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					         The Blueberry Hill School Blotter
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                                      "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land amongst the stars."
                                                                    - Les Brown

                                  A Message from the Principal
                                 Happy Fall! The kickoff to the                 parents who “bought” their space
                                 school year was a great success.               for a year at the LEEF Gala and
                                 We had a wonderful turnout for                 the     Blueberry   Hill    Golf
Dates to Remember                Open House on September 26th and               Tournament. The spaces should
                                 at Parent Conferences during the               only be used by the “buyers”
   OCT 31: Halloween Parade     week     of    October    20th.    At          during school time.
   NOV 4: Double Double         conferences you had the chance to
           Snack Snack Day       meet the teachers and hear about               Three     hundred     twenty-seven
   NOV 10: No School            the curriculum, expectations, and              students participated in the
            Professional Dev.    goals. It is important to establish a          “Pumpkin Run” on the mornings
   NOV 11: No School            working relationship with your                 of October 8th and 10th. The next
            Veterans’ Day Obs.   child’s teacher. The teachers want             special activity of the Mileage
   NOV 13: PTO Mtg. 6:30 pm     to know what is working well and               Club will be the “Turkey Trot” to
   NOV 19: Turkey Trot          what questions or concerns you or              be held in the afternoon of
                                 your child might have. Keep the                November 19th. Feel free to join
   NOV 25: Community Service
                                 communication going throughout                 us at 2:25 PM for this fun event.
           Wrap It Up! Project
   NOV 26: Half Day
                                 the year. You are our partners in
           11:30 am Dismissal    the process of educating your child.           School attendance is important.
   NOV 27-28 No School
                                                                                Students are expected to be in
            Thanksgiving Break   Thank you to the parents who have              school unless they are sick.
                                 followed the car line rules to help            Remember to call the office (565-
                                 keep the traffic moving safely in              4280 ext. 0) to report your child’s
                                 the parking lot at drop off and pick           absence. Students are expected
                                 up! Thank you, parents, for being              to be in their classroom by the
Contents                         alert, moving forward, and having              8:45am bell. Being on time for
                                 your students packed up and ready              school teaches respect and
PTO Presidents’ Report       2
                                 to exit your vehicle! Thank you,               responsibility.
Community Service Report     3
                                 students, for listening to the
Gift Wrap Fundraiser         3
                                 safeties and following the rules.              If the first two months of the
Library Committee            4                                                  school year are any indication,
                                 Please honor the reserved parking              then we will have an outstanding
                                 space in the parking lot for the               year!
   Page 2 of 4                              The Blotter                                October 2008

                      PTO Co-Presidents’ Report
                      Tina Cunningham and Tori Duca

                      Can you believe we have been back in         the bakers for the bake sale at
                      school for 8 weeks now? Hopefully by         Longmeadow Ladies Night Out. I know
                      now everyone is back on track and in a       my goodies were all gone within
                      routine. Field trips have started and        hours! The gift wrap sale was a huge
                      soccer/football games are in full swing!     success thanks to Sam Quirk and her
                      We wanted to start by saying thank you       team. The Type To Learn program has
                      to all of you who came to the Back To        just started and there will be another
                      School picnic at the end of August. Fun      session in the spring if you missed out
                      was had by all and it was a great way to     on this first go around. The courtyard
                      reacquaint all the kids and parents          is looking good! Thank you to Kelley
                      before the first day of school.              Bergin, Barb McLaughlin and their
 “… we have a lot                                                  volunteers for all of their work in the
    to be thankful    We started off the year with a great         courtyard and to Sixteen Acres for their
                      turnout at Open House and then the Ned       help too! Last, but not least, thank you
for, especially the   Show Assembly. Kevin and Ned did a           to Sherri Ehrenberg and Betsy Tetreault
        wonderful     great job encouraging our students to do     for heading up the Book Fair. It is a
                      their best. We never imagined the yo-        tremendous amount of work and we
teachers and staff    yo's would be such a big hit! There is a     really appreciate it. Best of all the
 at BHS that make     designated NED zone on the playground        students and teachers all benefit from
      our school so   for those who want to yo-yo during           it. Teacher wish lists were filled so we
                      recess.                                      have lots of new reading material at
          special.”                                                school. Hopefully your home library
                      Thank you to everyone for your help and      benefited too and all for a good cause.
                      support in the car line and keeping the      Thank you for all who participated.
                      kids safe. That is our #1 priority and it
                      takes all of us to be successful. The        We are looking forward to the
                      safeties are doing a great job outside and   Halloween Parade on Friday! It is a
                      we really appreciate their time and          great BHS tradition and one not to be
                      effort.                                      missed! Hopefully everyone is enjoying
                                                                   this beautiful fall we have had. With
                      A big thank you to Jean Coyle and Laurie     Thanksgiving just around the corner we
                      Flynn for all their hard work on the         have a lot to be thankful for, especially
                      very first ever (and hopefully not the       the wonderful teachers and staff at BHS
                      last) Drive-In-Movie at BHS. Fun was had     that make our school so special. Thank
                      by all and it was a great family             you to everyone for making it such a
                      event. Thank you to Jean, Laurie and all     special place to be.

       REMINDER: The deadline for the next Blotter is 12pm on December 15th.
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Community Service Committee
Tricia Freedman and Mia Nolan, Co-Chairs

Here’s another exciting year for the Blueberry Hill School community to show our neighborly spirit.

We kicked off the season with a Food Drive for Open Pantry. Thank you to all who donated. A
humongous note of gratitude is extended to Kim Black and her family. Kim had visited Open Pantry and
noticed the many bare shelves. She took action and did all the work for our food drive. Nice work,

Next up on our list is the Double Double Snack Snack program. We will be collecting extra snacks the
first Tuesday of each month from October thru April. Please mark your calendars {Oct. 7, Nov. 4, Dec.
2, Jan. 6, Feb. 3, Mar. 3, and Apr. 7} and encourage your children to share a snack with some less
fortunate children.

On Tuesday, November 25th, we’ll Wrap It Up! Before the school bell rings, we will wrap presents for
Foster Children of Western Massachusetts. The gifts are donated from an anonymous source; but, if you
want to do more, we’ll be collecting hats, gloves, and other token gift items for teens.

On March 18, 19 and 20 we’ll hold a Book Drive. New and gently used books will be collected for two
charitable organizations: Link to Libraries and Reader to Reader.

As the summer is a high demand time for the pantries, we will hold a massive Food Drive on Thursday,
June 11. Our goal is to fill a truck – a big truck.

We look forward to having another successful school year of giving.

Gift Wrap Fundraiser Committee
Samantha Quirk, Chair

The BHS PTO Gift, Gift Wrap and Thanksgiving Pies Fundraiser has come to a close and $7000 was raised
for the school. Thank you to all of the wonderful families of Blueberry Hill for your support!

Orders will be delivered Monday, November 17 - more information to follow.

Thank you also to the following people who volunteered as classroom tabulators for the fundraiser: Anne
Acquista, Amy Cardoropoli, Kathy Crews, Janet Echeverria, Lori Goodhines, Mimi Hiser, Debbie
Macdonald, Barb McLaughlin, Maura Noonan, Beth Renola, Sue Santaniello and Laura Bird Smith. You all
did an amazing job and your time and effort is very much appreciated!

                          Thank you for your support of the
                      Blueberry Hill School Gift Wrap Fundraiser!
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The Library Committee
Carolyn Marchese and Mary Feldman, Co-Chairs

The Birthday/Special Occasion Book Program is      We would like to thank the following families who
ready to go! This program, through                 donated books during the months of September
Kiddlywinks, provides to you the opportunity       and October 2008:
to donate a book to the BHS library in honor of    Page 3 of 4
a child on their birthday, in gratitude to a          The Blumberg family donated Sharks for
special teacher, in memory of a family                 Charlie’s birthday.
member or friend, or to commemorate any
other special occasion or person. Our librarian,      The Batchelor family      donated    Snow   for
Moira Joyce, has compiled a “Wish List” of             Emmy’s 9th birthday.
books from Kiddlywinks that
she would like to add to our                                          Ben      Schneider     donated
library’s           collection.                                        Football Genius      for Allen
Kiddlywinks will offer a 20%                                           Finn’s birthday.
discount on the purchase of a
book and affix a bookplate to                                         The Kollias family donated
the inner cover noting the                                             Today I Feel Silly and Other
honoree and the special                                                Moods That Make My Day for
occasion. The books are                                                Eleni’s 7th birthday on 9-11.
wrapped and presented to the
library and then to the
                                                                      Mom, Dad, Nick and Megan
student during their library
                                                                       Erwin     donated  Greetings
class. Contact Mary Feldman
                                                                       From the 50 States for Allie’s
for more information.
                                                                       9th birthday.
We would like to thank the following families
who donated books during the months of May            Mom and Dad donated What’s With This
and June 2007:                                         Room? for Ella Matthews’ birthday.

   Sam and Jack Byrne donated In the                 Mom, Dad and Kierra donated Molly Moon for
    Promised Land for sister Allison’s 11th            Cali Grincavitch’s 10th birthday on 10-17.
                                                      Mom donated Too Many Toys for Gerald
   Olivia Sullivan donated Nate the Great             Santos’ 6th birthday.
    and the Lost List and Nate the Great –
    The Green Toenails Gang and Animal             Thank you for all donations to our library!
    Poems in honor of Mrs. Mengwasser.

   Grace Sullivan donated Dear Dumb Diary
    #1, #2, #3 and Happy Birthday, Kit in
    honor of Mr. Penti.

   The 4th grade class donated Inkspell in
    honor of their teacher, Mrs. Mengwasser.

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