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                                                    Architecture Review
                                                    Yorkshire 2006

                                                    Royal Institute of British Architects
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01-16 YRIBA MAY 06 Intro         9/6/06      12:03 pm    Page 1

       RIBA Yorkshire Branches:

       Chairman: Vacant
       Chairman: Alan Soper

       Chairman: Vacant
                                             Welcome to RIBA Yorkshire’s Architecture Review 2006. This
       Harrogate                             annual review highlights some of the new buildings in the
       Chairman: Vacant                      Yorkshire and Humber region; and showcases those that won
                                             RIBA Awards and RIBA Yorkshire White Rose Awards for
                                             Design Excellence in 2005. Sixty-three buildings from across the
       Chairman: Carl Meddings
                                             Yorkshire and Humber region were entered for the White Rose
       Humberside                            Awards in 2005. Eighteen were shortlisted and twelve awards
       Chairman: Donald Kitching             were given. The quality and standard of the entries was
                                             extremely high, and the range of projects entered was diverse,
       Leeds                                                                                                       David Smith
                                             ranging from the new Underground Gallery at the Yorkshire             Regional Chairman
       Chairman: Mark Larham
                                             Sculpture Park to an innovative school classroom and several
       Sheffield                             domestic extensions.
       Chairman: Barry Price
                                             The RIBA Yorkshire White Rose Student Medal Awards continue
       Chairman: Hugh MacPherson             to recognise the skills and talents of students from Architecture
                                             Schools around the region, together with other allied
       Regional Staff                        professional courses within the construction industry. In 2005,
                                             four students from Architecture Schools at Leeds Metropolitan
       Emma England –
                                             University, the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam
       Regional Director
                                             University received awards.
       Rachel Hughes –                                                                                             Emma England
       Regional Co-ordinator                 The highly successful 4x4 Making Places lecture series goes           Regional Director
                                             from strength to strength, with a strong line-up of participants in
       Caroline Albin –
       Regional Administrator                the 2006 ‘International Green’ sessions held in March. The
                                             series is now a nationally-recognised entry on the architectural
       Sarah Harrison –                      calendar. For more details, see the website
       Receptionist Office Assistant

       RIBA Yorkshire
                                             RIBA Yorkshire Region covers Yorkshire and The Humber: it is
       The Green Sand Foundry
       99 Water Lane                         directed by a Council elected from amongst its 1,320 Chartered
       Holbeck                               Members. Across the Region are nine local Branches, which
       Leeds LS11 5QN                        promote design excellence locally and support the profession.
       Tel: 0113 237 8480                                                                                          Rachel Hughes
       Fax: 0113 237 8488                                                                                          Regional Co-ordinator
       Email:   The RIBA Regions fulfil a vital co-ordinating role between RIBA    Members and the public. We provide core services for RIBA
       Registered Charity No 210 566         Members and administer key RIBA strategies. The Regions
                                             promote architecture and RIBA Members, through events and
       Also at The Green Sand Foundry:
                                             initiatives. We also ensure that RIBA Members maintain their
       RTPI Yorkshire Regional Office        professional competency through provision of a Continuing
       Tel: 0113 237 8487                    Professional Development programme.
       Fax: 0113 237 8488

       Planning Aid Yorkshire Office                                                                               Caroline Albin
       Tel: 0113 237 8486                                                                                          Regional Administrator
       Fax: 0113 237 8488

       West Yorkshire Society of
       Tel: 0113 237 8480
       Fax: 0113 237 8488

       Landscape Institute Yorkshire
       Tel: 0113 237 8400
       Fax: 0113 237 8488

       Tel: 0113 237 8400
       Fax: 0113 237 8488

01-16 YRIBA MAY 06 Intro        12/6/06    2:42 pm   Page 2

         RIBA Award 2005

         Winner, Education & Medical category (sponsored by Buro Happold),
         RIBA Yorkshire White Rose Awards 2005

         Client of the Year Award, RIBA Yorkshire White Rose Awards 2005

                                            This project aims to explore prototypes for the future of classroom design.
         Classroom of the Future,
         Mossbrook School, Sheffield        The classroom itself is a large space whose volume is formed by a series of portal frames clad
                                            in corrugated steel, oak and polycarbonate sheeting. Internally, the classroom uses natural light
                                            and a variety of materials as natural stimulation.
         Sarah Wigglesworth Architects
         10 Stock Orchard Street
         London N7 9RW                      This building has made a huge impact on the daily lives of children, staff and adults who use it,
         Tel: 020 7607 9200                 offering imaginative design solutions, flexibility of use and access for all.
         Fax: 020 7607 5800
                                            The White Rose Award jurors found this project delightful and an exemplar for new school
         Client:                            buildings. Much of this was due to the close involvement of the teaching staff in the briefing
         Sheffield Education Directorate    process and throughout design development, hence the RIBA Yorkshire White Rose Award judges
                                            awarded the school’s staff and pupils the Client of the Year Award.
         Peter Lathy

01-16 YRIBA MAY 06 Intro          5/6/06      3:44 pm   Page 3


                  Published on behalf of                         Introduction
                          RIBA Yorkshire
                                      by                           5   What is the RIBA?
       Excel Publishing Company Limited,
                                                                   7   Client Services
                        Portland Buildings,
                   127-129 Portland Street,
                      Manchester M1 4PZ                            9   Why use an Architect?

                Telephone: 0161 236 2782                          11   How to find the best Architect for the job

                 Facsimile: 0161 236 2783                         13   Appointing your Architect

                     ISDN: 0161 237 9860                          15   RIBA Regional Network
                                                                  16   Services available through RIBA Yorkshire

                                                                 Main Directory

                           Front Cover:
                   Round Foundry, Leeds                           17   ■   Residential

                                                                  29   ■   Commercial/Industrial/Retail
              Building Design Partnership,
                                                                  43   ■   Public/Community/Religion/Medical
                          David Millington
                                                                  53   ■   Education
                             Back Cover:
                      Burnt Hills, Meltham

                          A&DP, Holmfirth                        Directories & Indexes
                            Jeremy Phillips                       66   ■   Project Index

                                                                  67   ■   Architects’ Directory

                                                                  80   ■   Advertisers’ Index
                        Advertising Sales

                              Sales Team
              (RIBA Architecture Reviews)
                Telephone: 0113 228 5200

                     For information on                                 The Underground Gallery, Yorkshire Sculpture Park
                  submitting projects for                               Feilden Clegg Bradley – Photo by Dennis Gilbert/VIEW

                                                                        Classroom of the Future, Mossbrook School, Sheffield
            Architecture Review Yorkshire                               Sarah Wigglesworth Architects – Photo by Sue Barr
               please contact Sally Smith
                                                                        First Start Centre, Sheffield
                Telephone: 0161 661 4150
                                                                        Panter Hudspith Architects – Photo by Chris Henderson

                                                                        Student Health Centre, University of Sheffield
                                                                        CPMG Architects – Photo by Daniel Hopkinson
                              Printed by:
                             Buxton Press                               Courthouse Project, Otley
                                                                        Groundwork Architects – Photo by Martine Hamilton Knight

01-16 YRIBA MAY 06 Intro       5/6/06       3:45 pm   Page 4

         RIBA Award 2005
         Project:                             This building is characterised externally by its use of a reddish lignum panel and the use of dark
         Longley Park Sixth Form College,     bricks. As quite a large college on a tight site, it is laid out over several storeys and is relatively
                                              compact in its planning.
         Ellis Williams Architects            The jurors were impressed by the way the building provided such an interesting range of spaces,
         Wellfield, Chester Road              generating such a pleasant and dynamic atmosphere for learning that many of the students delay
         Preston Brook, Runcorn               going home after school is over.
         Cheshire WA7 3BA
         Tel: 01928 752200
         Fax: 01928 795953                    This is a completely new college and is a good example of how design can have a critical,
         Email:       positive effect on the well-being of the institution and on its neighbourhood.

         Longley Park Sixth Form College,

         Paul Ratigan

01-16 YRIBA MAY 06 Intro    5/6/06   3:45 pm   Page 5

                                     What is the RIBA?

                                     The RIBA is the first and most famous
                                     architectural institute in the world. Founded in
                                     1834, its mission is:

                                     To advance architecture by demonstrating
                                     benefit to society and promoting excellence in
                                     the profession.

                                     It is a registered charity and has more than
                                     32,000 members in over 100 countries.
                                     The RIBA is its architect members. A
                                     voluntary, democratic, self-financing and
                                     independent worldwide association, who
                                                                                        Jack Pringle, RIBA President
                                     share the same knowledge base and the
                                     same concern for the built environment.

                                     The RIBA is an international knowledge-based
                                     network, committed to the improvement and
                                     enjoyment of architecture. The collective voice
                                     of its membership is powerful and is used
                                     effectively in dialogue with Government,
                                     clients and the construction industry.

                                     RIBA is governed by a Council of 62, elected
                                     from its Chartered (ie architect) members. The
                                     RIBA President, Jack Pringle, is separately
                                     elected by the Chartered members and he
                                     chairs RIBA Council.
                                                                                        RIBA Headquarters: 66 Portland Place, London W1
                                     The 190-strong staff of the RIBA are led by the
                                     Chief Executive, Richard Hastilow. There is a
                                     structure of regions and branches, with 14
                                     regional offices across the UK.

       66 Portland Place
       London W1B 1AD
       T 020 580 5533
       F 020 7436 9112

01-16 YRIBA MAY 06 Intro      12/6/06   2:42 pm   Page 6

         Winner, Commercial, Industrial & Retail Category (sponsored by MicroCAD),
         RIBA Yorkshire White Rose Awards 2005

         Judges’ Award for Regeneration, RIBA Yorkshire White Rose Awards 2005

         Project:                        The scheme involved the retention and conversion of early buildings, selective demolition of later
         The Round Foundry, Leeds
                                         structures and insertion of new buildings to increase density on the site. Wherever possible
         Architect:                      original elements were retained and repaired using traditional materials.
         Building Design Partnership
         PO Box 85, Sunlight House       The existing and new buildings have been laid out to create a variety of external spaces linked
         Quay Street
                                         by pedestrian and vehicle routes. The area has been given a new lease of life by such a vibrant
         Manchester M60 3JA
         Tel: 0161 834 8441              redevelopment of the existing derelict site.
         Fax: 0161 832 4280
         Email:     The judges awarded the Regeneration Award for this sympathetic restoration that sits well with
                                         contemporary new build.
         CTP St James

         David Millington

01-16 YRIBA MAY 06 Intro         5/6/06    3:47 pm    Page 7

                                           Client Services

                                           Regardless of the type or size of your
                                           intended project, if you are looking for an        An RIBA approved competition provides a
                                           architect, RIBA Client Services provides a         client with several valuable benefits – RIBA
                                           range of services to ensure an informed            endorsement, which is critical in the eyes of
                                           selection of the best architect for the job.       many clients; agreed costs and timescales;
                                                                                              co-ordinated publicity; alternative architectural
                                                                                              designs; and not least a tangible atmosphere
                                           Free Nomination Service                            of excitement in the selection of a quality
                                           Client Services offers a tailor-made shortlist     building through a well structured and
                                           of registered architectural firms, with the        auditable process.
                                           appropriate skills and expertise to meet your
                                           requirements, whether you are a client or
                                           co-professional seeking a partner.                 There are two distinct forms
                                                                                              of competition:
                                           Online Directory                                   1. Find the right architect or design team
                                           Alternatively if you wish to do your own              for a project
                                           research, you can search the Client Services
                                           database yourself. Simply log on to                   Finding the right architect is usually done
                                  where you can identify               through Competitive Interview. This
                                           suitable firms with hotlinks to their                 process is relatively quick and is
                                           own website.                                          especially suited to projects where
                                                                                                 appointing an architect is required to help
                                                                                                 the client develop the project brief.
                                           Regional Network
       Find the right architect for        Client Services also benefits from a UK wide       ● Competitive Interview: Expressions of
       your project online                 Regional Network. Please see the map on              interest are requested from registered
       at                page 15.                                             architects, with a shortlist being selected
                                                                                                for interview. Only a broad project brief is
       The online version of the RIBA
                                           A range of advice leaflets and a telephone           required, and a commitment to build.
       Directory of Practices is
                                           helpline are also available to aid the selection
       searchable by location,
                                           process, and publications can be suggested         2. Find the most appropriate design
       practice name, sectors of
                                           along with other resources that may be                solution for a project
       expertise and services offered.
       Ideal for those wanting
                                                                                                 Finding the most appropriate design
       a speedy search.                                                                          solution requires a detailed brief to be
                                           Competitions Service                                  issued to all participants to enable
       RIBA Yorkshire                      You might be a client whose needs may be              comparative design submissions to be
       The Green Sand Foundry              best served through an architectural                  made.
       99 Water Lane                       competition, enabling you to choose from a
       Holbeck                             variety of schemes to resolve your project.        ● Open Ideas Competitions to identify a
       Leeds LS11 5QN                      The RIBA Competitions Office is able to              range of possible design solutions, against
       T 0113 237 8480                     advise on the most appropriate competitive           a broad conceptual brief, with no
       F 0113 237 8488                     process for your project, and has the                commitment to build.
       E      resources to smoothly manage and administer               the whole process for you, through to the          ● Open Project Competition to find a single
       ribayorkshire                       appointment of a winner.                             design solution. Often a two-stage
                                                                                                competition, open to all registered
       RIBA Competitions Office            If you are planning to select your architect or      architects with a detailed project brief
       6 Melbourne Street                  design team through competition, the RIBA            and a commitment to build.
       Leeds LS2 7PS                       Competitions Office is able to advise on the
       T 0113 234 1335                     most appropriate competitive process for your      ● Invited Competition to find a single design
       F 0113 246 0744                     project, and if required, can manage the             solution. Restricted to selected architects,
       E   process smoothly through to the appointment          with a detailed project brief and a            of the winner.                                       commitment to build.
01-16 YRIBA MAY 06 Intro        5/6/06      3:48 pm   Page 8

         Winner, Sport & Leisure Category, RIBA Yorkshire White Rose Awards 2005
         Yorkshire Building of the Year, RIBA Yorkshire White Rose Awards 2005

         Project:                             One of the largest purpose-built galleries to have been constructed in Britain in a number of
         The Underground Gallery,
         Yorkshire Sculpture Park
                                              years, the brief was to create a series of indoor gallery spaces which would be capable of
                                              accommodating large scale pieces.
         Feilden Clegg Bradley Architects     A particular focus was ensuring a sensitive intervention in the historic landscape. The solution
                                              was to tuck the Gallery under the sloping lawn of the 18th century Bothy Garden, with extensive
         Bath Brewery
         Toll Bridge Road                     views over Bretton Park.
         Bath BA1 7DE
         Tel: 01225 852545                    The 300m long gallery concourse is clad internally in Pennine Sandstone. The south-facing front
         Fax: 01225 852528                    elevation is fully glazed. Large sliding timber doors can be used to vary the degree of enclosure.
                                              The continuous rooflight washes the rear wall with daylight.
         Yorkshire Sculpture Park             The White Rose Award judges admired the intelligently simple concept of this scheme.
                                              They describe it as a fantastic, atmospheric building with the architects’ use of space providing a
                                              calming atmosphere.
         Dennis Gilbert/VIEW
01-16 YRIBA MAY 06 Intro         5/6/06   3:48 pm    Page 9

                                          Why use an Architect?

                                          Whether you intend to construct a new
                                          building, expand your current facility, or adapt
                                          an existing structure to a new use, it makes
                                          sense to consult a professional who shares
                                          your concerns.

                                          Are you a commercial client
                                          commissioning architecture?
                                          Architects are trained to take your brief and
                                          can see the big picture – they look beyond
                                          your immediate requirements to design flexible
                                          buildings that will adapt with the changing
                                          needs of your business.

                                          Architects solve problems creatively – when
                                          architects are involved at the earliest planning
                                          stage, they gain more opportunities to
                                          understand your business, develop creative
                                          solutions, and propose ways to reduce costs.

                                          Architects can save you money by maximising
                                          your investment. A well-designed building can
                                          reduce your bills now and increase its long-
                                          term value.

                                          Architects can manage your project from site
                                          selection to completion. In many building
                                          projects the role of the architect includes
                                          co-ordinating a team of specialist consultants
                                          such as landscape architects, engineers,
                                          quantity surveyors, interior designers, builders
                                          and subcontractors.

                                          Architects can save you time – by managing
                                          and co-ordinating key project elements,
                                          allowing you to focus on your organisation’s

                                          Architects can help your business – they
                                          create total environments – interior and
                                          exterior – which are pleasing and functional
                                          for the people who work and do business
                                          within them.

       RIBA Yorkshire
       The Green Sand Foundry
       99 Water Lane
       Leeds LS11 5QN
       T 0113 237 8480
       F 0113 237 8488

01-16 YRIBA MAY 06 Intro       5/6/06    3:52 pm   Page 14

         Judges’ Awards for Conservation,
         RIBA Yorkshire White Rose Awards 2005

         Project:                          The brief was to develop
         Otley Courthouse                  Otley’s disused Victorian
                                           Courthouse complex for use
         Groundworks Architects            as a multi-purpose
         Western House, Western Street     community venue able to
         Nottingham NG1 3AZ                accommodate a wide range
         Tel: 0115 941 7007                of activities and events.
         Fax: 0115 948 1152
         Email: office@
                                           Rationalising the       accessibility was one of the
                                           principal challenges.
         Otley Courthouse
                                           A new building was built to
         Photo:                            link the two wings of
         Martine Hamilton Knight           accommodation and to
                                           provide a single central
                                           entrance using lightweight
                                           steel and glass.

                                           The restored cell corridor is
                                           a focus for heritage
                                           activities. The new
                                           environmental technologies
                                           included in the
                                           refurbishment works provide
                                           an education and advocacy

                                                                           Judges’ Award for Small Project,
                                                                           RIBA Yorkshire White Rose Awards 2005

                                                                           Project:                          This traditional Edwardian
                                                                           Burnt Hills, Meltham              property has been
                                                                                                             sympathetically extended to
                                                                           A+DP Architecture+Design          stunning effect. The house is
                                                                           Partnership LLP                   set in a gorgeous rural
                                                                           82 Huddersfield Road              location with a fabulous
                                                                                                             garden, of which the fully-
                                                                           West Yorkshire HD9 3AZ
                                                                           Tel: 01484 685411                 glazed south façade allows
                                                                           Fax: 01484 688290                 uninterrupted views.
                                                                                                             Ancient and modern have
                                                                           Mr & Mrs Kemp
                                                                                                             been tastefully combined.
                                                                                                             The use of slate, stone and
                                                                           Photo:                            exposed green oak beams
                                                                           Jeremy Phillips                   give the space a natural,
                                                                                                             rustic feel.

                                                                                                             The extension is a light and
                                                                                                             airy building which takes its
                                                                                                             inspiration from the
                                                                                                             proportions and materials of
                                                                                                             the original house.

                                                                                                             The owners say that the
                                                                                                             extension has totally
                                                                                                             transformed the way in which
                                                                                                             the house can be enjoyed
                                                                                                             and has become the centre of
                                                                                                             family life.
01-16 YRIBA MAY 06 Intro       5/6/06      3:53 pm   Page 15

        RIBA Regional Network

    1   RIBA East
        The Studio, High Green,
                                                     9   RIBA Wessex
                                                         12c Church Farm Business Park,
                                                                                                 12   Scotland - RIAS
                                                                                                      The Royal Incorporation
        Great Shelford,                                  Corston, Bath BA2 9AP                        of Architects in Scotland
        Cambridge CB2 5EG                                T 01225 874700 F 01225 874422                15 Rutland Square,
        T 01223 566285 F 01223 505142                    E                        Edinburgh EH1 2BE
        E                            T 0131 229 7545 F 0131 228 2188                                                                 E

    2   RIBA East Midlands
                                                 10      RIBA West Midlands
                                                         Birmingham & Midlands Institute,

        Art, Architecture & Design,
        University of Lincoln, Brayford Pool,
                                                         Margaret Street, Birmingham B3 3SP
                                                         T 0121 233 2321 F 0121 233 4946
                                                                                                 13   Northern Ireland - RSUA
                                                                                                      The Royal Society of
        Lincoln LN6 7TS                                  E            Ulster Architects
        T 01522 837480 F 01522 837136                  2 Mount Charles, Belfast BT7 1NZ
        E                                                             T 028 9032 3760 F 028 9023 7313
                                                 11      RIBA Yorkshire
                                                         The Green Sand Foundry,
    3   RIBA London
        RIBA, 66 Portland Place,
                                                         99 Water Lane, Holbeck
                                                         Leeds, West Yorkshire LS11 5QN
                                                                                                 14   Wales - RSAW
        London W1B 1AD                                   T 0113 237 8480 F 0113 237 8488              Royal Society of Architects in Wales
        T 020 7307 3681 F 020 7307 3788                  E               Cymdeithas Frenhinol Penseiri yng
        E                       Nghymru                                                               Bute Building, King Edward VII Avenue,
        For Client Services call 020 7307 3700                                                        Cathays Park, Cardiff CF10 3NB
                                                                                                      T 029 2087 4753/4 F 029 2087 4926
    4   RIBA North East
        School of the Built Environment,
        Northumbria University
        Ellison Building, Ellison Place,
        Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE1 8ST
        T 07875 492 659

    5   RIBA North West
        RENEW Rooms, The Tea Factory
        82 Wood Street, Liverpool L1 4DQ
        T 0151 703 0107 F 0151 703 0108

    6   RIBA South
        2A The Stables, Sandford Farm,
        Woodley, Reading RG5 4SU
        T 0118 969 8051 F 0118 969 6954

    7   RIBA South East
        17 Upper Grosvenor Road,
        Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN1 2DU
        T 01892 515878 F 01892 515904

    8   RIBA South West
        The Hoe Centre, 161 Notte Street,
        Plymouth PL1 2AR
        T 01752 265921 F 01752 663747

17-28 Residential      6/6/06      11:38 am         Page 20

                                                                   Architectural Bespoke Joinery
                                                                   External Doors
                                                                   Sliding Sash Windows
                                                                   Internal Doors
                                                                   Summer Houses                                   Bishopdale Joinery
                                                                                                                    Ryshworth Bridge
                                                                   Conservatories                                  Crossflatts, Bingley
                                                                                                                 West Yorks BD16 2DX
                                                                   Visit our website -
                                                                                                            Telephone: (01274) 565323
                                                                                                                  Fax: (01274) 568294

         2nd Floor, Kings House, King Street, Leeds LS1 2HH
         Tel: 0113 247 1577 Fax: 0113 247 0689

                               Planning and design service
                                  for the residential and
                                   commerical sectors.

                                Providing individual solutions
                                  for each unique project.

                                   New build, extensions,
                                refurbisment, interior design
                                 and project management.

                               For details call Gary Pitchford
                                   on tel 01423 529100
                               21 Victoria Avenue,Harrogate,
                                North Yorkshire. HG1 5RD

              Hare Park Mills Hare Park Lane Hightown Liversedge
                           West Yorkshire WF15 8EP
                       T: 01274 874772 F: 01274 874773

         Triton Construction Ltd cover the whole of Yorkshire
         and Lancashire and are actively seeking opportunities
           in all sectors ranging from £100k to £2m in value.

17-28 Residential   7/6/06    4:55 pm    Page 21

                                                                      Architectural projects

                                                                            Royal Institute
                                                                     of British Architects

       Brackenhurst Court, Scott Hall Road,
       Leeds (Phase II)
                                                                                               ■ Architect:
                                                                                                 Nuttall Yarwood & Partners Ltd

                                                                                               ■ Address:
                                                                                                 The Grove
                                                                                                 High Street
                                                                                                 South Yorkshire
                                                                                                 S75 3RQ
                                                                                                 Tel: 01226 206 771
                                                                                                 Fax: 01226 200 989
                                                                                                 Email: nyp.barnsley@

                                                                                               ■ Client:
                                                                                                 David Wilson Homes
                                                                                                 (Northern) Ltd

                                                                                               ■ Main Contractor:
                                                                                                 See our advert p20

       Phase II of a development of
       94 new build apartments in
       six blocks of two, three and
       four storeys arranged around
                                                                                                                                                Brackenhurst Court, Scott Hall Road, Leeds (Phase II)

       two car parking courts. The
       scheme includes 16
       affordable housing
       association dwellings and 20
       duplex apartments.

       The development is situated
       in a prominent location on
       Scott Hall Road on a site
       formerly occupied by a
       nursing home.

       The design and siting of the     The existing trees are
       buildings was significantly      complemented by the

       influenced by the desire to      planting of a significant
       retain existing trees,           number of new trees,                                       The design and siting of
       including a deep belt of large   together with extensive                                            the buildings was
       mature trees along the Scott     landscaping throughout the                                  significantly influenced
       Hall Road frontage.              site.                                                         by the desire to retain
                                                                                                              existing trees...

17-28 Residential      9/6/06        10:41 am        Page 24

        Civil and Structural Consulting Engineers
        Planning Supervisors Parking Consultants

         Structural Engineering Consultants
                               The Orangery
                           Harlow Oval Harrogate
         Royal Chambers Station Parade Harrogate HG1 1EP
                 Tel (01423) 562571 fax (01423) 530018
                    Also at Reading (0118) 952 2980
                                                                                        THOMAS FREDRIC CONSTRUCTION
                                                                                         Construction experts with experience in
                                                                                        residential and commercial development.

                                                                                            Established since 1998 we offer a
                                                                                           professional and reliable contracting
                                                                                             service for a variety of projects.

                                                                                                  Thomas Frederic Construction Ltd
                                                                                                         19 Ravenshorn Way,
                                                                                                     Renishaw, Sheffield S21 3WY
                                                                                                          Tel: 0114 276 4930

             Woolley are delighted
                                                                                           A D CALVERT
             to be associated with
               this development                                                        ARCHITECTURAL STONE
                                                                                           SUPPLIES LTD

        Contact David Woolley                                      CHARTERED
        Titan House, 13 Station Road, Horsforth,                                       SPECIALIST SUPPLIERS OF SANDSTONE HEADS, CILLS,
                                                                   QUANTITY             BUILDING STONE, CLADDING AND TURNED WORK
        Leeds LS18 5PA
                                                                   S U RV E YO R S
        Tel: 0113 281 8721                                         AND
        Fax: 0113 281 8285                                         PLANNING                Smithy Lane, Grove Square, Leyburn, North Yorkshire DL8 5DZ
        email:                                                                   Tel: 01969 622515 Fax: 01969 624345

             Visit the showroom in Harrogate to see the complete range of
             Falcon professional cookers and appliances. The extraordinary La                                       FIRED EARTH Interiors,
             Cornue range cooker (as used by the Ritz, Paris) is also on display.The                                the Falcon Supercentre in the nor th
             new Shaker module Kitchen, the freestanding Bastide kitchens and                                       4-6 Cheltenham Parade,
             the Bespoke Harrogate Handmade Kitchens as well as all the well                                        Harrogate, Nor th Yorks HG11DB
             known Fired Earth tiles and paints.
                                                                                                                    Tel: 01423 529991
             For trade account enquires please contact Mr J. af Uhr, for Interior                                   Mon to Sat 9.30am - 5.30pm
             Design Projects Mrs H. Curley-Baxter.                                                                  harrogate@firedear


17-28 Residential    7/6/06   4:58 pm    Page 25

                                                                          Architectural projects

                                                                               Royal Institute
                                                                        of British Architects

       Fleetham House, Beauchief Abbey Lane,
       Beauchief, Sheffield
                                                                                                          ■ Architect:
                                                                                                            Halliday Clark Limited

                                                                                                          ■ Address:
                                                                                                            Salts Wharf
                                                                                                            Ashley Lane
                                                                                                            West Yorkshire
                                                                                                            BD17 7DB
                                                                                                            Tel: 01274 589 888
                                                                                                            Fax: 01274 589 922

                                                                                                          ■ Client:

                                                                                                          ■ Main Contractor:
                                                                                                            Thomas Fredric Construction
                                                                                                            See our advert p24

                                                                                                                                                            Fleetham House, Beauchief Abbey Lane, Beauchief, Sheffield

        Fleetham House is situated in a highly          Through this cut stone façade, a cantilevered
        sensitive site within a Conservation Area and   cedar-clad bedroom pod projects, giving
        on the edge of the Green Belt. Adjacent to a    modelling and drama to the elevation.
        Grade II Listed building, the design had to     Passing through the double height entrance
        address many constraints whilst creating the    slot, through the off-centre pivot door, the
        highly modern and individualistic dwelling      interior opens out into a central double-height
        requested by the client. Having established a   space, forming the focus of the scheme.
        volume and location of building that was
        acceptable to the local area Planning           An indoor swimming pool, projecting internal
        Department, the new form of access was          balconies and a fully-glazed western façade
        established though a gentrified cruck barn to   create a thoroughly modern interior, which
        a newly created courtyard.                      embraces the superb view towards the
                                                        neighbouring Abbey and golf course.
        The design of the house was influenced

        heavily by its surroundings to the east.

        A strong, fortress-like façade creates a                                                                      Fleetham House is
        dramatic backdrop to the entrance courtyard                                                                 situated in a highly
        respecting aspect distances to neighbouring                                                               sensitive site within a
        properties.                                                                                                Conservation Area ...

43-52 Public-Community-Religion   9/6/06   9:39 am   Page 46

                                                                               JOHN RUDDY
                                                                             CENG MICE MISTRUCTE
                                                                     ENGINEER ACCREDITED IN CONSERVATION

                                                                             01943 876300
                                                                      38 MAIN STREET MENSTON
                                                                  ILKLEY WEST YORKSHIRE LS29 6LL

                                                                    FRIENDLY PRACTICE OFFERING
                                                                   PROFESSIONAL ‘CONSERVATION
                                                                     ENGINEERING’ APPROACH ON
                                                                 SURVEYS, REPAIRS AND ALTERATIONS
                                                                  TO HISTORIC PROPERTIES ACROSS
                                                                      THE NORTH OF ENGLAND

                                                                       CONSULTING STRUCTURAL
                                                                      ENGINEERS FOR THE RECENT
                                                                      WORKS TO KIRKSTALL ABBEY

                                                                     Specialist roof slating and tiling
                                                                 contractors with a reputation for quality
                                                                   and service spanning three centuries

                                                                 BUILDING SERVICES ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS
                                                                             for the Gymnasium and Ancillary Accommodation
                                                                                         project at HMP Wymott

                                                                                            Pearce Buckle (Design Engineers) Limited
                                                                                             3 Europa Court, Sheffield Business Park
                                                                                                 Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S9 1XE
                                                               t: +44 (0) 114 290 0980                e:
                                                               f: +44 (0) 114 290 0981                     w:

43-52 Public-Community-Religion        7/6/06     5:18 pm     Page 47

                                                                          Architectural projects
                                                     Public   ■   Community ■ Religion ■ Medical

                                                                                  Royal Institute
                                                                           of British Architects

       Kirkstall Abbey Buildings:
       Restoration and New Visitor Centre
                                                                                                           ■ Architect:
                                                                                                             Purcell Miller Tritton

                                                                                                           ■ Address
                                                                                                             The Workstation
                                                                                                             15 Paternoster Row
                                                                                                             S1 2BX
                                                                                                             Tel: 0114 250 2790
                                                                                                             Fax: 0114 250 2791

                                                                                                           ■ Client:
                                                                                                             Leeds City Council

                                                                                                           ■ Main Contractor:
                                                                                                             Laing O’Rourke Northern Ltd

                                                                                                           ■ Structural Engineers:
                                                                                                             Capstone Consulting
                                                                                                             See our advert p46

                                                                                                           ■ Stonemasonry:
                                                                                                             Laing Stonemasonry

                                                                                                           ■ Joinery:
                                                                                                             See our advert p46
        Leeds City Council, in conjunction with a           The Laybrothers’ Reredorter, formerly a                                        Medical
        range of specialist consultants and                 medieval toilet building, has been converted   ■ Roofing:                                  Kirkstall Abbey Buildings: Restoration and New Visitor Centre
        contractors, led by Purcell Miller Tritton, has     and extended for use as a Visitor Centre and     Jarvis & Womack Ltd
                                                                                                             See our advert p46
        completed an ambitious programme of                 sensitively conserved to present evidence of
        conservation and improvement to this fine           the building’s use over time. A concealed

        Cistercian Abbey and its surrounding                modern structure now supports the 17th

        parkland, which is a Scheduled Ancient              century barn roof timbers. A section of the
        Monument. The aim of the work is to                 Laybrothers’ toilets has been recreated, so
        preserve the beautiful ruins and parkland for       visitors can interpret how the building may
        present and future generations of Leeds to          have looked in the Middle Ages.
        enjoy. Works were funded by the Heritage

        Lottery Fund and the City Council.

        The sensitive conservation of the well-
        preserved ruins was a key aim. To arrest
        decay in the vaulting, the aisle roofs have
        been reinstated for the first time since the
        Reformation, using traditional materials.
        Along with the conservation of stonework

        there has been a programme of

                                                                                                                          The sensitive
        enhancements to enable more public access                                                              conservation of the well-
        to the Abbey, and provide a sensitive                                                                    preserved ruins was a
        floodlighting scheme.                                                                                                  key aim

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     Royal Institute of British Architects

     The Green Sand Foundry
     99 Water Lane
     Leeds LS1 5QN

     01 237 8480
     01 237 8488

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