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Portugal Insurance Market Outlook to 2015



The Report titled “Portugal Insurance Market Outlook to 2015” provides an
in-depth analysis of the Portugal insurance industry. The report covers
specific insights on the market size, insurance density, insurance
penetration, segmentation and future outlook of the insurance industry in
Portugal. The report also entails the market size on the basis of gross
insurance premium written in case of life and non-life insurance and market
share of various companies at the country level. Overall, the report offers a
comprehensive analysis of the entire Portugal insurance industry.

Portugal is the 12th largest life insurance market and 14th largest non-life
insurance market in Europe with gross insurance premium of USD 16,147
million and USD ~ million in 2010 respectively. The market has shown great
recovery in 2010 from the economic crisis of 2009; however there are still
several issues to be dealt with. With approximately 84 insurers operating in
the country along with the employment level of 11,207 people in the sector in
2009, the market is poised to witness growth in the future.

Scope of Research

The report will entail thorough analysis and offers valuable insights on the
insurance industry in the Portugal. The scope of the report includes:
      The market size of life and non-life insurance industry in terms of gross
       insurance premium written for Portugal, 2001 to 2015
      Life and Non-life insurance density in USD for Portugal, 2001 to 2015
      Life and Non-life insurance penetration, premium as a percentage of
       GDP for the country, 2001 to 2015
      Market segmentation on the basis of Product in Portugal, 2009 and

Table of Contents :

1. Portugal Insurance Market Introduction

2. Portugal Insurance Market Structure
      2.1. Number of Insurance Companies in Portugal, 2001-2009
      2.2. Headcount in Portugal Insurance Sector, 2001-2009

3. Portugal Life and Non-Life Insurance Market Size by Value, 2001-

4. Portugal Life and Non-Life Insurance Density, Premium Per
Capita, USD, 2001-2015

5. Portugal Life and Non-Life Insurance Penetration, Premium as a %
of GDP, 2001-2015

6. Portugal Insurance Market Segmentation by Product, 2010 and

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