice over ATM.
 Served as special advisor to commercial development and sales teams for preparing proposals.
TELECOM INTERNACIONAL (ex- Telintar), Buenos Aires, Argentina                                 1996 - 1998
Specialist Engineer, Project Management
Managed the planning and execution of infrastructure projects in the areas of satellite earth stations, Intelsat TDMA and
telephony compression (DCME) for Argentina’s international carrier.
 Developed a break-even analysis for an infrastructure project presented to senior management. Through a US$1.5
    million investment the company was able to save over US$ 500 thousand per year in satellite space segment capacity.
    Managed the on-time execution of the project, which involved an 11-mt (Std. B) satellite earth station.
 Managed the design and implementation of a dual-band mobile satellite station for special-event international business
    (IBS) service from anywhere in the country.
 Designed a spreadsheet version of the Erlang theory for automatic telephony traffic planning that streamlined the
    process by eliminating innumerous paper table iterations. Used the tool to develop a redundant central office strategy
    for the increased resilience to catastrophic network failures.
 Played major role in the implementation of one of the first asymmetric satellite Internet links in Latin America and
    Intelsat second-gen TDMA terminals.

GLOBAL CROSSING (Ex-IMPSAT), Buenos Aires, Argentina                                        1994 -1996
Sales Support Engineer
Provided post-sales engineering support on enterprise, government and carrier network services.
 Troubleshot and diagnosed network failures for the following service products offered by the company: SCPC, VSAT,
    X.25, Frame Relay, TCP/IP, and TDM.
 Selected to integrate a pilot restructuring program. An empowered business unit of six interdisciplinary members was
    created to concentrate on the major corporate accounts. The team’s measured success in customer service set the
    basis for a company-wide, customer-focused reorganization.

    University of Maryland. Robert H. Smith School of Business, College Park, MD, U.S.A.
    MBA, December 2001. Concentration: International Business and Finance

    University of Buenos Aires. School of Engineering, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    B.S + M.S. in Electrical Engineering, May 1995. (U.S. Equivalent credited by )

    Pan-American School of Arts, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    Graphics Designer Degree, December 1991.

    Highly familiar with Microsoft productivity suites (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Project) and design software
     packages (Macromedia Director, Corel Draw)
    Trained on project management based on PMP / PMI guidelines
    Participated in industry-leading conferences: NAB, IBC, Cisco Networkers, Satellite-Satcon, IETF, GTM, NGN

                                       PUBLICATIONS AND PRESENTATIONS
Produced application notes and made presentations and demonstrations at international trade shows:
 Links and testimonials available at
                                        References available upon request

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