My Open Letter To President Obama by yaoyufang


									      Message To President Obama & Congress

                            THINGS TO DO
                                   Posted 3/25/09
                                   Updated 1/1/11

                           First The Simple Steps

1) Balance the budget.
  Towards this effort:
  a) Cut the military budget in half; or even 1/3.
     The U.S. spends more money on its defense than all other countries
     Defending itself militarily, while at the same time causing it to destabilize
     with enormous debts, laid on the backs of this next generation, ensures
     the present; and ALSO ensures the collapse of the future.
     We CANNOT ensure the present and destroy the future because of the
     greed of many old white men who like to sell destructive toys to the rest
     of us; working hand in hand with corrupt politicians bought and paid for
     by such folks.
     IMMEDIATELY sign a treaty with both Russia and China that requires all 3
     countries to limit their military budgets, both secret and non-secret, in
     total to HALF that of any recent year that all three choose; whether it be
     half of 2010, 2009, 2008, 2005, etc. NO SECRET BYPASSING OF THIS
  b) Rescind the law that allows the CIA to secretly pull funds through
     agencies like HUD.
  c) Zero out the black budget. If it doesn’t have open Congressional
     oversight, it doesn’t get funded; period.
  d) Enact a flat tax that requires every single person, living above the poverty
     line, to pay the SAME percentage of their income; WITHOUT EXCEPTION;
     getting 51 percent of Americans, which pay NO taxes, to pay their share.
  e) Stop subsidizing the world.
     Zero out all recurring financial support for any country on the planet;
     again, WITHOUT EXCEPTION. Funding of other countries should ONLY be
     done under emergency circumstances; period. I might consider Pakistan
     as the ONE exception to this rule. But maybe not.
   f) Eliminate all subsidies of any industry, in the U.S., that isn’t spending
      their money to move forward.
      That is, if they have entrenched interests in the current paradigm, such as
      the Oil companies, and the Nuclear industry, they get NO subsidies
      Allow alternative energy to compete with big Oil on a fair basis.
      New industries like solar and wind, kudsanol, hydrogen, and other green
      technologies, get subsidies; but nobody else should. If it’s entrenched in
      the present, it should be uprooted and blown to the winds.
      To eliminate unfairness, eliminate all lobbying in Washington, D.C. NO
      more special interest groups corrupting the system. No more earmarks.
   g) Eliminate all tax breaks for big businesses. For small businesses such
      benefits might be ok. Big companies can stand on their own; period.
2) STOP THE WAR ON DRUGS: Institute Nationwide Prison, Drug Law
   and Treatment Reform
As a half minority, it should be very apparent to someone like yourself, that
those imprisoned are disproportionately minorities.
America spends more money on its prison system than on its education system.
This is a sad indictment of America as a society. It speaks of laziness. But, in
truth, it points to something like, “out of sight, out of mind.”
Like many of the topics I am placing into this document, this one is also has its
entrenched POWERS THAT BE. They are called the prison system itself. The
goal in this effort, without prejudice, is to eliminate the need for prisons
As one of many efforts to balance the budget, it is necessary to institute
sweeping reforms of the prisons. This reform needs to focus in a number of
   a) Decriminalize the sale of drugs.
   b) All individuals imprisoned for non-violent offenses, which did not use a
      firearm, and almost without exception, shall be released from all prisons
      and jails nationwide. Petty thievery will be reformed through job training.
   c) Addicted drug users will, without exception receive psychedelic assisted
      therapy to eliminate their drug habits. This effort will also be implemented
      outside the prison system in cities to reform alcoholics who cycle in and
      out of local jails with DWI, family violence, and other alcohol addiction
      related minor crimes that don’t lead to prison. In some African countries
      the penalty for driving while intoxicated is hanging. In America we lock
      people away for short and long periods. Using psychedelic assisted
      therapy is a successful method of getting people off such addictions. In
      this effort we should avoid putting people on ongoing drug alternatives. In
      other words, don’t prostrate yourself before ANY entrenched power that
      be; INCLUDING the pharmaceutical industry.
d) Towards the implementation of the above TWO efforts, both in and out of
   prisons, America WILL speed up the funding and testing of psychedelic
   drug assisted treatment of drug addictions, PTSD, etc.
   Such therapy will be free and paid for by the U.S. Government.
   Hypnotherapy, psychedelic therapy, and other alternative therapies, will
   be encouraged ABOVE any possible objections by AMA or other mental
   healthcare workers.
   These efforts will be HEAVILY weighted towards therapies that get results
   in very short order; and not weighted towards those that require ongoing
   therapies that DON’T get results; ie: standard psychotherapy. Once again,
   don’t prostrate yourself before POWERS THAT BE who are entrenched in
   their ongoing status and money making.
e) All schedule one drugs which have EVER been used, successfully,
   by even just a single individual, to assist them in kicking their
   drug habit shall be IMMEDIATELY moved from their incorrect and
   immoral scheduling as a schedule one drug to a schedule three
   drug status.
   Instead of having people taking Zoloft and Paxil, the current legal drugs
   of choice, FOREVER, and feeding the Rolex and Mercedez habits of
   psychiatrists and psychologists, Psychedelic assisted therapy will be used
   to get the person free of ALL drugs, both legal and illegal.
   In other words, stop supporting mental healthcare powers that BE who
   favor switching addictions from illegal drugs to legal drugs; so that they
   can stay fat and happy in their rich lifestyles. In this, as in all things,
   SUPPORT the people, NOT the powers that CONTROL us.
f) Towards the above efforts, permanent federally funded psychedelic
   assisted clinics shall be established in ALL major poverty areas,
   and in all major cities, and at least one in every state of the union,
   and inside of EVERY major prison unit in the U.S., to utilize
   psychedelic therapies to, for free, assist all drug addicts to kick
   their habits.
   ALL federal prisoners will be required to undergo psychedelic
   assisted therapy as a first step towards their reform and release.
   And they will receive considerable credit towards their early release if the
   therapy works for them.
   The money that we save from reforming prisoners will be used to assist
   them in getting job training and helping them pay for their assistance in
   successfully returning to society with our help.
   These reforms will save considerable money as it costs 22K++/yr. to
   incarcerate people.
   To assist you in learning what all of the above is about, please educate
   yourself by listening to: Jim Turner interview with Rick Doblin from
   MAPS on psychedelic science and research
   and read:
   On Cognitive Liberty (Part I)
   Cognitive liberty (wiki)
   As soon as the above clinical model of psychedelic assisted therapy has
   been established for the reform of addictions, the assistance of those with
   PTSD, and helping those with death, the NEXT step will be to
g) LEGALIZE PSYCHEDELICS within the same clinical context with safe
   dosages, people watching to assist if necessary, non-drug therapy, and
   much more ALL FOR FREE; paid for, again, by the federal government.
           "When European immigrants first arrived to the new world, they
      misunderstood the Native American use of peyote. They thought it was
      anti-Christian and the work of the devil. In 1620, the Spanish inquisition
      made its use illegal, and then persecuted the Mexican Natives who used
      it by torturing and killing them. This persecution and ill-will toward peyote
      users went on for centuries (Fikes, 1996)."
   As there is SUPPOSED to be a separation of church and state, it’s very odd
   that the U.S. government is spending billions each year to enforce the
   Spanish / Christian inquisition’s rules regarding the usage of entheogens
   and other drugs.
   ALL drug abusage shall be treated with therapy. ONLY those individuals
   who are completely debilitated through drug usage will be restrained in any
   As before, in this manner also, you will support the PEOPLE; NOT the
   institutions, such as prisons, who have their desires in maintaining the status
   quo and their incomes.
h) Last year, in one single year, 5.5 Billion was spent on veterans coming
   back from our two conflicts to support their problems with PTSD.
   Through psychedelic assisted therapies, PTSD can be cured. This will save
   BILLIONS each year on this issue alone.
   Don’t just think, uprooting the current entrenched mental health over
   lords from their ivory towers. Think also, save BILLIONS in re-occurring
   expenses by treating veterans with therapy that CURES them.
   Hellooooooo; can you say CURE instead of treat FOREVER?
   Once again, in this, as in all of the other things mentioned here, work for
   the PEOPLE; NOT the entrenched interests of groups CONTROLLING the
   rest of us; the pharmaceutical companies, mental healthcare professionals
   seeking returning clientele, etc.
   Can you say BE morally correct?
      The vast majority of the above 5+ billion dollars saved from not giving
      vets constant legal drugs will be used to fund the above mentioned clinics
      to allow anyone to commune with the larger spiritual world.
   i) ALL politicians and especially ALL ambassadors, representing the U.S., will
      be REQUIRED to go through a minimum of one psychedelic assisted
      therapy session so that they can understand that we are all one from a
      spiritual perspective.
      This will preclude future immoral acts like (a completely corrupt
      Congress) passing laws that allow banks and investment firms to combine
      and thus dump $800,000.00, per EVERY U.S. citizen, in THEIR debt onto
      the future children of the U.S.; causing the U.S. to eventually go bankrupt
      and reviving cannibalism as the whole world starves when the U.S.
      economy collapses under the debt load that it is under presently.
   j) Indigenous tribes, and religious groups, from this country, or any other,
      residing in the U.S., including American Indian tribes, shall be assisted,
      for free, in obtaining any entheogens that they need for their sacraments.
      This includes peyote growing on private lands in Texas and other states.
   k) A law shall be established protecting peyote, and similar plants across this
      nation from sea to shining sea. This law will be enforced more vigorously
      than similar laws protecting animal species.
   l) A law shall be passed allowing all adults to have cognitive freedom
      allowing them to visit the above mentioned clinics to ingest, legally, any
      psychedelic of their choice. This will be undertaken in a controlled setting
      with people trained to assist in such matters.
   m) Though the aforementioned entheogens/psychedelics shall not be legal on
      the street. Usage in such clinics, under controlled conditions, where the
      person is restrained from leaving such a clinic until they are completely
      out from under the influence of said substances shall be legal in all states
      here in the U.S.

                               Enlighten Yourself

Read excerpts from the "An Entity" chapter (pp.373-381) of Michael Chrichton's
(Andromeda Strain, Terminal Man, Jurassic Park, Rising Sun) autobiographical
book, "Travels" at
Read “Remarkable Healings: A Psychiatrist Discovers Unsuspected Roots of
Mental and Physical Illness” by Shakuntala Modi at
We will return to this area in the last thing to do below.

                  Stop Unlawful Imprisonment and Torture
   Put before public trial, not in secret, all combatants held in Guantanamo
Cuba, or any place else in the world; regardless of what heinous acts you
suspect them of committing; even if they have not yet been interrogated by
America’s torturers. If they aren’t convict in open court, then set them free; no

Outlaw renditions and torture; including water boarding. Prosecute any previous
presidents who have allowed such torture to the full extent of the law.

    Repair The Economic Destruction Created By The Unholy Alliance
         Between Congress, Wall Street & The Federal Reserve

Read “Sold Out: How Wall Street and Washington Betrayed America”
1) Outlaw the trading of credit default swaps.
2) Repeal the Financial Modernization Act which eliminated the Glass-Steagall
3) Outlaw “Off Balance Sheet” operations by all financial institutions.
4) Outlaw lobbying & political contributions by ALL financial institutions or
   anyone representing them.

Return The Power Of The Purse (Including With The Black Budget) Back
                           To The People

Audit the Federal Reserve.

Repeal the Federal Reserve Act nationalizing the Fed under the Treasury’s
control. That is, pass the bill (currently) before Congress, by Ron Paul, to this
effect. (ie: Destroy the Federal Reserve and return the power of the purse to

Make public the total amount of the black budget. ALL members of Congress,
without exception, shall be given at least vague ideas of what is being spent on
what in this regard. Bring the moneys spent under the black budget under the
control of the Congress. Enlighten the people of the U.S. to the details herein
without delay.

In future all U.S. budgets shall be passed before the people, for at least one
month at a minimum, so that they can voice their opinion on them. There shall
be no less than half a dozen different variations on possible (all balanced)
budgets, that will be displayed, on the web, for everyone to choose. The voice of
the people WILL be heard in Congress again; or we will get a rope for them as
well. Does anyone NOT get my drift here?

                            Investigations To Begin

Start an open investigation of what happened on 9/11. Ron Paul, Dennis
Kucinich, and Cynthia McKinney, should be in charge of this investigation.
No funds shall be spared, nor rock left unturned, in this matter. All facts will be
released, immediately, to the public AS they are found out; on a web page that
will be kept current daily.

Start an open investigation of where ALL of the money that has been
spent recently to fix the U.S. economy has gone to. Any member of
Congress found to be assisting in the hiding of where such funds have gone shall
suffer the same fate as those stealing them.

            Release The Hidden Knowledge Back To the People

Immediately release all, still hidden, documents regarding the John F. Kennedy
assassination. NOTHING shall be redacted.

Release, immediately, all data on extra-terrestrial beings, their technology, and
the U.S. government’s interactions with such beings in the past and present.
Only names, addresses and phone numbers, and personal data shall be
redacted. NOTHING else.

Release, immediately, all information regarding the suppression of advanced
technologies suppressed by anyone anywhere within the U.S. Prosecute, to the
full extent of the law, anyone found guilty of intentionally suppressing advanced
technologies, even if they did so without breaking the law. Pass a law that
forbids this type of activity; retroactive 50 years.
This includes such things as those who suppressed Wilhelm Reich, Royal Rife,
and any other individuals who has/had advanced technologies; regardless of
whether these were vehicular or healing technologies. Neither the members of
the AMA, or any other organization, even if they were working for the U.S.
government, shall be exempt from prosecution regarding this matter.

              Free The U.S. From Its Addiction To Foreign Oil

Fund, immediately, to the tune of the Apollo project, whatever is necessary to
get the U.S. free of its dependence on foreign oil. This includes spending very
large sums on solar and or wind projects throughout the country. Pay fair
market rates for any land seized for this effort. Shift monies from other projects
to pay for this. This is NOT to be done with deficit spending.

 Balance The Budget & Pay Off The National Debt With Money In Hand,
   But Kept Off the Books and Hidden From The People; It’s Rightful
   Owners & And Balance The Budget (No Exceptions; NO Earmarks)

Use CAFR money, not on the books, to pay one dollar each, for every
treasury note sold as collateral for the debt of the U.S., until the whole
debt is paid off, all within the shortest period of time possible; not to
exceed a maximum of 3 to 6 months for the total payout, and payoff,
of the national debt of the U.S.

See, and for further information regarding
the 60 trillion plus dollars in reserve moneys held by the federal
government and the states. This is more than enough money to pay off
the entire federal deficit IMMEDIATELY; without delay.

Outlaw the hiding of such funds from the public. Hang all who have hidden such
funds to date. Leave their bodies in front of any state (or federal) office where
they have done this act. See above for how long the bodies shall remain in

Outlaw all waste in government spending. Anyone found guilty of government
waste shall be… I think you know where I’m going with this one.

Require a balanced budget IMMEDIATELY. Not one penny is to be spent that
isn’t taxed for; no exceptions. No funds shall be hidden.

Get Congress to pass a law giving you the line item veto.

Remove ALL earmarks, of any kind, that come before you; without exception.
The citizens of the U.S. will vote, electronically, on any earmarks that they want
to remain in a bill. All citizens benefiting from such earmarks will be EXCLUDED
from voting in such elections. Such elections will be completely excluded from
the state that’s benefiting from such earmarks.

Hang, in public, all who stole large amounts from the Federal Reserve; after a
speedy trial of course. They should be hung in front of the Federal Reserve
building. And their bodies should be left there to rot (permanently); as a
reminder to anyone else who would follow their acts in kind. No bail is to be
allowed as these are flight risk individuals with large bank accounts.
Start an open investigation of who stole 2 trillion from the DOD (knowledge of
which was released, publicly, two days before 9/11 occurred). Those found
guilty here shall be hung in front of the Pentagon. See above for how long the
bodies shall stay in place.
Fund a department of waste; equal with all other departments. [Fund from
existing departments will be used to fund this additional department.] This
department shall immediately audit all U.S. government spending. [It will start
with DOD waste; especially the 2 Trillion that was lost 2 days before the 9/11
event.] This department shall have an unlimited budget. And it shall be
empowered, immediately, to remove funding from any waste areas of any part
of the government; without exception.
This department will NOT be controlled by the executive or the legislative
branches of government. It will be a 4th branch of government with built in
funding that is NOT voted on by anyone other than citizens of the U.S. Meddling
by Congress, in this department, will be kept to an absolute ZERO. The ONLY
communications allowed by members of Congress to this department will be
when Congressional members are subpoenaed to answer for waste in their own
budgets (earmarks which will be a hanging offense henceforth).
Close relatively ALL tax loopholes; to set the taxing structure, if it’s needed at
all, to more of a flat tax.

     Break The Hold That the Oil Companies Have Upon Automotive
 Technology & Move Towards Renewable Energy Usage as the PRIMARY
                     source of Energy in the U.S.

Require all vehicles sold in the U.S. to be flex fuel vehicles. Each and every
vehicle must be able to run on 80% alcohol. All sales of vehicles will cease,
immediately, until this order is in place. Then sales can resume. From the day
that this law is passed, not one vehicle that is not properly prepared shall be
sold without each being prepared in this manner. No exceptions will be given for
any sales of even a single vehicle that does not meet this standard.

Require all filling stations to put in at least one alcohol pump. Give each station,
or company (which complies), a tax credit equal to the cost of this change.

Switch all tax credits given to oil, and other petrochemical companies, to solar
and wind companies immediately. Make the law such that ONLY renewable
energy companies get tax credits. No others shall get any tax credits.

Return Control Of The Military Industrial Complex To The People; Where
                               It Belongs
Recall all members of the armed forces stationed outside the U.S. (except for
combat and combat support) back to the U.S.; except those in Afghanistan. All
combat forces shall be temporarily placed in Afghanistan until it is stable. Once
the Taliban has been removed, and all warlords have been removed from power,
ALL funds given to ANY country outside the U.S., should be shifted to rebuild this
country. Once this country is rebuilt, with a manufacturing base in place, then
ALL U.S. foreign aid should be shifted to help the worst hit countries in Africa
and the like. ALL foreign aid should, henceforth, be given ONLY to the worst case
scenario countries, and no others. Israel will be weaned off of U.S. financial
support immediately. Mexico will be the only exception to this policy.

Of the troops returned to the U.S., ALL will be attached to NON military units.
Until being reassigned, their ONLY commander will be their NON military
supervisor. The ONLY troops carrying arms will be those assigned to watch the
southern border of the U.S. Of those troops returned to the U.S., each will be,
temporarily assigned to several areas listed below (and others as we think of
1. Special units used to rebuild inner city and other financially depressed areas.
2. The first area that they will rebuild is New Orleans. ALL destroyed structures
   will be rebuilt with VERY inexpensive earth sheltered monolithic dome
   structures; which are solar powered and completely off the grid.
3. Units used for securing ports and inspecting ALL ship containers before they
   reach any port. An (far) off shore port will be built to inspect ALL ships before
   they reach the U.S.
4. Units securing the southern border. This will include THOROUGH inspection of
   all trucks coming through this border. No special electronic tags, allowing
   “official” sanctioned (illegal) drug shipments will be allowed.
5. Units assisting the elderly and poor with all services that they need.
6. Units assisting teachers, teaching children, in any schools that are below par
   in drop out or academic or achievement areas; especially in the inner city

     Re-Align ALL Foreign Aid To Reflect The Assistance of ONLY Those
                       Countries Who Need It Most
                       (Emphasis on FOOD not Drug Interdiction)

ALL foreign aid not used in Afghanistan, Africa, or in the new country of
Palestine, will be used to, first, assist Mexico in becoming as prosperous as the
U.S. Once it is so, the flow of illegal immigrants will be reversed because there
will be just as many good paying jobs there as there are in the U.S.
Reallocate all U.S. funds going to Israel and Egypt to be given to rebuild the
destruction of the Gaza area; and to be given to buying land for the future
nation of Palestine.

If all of the, off the books, money is enough to fund the U.S. government, and
the states, then abolish taxing the American people. Pass a law that does not
allow any funds to be OFF the books. The hiding of funds will become a hanging

     Break The Church’s Hold On Which Stress Relieving Chemicals Are
     Used By The Citizens Of The U.S. & Reform The U.S. Prison System

Legalize all drugs. Anyone caught driving a vehicle while intoxicated will receive
rehabilitation immediately. Funding for this will come from funds freed up by the
release of non-violent prisoners.

Release from prison, immediately, anyone imprisoned for usage or sale of
marijuana, hash, DMT & LSD.

Overhaul all U.S. prisons to release any non-violent offenders who are not
pedophiles, murderers, robbers or rapists.

Pass HR 1866; legalizing the growth, and sale, of non-psychoactive hemp.

Begin funding of rehabilitation of ALL federally held prisoners not released under
the laws passed herein; especially FIRST those that are of a violent, or perverse,
nature. Hypnotherapists will be IN CHARGE of this rehabilitation. Any usage of
traditional mental healthcare techniques, such as psychologists and psychiatrists
will be secondary at best; if they are used at all. The person IN CHARGE of this
program WILL be a hypnotherapist.

  Begin Research To Create Cutting Edge Alternative, Prefabricated, Off
The Grid, Earth Sheltered, Virtually Indestructible, Shelter Technologies
To House The Homeless and Make Both Individual Housing Affordable To
 The Masses & To Revolution The Cost of Both Single Family Dwellings &
                       Common Public Structures

Shift current (utilized) research funds, to creating off the grid, prefabricated,
earth sheltered monolithic concrete and glass structures that are VERY
inexpensive to build. These will be blown in over a huge balloons; and will be a
mixture of concrete, recycled metal (partially from landfills and partially from
trash collection) and glass (sand) structures.
These (newly perfected technologies; which mostly already exist) will be first
utilized as free housing for all homeless individuals . Within this law, tax credits
will be allotted for any companies using these technologies to build affordable
housing. The more indigent their clients, and the cheaper their pricing, the more
tax credits, and additional, free, assistance, these companies will receive.
Such structures, once invented to be made cheaply, shall be mandated in all
areas where winds frequently cause major damage; such as along the Florida
At some point, ALL private dwellings, built in the U.S., shall become, by law,
monolithic earth shelters that are completely self sustained and off the grid.
Some time, after this, ALL buildings built in the U.S. will be as such. Current
tunneling technologies will be utilized to build downward instead of upward. Such
tunneling will be paid for by the federal government and done by Army Corps
Engineers and other similar engineering groups within the federal government.

Un-fund any spending that is not within a balanced budget.

Increase cooperation between Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, ONLY to the extent
that it benefits all three nations. Such cooperation shall be open and transparent
and shall be overseen by a body of individuals who CANNOT benefit, in any
manner, from said cooperation. Nothing in this area shall be hidden from the
people; and shall be reported, on web pages, on a daily basis.

Anyone caught breaking the Logan act, shall be hung after a speedy trial. Their
body shall be… Well, you probably get my drift here.

The CFR shall be permanently disbanded.

Bilderberg meetings will be illegal within U.S. borders. No U.S. official, currently
holding office as a U.S. govt. representative, shall ever be allowed to attend
such a meeting. The offense, once proven will be a hanging offense. The body
shall… I think you get my drift. The LOGAN ACT WILL be enforced from this
moment forward; no exceptions.

  All Laws Prohibiting Viable Alternative Health Care Will be Removed
            From The Books Of Every State and Federal Law
Remove all state and federal laws, as unconstitutional, anything prohibiting
alternative health care within the U.S. As a result, and with further legislation,
return the power of choice, as to how to reach healing to the people; stripping it
from the evil overlords of the AMA and similar allopathic medical organizations;
such as mental health care groups of psychologists and psychiatrists.

 Restore Hypnotherapists To Their Rightful Space of Power Within the
 Mental Healthcare Arena; And Within All Institutions of Learning and
Mental Healthcare, Government, Etc.; Especially Within the DOD, VA, etc.

First, restore to a place of honor, alongside the two other mental health care
groups, of psychiatrists and psychologists, the position of hypnotherapist. Start
this by enforcing the Washington state judge’s orders, to all insurance
companies operating in that state, to pay health care providers for
hypnotherapy. Pass a federal law spreading this same order to all states. Enforce

                A New Department of Spirit Will Be Created

Last, but definitely not least, shift monies to start a department of spirit. This
department will have FULL authority over all mental health care work done in the
U.S. It will NOT be overseen, in any way, by dogmatists of ANY faith.
Paranormal researchers will be in charge of this department. They will be
assisted by the brightest minds of our day. They will acquire, and / or invent,
technology to detect, and if possible, see, dark spirit attachments (possessing
entities attached to humans).
ALL mental health care services (conducted by the federal government;
including those of the VA, and the DOD) will be overseen by this department.
Exorcisms will be performed. Detection will be achieved. Dogma, and skepticism,
will be expelled from this area. Science, and ONLY science, will have rule with
this department.
All previous notions of the causes of mental illness will be excluded from having
a venue of discussion, or usage, here. Mental healthcare workers, (such as
psychiatrists and psychologists) who have no background in, or understanding
of, the spiritual nature of reality, will not be allowed into this department.
This department will be used (first) to prove the true cause of mental illness,
war, crime, suicide, terrorism, and most of the world’s major problems, below
the chemical imbalance level, to that of the energetic level of nature. If you have
questions, regarding this area, I will be more than happy to assist you here.

                              Come Back For More

Once you have passed all of these laws, come back; and I’ll give you another
list, twice as long (as this one), to finish the job that you need to do. After you
complete the second list, keep returning until we (the people) run out of lists of
things for you to do. Though all Presidents (of the U.S.) may have forgotten, We
The People ARE the bosses.


Please assist the President in the above. To the extent that you assist with these
efforts you will be rewarded with re-election. To the extent that you block such
efforts, well, soon you will come to find who really is in charge here in the


Charles Michael Beaver
Representative of the Average Joe; Your Boss
P.S.: Please don’t forget that the legislature, the executive and congress
together, or separately, do NOT run this country. WE THE PEOPLE are in charge.
Should you forget this fact, we will remind you of it. Regardless of whether I’m
around or not, someone, amongst the people, WILL remind ALL members of the
U.S. Government that have forgotten this fact.

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