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									MARIA K. MALAYTER, Ph.D.                                                             1000 Capitol Drive
                                                                                     Wheeling, IL 60090
                                                                                     (847) 465-5344


    Assistant Dean, College of Arts and Sciences                                                       (6/2003-present)
    National-Louis University, Chicago and International Campuses

            Academic administrator with partial oversight of academic programming and operational procedures for a 73
            member faculty in various liberal arts and professional programs. Specific oversight of adult field programs
            (including a $1.2 million revenue adult accelerated general studies department), articulation and relationships with
            community colleges, web site creation and management, internal and external partnerships, marketing and enrollment
            initiatives, and adjunct faculty development. Changed processes to provide the solution of a $600, 000 revenue
            problem. Served as Chair of the Dean of Student Search Committee. Current initiatives: technology literacy, adult
            degree completion programs, and alumni relations.

    Assistant Professor, Applied Behavioral Sciences                                                   (1999-present)
    National-Louis University, Wheeling, IL & Chicago Metropolitan Campuses

            Academic coordinator for cohort groups at the Chicago and Northern suburban locations. Set schedules for cohort
            groups with selection of faculty and faculty assignment for courses held. Advised students on methods for degree
            completion and career path selection. Developed and implemented web courseware enhancements in WebCT for
            student and faculty use. Assisted enrollment personnel with integration to the Naval Training Center Navy College
            office for recruitment purposes. Investigated technological methods utilized by other universities to assist with the
            vendor selection for NLU for technological growth. Served on the Military Education Advisory Council at the
            Great Lakes Naval Training Center to provide input during needs assessment process and provide assistance when
            needed. Worked on several enrollment management teams to promote the department. Served on CAS academic
            standards committee.

            Group Dynamics
            Adult Development and Learning
            Effective Interpersonal Communication
            Professional Communication & Effective Speaking
            Multicultural Dimensions
            Methods of Inquiry
            Independent Study
            Management and Supervision
            Senior Seminar
            Leadership in a Changing World

            College of Arts and Sciences Academic Standards Committee
            Dean’s Search Committee for the College of Arts and Sciences

                                                                                                                  Maria K. Malayter/1
        Academic Skills Placement and Assessment Committee
        Nominating Committee

Adjunct Professor, Masters of Human Resources and Masters of Business Administration               (1997-present)
Webster University, Chicago Metropolitan, IL

        Created and instructed graduate classes in training and development, organizational and interpersonal
        communication and business communications in an accelerated Masters of Business Degree Program for both
        MBA’s and HRD masters degree programs. Integrated World Wide Web technology into course design for
        research and improved communication utilizing Blackboard and Web Course in a Box.

        Training and Development
        Business Communication and Technology
        Interpersonal and Organizational Communication
        Diversity in the Workplace
        Human Resources Development
        Organizational Behavior

        Independent Study Instructor Training and Development and Diversity in the Workplace

        Converted curriculum to meet distant learner’s needs as a directed study format. This included the utilization of
        Blackboard software to connect the student to the actual live participants in the course.

        Internship Mentor

        Served as mentor and director for several students completing internships within their human resource development
        masters degree process. This included meeting with sponsoring internship organizations and directing special


        Served as reader for thesis research proposals in the field of Human Resources. Guided students to revise research
        study methodology, clarify surveys and validate research purposes.

Adjunct Professor, College of Arts and Sciences, Applied Behavioral Sciences                       (1992-1999)
National- Louis University, Chicago Metropolitan, IL and Tampa, FL

        Facilitated various courses within an accelerated Bachelor of Arts program geared toward adult learning. Served on
        committee for evaluation and selection of adjunct faculty. Counseled students for further academic pursuits.

        Professional Communication & Effective Speaking
        Group Dynamics
        Interpersonal Communication
        Adult Development and Learning
        Philosophy of Values and Ethics
        Management and Supervision
        Multicultural Dimensions

                                                                                                             Maria K. Malayter/2
        College of Arts and Sciences, FOCUS, Focus On Completing Undergraduate Studies

        Instructed courses on Culture and Self for Lake County and UPS groups in accelerated focus on completion of
        undergraduate general studies program.

        College of Management and Business, Bachelors of Science in Management

        Designed, instructed and evaluated course in Managing Diversity with in a Lake County group within the
        degree completion program in Management.

Adjunct Professor, Communication Arts Division                                                             (1994-1996)
College of Lake County, Grayslake, IL

        Designed, instructed and evaluated several courses within the department.
        Business and Professional Speaking
        Fundamentals of Public Speaking
        Interviewing Practices

Adjunct Professor, Hamilton Holt School, Department of Organizational Communication                        (1993)
Rollins College, Winter Park, FL

        Designed and instructed an intense interpersonal communication course utilizing adult learning principles.
        Course: Interpersonal Communication

Adjunct Professor, Department of Communication                                                             (1993)
Brevard Community College, Cocoa, FL

        Designed and coached students through a course of the fundamentals of speech communication.
        Course: Fundamentals of Speech (a hybrid course)

Adjunct Professor, Department of Communication                                                             (1993)
Valencia Community College, Orlando, FL

        Responsible for instruction and development of several basic public speaking courses on the various Valencia
        campus locations.
        Course: Fundamentals of Public Speaking

Adjunct Faculty, Communications Division                                                                   (1991-1992)
College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, IL

        Prepared and presented several hybrid courses with sensitivity toward multicultural dimensions and adult
        learning. Published and article in Innovation Abstracts from experiences in these courses.
        Course: Fundamentals of Communication (a hybrid course)

Graduate Instructor, Department of Speech Communication                                                    (1990-1991)
Ball State University, Muncie, IN

        Improved the public speaking skills of over 100 undergraduate students through instruction and group facilitation.
        Course: Speech Communication

                                                                                                             Maria K. Malayter/3
    Local Project Manager, PREVENT, Personal Responsibility Values Education and Training
    U. S. Navy & Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, IL
    U. S. Navy & University of Arizona, Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, IL

            Created and implemented marketing plan to increase utilization of the course. Selected, managed, and trained a
            facilitation team for class presentation. Designed and provided outreach programs and general military training to
            the local military and community. Tripled course utilization at Great Lakes. Evaluated course outcomes and
            student responses. Worked with 2500+ Naval personnel with training coordination and utilization at Great Lakes
            Naval Training Center.

    Facilitator, Personal Responsibility: Values, Education, and Training (PREVENT)
    U. S. Navy and University of Arizona, Naval Training Center, Orlando, FL & Great Lakes, IL

            Increased national security through the facilitation of a personal responsibility course to Naval personnel
            regarding communication skills and decision making to improve overall fitness. Trained over 1115 sailors within
            the PREVENT model.

    Curriculum Designer, Consultant & Trainer, Alpha Sigma Alpha National Organization
    Collegiate and Alumnae Division, National Headquarters, Indianapolis, Indiana

            Passport to Success Leadership Consultant Training

                     Designed and presented weekend intense process consulting training for national leadership field
                     consultants. The process consisted of an integration of training needs analysis, leadership skill awareness,
                     communication and counseling skill development, image projection, stress management, geographic and
                     cultural diversity, role modeling, ethical decision making and conflict management.

            National Chairman of Membership Education

                     Managed 70+ collegiate membership directors nationwide. Designed programs to increase chapter team
                     building and leadership development. Organized and directed chapter revitalization projects.

            Regional Province Director

                     Role model and communication link between local chapters and the national organization. Available for
                     policy clarification, advisement, process consulting and seminar development.

            National Leadership Conventions

                     Accountable for design and presentation of workshops for national conventions in response to needs
                     assessments. Speciality programs include: goal setting and decision making, self esteem, communication,
                     public relations and team building.

            Emma Coleman Frost Leadership Development Institutes

                     Responsible for conducting needs assessments, setting educational initiatives, and project planning for
                     leadership conferences. Accountable for design and presentation of workshops on time management,

                                                                                                                   Maria K. Malayter/4
                     motivation, self awareness, confrontation, and membership recruitment for the institutes. Served
                     as speaker and workshop facilitator at various conferences nationwide.

            Facilitator, Taking it Personally Initiative

                     Responsible for implementation and evaluation of a nationwide peer mediation and role modeling
                     curriculum focusing on responsible decision making on collegiate life issues including: personal property,
                     social responsibility, hazing, acquaintance rape and substance abuse.


    Training Consultant, MKM Associates/ Innovations in Change/ R4R: Reinvention for Retirement
    Private consulting business                                                               (present)
    Metropolitan Chicago Area

            Provided organizations with subject matter expert presentations or training seminars in various industries. Clients
            include : Lake County Health Department, Elgin Chamber of Commerce, Chicago Chapter of American Society of
            Training and Development. Web Page:

    Mentor and Organizational Consultant, PREVENT, Personal Responsibility Values Education and Training (1/00 – 5/00)
    U.S. Navy & Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation & Education Training Programs, Naval Training Station,
    Great Lakes, Illinois

            Conducted quality process analysis. Focused on management skill development and leadership skill enhancement.
            Promoted program to Naval leadership at meetings and special events. Served as mentor to Project Manager.

    Leadership Field Consultant, Collegiate Division                                                  (1989-1990)
    Alpha Sigma Alpha National Organization and Foundation, Springfield, MO

              Functioned as liaison between the national management and the various member chapters with regard to
              general policy clarification, problem solving, trouble shooting, and community public relations. Conducted
    training needs assessments. Provided process consulting reports and recommendations for follow up. Coordinated
              programs and trained management teams within 30 chapters of the national organization.

    Consultant Team, Communication Audit Project                                                      (1991)
    Jay County Hospital, Portland, IN

            Conducted intense communication audit for analysis for all level employees of community hospital. Process
            included: written feedback instruments, statistical analysis, focus groups, and recommendation presentations.

    Communication Consultant, Retail Market Analysis Study                                             (1991)
    Portland Merchants Association, Portland, IN
    In collaboration with the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, Ball State University and the Center for Economic
    Development Indiana State University

            Utilized and conducted public relations for a retail market analysis to organize Main Street program for the
            Community of Portland, IN. Worked with local focus groups to assist in strategic planning for revitalization of
            the Main Street retail sector.

                                                                                                                 Maria K. Malayter/5
    Promotional Specialist, Cosmetic and Fragrance Division
    Burdines, Giorgio Armani, and Sanofi, Orlando, FL

            Increased sales through serving as publicity person representing new products and promoting holiday events.

    Research and Recruiting Associate, Department of Speech Communication
    Ball State University, Muncie, IN

            Assisted in rationale development, background research, and method development for academic study. Designed
            and implemented recruitment plan for potential graduate students. Served as liaison for prospective students.

    Camp Manager, Administrative Staff
    Universal Cheerleaders Association, Memphis, TN

            Responsible for administrative and organizational duties during camp sessions.


    Doctorate of Philosophy                                       APPLIED MANAGEMENT AND DECISION SCIENCE
    (2004)                                                        Specialization: Leadership and Organizational Change
                                                                  Walden University, Minneapolis, MN
                                                                  Dissertation Title: Preretirement Training and the Early

    Master of Arts                                                ORGANIZATIONAL COMMUNICATION
    (1991)                                                        Specialization: Training/Development/Consulting
                                                                  Ball State University, Muncie, IN

    Bachelor of Science                                           JOURNALISM
    (1989)                                                        Minors: Marketing & Public Health
                                                                  Ball State University, Muncie, IN


    Centra Web Conferencing                                                Centra

            Webinar on the introduction to us of the Centra web conferencing system.

    Service Learning Institute: Irwin Steans Center for Service Learning        DePaul University
    Chicago, IL

            Served as administration team member from National-Louis University in preparation for the organization and
            implementation of a service learning program.

    CommonSpot Content Management                                          Collegis
    Wheeling, IL

            Software training in web page content provider tools to create, update and maintain web sites.

                                                                                                               Maria K. Malayter/6
Accelerated Learning                                                   OD Network
Chicago, IL

        Dave Meier’s presentations of accelerated learning techniques for any learning and training environment. The
        concept was focused upon the way the brain acquires new knowledge. It challenged the traditional academic

The Dreaming Behind Life                                               The Process Work Institute of Portland Oregon
Evanston, IL

        Salome Schwarz, PhD. presented process work concepts to increase productivity and enhance creativity.

Curriculum for Living                                                  Landmark Education
Chicago, IL

        A personal success course with a focus upon interpersonal communication, team work, emotional intelligence,
        leadership and goal setting.

WebCT Basics                                                           Collegis
Wheeling, IL

        An introduction to online course curriculum software. Course ware tools include: web mail, asynchronous
        communication, grade books, syllabus uploads, and course document uploads.

Preparing Tomorrow’s Teachers to Use Technology Faculty Training                  Department of Education Grant
Evanston, IL

        Introduced various methods for integration of technology in the classroom including: WebCT, Yahoo groups, web
        page design, PDA’s, and Internet searches.

WebCT Intermediate                                                     Eduprise
Wheeling, IL

        A course that built upon the skills of the Basic course. Further uses of the course maps and planning for the software
        uses for the courses were introduced. Special consulting was given to model the courses to fit my specific course
        needs, utilization in a cohort model.

Ed2Go                                                                  College of Lake County
Distance Learning Course

        A web page design course for MS Front page. Throughout the course, the basics of MS Front Page were presented
        and explored.

True Colors Certification Training                                     True Colors Communications Group
Orlando, Florida

        Certification process for training of courses with focus on the True Colors personality assessment
        tool. This assessment is based on the studies of David Kersey and Marilyn Bates. This tool can be utilized with in
        many diverse audiences including education, government and business.

                                                                                                              Maria K. Malayter/7
True Colors Management & Leadership Certification Training              True Colors Communications Group
Atlanta, Georgia

        Certification process for training of courses with True Colors personality assessment combined with management
        and leadership focus. This included the concept of team building and motivation with color concepts.

Patch Adam’s Living a Life of Joy                                       Geshundheit Institute

        Patch Adams presentation on rapport building and communication skills. Major focus on internal monologue
        And attachment to self imposed and external scripts. Dr. Adams also presented his ideas on the pain paradigm
        in America and his positive response to combating the topic.

Effective Speaking and Human Relations                                  State University of New York

        Dale Carnegie course in developing confidence while speaking and developing skills to create a positive work

Facilitation Skills Training (Level I & II)                             University of Arizona

        Major focus consisted of intense study and practice of communication skills known to be effective in changing
        and maintaining human behavior, stress management techniques, values clarification, decision making along
        with group management strategies.

DUI Service Providers Training                                          Illinois Department of Alcohol and Substance Abuse

        Certification training for DUI remedial education providers. Current requirement information to maintain license.

Total Quality Leadership                                                Great Lakes Naval Training Center

        Focus on concept integration of W. Edward Deming's approach to Total Quality Management within the
        Navy environment.

Clinic Leader Training                                                  American Lung Association

        Presentation and skill development for delivery of Freedom from Smoking Clinics.

HIV/AIDS Instructor Candidate                                           American Red Cross

        Instructor candidate training and certification for community education seminars.

“Returning to Learning” Facilitator Training                            Chicago Council for Adult and Experiential Learning

        Certification process for facilitation of courses to encourage adult learning experiences
        through goal setting and decision making.

Leadership Consultant’s Seminar                                         National Panhellenic Conference

        Critical issues for national traveling process and inspection consultants. Topical concerns
        included: diversity, gender awareness, alcohol risk management, and policy clarification.

                                                                                                            Maria K. Malayter/8
    Alcohol 101 / CD-ROM Peer Education Training Initiative
    Alpha Sigma Alpha National Sorority / University of Illinois and the Century Council

    Secured foundation money to invest in peer education and CD-ROM training program regarding decision making for
    responsible alcohol use. The program is an interactive CD-ROM replicating the game “You Don’t Know Jack”. A collegiate
    representative from each collegiate chapter attended the Alpha Sigma Alpha Officer Academy to learn peer education and
    facilitation skills for implementation of this program at their own college.

    President Clinton’s National Drug Reduction Demand Dollars.

    Attracted President Clinton’s Drug Reduction Demand Dollars to be utilized for prevention and healthier lifestyles education
    training in conjunction with the United States Navy’s Engineering Systems School. Follow up evaluations supported that an
    increase in productivity occurred, due to less negative incidents and man hours lost.

    True Colors National Initiative for Leadership Development Institutes

    Obtained foundation money to become certified as a True Colors trainer to implement leadership and educational initiative for
    all Emma Colman Frost Leadership Development Institutes nationwide. Collegiate members were
    trained in personality awareness and motivating members based on personality types.


    “The New Retirement”
           Presentation at the Alpha Sigma Alpha National Sorority Convention, Bonita Springs, FL
           July 2004.

    “Balancing Life and Career”
            Presentation at the Women’s Resource Fairs in Evanston and Glen Ellyn, IL
            January and March 2004

    “Preretirement Training and the Early Retiree”
            Poster session presented at the Canadian Association on Gerontology.
            Toronto, Canada, October 2003.

    “Building Relationships in a Distance Learning Environment. The student and professor perspective.”
            Paper presented at the International Conference on Technology in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.
            Heidelberg, Germany, July, 2003. Co-authored with Dr. Ruth Maurer.

    “Bridging the Gap” A local television show hosted by Bolingbrook Mayor Roger Claar
            Guest of the show to discuss adults returning to learning and the potential for National-Louis University course
            offerings in the local area.

    “The Many Images of Women”
           Co-presenter at the Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority national convention in Nashville, TN, July 2002.

    “The Women’s Movement: Yesterday and Today”
           Guest speaker at the Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority national convention in Nashville, TN, July 2002.

                                                                                                                 Maria K. Malayter/9
              “Training is Easy, Change is Hard”
             Guest panelist for the Chicago Chapter of the American Society of Training and Development at the DePaul
            University campus in Des Plaines, July 2002.

    “Creative Techniques for Communication”
            Guest speaker for the Elgin Area Chamber’s Human Resources Association in Elgin, June 2002.

    “War of the Roses: How One Vote Can Make a Difference”
           Guest speaker for the American Association of University Women Mid-Lake County branch event in Lake Villa, IL.
           April 2002.

    “Women of Courage and Vision”
          Guest speaker for Women’s History Month at the United States Military Entrance Processing Command in North
          Chicago, IL. March 2001

    Panelist: Perspectives on Prior Learning Assessment Processes
              International Conference for the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning. Panel discussion
             on the benefits and drawbacks of prior learning assessments.

    U. S. Naval Reserve Drug Free Youth Campaign: Speaker/Recruiter
            Spoke to North Chicago students (K-12) about drug use and their future. Encouraged students to “stay in
            school” and “say no to drugs”. Organized and coached speakers to provide presentations to the students.

    “Tarzan and Jane Do Lunch: Methods in Gender Communication.”
           Presented to the Mid-American Greek Council Association Annual Meeting. Rosemont, Illinois. March 1997.

    “Carefrontation: The Careful Art of Confrontation”
           Presented to the Mid-American Greek Council Association Annual Meeting. Rosemont, Illinois. March 1997.

    “Self Esteem for Women”
             Valparasio University. Designed presentation for resident hall members
             In response to grant awarded to the Student Activities Office. February 1997.

    “Goal Setting”
            Alpha Sigma Alpha National Sorority Officer Academy. Indianapolis, Indiana.
            January 1999

    Lifelong Learning. (2004) Phoenix. National magazine of the Alpha Sigma Alpha National Sorority.

    Boomers: Visions of the New Retirement. (2004) iUniverse, New York. iUniverse. Com

    “Building Relationships in a Distance Learning Environment. The student and professor perspective.”
    Paper presented at the International Conference on Technology in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.
    Heidelberg, Germany July, 2003. Co-authored with Dr. Ruth Maurer.

    Innovation Abstracts (May 1, 1992) Vol XIV, No. 14
    Published “Student as Teacher” in nationwide leadership publication

                                                                                                               Maria K. Malayter/10
               “Self Esteem” Phoenix. National magazine of the Alpha Sigma Alpha National Sorority.

     “Dreams: Their Hidden Meaning” Rose Garden.

     “Chi Chi chapter history” in The Years Behind Us: A History of Alpha Sigma Alpha

     Guest of Honor: Naval Training Center Great Lakes. Recruit Training Command Recruit Review. Served as special guest
     to oversee the formal ceremony of recruits graduating from their first phase of Naval training – boot camp.

     Best Feature Article: Self Esteem published in the Phoenix national magazine for the Alpha Sigma Alpha National Sorority.

     Letter of Commendation: Rear Admiral Hunter, Commander Naval Training Center Great Lakes. Increased productivity
     through increase in student throughput in the PREVENT 2000 program.

     Letter of Appreciation: Captain Salmond, Commanding Officer Naval Hospital Corps School, Great Lakes. Reduction of
     incidents with the 100% integration of PREVENT 2000 in the training pipeline.

     Certificate of Appreciation: Webster University. Student centered award to recognize excellent professors.


     Central Division Board Member: Junior Achievement of Chicago                                                (4/04 – present)

     National Volunteer Training Team: Alpha Sigma Alpha National Sorority                                    (7/02 – present)
             Training team member to create programming for national volunteers with e-learning and face to face training
             techniques. Designed the Long Distance Supervision Handbook and Train the Trainer workshop.

     Vista Eldercare Volunteer: Victory Memorial Hospital, Waukegan, IL                                          (11/00-10/03)
             A weekly grocery shopper for a homebound elderly individual with in the Grayslake area.

     Awards Project Coordinator: Alpha Sigma Alpha National Sorority, Indianapolis, IN                     (8/00-present)
            Manages and directs a committee to review and recommend award recipients for both collegiate and alumna awards.

     National Chairman of Membership Education: Alpha Sigma Alpha National Sorority                         (6/96-7/00)
             Managed 70+ collegiate membership directors nationwide. Designed programs to increase chapter team building
             and leadership development. Organized and directed chapter revitalization projects. Work on committees to
             develop leadership skills and promote educational initiatives.

     Facilitator: St. Joseph Church, Libertyville, IL
              Discussion leader of a course relating to faith formation, conscious and ethical decision making and
              sharing faith with children.

     Team Member. Eccumenical Cursillo Community of Illinois
           Served on logistical staff for the fall weekend journey of the Cursillo experience, a short course with Christ.

     Parishioner at Large: St. Joseph School, Libertyville, IL
             Elected member on the School Advisory Council to work with school processes and issues.

                                                                                                                     Maria K. Malayter/11
          Participant: Jazzercise Breast Cancer Marathon
                          Participated in Chicago area marathon to raise money for Breast Cancer Research.

Participant: Susan G. Koman Race to Find a Cure & BMW
        Participated in Chicago area drive miles to raise money for the Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Junior Achievement of Orlando: Project Business Consultant
        Educated 8th grade students about basic business practice and career development.

                                                                                                        Maria K. Malayter/12

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