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                     Downs Surgical
June 2009

Downs Surgical unveil new state-of-the-art website

To coincide with Downs Surgical‟s 130th anniversary, the UK premier surgical
instrument manufacturer has launched a new state-of-the-art website –

Designed to be user friendly and enhance the customer‟s experience, the new
website has a fresh and modern feel which reflects the company‟s global
reputation for quality, excellence and outstanding service.

It uses the latest web building technology and includes new features such as a
global news section to keep customers, surgeons and distributors up-to-date with
the latest Downs Surgical news.

An improved advanced search function has also been introduced, as well as
detailed information and product photographs for all of Downs Surgical‟s 5,000
surgical instruments to help customers find products faster and more effectively.

There is also a new improved secure distributor section; which offers a protected
area for current distributors to access online. This allows them to view further
items of interest that ordinary visitors cannot, such as promotional giveaways,
supplies of literature, and samples requests.

Steve Spurgin, International Business Manager at Downs Surgical, said: “This is
a very exciting year for Downs Surgical and we are delighted to launch a new
website that reflects the modern and dynamic ethos of our business. We have
collected feedback from our current website users and have used this information
to produce a website that is accessible and easy to use. We hope people enjoy
using it and much as we have enjoyed designing it.”

Downs Surgical was founded in 1879 by an instrument maker Milikin and quickly
established itself as a market leader, operating today in over 70 countries

Priding themselves on staying at the forefront of innovation, Downs Surgical are
much more than a supplier of high precision surgical instruments; they are a
trusted and fully committed partner for the whole surgical process in hospitals
around the world specialising in Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) surgery,
cardiovascular, obstetrics and gynaecology.

It is this wealth of experience and wide ranging knowledge base that has led to
Downs Surgical instruments being respected by surgeons all over the world and
is the reason why much of the medical professionals „Insist on Downs‟.

For more information about Downs surgical or their extensive product range is

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Notes to editor:

Downs Surgical is the UK‟s premier surgical instrument manufacturer. They have
been established for 130 years and carry a global reputation for quality,
excellence and outstanding service.

Through several generations, Downs Surgical has been involved in the
manufacture of surgical instruments. In the UK this is centralised around a
purpose-built facility in Sheffield, England, where traditional Sheffield steel
manufacturing skills are combined with modern manufacturing processes to
produce products of outstanding quality. With a direct sales operation also
located in the UK, Downs Surgical is supported by an international network of
distribution partners.

For more information contact Julia PR Officer at Medilink Yorkshire and Humber:
Tel: 00 44 114 2226313

Contact Downs Surgical:
Tel: 00 44 114 2259000


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