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Introducing DENTRIX G4


									                                                         DENTRIX Study Club Discussion Guide

Introducing DENTRIX G4


   ·   Introduce enhancements and new features in DENTRIX G4.
   ·   Encourage DENTRIX offices to upgrade to G4.

Key Points:

   ·   G4 provides over 170 user-inspired enhancements and new features.
   ·   G4 is better and faster than G2 and G3.
   ·   DENTRIX offices can upgrade straight to G4 from Version 11, G2, or G3.

Required Materials and Equipment:

   ·   Computer that meets the system requirements for DENTRIX G4
   ·   DENTRIX G4
   ·   Projector and display surface
   ·   High-speed Internet connection
   ·   At least one printed copy of the DENTRIX G4 Transition Guide
   ·   For each study club member, one copy of pp. 5-9 from the G4 Transition Guide

Technical Preparation:

   ·   Ensure that DENTRIX G4 is installed on the computer.
   ·   Open the Office Manager and set the database path to the Tutor database.
   ·   Connect the computer to the projector. Ensure that the projector is functioning properly.


   ·   DENTRIX G4 software and help files
   ·   DENTRIX G4 preview and webinar recordings — available at, on the On-Demand Training tab
   ·   DENTRIX G4 Transition Guide, System Requirements, Installation Guide, and User’s
       Guide —available at
   ·   DENTRIX G4 FAQs and troubleshooting tips — available in the knowledgebase at, on the Knowledgebase tab (type “G4” in the search

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                                                       DENTRIX Study Club Discussion Guide

Potential Discussion Topics
Suggestion: To introduce the enhancements and new features in DENTRIX G4, consider showing
club members the free G4 Preview at the beginning of the meeting.

Choose from among the discussion topics listed below. Study club managers are welcome to
add, modify, or omit topics to meet club members’ needs. For each topic, demonstrate how to
find and use selected enhancements. Encourage discussion by asking questions such as, “What
questions do you have about this enhancement?” and “How/when will you use this
enhancement in your office?”

Registration, Activation, and Update Enhancements:

   ·   Registration/Activation
   ·   Check for updates
   ·   Smart upgrades

Patient Processing Enhancements:

   ·   Family alerts
   ·   Alert note templates
   ·   Alert note datelines
   ·   View/hide expired alerts
   ·   Route slips
   ·   Fast Checkout options

Billing and Insurance Enhancements:

   ·   Default payment allocation
   ·   Default signature on file
   ·   Billing statements
   ·   Insurance information
   ·   Split payment
   ·   Batch insurance payment
   ·   Direct processing options
   ·   Search payments
   ·   Sort adjustments
   ·   Ledger + history
   ·   Claim statuses in Ledger
   ·   Deposit slip
   ·   Insurance Claims to Process report

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                                           DENTRIX Study Club Discussion Guide

Clinical Enhancements:

   ·   Procedure button sets
   ·   Perio data entry buttons
   ·   Perio display theme
   ·   Consent forms

Miscellaneous Enhancements:

   ·   Unscheduled Treatment Plan report
   ·   Production summary report
   ·   Global settings
   ·   Password setup
   ·   Help menu links
   ·   Referral ID number
   ·   Second claim ID number

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                                                         DENTRIX Study Club Discussion Guide

To Learn More


   ·   Log in to the DENTRIX Resource Center at, click on the
       On-Demand Training tab, and show club members where they can view tutorials and
       webinar recordings about the DENTRIX G4.
   ·   Browse to, log in to the DENTRIX Resource Center, and
       click the Knowledgebase tab. Type “G4” in the search field. Show the list of DENTRIX G4
       articles. Explain that the DENTRIX technical support team will add new articles as they
       become aware of new issues.

About DENTRIX Training:

   ·   Browse to and show guests where they can find the list
       of G4 training resources.
   ·   Point out that customers upgrading from Version 11 will need to allow extra time to learn
       the features introduced in DENTRIX G2 and G3. These customers should take advantage
       of the self-paced, on-demand tutorials as well as a personalized training session with a
       certified trainer.

About the DENTRIX User Community:

   ·   Browse to the DENTRIX page on Facebook. Encourage club members to use this page as
       a way to connect with other DENTRIX fans across the United States and Canada. (Note:
       You will need your own Facebook account to log in and view the DENTRIX page.)
   ·   Browse to and click the 2009 Users’ Conference link. Show club
       members where they can learn about this exciting opportunity to network with a
       nationwide community of DENTRIX users while learning the business of dentistry.

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