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					                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

Factiva Confidential and Proprietary
Source     Source Directory                      First Issue    Discontinued
Code       Name                Status in Factiva Online         Date               Article Coverage
ZEROI                          Active
           01 Informatique (French Language)         8/15/2002                     Full Text
ZEROR                           Language)
           01 Réseaux (FrenchActive                  8/15/2002                     Full Text
DSIZER                         Active
           01DSI (French Language)                   6/10/2004                     Full Text
TWEN       21c                 Discontinued         11/14/2002        2/15/2003    Full Text
TFCENT 21st Century Fuels Discontinued                 6/1/1994       8/10/2006    Full Text
TFHOUR 24 Heures (French Language)                     6/7/2005                    Full Text
TFS        24/7                Active               11/11/2006                     Full Text
FOON       411 Newsletter      Discontinued            7/6/1992       7/31/2001    Full Text
FIVED                          Active
           5D (Spanish Language)                     4/13/2001                     Full Text
OIGN       A&D Watch           Active                  9/1/1994                    Full Text
WANG                           Discontinued
           A&G Information Services: Comtex          4/14/1998       10/31/2006    Full Text
APLS       A+                  Discontinued            1/1/1989         5/1/1989   Full Text
AAPBLT     AAP Bulletins       Active                1/14/2004                     Full Text
AAPIMG     AAP Images          Active                6/19/2007                     Full Text
AAPMPR AAP MediaNet Press Releases                   3/31/2004                     Full Text
AARGZ                          Active
           Aargauer Zeitung (German Language)          4/8/2002                    Full Text
GMOM                           Discontinued
           AARP Modern Maturity (Abstracts)            1/1/1997       3/24/2003    Abstracts
ABSETT AB Sette (Italian Language)                     7/4/2002                    Full Text
BANR                           Active
           ABA Bank Marketing (Abstracts)              1/1/1991                    Abstracts
BSFP                           Discontinued
           ABA Bank Security & Fraud Prevention        1/1/1997       7/31/2001    Full Text
ABAB       ABA Banking Journal Active                  1/1/1989                    Full Text
GABA       ABA Journal         Active                  1/1/1997                    Full Text
BTRL                           Active
           ABA Trust Letter (Abstracts)                8/1/2003                    Full Text
ABA        Abacus (Abstracts) Active                   1/1/1997                    Abstracts
DLSACG Abakan (Russian Language)                     11/1/2005                     Full Text
SABIAB     ABC (Abstracts)     Discontinued          7/12/2000        3/15/2005    Translated Abstracts
ABC                            Active
           ABC (Spanish Language)                    5/16/1997                     Full Text
ABCCOR ABC Córdoba (Spanish Language)                2/15/2005        5/22/2006    Full Text
ABCDVD ABC News Now: ABCDVD    Active                5/24/2006                     Full Text
ABCNN                          Active
           ABC News Now: Ahead of the Curve            2/4/2006                    Full Text
ALLTOG ABC News Now: All ActiveTogether Now          5/24/2006                     Full Text
NSP                            Active
           ABC News Now: Breaking News               5/23/2006                     Full Text
ABCCP                          Active
           ABC News Now: Couch Potatoes             11/11/2005                     Full Text
ABCDD                          Active
           ABC News Now: Daily Download                6/1/2006                    Full Text
ABCEG                           and Greet
           ABC News Now: EatActive                   5/19/2006                     Full Text
ABCGN                          Active
           ABC News Now: Good News, Really!          4/24/2005                     Full Text
ABCGI                          Active
           ABC News Now: Guilt or Innocence            3/1/2005                    Full Text
ABCHL                          Active
           ABC News Now: Healthy Life               11/15/2005                     Full Text
ABCHT      ABC News Now: How ToActive                8/22/2006                     Full Text
ABCIM                          Active
           ABC News Now: In the Mix                    2/8/2005                    Full Text
ABCI                           Active
           ABC News Now: Influential                 2/16/2006                     Full Text
ABCIN                          Active
           ABC News Now: Inside the Newsroom           1/8/2006                    Full Text
ABCIW                          Active
           ABC News Now: Inside Washington           9/11/2006                     Full Text
ABCLE                          Active
           ABC News Now: Live Event                  5/25/2006                     Full Text
ABCMM                          Active
           ABC News Now: Money Matters              11/14/2005                     Full Text
ABCP                           Active
           ABC News Now: Perspectives                5/22/2006                     Full Text
ABCPL                          Active
           ABC News Now: Politics Live               2/23/2006                     Full Text
ABCJS                          Active
           ABC News Now: Popcorn with Joel Siegel 3/13/2006                        Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                                 Page 1
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

ABCSBH                         Active
           ABC News Now: Seen and Be Heard             8/4/2006               Full Text
ABCSR                          Active
           ABC News Now: Special Report               8/10/2006               Full Text
ABCSS                          Active
           ABC News Now: Stealing Scenes              2/17/2006               Full Text
ABCS       ABC News Now: Stylin’
                               Active                 4/26/2006               Full Text
ABCTL                          Active
           ABC News Now: Time Tunnel                   2/8/2006               Full Text
ABCTP                          Active
           ABC News Now: Top Priority                 2/15/2006               Full Text
ABCWB      ABC News Now: What’s the Buzz
                               Active               11/22/2006                Full Text
ABCWNN                         Active
           ABC News Now: World News Now                8/7/2006               Full Text
ABCWP                          Active
           ABC News Now: World Piece                   7/7/2006               Full Text
ANNWVE                         Active
           ABC News Now: World View Exclusiva         5/25/2006               Full Text
ABCW                           Active
           ABC News Now: Worldview                    2/16/2006               Full Text
TWNT       ABC News: 20/20 Active                      1/2/1997               Full Text
GMA                            Active
           ABC News: Good Morning America              1/6/1997               Full Text
GMAS                           Discontinued
           ABC News: Good Morning America - Sunday 1/5/1997       7/31/2001   Full Text
NWBF       ABC News: News BriefDiscontinued            1/1/2000   10/1/2001   Full Text
NLNE       ABC News: Nightline Active                 9/15/1994               Full Text
PTLV                           Active
           ABC News: Primetime Thursday                1/5/1997               Full Text
ABSP                           Discontinued
           ABC News: Special Program                   1/5/1997   7/31/2001   Full Text
ABSR                           Active
           ABC News: Special Report                    1/5/1997               Full Text
THWK       ABC News: This Week Active                  1/5/1997               Full Text
WNN                            Discontinued
           ABC News: World News Now                    1/1/2000   3/31/2003   Full Text
WNSA                           Active
           ABC News: World News Saturday               1/5/1997               Full Text
WNSU                           Active
           ABC News: World News Sunday                 1/5/1997               Full Text
WNM                            Discontinued
           ABC News: World News This Morning           1/5/1997    3/4/2003   Full Text
WNT                            Active
           ABC News: World News with Charles Gibson 1/2/1997                  Full Text
ABCSEV                         Active
           ABC Sevilla (Spanish Language)             2/15/2005               Full Text
ABCAZE     ABC.AZ Daily News Active                    9/5/2007               Full Text
ABCAZR                         (Russian Language)
           ABC.AZ Daily News Active                    9/5/2007               Full Text
FABP                           Active
           Aberdeen Press & Journal (Scotland)        9/14/1981               Full Text
ABILRN                         Active
           Abilene Reporter-News                       7/6/2004               Full Text
CTGABX                         Discontinued
           ABIX (Australasian News Abstracts)         12/1/1995   12/5/2006   Abstracts
QEDBMF                         Discontinued
           ABN-AMRO Bank Main Forecast              12/22/1995    12/3/2001   Full Text
ABOR       The Abortion ReportDiscontinued             1/1/1996   7/31/2001   Full Text
QUEABQ                         Discontinued            1/1/1999
           ABSA Bank Quarterly South African Economic Monitor     7/31/2001   Full Text
AMJL                           Active
           Academy of Management Journal (Abstracts)1/1/1994                  Abstracts
AEX                            Active                  1/1/1997
           Academy of Management Perspectives (Abstracts)                     Abstracts
AMJR                           Active
           Academy of Management Review (Abstracts)1/1/1994                   Abstracts
ABXACC                         Discontinued
           ACCC Update (ABIX abstracts)                7/1/2004    6/1/2006   Abstracts
ACOL       Accent on Living    Discontinued            1/1/1994   7/31/2001   Full Text
ACSS                           Active                  1/1/1997
           Access Control & Security Systems Integration                      Full Text
ACRB                           Active                  1/1/1994
           Access Czech Republic Business Bulletin (Abstracts)                Abstracts
ACCUK      Accountancy (U.K.) Active                  4/30/1994               Full Text
ACCAGE     Accountancy Age Active                     6/19/1986               Full Text
ACCI       Accountancy IrelandActive                   1/1/1997               Full Text
THEACC                         Active
           The Accountant (U.K.)                       8/1/1995               Full Text
ACB                            Active
           Accounting & Business Research (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                Abstracts
ACTF                           Active
           Accounting and Finance (Abstracts)          1/1/1994               Abstracts
ADMA                           Discontinued
           Accounting Department Management Report 1/1/2000       8/22/2005   Full Text
AAEN                           Active
           Accounting Education News                   1/1/1997               Full Text
AENQ                           D
           Accounting Enquiries iscontinued            1/1/1997    4/1/2002   Full Text
AHJL                           Active
           Accounting Historians Journal               1/1/1997               Full Text
ACH        Accounting HorizonsActive                   1/1/1997               Full Text

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                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

ACOM                           Discontinued             1/1/2000
           Accounting Office Management & Administration Report        11/1/2005 Full Text
ACR                            Active
           Accounting Review (Abstracts)                1/1/1997                 Abstracts
ACTECH                         Active
           Accounting Technology                        1/1/1995                 Full Text
ACTODY     Accounting Today Active                      1/1/1994                 Full Text
AOS                            Active                   1/1/1997
           Accounting, Organizations & Society (Abstracts)                       Abstracts
AIWACM     Accra Mail (Ghana) Active                    1/1/2001                 Full Text
ACNENG     ACN Newswire        Active                   7/6/2006                 Full Text
ACNSOS                         Active                   1/1/2006
           ACN Newswire A (Chinese Language - Simplified)                        Full Text
ACNSDT                         Active                   7/6/2006
           ACN Newswire A (Chinese Language - Traditional)                       Full Text
ACNTDS                         Active                  7/17/2006
           ACN Newswire B (Chinese Language - Simplified)                        Full Text
ACNTOT                         Active                  7/17/2006
           ACN Newswire B (Chinese Language - Traditional)                       Full Text
PASO                           Discontinued
           Acta Sociologica (Abstracts)                 1/1/1997        1/1/1999 Abstracts
ACTNB                          Active
           Die Actien-Börse (German Language)          2/17/1998                 Full Text
ACLADE                         Active
           Actualidad Económica (Spanish Language) 7/3/1995                      Full Text
REUTFC                         Discontinued            6/22/2000       4/30/2004
           Les actualités canadiennes de Reuters en français (French Language) Full Text
ACTNET                         Active
           Les Actualités de 01Net (French Language) 7/15/2002                   Full Text
ADALDA                         Active
           AD - Algemeen Dagblad (Dutch Language) 9/28/2006                      Full Text
DLSABC                         Active
           AD (Russian Language)                       11/1/2005                 Full Text
ADAGEI     Ad Age Global       Discontinued            1/13/1997        7/4/2002 Full Text
ADWI                           Discontinued
           Ad Age's Daily World Wire                    7/1/1996       1/10/2003 Full Text
GADS       Ad Astra (Abstracts)Active                   1/1/1997                 Abstracts
ABXAND                         Discontinued
           Ad News (ABIX abstracts)                     8/9/1996       12/3/2006 Abstracts
ASLR       Ad Solutions ReportDiscontinued             11/1/1991       6/23/1992 Full Text
BATF                           Discontinued
           Ad Trends: Financial (Abstracts)             1/1/1997       8/26/2003 Abstracts
ADBR                           Discontinued
           AdBrief (ABIX abstracts)                    6/24/2005      11/24/2006 Abstracts
FADD                           (Abstracts)
           Addictive Behaviors Active                   1/1/1997                 Abstracts
MEWADD     Addis Tribune       Discontinued             7/7/1997        8/5/2005 Full Text
NLADEM                         Active
           The Adelaide Magazine                       7/27/2006                 Full Text
EADS                           Discontinued
           Adhesive Technology (Abstracts)             6/14/1990       6/30/2004 Abstracts
ADHA       Adhesives Age       Discontinued             1/1/1994      10/21/2004 Full Text
ADHAGE                         Active
           Adhesives Age (Abstracts)                 12/23/1994                  Abstracts
XADE                           Discontinued
           Adirondack Enterprise (N.Y.)                11/1/1991       7/31/2001 Full Text
CTGADT                         la Diffusion de         10/1/2001       10/1/2006 Full Text
           ADIT - Agence pour Discontinued l'Information Technologique (French Language)
ADMEDI     Admedia             Active                   2/1/1996                 Full Text
ADMS                           Active
           Administration & Society (Abstracts)         1/1/1994                 Abstracts
ASW                            Active
           Administration in Social Work (Abstracts)    1/1/1997                 Abstracts
ASQ                            Active
           Administrative Science Quarterly (Abstracts) 3/1/1989                 Abstracts
ADNOND     Adnews Online       Active                   2/1/1996                 Full Text
ADOL       Adolescence         Active                   1/1/1995                 Full Text
ACER                            Report
           Advanced CeramicsActive                     10/1/1991                 Full Text
ACTE                           Discontinued
           Advanced Coatings & Surface Technology 11/1/1991             2/1/1993 Full Text
ACBU                           Active
           Advanced Composites Bulletin                10/1/1991                 Full Text
ADIM       Advanced Imaging Active                      1/1/1994                 Full Text
AMTE                           Discontinued
           Advanced Manufacturing Technology           12/1/1991       2/15/1993 Full Text
CNIF                           & Composites News 10/18/1994
           Advanced Materials Active                                             Full Text
AMAP                           & Processes
           Advanced Materials Active                    1/1/1995                 Full Text
ADVMAT                         News (Abstracts)
           Advanced Materials Discontinued             12/2/1986       7/31/2001 Abstracts
AMET                           Discontinued
           Advanced Metals Technology                   2/1/1991        6/1/1992 Full Text
AOTR                           Discontinued
           Advanced Office Technologies Report         11/1/1991        7/9/1992 Full Text
ADVPAC     Advanced Packaging  Active                   1/1/2006                 Full Text
ATRN                           Discontinued
           Advanced Transportation Technology News 1/1/1996             2/1/1997 Full Text
AWWC                           Discontinued
           Advanced Wireless Communications            12/1/1991       9/25/1995 Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                    Page 3
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

UAAP                              Probability (Abstracts) 1/1/1997
           Advances in AppliedActive                                                 Abstracts
IPHV                             Active
           Advances in Physiology Education (Abstracts)    1/1/1997                  Abstracts
HPTE                             Active
           Advances in Textiles Technology                12/1/1991                  Full Text
ABXADV                           Discontinued
           The Advertiser (ABIX abstracts)                 8/1/1996      12/1/2006   Abstracts
ADVTSR                           Active
           The Advertiser (Adelaide)                      1/12/1998                  Full Text
NBADWW                           Discontinued              7/1/2003
           The Advertiser [Wagga Wagga] (News Bites Summary)            12/28/2003   Abstracts
ADVAGE     Advertising Age       Active                   10/1/1991                  Full Text
ADAGEC                           Active
           Advertising Age's Creativity                    9/1/1996                  Full Text
AIWAMA                           Discontinued
           Advertising And Marketing Asia                 3/25/1997      7/31/2001   Full Text
ADCT                             Discontinued
           Advertising/Communications Times (Abstracts)    1/1/1994       8/3/2003   Abstracts
LAN                              Active
           Advisor Today (Abstracts)                       1/1/1997                  Abstracts
NLPAVC     The Advocate (Perth)  Active                    5/2/2007                  Full Text
NBAVBN                           Discontinued
           The Advocate [Burnie] (News Bites Summary)      7/1/2003      12/9/2003   Abstracts
ADVO                             Active                    1/1/1997
           Advocate: The National Gay & Lesbian Newsmagazine (Abstracts)             Abstracts
ADWE       Adweek                Active                    1/1/1991                  Full Text
ADMN                             Discontinued
           Adweek Magazines Newswire                      1/26/1998      1/26/2004   Full Text
AMWE       Adweek Midwest EditionDiscontinued              1/1/1994      1/27/2003   Full Text
ANEW                             Discontinued
           Adweek New England Advertising Week             1/1/1994      1/27/2003   Full Text
ADSE       ADWEEK SoutheastDiscontinued                    1/1/1994      1/27/2003   Full Text
ASWE                             Discontinued
           Adweek Southwest Edition                        1/1/1994      1/27/2003   Full Text
ADWW       ADWEEK Western EditionDiscontinued              1/1/1991      1/27/2003   Full Text
BFW        AE Brazil             Active                   12/1/2001                  Full Text
ASMN                             Discontinued
           Aero Safety & Maintenance                      5/30/1997      7/31/2001   Full Text
AERBUS                           Discontinued
           Aeronautique Business (French Language) 1/20/2005             7/27/2006   Full Text
IACAER                           (Abstracts)
           Aerospace America Active                        1/1/1997                  Abstracts
ASD                              Active
           Aerospace Daily & Defense Report                1/1/1989                  Full Text
AERF                              News
           Aerospace FinancialDiscontinued                12/1/1991      3/12/1993   Full Text
AERINT                           Active
           Aerospace International                         5/1/2003                  Full Text
APR        Aerospace Propulsion  Discontinued             1/10/1991      7/31/2001   Full Text
DLSAHJ                           Active
           Afanasiy-birzha (Russian Language)             11/1/2005                  Full Text
AFFARS                           Active
           Affärsvärlden (Swedish Language)               1/15/1997                  Full Text
IAFF                             Active                    1/1/1997
           Affilia: Journal of Women and Social Work (Abstracts)                     Abstracts
AMAL       Affluent Markets AlertDiscontinued              1/1/1992      7/31/2001   Full Text
JCG                              Active
           AFP Exchange (Abstracts)                        1/1/1997                  Abstracts
AIWAFC                           Discontinued
           Africa Analysis (Kenya)                        11/1/2001      6/25/2005   Full Text
AEIN                             Active
           Africa Energy Intelligence                     2/16/2005                  Full Text
AEINF      Africa Energy Intelligence – Edition Francaise (French Language)
                                 Active                   2/16/2005                  Full Text
AMIN                             Active
           Africa Mining Intelligence                     2/23/2005                  Full Text
AMINF      Africa Mining Intelligence – Edition Francaise (French Language)
                                 Active                   2/23/2005                  Full Text
AIWAMM                           D
           Africa Mining Monitor iscontinued               5/2/2002      3/23/2004   Full Text
AFRNN      Africa News Network   Discontinued             8/18/1998      4/27/1999   Full Text
QEDAFR                            of Information
           Africa Review WorldActive                       1/1/1996                  Full Text
IAFJ                             Active                    1/1/1997
           Africa: Journal of the International African Institute                    Full Text
AFAA       African Affairs       Discontinued              1/1/1995     10/11/1999   Full Text
AFAR                             Active
           African American Review                         1/1/1994                  Full Text
PAAR       African Arts          Active                    1/1/1997                  Full Text
AFBZ       African Business      Active                    1/1/1997                  Full Text
AIWCHU                           Discontinued
           African Church Information Service              1/1/2001      1/12/2004   Full Text
MEWAEN                           Discontinued
           African Eye News Service                        7/7/1997     10/14/2003   Full Text
AFMM       African Mining MonitorDiscontinued              6/1/1998      11/4/2002   Full Text
QARBT                            Discontinued
           African Review Of Business & Technology 12/31/1999            7/19/2004   Full Text
PASR                             Active
           African Studies Review (Abstracts)              1/1/1997                  Abstracts

Factiva Confidential                             9/19/2011                                       Page 4
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

MEWANN                         Discontinued
           L'Afrika News Network                           7/7/1997    7/31/2001   Full Text
AFIM       Afterimage          Active                      1/1/1995                Full Text
AFMB                           A
           Aftermarket Business ctive                      1/1/1994                Full Text
AFXASI     AFX Asia            Active                    3/26/2003                 Full Text
AFXCHI                         Active
           AFX Asia (Chinese Language - Simplified) 3/21/2003                      Full Text
AFXCHT                         Active
           AFX Asia (Chinese Language - Traditional)11/27/2002                     Full Text
AFXFE                          Active
           AFX International Focus                       5/28/2003                 Full Text
AFXUK      AFX UK Focus        Active                    5/28/2003                 Full Text
AGEE                           Active
           The Age (Melbourne, Australia)                1/19/1991                 Full Text
AGEN       Age and Ageing      Discontinued                1/1/1994     3/1/2000   Full Text
AGFIF                          Active
           L'Agéfi Suisse (French Language)              9/18/1996                 Full Text
PANS                           Active
           Ageing & Society (Abstracts)                    1/1/1997                Abstracts
BELGAF                         Active
           Agence Belga (French Language)                3/10/1998                 Full Text
AGEU       Agence Europe       Active                      3/2/1983                Full Text
AEFR                           Active
           Agence Europe (French Language)                 9/9/1994                Full Text
AEDEUT                         Discontinued
           Agence Europe (German Language)               9/25/1992     3/25/2005   Full Text
AEI                            Active
           Agence Europe (Italian Language)                5/1/1996                Full Text
AFPR       Agence France PresseActive                      9/9/1991                Full Text
CTGAFP                         Active
           Agence France Presse (AFP)                      9/1/1991                Full Text
AFPCCN                         Active                    5/25/2005
           Agence France Presse (Chinese Language - Simplified)                    Full Text
AFPC                           Active                    5/25/2005
           Agence France Presse (Chinese Language - Traditional)                   Full Text
AFPFR                          Active
           Agence France Presse (French Language) 5/5/2003                         Full Text
AFPDE                          Active
           Agence France Presse (German Language) 5/5/2003                         Full Text
AFPPT                          Active
           Agence France Presse (Portuguese Language)      5/5/2003                Full Text
AFPES                          Active
           Agence France Presse (Spanish Language) 5/5/2003                        Full Text
DYN                            Active
           Agencia Diarios y Noticias (Spanish Language) 3/19/2001                 Full Text
EFESM                          Active                    6/11/2002
           Agencia EFE - Servicio de Motor (Spanish Language)                      Full Text
EFEST                          Active                    6/11/2002
           Agencia EFE - Servicio de Turismo (Spanish Language)                    Full Text
EFESE                          Active                    6/13/2002
           Agencia EFE - Servicio Económico (Spanish Language)                     Full Text
EFESG                          Active                    6/13/2002
           Agencia EFE - Servicio General (Spanish Language)                       Full Text
EFESP                          Active                      6/9/2004
           Agencia EFE - Serviço em português (Portuguese Language)                Full Text
AGENJB                         Active
           Agência Jornal do Brasil (Portuguese Language)  1/5/1997                Full Text
LUSASA                         Active                    2/15/2001
           Agência Lusa - Serviço África (Portuguese Language)                     Full Text
LUSASD                         Active                      2/5/2001
           Agência Lusa - Serviço Desporto (Portuguese Language)                   Full Text
LUSASE                         Active                      2/8/2001
           Agência Lusa - Serviço Economia (Portuguese Language)                   Full Text
LUSASI                         Active                    2/10/2001
           Agência Lusa - Serviço Internacional (Portuguese Language)              Full Text
LUSASN                         Active                       Language)
           Agência Lusa - Serviço Nacional (Portuguese2/8/2001                     Full Text
NOTMXS                         Active                      1/3/2002
           Agencia Mexicana de Noticias, NOTIMEX (Spanish Language)                Full Text
AGSM                           Active
           Agency Sales Magazine                           1/1/1994                Full Text
BELGAD                         Active
           Agentschap Belga (Dutch Language)             3/10/1998                 Full Text
DLSADC                         Active
           Agentstvo biznes novostej (Russian Language)  12/1/2005                 Full Text
DLSFBD                         Active                   12/24/2005
           Agentstvo Politicheskih novostei (Russian Language)                     Full Text
DLSADE                         Active                    12/1/2005
           Agentstvo socialnoi informacii (Russian Language)                       Full Text
AGI                            Active                    5/11/1998
           Agenzia Giornalistica Italia (Italian Language)                         Full Text
ATI                             Svizzera
           Agenzia Telegrafica Active (Italian Language) 2/26/1998                 Full Text
AGEX       AgExporter          Discontinued                1/1/1994   12/31/2004   Full Text
AGNG       Aging               Discontinued                1/1/1994     3/1/1996   Full Text
AGRA                           Discontinued
           AGRA Alimentation (Abstracts)                   1/1/1994    7/31/2001   Abstracts
AGRE       Agra Europe         Active                      1/1/1994                Full Text
EUSR       AgraFood East EuropeDiscontinued                1/1/1994     1/2/2003   Full Text
AGRDB                          Active                    6/20/2006
           Agrarisch Dagblad (Agricultural Daily) (Dutch Language)                 Full Text
DLSADF                         Discontinued
           Agrarnaya nauka (Russian Language)            11/1/2005     12/5/2006   Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                      Page 5
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

AGRERN                           Active                9/26/2001
           Agrarzeitung Ernährungsdienst (German Language)                         Full Text
GARAGR     Agreement             Discontinued           6/1/1998         1/11/1999 Full Text
GNTAGR                            Language)
           Agreement (RussianDiscontinued               6/8/1998         7/31/2001 Full Text
AGRM                             Active
           Agri Marketing (Abstracts)                   1/1/1994                   Abstracts
AIWASI                           Discontinued
           Agri Service International                   4/4/1997         7/31/2001 Full Text
AGR                              Active
           Agribusiness (Abstracts)                     1/1/1997                   Abstracts
AGCHNE                           Discontinued
           Agricultural Chemical News (Abstracts)      6/25/1994         9/15/2004 Abstracts
AGRS                             A
           Agricultural Research ctive                  1/1/1994                   Full Text
AIWATL                           Discontinued
           Agricultural Trade Leads (USDA)             3/11/1997         7/31/2001 Full Text
JPINFO                           Active
           Agrochemicals Japan (Abstracts)             5/16/1991                   Abstracts
AGRONL                           Discontinued          3/11/2004         9/13/2005
           Agrow Online Plus (Available through Third Party Subscription Services) Full Text
AGROPN                           Active                 1/1/2001                   Full Text
           AGROW World Crop Protection News (Available through Third Party Subscription Services)
KRTAW      Agweek (MCT) (N.D.)   Active                5/27/2003                   Full Text
ALEX       AI Expert             Discontinued           1/1/1994         7/31/2001 Full Text
AIAUP      AIA Update            Active                 6/1/2005                   Full Text
FAIA                             Active
           AIAA Journal (Abstracts)                     1/1/1997                   Abstracts
AIDA       AIDS Alert            Active                 1/1/1994                   Full Text
IAPC                              STDs
           AIDS Patient Care &Active (Abstracts)        1/1/1997                   Abstracts
AIDT       AIDS Therapies        Discontinued           6/1/1992          2/1/1993 Full Text
ATN        AIDS Treatment News   Active                 9/8/2000                   Full Text
ADVV       AIDS Vaccine WeekActive                      1/1/2003                   Full Text
CDCW       AIDS Weekly           Active                12/1/1991                   Full Text
DLSDOM                           Active
           AiF - Dochki-Materi (Russian Language)      1/12/2006                   Full Text
DLSADI                           Active
           AiF - Superzvezdy (Russian Language)        11/1/2005                   Full Text
DLSAIZ                           Active
           AiF - Zdorovie (Russian Language)           1/12/2005                   Full Text
DLSADG                           Active
           Aif na Donu (Russian Language)              11/1/2005                   Full Text
DLSADH                           Active
           Aif na Enisee (Russian Language)            11/1/2005                   Full Text
AIH                              Discontinued
           AIHA Journal (Abstracts)                    10/1/1997         11/2/2003 Abstracts
AIRCMS                           Active
           Air & Cosmos (French Language)              2/24/2006                   Full Text
FAPW                             Active
           Air & Space Power Journal                    4/1/1997                   Full Text
FASS                             Active
           Air & Space Smithsonian (Abstracts)          1/1/1997                   Abstracts
ACRP       Air Cargo Report Discontinued               6/28/1994        12/17/1998 Full Text
ARCW       Air Cargo World       Active                 1/1/1994                   Full Text
AIRC                             Active                 4/1/1989
           Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News                          Full Text
UAIRX      Air Force Comptroller Active                 1/1/1997                   Full Text
AFLR                             Discontinued
           Air Force Law Review, The                    1/1/1998         7/10/2003 Full Text
FAFM                             Active
           Air Force Magazine (Abstracts)               1/1/1997                   Abstracts
AIRL       Air Letter (Abstracts)Discontinued           1/1/1994         12/8/1994 Abstracts
FAPH       Air Power History Active                     1/1/1997                   Full Text
AISW       Air Safety Week       Active               11/11/1991                   Full Text
ATW        Air Transport World Active                   1/1/1989                   Full Text
AIRCLM     Airclaims Airline NewsDiscontinued          3/24/1994         4/28/2006 Full Text
NBAAAP                           Discontinued          11/1/2003
           Aircraft & Aerospace Asia-Pacific (News Bites Summary)         1/6/2005 Abstracts
AIVN       Aircraft Value News Active                   9/7/1992                   Full Text
EURMAF     Airfinance Journal Active                    3/1/2005                   Full Text
AIRGOC     AirGuideOnline.comActive                    8/31/2005                   Full Text
AIRBS      Airline Business      Active                 7/1/1990                   Full Text
AIFN                             Discontinued
           Airline Business Report                    11/11/1991          8/8/2005 Full Text
AINF                             Active
           Airline Industry Information                 1/1/1996                   Full Text
ALMK       Airline Marketing NewsDiscontinued          1/19/1994         7/31/2001 Full Text
FAMN       Airman                Active                 1/1/1997                   Full Text
AIRPBS     Airport Business      Active                 1/1/2004                   Full Text

Factiva Confidential                           9/19/2011                                            Page 6
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

AIRSR                           Active
           Airport Security Report                  11/19/2003                  Full Text
APO        Airports             Active                 1/1/1989                 Full Text
AIRI                            A
           Airports International ctive                1/1/1994                 Full Text
ARBC                            Discontinued           6/1/2004
           The AIS Report on Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans          5/1/2007 Full Text
AIZ                             Discontinued           7/1/1998        4/1/2003
           AIZ - Agrarisches Informationszentrum Pressedienst (German Language) Full Text
AKMENG     AK&M (Russia)        Active                 8/1/1997                 Full Text
AKANDM                          Active
           AK&M (Russia, Russian Language)            5/16/1997                 Full Text
AKIPEN     AKIpress (Kyrgyzstan)Active                 8/1/2003                 Full Text
AKIPRE                          Active
           AKIpress (Kyrgyzstan, Russian Language) 8/1/2001                     Full Text
AJAZEN     Al Jazeera English Active                   1/5/2007                 Full Text
QEDCAR                          Review Of Business & Technolog
           Alain Charles Asian Discontinued           1/26/2000       5/31/2000 Full Text
QEDCME                          Discontinued        12/31/1999
           Alain Charles Technical Review Middle East                  7/6/2004 Full Text
IALK       Alaska (Abstracts) Active                   1/1/1997                 Abstracts
ABM                             Active
           Alaska Business Monthly                     1/1/1986                 Full Text
AJC                             Active
           Alaska Journal of Commerce (Abstracts)      1/6/1992                 Abstracts
KRTJA                           Active
           Alaska Journal of Commerce (MCT) (Alaska)  5/25/2003                 Full Text
KRTOI                           Discontinued
           Alaska Oil & Gas Reporter (MCT) (Alaska) 5/28/2003         8/25/2004 Full Text
ALBAPD     Albanian News Digest Active                 1/2/2000                 Translated Abstracts
ATAENS                          Active
           Albanian-ATA English News Service          1/10/1999                 Full Text
ALBAWA     Al-Bawaba News Active                      6/26/2001                 Full Text
ALBELN     Albert & Logan News  Active                 8/1/2001                 Full Text
ALBUS      Alberta Business Discontinued               2/1/1985       7/31/2001 Full Text
ALBJ                            Active
           Albuquerque Journal (N.M.)                  1/1/1994                 Full Text
ABQTRB                          Active
           The Albuquerque Tribune                     8/1/2007                 Full Text
AHRW                            Health
           Alcohol Research & Active                   1/1/1994                 Full Text
NBALFA                          Discontinued
           ALFA Lotfeeding (News Bites Summary)        7/1/2003        9/1/2003 Abstracts
ALGEND     Algerian News Digest Active                5/31/2001                 Translated Abstracts
ALIMKT                          Active
           Alimarket (Spanish Language)               6/15/1997                 Full Text
ALIMKC                          Active                2/29/2000
           Alimarket de Construcción (Spanish Language)                         Full Text
AFNWS      All Africa           Active                 4/9/1998                 Full Text
AFNWSF                          Active
           All Africa (French Language)             10/15/2003                  Full Text
MEWAAP                          Discontinued
           All Africa Press Service                   9/14/1998       7/31/2001 Full Text
ALLH       All Hands            Active                 8/1/2000                 Full Text
AIWALL        Active                 1/1/2001                 Full Text
ALLG                            Discontinued
           Allegheny Business News (Pa.)              12/1/1990       7/31/2001 Full Text
APRU                            Discontinued           1/1/1994
           Allgemeine Papier-Rundschau (Germany, Abstracts)           12/7/2001 Abstracts
ALLZET                          Active              10/20/2004
           Allgemeine Zeitung Mainz (German Language)                           Full Text
ALMH                            Discontinued
           Alliance Alert-Medical Health               9/1/1991       10/1/1991 Full Text
ALLURE     Allure               Active                 6/1/2006                 Full Text
XALN                            D
           Alpena News (Mich.) iscontinued            12/1/1991       7/31/2001 Full Text
DLSAEJ                          Active
           Altayskaya pravda (Russian Language)       11/1/2005                 Full Text
AEDG                            Discontinued
           Alternative Energy Digests                 12/1/1991       7/31/2001 Full Text
ALTE                            Discontinued
           Alternative Energy Network Online Today     2/1/1992       3/31/1995 Full Text
AFNO                            Discontinued
           Alternative Fuels Network Online Today      4/3/1995       7/31/2001 Full Text
AMRV                             Alert
           Alternative MedicineActive                  1/1/2000                 Full Text
ALTEC                           Active
           Alternatives Economiques (French Language) 1/31/1997                 Full Text
ALTN       Alternatives Journal Active                 1/1/1994                 Full Text
ALUNW      Alunews (Abstracts)Discontinued             9/1/1989       7/31/2001 Abstracts
KRTAX                           Active
           Amarillo Globe-News (MCT) (Texas)          5/28/2003                 Full Text
SABIAF                          Discontinued
           Ambito Financiero (Argentina, Abstracts)   7/17/2000       6/16/2005 Translated Abstracts
ACC                             - American Chamber of 3/26/1997 in HK 7/31/2001 Full Text
           AmCham Magazine Discontinued               Commerce
KRTAM                           Active
           AME Info (MCT) (U.A.E.)                    5/28/2003                 Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                              Page 7
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

GARAMD     Amendment           Discontinued            2/23/1998      4/9/1999 Full Text
GNTAMD                         Discontinued
           Amendment (Russian Language)                 6/2/1998     7/31/2001 Full Text
IAMJ                           Active
           Amerasia Journal (Abstracts)                 1/1/1997               Abstracts
AMER       America             Active                   1/1/1994               Full Text
AMECND                         Active                  4/25/2005
           América Economía-Noticias Diarias (Spanish Language)                Full Text
AMECNP                         Active
           AméricaEconomía (Portuguese Language) 5/18/2000                     Full Text
AMECNS                         Active
           AméricaEconomía (Spanish Language)          5/18/2000               Full Text
AGB                            Active
           American Agent & Broker                      1/1/1997               Full Text
IAAD                           the Deaf
           American Annals of Active                    1/1/1997               Full Text
GAAN                           Active
           American Anthropologist (Abstracts)          1/1/1997               Abstracts
AMAN       American Antiquity Active                    1/1/1995               Full Text
AART       American Artist     Discontinued             1/1/1994     10/1/2006 Full Text
IABY                           Discontinued
           American Baby (Abstracts)                    1/1/1997     3/23/2004 Abstracts
AMB        American Banker Active                       1/2/1985               Full Text
ABKJ                           Active
           The American Bankruptcy Law Journal          1/1/1998               Full Text
AMBS                           Active
           American Behavioral Scientist (Abstracts)    1/1/1995               Abstracts
PABT                           Active
           American Biology Teacher (Abstracts)         1/1/1997               Abstracts
ABLJ                           Active
           American Business Law Journal              10/11/1997               Full Text
ABV                            Discontinued
           American Business Review                     1/1/1997      6/1/2004 Full Text
ACSB                           Active
           American Ceramic Society Bulletin (Abstracts)1/1/1994               Abstracts
AIWACC                         Discontinued            Journal
           American Chamber Of Commerce in Japan 4/15/1997           7/31/2001 Full Text
AMCHER     American CheerleaderActive                   2/1/2006               Full Text
AMCC                           Active
           American City & County                       1/1/1994               Full Text
GACR                           Discontinued
           American Craft (Abstracts)                   1/1/1997      6/1/2006 Abstracts
ACLR                           Active
           American Criminal Law Review                 1/1/1995               Full Text
AD                             Discontinued
           American Demographics                        4/1/1986    11/13/2004 Full Text
ADRG       American Druggist Discontinued               1/1/1994      7/2/1999 Full Text
ADYE                           Discontinued
           American Dyestuff Reporter (Abstracts)       1/1/1994      7/1/1999 Abstracts
AMEC                           A
           American Economist ctive                     1/1/1994               Full Text
UIABU                          Active
           American Editor (Abstracts)                  1/1/1997               Abstracts
IAEN       American EnterpriseDiscontinued              1/1/1997      7/1/2006 Full Text
PAET                           Discontinued
           American Ethnologist (Abstracts)             1/1/1997     7/31/2001 Abstracts
AFP                            Active
           American Family Physician                    1/1/1989               Full Text
AFIT                           Active
           American Fitness (Abstracts)                 1/1/1994               Abstracts
AFST       American Forests Active                      1/1/1994               Full Text
IAHO                           (Abstracts)
           American Gardener Discontinued               1/1/1997     3/23/2004 Abstracts
GAS                            Active
           American Gas (Abstracts)                     1/1/1997               Abstracts
AGLS                           Discontinued
           American Glass Review (Abstracts)            1/1/1994      7/1/1999 Abstracts
AMGUN      American Gunsmith Active                    10/1/2006               Full Text
AHG        American Handgunner Active                   1/1/2005               Full Text
AHLT                           Discontinued
           American Health For Women                    1/1/1994     11/1/1998 Full Text
AMHL                           A
           American Health Line ctive                   1/1/1996               Full Text
GAHU                           Active
           American Hunter (Abstracts)                  1/1/1997               Abstracts
IAIC                           Active                   1/1/1997
           American Indian Culture & Research Journal (Abstracts)              Abstracts
AIQ                            Active
           The American Indian Quarterly                1/1/1995               Full Text
AINK                            (Abstracts)
           American Ink MakerDiscontinued               1/1/1994     8/31/2001 Abstracts
AJAG                            Agricultural Economics 2/1/1998
           American Journal of Active                                          Full Text
PAJA                            Archaeology (Abstracts) 1/1/1997
           American Journal of Active                                          Abstracts
IABO                            Botany
           American Journal of Active (Abstracts)       1/1/1997               Abstracts
IACR                            Cardiology (Abstracts) 1/1/1997
           American Journal of Active                                          Abstracts
AJCH                            Chinese Medicine
           American Journal of Discontinued             1/1/2000      7/1/2003 Full Text
IAJC                            Clinical                1/1/1997
           American Journal of Active Nutrition (Abstracts)                    Abstracts

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                  Page 8
                                          Global Academic 2007Q4

AJCP                            Community Psychology 1/1/1995
           American Journal of Active                                                Full Text
AJDA                            Drug
           American Journal of Activeand Alcohol Abuse 1/1/1994                      Full Text
IAED                            Education (Abstracts) 1/1/1997
           American Journal of Active                                                Abstracts
PAJF                            Family
           American Journal of Active Therapy            1/1/1997                    Full Text
IWPS                            Health
           American Journal of Active Studies            1/1/1997                    Full Text
AJIL                           Active                    1/1/1998
           The American Journal of International Law (Abstracts)                     Abstracts
AJLM                            Law &
           American Journal of Active Medicine           1/1/1995                    Full Text
IAJM                            Mathematics (Abstracts) 1/1/1997
           American Journal of Active                                                Abstracts
IAMD                            Medicine (Abstracts)
           American Journal of Active                    1/1/1997                    Abstracts
GJON                            Nursing
           American Journal of Active (Abstracts)        1/1/1997                    Abstracts
AJOP                            Ophthalmology
           American Journal of Discontinued              1/1/1994           3/1/2000 Full Text
GJOO                            Orthopsychiatry (Abstracts)
           American Journal of Active                    1/1/1997                    Abstracts
PAJP                            Philology (Abstracts)
           American Journal of Active                    1/1/1997                    Abstracts
IAJP                            Physics
           American Journal of Active (Abstracts)        1/1/1997                    Abstracts
IPHC                            Physiology: Cell Physiology (Abstracts)
           American Journal of Active                    1/1/1997                    Abstracts
IPHE                            Physiology: Endocrinology & Metabolism (Abstracts) Abstracts
           American Journal of Active                    1/1/1997
IPHG                            Physiology: Gastrointestinal & Liver Physiology (Abstracts)
           American Journal of Active                    1/1/1997                    Abstracts
IPHH                            Physiology: Heart & Circulatory Physiology (Abstracts)
           American Journal of Active                    1/1/1997                    Abstracts
IPHM                            Physiology: Lung Cellular & Molecular Physiology (Abstracts)
           American Journal of Active                    1/1/1997                    Abstracts
IPHR                            Physiology: Regulatory, Integrative & Comparative (Abstracts)
           American Journal of Active                    1/1/1997                    Abstracts
IPHF                            Physiology: Renal, Fluid 1/1/1997
           American Journal of Active                                                Abstracts
                                                         & Electrolyte Physiology (Abstracts)
GJPS                            Political Science
           American Journal of Discontinued              1/1/1997         7/31/2001 Full Text
GPSI                            Psychiatry
           American Journal of Active                    1/1/1997                    Full Text
PAJO                            Psychoanalysis
           American Journal of Active                    1/1/1997                    Full Text
IPST                            Psychotherapy
           American Journal of Active                    1/1/1997                    Full Text
GAPH                            Public
           American Journal of Active Health             1/1/1997                    Full Text
IAJS                            Science
           American Journal of Active (Abstracts)        1/1/1997                    Abstracts
GAJS                            Sociology (Abstracts) 1/1/1997
           American Journal of Active                                                Abstracts
IASM                           Active                    1/1/1994
           The American Journal of Sports Medicine (Abstracts)                       Abstracts
AJR                            Discontinued
           American Journalism Review                    1/1/1995           8/1/2003 Full Text
ALAW       American Lawyer Active                        8/1/2001                    Full Text
ALIB                           Active
           American Libraries (Abstracts)                1/1/1994                    Abstracts
GAML                           (Abstracts)
           American Literature Active                    1/1/1986                    Abstracts
AMAC       American Machinist Active                     1/1/1994                    Full Text
IAMM                           Active
           American Mathematical Monthly (Abstracts) 11/1/2006                       Abstracts
IBAM                           Active                    1/1/1997
           American Mathematical Society Bulletin (Abstracts)                        Abstracts
AMM                            Active
           American Metal Market                         1/1/1989                    Full Text
AMMN                           Active
           The American Midland Naturalist               1/1/1995                    Full Text
IAMI                           Active
           American Mineralogist (Abstracts)             1/1/1997                    Abstracts
IAMT                           Active
           American Music Teacher                        1/1/1997                    Full Text
IANA                           (Abstracts)
           American Naturalist Active                    1/1/1997                    Abstracts
APCJDB                         Discontinued            3/18/1986
           American Paint & Coatings Journal (Abstracts)                  7/31/2001 Abstracts
APAP       American Papermaker Discontinued              1/1/1994           2/1/1996 Full Text
PAPQ                           Active
           American Philosophical Quarterly (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                     Abstracts
IAPH                           Active
           American Photo (Abstracts)                    1/1/1997                    Abstracts
AMPR                           Active
           The American Poetry Review                    1/1/1995                    Full Text
PSR                            Discontinued
           American Political Science Review             1/1/1995         12/2/2001 Full Text
IAPQ                           Active
           American Politics Research (Abstracts)        1/1/1997                    Abstracts
APRI       American Printer    Active                    1/1/1994                    Full Text
FAMP       American Prospect Active                      1/1/1997                    Full Text
GAMP                           Active
           American Psychologist (Abstracts)             1/1/1997                    Abstracts
APMMA                          Active
           American Public Media: Marketplace AM 11/13/2006                          Full Text

Factiva Confidential                              9/19/2011                                      Page 9
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

APMMM                          Active
           American Public Media: Marketplace Money  11/10/2006                     Full Text
APMMP                          Active
           American Public Media: Marketplace PM 11/13/2006                         Full Text
APMSF                          Active
           American Public Media: Speaking of Faith 11/9/2006                       Full Text
APMWA                          Active
           American Public Media: Weekend America11/11/2006                         Full Text
PAQT                           Active
           American Quarterly (Abstracts)              1/1/1997                     Abstracts
ARGD                           Discontinued
           American Record Guide                       1/1/1994        10/21/2004 Full Text
ARHB                           Active
           American Rehabilitation (Abstracts)         1/1/1994                     Abstracts
ARPA                            Public                 3/1/1989
           American Review of Active Administration (Abstracts)                     Abstracts
GARI                           Active
           American Rifleman (Abstracts)               1/1/1997                     Abstracts
ASAL       American SalesmanActive                     1/1/1989                     Full Text
GTAS       American Scholar Active                     1/1/1997                     Full Text
AMSC       American Scientist Active                   5/1/1998                     Full Text
GASR                           Active
           American Sociological Review (Abstracts)    1/1/2001                     Abstracts
GASP                           (Abstracts)
           American Spectator Active                   1/1/1997                     Abstracts
AMST                           Active
           The American Statistician (Abstracts)       1/1/1995                     Abstracts
PASI                           Discontinued
           American Studies International              1/1/1997          6/1/2004 Full Text
IATH       American Theatre Active                     1/1/1997                     Full Text
AVSN       American Visions Discontinued               1/1/1994         8/26/2003 Full Text
AMCS       Americas            Active                  1/1/1994                     Full Text
ANET                           Discontinued
           America's Network (Abstracts)               1/1/1994         10/1/2006 Abstracts
QEDAR                          Active
           Americas Review World of Information        1/1/1996                     Full Text
AMERSC                         Discontinued
           Amersfoortse Courant (Dutch Language)       5/1/2003         8/31/2005 Full Text
LAMIIN                         Discontinued
           L'ami Des Ingredients Naturels (Abstracts) 1/7/1993          7/31/2001 Abstracts
MEWAFM                         Discontinued
           Amman Financial Markets                     7/5/1997         7/31/2001 Full Text
AMTAMT                         Active
           AMT (Aircraft Maintenance Technology)       2/1/2004                     Full Text
DLSAEB                         Active
           Amurskaya pravda (Russian Language)        11/1/2005                     Full Text
DLSAEA                         Active
           Amurskaya zarya (Russian Language)         11/1/2005                     Full Text
DLSAEC                         Active
           Amurskij meridian (Russian Language)       11/1/2005                     Full Text
AMBZ       Amusement Business  Discontinued           2/25/1989         5/31/2006 Full Text
ANAPRO     ANA Company ProfilesActive                 3/20/2003                     Full Text
ANATOL                         Active
           Anadolu Agency (Turkey)                     1/9/1998                     Full Text
ANADFR                         Active
           Anadolu Agency (Turkey, French Language)  11/28/2000                     Full Text
IASF                           Active                  1/1/1997
           Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact (Abstracts)                          Abstracts
ANAREV                         Discontinued
           The Analyst Energy Review                  12/8/2000         1/31/2002 Full Text
HSNW                            News
           Analytic SeparationsDiscontinued           12/1/1991          7/1/2005 Full Text
IANC                            (Abstracts)
           Analytical ChemistryActive                  1/1/1997                     Abstracts
AIIR                           Discontinued
           Analytical Instrument Industry Report       4/1/1996         7/31/2001 Full Text
ROSANL     Analytics           Discontinued           1/15/1999         5/26/1999 Full Text
ROSALY                         Discontinued
           Analytics (Russian Language)               1/14/1999          8/8/2001 Full Text
ANATU                          Active
           Anatolian Agency (Turkish Language)        3/11/1999                     Full Text
ANCR       Anchorage Daily NewsActive                 11/7/2003                     Full Text
ANCH                           Discontinued
           AnchorDesk from ZDWire                      4/1/2000         7/11/2003 Full Text
ANOND      Andorran News DigestActive                 7/31/2001                     Translated Abstracts
ANGW       Angiogenesis Weekly Active                  1/1/1999                     Full Text
IANB                           Active
           Animal Behaviour (Abstracts)                1/1/1997                     Abstracts
ANPNL                          Discontinued             Third Party Subscription Services)
           Animal Pharm Online Plus (Available through3/3/2004         11/18/2005 Full Text
ANPHW                          Active                  1/1/2001                     Full Text
           ANIMAL PHARM World Animal Health and Nutrition News (Available through Third Party Subscription Services)
GANS       Animals (Abstracts) Discontinued            1/1/1997          1/2/2003 Abstracts
IAAG       Animals' Agenda Discontinued                1/1/1997          3/2/2002 Full Text
GANP                           Active                  1/1/1997
           Annals of the American Academy of Political & Social Science (Abstracts) Abstracts
PAAG                           Active                  1/1/1997
           Annals of the Association of American Geographers (Abstracts)            Abstracts
GNTANN                         Discontinued
           Announcement (Russian Language)             6/8/1998         7/31/2001 Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                         Page 10
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

AR                               Discontinued
           Annual Reports (Abstracts)                 4/23/1994          7/31/2001 Abstracts
FARA                             Active
           Annual Review of Anthropology (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                      Abstracts
IARM                             Active
           Annual Review of Microbiology (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                      Abstracts
ANRS                             Active
           Annual Review of Psychology                 1/1/1994                    Full Text
GRSS                             Active
           Annual Review of Sociology (Abstracts)      1/1/1997                    Abstracts
VAM                              A
           Annuity Market News ctive                   9/1/1998                    Full Text
ANPINF                           Active
           ANP Infonet (Dutch Language)               4/13/2005                    Full Text
ANPNEW                           Active
           ANP Multimedia (Dutch Language)            4/12/2005                    Full Text
FDAN                             News
           ANP-Reuters Dutch Active (Dutch Language) 8/1/2001                      Full Text
ANQA       ANQ                   Active                1/1/1995                    Full Text
ANSA                             Discontinued         9/15/1996
           ANSA - Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata (Italian Language) 12/20/2001 Full Text
ANSAEF                           Active              12/31/2001
           ANSA - Economic and Financial Service (Italian Language)                Full Text
ANSACN                           Active
           ANSA - English Corporate News Service 10/29/2003                        Full Text
ANSAEN                           Active
           ANSA - English Media Service               1/24/2002                    Full Text
ANSAPE                            Economic News Service (Italian Language)
           ANSA - Political andActive                12/31/2001                    Full Text
ANSALA                           Discontinued        12/31/2001         12/30/2003 Full
           ANSA - Servicio Telecomunicaciones en Latinoamérica (Spanish Language) Text
ANSASN                           Active              12/31/2001
           ANSA - Sports News Service (Italian Language)                           Full Text
ANSANT                           Active
           ANSA - Telecomunicazioni (Italian Language)1/25/2002                    Full Text
ANSECL                           Active                (Spanish
           ANSA- Servicio Economía en Latinoamérica3/12/2004 Language)             Full Text
ANSAHE                           Active
           ANSA-Health Service (Italian Language)     1/18/2005                    Full Text
ANSARE                           Active
           ANSA-Regional Service (Italian Language) 1/18/2005                      Full Text
ANSOM      ANSOM                 Active                1/1/2005                    Full Text
ANTARA     LKBN ANTARA           Active               1/26/2000                    Full Text
XAVP                             Discontinued
           Antelope Valley Press (Calif.)             12/1/1991          7/31/2001 Full Text
GAQT                             Active
           Anthropological Quarterly                   1/1/1997                    Full Text
AIFW       Anti-Infectives Week  Active                1/1/2003                    Full Text
ANRE       The Antioch ReviewActive                    1/1/1995                    Full Text
GACH                             Active
           Antiques & Collecting Magazine              1/1/1997                    Full Text
ANTQ       Antiquity             Active                1/1/1995                    Full Text
ATST                             Active
           Antitrust Bulletin (Abstracts)              7/1/2002                    Abstracts
ANLR                             Discontinued
           Antitrust Litigation Reporter               1/1/2001          8/31/2005 Full Text
AVAB                             Discontinued
           Antiviral Agents Bulletin                  12/1/1991          7/31/2001 Full Text
AORN       AORN Journal          Active                1/1/1996                    Full Text
APNLW                            Active
           AP Dutch Worldstream (Dutch Language) 2/12/2004                         Full Text
APFRW                            Active
           AP French Worldstream (French Language)9/19/2003                        Full Text
APDEW                            Active
           AP German Worldstream (German Language)    9/19/2003                    Full Text
ASP        AP Online             Discontinued          1/1/1985          9/19/2003 Full Text
APSPW                            Active
           AP Spanish Worldstream (Spanish Language)  9/19/2003                    Full Text
APAEC                            Active
           APA Economic News Service                 10/11/2004                    Full Text
APANSE     APA News Service Active                    9/20/1998                    Full Text
APAK                             Active
           APA-Finance Briefing (German Language) 9/18/1998                        Full Text
ACPMAG     APC Magazine          Active              10/22/2003                    Full Text
APCJ       APCJ Fax News         Discontinued          1/1/1994          7/31/2001 Full Text
PAINKI                           Active               6/17/1994
           APCJ, Asia Pacific Coatings Journal (Abstracts)                         Abstracts
APBSCM                           Active               5/16/2002
           Apcom/TM News - General News Service (Italian Language)                 Full Text
APPOL                            Active               4/15/2006
           Apcom/TM News - Politics News Service (Italian Language)                Full Text
PAPE       Aperture (Abstracts)Active                  1/1/1997                    Abstracts
DLSAED     API (Russian Language)Active               12/1/2005                    Full Text
AAPI       API Account           Discontinued          1/1/1997           4/1/2002 Full Text
APIN                             Discontinued
           API EnCompass: News (Abstracts)             1/1/1997           6/3/2002 Full Text and Abstracts
ABXPRL                           Discontinued
           Apparel (NZ) (ABIX abstracts)              9/30/1996          5/31/2003 Abstracts
KRTMY                            Active
           Appeal-Democrat (MCT) (Calif.)             5/28/2003                    Full Text

Factiva Confidential                             9/19/2011                                            Page 11
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

ABXAPP                          Discontinued
           Appita Journal (ABIX Abstracts)             9/30/1996      12/3/2006 Abstracts
APPM       Appliance Design Active                      1/1/1989                Full Text
IAEM                            Active                  1/1/1997
           Applied & Environmental Microbiology (Abstracts)                     Abstracts
APEC       Applied Economics Active                     1/1/1994                Full Text
FAPE                             (Abstracts)
           Applied Ergonomics Active                    1/1/1997                Abstracts
APF                             Active
           Applied Financial Economics (Abstracts)      1/1/1997                Abstracts
APPRAD     Applied Radiology Active                     1/1/2006                Full Text
APLY       Apply*               Active                  1/1/2002                Full Text
APRJ       Appraisal Journal Active                     1/1/1994                Full Text
DLSAEE                          Active
           Apriori (Russian Language)                  12/1/2005                Full Text
APSA                             of the Arabian
           APS Diplomat: Fate Discontinued Peninsula   10/1/1991      2/17/1997 Full Text
APSN                            Discontinued
           APS Diplomat: News Service                  10/1/1991       3/3/1997 Full Text
APSO                            Discontinued
           APS Diplomat: Operations in Oil Diplomacy 10/1/1991        1/13/1997 Full Text
APSR                            Discontinued
           APS Diplomat: Recorder                      10/1/1991      2/22/1997 Full Text
APSI                            Discontinued
           APS Diplomat: Redrawing the Islamic Map 10/1/1991           3/3/1997 Full Text
APSS                            Discontinued           10/1/1991
           APS Diplomat: Strategic Balance in the Middle East         2/10/1997 Full Text
APSD                            Active
           APS Review: Downstream Trends               10/1/1991                Full Text
APSG                            Active
           APS Review: Gas Market Trends               10/1/1991                Full Text
APOM                            Active
           APS Review: Oil Market Trends               10/1/1991                Full Text
IAQU                            Active
           Aquaculture (Abstracts)                      1/1/1997                Abstracts
ARBNW      Arab News            Discontinued          10/20/1983       3/4/2003 Full Text
IASQ                            Active
           Arab Studies Quarterly                       1/1/1997                Full Text
ARABIN     Arabian Internet NewsActive                  2/6/2001                Full Text
AIWART     Arabies Trends       Discontinued            1/1/2001       7/1/2004 Full Text
ARAFAR     Arable Farming (U.K.)Discontinued           4/15/1997     12/18/2006 Full Text
GARC                            Active
           Archaeology (Abstracts)                      1/1/1997                Abstracts
ARCHJ                           Active
           The Architects Journal                       7/8/2004                Full Text
GARD                            Active
           Architectural Digest (Abstracts)             1/1/1997                Abstracts
ARLT                            Discontinued
           Architectural Lighting                      8/22/2001       8/7/2006 Full Text
ARCH       Architectural RecordActive                   1/1/1992                Full Text
IARC       Architectural ReviewActive                   1/1/1997                Full Text
ARCT       Architecture         Discontinued            1/1/1995      9/26/2006 Full Text
BUW                             Active
           ArchitectuurNL (Dutch Language)              6/1/2006                Full Text
AREH                            Discontinued
           Archives of Environmental Health             1/1/1994       3/1/2005 Full Text
QQPLM                           Active
           Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine 1/1/2006                 Full Text
PASB                            Active
           Archives of Sexual Behavior                  1/1/1997                Full Text
ARAD                            Active
           Argumentation and Advocacy                   1/1/1995                Full Text
RPDAIF                          Discontinued
           Argumenty & Fakty (Russia, Abstracts)        5/8/1997     10/17/2001 Translated Abstracts
DLSAEH                          Active                 11/1/2005
           Argumenty i fakty - Bashkortostan (Russian Language)                 Full Text
DLSAFI                          Active                 11/1/2005
           Argumenty i fakty - Chelyabinsk (Russian Language)                   Full Text
DLSAEI                          Active                 11/1/2005
           Argumenty i fakty - Dagestan (Russian Language)                      Full Text
DLSAFJ                          Active                 11/1/2005
           Argumenty i fakty - Kaliningrad (Russian Language)                   Full Text
DLSARK                          Active                  5/2/2007
           Argumenty i Fakty - Kishinev (Russian Language)                      Full Text
DLSAFA                          Active                 11/1/2005
           Argumenty i fakty - Kostroma (Russian Language)                      Full Text
DLSAFB                          Active                 11/1/2005
           Argumenty i fakty - Mordoviya (Russian Language)                     Full Text
DLSAFC                          Active                 11/1/2005
           Argumenty i fakty - Murmansk (Russian Language)                      Full Text
DLSAFD                          Active                 11/1/2005
           Argumenty i fakty - Prikamie (Russian Language)                      Full Text
DLSAEG                          Active                 11/1/2005
           Argumenty i fakty - Sankt-Petersburg (Russian Language)              Full Text
DLSAFE                          Active                 11/1/2005
           Argumenty i fakty - Severnyj Kavkaz (Russian Language)               Full Text
DLSAFF                          Active                 11/1/2005
           Argumenty i fakty - Tambov (Russian Language)                        Full Text
DLSAFG                          Discontinued           11/1/2005
           Argumenty i fakty - Udmurtiya (Russian Language)          12/20/2006 Full Text
DLSAFH                          Active
           Argumenty i fakty - Ural (Russian Language)1/10/2007                 Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                         Page 12
                                           Global Academic 2007Q4

AGUFAK                          Active
           Argumenty i Fakty (Russian Language)          1/21/1998                     Full Text
XARG                            Discontinued
           Argus Courier (Petaluma, Calif.)             11/25/1992           7/31/2001 Full Text
THEARG     The Argus            Active                    8/9/2006                     Full Text
DLSAGB                          Active
           Arhangelsk (Russian Language)                 11/1/2005                     Full Text
UPARI                           Discontinued              1/1/1997
           Ariel, A Review of International English Literature (Abstracts)   11/9/2005 Abstracts
ABB        Arizona Business Discontinued                  1/1/1993           12/1/2004 Full Text
KRTAZ                           Active
           The Arizona Daily Star (MCT) (Ariz.)          5/28/2003                     Full Text
TUCS                            Active
           The Arizona Daily Star                        10/1/1990                     Full Text
XASN       Arizona Daily Sun Discontinued               12/10/1992           7/31/2001 Full Text
IAZH                            Active
           Arizona Highways (Abstracts)                   1/1/1997                     Abstracts
AZTR       Arizona Trend        Discontinued              1/1/1987           7/31/2001 Full Text
ARKAF                           Active
           ARKA - Bulletins (Armenia)                     2/5/1997                     Full Text
ARKAFR                          Active
           ARKA - Bulletins (Armenia, Russian Language)   5/6/1997                     Full Text
ARKA       ARKA - News (Armenia)Active                   1/11/1999                     Full Text
ARKARU                          Active
           ARKA - News (Armenia, Russian Language)5/30/1997                            Full Text
BARK                            Active
           Arkansas Banker (Abstracts)                    1/1/1997                     Abstracts
ARK        Arkansas Business Discontinued                4/27/1987           7/31/2001 Full Text
ABER                            Discontinued
           Arkansas Business and Economic Review 1/1/1994                    9/30/2000 Full Text
AKDG                            Active
           The Arkansas Democrat Gazette (Little Rock)   10/1/1994                     Full Text
AAFC                            Active
           Armed Forces Comptroller                       1/1/1997                     Full Text
AFNC                            Discontinued
           Armed Forces Newswire Service                 9/22/1994           8/28/2000 Full Text
ARMBBE                          Active
           Arminfo Business Bulletin (Armenia)            8/1/2001                     Full Text
ARMBBR                          Active                     Language)
           Arminfo Business Bulletin (Armenia, Russian 8/1/2001                        Full Text
ARMNFE                          Active
           ARMINFO News (Armenia)                         1/1/2001                     Full Text
ARMFNR                          Active
           Arminfo News (Armenia, Russian Language) 8/1/2001                           Full Text
FARM       Armor                Active                    1/1/1997                     Full Text
IACT       Arms Control TodayActive                       1/1/1997                     Full Text
FAMY       Army (Abstracts)     Active                    1/1/1997                     Abstracts
FARL       Army Logistician     Active                    1/1/1997                     Full Text
IDGARN                          Active
           ARN (Australian Reseller News)                 5/4/2005                     Full Text
AROADD                          Discontinued
           Aromes Additifs Ingredients (Abstracts)       8/31/1995           7/31/2001 Abstracts
AROMS                           Additifs
           Arômes Ingrédients Active (French Language)    6/1/2005                     Full Text
DLSAGJ                          Active
           Arsenevskie vesti (Russian Language)          11/1/2005                     Full Text
DLSAGA                          Active
           Arso (Russian Language)                       12/1/2005                     Full Text
ARBU       The Art Bulletin     Active                    1/1/1995                     Full Text
ARTED      Art Education        Active                    1/1/2006                     Full Text
PARH                            Active
           Art History (Abstracts)                        1/1/1997                     Abstracts
ARTA                            Active
           Art in America (Abstracts)                     1/1/1994                     Abstracts
ARJ        Art Journal          Active                    1/1/1995                     Full Text
ARFO                            Active
           Artforum International                         1/1/1995                     Full Text
IATY                            Active
           Arthritis Today (Abstracts)                    1/1/1997                     Abstracts
GARN       ARTnews              Discontinued              1/1/1997            5/2/2000 Full Text
IAAC       Arts & Activities    Active                    1/1/1997                     Full Text
AEPR                            Active
           Arts Education Policy Review                   1/1/1994                     Full Text
DIARAS     As (Spanish Language)Active                   8/27/2007                     Full Text
DLSAGC                          Active
           AS Baikal TV (Russian Language)               12/1/2005                     Full Text
ASCU                            Active
           AS&U, American School & University             1/1/1994                     Full Text
SSW                             Discontinued
           AS/400 Systems Management                      1/1/1997           7/31/2001 Full Text
ASBC                            Discontinued
           Asbestos & Lead Abatement Report              9/26/1991           2/28/2003 Full Text
ASBL                            Discontinued
           Asbestos Litigation Reporter                  12/1/2001           8/31/2005 Full Text
KRTNJ                           Active
           Asbury Park Press (MCT) (N.J.)                5/28/2003                     Full Text
ANW        Ascribe News         Active                   3/31/1998                     Full Text

Factiva Confidential                               9/19/2011                                       Page 13
                                          Global Academic 2007Q4

IAEB                            Active
           ASEAN Economic Bulletin (Asia)               1/1/1997                    Full Text
ASGNZA                          Active
           Aseguranza (Spanish Language)               3/31/1998                    Full Text
ASHFOB     Ashfield Observer Active                    9/26/2006                    Full Text
ASIGN                           Active                  1/1/2001                    Full Text
           ASI Agricultural Supply Industry News (Available through Third Party Subscription Services)
ASINL                           Discontinued            3/9/2004        10/31/2005 Full Text
           ASI Online Plus (Available through Third Party Subscription Services)
APJO                            Active                  1/1/1998
           Asia - Pacific Journal of Operational Research                           Full Text
QAPR                            Active
           Asia & Pacific Review World of Information 1/1/1996                      Full Text
ASIFOC     Asia in Focus        Active                12/12/2002                    Full Text
AIWINC     Asia Inc             Active                  4/6/1997                    Full Text
AIR        Asia Insurance ReviewActive                 1/15/1995                    Full Text
APBC                            Discontinued
           Asia Pacific Broadcasting                   4/18/1997         6/30/2005 Full Text
ASPACC                          Active
           Asia Pacific Chemicals (Abstracts)          4/24/1994                    Abstracts
APER                            Discontinued
           Asia Pacific Economic Review                 4/1/1997         7/31/2001 Full Text
ABXAPH                           (ABIX Abstracts)
           Asia Pacific HospitalDiscontinued          12/31/1996         3/31/1998 Abstracts
APJM                            of Management (Abstracts)
           Asia Pacific Journal Active                  1/1/1997                    Abstracts
ASNAW                           Discontinued
           Asia Pacific Nanotech Weekly (Abstracts)     5/9/2005         1/10/2006 Abstracts
PYCT                            Discontinued
           Asia Pacific Telecoms Analyst                7/1/1994           3/4/1996 Full Text
ASPR                            Active
           Asia Private Equity Review                   7/1/2001                    Full Text
APERCN                          Active                  4/1/2004                    Full
           Asia Private Equity Review - Greater China (Chinese Language - Simplified) Text
APERTW                          Active                  4/1/2004                    Full
           Asia Private Equity Review - Greater China (Chinese Language - Traditional) Text
APERNF                          Active
           Asia Private Equity Review News Flash        4/6/2004                    Full Text
APULSE     Asia Pulse           Active                 7/13/1998                    Full Text
ATIM       Asia Times (China) Discontinued             12/8/1995         7/31/2001 Full Text
ABXAST                          Discontinued
           Asia Today International (ABIX Abstracts) 8/31/1996             9/1/2006 Abstracts
AMF        Asiamoney            Active                  1/1/1997                    Full Text
PAAA                            Active
           Asian Affairs: An American Review            1/1/1997                    Full Text
AAVN       Asian Aviation NewsDiscontinued             1/14/1994         7/31/2001 Full Text
ASABIN                          Active
           The Asian Banker Interactive               11/30/2005                    Full Text
ASABNK     The Asian Banker Active                    12/31/1997                    Full Text
ASBZ       Asian Business       Discontinued            1/1/1997           4/2/2002 Full Text
ABXABR                          Discontinued
           Asian Business Review (ABIX Abstracts) 11/30/1996             1/31/1999 Abstracts
ACBR                            Discontinued
           Asian Century Business Report                2/1/1993           5/1/1995 Full Text
ASIANC                          Active
           Asian Ceramics (Abstracts)                  1/21/1999                    Abstracts
ASCHNE                          Discontinued
           Asian Chemical News (Abstracts)            11/27/1994        12/19/2005 Abstracts
NBASDD                          Discontinued            9/1/2004
           Asian Defence and Diplomacy (News Bites Summary)                1/6/2005 Abstracts
NBADJN                          Discontinued
           Asian Defence Journal (News Bites Summary)   7/1/2003           1/6/2005 Abstracts
AENW       Asian Economic News  Discontinued           11/1/1991         7/27/2005 Full Text
PAFS                            Active
           Asian Folklore Studies                       1/1/1997                    Full Text
ASGLA                           Active
           Asian Glass (Abstracts)                    12/24/2004                    Abstracts
AIWTAM     The Asian Manager Discontinued              10/3/1997         7/31/2001 Full Text
HNASNI                          Active
           Asian News International                    10/3/2006                    Full Text
ABXAOG                          Discontinued
           Asian Oil and Gas (ABIX abstracts)          3/31/2001           7/1/2006 Abstracts
ASPLAS                           (Abstracts)
           Asian Plastics NewsActive                   1/21/1997                    Abstracts
APNW       Asian Political NewsDiscontinued            12/1/1991         7/27/2005 Full Text
AIWARB                          Discontinued
           Asian Review of Business and Technology 3/26/1997             7/31/2001 Full Text
ASEL                            Active
           Asian Sources Electronics (Abstracts)        1/1/1994                    Abstracts
AWKY                            Discontinued            1/1/1994
           The Asian Wall Street Journal Weekly (Abstracts)                7/1/2002 Abstracts
NBAPDR                          Discontinued            7/1/2003
           Asia-Pacific Defence Reporter (News Bites Summary)           11/15/2005 Abstracts
ASIAPR                          Language)
           ASIA-Plus (Russian Active                   9/27/2001                    Full Text
ASIPLU                          Active
           ASIA-Plus (Tajikistan)                       8/1/2001                    Full Text
AIWASW     Asiaweek             Discontinued           2/24/1997        11/23/2001 Full Text
ABXAW                           Discontinued
           Asiaweek (ABIX Abstracts)                   1/23/1988         12/7/2001 Abstracts

Factiva Confidential                              9/19/2011                                              Page 14
                                       Global Academic 2007Q4

QEDAKC                          Discontinued
           ASPEKT kilcullen Country Report           10/1/1997   1/12/1998 Full Text
ASPCON     Asphalt Contractor Active                  1/1/2004             Full Text
ASSA                            Active
           Assa-Irada Newsfeed (Azerbaijan)          5/10/2005             Full Text
ASMB       Assembly             Active                1/1/1994             Full Text
ASJ        Assessment JournalDiscontinued             1/1/1997   10/2/2003 Full Text
ASBA       Asset - Backed AlertDiscontinued           6/1/1998   5/27/2004 Full Text
AASS       Asset (Abstracts) Active                   1/1/1997             Abstracts
ASST                            Active
           Asset Australia (Abstracts)                1/1/2007             Abstracts
AFL                             Discontinued
           Asset Finance International                1/1/1997   11/1/2005 Full Text
AMMAG                           Active
           Asset Management Magazine (French Language)2/1/2005             Full Text
ASRI                            Discontinued
           Asset Sales Report International           3/9/1998   7/31/2001 Full Text
ASRE                            Report
           Asset Securitization Active                1/1/1991             Full Text
ASICRA                          Active
           Assicura (Italian Language)                3/1/2002             Full Text
ASCRAS                          Active
           Assicura 7 (Italian Language)              7/5/2002             Full Text
APRS                            Active
           Associated Press Newswires                12/3/1985             Full Text
AMNT                            Discontinued
           Association Management                     1/1/1994    9/1/2005 Full Text
ASMT                            A
           Association Meetings ctive                 4/1/2002             Full Text
LASFRA                          Discontinued
           L'Assurance Française (French Language) 1/31/1996     7/31/2001 Full Text
ASPAR                           Active                2/1/2006
           Assurances des Particuliers (French Lanaguage)                  Full Text
ASAM                            Discontinued
           ASTA Agency Management                    8/22/2001   11/8/2002 Full Text
DLSAGD                          Active
           Astrahanskaya pravda (Russian Language) 11/1/2005               Full Text
DLSAGF                          Discontinued
           Astrahanskie izvestiya (Russian Language) 11/1/2005    7/7/2007 Full Text
DLSAGE                          Active
           Astrahanskie vedomosti (Russian Language) 11/1/2005             Full Text
ASTR       Astronomy            Active                1/1/1994             Full Text
KRTBH                           Active
           Athens Banner-Herald (MCT) (Ga.)          5/25/2003             Full Text
ATHNEW     Athens News (Greece) Discontinued          9/8/1998    7/6/2001 Full Text
ANA                             A
           Athens News Agency ctive                   1/2/1998             Full Text
ATJC                            Active
           The Atlanta Journal - Constitution         1/1/1986             Full Text
ATIC                            Discontinued
           Atlantic Business (Canada)                 2/1/1985   7/31/2001 Full Text
ATEJ                            Active
           Atlantic Economic Journal                  1/1/1994             Full Text
BKNN       ATM & Debit News Active                   12/1/1991             Full Text
ATCM       ATM Global           Discontinued         5/29/1997    7/3/2004 Full Text
APAN                            Discontinued
           Atmospheric Monitoring & Abatement News 9/1/1993      10/1/1995 Full Text
PATQ                            Active
           ATQ: American Transcendental Quarterly     1/1/1997             Full Text
ATS                             Active              11/20/1997
           ATS - Agence Télégraphique Suisse (French Language)             Full Text
AACP       Attorney CPA         Active                1/1/1997             Full Text
IAUD       Audio (Abstracts) Discontinued             1/1/1997    2/2/2000 Abstracts
AUDW       Audio Week           Discontinued        11/11/1991   9/16/2004 Full Text
AUDU       Audiotex Update      Active               12/1/1991             Full Text
DLSAGG                          Active               11/1/2005
           Audit i nalogooblozhenie (Russian Language)                     Full Text
DLSAGH                          Active
           Audit segodnya (Russian Language)         11/1/2005             Full Text
UAPTX                           Active
           Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory   1/1/1997             Full Text
AAUD       Auditor's report     Discontinued          1/1/1997   12/4/2001 Full Text
DLSAGI                          Active
           Auditorskie vedomosti (Russian Language) 11/1/2005              Full Text
AUGO                            Discontinued
           Audrey Gostlin's Inside Fashion           9/19/1994   9/20/1996 Full Text
ADBN       Audubon              Discontinued          1/1/1994   7/31/2001 Full Text
AGCR                            Active
           Augusta Chronicle (Ga.)                   3/17/1998             Full Text
KRTAG                           Active
           The Augusta Chronicle (MCT) (Ga.)         5/28/2003             Full Text
AUFRA                           Active
           Aujourd'hui en France (French Language) 10/6/2005               Full Text
IAUK       Auk                  Active                1/1/1997             Full Text
ABXIMM                          Discontinued
           AusIMM Bulletin (ABIX abstracts)           3/1/2004    9/1/2006 Abstracts
KRTAU                           Discontinued
           Austin American-Statesman (MCT) (Texas) 5/28/2003      6/6/2006 Full Text

Factiva Confidential                          9/19/2011                                Page 15
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

AAS                             Active
           Austin American-Statesman (Texas)             1/1/1989                    Full Text
AJB                             Active
           Australasian Biotechnology (Abstracts)      8/23/1990                     Abstracts
AUSTLN     The Australian       Active                   7/8/1996                    Full Text
ABXAUS                          Discontinued
           The Australian (ABIX abstracts)               8/1/1996        12/1/2006   Abstracts
AUSMAG                          Active
           The Australian Magazine                     9/20/2003                     Full Text
ABXAM                           Discontinued
           The Australian Magazine (ABIX Abstracts) 8/17/1996            7/31/2001   Abstracts
ABXAA                           Discontinued
           Australian Accountant (ABIX Abstracts)      8/31/1996         2/28/1998   Abstracts
ABXACR                          Discontinued          10/31/1997
           Australian Accounting Review (ABIX Abstracts)                  7/1/2006   Abstracts
AUP                             Active                   1/1/1997
           Australian & New Zealand Journal of Public Health (Abstracts)             Abstracts
AAPSPO                          Active
           Australian Associated Press - Sports News 5/29/1998                       Full Text
AAPFIN                          Active                 Wire
           Australian Associated Press Financial News 9/13/2001                      Full Text
AAP                             Active
           Australian Associated Press General News 5/29/1998                        Full Text
NBAXAV                          Discontinued
           Australian Aviation (News Bites Summary) 7/1/2003              7/1/2005   Abstracts
AUBAFI                          Active
           Australian Banking & Finance               10/31/1996                     Full Text
ABCNEW                          Active
           Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) News1/1/2001                    Full Text
ABCREG                          Discontinued             1/1/2001
           Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Regional News        5/1/2003   Full Text
ABCRUR                          Discontinued             1/1/2001
           Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Rural News           5/1/2003   Full Text
ABCTRS                          Active                 3/23/2003
           Australian Broadcasting Corporation Transcripts                           Full Text
ABXAC                           Discontinued
           Australian Communications (ABIX Abstracts)  8/31/1996         3/31/2000   Abstracts
NBAXCN                           News
           Australian CompanyActive Bites                7/1/2003                    Full Text
NBACTF                           News                  7/18/2006
           Australian CompanyActive Bites - Trading Floor                            Full Text
NBMARR                           News
           Australian CompanyActive Bites - Market Report3/8/2006                    Full Text
NBACRS                           News
           Australian CompanyActive Bites - Results      3/7/2007                    Full Text
NBSECR                           News
           Australian CompanyActive Bites - Sector Report3/8/2006                    Full Text
NBACSR                           News                  9/20/2005
           Australian CompanyActive Bites - Stock Report                             Full Text
NBAXCO                          Discontinued
           Australian Cotton Outlook (News Bites Summary)7/1/2003        10/1/2003   Abstracts
NBAXDF                          Discontinued
           Australian Dairyfarmer (News Bites Summary)   7/1/2003         9/1/2003   Abstracts
NBAXDM                          Discontinued             7/1/2003
           Australian Defence Magazine (News Bites Summary)            11/28/2005    Abstracts
OZDR       Australian Doctor Active                      7/1/2003                    Full Text
NBAXDO                          Discontinued
           Australian Doctor (News Bites Summary)        7/1/2003         8/5/2005   Abstracts
AUR                              Review
           Australian EconomicActive (Abstracts)         1/1/1997                    Abstracts
NBAXFJ                          Discontinued
           Australian Farm Journal (News Bites Summary)  7/1/2003        11/1/2003   Abstracts
ABXAFM                          Discontinued           3/19/2004       11/24/2006
           The Australian Financial Markets Newsletter - INSTO (ABIX Abstracts)      Abstracts
AFNR                            Review
           Australian Financial Active (Abstracts)       1/1/2007                    Abstracts
NBAXFY                          Discontinued
           Australian Flying (News Bites Summary)        7/1/2003         6/1/2005   Abstracts
ABXGST                          Discontinued
           Australian GST Journal (ABIX Abstracts)       2/1/2004         8/1/2006   Abstracts
ABXAHJ                           Journal (ABIX
           Australian HardwareDiscontinued Abstracts)  8/31/1996         10/1/2006   Abstracts
ABXAJH                          Discontinued          12/31/1997
           Australian Journal Of Hospitality Management (ABIX Abstracts) 9/30/1999   Abstracts
AJOM                             Management
           Australian Journal ofActive                   6/1/1998                    Full Text
ABXAJM                           Mining (ABIX
           Australian Journal ofDiscontinued abstracts) 1/1/2004          9/1/2006   Abstracts
ABXALJ                          Discontinued
           Australian Library Journal (ABIX Abstracts) 2/28/1997       11/30/1999    Full Text
ABXALN                          Discontinued
           Australian Library News (ABIX Abstracts) 3/18/2004            6/10/2004   Abstracts
AUSBIO                          Active
           Australian Life Scientist                   3/15/2002                     Full Text
OZMING     Australian Mining Active                    7/23/2003                     Full Text
ABXAMN                          Discontinued
           Australian Mining (ABIX Abstracts)          8/31/1996         10/1/2006   Abstracts
ACPPCU     Australian PC User Active                   10/1/2003                     Full Text
ASPC       Australian PC WorldActive                   12/1/1997                     Full Text
NBAPOL                          Discontinued
           Australian Polling News Bites                 1/1/2004      12/21/2005    Full Text
ABXAPI                          Discontinued
           Australian Property Investor (ABIX Abstracts) 4/1/2004        10/1/2006   Abstracts
ABXAPN                          Discontinued
           Australian Property News (ABIX Abstracts) 12/7/1995           7/23/1999   Abstracts
NBAXPN                          Discontinued
           Australian Property News Bites                6/1/2004      12/14/2005    Full Text
AUSSEF                          Active                 5/20/1996
           Australian Stock Exchange Company Announcements                           Full Text

Factiva Confidential                             9/19/2011                                       Page 16
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

ABXATF                          Discontinued
           Australian Tax Forum (ABIX Abstracts)       1/1/2004    7/1/2006 Abstracts
ABXATR                          Discontinued
           Australian Tax Review (ABIX Abstracts)      3/1/2004    9/1/2006 Abstracts
AATR                            Active
           Australian Tax Review (Abstracts)           1/1/1997             Abstracts
ACPAWW                          Active
           The Australian Women's Weekly              10/1/2003             Full Text
AUSMIN                          Discontinued
           Australia's Mining Monthly                 7/31/1996   2/18/2002 Full Text
AUPAG                           Active                9/10/1998
           Austria Presse Agentur-OTS (German Language)                     Full Text
AUS        Austria Today        Active                6/25/2002             Full Text
AUSTND     Austrian News Digest Active                7/31/2001             Translated Abstracts
AUTBUS     Auto Business NewsActive                   9/12/2005             Full Text
AUIN       Auto Interiors       Discontinued          8/20/2001   10/8/2002 Full Text
AUCAR      Autocar              Active                9/13/2006             Full Text
IDNE       Automatic I.D. NewsDiscontinued             1/1/1994    5/2/2005 Full Text
ATMM                            Active
           Automatic Merchandiser                      1/1/1994             Full Text
AUMOIN                          Active
           Automobil Industrie (German Language)       1/1/2002             Full Text
AUMOON                          Active
           Automobil Industrie Online (German Language)1/1/2002             Full Text
AUTOR                           Active
           Automobil Revue (German Language)          6/20/2002             Full Text
AUTCMP                          Discontinued
           Automobile & Composants (French Language)  1/13/2005   7/13/2006 Full Text
ATCA                            Discontinued
           Automotive Components Analyst               5/1/1994    3/1/1996 Full Text
APRD                            Active
           Automotive Design & Production              1/1/1995             Full Text
AMOTEJ                          Discontinued
           Automotive Engineer (U.K., Abstracts)      11/2/1986   7/31/2001 Abstracts
AUTE                            Discontinued
           Automotive Engineering International        1/1/1989    3/1/2001 Full Text
AUTI       Automotive IndustriesDiscontinued           1/1/1989   2/24/2006 Full Text
AILR                             Litigation Reporter
           Automotive Industry Discontinued            1/1/2001   8/31/2005 Full Text
AUTM       Automotive Marketing Discontinued           1/1/1989    3/1/2001 Full Text
AUTN       Automotive News Active                     10/1/1991             Full Text
ANEU                            Active
           Automotive News Europe                      7/1/1996             Full Text
AUPR                            Discontinued
           Automotive Parts International             12/1/1991   12/4/1992 Full Text
AUTP       Automotive Plastics Discontinued            1/1/2000   12/1/2002 Full Text
AUTOW      Automotive World Active                   10/11/2005             Full Text
AUPT       Autoparts Report Active                    12/1/1991             Full Text
ATWK       AutoWeek             Active                 1/1/1992             Full Text
AVMG       AV Magazine          Discontinued          8/20/2002   12/5/2003 Full Text
DLSACH                          Active
           Avangard (Russian Language)                11/1/2005             Full Text
DLSACI                          Active
           Avant-partner (Russian Language)           11/1/2005             Full Text
DLSADJ                          Active
           Avers (Russian Language)                   12/1/2005             Full Text
ABXAIR                          Discontinued
           Aviation Business Magazine (ABIX abstracts)8/31/1996   12/3/2006 Abstracts
AVICON     The Aviation ConsumerActive                12/1/2006             Full Text
AVD        Aviation Daily       Active                 1/1/1989             Full Text
AE         Aviation Europe      Discontinued          10/8/1991   7/31/2001 Full Text
AVLR                            Discontinued
           Aviation Litigation Reporter                1/1/2001   8/31/2005 Full Text
AVMAN                           A
           Aviation Maintenance ctive                 8/15/2005             Full Text
AVISAF     Aviation Safety      Active                10/1/2006             Full Text
AW                              Active
           Aviation Week & Space Technology            1/1/1985             Full Text
AVION      Avionics             Active                8/15/2005             Full Text
DLSADA                          Active
           Avtopanorama (Russian Language)            11/1/2005             Full Text
AWPFFR                          Active
           AWP Analyse Financière (French Language)   5/22/2006             Full Text
AWPCP                           Active
           AWP Company Portraits (German Language)    3/21/2005             Full Text
AWPFEN                          Discontinued
           AWP Financial Analysis                     5/26/2006    8/7/2006 Full Text
AWPFAG                           (German Language)
           AWP FinanzanalyseActive                     1/1/2005             Full Text
AWPINT                          Active
           AWP International (German Language)        7/20/2006             Full Text
AWPSF                           Active
           AWP Swiss News (French Language)            3/1/2005             Full Text
AWPSG                           Active
           AWP Swiss News (German Language)            3/1/2005             Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                     Page 17
                                          Global Academic 2007Q4

AWPSI                           Active
           AWP Swiss News (Italian Language)             3/1/2005                Full Text
AXISHA     Axis                 Active                11/18/2005                 Full Text
AYRADV     Ayr Advocate         Active                  8/22/2001                Full Text
AZERRU                          Active
           Azer Press (Azerbaijan, Russian Language) 1/5/1998                    Full Text
AZERPR                          Active
           Azer-Press (Azerbaijan)                    10/21/1998                 Full Text
DLSAZE     Azg                  Active                  10/4/2006                Full Text
DLSAZG                          Active
           Azg (Russian Language)                       10/3/2006                Full Text
AZINDB                          Active
           Azienda Banca (Italian Language)              3/1/2002                Full Text
BTWKLY                          Active
           B & T Weekly (Australia)                     1/14/2003                Full Text
BZMK       B to B               Active                  12/1/1991                Full Text
ABXBAT                          Discontinued
           B+T Weekly (ABIX Abstracts)                   8/2/1996    12/3/2006   Abstracts
BBMM                            Active
           B2B Marketing Magazine                        2/1/2006                Full Text
BABLIA                          Active
           Babelia (Spanish Language)                   6/23/2001                Full Text
BKS        Back Stage           Active                   1/1/1989                Full Text
BKSW       Back Stage West Active                       8/23/2001                Full Text
BAHRND                          A
           Bahrain News Digest ctive                    5/31/2001                Translated Abstracts
BKCHI      Bakchich (Français)Active                    3/19/2007                Full Text
BKCA                            Discontinued
           Bakersfield Californian                       1/1/1994   11/18/1998   Full Text
KRTBK                           Active
           The Bakersfield Californian (MCT) (Calif.) 5/28/2003                  Full Text
BPRO                            Discontinued
           Bakery Production and Marketing               1/1/1989    7/31/2001   Full Text
BAKING                          A
           Baking Management ctive                       1/1/2006                Full Text
BALDAI     Baltic Business DailyActive                   2/4/1997                Full Text
BBN                             Active
           Baltic Business Weekly                        1/8/1995                Full Text
BFB                             Active
           Baltic News (Russian Language)               9/30/1999                Full Text
WBLT       The Baltic Times Active                       6/3/1999                Full Text
BALT                            Discontinued
           Baltimore Business Journal                    1/6/1986    9/29/2000   Full Text
KRTBZ                           Active
           The Baltimore Sun (MCT) (Md.)                5/26/2003                Full Text
NBBALU     The Baluchistan TimesActive                  1/24/2005                Full Text
BANGRD     Banbury Guardian Active                       8/8/2006                Full Text
BKPOST                          Active
           Bangkok Post (Thailand)                      3/31/1989                Full Text
BNGR                            Active
           Bangor Daily News (Maine)                    12/3/1992                Full Text
KRTNG                           Active
           Bangor Daily News (MCT) (Maine)              5/28/2003                Full Text
BACF                            Active
           Bank Accounting & Finance                    6/22/1999                Full Text
BADN       Bank Advertising NewsDiscontinued             1/3/1994   11/30/2001   Full Text
BLLL                            Discontinued
           Bank and Lender Liability Litigation Reporter 1/1/2001    8/31/2005   Full Text
BBLM                            Active
           Bank Asset/Liability Management (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                  Abstracts
BAAR                            Active
           Bank Auditing & Accounting Report (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                Abstracts
BANW       Bank Automation News Discontinued          11/20/1991     7/31/2001   Full Text
BBDR       Bank Director        Active                   1/1/1997                Full Text
BINV                            Active
           Bank Investment Consultant                    8/1/1996                Full Text
BIPN                            Discontinued
           Bank Investment Product News                  1/1/1997    7/28/1997   Full Text
BMFR                            Discontinued
           Bank Investment Services Report              9/15/1994    7/31/2001   Full Text
BANL       Bank Loan Report Active                      12/1/1991                Full Text
BANM       Bank Management Discontinued                  1/1/1991    7/17/1996   Full Text
BMKI                            Discontinued
           Bank Marketing International                  8/1/1995    3/30/2007   Full Text
BMGA                            Active
           Bank Mergers & Acquisitions (Abstracts)       1/1/1997                Abstracts
BBAW       Bank News            Active                   1/1/1997                Full Text
UBCAX      Bank of Canada ReviewActive                   1/1/1997                Full Text
BEQ                             Active
           Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin (Abstracts)1/1/1997                Abstracts
QEDBIW                          Discontinued
           Bank of Ireland Weekly Update              12/22/1998     9/28/2001   Full Text
QMON                            Discontinued            3/23/1998
           Bank of Montreal International Economic Review            8/17/2004   Full Text
BMNAO                           Active
           Bank of Montreal North American Outlook 8/15/2005                     Full Text

Factiva Confidential                              9/19/2011                                        Page 18
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

QEDMTW                          Active
           Bank of Montreal: The Weekly                 4/9/1998                 Full Text
BBOB                            Discontinued
           Bank Operations Bulletin                     1/1/1997      4/1/1998   Full Text
BBPN       Bank Personnel News  Discontinued            1/1/1997     8/26/2003   Full Text
BBRM                            Discontinued
           Bank Rate Monitor (Abstracts)                1/1/1997    10/12/1998   Abstracts
BBSJ                            Discontinued
           Bank Securities Journal (Abstracts)          1/1/1997      5/2/1999   Abstracts
BBSR                            Active
           Bank Security Report (Abstracts)             1/1/1997                 Abstracts
BSYT                            Active
           Bank Systems + Technology                    1/1/1994                 Full Text
BTCN       Bank Technology News Active                  1/1/1994                 Full Text
BTNI                            Discontinued
           Bank Technology News International          1/17/2000     7/31/2001   Full Text
BBNR                             (Abstracts)
           Bank Teller's ReportActive                   1/1/1997                 Abstracts
BKNA       The Banker           Active                  7/1/1992                 Full Text
BBLL                            Active
           Banker's Letter of the Law (Abstracts)       1/1/1997                 Abstracts
BBPR                            Services Policy Report 1/1/1997
           Banking & Financial Active                                            Full Text
BSBANK     Banking Annual       Active                  6/1/2003                 Full Text
BKAT       The Banking Attorney Discontinued            7/1/1993     8/14/1995   Full Text
BKNEWS     Banking Newslink Active                      2/8/2006                 Full Text
BAD                             Active
           Banking Strategies (Abstracts)               1/1/1997                 Abstracts
BNKTC      Banking TechnologyActive                    9/14/1989                 Full Text
BBINR                           Discontinued
           Banks in Insurance Report (Abstracts)        1/1/1997     12/1/2002   Abstracts
BIMAG                           Active                  3/1/2006
           Banque & Informatique Magazine (French Language)                      Full Text
QWCO                            Discontinued            2/1/1998
           Banque Nationale de Paris World Currency Outlook          6/14/2002   Full Text
QEDBNQ                          Discontinued
           Banque Paribas: The Macroeconomic Scenario  12/1/1995     7/31/2001   Full Text
BANENT                          Active
           Banques des Entreprises (French Language) 2/1/2006                    Full Text
BANPAR                          Active
           Banques des Particuliers (French Language) 2/1/2006                   Full Text
BANPF                           Active
           Banques des Professionnels (French Language) 2/1/2006                 Full Text
BANHEB                          Active
           Banques Hebdo (French Language)             3/10/2006                 Full Text
BANRH                           Active
           Banques Ressources Humaines (French Language)2/1/2006                 Full Text
QEDCOM                          Discontinued
           Barclays Bank Commodities Survey             2/1/1996     7/31/2001   Full Text
QEDBBC                          Discontinued
           Barclays Bank Country Report                12/1/1995     5/24/2001   Full Text
QEDBBE                          Discontinued
           Barclays Bank Economic Review                2/1/1996     5/23/2001   Full Text
QEDBES                          Discontinued
           Barclays Bank Economic Surveys               4/1/1996    11/18/1999   Full Text
QEDBBI                          Discontinued
           Barclays Bank Industry Update                5/1/1996     10/1/1998   Full Text
QEDBBF                          Discontinued
           Barclays Bank International Financial Outlook1/1/1996      6/1/2001   Full Text
QEDBIM                          Discontinued           Chronology
           Barclays Bank International Macroeconomic12/1/1995         5/1/1998   Full Text
QEDBBU                          Discontinued
           Barclays Bank UK Industry Briefings         2/19/2001     2/19/2001   Full Text
QEDUKM                          Discontinued
           Barclays Bank UK Macroeconomic Chronology    1/1/1996      5/1/1998   Full Text
QEDBUR                          Discontinued
           Barclays Bank UK Retailing Survey            1/1/1996      2/2/1999   Full Text
QEDBBS                          Discontinued
           Barclays Bank UK Services Survey             5/1/1996     7/31/2001   Full Text
QEDBBW                          Discontinued            1/2/1996
           Barclays Bank Weekly Exchange & Interest Rate Out         6/18/2001   Full Text
QEDBCP                          Discontinued
           Barings Currency Projections                1/11/1995     6/24/1999   Full Text
B          Barron's             Active                  1/5/1987                 Full Text
BBD        Baseball Digest      Active                  1/1/2005                 Full Text
BLIN       Baseline             Active                  6/1/2002                 Full Text
BASLZT                           Zeitung
           BasellandschaftlicheActive (German Language)1/11/2006                 Full Text
BASES                           Active
           Bases (French Language)                      1/1/1996                 Full Text
DLSAHB                          Active
           Bashinform (Russian Language)               12/1/2005                 Full Text
DLSAHC                          Active
           Bashnya (Russian Language)                  11/1/2005                 Full Text
BASLRZ                          Active
           Basler Zeitung (Switzerland, German Language)9/8/1998                 Full Text
BASS       Bass Player          Active                 11/1/2002                 Full Text
BTHC       Bath Chronicle       Active                  3/4/2002                 Full Text
BATR                            Active
           The Baton Rouge Advocate (La.)               1/1/1985                 Full Text
BAEV                            Discontinued
           Battery & EV Technology                     12/1/1991     6/12/2006   Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                    Page 19
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

BAMOEB                         Active
           Bau und Moebelschreiner (German Language)   3/1/1998                    Full Text
APNBPT     Bay of Plenty Times Active                 6/22/2005                    Full Text
BAYES                          Active
           Bayerische Staatszeitung (German Language)  3/3/2006                    Full Text
UBBR                           Active
           Baylor Business Review                      1/1/1997                    Full Text
SANDBA     Bayside Leader      Active                  8/1/2001                    Full Text
BBA                            Active                  3/1/1998
           bba Bau Beratung Architektur (German Language)                          Full Text
CTGBBC     BBC Monitoring      Active                  5/1/1984                    Full Text
BBCAP                          Active
           BBC Monitoring Africa                      9/25/1998                    Full Text
BBCAE                          Discontinued
           BBC Monitoring Africa - Economic           9/26/1998         7/8/2002   Full Text
BBCMAP                         Active
           BBC Monitoring Americas                    9/26/1998                    Full Text
BBCMAE                         Discontinued
           BBC Monitoring Americas - Economic         9/25/1998        6/28/2002   Full Text
BBCAPP                         Active
           BBC Monitoring Asia Pacific                9/25/1998                    Full Text
BBCAPE                         Discontinued
           BBC Monitoring Asia Pacific - Economic     9/25/1998        7/15/2002   Full Text
BBCCAU                         Active
           BBC Monitoring Caucasus                    7/21/2003                    Full Text
BBCCA                          Active
           BBC Monitoring Central Asia                9/25/1998                    Full Text
BBCEUP                         Active
           BBC Monitoring European                    9/25/1998                    Full Text
BBCEUE                         Discontinued
           BBC Monitoring European - Economic         9/25/1998        7/10/2002   Full Text
BBCSUP                         Active
           BBC Monitoring Former Soviet Union         9/25/1998                    Full Text
BBCSUE                         Discontinued           9/25/1998
           BBC Monitoring Former Soviet Union - Economic               7/10/2002   Full Text
BBCMM      BBC Monitoring MediaActive                 9/25/1998                    Full Text
BBCMEP                         Active
           BBC Monitoring Middle East                 9/25/1998                    Full Text
BBCMEE                         Discontinued
           BBC Monitoring Middle East - Economic      9/25/1998        7/17/2002   Full Text
BBCMNF                         Active
           BBC Monitoring Newsfile                    9/25/1998                    Full Text
BBCAF                          Discontinued
           BBC Monitoring Service: Africa (Abstracts) 6/30/1984        7/31/2001   Translated Abstracts
BBCFE                          Discontinued            5/1/1984
           BBC Monitoring Service: Asia-Pacific (Abstracts)            7/31/2002   Translated Abstracts
BBCEE                          Discontinued           6/30/1984
           BBC Monitoring Service: Central Europe & Balkans (Abstracts)7/31/2001   Translated Abstracts
BBCSU                          Discontinued           6/30/1984
           BBC Monitoring Service: Former USSR (Abstracts)             7/31/2001   Translated Abstracts
BBCLA                          Discontinued           6/30/1984
           BBC Monitoring Service: Latin America (Abstracts)           7/31/2001   Translated Abstracts
BBCME                          Discontinued           6/30/1984
           BBC Monitoring Service: Middle East (Abstracts)             7/31/2001   Translated Abstracts
BBCSAP                         Active
           BBC Monitoring South Asia                  9/25/1998                    Full Text
BBCSAE                         Discontinued
           BBC Monitoring South Asia - Economic       9/27/1998        6/21/2002   Full Text
BBCUKB                         Active
           BBC Monitoring Ukraine & Baltics           7/21/2003                    Full Text
BCB        BC Business         Discontinued            2/1/1985         4/1/2004   Full Text
BENS                           Discontinued
           BCE Emergis e-News Services                4/29/2002        7/30/2002   Full Text
BCNDNJ                         Active
           BCN Daily News (Japanese Language)        10/20/2006                    Full Text
BCNRKJ                         Active
           BCN Ranking (Japanese Language)            2/14/2007                    Full Text
KRTBE                          Active
           The Beaumont Enterprise (MCT) (Texas) 5/28/2003                         Full Text
BEABIZ     Beauty Biz          Active                  2/1/2003                    Full Text
BUTC       Beauty Counter      Discontinued            1/1/1994         5/2/1999   Full Text
KRTVB                          Active
           Beaver County Times (MCT) (Pa.)             1/1/2004                    Full Text
IBEA                           Active                  1/1/1997
           Beaver: Exploring Canada's History (Abstracts)                          Abstracts
BEDFTC                         Active
           Bedford Times and Citizen                  2/12/2004                    Full Text
BEEF       BEEF                Active                11/30/1997                    Full Text
FBHM                           Active
           Behavior Modification (Abstracts)           1/1/1997                    Abstracts
IBTH                           Active
           Behavior Therapy (Abstracts)                1/1/1997                    Abstracts
IBBS                           Active
           Behavioral & Brain Sciences (Abstracts)     1/1/1997                    Abstracts
ADCL                           Discontinued
           Behavioral Health Treatment                 1/1/1994        7/31/2001   Full Text
BHMG                           Active
           Behavioral Healthcare (Abstracts)           1/1/1994                    Abstracts
IBNE                           Active
           Behavioral Neuroscience (Abstracts)         1/1/1997                    Abstracts
ABRI                           Active
           Behavioral Research in Accounting           1/1/1997                    Full Text
UPBRT                           & Therapy (Abstracts) 1/1/1997
           Behaviour ResearchActive                                                Abstracts
BSDRF                          Discontinued
           Beiersdorf Journal (Abstracts)             5/16/1991        7/31/2001   Abstracts

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                            Page 20
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

BGBK       Beige Book          Active                    1/1/2000                 Full Text
BJRW       Beijing Review      Discontinued            3/14/1997      7/31/2001   Full Text
BEIW       Beijing Weekend Discontinued                  5/1/1992      8/1/2001   Full Text
DLSAHD                         Active
  (Russian Language)                   12/1/2005                  Full Text
BELAEN     BelaPAN             Active                    7/1/2005                 Full Text
BELARU                         Active
           BelaPAN (Russian Language)                    7/1/2005                 Full Text
BLGBEN                           (Investors Weekly) (Dutch Language)
           Beleggers BelangenActive                    6/16/2006                  Full Text
BELEGG                         (Dutch Language)
           Beleggersweekblad Discontinued             10/21/1998      8/16/2002   Full Text
BELNEL     Belfast News Letter Active                 12/20/1997                  Full Text
WBEL       Belfast Telegraph Active                    4/12/2005                  Full Text
DLSBGZ                          Language)
           BelGazeta (Russian Active                   10/2/2006                  Full Text
BELGND                         A
           Belgian News Digest ctive                   5/31/2001                  Translated Abstracts
DLSAHE                         Active
           Belgorodskaya pravda (Russian Language) 11/1/2005                      Full Text
BLWRI                          Discontinued
           Bell Lawrie Ltd (Abstracts)                   7/5/1981     7/31/2001   Abstracts
BLHM                           Active
           Bellingham Business Journal                 10/1/2000                  Full Text
DLSAHF                         Active
  (Russian Language)              12/1/2005                  Full Text
DLSSEG                         Active
           Belorus Segodnya (Russian Language)         10/3/2006                  Full Text
BDG                            Discontinued            2/10/1999
           Belorusskaya Delovaya Gazeta (Belarus, Russian Language) 3/21/2006     Full Text
BELGAZ                         Discontinued
           Belorusskaya Gazeta (Russian Language) 2/3/1997            7/31/2001   Full Text
DLSBLN                         Active
           Belorusskaya Niva (Russian Language)        2/20/2007                  Full Text
BELORY                         Active                  5/12/1997
           Belorusskiy Rynok (Belarus, Russian Language)                          Full Text
BELNW      Belper News         Active                 10/25/2006                  Full Text
BELTA      BelTA               Active                 12/26/2002                  Full Text
BELTAR                         Active
           BelTA (Russian Language)                   12/26/2002                  Full Text
NBBDAD                         Discontinued              7/1/2003
           Bendigo Advertiser [Bendigo] (News Bites Summary)         12/28/2003   Abstracts
BEI                            Active                    1/1/1997
           Benefits & Compensation International (Abstracts)                      Abstracts
BCD                            Active
           Benefits Canada (Abstracts)                   1/1/1997                 Abstracts
UABLJ                          Active
           Benefits Law Journal (Abstracts)              1/1/1997                 Abstracts
BFQ        Benefits Quarterly Active                     1/1/1997                 Full Text
DLSAHG                         Active
           Bereg (Russian Language)                    11/1/2005                  Full Text
BERMP                            (German Language)
           Berliner MorgenpostActive                     1/1/2004                 Full Text
BERLRZ                         Active
           Berliner Zeitung (German Language)          9/30/1998                  Full Text
BORSNN                         Active
           Berlingske Nyhedsmagasin (Danish Language)    4/2/2001                 Full Text
BRNAMA                         Active
           Bernama Daily Malaysian News                10/1/1999                  Full Text
INFLNK                         Discontinued
           Bernama Infolink Services                   7/12/1999      10/6/2003   Full Text
AIWBRN                         Discontinued
           BERNAMA Malaysian National News Agency      9/11/1996      7/31/2001   Full Text
BERNRZ                         Active
           Berner Zeitung (German Language)            9/22/2000                  Full Text
BERWAD     Berwick Advertiser Active                  10/25/2006                  Full Text
BERWGZ     Berwick Gazette     Active                  2/12/2004                  Full Text
BERWLE                         Active
           Berwick/Pakenham Cardinia Leader              8/1/2001                 Full Text
BESCHA                          (German Language)
           Beschaffung aktuell Active                    6/1/2001                 Full Text
AMBEST                         Active
           Best's Insurance News                       3/31/1994                  Full Text
BSTS       Best's Review       Active                    1/1/2000                 Full Text
BRLH                           Discontinued
           Best's Review: Life-Health Insurance Edition 1/1/1989      7/31/2001   Full Text
BRPC                           Discontinued              1/1/1989
           Best's Review: Property-Casualty Insurance Edition         7/31/2001   Full Text
BETMEI                         Discontinued
           Betrieb & Meister (German Language)           5/1/2001      8/1/2006   Full Text
BETTN                          Active
           Betten (Dutch Language)                       8/7/2002                 Full Text
BNUT       Better Nutrition    Active                    1/1/1994                 Full Text
BVGA       Beverage Aisle      Discontinued            8/20/2001      9/15/2004   Full Text
BVGI       Beverage Industry Active                      1/1/1994                 Full Text
BVW        Beverage World      Discontinued              1/1/1989    12/15/2004   Full Text
BVWI                           Discontinued
           Beverage World International                8/20/2001       6/8/2002   Full Text

Factiva Confidential                           9/19/2011                                            Page 21
                                          Global Academic 2007Q4

BWPE                             Discontinued
           Beverage World Periscope Edition             1/1/1994         3/31/1999 Full Text
BEXHOB     Bexhill Observer      Active                8/31/2006                    Full Text
BIRE       Bicycle Retailer      Active                8/23/2001                    Full Text
BIDM       BidMatch              Discontinued          4/21/1999        12/16/1999 Full Text
BKBUS                            Active
           Bike und BUSINESS (German Language)          4/8/2004                    Full Text
BILAN                            Active
           Bilan (French Language)                      4/6/2005                    Full Text
BILANZ                           Active
           Bilanz (German Language)                    10/1/2004                    Full Text
BBRD       Billboard             Active                 3/1/1991                    Full Text
AIRPLY                           Discontinued
           Billboard Radio Monitor                    12/10/2004          9/1/2006 Full Text
BILBIZ         Active                8/19/2004                    Full Text
BLNG       Billing International Discontinued           6/1/2001          3/1/2002 Full Text
KRTBX                            Active
           BillBillings Gazette (MCT) (Mont.)           1/1/2003                    Full Text
BIZ                              (Mont.)
           The Billings Gazette Active                 2/27/1988                    Full Text
BSBILC     The Billionaire Club Active                  6/1/2003                    Full Text
BIOVNL                           Discontinued           3/2/2004          4/6/2005 Full Text
           Bio Venture View Online Plus (Available through Third Party Subscription Services)
DBMT       BioAccess             Discontinued          12/1/1991         11/1/1999 Full Text
UBIOX      BioCycle              Active                 1/1/1997                    Full Text
FBR                              Discontinued
           The Biodefense Funding Report               1/24/2005         6/27/2006 Full Text
BIBU                             Active
           The Biological Bulletin                      1/1/1995                    Full Text
PBIR                             Active                 1/1/1997
           Biological Reviews of the Cambridge Philosophical Society (Abstracts)    Abstracts
BMEC       Biomechanics          Active                5/22/2003                    Full Text
BBNW                             Active
           Biomedical Business & Technology            11/4/1991                    Full Text
BIMN                             Discontinued
           Biomedical Market Newsletter                 1/1/1991          7/8/2004 Full Text
BIOM       Biomedical Materials  Active                10/1/1992                    Full Text
AGNW                             Discontinued
           Biomolecular Diagnostics News               10/1/1991         2/28/2004 Full Text
BIOP       BioPharm              Discontinued           1/1/1994          4/1/2001 Full Text
BIOS       BioScience            Active                 1/1/1994                    Full Text
BIOSP                            Active
           Biospectrum (Abstracts)                     9/30/2005                    Abstracts
BTBU       Biotech Business Active                     12/1/1991                    Full Text
BTBW       Biotech Business Week Active                 1/1/2003                    Full Text
BTEQ                             Active
           Biotech Equipment Update                    10/1/1993                    Full Text
BTFR                             Active
           Biotech Financial Reports                    7/1/1994                    Full Text
BTCH       Biotech Patent News   Active                12/1/1991                    Full Text
BIWK       Biotech Week          Active                 1/1/1999                    Full Text
BIOBRC                           Discontinued         (Abstracts)
           Biotechnology & Biological Research Coun11/23/1995            7/31/2001 Abstracts
BTBN                             Discontinued
           Biotechnology Business News                 1/23/1991        12/12/1996 Full Text
BTIO                             Discontinued
           Biotechnology Investment Opportunities       1/1/1992         7/31/2001 Full Text
BIO                              Discontinued
           Biotechnology Newswatch                      9/1/1986         12/7/2002 Full Text
BIOWTC                           Discontinued
           Biotechnology Newswatch (Abstracts)         12/6/1989         12/2/2002 Abstracts
BTRR       Bioterrorism Week Active                     1/1/2002                    Full Text
BIOV                             Discontinued          11/4/2003         8/12/2005 Full
           BIOVENTURE VIEW (Available through Third Party Subscription Services) Text
BIOF                             Active
           BioWorld Financial Watch                     1/1/2002                    Full Text
BIOW       BIOWORLD Today Active                        9/9/1995                    Full Text
BIOK       BioWorld Week         Active                 1/1/2002                    Full Text
EVEMAI     Birmingham Mail (U.K.)Active                 4/1/1999                    Full Text
BRMN                             Discontinued
           Birmingham News (Ala., Abstracts)            1/1/1994         7/31/2001 Abstracts
BMP        Birmingham Post (U.K.)Active                8/29/1981                    Full Text
XBPH                             Discontinued
           Birmingham Post Herald (Ala.)                8/1/1993         7/31/2001 Full Text
DLSAIB                           Active
           Birzha (Russian Language)                   11/1/2005                    Full Text
BISENA     BIS. English AbstractsActive                7/22/2005                    Abstracts
BISMAS                           A
           BIS. Market Statistics ctive                 3/6/2007                    Full Text
KRTNB                            Active
           The Bismarck Tribune (MCT) (N.D.)            9/1/2003                    Full Text

Factiva Confidential                             9/19/2011                                      Page 22
                                          Global Academic 2007Q4

BISNIS     Bisnis Indonesia     Active                 9/23/1997                    Full Text
CTGBZK                          Active
           Bizekon-Russica Izvestia - All (English)    9/25/1995                    Translated Abstracts
BIZKON                          Active
           Bizekon-Russica Izvestia(E)                12/25/1996                    Translated Abstracts
DLSBAL                          Active
           Biznes & Baltiya (Russian Language)        10/24/2006                    Full Text
DLSAHH                          Active
           Biznes dlya vseh (Russian Language)         11/1/2005                    Full Text
DLSAHI                          Active
           Biznes i banki (Russian Language)           11/1/2005                    Full Text
DLSAIA                          Active                 12/1/2005
           Biznes-novosti respubliki Komi (Russian Language)                        Full Text
KRTBS      BizSmart Column (MCT)Discontinued           5/28/2003         12/4/2006 Full Text
BIZZD      Bizz (Dutch Language)Active                 1/26/2006                    Full Text
BIZZF                           Active
           Bizz (French Language)                      1/26/2006                    Full Text
BZZ                             Active
           Bizz (RBI) (Dutch Language)                 5/24/2006                    Full Text
BLBOIN     Black Box Investing Discontinued            3/31/2004         11/3/2005 Full Text
BLCO       The Black CollegianActive                    1/1/1995                    Full Text
BLE        Black Enterprise     Active                  1/1/1992                    Full Text
BIBOOK                          Active
           Black Issues Book Review                     1/1/2006                    Full Text
BIHE                            Active
           Black Issues In Higher Education             1/1/1994                    Full Text
GBLS                            Active
           Black Scholar (Abstracts)                    1/1/1997                    Abstracts
BLSEXP                          Active
           BLACK SEA PRESS (Georgia)                   3/20/1997                    Full Text
BLKSEA                          Active
           BLACK SEA PRESS (Georgia, Russian Language) 3/27/1997                    Full Text
BLACGA     Blackpool Gazette Active                     7/1/2001                    Full Text
BLACAD     Blacktown AdvocateActive                     8/8/2001                    Full Text
KRTTO                           Active
           The Blade (MCT) (Ohio)                      5/28/2003                    Full Text
BLAD                            Discontinued
           Blade (Toledo, Ohio, Abstracts)              1/1/1994         7/31/2001 Abstracts
BLICK                           Active
           Blick (German Language)                      6/1/2002                    Full Text
BLDDW                           Discontinued
           Blick durch die Wirtschaft                  5/13/1997         7/31/2001 Full Text
BLDW       Blood Weekly         Active                 8/29/1994                    Full Text
BLMNY      Bloomberg Money Discontinued                 1/1/2005         12/1/2006 Full Text
BLU        Bluetooth World      Discontinued            5/1/2001           6/1/2003 Full Text
BMIAA                           Active                 8/23/2007
           BMI Industry Insights - Automotives, Americas                            Full Text
BMIAUA                          Active                 8/22/2007
           BMI Industry Insights - Automotives, Asia (English Language)             Full Text
BMIAEE                          Active                 8/22/2007
           BMI Industry Insights - Automotives, Emerging Europe                     Full Text
BMIAME                          Active                 8/21/2007
           BMI Industry Insights - Automotives, Middle East & Africa                Full Text
BMIAUW                          Active                 8/21/2007
           BMI Industry Insights - Automotives, Western Europe (English Language) Full Text
BMFAM                           Active                 8/23/2007
           BMI Industry Insights - Food & Drink, Americas                           Full Text
BMFDA                           Active
           BMI Industry Insights - Food & Drink, Asia 8/21/2007                     Full Text
BMFEE                           Active                 8/28/2007
           BMI Industry Insights - Food & Drink, Emerging Europe                    Full Text
BMFME                           Active                  East & Africa
           BMI Industry Insights - Food & Drink, Middle8/21/2007                    Full Text
BMFDW                           Active                 8/22/2007
           BMI Industry Insights - Food & Drink, Western Europe                     Full Text
BMOGAM                          Active
           BMI Industry Insights - Oil & Gas, Americas 8/21/2007                    Full Text
BMOGA                           Active
           BMI Industry Insights - Oil & Gas, Asia     8/21/2007                    Full Text
BMOGEE                          Active                 Europe
           BMI Industry Insights - Oil & Gas, Emerging 8/21/2007                    Full Text
BMOGME                          Active                 8/21/2007
           BMI Industry Insights - Oil & Gas, Middle East & Africa                  Full Text
BMOGWE                          Active                 8/22/2007
           BMI Industry Insights - Oil & Gas, Western Europe                        Full Text
BMIPAM                          Active                 9/18/2007
           BMI Industry Insights - Pharma & Healthcare, Americas                    Full Text
BMIPHA                          Active                 8/22/2007
           BMI Industry Insights - Pharma & Healthcare, Asia                        Full Text
BMIPME                          Active                 9/18/2007
           BMI Industry Insights - Pharma & Healthcare, Middle East & Africa        Full Text
BMIPHW                          Active                 9/18/2007
           BMI Industry Insights - Pharma & Healthcare, Western Europe              Full Text
BMITEA                          Active                  Americas
           BMI Industry Insights - Telecommunications,8/21/2007                     Full Text
BMITA                           Active                  Asia
           BMI Industry Insights - Telecommunications,8/22/2007                     Full Text
BMITEU                          Active                  Emerging
           BMI Industry Insights - Telecommunications,8/23/2007 Europe              Full Text
BMITME                          Active                  Middle East & Africa
           BMI Industry Insights - Telecommunications,8/22/2007                     Full Text
BMITEE                          Active                  Western
           BMI Industry Insights - Telecommunications,8/30/2007 Europe              Full Text

Factiva Confidential                             9/19/2011                                            Page 23
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

IBMX       BMX Plus (Abstracts)Active                 1/1/1997                Abstracts
BNDEST                         Active
           BN/DeStem (Dutch Language)                 5/1/2003                Full Text
BNAMEN                         News
           BNAmericas Metals Active (Abstracts)       1/4/2005                Abstracts
BNAMIN                         News
           BNAmericas Mining Active (Abstracts)       1/4/2005                Abstracts
BNAOGA                         Active
           BNAmericas Oil & Gas News (Abstracts)      1/7/2005                Abstracts
BNAPET                         Active
           BNAmericas Petrochemicals News (Abstracts)8/17/2007                Abstracts
BBBR                           Discontinued
           BNA's Banking Report (Abstracts)           1/1/1997    5/22/2006   Abstracts
QEDBCO                         Active
           BNP Paribas Conjoncture                   12/1/1995                Full Text
QEDBNP                         Active
           BNP Paribas Economic Newsletter           12/1/1997                Full Text
BOARD      Boards              Active                9/24/2003                Full Text
GBOT       Boating (Abstracts) Discontinued           1/1/1997    3/23/2004   Abstracts
BTNG       Boating Industry    Discontinued           1/1/1989    7/31/2001   Full Text
BOCW       BOC Week            Discontinued          11/1/1991     2/3/1992   Full Text
BSB        Body shop biz       Active                10/1/2004                Full Text
BODRJ                          Active
           Boerderij (Dutch Language)                5/16/2006                Full Text
BZ                             Active
           Boersen-Zeitung (Germany, Abstracts)      10/8/1982                Translated Abstracts
DLSAIC                         Active
           Bogatei (Russian Language)                11/1/2005                Full Text
BTEND                          (Portuguese
           Boletim Tendências Discontinued Language)9/23/1998    11/14/2001   Full Text
GBON                           Discontinued
           Bon Appetit (Abstracts)                    1/1/1997    3/23/2004   Abstracts
BBYER      The Bond Buyer      Active                 1/2/1991                Full Text
PFWW                           Discontinued
           Bond Buyers Public Finance Watch           1/1/1993     8/1/1994   Full Text
BONDRA     Bond Radar          Active                3/23/2007                Full Text
BDWK       BondWeek            Discontinued           8/9/1999    7/29/2005   Full Text
UIBKR                          Discontinued
           Book Report (Abstracts)                    1/1/1997    8/26/2003   Abstracts
PBKL       Booklist            Active                 1/1/1997                Full Text
BKSL       Bookseller          Discontinued          8/23/2001   12/17/2004   Full Text
BOONWS                         Discontinued
           Boots News (Abstracts)                     9/8/1986    7/31/2001   Abstracts
NBBMAW                         Discontinued           7/1/2003
           Border Mail [Albury Wodonga] (News Bites Summary)      12/8/2003   Abstracts
AIWBOR     Borneo Bulletin     Active                3/14/1997                Full Text
BN         Børsen (abstracts) Discontinued           11/2/1982   11/29/2001   Translated Abstracts
BRSN                           Active
           Børsen (Danish Language)                  9/14/1998                Full Text
BOSNPD     Bosnian News Digest Active                 3/8/1998                Translated Abstracts
DLSAID                         Active
           Boss (Russian Language)                   11/1/2005                Full Text
BBM        Boston Business     Discontinued           3/1/1987    7/31/2001   Full Text
BCEA                           Active                 1/1/1998
           Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review                    Full Text
KRTGL                          Active
           The Boston Globe (MCT) (Mass.)            5/28/2003                Full Text
BSTNGB     The Boston Globe Active                    1/1/1987                Full Text
BHLD       Boston Herald       Active                7/26/1991                Full Text
BLAWT                          Discontinued
           The Boston Law Tribune                    9/24/2001    9/30/2002   Full Text
IBOS                           Active
           Boston Magazine (Abstracts)                1/1/1997                Abstracts
BOSTST     Boston Standard     Active                9/26/2006                Full Text
BORE                           A
           The Botanical Reviewctive                  1/1/1995                Full Text
ABTL                           Discontinued
           Bottom Line (Abstracts)                    1/1/1997    10/2/2001   Abstracts
BBR                            Active
           Boulder County Business Report (Abstracts) 5/1/1985                Abstracts
PBTO                           Active
           Boundary 2 (Abstracts)                     1/1/1997                Abstracts
BWWLD                          Active
           Bouwwereld (Dutch Language)               6/20/2006                Full Text
NLBWIN                         Active
           The Bowen Independent                     3/23/2005                Full Text
XBOW                            News (Ky.)
           Bowling Green DailyDiscontinued            5/1/1993    7/31/2001   Full Text
BOXX                           A
           Boxoffice (Abstracts) ctive                1/1/1994                Abstracts
IBOY       Boys' Life          Active                 1/1/1997                Full Text
BPCWO                           (Abstracts)
           Bp Chemicals WorldDiscontinued            2/14/1989    7/31/2001   Abstracts
BPFTOD                         Discontinued
           Bpf Today (Abstracts)                     2/16/1989    7/31/2001   Abstracts

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                       Page 24
                                          Global Academic 2007Q4

BPZ                              Active
           bpz baupraxis zeitung (German Language) 3/1/1998                            Full Text
BRABD                            Active
           Brabants Dagblad (Dutch Language)               5/1/2003                    Full Text
BRAREP     Brand Republic        Active                    4/4/2002                    Full Text
BRASTR     Brand Strategy        Active                 11/30/1995                     Full Text
ADMW       Brandweek             Active                    1/1/1991                    Full Text
BRAP       Bray People           Active                   8/10/2006                    Full Text
BREMNA                            (German Language) 9/13/2006
           Bremer Nachrichten Active                                                   Full Text
XBSN       Bremerton Sun (Wash.) Discontinued             12/1/1991        7/31/2001   Full Text
BREGAZ     Brentwood Gazette Active                        8/8/2002                    Full Text
BRIWTI     Bridgwater Times Active                         8/8/2002                    Full Text
BRIDFP     Bridlington Free PressActive                   9/26/2006                    Full Text
BRIMME     Brimbank Leader Active                          8/1/2001                    Full Text
CITNEW     Brisbane City News Active                       8/1/2001                    Full Text
BRISNE     Brisbane News         Active                   8/15/2001                    Full Text
FBEP       Bristol Evening PostActive                      5/2/2002                    Full Text
ABAR                             Active
           British Accounting Review (Abstracts)           1/1/1997                    Abstracts
BJPS                             Active                    1/1/1995
           The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science (Abstracts)               Abstracts
PBJH                             Active                    1/1/1997
           British Journal for the History of Science (Abstracts)                      Abstracts
AMT                              Active                     (Abstracts)
           British Journal of Administrative Management2/1/2004                        Abstracts
BJA                              Active
           The British Journal of Aesthetics               1/1/1995                    Full Text
BJC                              Active
           British Journal of Criminology                  1/1/1995                    Full Text
BRI                              Active                    1/1/1997
           British Journal of Industrial Relations (Abstracts)                         Abstracts
BRM                              Active
           British Journal of Management (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                          Abstracts
BJPO                             Active
           British Journal of Political Science            1/1/1995                    Full Text
BJSY                             Active
           British Journal of Psychology                   1/1/1994                    Full Text
PBJO                             Active
           British Journal of Sociology (Abstracts)        1/1/1997                    Abstracts
BMDJ                             Active
           British Medical Journal (Abstracts)          11/10/2001                     Abstracts
BPRB                             Active
           British Plastics & Rubber                       1/1/1994                    Full Text
BRIPRI     British Printer       Discontinued              9/1/1997        10/1/2000   Full Text
BBNN                             Active
           Broadband Business Forecast                    11/1/1991                    Full Text
BRADTV     Broadband TV News     Active                   7/29/2005                    Full Text
BCST       Broadcast (U.K.)      Active                 12/19/1986                     Full Text
BENG       Broadcast Engineering Active                   11/1/1996                    Full Text
BRENS                            Discontinued
           Broadcast Engineering News (Australia)          4/2/2003        12/1/2006   Full Text
BNW                              Active
           Broadcast News (Canada)                         1/1/1999                    Full Text
DGTV       Broadcast TV          Active                    9/1/2002                    Full Text
BDER       Broadcaster           Active                    8/6/2004                    Full Text
BDCTCA     Broadcasting & Cable  Active                    1/1/1989                    Full Text
IBDL                             Discontinued
           Broadcasting & the Law (Abstracts)              1/1/1997         2/2/2003   Abstracts
BRKR       Broker Magazine Active                         1/17/2000                    Full Text
UBRW                             Active
           Broker World (Abstracts)                        1/1/1997                    Abstracts
BPE                              Active
           Brookings Papers on Economic Activity           1/1/1997                    Full Text
BRVW       Brookings Review Discontinued                   1/1/1994        3/12/2004   Full Text
BDBR                             Active
           Broward Daily Business Review                  9/20/2001                    Full Text
BLCQ                             Discontinued              1/1/1994
           The Brown University Long-Term Care Quality Advisor             7/31/2001   Full Text
KRTBV                            Active
           The Brownsville Herald (MCT) (Texas)           5/28/2003                    Full Text
BRUN                              Journal
           Brunswick Business Discontinued                 1/1/1992        7/31/2001   Full Text
ABXBRW     BRW (ABIX abstracts)  Discontinued             12/4/1995        6/27/2002   Abstracts
BRW                              Active
           BRW (Australia, Abstracts)                      1/1/2007                    Abstracts
DLSAIE                            (Russian Language) 11/1/2005
           Bryanskaya nedelya Discontinued                                 12/5/2006   Full Text
DLSAIF                           Active
           Bryanskaya pravda (Russian Language)           11/1/2005                    Full Text
DLSAIG                           Active                   11/1/2005
           Bryanskaya uchitelskaya gazeta (Russian Language)                           Full Text

Factiva Confidential                              9/19/2011                                        Page 25
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

DLSAIH                            Active
           Bryanskij rabochij (Russian Language)         11/1/2005                   Full Text
DLSAII                            Discontinued
           Bryanskoe vremya (Russian Language)           11/1/2005       3/30/2007   Full Text
BSTHOU     BS 1000                Active                   6/1/2003                  Full Text
BTCT       BT Catalyst            Active                 12/1/1991                   Full Text
BTCAT      BT Catalyst (Abstracts)Active                12/31/2004                   Abstracts
BUCWIN                            Active
           Buckingham & Winslow Advertiser               9/26/2006                   Full Text
BUCKHR     Bucks Herald           Active                 9/26/2006                   Full Text
WBBJ                              Active
           Budapest Business Journal                     9/13/1999                   Full Text
BUDDEC     BuddeComm (Abstracts)  Active                 1/18/2006                   Abstracts
BUDHEB                            Active
           Budget Hebdo (French Language)                2/19/1998                   Full Text
BUDWEE                            Active
           Budget Week (Belgium, Dutch Language) 2/19/1998                           Full Text
DLSBJJ                            Active
           Budni (Russian Language)                      11/1/2005                   Full Text
KRTBF                             Active
           The Buffalo News (MCT) (N.Y.)                 5/27/2003                   Full Text
BFNW       Buffalo News (N.Y.) Active                    2/12/1992                   Full Text
DLSBJC                            Active
           Buff-sad (Russian Language)                   11/1/2005                   Full Text
DLSBJD                            Active
           Buhgalterskij uchet (Russian Language)        11/1/2005                   Full Text
BLDR       Builder                Active                   1/1/1994                  Full Text
BLMT                              Discontinued
           Builders Merchant Journal                       1/1/1995       7/2/1999   Full Text
BLDNG      Building               Active                 10/1/1987                   Full Text
ABXBUI                            Discontinued
           Building Australia Magazine (ABIX Abstracts)  2/28/1999       10/1/2005   Abstracts
DLSBUI                            Active
           Building Commercial (Russian Language)          4/1/2007                  Full Text
ABXBCM                            Discontinued           8/31/1996
           Building Construction Materials & Equipment (ABIX Abstracts) 4/1/2006     Abstracts
BLDDSG     Building Design        Active                 6/27/1986                   Full Text
BDC                               Active
           Building Design & Construction                  1/1/1989                  Full Text
ABXBIC                            Discontinued          (ABIX Abstracts) 4/30/2003
           Building Innovation and Construction Tech 10/31/1996                      Abstracts
BPRODN                            Active
           Building Product News (Australia)             7/15/2003                   Full Text
BUISER                            Active
           Building Services Journal                     2/28/1998                   Full Text
BSHC                              Discontinued
           Building Supply Business                        1/1/1989      11/1/1995   Full Text
ABXBUT                            Discontinued
           Building Today (ABIX Abstracts)               9/30/1996       10/1/2006   Abstracts
BUBANK                            Active
           Bulgarian Banks and Brokers Reports          10/20/2006                   Full Text
BULASS                            Active
           Bulgarian Business Association News             1/5/2007                  Full Text
BULCEN                            Active
           Bulgarian Central Bank News                  10/10/2006                   Full Text
BULCOM                            Profiles
           Bulgarian Company Discontinued                  7/1/1998      7/31/2001   Full Text
BULECO                            Statistics
           Bulgarian Economic Active                    10/10/2006                   Full Text
BULGOV                            Active
           Bulgarian Government News                     10/5/2006                   Full Text
BTA        Bulgarian News Agency  Active                 8/18/1999                   Full Text
BULPRI     Bulgarian News Digest  Active                   6/4/1997                  Translated Abstracts
BUSTOK                            Active
           Bulgarian Stock Exchange News                10/12/2006                   Full Text
MBLK       Bulk Transporter       Active                 9/30/1997                   Full Text
ABXB                              Discontinued
           The Bulletin (ABIX Abstracts)                   8/6/1996      12/5/2006   Abstracts
XBUL       Bulletin (Bend, Ore.)Discontinued            11/25/1992       7/31/2001   Full Text
NPPB                              Active
           Bulletin (Northwest Public Power Association)6/1/1999                     Full Text
BALO                              Active                   5/1/2002
           Bulletin des Annonces Légales Obligatoires (French Language)              Full Text
ABIF                              Active
           Bulletin for International Taxation (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                  Abstracts
BIIDEP                             D'Informations
           Bulletin InternationalDiscontinued (Abstracts)6/26/1993       5/31/2004   Abstracts
BOE                                Research (Abstracts) 1/1/1997
           Bulletin of EconomicActive                                                Abstracts
IAMS                              Active
           Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 1/1/1997                  Full Text
BAS                               Active                   1/1/1997
           Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology   Full Text
BATS                              Active
           Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (Abstracts) 1/1/1994                    Abstracts
BTNCEC                            Active                 6/27/1986
           Bulletin of the Commission of European Commissioner (Abstracts)           Abstracts
BULLEU                            Active
           Bulletin of the European Union (Abstracts) 1/31/2005                      Abstracts
MEWBUL     Bulletin Wire          Discontinued           3/22/2005       8/11/2005   Full Text

Factiva Confidential                             9/19/2011                                             Page 26
                                       Global Academic 2007Q4

BLTN       The Bulletin        Active                  7/2/2002                  Full Text
DLSBJA                         Active
           Bumazhnik (Russian Language)               11/1/2005                  Full Text
DLSBJB                          Language)
           Bumerang (Russian Active                   11/1/2005                  Full Text
DBUND                          Active
           Der Bund (Switzerland, German Language) 9/12/2002                     Full Text
BUNDT                          Active
           Bündner Tagblatt (German Language)          6/2/2006                  Full Text
XBCT                           Discontinued
           Burlington County Times (N.J.)             11/1/1991      7/31/2001   Full Text
BURTIM     Burnham Times       Active                  8/8/2002                  Full Text
BUREXP     The Burnley Express Active                  1/1/2001                  Full Text
BURYFP     Bury Free Press     Active                 9/26/2006                  Full Text
BCA                            Active
           Business & Commercial Aviation              2/1/1989                  Full Text
UBEH                           Discontinued
           Business & Economic History (Abstracts)     1/1/1997      7/31/2001   Abstracts
BER                            Active
           Business & Economic Review                  1/1/1997                  Full Text
BHLT       Business & Health Discontinued              1/1/1994     12/31/2001   Full Text
BUEN                           Discontinued
           Business & the Environment                 12/1/1991       5/1/1995   Full Text
BZTWO      Business 2.0        Active                  5/1/2005                  Full Text
BSAM       Business America Discontinued               1/1/1989      7/31/2001   Full Text
BUSFIN     Business and FinanceActive                 7/18/1996                  Full Text
BNFD                           Active
           Business and Finance Daily News Service 10/10/2002                    Full Text
BSOC                           A
           Business and Society ctive                  1/1/1994                  Full Text
BSOR                           Active
           Business and Society Review (Abstracts)     1/1/1994                  Abstracts
ABXIBA                         Discontinued
           Business Asia (ABIX Abstracts)              8/5/1996       3/1/2006   Abstracts
BAL        Business Atlanta    Discontinued            5/1/1985       1/1/1994   Full Text
BABC                           Active
           Business Communication Quarterly            1/1/1994                  Full Text
BCMR                           Active
           Business Communications Review              1/1/1994                  Full Text
FTRB                           Discontinued
           Business Conference and Management Reports 7/17/1992      7/31/2001   Full Text
ABXBCB                         Discontinued
           Business Council Bulletin (ABIX Abstracts) 9/30/1996     12/31/1996   Abstracts
BZCR       Business Credit     Active                  1/1/1994                  Full Text
BDLY       Business Daily      Discontinued           11/5/1996      7/31/2001   Full Text
BUSNDA                         Discontinued
           Business Daily (China)                      1/1/2001      8/27/2002   Translated Abstracts
MEWBUD                         Active
           Business Day (South Africa)               10/29/1999                  Full Text
BSDAYT                         Active
           Business Day (Thailand)                     6/1/1998                  Full Text
BUSTAI                         Active
           Business Day (Thailand) (Abstracts)         1/1/2005                  Abstracts
SMBD                           Discontinued
           Business Digest of Southern Maine           4/1/1987      7/31/2001   Full Text
BDCC                           Discontinued            5/1/1988
           Business Digest of the Cape & Islands (Mass.)             7/31/2001   Full Text
BDMA                           Discontinued            7/1/1988
           Business Digest-Southeast Massachusetts/Cape & Islands    7/31/2001   Full Text
BECN       Business Economics  Active                  1/1/1994                  Full Text
SBQ                            Active
           Business Ethics Quarterly (Abstracts)       1/1/1999                  Abstracts
BEUR       Business Europa Discontinued                3/1/1994       6/1/1996   Full Text
BUFF                           Discontinued
           Business First of Buffalo (N.Y.)            2/4/1985      7/31/2001   Full Text
BFC                            Discontinued
           Business First of Columbus (Ohio)          1/14/1985      7/31/2001   Full Text
BFL                            Discontinued
           Business First of Louisville (Abstracts)    1/7/1985      7/31/2001   Abstracts
BFRM                           Discontinued
           Business Forum (Calif.)                     1/1/1994      7/31/2001   Full Text
BHST       Business History    Active                  1/1/1994                  Full Text
BHR                            Discontinued
           Business History Review                     3/1/1989      3/22/2000   Full Text
BH         Business Horizons Discontinued              1/1/1989       1/3/2002   Full Text
BIB                              (Fla.)
           Business In BrowardActive                  12/1/1990                  Full Text
BIAL                           Discontinued
           Business Information Alert                  8/1/1995      11/1/1996   Full Text
BIR                            Active
           Business Information Review (Abstracts)     1/1/1997                  Abstracts
BZIN       Business Insurance Active                  10/1/1991                  Full Text
BIRW                           Active
           Business Intelligence Review                4/1/2005                  Full Text
CNYJ       Business Journal Active                     3/1/1987                  Full Text
HART                           Discontinued
           Business Journal (Hartford, Conn.)         11/1/1987      7/31/2001   Full Text

Factiva Confidential                           9/19/2011                                           Page 27
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

BJNL                           Discontinued
           The Business Journal (Santa Clara, Calif.) 1/1/1994        7/31/2001   Full Text
BJNJ                           New Jersey
           Business Journal of Discontinued           1/10/1985       7/31/2001   Full Text
PORT                           Discontinued
           The Business Journal of Portland            1/7/1985        9/1/2001   Full Text
YWBJ                           the Five-County Region 11/1/1991
           Business Journal of Discontinued                            3/1/1998
                                                      (Youngstown, Ohio)          Full Text
TNVA                           Upper East Tennessee &1/1/1992 Virginia
           Business Journal of Discontinued             Southwest     7/31/2001   Full Text
BKOR       Business Korea      Active                 12/1/1997                   Full Text
BSLB       Business Law Brief Discontinued             1/1/1991       4/10/1996   Full Text
BULD                           Active
           Business Leader (Raleigh, N.C.)             4/1/1995                   Full Text
BUSLIN                         Active
           Business Line (The Hindu) (Abstracts)      7/15/1994                   Abstracts
BSNLNE                         Active
           Business Line (The Hindu) (India)          7/15/1994                   Full Text
MEWBMA     Business Malawi     Discontinued            7/7/1997       7/31/2001   Full Text
BUM        Business Mexico Discontinued                1/1/1997        1/1/2006   Full Text
BBARA                          Discontinued
           Business Monitor - Archibald Andersen      3/20/1995       7/31/2001   Full Text
BBJSE                          Discontinued           5/11/1995
           Business Monitor - Johannesburg Stock Exchange             7/31/2001   Full Text
BBJOST                         Discontinued
           Business Monitor - Johnson Stokes & Master 10/5/1995       7/31/2001   Full Text
BBKP                           Discontinued
           Business Monitor - Kpmg                   11/17/1994       7/31/2001   Full Text
BBKM                           Discontinued
           Business Monitor - Kpmg Meijburg And Co 4/27/1995          7/31/2001   Full Text
EMDN                           Active
           Business Monitor International              4/1/2002                   Full Text
BMO        Business Month      Discontinued            1/1/1989       7/31/2001   Full Text
WBNA                           Active
           Business News Americas                     4/12/1999                   Full Text
BNAPL                          Discontinued           1/12/2000
           Business News Americas (Portuguese Language)               1/22/2004   Full Text
BNAES                          Active
           Business News Americas (Spanish Language)   3/1/2001                   Full Text
AIWBNR                         Discontinued
           Business News Review (Cambodia)            3/13/1997       7/31/2001   Full Text
HAMP       Business NH MagazineActive                  8/8/1986                   Full Text
BNC                            Active
           Business-North Carolina                     2/1/1985                   Full Text
BSO                            Active
           Business Owner (Abstracts)                  1/1/1997                   Abstracts
BDFW                           Active
           Business People Magazine (Fort Wayne, Ind.)10/1/1989                   Full Text
BPCT                           Active
           Business Perspectives (Tenn.)               1/1/1994                   Full Text
BUSPER                         Active
           Business Peru (Spanish Language)           5/27/2004                   Full Text
BUPH                           Discontinued
           Business Philadelphia                       4/1/1995       7/31/2001   Full Text
BZPR                           Discontinued            1/1/1994
           Business Press (Fort Worth, Texas, Abstracts)              7/31/2001   Abstracts
KRTBP                           (MCT)
           The Business Press Active (Calif.)         5/27/2003                   Full Text
BSPS                            (Ontario, Calif.)
           The Business Press Active                   9/1/1995                   Full Text
BSPB       Business Publisher Active                  12/1/1991                   Full Text
ABXBSQ                         Discontinued
           Business Queensland (ABIX Abstracts)        8/5/1996       9/28/2001   Abstracts
BREC                           Active
           Business Record (Des Moines, Iowa)         5/12/1985                   Full Text
AIWBUR     Business Recorder Active                    1/9/2002                   Full Text
UFRBX                          Active                  1/1/1997
           Business Review (Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia)                 Full Text
BZRV                           Discontinued
           Business Review (Thailand, Abstracts)       1/1/1994       7/31/2001   Abstracts
WBR                            Discontinued
           Business Review (Va.)                       1/1/1985       7/31/2001   Full Text
BSTN       Business Standard Active                  10/19/1994                   Full Text
BSR                            Active
           Business Strategy Review (Abstracts)        1/1/1997                   Abstracts
ABXBSY                         Discontinued
           Business Sydney (ABIX Abstracts)            8/5/1996      10/15/1999   Abstracts
BUTR                           Discontinued
           Business Tech Romania                      12/1/1991        7/1/1993   Full Text
BTMAL                          Active
           Business Times (Malaysia)                  4/29/1994                   Full Text
STBT                           Active
           Business Times Singapore                   4/30/1994                   Full Text
BUSTDY                         Discontinued            1/1/1997
           Business Today (Egypt via WorldSources Online)            12/31/2004   Full Text
BTDY                           Active
           Business Today (India)                     12/1/1995                   Full Text
BTRNAP                         Active
           Business Travel News (Singapore)           3/13/1997                   Full Text
BTN                            Active
           Business Travel News (U.S.)                 1/1/1989                   Full Text
AIWBVT     Business Vietnam Discontinued              4/16/1997       7/31/2001   Full Text
BUSVOI                         Active
           Business Voice (Abstracts)                  2/8/2005                   Abstracts

Factiva Confidential                           9/19/2011                                      Page 28
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

BWR        Business Wire        Active              7/28/1988                 Full Text
BWRCZK                          Active
           Business Wire (Czech Language)           8/16/2007                 Full Text
BWRDUH                          Active
           Business Wire (Dutch Language)           8/17/2007                 Full Text
BWRFRE                          Active
           Business Wire (French Language)          8/15/2007                 Full Text
BWRGER                          Active
           Business Wire (German Language)          8/14/2007                 Full Text
BWRHUG                          Active
           Business Wire (Hungarian Language)       8/15/2007                 Full Text
BWRIT                           Active
           Business Wire (Italian Language)         8/17/2007                 Full Text
BWRNOR                          Active
           Business Wire (Norwegian Language)       8/22/2007                 Full Text
BWRPOL                          Active
           Business Wire (Polish Language)          8/17/2007                 Full Text
BWRPOR                          Active
           Business Wire (Portuguese Language)      8/14/2007                 Full Text
BWRSP                           Active
           Business Wire (Spanish Language)           8/2/2007                Full Text
BWRSWE                          Active
           Business Wire (Swedish Language)         8/22/2007                 Full Text
BUSWPL                           America            4/20/2002
           Business Wire Latin Active (Portuguese Language)                   Full Text
BUSWES                           America            4/20/2002
           Business Wire Latin Active (Spanish Language)                      Full Text
BUSWRD                          Active
           Business Wire Regulatory Disclosure      2/27/2003                 Full Text
BWOR                             (Mass.)
           Business WorcesterDiscontinued             1/1/1986    7/31/2001   Full Text
BUWDCN                          Discontinued          1/1/2006
           Business World (Chinese Language - Simplified)          3/1/2006   Full Text
BUWOTW                          Discontinued          1/1/2006
           Business World (Chinese Language - Traditional)         3/1/2006   Full Text
SUNBUS     The Business         Active              10/8/2000                 Full Text
DLSAIJ                          Active              11/1/2005
           BUSINESS-CLASS Arhangelsk (Russian Language)                       Full Text
BUSNAR                          Discontinued
           Business-SNARK (Armenia)                   6/2/1997    7/31/2001   Full Text
BUSNRK                          Discontinued
           Business-SNARK(Armenia, Russian Language)  8/4/1997    7/31/2001   Full Text
BW         BusinessWeek         Active              1/14/1985                 Full Text
CTGBWK                          Active
           BusinessWeek - Print and Online          11/1/2002                 Full Text
IIIBWK                          Discontinued
           BusinessWeek (Abstracts)                 2/11/1996     1/27/2005   Abstracts
BUSWKI                          Active              9/30/1994
           BusinessWeek (European Edition- Abstracts)                         Abstracts
DLSABD                          Active
           BusinessWeek (Russian Language)          11/1/2005                 Full Text
BWOL       BusinessWeek Online  Active                6/7/2001                Full Text
BUSW       BusinessWest (Mass.) Active                1/1/1992                Full Text
BZWL                            Discontinued
           BusinessWorld (India, Abstracts)           1/1/1994    3/21/1999   Abstracts
BSWRLD                          Active
           BusinessWorld (Philippines)              8/31/1995                 Full Text
BUXTAD     Buxton Advertiser Active                 9/26/2006                 Full Text
BYSD       Buyside              Discontinued          1/1/2002    9/30/2005   Full Text
BYTE       BYTE                 Discontinued          3/1/1987    7/31/2001   Full Text
DLSBJE                          Active              11/1/2005
           Byulleten normativnyh aktov (Russian Language)                     Full Text
CNDR       C & D Recycler       Active                1/1/2002                Full Text
CCUJ                            Discontinued
           C/C++ Users Journal (Abstracts)            1/1/1994    3/24/2003   Abstracts
CINW       C4I News             Active              6/28/1994                 Full Text
CACA                            Active
           CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians        1/1/1994                Full Text
CICA       CA Magazine          Active                1/1/1997                Full Text
CMRF       Cabinet Maker        Active              10/5/1990                 Full Text
CABI                            Active
           CabinetMaker (Abstracts)                   1/1/1997                Abstracts
CABSAI                          Discontinued
           Cable & Satellite International          1/31/2000      8/1/2005   Full Text
CABSAT                          Active
           Cable and Satellite Europe               12/1/1995                 Full Text
CBLE       Cable Europe         Discontinued          3/5/1997   10/20/2001   Full Text
CABR       Cablecaster          Active                8/6/2004                Full Text
CBFW       CABLEFAX             Active                6/6/1994                Full Text
CBLW       CableFAX's CableWorldActive                1/1/1994                Full Text
CABL                            Discontinued
           Cablevision (Abstracts)                    1/1/1994    9/17/2001   Abstracts
CBIM                            Active
           Cabling Installation & Maintenance         1/1/2002                Full Text
CABOOS                          Active
           Caboolture Shire Herald                  11/7/1995                 Full Text
CADM       CAD/CAM Update Active                    12/1/1991                 Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                 Page 29
                                       Global Academic 2007Q4

CADL       CADalyst             Discontinued             1/1/1994     5/1/2005 Full Text
CADN       Cadence              Discontinued             1/1/1997   11/30/2003 Full Text
CJMENG                          Active
           Caijing English Newsletter                    3/1/2004              Full Text
CJMOCN                          Active                   3/1/2004
           Caijing Magazine (Chinese Language - Simplified)                    Full Text
CJMDTW                          Active                   3/1/2004
           Caijing Magazine (Chinese Language - Traditional)                   Full Text
CAIRPO     The Cairns Post      Active                  1/26/2001              Full Text
CAIRSU     Cairns Sun           Active                   8/8/2001              Full Text
MEWCPR     Cairo Press Review Discontinued              11/3/1999    7/31/2001 Full Text
CALC       Calgary Commerce Discontinued                 4/1/1993    7/31/2001 Full Text
CALH       Calgary Herald       Active                  12/1/2001              Full Text
CBLEN                           Active
           California Builder and Engineer              1/16/2006              Full Text
CACL                            Active
           California Construction Link                  1/1/1998              Full Text
OTLK       California CPA       Active                   7/1/2000              Full Text
ICAJ                            Discontinued
           California Journal (Abstracts)                1/1/1997     1/1/2005 Abstracts
CAMR                            Discontinued
           California Management Review                  1/1/1994    7/31/2001 Full Text
CFPF                            Discontinued
           California Public Finance                  11/11/1991     7/31/2001 Full Text
CLCN       Call Center          Discontinued             1/1/2000     6/1/2007 Full Text
GCAL       Callaloo (Abstracts) Active                   1/1/1997              Abstracts
CATD       Cambodia Today Discontinued                  3/19/1997    7/31/2001 Full Text
QUECIF                          Discontinued
           Cambridge International Forecasts             8/1/1998     1/2/2000 Full Text
ICJE                            Active
           Cambridge Journal of Economics (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                 Abstracts
TCMR                            Discontinued
           The Cambridge Reporter                       12/1/2001    9/19/2003 Full Text
EDOA                             Report
           Cambridge TelecomDiscontinued              11/18/1991    11/15/2003 Full Text
MCKBLL                          Discontinued            2/22/1991
           Cameron McKenna Environmental Law Bulletin (Abstracts)    4/30/2005 Abstracts
CMPN       Campaign             Active                  12/5/1982              Full Text
CAE        Campaigns & ElectionsDiscontinued             1/1/1995     8/2/1999 Full Text
CMPNZO     Campaign's Daily NewsDiscontinued            12/5/1995     1/8/2002 Full Text
CAMP       Camping Magazine Active                       1/1/1994              Full Text
CFM                             Active
           Campus Facility Maintenance                   3/1/2005              Full Text
GCTW                             Backgrounder (Abstracts)
           Canada & the WorldActive                      1/1/1997              Abstracts
CNAM       Canada AM            Active                11/14/2002               Full Text
CNNW       Canada NewsWire Active                       2/26/1988              Full Text
CNWF                            Active
           Canada Newswire (French Language)             6/1/2000              Full Text
CNSW       Canada StockwatchActive                       1/1/1998              Full Text
UAIMX                           (Abstracts)
           Canadian Appraiser Active                     1/1/1997              Abstracts
CARC       Canadian Architect Active                     8/6/2004              Full Text
CNBK       Canadian Banker Discontinued                  1/1/1994    10/1/2000 Full Text
CNBZ       Canadian Business Active                      1/1/1994              Full Text
CCHM                            News
           Canadian Chemical Active                      1/1/1994              Full Text
CCER                            Active
           Canadian Consulting Engineer                 11/1/2004              Full Text
CDIM       Canadian Dimension   Active                   1/1/1994              Full Text
CNDE                            A
           Canadian Electronics ctive                    1/1/1994              Full Text
GCAF                            Discontinued
           Canadian Forum (Abstracts)                    1/1/1997     7/2/2000 Abstracts
PCGE                            Active
           Canadian Geographer (Abstracts)               1/1/1997              Abstracts
CGEO       Canadian Geographic  Active                   3/1/2003              Full Text
CHSR                            Discontinued
           Canadian Historical Review                    1/1/1994     6/1/1999 Full Text
CIN                              (Abstracts)
           Canadian InsuranceActive                      1/1/1997              Abstracts
CJA                              Administrative Sciences 1/1/1997
           Canadian Journal ofActive                                           Full Text
CJC                              Criminology (Abstracts) 1/1/1995
           Canadian Journal ofActive                                           Abstracts
UCJEX                            Economics (Abstracts) 1/1/1997
           Canadian Journal ofActive                                           Abstracts
PCSY                             Experimental Psychology
           Canadian Journal ofActive                     1/1/1997              Full Text
PCJH                             History
           Canadian Journal ofActive                     1/1/1997              Full Text

Factiva Confidential                           9/19/2011                                   Page 30
                                          Global Academic 2007Q4

PCJP                              Philosophy (Abstracts) 1/1/1997
           Canadian Journal ofActive                                            Abstracts
PCPS                              Political
           Canadian Journal ofActive Science (Abstracts) 1/1/1997               Abstracts
PCLI                             (Abstracts)
           Canadian Literature Active                    1/1/1997               Abstracts
FCLV                             Discontinued
           Canadian Living (Abstracts)                   1/1/1997   3/23/2004   Abstracts
CMGR       Canadian Manager Active                       1/1/1994               Full Text
CNMJ                             Active
           Canadian Mining Journal                       1/1/1994               Full Text
COSH                             Discontinued
           Canadian Occupational Health & Safety News   1/20/1992   7/31/2001   Full Text
CPLS       Canadian Plastics Active                      1/1/1994               Full Text
CPR        The Canadian PressActive                      1/1/1999               Full Text
CPP                              Active
           Canadian Public Policy (Abstracts)            1/1/1997               Abstracts
CNRS                             Active                  1/1/1994
           The Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology                    Full Text
CDSL                             Active                  3/7/2005
           Canadian Sailings Transportation and Trade Logistics                 Full Text
ICSO                             Active
           Canadian Social Trends (Abstracts)            1/1/1997               Abstracts
CASP       Canadian SpeechesActive                       1/3/2001               Full Text
ACTH                             Active
           Canadian Tax Highlights (Abstracts)           1/1/1997               Abstracts
ACTJ                             Active
           Canadian Tax Journal (Abstracts)              1/1/1997               Abstracts
CTAL                             Active
           Canadian Transportation and Logistics        10/1/2004               Full Text
CAU        Canadian Underwriter  Active                  1/1/1997               Full Text
ABXCBT                           Discontinued
           Canberra Times (ABIX abstracts)              10/7/1996   12/1/2003   Abstracts
CANBTZ                           Active
           Canberra Times (Australia)                    9/3/1996               Full Text
CGTW                             Active
           Cancer Gene Therapy Week                      1/1/2003               Full Text
CNVW       Cancer Vaccine Week   Active                  1/1/2003               Full Text
NCIW       Cancer Weekly         Active                  1/6/1992               Full Text
CNDY       Candy Industry        Active                  1/1/1994               Full Text
NLPCNT     Canning Times         Active                  1/9/2007               Full Text
CANMER     Cannock Mercury Active                        7/7/2005               Full Text
CANTEX                           Active
           Canterbury Bankstown Express                 8/16/2001               Full Text
CAPW       Cap Weekly            Discontinued            7/1/1991    7/1/1992   Full Text
MEWCAP     Cape Argus            Active                  7/4/1997               Full Text
KRTCA                            Active
           Cape Cod Times (MCT) (Mass.)                 5/28/2003               Full Text
CAPTIM     Cape Times            Active                10/23/2006               Full Text
PCNC       Capital & Class       Active                  1/1/1997               Full Text
CPGN                             Active
           The Capital (Annapolis)                      9/14/2006               Full Text
CDBR                             Discontinued            1/7/1985
           Capital District Business Review (Albany, N.Y.)          7/31/2001   Full Text
CAPFIN                           Active
           Capital Finance (French Language)             1/3/2005               Full Text
CAPINT     Capital Intelligence Active                  8/31/1996               Full Text
XWST                              Wisconsin State Journal
           The Capital Times &Active                    12/1/1991               Full Text
CAPITA     Capital Weekly        Active                  7/6/1997               Full Text
CAPWEE                           Active
           Capital Weekly (Bulgarian Language)           4/1/2002               Full Text
GCAR                             Active
           Car & Driver (Abstracts)                      1/1/1997               Abstracts
CARCTE                           Active
           Caractères (French Language)                  6/4/2004               Full Text
CARCON                           A
           Carbon Control News ctive                     3/5/2007               Full Text
CARMAR     Card Marketing        Discontinued            3/4/1998   5/30/2002   Full Text
CDNW       Card News             Discontinued          11/18/1991    9/1/2004   Full Text
CRDS       Card Systems          Discontinued            6/1/1994    3/1/1995   Full Text
CATE       Card Technology Active                        1/1/2002               Full Text
CTCHY      Card Technology News  Discontinued            3/7/1997   8/30/2006   Full Text
CARDIO     Cardiology Review Active                      1/1/2006               Full Text
CDWK                             A
           Cardiovascular Week ctive                     1/1/2003               Full Text
CRDF       Cardline              Active                  1/1/1991               Full Text
CARDIN     Cards International Active                   7/11/1995               Full Text
CCARDM     Cards&Payments Active                         1/1/1994               Full Text

Factiva Confidential                              9/19/2011                                 Page 31
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

GCDQ                            Active
           Career Development Quarterly               1/1/1997                   Full Text
ICRW       Career World         Active                1/1/1997                   Full Text
CRBB                            (Abstracts)
           Caribbean BusinessDiscontinued             1/1/1994       7/31/2001   Abstracts
CARU       Caribbean Update Active                    3/1/1992                   Full Text
CARLON     Carlow Nationalist Active                 1/18/2006                   Full Text
CARLOP     Carlow People        Active               8/10/2006                   Full Text
CARMJO     Carmarthen Journal Active                  3/4/1998                   Full Text
CRIN                            Discontinued
           Carpet & Rug Industry (Abstracts)          1/1/1994      11/21/1997   Abstracts
CFCR                            Active
           Carpet/Flooring/Retail                     1/1/1994                   Full Text
CRFL                            Active
           Carpet-Floor Coverings Review              1/1/1995                   Full Text
XCAR                            Discontinued
           Carroll County Times (Md.)               11/25/1992       7/31/2001   Full Text
CRMAG                           Language)
           Cartes Mag (French Active                  4/1/2006                   Full Text
CWRJ                            Active                1/1/1998
           Case Western Reserve Journal of International Law                     Full Text
CASH                            Discontinued
           CASH (German Language)                    10/3/1997       6/28/2007   Full Text
CASHD                            Language)
           Cash Daily (GermanActive                   5/9/2007                   Full Text
CATHOT     Caterer & HotelkeeperActive                1/7/1999                   Full Text
PCBQ                            Active
           Catholic Biblical Quarterly                1/1/1997                   Full Text
PCRE                            Active
           Catholic Historical Review                 1/1/1997                   Full Text
CTHW       The Catholic World Discontinued            1/1/1994       1/11/1996   Full Text
CTJ        Cato Journal         Active                1/1/1997                   Full Text
GCAT       Cats Magazine        Discontinued          1/1/1997       8/26/2003   Full Text
CAULPP                          Active
           Caulfield Glen Eira/Port Philip Leader    8/13/2001                   Full Text
NEWCB                           Active
           CB News (French Language)                  1/9/2006                   Full Text
BCBA       CBA Reports          Discontinued          1/1/1997        5/1/2006   Full Text
CBINEW                          D
           Cbi News (Abstracts) iscontinued          3/21/1994       7/31/2001   Abstracts
NSPT                            Active
           CBS News Special Report                    1/4/1991                   Full Text
FTET                            A
           CBS News: 48 Hours ctive                   3/1/1994                   Full Text
SXMN       CBS News: 60 Minutes Active                1/1/1999                   Full Text
SXMT                            Discontinued
           CBS News: 60 Minutes II                   1/13/1999       1/16/2006   Full Text
CBSE                            News
           CBS News: EveningActive                    3/1/1994                   Full Text
CBSA                            News
           CBS News: EveningActive - Saturday         1/2/1999                   Full Text
CBSS                            News
           CBS News: EveningActive - Sunday           1/2/1994                   Full Text
FCNT                            Active
           CBS News: Face the Nation                  3/1/1994                   Full Text
CBSM                            News
           CBS News: MorningActive                    2/1/1990                   Full Text
SNDM                            Morning
           CBS News: Sunday Active                    2/4/1990                   Full Text
CBST                            Active
           CBS News: The Early Show                  3/13/1999                   Full Text
OSGD                            Active
           CBS News: The Osgood File                  1/3/2000                   Full Text
STER                            Active
           CBS News: The Saturday Early Show          1/1/2000                   Full Text
CCNWS                           Active
           CCNMatthews (Canada, English Language) 7/4/1994                       Full Text
CCNWSF                          Active
           CCNMatthews (French Language)             12/9/2003                   Full Text
CCNW       CD Computing News    Active               12/1/1991                   Full Text
CDRM       CD ROM DatabasesDiscontinued              12/1/1991        3/1/2000   Full Text
CDNE                            D
           CD-ROM News Extra iscontinued              6/1/1993       10/1/1994   Full Text
CDR        CD-ROM World         Discontinued          2/1/1989        1/1/1995   Full Text
CMFS                            Discontinued
           CEBU Monthly Factsheet (Philippines)      3/18/1997       7/31/2001   Full Text
CEEN       CEE News             Discontinued         1/30/1998        9/2/2002   Full Text
CLBZ       Cellular Business Discontinued             1/1/1994       7/31/2001   Full Text
CMKT       Cellular Marketing Discontinued            1/1/1994       7/31/2001   Full Text
CEM        Cement Americas Active                    7/30/2000                   Full Text
CENTMD     Centanet Market Data Discontinued          8/7/2000       1/20/2004   Full Text
CENTCN                          Discontinued         Simplified,     3/10/2004
           Centanet Market Data (Chinese Language - 10/8/1999 Abstracts)         Abstracts
CNTMAD                          Discontinued         Traditional,    3/10/2004
           Centanet Market Data (Chinese Language - 10/8/1999 Abstracts)         Abstracts

Factiva Confidential                           9/19/2011                                     Page 32
                                       Global Academic 2007Q4

CDCDOC                         Control
           Centers for Disease Active Documents        1/1/2004               Full Text
DLSGFG                         Discontinued
           Centr (Russian Language)                   11/1/2005   12/20/2006 Full Text
CEAM                           Discontinued
           Central America Update                     12/1/1991    7/31/2001 Full Text
CAUBUS                         Active
           Central Asia & Caucasus Business Weekly 9/11/2007                  Full Text
IXCENT                         Active
           Central Asia General Newswire               7/2/1999               Full Text
CBWE       Central Bank WatchActive                    5/3/2002               Full Text
CBWP                           (Portuguese Language)
           Central Bank WatchActive                   1/28/2002               Full Text
JERS                           Discontinued
           Central Business (Princeton, N.J.)         10/1/1988    7/31/2001 Full Text
CENTCE                         Active
           Central Coast Express                      7/25/2001               Full Text
CCHR       Central Coast HeraldDiscontinued           9/16/2003    6/12/2004 Full Text
EURFIN                         Active
           Central Europe Banking & Finance Weekly 9/7/2007                   Full Text
EURENG                         Active
           Central Europe Energy Weekly                9/7/2007               Full Text
EURITT                         Telecom Weekly
           Central Europe IT & Active                  9/7/2007               Full Text
XCMM                           Discontinued
           Central Maine Morning Sentinel              8/1/1993    7/31/2001 Full Text
AIWCNA                         Discontinued
           Central News Agency (CNA) Taiwan           4/16/1996     4/7/2002 Full Text
CNACCN                         Active                 5/16/2002
           Central News Agency Chinese News (Chinese Language - Simplified)   Full Text
CNACHI                         Active                 5/16/2002
           Central News Agency Chinese News (Chinese Language - Traditional) Full Text
CNAOCN                         Active                 5/16/2003
           Central News Agency Commercial News (Chinese Language - Simplified)Full Text
CNACOM                         Active                 5/16/2002               Full Text
           Central News Agency Commercial News (Chinese Language - Traditional)
CNAENG                         Active
           Central News Agency English News           5/16/2002               Full Text
CENP                           Active
           Central Penn Business Journal (Pa.)         6/1/1990               Full Text
BDCP                           Discontinued
           Central Pennsylvania Business Month         1/1/1985    7/31/2001 Full Text
CENSOM                         Active
           Central Somerset Gazette                    8/8/2002               Full Text
CADVOC     Centralian AdvocateActive                   8/7/2001               Full Text
ABXCEN                         (ABIX abstracts)
           Centralian AdvocateDiscontinued            1/20/1998    12/3/2006 Abstracts
CETR       Centre              Active                  8/6/2004               Full Text
KRTSC                          Active
           Centre Daily Times (MCT) (Pa.)             5/28/2003               Full Text
CNPRES                         Active
           Centre Presse (French Language)             9/1/2006               Full Text
CCHIOS                         Active
           CEOCIO China (Chinese Simplified)           6/5/2007               Full Text
CCHIDT                         Active
           CEOCIO China (Chinese Traditional)          6/5/2007               Full Text
CCONOS                         Active
           CEOCIO China Online (Chinese Simplified) 6/3/2007                  Full Text
CCONDT                         Active
           CEOCIO China Online (Chinese Traditional) 6/3/2007                 Full Text
CEPRES     CEP Research        Active                 4/30/2007               Full Text
CRMC       Ceramic Industry Active                     1/1/1994               Full Text
UACER                           (Abstracts)
           Certified AccountantDiscontinued            1/1/1997    8/25/2003 Abstracts
CFOA                           Active
           CFO Australia (Abstracts)                   1/1/2007               Abstracts
CFOIT      CFO IT              Discontinued           9/28/2004   11/17/2005 Full Text
CFOMAG     CFO Magazine        Active                  4/1/2004               Full Text
CFOE                           for Senior Financial Executives
           CFO, The MagazineDiscontinued              10/1/1996     9/7/2004 Full Text
CFOCOM             Active                 9/19/2001               Full Text
ACGA                           Active
           CGA Magazine (Abstracts)                    1/1/1997               Abstracts
CHDR       Chain Drug Review Active                    5/1/1989               Full Text
CHLEA      Chain Leader        Discontinued            2/1/2005    11/1/2005 Full Text
CHSA       Chain Store Age     Active                  2/1/2005               Full Text
CSTAGE                         Active
           Chain Store Age (Japanese Language)         9/1/2005               Full Text
CHFX                           Discontinued
           Chain Store Age Executive Fax              2/27/1995    7/31/2001 Full Text
CLNG                           Active
           Challenge (Abstracts)                       1/1/2002               Abstracts
CHALGE                         Language)
           Challenges (French Discontinued             9/9/2004    6/14/2007 Full Text
CHNG       Change              Active                  1/1/1994               Full Text
CNEWAS     Channel NewsAsia Active                    9/21/2000               Full Text
CNASCN                         Active                10/27/2004
           Channel NewsAsia (Chinese Language - Simplified)                   Full Text
CNASTW                         Active                10/28/2004
           Channel NewsAsia (Chinese Language - Traditional)                  Full Text

Factiva Confidential                           9/19/2011                                  Page 33
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

CHARLI                          Active
           La Charente Libre (French Language)           5/6/2005                Full Text
CHARTT     Charity Times        Discontinued            7/31/1997     5/1/2005   Full Text
CGAZ       Charleston Gazette Active                     1/1/1994                Full Text
KRTWV                           Discontinued
           The Charleston Gazette (MCT) (W.Va)          5/28/2003   5/16/2007    Full Text
CHBJ                            Discontinued
           Charlottesville Business Journal (Va.)        1/1/1995   7/31/2001    Full Text
ACHA       Charter              Active                   1/1/1997                Full Text
GNTCHA                          Discontinued
           Charter (Russian Language)                    6/8/1998   7/31/2001    Full Text
ANZ                             Active                   1/1/1997
           Chartered Accountants Journal of New Zealand (Abstracts)              Abstracts
DLSGFH                          Active
           Chas pik (Russian Language)                  11/1/2005                Full Text
DLSGFI                          Active
           Chastnaya zhiznj (Russian Language)          11/1/2005                Full Text
DLSGGJ                          Active
           Chastnik (Russian Language)                  11/1/2005                Full Text
KRTTN                           Active
           Chattanooga Times/Free Press (MCT) (Tenn.)   5/28/2003                Full Text
PCHA                            Active
           Chaucer Review (Abstracts)                    1/1/1997                Abstracts
DLSGGA                          Active
           Cheboksarskaya pravda (Russian Language)     11/1/2005                Full Text
DLSGGB                          Active
           Cheboksarskie novosti (Russian Language) 11/1/2005                    Full Text
DLSABE                          Active
  (Russian Language)           12/1/2005                Full Text
CHEDVA                          Active
           Cheddar Valley Gazette                        8/8/2002                Full Text
DLSGGC                          Active
           Chelyabinskaya nedelya (Russian Language)    11/1/2005                Full Text
DLSGGD                          Active                  Language)
           Chelyabinskaya sluzhba informacii (Russian12/1/2005                   Full Text
DLSGGE                          Active
           Chelyabinskij rabochij (Russian Language) 11/1/2005                   Full Text
CENEAR                          Active
           Chemical & Engineering News (Abstracts) 1/1/1994                      Abstracts
CHMB       Chemical Business Discontinued                1/1/1991     4/1/1994   Full Text
CHBZ                            Active
           Chemical Business (India, Abstracts)         5/27/1994                Abstracts
CTGCBN                          Active
           Chemical Business NewsBase (Abstracts) 3/20/1986                      Abstracts
THCHDA                          Active
           Chemical Daily (Japanese Language)           10/1/1996                Full Text
CHMDN                           Active
           Chemical Daily News (Russian Language) 5/10/2007                      Full Text
CE         Chemical Engineering Discontinued            3/15/2001     6/2/2006   Full Text
CEIED                           Active                  Abstracts)
           Chemical Engineering (International Edition, 3/15/2001                Abstracts
CHENY                           Active
           Chemical Engineering (New York) (Abstracts)  8/31/2004                Abstracts
CEPR                            Active
           Chemical Engineering Progress                 1/1/1994                Full Text
CHEPRO                          Active
           Chemical Engineering Progress (Abstracts) 1/1/1994                    Abstracts
CHEWO                           Active
           Chemical Engineering World (Abstracts)       9/30/2005                Abstracts
CHMTXT                          Active
           Chemical Fibers International (Abstracts) 11/25/1994                  Abstracts
CHTEDD                           (Abstracts)
           Chemical InnovationDiscontinued              9/18/1986   7/31/2001    Abstracts
CHMARE                          Discontinued
           Chemical Management Review (Abstracts) 1/26/2000         7/31/2001    Abstracts
CMMO       Chemical Monitor Discontinued                12/1/1991   7/31/2001    Full Text
CHPRSA                          Discontinued
           Chemical Processing SA (Abstracts)           11/7/1994   7/31/2001    Abstracts
ICHR                            Active
           Chemical Reviews (Abstracts)                  1/1/1997                Abstracts
CHSP       Chemical Specialties Discontinued             9/1/2000     1/8/2002   Full Text
CHW        Chemical Week        Discontinued            10/1/1991     7/2/2006   Full Text
CHWKA                           Active
           Chemical Week (Abstracts)                     3/6/1986                Abstracts
CWKA       Chemical Week Asia   Discontinued            5/26/1999   2/14/2001    Full Text
CHEWEE                          Active
           Chemical Weekly (Abstracts)                  4/26/1996                Abstracts
CHMWEE                          (Abstracts)
           Chemicalweek Asia Discontinued               4/28/1995   7/31/2001    Abstracts
CHEMA                           Active                10/19/2005
           Chemie Magazine (Nederlandse Chemische Industrie) (Abstracts)         Abstracts
CHTHE                           Active
           Chemie Technik (Heidelberg) (Abstracts)       1/1/2005                Abstracts
CHEMV                           Active
           chemie-anlagen + verfahren (German Language)  6/1/2001                Full Text
CHIZI                           Active
           ChemieZine VNCI (Abstracts)                  7/23/2005                Abstracts
CHMWBL                          Active
           Chemisch 2 Weekblad (Abstracts)              3/17/1986                Abstracts
CMAGDR                           (Abstracts)
           Chemisch MagazineDiscontinued                4/11/1986   7/31/2001    Abstracts
CHIUA                            (Duesseldorf,
           Chemische IndustrieDiscontinued Abstracts)   3/13/1986   7/31/2001    Abstracts
CHRUAE                          Active
           Chemische Rundschau (Abstracts)               1/1/1994                Abstracts

Factiva Confidential                           9/19/2011                                     Page 34
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

CHMDRG     Chemist & Druggist Active                   1/1/1994                     Full Text
CHINAJ                          Active
           Chemistry & Industry (Abstracts)           1/14/1987                     Abstracts
CHEBUS                          Discontinued
           Chemistry and Business (Abstracts)         10/7/1998        7/31/2001    Abstracts
CHEM                            Active
           Chemistry and Industry                      1/1/1994                     Full Text
CHEMAU                          Active
           Chemistry in Australia (Abstracts)         9/15/1995                     Abstracts
CHMBAY                          Discontinued
           Chemistry in Britain (Abstracts)          12/19/1986          8/1/2001   Abstracts
CHINEU                           (Abstracts)
           Chemistry in EuropeDiscontinued             4/2/1994        7/31/2001    Abstracts
CHEPRE     ChemPress (Abstracts)Active                11/4/1997                     Abstracts
CMWKBD                          Active
           Chemweek's Business Daily                   9/6/2006                     Full Text
CHECHR     Chester Chronicle Active                    6/2/2006                     Full Text
DLSGGF                          Active
           Chetverg (Russian Language)                11/1/2005                     Full Text
CHGO       Chicago              Active                 1/1/1994                     Full Text
DHLD       Chicago Daily Herald Active                11/1/1997                     Full Text
CENT       Chicago Enterprise Discontinued             3/1/1991        7/31/2001    Full Text
CHF        Chicago Fed Letter Active                   1/1/1997                     Full Text
PCHI       Chicago Review       Active                 1/1/1997                     Full Text
CHI        Chicago Sun-Times Active                    7/1/1985                     Full Text
CHICOB     Chichester Observer  Active                9/26/2006                     Full Text
CEXC                            Active
           Chief Executive (U.S.)                      1/1/1994                     Full Text
LEADER                          Active                9/21/2000
           Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments               Full Text
FCAS                            Active                 1/1/1997
           Child & Adolescent Social Work Journal (Abstracts)                       Abstracts
ICAN                            Active
           Child Abuse & Neglect (Abstracts)           1/1/1997                     Abstracts
GCHD                            Active
           Child Development (Abstracts)               1/1/1997                     Abstracts
CHLT       Child Health Alert Discontinued             1/1/1994          4/1/2004   Full Text
CHILIF     Child Life           Active                 1/1/2006                     Full Text
FCHM                            Active
           Child Maltreatment (Abstracts)              1/1/1997                     Abstracts
GCHW                            Active
           Child Welfare (Abstracts)                   1/1/1997                     Abstracts
GCED       Childhood Education  Active                 1/1/1997                     Full Text
CHINOW     Children Now         Active                 2/1/2006                     Full Text
CBIZ       Children's Business Discontinued            1/1/1994        1/23/2006    Full Text
CHILDI     Children's Digest Active                    1/1/2006                     Full Text
CHILPL                           Magazine
           Children's Playmate Active                  1/1/2006                     Full Text
CINMAB                          Discontinued
           Chimica E L'Industria (Milan, Abstracts)   4/23/1986        9/30/2003    Abstracts
CHIMOG                          Active
           Chimica Oggi (Abstracts)                   6/30/1987                     Abstracts
CHIABC                          Discontinued
           Chimie Actualities (Abstracts)              2/3/1986        7/31/2001    Abstracts
INFCA                           Active
           Chimie Pharma Hebdo (Abstracts)             1/1/1994                     Abstracts
BAIROS                          Active                 8/1/2005
           China Airline News (Chinese Language - Simplified)                       Full Text
BAIRDT                          Active                 8/1/2005
           China Airline News (Chinese Language - Traditional)                      Full Text
BJANCN                           (Chinese Language - Simplified)
           China Archive NewsActive                   7/15/2004                     Full Text
BJANTW                           (Chinese Language - Traditional)
           China Archive NewsActive                   7/15/2004                     Full Text
BAUDCN                          Active               10/25/2004
           China Audit News (Chinese Language - Simplified)                         Full Text
BAUDTW                          Active                12/6/2004
           China Audit News (Chinese Language - Traditional)                        Full Text
BAUTCN                          Active               10/25/2004
           China Automotive News (Chinese Language - Simplified)                    Full Text
BAUTTW                          Active                 - Traditional)
           China Automotive News (Chinese Language5/15/2004                         Full Text
BJAVCN                          Active                12/1/2003
           China Aviation Newspaper (Chinese Language - Simplified)                 Full Text
BJAVTW                          Active                 6/1/2003
           China Aviation Newspaper (Chinese Language - Traditional)                Full Text
AIWCHI                          Discontinued
           China Britain Trade Review                  2/1/1997        7/31/2001    Full Text
BJBMCN                          Active                5/19/2004
           China Building Materials News (Chinese Language - Simplified)            Full Text
BJBMTW                          Active                5/19/2004
           China Building Materials News (Chinese Language - Traditional)           Full Text
BJCCCN                          Active                7/14/2004
           China Building Newspaper (Chinese Language - Simplified)                 Full Text
BJCCTW                          Active                7/14/2004
           China Building Newspaper (Chinese Language - Traditional)                Full Text
BBUSCN                          Active               11/22/2004
           China Business (Chinese Language - Simplified)                           Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                       Page 35
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

BBUSTW                         Active                12/6/2004
           China Business (Chinese Language - Traditional)                       Full Text
CHBTD                           Trade (Abstracts)
           China Business and Discontinued          10/18/1989         7/31/2001 Abstracts
AIWCHB                         Discontinued
           China Business Information Network         3/7/1997         4/18/2003 Full Text
CHBI                           Discontinued
           China Business Insider                     3/1/2002         8/29/2002 Full Text
IFXCDB                         Active
           China Business Newswire                  10/24/2001                   Full Text
CHIBEN                         Active
           China Business Press Release Newswire 12/22/2004                      Full Text
CHIBCN                         Active                7/27/2004
           China Business Press Release Newswire (Chinese Language - Simplified) Full Text
CHIBTW                         Active                7/27/2004                   Full
           China Business Press Release Newswire (Chinese Language - Traditional) Text
CBRV                           Active
           China Business Review                      5/1/1993                   Full Text
BSWEEK                         Active
           China Business Weekly                      9/5/1993                   Full Text
BJCMCN                         Active                 2/6/2004
           China Chemical Industry Newspaper (Chinese Language - Simplified)     Full Text
BJCMTW                         Active                 2/6/2004
           China Chemical Industry Newspaper (Chinese Language - Traditional) Full Text
CHCR                           Active
           China Chemical Reporter                    1/1/1994                   Full Text
CHCHRE                         Active
           China Chemical Reporter (Abstracts)        1/1/1994                   Abstracts
BJCOCN                         Active                 Simplified)
           China Coal Newspaper (Chinese Language - 2/7/2004                     Full Text
BJCOTW                         Active                 Traditional)
           China Coal Newspaper (Chinese Language - 2/7/2004                     Full Text
BJTRCN                         Active                 2/5/2004
           China Commerce Newspaper (Chinese Language - Simplified)              Full Text
BJTRTW                         Active                 2/5/2004
           China Commerce Newspaper (Chinese Language - Traditional)             Full Text
CHICOM                         Daily
           China Commodities Active- Energy & Metals 9/18/2007                   Full Text
CHICOG                         Daily
           China Commodities Active- Grain & Softs 9/18/2007                     Full Text
BCCWCN                         Active               10/25/2004
           China Computer World (Chinese Language - Simplified)                  Full Text
BCCWTW                         Active               10/25/2004
           China Computer World (Chinese Language - Traditional)                 Full Text
BCSTCN                         Active                11/2/2004
           China Construction News (Chinese Language - Simplified)               Full Text
BCSTTW                         Active               11/12/2004
           China Construction News (Chinese Language - Traditional)              Full Text
CHNDLY     China Daily         Active                9/30/1993                   Full Text
CHNDHK                         Active
           China Daily - Hong Kong Edition            1/1/2005                   Full Text
CHEINE                         Discontinued           1/1/2001
           China Economic Information Network (Abstracts)               7/8/2002 Translated Abstracts
CEINCN                         Active                8/30/2001
           China Economic Information Network (Chinese Language - Simplified) Full Text
CEINET                         Active                8/30/2001
           China Economic Information Network (Chinese Language - Traditional) Full Text
QEDCER                         Active
           China Economic Review                      1/1/1996                   Full Text
CERPDB                         Active
           China Economic Review - Daily Briefings 8/22/2006                     Full Text
CERFIR                         Active                11/1/2006
           China Economic Review - Foreign Investment Report                     Full Text
CERPIU                         Active               10/10/2006
           China Economic Review - Industries Updates                            Full Text
BJEPCN                         Active                 2/6/2004
           China Electric Power News (Chinese Language - Simplified)             Full Text
BJEPTW                         Active                 2/6/2004
           China Electric Power News (Chinese Language - Traditional)            Full Text
BJEICN                         Active                 2/6/2004
           China Electronics and IT Newspaper (Chinese Language - Simplified)    Full Text
BJEITW                         Active                 2/6/2004
           China Electronics and IT Newspaper (Chinese Language - Traditional) Full Text
CHINEG                         Active
           China Energy Newswire                     9/19/2007                   Full Text
CHINEN     China Energy Weekly Active                 9/5/2007                   Full Text
BJCECN                         Active                 2/9/2004
           China Enterprise Newspaper (Chinese Language - Simplified)            Full Text
BJCETW                         Active                 2/9/2004
           China Enterprise Newspaper (Chinese Language - Traditional)           Full Text
CENENG     China Entrepreneur Active                  1/5/2007                   Full Text
CENOCN                         (Chinese Language - Simplified)
           China Entrepreneur Active                  1/5/2007                   Full Text
CENDTW                         (Chinese Language - Traditional)
           China Entrepreneur Active                  1/5/2007                   Full Text
BJFWCN                         Active                 Simplified)
           China Fashion Weekly (Chinese Language -7/16/2004                     Full Text
BJFWTW                         Active                 Traditional)
           China Fashion Weekly (Chinese Language -7/16/2004                     Full Text
AIWCHF     China Focus         Discontinued           5/1/1997         7/31/2001 Full Text
BFODCN                         Active               11/17/2004
           China Food News (Chinese Language - Simplified)                       Full Text
BFODTW                         Active                12/2/2004
           China Food News (Chinese Language - Traditional)                      Full Text
BJFTCN                         Active                3/10/2004                   Full
           China Foreign Trade & Economy Newspaper (Chinese Language - Simplified)Text
BJFTTW                         Active                3/10/2004                   Full Text
           China Foreign Trade & Economy Newspaper (Chinese Language - Traditional)
BJGNCN                         Active                 7/9/2004
           China Gold News (Chinese Language - Simplified)                       Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                          Page 36
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

BJGNTW                          Active                  7/9/2004
           China Gold News (Chinese Language - Traditional)                        Full Text
BJGTCN                          (Chinese Language - Simplified)
           China Green Times Active                    7/13/2004                   Full Text
BJGTTW                          (Chinese Language - Traditional)
           China Green Times Active                    7/13/2004                   Full Text
CHAUTN                           China Automobile Newspaper (Japanese Language) Translated Abstracts
           CHINA HEADLINE -Discontinued                3/27/2002         3/11/2007
CHCHIN                           China Chemical Industry4/3/2002
           CHINA HEADLINE -Discontinued                                   4/3/2007 Translated Abstracts
                                                         Newspaper (Japanese Language)
CHFORT                           China Foreign         Economy           3/29/2007 Translated Abstracts
           CHINA HEADLINE -Discontinued Trade & 9/12/2001 Newspaper (Japanese Language)
CHPHAN                           China Pharmaceutical Newspaper (Japanese Language)
           CHINA HEADLINE -Discontinued                3/26/2002          3/5/2007 Translated Abstracts
CHTEXN                           China Textile         3/27/2002
           CHINA HEADLINE -Discontinued Newspaper (Japanese Language)     2/5/2007 Translated Abstracts
CHTRAN                           China Trade           9/14/2001
           CHINA HEADLINE -Discontinued News (Japanese Language) 3/20/2007 Translated Abstracts
CHECOD                           Economic Daily (Japanese Language)
           CHINA HEADLINE -Discontinued                9/11/2001         3/30/2007 Translated Abstracts
CHMARN                           Market News            Daily) (Japanese Language) Translated Abstracts
           CHINA HEADLINE -Discontinued (People's9/11/2001               3/28/2007
BHITOS                          Active                  8/3/2005
           China High-tech Industry Herald (Chinese Language - Simplified)         Full Text
BHITDT                          Active                  8/3/2005
           China High-tech Industry Herald (Chinese Language - Traditional)        Full Text
CHRU                            Discontinued
           China Human Resources Update                 4/1/1997         7/31/2001 Full Text
BJINCN                          Active                  2/3/2004
           China Industrial Newspaper (Chinese Language - Simplified)              Full Text
BJINTW                          Active                  2/3/2004
           China Industrial Newspaper (Chinese Language - Traditional)             Full Text
BJICCN                          Active                 2/21/2004
           China Industry & Commerce Newspaper (Chinese Language - Simplified) Full Text
BJICTW                          Active                 2/21/2004
           China Industry & Commerce Newspaper (Chinese Language - Traditional)    Full Text
BJEIND                           News
           China Industry Daily Active               12/23/2004                    Full Text
BCIDCN                           News                   5/1/2004
           China Industry Daily Active (Chinese Language - Simplified)             Full Text
BCIDTW                           News                10/19/2004
           China Industry Daily Active (Chinese Language - Traditional)            Full Text
CEICTW                          Active                 9/15/1994
           China Infobank - News Channel (Chinese Language - Traditional)          Full Text
CHILAW                          Active                  1/1/1995                   Full
           China Infobank-China Law and Regulation (Chinese Language - Simplified) Text
CHILTW                          Active                  1/1/1995                   Full
           China Infobank-China Law and Regulation (Chinese Language - Traditional) Text
CHILIS                          Active                 11/1/1994
           China Infobank-China Listed Company (Chinese Language - Simplified) Full Text
CHICTW                          Active                 11/1/1994
           China Infobank-China Listed Company (Chinese Language - Traditional) Full Text
CEIC                            Active                 9/15/1994
           China Infobank-News Channel (Chinese Language - Simplified)             Full Text
CHINFC                          Discontinued
           China Information Centre (ACFIC)             1/1/2001          4/1/2002 Translated Abstracts
BINFCN                          Active                 11/3/2004
           China Information World (Chinese Language - Simplified)                 Full Text
BINFTW                          Active                 12/6/2004
           China Information World (Chinese Language - Traditional)                Full Text
BINSOS                          Active                  8/2/2005
           China Inspection and Quarantine Times (Chinese Language - Simplified) Full Text
BINSDT                          Active                  8/2/2005
           China Inspection and Quarantine Times (Chinese Language - Traditional) Full Text
BINSCN                          Active                - Simplified)
           China Insurance News (Chinese Language10/26/2004                        Full Text
BINSTW                          Active                  Traditional)
           China Insurance News (Chinese Language -12/2/2004                       Full Text
BJIPCN                          Active                 7/15/2004
           China Intellectual Property News (Chinese Language - Simplified)        Full Text
BJIPTW                          Active                 7/15/2004
           China Intellectual Property News (Chinese Language - Traditional)       Full Text
CIW                             Discontinued
           China Intelligence Wire                      1/1/2001         2/26/2002 Full Text
CHITTR     China IT Newswire Active                    9/22/2000                   Full Text
CHIKNO     China Knowledge PressActive                 5/10/2005                   Full Text
BLSSOS                          Active                  8/4/2005
           China Labour and Social Security News (Chinese Language - Simplified) Full Text
BLSSDT                          Active                  8/4/2005
           China Labour and Social Security News (Chinese Language - Traditional) Full Text
BJLRCN                          Active                  2/4/2004
           China Land and Resources Newspaper (Chinese Language - Simplified) Full Text
BJLRTW                          Active                  2/4/2004
           China Land and Resources Newspaper (Chinese Language - Traditional) Full Text
BMETCN                          Active               10/25/2004
           China Metallurgical News (Chinese Language - Simplified)                Full Text
BMETTW                          Active               11/30/2004
           China Metallurgical News (Chinese Language - Traditional)               Full Text
CHIMET     China Metals NewswireActive                 9/18/2007                   Full Text
BMTECN                          Active               10/26/2004
           China Meteorological News (Chinese Language - Simplified)               Full Text
BMTETW                          Active                 11/2/2004
           China Meteorological News (Chinese Language - Traditional)              Full Text
BJMNCN                          Active                   - Simplified)
           China Mining Newspaper (Chinese Language2/7/2004                        Full Text
BJMNTW                          Active                   - Traditional)
           China Mining Newspaper (Chinese Language2/7/2004                        Full Text
BNWKOS                          Active                  8/8/2005
           China Network World (Chinese Language - Simplified)                     Full Text
BNWKDT                          Active                  8/8/2005
           China Network World (Chinese Language - Traditional)                    Full Text

Factiva Confidential                             9/19/2011                                           Page 37
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

AIWCHN     China News (Taiwan)  Discontinued          9/11/1996          7/31/2001 Full Text
CHINAD                          Active
           China News Digest (Abstracts)              11/3/2003                    Abstracts
CNSBDS                           - China               6/1/2006
           China News ServiceActive Business & Economic News (Chinese Language TextFull - Simplified)
CNSBOT                           - China               6/1/2006
           China News ServiceActive Business & Economic News (Chinese Language TextFull - Traditional)
CNSNDS                           (Chinese Language - Simplified)
           China News ServiceActive                    5/4/2006                    Full Text
CNSNOT                           (Chinese Language - Traditional)
           China News ServiceActive                    5/4/2006                    Full Text
BDIGOS                          Active                  - Simplified)
           China Newspaper Digest (Chinese Language 8/8/2005                       Full Text
BDIGDT                          Active                  - Traditional)
           China Newspaper Digest (Chinese Language 8/8/2005                       Full Text
BJNFCN                          Active                2/12/2004
           China Nonferrous Metals Newspaper (Chinese Language - Simplified) Full Text
BJNFTW                          Active                2/12/2004
           China Nonferrous Metals Newspaper (Chinese Language - Traditional) Full Text
BJONCN                          Active                7/16/2004
           China Ocean News (Chinese Language - Simplified)                        Full Text
BJONTW                          Active                7/16/2004
           China Ocean News (Chinese Language - Traditional)                       Full Text
BJOSTW                          Active                7/16/2004
           China Ocean Shipping News (Chinese Language - Traditional)              Full Text
BJOSCN                          Active                7/16/2004
           China Ocean Shipping News (Chinese Language - Simplified)               Full Text
BOILCN                          Active               10/25/2004
           China Oil News (Chinese Language - Simplified)                          Full Text
BOILTW                          Active                11/8/2004
           China Oil News (Chinese Language - Traditional)                         Full Text
BJPKCN                          Active                 7/1/2003
           China Packaging Newspaper (Chinese Language - Simplified)               Full Text
BJPKTW                          Active                 6/1/2003
           China Packaging Newspaper (Chinese Language - Traditional)              Full Text
BJPECN                          Active                 2/7/2004
           China Petrochemical Newspaper (Chinese Language - Simplified)           Full Text
BJPETW                          Active                 2/7/2004
           China Petrochemical Newspaper (Chinese Language - Traditional)          Full Text
CHPCHE                          Discontinued
           China Petroleum & Chemicals (Abstracts) 5/13/1994             7/31/2001 Abstracts
BJPHCN                          Active                 2/7/2004
           China Pharmaceutical Newspaper (Chinese Language - Simplified)          Full Text
BJPHTW                          Active                 2/7/2004
           China Pharmaceutical Newspaper (Chinese Language - Traditional)         Full Text
CHIHEA                          Active                9/18/2007
           China Pharmaceuticals & Health Technologies Newswire                    Full Text
CHNHEA                          Active                 9/5/2007
           China Pharmaceuticals & Health Technologies Weekly                      Full Text
CHIPOS                          Active
           The China Post (Taiwan)                     8/4/2000                    Full Text
BPOSOS                          Active                 8/9/2005
           China Post News (Chinese Language - Simplified)                         Full Text
BPOSDT                          Active                 8/9/2005
           China Post News (Chinese Language - Traditional)                        Full Text
CHIPCN                          Active                 3/8/2002
           The China Press (Malaysia, Chinese Language - Simplified)               Full Text
CHIPRE                          Active                 3/8/2002
           The China Press (Malaysia, Chinese Language - Traditional)              Full Text
BJQDCN                          Active                7/15/2004
           China Quality Daily (Chinese Language - Simplified)                     Full Text
BJQDTW                          Active                7/15/2004
           China Quality Daily (Chinese Language - Traditional)                    Full Text
GCHQ       China Quarterly      Discontinued           1/1/1997          12/8/2001 Full Text
BJRCCN                          Active                Language
           China Railway Construction News (Chinese 7/15/2004 - Simplified)        Full Text
BJRCTW                          Active                Language
           China Railway Construction News (Chinese 7/15/2004 - Traditional)       Full Text
CHINAS     China Securities     Discontinued           1/1/2001          8/30/2002 Translated Abstracts
CHSECB                          Discontinued
           China Securities Bulletin (Abstracts)       8/1/1995          3/28/2002 Translated Abstracts
BSHPCN                          Active               10/25/2004
           China Ship News (Chinese Language - Simplified)                         Full Text
BSHPTW                          Active                11/5/2004
           China Ship News (Chinese Language - Traditional)                        Full Text
BSOCCN                          Active                6/15/2004
           China Social News (Chinese Language - Simplified)                       Full Text
BSOCTW                          Active               10/26/2004
           China Social News (Chinese Language - Traditional)                      Full Text
BSPACN                          Active               11/23/2004
           China Space News (Chinese Language - Simplified)                        Full Text
BSPATW                          Active               10/22/2004
           China Space News (Chinese Language - Traditional)                       Full Text
BSTAOS                          Active                 8/1/2005
           China Statistics Information (Chinese Language - Simplified)            Full Text
BSTADT                          Active                 8/1/2005
           China Statistics Information (Chinese Language - Traditional)           Full Text
BJTXCN                          Active                 2/6/2004
           China Taxation Newspaper (Chinese Language - Simplified)                Full Text
BJTXTW                          Active                 2/6/2004
           China Taxation Newspaper (Chinese Language - Traditional)               Full Text
CHITEL                          Active
           China Telecom Newswire                     9/18/2007                    Full Text
BJCTCN                          Active                2/11/2004
           China Textile Newspaper (Chinese Language - Simplified)                 Full Text
BJCTTW                          Active                2/11/2004
           China Textile Newspaper (Chinese Language - Traditional)                Full Text
CHTDCN                          Active
           China Times (Chinese Language - Simplified)8/5/2004                     Full Text
CHTOTW                          Active                8/20/2004
           China Times (Chinese Language - Traditional)                            Full Text

Factiva Confidential                             9/19/2011                                           Page 38
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

BTRMOS                          Active                 8/5/2005
           China Tourism News (Chinese Language - Simplified)                    Full Text
BTRMDT                          Active                 8/5/2005
           China Tourism News (Chinese Language - Traditional)                   Full Text
BTRACN                          Active               10/25/2004
           China Trade News (Chinese Language - Simplified)                      Full Text
BTRATW                          Active                12/2/2004
           China Trade News (Chinese Language - Traditional)                     Full Text
BTPTCN                          Active               10/25/2004
           China Transportation News (Chinese Language - Simplified)             Full Text
BTPTTW                          Active                12/2/2004
           China Transportation News (Chinese Language - Traditional)            Full Text
BJURCN                          Discontinued           3/9/2004        3/28/2006 Full Text
           China Urban & Rural Finance Newspaper (Chinese Language - Simplified)
BJURTW                          Active                 3/9/2004                  Full
           China Urban & Rural Finance Newspaper (Chinese Language - Traditional) Text
BJWRCN                          Active                7/13/2004
           China Water Resources News (Chinese Language - Simplified)            Full Text
BJWRTW                          Active                7/13/2004
           China Water Resources News (Chinese Language - Traditional)           Full Text
BJWTCN                          Active                7/14/2004
           China Water Transport (Chinese Language - Simplified)                 Full Text
BJWTTW                          Active                7/14/2004
           China Water Transport (Chinese Language - Traditional)                Full Text
BSAFCN                          Active               10/26/2004
           China Work Safety News (Chinese Language - Simplified)                Full Text
BSAFTW                          Active                12/2/2004
           China Work Safety News (Chinese Language - Traditional)               Full Text
CFT        China's Foreign TradeDiscontinued          3/30/1997        7/31/2001 Full Text
CTEDCN                          Discontinued           8/4/2004
           ChinaTimes Express (Chinese Language - Simplified)         10/31/2005 Full Text
CTEOTW                          Discontinued          8/20/2004
           ChinaTimes Express (Chinese Language - Traditional)        10/31/2005 Full Text
WSJCN                           Active                 1/1/2002
           Chinese (Chinese Language - Simplified)                       Full Text
WSJCT                           Active                 1/1/2002
           Chinese (Chinese Language - Traditional)                      Full Text
CHIRO                           A
           Chiropractic Products ctive                 2/1/2006                  Full Text
CHLO                            Active
           Chlor-Alkali Marketwire                     7/1/1991                  Full Text
ABXCHO                          Discontinued
           Choice (ABIX Abstracts)                    8/31/1996        12/3/2006 Abstracts
PCHO       Choice (Abstracts) Active                   1/1/1997                  Abstracts
CHOGUA     Chorley Guardian Active                    5/15/2002                  Full Text
DIGCHO     Chosun Ilbo          Active                1/31/2001                  Full Text
CHSLCN                          Active                11/1/2001
           Chosun Ilbo (Chinese Language - Simplified, Abstracts)                Translated Abstracts
CHSLBO                          Active                11/1/2001
           Chosun Ilbo (Chinese Language - Traditional, Abstracts)               Translated Abstracts
CHOSIL                          Active
           Chosun Ilbo (Japanese Language)             1/1/2000                  Full Text
CHRC       The Christian CenturyActive                 1/1/1994                  Full Text
CHSM                            Active
           The Christian Science Monitor              9/30/1988                  Full Text
CHRI                            Active
           Christianity Today (Abstracts)              1/1/1994                  Abstracts
GCHE                            Active
           Chronicle of Higher Education               1/7/2005                  Full Text
CHRAUS                          Active
           The Chronicle (Canberra)                  10/26/2004                  Full Text
SEARCH                          Active
           Chugoku Joho-kyoku (Japanese Language) 11/1/2002                      Full Text
CCSEIJ                          Active                9/29/2004
           Chunanbei Chian Seiji Joho (Japanese Language)                        Translated Abstracts
CKJOHO                          Active
           Chunanbei Keizai Joho (Japanese Language)6/1/2004                     Translated Abstracts
CHUSHI                          Active
           The Chunichi Shimbun (Japanese Language)5/1/2003                      Full Text
PCHH       Church History       Active                 1/1/1997                  Full Text
CZPRDI                          Active
           CIA - Daily News - Czech Republic          7/20/1998                  Full Text
CZPRCZ                          Active
           CIA - Daily News (Czech Language)          4/14/1998                  Full Text
CIAICZ                          Active                7/19/1999
           CIA - Weekly Industry Profiles (Czech Language)                       Full Text
CIAINP                          Active                7/12/1999
           CIA - Weekly Industry Profiles (Czech Republic)                       Full Text
AIWCIA     CIA World FactbookDiscontinued              9/7/1995        7/31/2001 Full Text
CBGGJ                           Discontinued
           Ciba-Geigy Journal (Abstracts)              5/5/1986        7/31/2001 Abstracts
CPAIS                           Discontinued
           Ciberpaís (Spanish Language)               9/30/2000        11/6/2002 Full Text
CIBERP                          Active                6/28/2001
           Ciberpaís (Suplemento semanal, Spanish Language)                      Full Text
CIECSC                          Discontinued          1/19/1998        12/2/2002 Full Text
           CIEC - China Policies, Rules and Regulations (Chinese Language - Simplified)
CIECEB     CIEC Economic Briefs Discontinued           5/7/1997       11/11/2002 Full Text
CIMADI                          Active                3/20/1999                  Full
           CIMA Science - New Current - Drug Information List (Japanese Language) Text
CIMANC                          Discontinued           4/1/1999
           CIMA Science - New Current (Japanese Language)              6/20/2005 Full Text
CTGCIM                          Active
           CIMA Science (Japanese Language)            4/1/1999                  Full Text
CBC                             Courier
           Cincinnati Business Discontinued           1/14/1985        9/22/2000 Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                          Page 39
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

CINP       The Cincinnati Post Active                    1/1/2007                    Full Text
CINDI                            abstracts)
           Cinco Días (English Discontinued             9/29/1989        11/30/2001 Translated Abstracts
CINDAS                            Language)
           Cinco Días (SpanishActive                    8/15/1996                    Full Text
CNE        Cineaste              Active                  1/1/1995                    Full Text
CIO        CIO                   Active                  1/1/1997                    Full Text
IDGCIO     CIO (Australia)       Active                  5/5/2005                    Full Text
CIOGER                           Active
           CIO (Germany, German Language)                7/5/2004                    Full Text
DLSABF     CIO (Russian Language)Active                 11/1/2005                    Full Text
CIOI       CIO Insight           Active                  6/1/2002                    Full Text
CIOOL                            Active
           CIO Online (Germany, German Language) 1/4/2005                            Full Text
CICN       Circuits Assembly Discontinued                1/1/1998           1/1/2002 Full Text
CICU                             Active
           Circuits Culture (Abstracts)                 3/16/1989                    Abstracts
USFT                             Discontinued
           CIS Economics & Foreign Trade                 1/1/1991          9/26/2001 Full Text
CITIZN     The Citizen (U.K.) Active                    1/11/1998                    Full Text
XCIT                             Discontinued
           Citizen Tribune (Morristown, Tenn.)        11/25/1992           7/31/2001 Full Text
CITYME     The City MessengerActive                      8/8/2001                    Full Text
NORNEW     City North News       Active                 8/23/2001                    Full Text
SOUTNE     City South News       Discontinued           8/23/2001          2/16/2006 Full Text
CWIRE      Citywire              Active                 8/10/2001                    Full Text
CLE                              Active
           Civil Engineering (Abstracts)                 1/1/1997                    Abstracts
PCIV       Civil War History     Active                  1/1/1997                    Full Text
FCVZ                             Discontinued
           Civilization (Abstracts)                      1/1/1997          10/1/2000 Abstracts
SABICL                           Abstracts)
           El Clarin (Argentina, Active                 7/15/2000                    Translated Abstracts
ELCLA                            Active
           Clarín (Spanish Language)                    9/20/2005                    Full Text
MAS                              Discontinued
           Class Actions Litigation Reporter             1/1/2002          8/31/2005 Full Text
PCLS                             Active
           Classical Antiquity (Abstracts)               1/1/1997                    Abstracts
PCLP                             Active
           Classical Philology (Abstracts)               1/1/1997                    Abstracts
CLNA                             Discontinued
           Clean Air Network Online Today                2/1/1992          3/10/1997 Full Text
CLAR       Clean Air Report      Active                 10/6/2005                    Full Text
CLRM       CleanRooms            Active                  1/1/2002                    Full Text
CLGH       The Clearing HouseActive                      1/1/1994                    Full Text
CLEVME     Clevedon Mercury Active                       8/8/2002                    Full Text
CLICK      Click                 Active                  1/1/2006                    Full Text
CLSV                             Discontinued
           Client/Server Computing                       1/1/1995           6/1/1997 Full Text
ICLC                             Active
           Climatic Change (Abstracts)                   1/1/1997                    Abstracts
CLINNL                           Discontinued            3/4/2004        11/25/2005
           Clinica Online Plus (Available through Third Party Subscription Services) Full Text
CLINW                            Active                  1/1/2001                    Full Party
           CLINICA World Medical Device and Diagnostic News (Available through ThirdText Subscription Services)
CCA                              Active
           Clinical Cardiology Alert                     1/1/2002                    Full Text
FCNR                             Active
           Clinical Nursing Research (Abstracts)         1/1/1997                    Abstracts
COA                              Active
           Clinical Oncology Report                      1/1/2002                    Full Text
CONW       Clinical Oncology WeekActive                  1/1/2003                    Full Text
CPSN                             Active
           Clinical Psychiatry News                      1/1/2001                    Full Text
PCSW                             Journal
           Clinical Social Work Active (Abstracts)       1/1/1997                    Abstracts
CTA                              Active
           Clinical Trials Advisor                       1/1/2004                    Full Text
CTRW       Clinical Trials Week Active                   1/1/2003                    Full Text
CLIO       CLIO (Abstracts) Active                       1/1/1995                    Abstracts
CLP                              Active
           CLP (Clinincal Lab Products)                  1/1/2007                    Full Text
ACLM       Club Management Active                        1/1/1997                    Full Text
CMAG       CMA Management Active                         1/1/1994                    Full Text
CMPT       CMP TechWeb           Active                 10/1/1996                    Full Text
PFN                              Active
           CNBC/Dow Jones Business Video                 2/1/1997                    Full Text
BCTR       CNBC: Business Center Discontinued            3/8/2001          12/6/2003 Full Text

Factiva Confidential                           9/19/2011                                          Page 40
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

CAPR       CNBC: Capital ReportDiscontinued            6/1/2003       11/12/2004 Full Text
EART       CNBC: Early Today Discontinued              3/8/2001         6/2/2005 Full Text
HDBL                            Chris Matthews
           CNBC: Hardball withDiscontinued             3/8/2001        7/12/2002 Full Text
KDCR                           Discontinued
           CNBC: Kudlow & Company                     11/1/2003        8/27/2007 Full Text
RUK                            Discontinued
           CNBC: Louis Rukeyser's Wall Street         3/21/2003        2/24/2006 Full Text
RVLV       CNBC: Rivera Live! Discontinued             1/1/2000        6/28/2002 Full Text
MKWK                           Discontinued
           CNBC: Special Report With Maria Bartiromo 1/1/2000           7/5/2004 Full Text
SQWK       CNBC: Squawk BoxDiscontinued                1/1/2000         5/3/2002 Full Text
NBW                            Discontinued
           CNBC: The News on CNBC                     10/9/2002        5/14/2004 Full Text
TMRS       CNBC: Tim Russert Active                   3/10/2001                  Full Text
CNEWSN     CNET Active                       11/1/2003                  Full Text
CNMV                           Active                 Valores (Spanish Language) Full Text
           CNMV - Comisión Nacional del Mercado de 7/28/1997
CNNT       CNN & Time          Discontinued           7/24/2000        7/31/2001 Full Text
CNCB       CNN CLOSING BELL    Discontinued           2/14/2002       10/10/2002 Full Text
CNNCO                          Discontinued           6/16/2000
           CNN en Español - Choque de Opiniones (Spanish Language) 7/31/2001 Full Text
CNNDP                          Discontinued           6/16/2000
           CNN en Español - Deportes (Spanish Language)                7/31/2001 Full Text
CNDPW                          Discontinued           6/17/2000
           CNN en Español - Deportes Weekend (Spanish Language)        7/31/2001 Full Text
CNNEF                          Active                 6/15/2000
           CNN en Español - Economía y Finanzas (Spanish Language)               Full Text
CNNEM                          Discontinued           6/29/2000
           CNN en Español - El Mundo Informa (Spanish Language)        7/31/2001 Full Text
CNFQA                          Discontinued           6/29/2000
           CNN en Español - Enfoques: Adelantos (Spanish Language) 7/31/2001 Full Text
CNFQC                          Discontinued           6/29/2000        7/31/2001 Full Text
           CNN en Español - Enfoques: Consulta Médica (Spanish Language)
CNFQD                          Discontinued           6/29/2000
           CNN en Español - Enfoques: Destinos (Spanish Language) 7/31/2001 Full Text
CNFQE                          Discontinued           6/29/2000
           CNN en Español - Enfoques: Eco-lógica (Spanish Language) 7/31/2001 Full Text
CNFQM                          Discontinued           6/19/2000
           CNN en Español - Enfoques: Moda (Spanish Language)          7/31/2001 Full Text
CNNES                          Discontinued           6/29/2000
           CNN en Español - Escenario (Spanish Language)               7/31/2001 Full Text
CNNNS                          Discontinued           6/17/2000
           CNN en Español - La Noticia de la Semana (Spanish Language) 7/31/2001 Full Text
CNNNT                          Discontinued           6/16/2000        7/31/2001 Full Text
           CNN en Español - Las Noticias con Jorge Gestoso y Patricia Janot (Spanish Language)
CNNLP                          Discontinued           6/18/2000
           CNN en Español - Los Protagonistas (Spanish Language)       7/31/2001 Full Text
CNNPM                          Discontinued           6/17/2000
           CNN en Español - Panorama Mundial (Spanish Language)        7/31/2001 Full Text
CNPMW                          Active                 6/15/2000
           CNN en Español - Panorama Mundial Weekend (Spanish Language)          Full Text
CNNFEN                         Discontinued
           CNN First Evening News                      8/2/2001        12/6/2001 Full Text
HESH                           Discontinued
           CNN He Said / She Said                     6/23/2001       11/25/2002 Full Text
CNNGB                          Active
           CNN Headline News: Glenn Beck               5/9/2006                  Full Text
NANGRA                         Active
           CNN Headline News: Nancy Grace             10/3/2005                  Full Text
SHOTON                         Active
           CNN Headline News: Showbiz Tonight         10/3/2005                  Full Text
CNNII                          Active
           CNN International Insight                  12/1/1999                  Full Text
CIWBW                          Discontinued
           CNN International World Business This Week 12/1/1999        7/31/2001 Full Text
CNIWN                          Discontinued
           CNN International World News               12/1/1999        7/31/2001 Full Text
CNAST                          Discontinued
           CNN International: Asia Tonight            12/7/2000        9/10/2001 Full Text
CNAED                          Discontinued
           CNN International: Asian Edition           12/7/2000        10/7/2002 Full Text
CNBOI                          Discontinued
           CNN International: Best of Insight         12/1/1999        7/31/2001 Full Text
CNNQA                          Discontinued
           CNN International: Best of Q & A           12/1/1999        7/31/2001 Full Text
CNBAS                          Discontinued
           CNN International: Biz Asia                12/7/2000        9/11/2001 Full Text
CNNIBT                         Active
           CNN International: Business Traveler       1/11/2004                  Full Text
CNEBZ                          Discontinued
           CNN International: Ebiz Asia               12/9/2000       10/18/2002 Full Text
CNNIGC                         Active
           CNN International: Global Challenges       1/18/2004                  Full Text
CNHOT                          Discontinued
           CNN International: Hotspots                12/9/2000       10/18/2002 Full Text
CNIAF                          Active
           CNN International: Inside Africa           12/9/2000                  Full Text
CNNIA                          Discontinued
           CNN International: Inside Asia             12/1/1999       10/18/2002 Full Text
CNNIC                          Active                  4/4/2004
           CNN International: International Correspondents                       Full Text
CNQAS                          Discontinued
           CNN International: Q&A Early Afternoon     12/8/2000        1/26/2004 Full Text
CNQNA                          Discontinued
           CNN International: Q&A Late Afternoon     12/12/2000        1/26/2004 Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                        Page 41
                                      Global Academic 2007Q4

CNNSE                           Discontinued
           CNN International: Special Events      12/1/1999    11/28/2006   Full Text
CNART                           Discontinued
           CNN International: The ArtClub         12/1/1999     7/31/2001   Full Text
CNWBT                           Discontinued
           CNN International: World Beat          12/9/2000     10/1/2001   Full Text
CNNS       CNN Live Saturday Discontinued         7/24/2000     1/17/2007   Full Text
MRGN       CNN Morning News Discontinued          7/31/2000     10/3/2002   Full Text
CNPL                            Discontinued
           CNN People in the News                 3/31/2001     1/16/2006   Full Text
CPRS       CNN Presents         Active            4/29/2001                 Full Text
CSTN       CNN SATURDAY NIGHT   Discontinued      2/14/2002     1/17/2007   Full Text
NSRM       CNN Student News Discontinued          7/31/2000     10/9/2002   Full Text
CNSN       CNN Sunday           Discontinued      7/30/2000     1/17/2007   Full Text
CSNN       CNN SUNDAY NIGHT     Discontinued      2/14/2002     1/17/2007   Full Text
AHCV                            Discontinued
           CNN: Ahead of the Curve                7/31/2000     10/3/2002   Full Text
CNLM       CNN: American MorningActive            3/28/2001                 Full Text
COOPER                          Active
           CNN: Anderson Cooper 360°               1/1/2003                 Full Text
BTSD       CNN: Both Sides Discontinued           7/24/2000     4/13/2002   Full Text
BRKG                            A
           CNN: Breaking News ctive                8/2/2000                 Full Text
BRDN       CNN: Burden of Proof Discontinued      7/31/2000     8/13/2002   Full Text
CAPG       CNN: Capital Gang Discontinued         7/31/2000     10/6/2005   Full Text
NWSRM      CNN: CNN Newsroom    Active            9/11/2006                 Full Text
CNNTO      CNN: CNN Tonight Discontinued         12/18/2000     10/3/2002   Full Text
CSFR       CNN: Crossfire       Discontinued      7/30/2000     11/4/2005   Full Text
CNNID                           Discontinued
           CNN: Diplomatic License                12/1/1999     1/16/2007   Full Text
CNNDU                           Discontinued
           CNN: Dolan's Unscripted                3/31/2004     1/16/2006   Full Text
ERED       CNN: Early Edition Discontinued        7/31/2000     10/3/2002   Full Text
ERTH       CNN: Earth Matters Discontinued        7/24/2000     8/13/2002   Full Text
ENHS                            Discontinued
           CNN: Evans Novak Hunt & Shields        7/24/2000    11/10/2002   Full Text
FENW                            Discontinued
           CNN: First Evening News                8/28/2001    11/25/2002   Full Text
JFGF                            Discontinued
           CNN: Greenfield At Large                6/1/2001     7/10/2002   Full Text
SNGJP                           Active
           CNN: House Call with Dr. Sanjay Gupta  4/10/2004                 Full Text
IPOL       CNN: Inside Politics Discontinued      7/31/2000     1/16/2006   Full Text
LKLV       CNN: Larry King Live Active            7/31/2000                 Full Text
LKWD                            Discontinued
           CNN: Larry King Weekend                 1/1/1999      2/9/2004   Full Text
LTED                            Active
           CNN: LATE EDITION W/WOLF BLITZER 7/24/2000                       Full Text
CNDB       CNN: Live at DaybreakDiscontinued       1/1/2001     1/16/2006   Full Text
LONL       CNN: Live From... Discontinued         2/14/2002      9/6/2005   Full Text
CNLT       CNN: Live Today Discontinued            1/1/2001      9/6/2006   Full Text
MNYL       CNN: Lou Dobbs Discontinued             1/1/1997      2/9/2004   Full Text
LDTW                            Active
           CNN: Lou Dobbs This Week               11/4/2006                 Full Text
MNWK                            Active
           CNN: Lou Dobbs Tonight                 7/24/2000                 Full Text
MVRS                            Discontinued
           CNN: Movers with Jan Hopkins            1/1/1999    11/22/2002   Full Text
CNNCNN     CNN: News from CNN   Discontinued       1/1/2004     1/16/2006   Full Text
CNWS       CNN: News Site       Discontinued       1/1/2001    11/25/2002   Full Text
NWDA       CNN: Newsday         Discontinued       8/1/2000     7/31/2001   Full Text
CNAB                            Discontinued
           CNN: Newsnight With Aaron Brown       10/22/2001     11/9/2005   Full Text
NSSD       CNN: Newsstand Discontinued             8/5/2000     7/31/2001   Full Text
SCTW       CNN: NEXT@CNN Discontinued             7/24/2000      7/9/2005   Full Text
CNSE       CNN: On the Story Discontinued          3/9/2002     9/13/2006   Full Text
CNNOH      CNN: Open House Active                  7/1/2004                 Full Text
PGON       CNN: Page One        Discontinued      7/29/2000     7/31/2001   Full Text
CNNPZN     CNN: Paula Zahn Now  Active           11/18/2003                 Full Text
PINC       CNN: Pinnacle        Discontinued       8/6/2000     2/15/2003   Full Text
RLBL       CNN: Reliable SourcesActive            7/24/2000                 Full Text

Factiva Confidential                         9/19/2011                                  Page 42
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

STMG                           Active
           CNN: Saturday Morning                   7/24/2000                Full Text
SBZT                           D
           CNN: Showbiz Today iscontinued          7/31/2000      7/31/2001 Full Text
SBZW       CNN: Showbiz WeekendDiscontinued          8/5/2000      9/8/2001 Full Text
CNNSIU                         Active
           CNN: Special Investigations Unit        1/20/2007                Full Text
CNNSP                          Active
           CNN: Special/Live Event                   2/1/2004               Full Text
SNAM       CNN: Sunday Morning Active              7/24/2000                Full Text
CNTF       CNN: Take Five      Discontinued          1/1/2001    11/25/2002 Full Text
TKBK       CNN: TalkBack LiveDiscontinued          7/31/2000      3/12/2003 Full Text
PGVS       CNN: The Point.     Discontinued       12/23/2000       4/9/2002 Full Text
CNNTSR                         Active
           CNN: The Situation Room                 10/3/2005                Full Text
TSPR       CNN: The Spin Room  Discontinued       12/21/2000      7/31/2001 Full Text
TAV                            Discontinued
           CNN: The Turnaround with Ali Velsh        8/6/2005     1/16/2006 Full Text
WRTD       CNN: The World TodayDiscontinued        7/31/2000      7/31/2001 Full Text
TWAW                           Active
           CNN: This Week at War                   6/10/2006                Full Text
TDAY       CNN: Today          Discontinued        7/31/2000      7/31/2001 Full Text
TRVL       CNN: Travel Now Discontinued            7/29/2000       9/8/2001 Full Text
WLFB                           Discontinued
           CNN: Wolf Blitzer Reports              12/18/2000      1/16/2006 Full Text
WDRP       CNN: World Report Discontinued            8/6/2000      9/9/2001 Full Text
WRDV       CNN: World View Discontinued            7/30/2000      10/7/2002 Full Text
WDBT       CNN: WorldBeat      Discontinued          8/6/2000      9/9/2001 Full Text
YRHL       CNN: Your Health Discontinued           7/24/2000      8/27/2003 Full Text
ITHM       CNN: Your Money Active                  11/2/1999                Full Text
CNNWC                          Active
           CNN: Your World Today                     1/1/2003               Full Text
CNNM       CNNdot Com          Discontinued        7/24/2000     11/25/2002 Full Text
BEFH                           D
           CNNfn: Before Hours iscontinued           1/1/1997     7/30/2002 Full Text
BZBZ       CNNfn: Biz Buzz     Discontinued          1/1/1997     10/3/2002 Full Text
BZZD       CNNfn: Business Day Discontinued          1/1/1997     10/3/2002 Full Text
BZUN                           Discontinued
           CNNfn: Business Unusual                   1/1/1997      2/9/2004 Full Text
DGJM       CNNfn: Digital Jam Discontinued           1/1/1997     10/3/2002 Full Text
ENTO                           Discontinued
           CNNfn: Entrepreneurs Only                 1/1/1999     10/3/2002 Full Text
CNNF       CNNfn: Flipside     Discontinued        3/31/2004     12/16/2004 Full Text
HTIM                           Discontinued
           CNNfn: Halftime Report                 10/25/2001     10/16/2003 Full Text
INPL       CNNfn: In Play      Discontinued          1/1/1997     7/31/2001 Full Text
INTG                           D
           CNNfn: In The Game iscontinued            1/1/1997     7/31/2001 Full Text
MKTM       CNNfn: Market Call Discontinued         8/11/1999     12/16/2004 Full Text
MKTC                           Discontinued
           CNNfn: Market Coverage - Afternoon      8/11/1999      10/3/2002 Full Text
CPID                           Discontinued
           CNNfn: Money & Markets                    1/1/1997    12/16/2004 Full Text
CNSR       CNNfn: Money 2004Discontinued           2/14/2002     12/16/2004 Full Text
MNMR       CNNfn: Money MorningDiscontinued       10/25/2001     12/16/2004 Full Text
MLWD                           Discontinued
           CNNfn: Moneyline Weekend                6/23/2001     10/16/2003 Full Text
STSW                           D
           CNNfn: Street Sweep iscontinued           1/1/1997    12/16/2004 Full Text
TIPR                           Discontinued
           CNNfn: Take It Personally                 1/2/1997     7/31/2001 Full Text
TKST                           Discontinued
           CNNfn: Talking Stocks                   11/5/1999      7/31/2001 Full Text
CNNB       CNNfn: The Biz      Discontinued          4/2/2001    12/16/2004 Full Text
GANG                           Discontinued
           CNNfn: The Money Gang                     4/2/2001    12/16/2004 Full Text
TRDP                           Discontinued
           CNNfn: Trading Places                     1/2/1997     7/31/2001 Full Text
YRMN       CNNfn: Your MoneyDiscontinued             8/5/2000    12/16/2004 Full Text
CNSO       CNS Outlook         Discontinued        7/14/1995      7/31/2001 Full Text
CNTNJA                         Active
           CNT News (Japanese Language)              7/2/2007               Full Text
CNYECN                         Discontinued
  (Chinese Language - Simplified) 6/8/2001     8/29/2005 Full Text
CNYES                          Discontinued
  (Chinese Language - Traditional)6/8/2001     8/29/2005 Full Text
ISCC                           Active
           Coach & Athletic Director                 1/1/1997               Full Text

Factiva Confidential                           9/19/2011                                Page 43
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

CLTK       Coal UK             Discontinued            7/1/1992       3/26/1996   Full Text
COAS                           Discontinued
           Coast Business (Miss.)                      3/1/1992       7/31/2001   Full Text
CTGS       Coatings World      Active                  1/1/2002                   Full Text
ICBL                           Active                  1/1/1997
           Cobblestone: The History Magazine for Young People (Abstracts)         Abstracts
GNTCOD                         Discontinued
           Code (Russian Language)                     6/9/1998       7/31/2001   Full Text
GARCOD     Codes               Discontinued            6/3/1998       1/13/1999   Full Text
SCRLCO                         Active
           Coface SCRL (French Language)             12/6/2000                    Full Text
ICOG                           Active
           Cognitive Psychology (Abstracts)            1/1/1997                   Abstracts
CFDJ                           Discontinued
           ColdFusion Developer's Journal              1/1/2002       8/28/2005   Full Text
CACR                           Active
           Collections and Credit Risk               1/31/1997                    Full Text
FCRN                           Libraries News (Abstracts)
           College & Research Active                   1/1/1997                   Abstracts
PCOL       College Literature Active                   1/1/1997                   Full Text
PCMJ                           Active
           College Mathematics Journal (Abstracts)     1/1/1997                   Abstracts
CLHM       Colonial Homes      Discontinued            1/1/1994       7/31/2001   Full Text
COLO       Colorado Business Active                    6/1/1986                   Full Text
COCO                           Active
           Colorado Construction                       1/1/1998                   Full Text
CSBJ                           Active
           Colorado Springs Business Journal         11/1/1993                    Full Text
KRTCD                          Active
           Columbia Daily Tribune (MCT) (Mo.)        5/27/2003                    Full Text
CJR                            Active
           Columbia Journalism Review                  1/1/1991                   Full Text
CLBN                           Active
           The Columbian (Vancouver, Wash.)          11/1/1995                    Full Text
CBJ                            Journal (Ohio)
           Columbus Business Discontinued              2/1/1985       7/31/2001   Full Text
KRTOH                          Active
           The Columbus Dispatch (MCT) (Ohio)        5/28/2003                    Full Text
CLMB                           Active
           The Columbus Dispatch (Ohio)             12/20/1991                    Full Text
CMBT       Combat Edge         Active                  1/1/1998                   Full Text
SABICE                         Active
           El Comercio (Ecuador, Abstracts)          9/23/2004                    Translated Abstracts
COMCIO                         Active
           El Comercio (Ecuador, Spanish Language)10/29/2002                      Full Text
SABICO                         Active
           El Comercio (Peru, Abstracts)             7/17/2000                    Translated Abstracts
COMCIP                         Active
           El Comercio (Peru, Spanish Language)     10/28/2002                    Full Text
ELCOME                         Spanish
           El Comercio (Spain, Active Language)      6/10/2004                    Full Text
AIWCCO                         Japan
           Comline Computers Discontinued            1/30/1997        7/31/2001   Full Text
AIWCEL                         Japan
           Comline Electronics Discontinued          1/30/1997        7/31/2001   Full Text
AIWCTE                         Discontinued
           Comline Telecommunications Japan          1/30/1997        7/31/2001   Full Text
AIWCTR                         Discontinued
           Comline Transportation Japan              1/30/1997        7/31/2001   Full Text
NLPCMN     Comment News        Active               12/26/2006                    Full Text
CMNT       Commentary          Active                  1/1/1994                   Full Text
COMDUL                         Active
           Commerce Du Levant (French Language) 12/30/1999                        Full Text
CNS                            Discontinued
           Commerce News (Canada)                      9/1/1991       7/31/2001   Full Text
KRTMP                          Active
           The Commercial Appeal (MCT) (Tenn.)       5/28/2003                    Full Text
MMPH                           Active
           The Commercial Appeal (Memphis, Tenn.), 1/1/2007                       Full Text
CCJ                            Journal (Abstracts)
           Commercial Carrier Discontinued             1/1/1994       10/1/2001   Abstracts
CIJ                            Active                  1/1/1997
           Commercial Investment Real Estate (Abstracts)                          Abstracts
CMLJ                           Discontinued
           Commercial Law Journal                      1/1/1998       10/1/2001   Full Text
CMLW                           Discontinued
           Commercial Law Review                       1/1/1998        9/1/2004   Full Text
BCLN                           Discontinued
           Commercial Lending Newsletter (Abstracts) 1/1/1997         7/31/2001   Abstracts
CLV                            Active
           Commercial Lending Review                   1/1/1997                   Full Text
CMTG                           Discontinued
           Commercial Mortgage Alert                 1/10/1994        7/24/2004   Full Text
COMMTR     Commercial Motor Active                     7/1/2003                   Full Text
CMPG                           Discontinued
           Commercial Policy Guide                     6/6/1994        4/1/1996   Full Text
COMPNW                         Active
           Commercial Property News                  5/14/2007                    Full Text
DLSCME                         Active
           Commercial Real Estate                    1/16/2007                    Full Text
DLSCMR                         Active
           Commercial Real Estate (Russian Language) 1/16/2007                    Full Text
CRES                           Discontinued
           Commercial Real Estate South              6/30/1997       12/30/1997   Full Text

Factiva Confidential                           9/19/2011                                            Page 44
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

COTDCN                         Active                  8/5/2004
           Commercial Times (Chinese Language - Simplified)                   Full Text
COTOTW                         Active                 8/20/2004
           Commercial Times (Chinese Language - Traditional)                  Full Text
COMTIM                         Discontinued
           Commercial Times (Taiwan)                   1/1/2001      6/9/2002 Translated Abstracts
CMSNT                          Discontinued
           Commersant Daily (Abstracts)               3/30/1994     6/10/1999 Translated Abstracts
QEDCEI                         Discontinued             Exchange
           Commerzbank Economics Interest Rates and6/1/2001 Rates8/23/2004 Full Text
QEDCGE                         Active
           Commerzbank German Economic Monthly 6/1/1995                       Full Text
QEDCIE                         Discontinued
           Commerzbank International Economic Monitor  5/1/1999     7/31/2001 Full Text
QEDCS                          Discontinued
           Commerzbank Sector Report                   8/1/1998     7/31/2001 Full Text
EUCOMF                         Active                  1/1/2007                Language)
           The Commission of the European Communities - Press Releases (FrenchFull Text
EUCOMD                         Active                  1/1/2007               Full Text
           The Commission of the European Communities - Press Releases (German Language)
EUCOM                          Active                12/29/2006
           The Commission of the European Communities - Press Releases        Full Text
COCW       Common Carrier Week Discontinued          11/11/1991      2/5/1996 Full Text
CMWL       Commonweal          Active                  1/1/1994               Full Text
ICMA                            (Abstracts)
           Communication ArtsActive                    1/1/1997               Abstracts
ICED                           Active
           Communication Education                     1/1/1997               Full Text
GCMM                           Active
           Communication Monographs                    1/1/1997               Full Text
PCMQ                           Active
           Communication Quarterly                     1/1/1997               Full Text
PCMR                           Active
           Communication Research (Abstracts)          1/1/1997               Abstracts
UICOS                          Active
           Communication Studies (Abstracts)           1/1/1997               Abstracts
CSYD                           Discontinued
           Communication System Design                 1/1/2000     11/2/2003 Full Text
CWLD       Communication World Active                  1/1/1994               Full Text
CTNY                           Discontinued
           Communications Convergence                  1/1/1994     7/28/2005 Full Text
COMD       Communications DailyActive                11/14/1991               Full Text
CITL                           Discontinued
           Communications International                1/1/1994     12/2/2002 Full Text
COMN       Communications News Active                  1/1/1983               Full Text
CACM                           Active
           Communications of the ACM                   1/1/1994               Full Text
CMMW                           Discontinued
           Communications Standards News              7/13/1994     7/31/2001 Full Text
COMTCH                         Active
           Communications Technology                  8/15/2006               Full Text
CMTD       Communications TodayDiscontinued           5/17/1995    10/27/2003 Full Text
BCOMCN                         Active                11/15/2004
           Communications Weekly (Chinese Language - Simplified)              Full Text
BCOMTW                         Active                 11/1/2004
           Communications Weekly (Chinese Language - Traditional)             Full Text
CWKI                           Discontinued
           CommunicationsWeek International            9/1/1988     1/27/2003 Full Text
PSCC                           Active                  1/1/1997
           Communist & Post-Communist Studies (Abstracts)                     Abstracts
CWRK                           Discontinued
           Community & Worker Right-To-Know News 9/1/1992           6/23/1995 Full Text
SVCB       Community Banker Active                    12/1/1992               Full Text
COMCAR     Community Care Active                      9/19/1992               Full Text
COMC                           Discontinued
           Community Central from ZDWire               4/1/2000      3/4/2002 Full Text
PCMH                           Active
           Community Mental Health Journal             1/1/1997               Full Text
CMRA                           Airline News          11/11/1991
           Commuter/Regional Discontinued International             6/22/1998 Full Text
CMWB         Discontinued           3/12/2001     5/10/2006 Full Text
CPAN       Companion           Active                  9/1/2005               Full Text
COMMAG                         Active
           Companion Magazine (Russian Language) 7/19/2006                    Full Text
COMNWS                         Active
           Companion News (Russian Language)          7/19/2006               Full Text
COMNIA                         Active
           Companiya (Russian Language)               6/28/2002               Full Text
CHPR                           Active
           Company Reports (Abstracts)                11/2/1986               Abstracts
ICEV                           Active
           Comparative Education Review (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                  Abstracts
GCLT                           Active
           Comparative Literature                      1/1/1997               Full Text
PCOS                           Active
           Comparative Literature Studies (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                Abstracts
PCPU                           Active
           Comparative Political Studies (Abstracts)   1/1/1997               Abstracts
PCPO                            (Abstracts)
           Comparative PoliticsActive                  1/1/1997               Abstracts
FCST                           Active
           Comparative Strategy (Abstracts)            1/1/1997               Abstracts
PCSS                           Active                  1/1/1997
           Comparative Studies in Society & History (Abstracts)               Abstracts

Factiva Confidential                           9/19/2011                                        Page 45
                                          Global Academic 2007Q4

MEWCOM                         Discontinued
           Compass Middle East Wire                  10/22/1997      7/31/2001 Full Text
CPDM       Compendium          Active                  1/1/2006                Full Text
CBLO                           Discontinued
           Compensation & Benefits for Law Offices     1/1/2000      10/1/2005 Full Text
CBM                            Discontinued
           Compensation & Benefits Management          1/1/1997       7/2/2002 Full Text
ICWD                           Discontinued            1/1/1997
           Compensation & Working Conditions (Abstracts)             8/26/2003 Abstracts
CMBR                           Active
           Compensation and Benefits Review (Abstracts)1/1/1989                Abstracts
CVRV                           Active
           Competitiveness Review                      1/1/1997                Full Text
CDCI                           Discontinued            1/1/1994
           The Complete Directory for People with Chronic Illness     1/1/1994 Full Text
COMPLI     Compliance Magazine Active                  1/1/2006                Full Text
COMPN      ComplyNet           Active                  8/9/2004                Full Text
CANW                           Discontinued
           Composites & Adhesives Newsletter           1/1/1992       1/1/1998 Full Text
CMPI                            Monthly
           Composites IndustryDiscontinued             9/1/1991      10/1/1993 Full Text
CPUT       Compute             Discontinued            1/1/1989       9/1/1994 Full Text
UECOM      Computer (Abstracts)Active                  1/1/1997                Abstracts
CZTUNG                         Active
           Computer Zeitung (German Language)          8/5/1999                Full Text
CADR                           Discontinued
           Computer Aided Design Report                2/1/1995      10/1/2001 Full Text
COLR                           Discontinued            1/1/2001
           Computer and Online Industry Litigation Reporter          8/31/2005 Full Text
CMPA                           Discontinued
           Computer Audit Update                      11/1/1991      12/1/1995 Full Text
KRTCP                          Active
           Computer Column (MCT)                      5/28/2003                Full Text
CCAN                           Discontinued
           The Computer Conference Analysis Newsletter 1/1/1994      3/22/1996 Full Text
CDLR                           Active
           Computer Dealer News (Abstracts)            1/1/1994                Abstracts
CPFI       Computer Finance Discontinued               1/1/1993       6/1/1997 Full Text
CFBL                           Discontinued
           Computer Fraud & Security Bulletin         10/1/1991      10/1/1996 Full Text
CGAM                           Active
           Computer Gaming World                       1/1/1994                Full Text
CGRW                           World
           Computer Graphics Active                    1/1/1994                Full Text
PCSHOP                         Discontinued
           Computer Guide (German Language)            1/1/2002       5/8/2004 Full Text
CIRP                           Discontinued
           Computer Industry Report                    1/1/1994      6/30/1999 Full Text
CLIF       Computer Life       Discontinued            1/1/1994      7/31/2001 Full Text
CMDR                            & Distribution
           Computer MarketingDiscontinued Report 1/17/1994           8/15/1994 Full Text
CNI                            & ISDN
           Computer Networks Active Systems (Abstracts)1/1/1997                Abstracts
CMPU                           Discontinued
           Computer Product Update                    10/1/1991     10/15/1993 Full Text
CMPR       Computer Protocols Active                  12/1/1991                Full Text
CRS                            Active
           Computer Reseller News                      6/1/1988                Full Text
PCDLR                          Active
           Computer Reseller News UK Edition          1/12/2004                Full Text
CRWK       Computer Retail WeekDiscontinued            1/8/1993      7/31/2001 Full Text
ACSJ                           Active
           Computer Security Journal (Abstracts)       1/1/1997                Abstracts
CSHP                           Discontinued
           Computer Shopper from ZDWire                1/1/1994       1/7/2002 Full Text
CTN                            Active
           Computer Technology Review                  1/1/1997                Full Text
ABXCPW                         Discontinued
           Computer Week (ABIX Abstracts)              3/1/1996      6/20/1997 Abstracts
CMPWKY     Computer Weekly Active                     1/16/1986                Full Text
CPWK                           Active
           Computer Workstations                      12/1/1991                Full Text
COMPAT                         Discontinued
           Computer@produktion (German Language) 6/1/2001             3/1/2003 Full Text
COMACT     Computeractive      Active                 6/28/2001                Full Text
CADE                           Discontinued
           Computer-Aided Engineering                  1/1/1994       3/2/2002 Full Text
CGIN                           Discontinued
           Computergram International                 11/1/1991      11/1/1999 Full Text
CIE                            Active                  1/1/1997
           Computers & Industrial Engineering (Abstracts)                      Abstracts
CROR                           Active
           Computers & Operations Research (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                Abstracts
CSC                            Active
           Computers & Security (Abstracts)            1/1/1997                Abstracts
CII                            Active
           Computers in Industry (Abstracts)           1/1/1997                Abstracts
CLIB                           Active
           Computers in Libraries                      2/1/1989                Full Text
CPTY                           Discontinued
           Computers Today (India)                     1/1/1997       7/2/2002 Full Text
CMPWLT                         Active
           Computerwelt (German Language)             1/14/2004                Full Text

Factiva Confidential                             9/19/2011                                 Page 46
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

CMPONL                          Active
           Computerwelt Online (German Language) 7/2/2003                    Full Text
CPWCHE                          Active
           Computerwoche (German Language)           3/1/1996                Full Text
CPRW                            Discontinued
           Computerwoche (Germany, Abstracts)        1/1/1994     7/9/2002   Abstracts
COMWOL                          Active
           COMPUTERWOCHE Online (German Language)   6/20/2004                Full Text
CWOR       Computerworld        Active               1/3/1994                Full Text
IDGCWA                          Active
           Computerworld (Australia)                 5/4/2005                Full Text
CPTRWD                          Active
           ComputerWorld (Spanish Language)         12/1/2002                Full Text
AIWCMP                          Discontinued
           Computerworld Philippines                5/15/1996    4/11/2002   Full Text
CMPTNG     Computing            Active              6/19/1986                Full Text
CMPC                            Active
           Computing Canada (Abstracts)              1/1/1994                Abstracts
CMNWLD                          Active
           Comunicaciones World (Spanish Language)12/1/2002                  Full Text
MEWCON                          Active
           Concord Times (Freetown, Sierra Leone) 10/30/1999                 Full Text
QQCCO      Concrete ConstructionDiscontinued         1/1/2006     6/1/2006   Full Text
CONCCO     Concrete ContractorActive                 1/1/2004                Full Text
CONINT                          Active
           Concrete International                    3/1/2006                Full Text
CNCP       Concrete Products Active                  1/1/1994                Full Text
UPCNT                           Discontinued
           Conde Nast Traveler (Abstracts)           1/1/1997    3/23/2004   Abstracts
ICDR       Condor               Active               1/1/1997                Full Text
CONF       Confectioner         Active              11/1/2006                Full Text
CONINC                          Active
           Conference and Incentive Travel          9/16/1997                Full Text
ACBD                            Active
           The Conference Board Review (Abstracts) 11/1/2005                 Abstracts
CGPR                            Active
           Congress & the Presidency                 1/1/1997                Full Text
CNGA       CongressDaily/A.M. Active                3/23/1995                Full Text
CNGD       CongressDaily/P.M Active                 6/22/1994                Full Text
CONBR                           Active
           Congressional Bills and Resolutions       8/3/2007                Full Text
GCON                            Active
           Congressional Digest (Abstracts)          1/1/1997                Abstracts
CONGDP                          Active
           Congressional Documents and Publications 6/26/2007                Full Text
CQW                             Discontinued         1/1/1986
           Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report (Abstracts)     8/16/2004   Abstracts
CGRT                            Discontinued
           Congressional Research Report             6/1/1992     3/1/1997   Full Text
CONNLT                          Active
           The Connecticut Law Tribune               7/1/2001                Full Text
KRTBG                           Active
           Connecticut Post (MCT)                   5/28/2003                Full Text
ICCY                            Active
           Constitutional Commentary (Abstracts)     1/1/1997                Abstracts
CONST      Construction         Active              1/23/2006                Full Text
CONBU      Construction BulletinActive              1/27/2006                Full Text
ABXCON                          Discontinued
           Construction Contractor (ABIX Abstracts) 8/31/1996    12/3/2006   Abstracts
CONCON                          Active
           Construction Contractor (Australia)      7/11/2003                Full Text
CONDIG     Construction Digest Active               1/23/2006                Full Text
CONDIS                          Active
           Construction Distribution                12/1/2003                Full Text
CNEQ                            Discontinued
           Construction Equipment                    1/1/1989     9/1/2001   Full Text
CMG                             Active               1/1/1997
           Construction Management & Economics (Abstracts)                   Abstracts
CNEWS                           Active
           Construction News (U.K.)                  7/8/1986                Full Text
CONNW                           Active
           Construction News (U.S.)                 1/16/2006                Full Text
CONPLU     Construction Plus Active                 6/26/2001                Full Text
HHC        Construction ProductsDiscontinued         1/1/1989    7/31/2001   Full Text
BJCSCN                          Active              7/15/2004
           Construction Times (Chinese Language - Simplified)                Full Text
BJCSTW                          Active              7/15/2004
           Construction Times (Chinese Language - Traditional)               Full Text
CONSTN     Constructioneer      Active              1/16/2006                Full Text
ACON       Consultants News Discontinued             1/1/1997    12/1/1998   Full Text
CSE                             Active
           Consulting Specifying Engineer            1/1/1994                Full Text
JMH                             Discontinued
           Consulting to Management                  5/1/1997     6/1/2006   Full Text
NBCONZ                          Discontinued
           Consumer [NZ] (News Bites Summary)        7/1/2003    11/1/2003   Abstracts
CONS       Consumer Comments    Active               1/1/1999                Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                Page 47
                                       Global Academic 2007Q4

CNCS                            Active
           Consumer Confidence Survey                   1/1/1999              Full Text
CNEL       Consumer Electronics Discontinued            1/1/1989    9/16/2004 Full Text
ICGM                            Active
           Consumer Guide (Abstracts)                   1/1/1997              Abstracts
CHIB                            Discontinued
           The Consumer Health Information Source Book  1/1/1994     1/1/2000 Full Text
CMA                             Discontinued
           Consumer Markets Abroad                    11/1/1986     11/1/1988 Full Text
CDRT                            Discontinued
           Consumer Multimedia Report                 6/27/1994      8/7/2000 Full Text
CPW                             Active
           Consumer Policy Review                       1/1/1997              Full Text
CPSCD                           Active                11/1/2005
           Consumer Product Safety Commission Documents                       Full Text
IIICRP                          Discontinued
           Consumer Reports (Abstracts)               3/17/1996     1/27/2005 Abstracts
ICRH                            Active
           Consumer Reports on Health (Abstracts)       1/1/1997              Abstracts
ICRT                            Discontinued
           Consumer Reports Travel Letter (Abstracts) 1/1/1997       2/1/2003 Abstracts
CRMG                            Discontinued
           Consumers' Research Magazine                 1/1/1994    8/31/2004 Full Text
ABXCOI                          (ABIX Abstracts)
           Consuming Interest Discontinued            8/31/1996     4/30/2003 Abstracts
BJCNCN                          Active                2/10/2004
           Consumption Newspaper (Chinese Language - Simplified)              Full Text
BJCNTW                          Active                2/10/2004
           Consumption Newspaper (Chinese Language - Traditional)             Full Text
CAR                             Active
           Contemporary Accounting Research (Abstracts) 1/1/1997              Abstracts
CDA                             Active
           Contemporary Dental Assisting                2/1/2006              Full Text
CDP                             Problems (Abstracts)
           Contemporary Drug Active                     1/1/1995              Abstracts
CEP                             Active
           Contemporary Economic Policy                 1/1/1995              Full Text
CESTH                           Active
           Contemporary Esthetics                       1/1/2006              Full Text
PCYL                            Active
           Contemporary Literature (Abstracts)          1/1/1997              Abstracts
CLTC                            Term
           Contemporary Long Active Care              8/20/2001               Full Text
COH                             Active
           Contemporary Oral Hygiene                    1/1/2006              Full Text
ICPH                            Discontinued
           Contemporary Physics (Abstracts)             1/1/1997     3/1/2004 Abstracts
CORE       Contemporary Review  Active                  1/1/1995              Full Text
ICSY                            Active
           Contemporary Sociology                       1/1/1997              Full Text
ICSA                            Active
           Contemporary Southeast Asia                  1/1/1997              Full Text
CMTR       Content Matters      Discontinued            3/6/2001    7/31/2001 Full Text
CWRE       Content Wire         Active                12/9/2002               Full Text
CORAIR                           and Risk
           Continuity InsuranceDiscontinued           7/31/1997      7/1/2005 Full Text
KRTCC                            (MCT)
           Contra Costa Times Active (Calif.)         5/28/2003               Full Text
CONT                            Active
           Contraceptive Technology Update              1/1/2002              Full Text
CONTRT     Contract             Active                10/1/2004               Full Text
CTDS       Contract Design      Discontinued          8/22/2001      4/2/2002 Full Text
CONJOU     Contract Journal     Active                  6/6/1986              Full Text
CTRB                            A
           Contracting Business ctive                   1/1/1994              Full Text
CNTR       Contractor           Active                  1/1/1989              Full Text
CBMR                            Discontinued
           Contractor's Business Management Report 1/1/2000         11/1/2005 Full Text
ICMY                            Active                  1/1/1997
           Contributions to Mineralogy & Petrology (Abstracts)                Abstracts
CONINS                          Discontinued
           Control and Instrumentation                  1/1/1994     8/1/1997 Full Text
CTL        Control Engineering Active                   1/1/1997              Full Text
CTLE                            Europe
           Control Engineering Discontinued             4/1/2004    11/1/2005 Full Text
CLSN       Control Solutions Discontinued               1/1/2002    3/30/2003 Full Text
CTLT                            Discontinued
           Controller`s Tax Letter                   10/22/2001     11/1/2005 Full Text
CNRT       Controller's Report Discontinued             1/1/2000    11/1/2005 Full Text
ACOU       Controllers Update Discontinued              1/1/1997     3/1/2004 Full Text
CLFC                              Costs
           Controlling Law FirmDiscontinued             1/1/2000     9/3/2002 Full Text
CNVS                            Active
           Convenience Store News                       1/1/1994              Full Text
GARCON     Convention (Russia)Discontinued              6/2/1998    1/12/1999 Full Text
GNTCON                          Discontinued
           Convention (Russian Language)                6/9/1998    7/31/2001 Full Text
CONV       Converting Magazine  Active                  1/1/1997              Full Text
ACOO                            Active
           Cooperative Accountant (Abstracts)           1/1/1997              Abstracts

Factiva Confidential                           9/19/2011                                  Page 48
                                          Global Academic 2007Q4

THECOR     The Corkman           Active                 8/10/2006                     Full Text
SOYB       Corn & Soybean Digest Active                11/30/1997                     Full Text
CHAQ                             Active                  1/1/1994
           Cornell Hotel & Restaurant Administration Quarterly (Abstracts)            Abstracts
CORNGA                           Active
           Cornish Guardian (U.K.)                       2/5/1998                     Full Text
CORNMA     The Cornishman        Active                 6/18/1998                     Full Text
CORAIN     Corporate Accountant  Discontinued           10/1/1994          8/1/2003   Full Text
CORACT     Corporate Action Discontinued                5/29/2001          4/2/2004   Full Text
CARG       Corporate ArgentinaDiscontinued              7/16/2003        5/17/2007    Full Text
CCM                              Magazine
           Corporate Cashflow Discontinued               1/1/1990          6/1/1996   Full Text
CCHILE     Corporate Chile       Discontinued           7/16/2003        5/17/2007    Full Text
OHB        Corporate ClevelandDiscontinued               3/1/1985        7/31/2001    Full Text
CRPCA                            Discontinued
           Corporate Conference Call Abstracts          5/11/2004        6/16/2006    Abstracts
CORCOA                           Active
           Corporate Control Alert                      4/21/2005                     Full Text
ENRO                             Discontinued
           Corporate Corruption Litigation Reporter      1/1/2001        8/31/2005    Full Text
CCNSEL     Corporate Counsel Active                      7/1/2000                     Full Text
MICH                             Discontinued
           Corporate Detroit Magazine                    7/1/1986        7/31/2001    Full Text
GSANRP                           Active
           Corporate Direct - Annual Report             1/10/2001                     Full Text
GSANNU                           Active                  9/1/2000
           Corporate Direct - Annual Report (Japanese Language)                       Full Text
GSBUSR                           Active                  9/1/2000
           Corporate Direct - Business Report (Japanese Language)                     Full Text
GSCORP                           Discontinued
           Corporate Direct - Corporate Brochure        7/13/2001          7/1/2004   Full Text
GSCOBR                           Active                 3/25/2000
           Corporate Direct - Corporate Brochure (Japanese Language)                  Full Text
GSEARN                           Active
           Corporate Direct - Earnings Reports          6/25/2001                     Full Text
GSEARE                           Active                  9/1/2000
           Corporate Direct - Earnings Reports (Japanese Language)                    Full Text
GSENRE                           Discontinued           7/25/2003
           Corporate Direct - Environmental Report (Japanese Language) 9/1/2003       Full Text
GSINVG                           Discontinued
           Corporate Direct - Investors Guide           9/27/2001        2/19/2004    Full Text
GSIVDG                           Active                 2/19/2003
           Corporate Direct - Investors Guide (Japanese Language)                     Full Text
GSOTHR                           Active
           Corporate Direct - Others                    7/13/2001                     Full Text
GSTHER                           Active
           Corporate Direct - Others (Japanese Language) 9/1/2000                     Full Text
GSPRES                           Active
           Corporate Direct - Press Release              1/5/2001                     Full Text
GSPRLS                           Active                  7/1/2000
           Corporate Direct - Press Release (Japanese Language)                       Full Text
GSSEMI                           Discontinued
           Corporate Direct - Semi Annual Report       12/27/2001        2/28/2003    Full Text
CEFT       Corporate EFT Report  Discontinued           11/6/1991       10/24/2001    Full Text
COF        Corporate Finance Discontinued                1/1/1997          6/1/2005   Full Text
CFWK                              Week
           Corporate FinancingActive                    9/18/2000                     Full Text
CITU       Corporate IT UpdateActive                     1/1/1996                     Full Text
CRL        Corporate Location Discontinued               1/1/1997          4/2/2000   Full Text
CPMI                             & Incentives
           Corporate Meetings Active                     4/1/2002                     Full Text
CMEX                             Discontinued
           Corporate Mexico (Abstracts)                 9/24/1997        5/17/2007    Abstracts
CORMON     Corporate Money Discontinued                 12/8/1995        2/21/2001    Full Text
CODL                             Discontinued           12/1/2001
           Corporate Officers and Directors Liability Reporter           8/31/2005    Full Text
ACPC                             Active
           Corporate Practice Commentator (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                        Abstracts
CRMN                             Discontinued
           Corporate Report-Minnesota                   10/1/1987          1/1/2002   Full Text
JCT                              Active
           Corporate Taxation (Abstracts)                1/1/1997                     Abstracts
CURV                              Review
           Corporate UniversityDiscontinued              1/1/1998        7/31/2001    Full Text
CRPS       Corps Report          Active                  4/1/1993                     Full Text
XCCC                             Active
           Corpus Christi Caller Times                  8/24/2007                     Full Text
CORT       Corrections Today Active                      1/1/1995                     Full Text
ELCORR                           Active
           El Correo (Spanish Language)                  5/1/2004                     Full Text
CDSEN                            Discontinued
           Corriere della Sera (Abstracts)              3/17/1982       11/28/2001    Translated Abstracts
CORDES                           Active
           Corriere della Sera (Italian Language)       1/27/1997                     Full Text
SALUTE                           Discontinued
           Corriere Salute (Italian Language)           12/9/2001        7/10/2005    Full Text
CORDEC                           Active
           CorrierEconomia (Italian Language)           5/28/2001                     Full Text

Factiva Confidential                             9/19/2011                                              Page 49
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

COIR                            Discontinued
           Cosmetic Insiders' Report                     10/1/1991    12/13/1999   Full Text
BBNWS      CosmeticNews Weekly  Active                   5/23/2005                 Full Text
COSTOI                          Discontinued                Marketing
           Cosmetics & Toiletries & Household Products1/2/2004 News 5/25/2006      Full Text
CSTL                            Discontinued
           Cosmetics and Toiletries                        1/1/1994     3/1/1998   Full Text
CINT                            Active
           Cosmetics International                         1/1/1994                Full Text
CSNT                            Active
           Cosmetics International Cosmetic Products Report7/1/1999                Full Text
COSHEB                          Active
           Cosmétique Hebdo (French Language)            5/16/2005                 Full Text
COSMAG                          Active
           Cosmétique Mag (French Language)                6/1/2005                Full Text
CSMO       Cosmopolitan         Discontinued               1/1/1994     9/2/2001   Full Text
BCCN                            Discontinued               1/1/1997
           Cost Controller for Financial Institutions (Abstracts)      7/31/2001   Abstracts
ACO                             Active
           Cost Engineering (Abstracts)                  11/1/2006                 Abstracts
ACMU                            Discontinued
           Cost Management Update                          1/1/1997     3/1/2004   Full Text
LACOT                           Active
           La Côte (French Language)                       9/3/2007                Full Text
QQCGR                           Active
           Cotton Grower (Abstracts)                       1/1/2006                Abstracts
EUCON                           Active                   Releases
           The Council of the European Union - Press12/13/2006                     Full Text
PCOU                            Active
           Counseling Psychologist (Abstracts)             1/1/1997                Abstracts
CFCT                            Discontinued
           Country Forecast Tables                         1/1/1992     7/1/1997   Full Text
CNTL       Country Living       Discontinued               1/1/1994     6/2/2001   Full Text
ICMU                            Discontinued
           Country Music (Abstracts)                       1/1/1997     8/2/2003   Abstracts
CTM        The Countryman       Active                     9/5/1996                Full Text
MKCPL                           Discontinued
           Countrywise Publishing, Country Market Report   6/8/1999    7/18/2001   Full Text
NBCRBR                          Discontinued
           The Courier [Ballarat] (News Bites Summary) 7/9/2003       12/10/2003   Abstracts
ABXCOU                          Discontinued
           Courier Mail (ABIX abstracts)                   8/1/1996    12/1/2006   Abstracts
COUMAI                          Active
           The Courier-Mail (Australia)                  1/20/1998                 Full Text
COURIN                          Active
           Courrier International (French Language) 5/10/2007                      Full Text
COUTIJ                          Discontinued
           Couture International Jeweler                 10/1/2004     11/1/2006   Full Text
COVEVT                          Active
           Coventry Evening Telegraph (U.K.)               4/1/1999                Full Text
CVR        Cover                Active                   10/1/2002                 Full Text
COXNS      Cox News Service Active                       11/1/2003                 Full Text
ACCB       CPA Client Bulletin Active                      1/1/1997                Full Text
UACCT      CPA Client Tax LetterActive                     1/1/1997                Full Text
ACMC       CPA Consultant       Active                     1/1/1997                Full Text
CPAJ       The CPA Journal Active                          1/1/1989                Full Text
ACPA       CPA Letter           Active                     1/1/1997                Full Text
ABXCPA                          Discontinued
           CPA News (ABIX Abstracts)                     8/31/1996      2/7/2003   Abstracts
UACPR                           Discontinued
           CPA Personnel Report (Abstracts)                1/1/1997   12/31/2004   Abstracts
CPATA                           Active
           CPA Technology Advisor                          1/1/2004                Full Text
CPC        CPCU Journal         Discontinued               1/1/1997    12/1/2001   Full Text
IIICPC                          Discontinued
           CPCU Journal (Abstracts)                      1/14/2001    10/28/2001   Abstracts
CPIP                            Discontinued
           CPI Purchasing (Abstracts)                      1/1/1994     6/6/1996   Abstracts
CPSC       CPSC Monitor         Active                     7/1/2000                Full Text
GERR                            Discontinued
           CQ Researcher (Abstracts)                       1/1/1997     6/1/2002   Abstracts
BCRA                            Active
           CRA / Fair Lending Bulletin (Abstracts)         1/1/1997                Abstracts
CRFT       Crafts 'n Things     Discontinued               1/1/1994     5/8/2002   Full Text
CCHI                            Active
           Crain's Chicago Business                        1/6/1986                Full Text
CRNCB                           Active
           Crain's Cleveland Business                      1/6/1986                Full Text
CDET                            Active
           Crain's Detroit Business                        1/6/1986                Full Text
CNYB                            Active
           Crain's New York Business                       1/6/1986                Full Text
CRNN                            Discontinued
           Crain's Nonprofit News (Mich.)                7/17/1996      8/8/2001   Full Text
CSBC                            Discontinued
           Crain's Small Business Chicago                  1/1/1992    7/31/2001   Full Text
CSBD                            Discontinued
           Crain's Small Business Detroit                  4/1/1997    7/31/2001   Full Text
CRBSUN     Cranbourne Leader Active                      8/15/2001                 Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                      Page 50
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

CRATDY     Cranes Today          Active                2/29/1996                   Full Text
CRAWOB     Crawley Observer Active                     9/26/2006                   Full Text
CREA       Creative (Abstracts) Discontinued            1/1/1994        4/1/2001   Abstracts
CRTVR      Creative Review       Active                 2/7/1986                   Full Text
CRCD       Credit Card News Discontinued               11/1/1991       7/31/2001   Full Text
CCOLN      Credit Collection NewsDiscontinued          1/28/1997       7/31/2001   Full Text
CRT        Credit Control        Active                 1/1/1997                   Full Text
LMWK       Credit Investment NewsActive                5/24/1999                   Full Text
CRM        Credit Management Active                     1/1/1997                   Full Text
CRSK                             Discontinued
           Credit Risk Management Report              11/11/1991      10/30/2000   Full Text
QEDCSC                           Discontinued
           Credit Suisse Cs Asian Investor             10/1/1996       7/31/2001   Full Text
QEDCSF                           Discontinued
           Credit Suisse Financial Forecast             1/1/1996       7/31/2001   Full Text
QEDSCI                           Discontinued
           Credit Suisse Investment Policy              2/1/1999        7/9/2001   Full Text
CUAC                             Discontinued
           The Credit Union Accountant                 9/13/1992       7/31/2001   Full Text
CUEX       Credit Union ExecutiveDiscontinued           1/1/1994       11/8/2001   Full Text
CRUJ       Credit Union JournalActive                  1/17/2000                   Full Text
CUM                              Active
           Credit Union Management                      1/1/1997                   Full Text
BCUN       Credit Union News Discontinued               1/1/1997       1/12/1998   Full Text
BCUT                             Active
           Credit Union Times (Abstracts)               1/1/1997                   Abstracts
CW         Credit World          Discontinued           1/1/1997       7/31/2001   Full Text
CRIKAU     Crikey                Active                2/12/2007                   Full Text
GCDL                             Active
           Crime & Delinquency (Abstracts)              1/1/1997                   Abstracts
GCJB                             Active
           Criminal Justice & Behavior (Abstracts)      1/1/1997                   Abstracts
CJE                              Active
           Criminal Justice Ethics                      1/1/1995                   Full Text
PCRY                             Active
           Criminology (Abstracts)                      1/1/1997                   Abstracts
ICRS       Crisis, The           Active                 1/1/1997                   Full Text
CRIT       Critical Care Alert Active                   1/1/2002                   Full Text
GCIQ                             Active
           Critical Inquiry (Abstracts)                 1/1/1997                   Abstracts
PCRQ                             Active
           Critical Quarterly (Abstracts)               1/1/1997                   Abstracts
CREST                            Discontinued           1/1/2001
           Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology     9/1/2006   Full Text
ICMC                             Active
           Critical Studies in Media Communication      1/1/1997                   Full Text
CRITCS     Críticas              Active                 3/1/2004                   Full Text
CRTQ       Criticism             Active                 1/1/1995                   Full Text
PCTQ                             Active                 1/1/1997
           Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction (Abstracts)                   Abstracts
CRMM       CRM Magazine          Active                8/20/2004                   Full Text
CRIW       CRO Industry Watch    Discontinued           1/1/1999       4/29/2002   Full Text
CROAPD     Croatian News Digest  Active                 1/2/2000                   Translated Abstracts
LACRX                            Active
           La Croix (French Language)                  9/14/2005                   Full Text
SABICT                           Active
           El Cronista (Argentina, Abstracts)          4/10/1998                   Translated Abstracts
SABICR                           Active
           El Cronista Comercial (Spanish Language) 4/19/1998                      Full Text
ICPC                             Active
           Crop Science (Abstracts)                     1/1/1997                   Abstracts
CROPI      CropLife (Abstracts)Active                 10/14/2005                   Abstracts
FRMC       Croplife (Abstracts) Active                  1/1/1994                   Abstracts
CROP       Crops (Abstracts) Active                   10/22/1994                   Abstracts
PCUR       Cross Currents        Active                 1/1/1997                   Full Text
BCSR                             Discontinued
           Cross Sales Report (Abstracts)               1/1/1997        3/1/2004   Abstracts
FCCR                             Active
           Cross-Cultural Research (Abstracts)          1/1/1997                   Abstracts
CROADV     Croydon Advertiser Active                   9/22/2006                   Full Text
CRSW       Cruising World        Discontinued           1/1/1994       12/1/2000   Full Text
NBCSIR                           Discontinued
           CSIRO Media Releases (News Bites Summary)    7/1/2003        3/8/2006   Abstracts
IDGCSO     CSOonline             Active                9/21/2006                   Full Text
CTVIDR     CT Reports            Active                 9/7/2006                   Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                            Page 51
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

CTDN       CTD News             Discontinued            1/1/1994     5/2/2005 Full Text
CTIN       CTI News             Discontinued          1/14/1997     2/23/2000 Full Text
CTK        CTK Business NewsActive                   12/29/1990               Full Text
CTKBUN                            (Czech
           CTK Business NewsActive Language)          4/30/2000               Full Text
CTKDAN     CTK Daily News       Active                4/30/2000               Full Text
CTMS       CTMS                 Discontinued            1/1/1994     1/1/1996 Full Text
CTPIP      CT's Pipeline        Active                  8/1/2003              Full Text
CTVN       CTV News - PM        Active               11/14/2002               Full Text
FCAN                            Active
           Cultural Anthropology (Abstracts)            1/1/1997              Abstracts
ABXCAB                          Discontinued
           Current Affairs Bulletin (ABIX Abstracts) 10/31/1996     6/30/1998 Abstracts
GCAY                            Active
           Current Anthropology (Abstracts)             1/1/1997              Abstracts
GCBI                            Active
           Current Biography (Abstracts)                1/1/1997              Abstracts
UICDS                           Active                  1/1/1997
           Current Digest of the Post-Soviet Press (Abstracts)                Abstracts
ICUE       Current Events       Active                  1/1/1997              Full Text
CRHL       Current Health 2     Active                  1/1/1994              Full Text
GCHI                            Active
           Current History (Abstracts)                  1/1/1997              Abstracts
CIEF                            Active
           Current Issues in Economics and Finance      1/1/2001              Full Text
ICUS       Current Science      Active                  1/1/1997              Full Text
PCSO                            Active
           Current Sociology (Abstracts)                1/1/1997              Abstracts
CUCONT                          Active
           Curriculum Connections                     5/19/2004               Full Text
CUSBIL     Custom Builder       Active                  1/1/2006              Full Text
TELM                            Active
           Customer Interaction Solutions               1/1/1991              Full Text
CUSLOT                          Discontinued
           Customer Loyalty Today                     3/23/1994      1/1/2001 Full Text
CIBIZ                           Active
           Cybiz (German Language)                      7/1/2005              Full Text
ICYW                            Active
           Cycle World (Abstracts)                      1/1/1997              Abstracts
CYPRPD     Cypriot News DigestActive                    1/7/2001              Translated Abstracts
CZCHPD     Czech News Digest Active                     1/7/2001              Translated Abstracts
CZBUSS                          Active
           Czech Republic Business Daily              9/18/2007               Full Text
IFXCR                           Active
           Czech Republic Business Newswire             7/3/1999              Full Text
SHABF                           Active
           D & B SHAB (French Language)               8/27/1996               Full Text
SHABD                           Active
           D & B SHAB (German Language)               8/20/1996               Full Text
SHABI                            Language)
           D & B SHAB (Italian Active                 8/29/1996               Full Text
DOADV      D & O Advisor        Discontinued            3/1/2004   10/21/2005 Full Text
DDLS       Daedalus             Active                  1/1/1994              Full Text
DANOR                           Active
           Dagblad van het Noorden (Dutch Language)5/19/2005                  Full Text
DAGBO                           Active
           Dagbladet Borsen (Abstracts)                 1/1/2005              Abstracts
INFMTN                          Active
           Dagbladet Information (Danish Language) 2/6/2001                   Full Text
DAGIN                           Active
           Dagens Industri (Abstracts)                  1/1/2005              Abstracts
DGIN                            Discontinued
           Dagens Industri (Abstracts)                3/29/1984    11/29/2001 Translated Abstracts
DAGIND                          Active
           Dagens Industri (Swedish Language)           3/1/2001              Full Text
DAGNIT                           Language)
           Dagens IT (SwedishDiscontinued               8/1/2001    5/24/2002 Full Text
DAGNA                           Active
           Dagens Naeringsliv (Abstracts)               1/1/2005              Abstracts
NSJ                             Discontinued
           Dagens Naeringsliv (Abstracts)            11/18/1985    11/22/2001 Translated Abstracts
DAGNAE                          Active
           Dagens Næringsliv (Norwegian Language) 5/20/1999                   Full Text
DLSBHE                          Active
           Dagestanskaya pravda (Russian Language)11/1/2005                   Full Text
DLSBHF                          Active                12/1/2005
           Daidzhest saratovskie novosti (Russian Language)                   Full Text
XDBZ                            Discontinued
           Daily Breeze (Cape Coral, Fla.)            12/1/1991     7/31/2001 Full Text
MIAM                            Discontinued
           Daily Business Review (Miami) (Abstracts) 6/10/1991       2/6/2001 Abstracts
CAMERA                          Active
           Daily Camera (Boulder, Colo.)              7/10/2007               Full Text
KRTBO                           Active
           Daily Camera (MCT) (Colo.)                 5/28/2003               Full Text
XDAC                            Discontinued
           Daily Chronicle (DeKalb, Ill.)            12/20/1992     7/31/2001 Full Text
ABXDCM                          Discontinued
           Daily Commercial News (ABIX Abstracts)       8/1/1996    7/31/2001 Abstracts

Factiva Confidential                             9/19/2011                                      Page 52
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

DEB        Daily Energy Briefing Discontinued       10/27/1997      7/31/2001 Full Text
THEEXP                           Active
           The Daily Express (U.K.)                   7/24/1997               Full Text
DAFIC                            Discontinued
           Daily Financial Service: Currency        11/16/1999      1/10/2005 Full Text
DAFIE                            Discontinued
           Daily Financial Service: Equities        11/16/1999      12/2/2004 Full Text
DAFIG                            Discontinued       11/16/1999
           Daily Financial Service: Government Securities           1/10/2005 Full Text
HAGA                             Discontinued
           Daily Hampshire Gazette (Mass.)              8/1/1992    7/31/2001 Full Text
XDHD                             Utah)
           Daily Herald (Provo, Discontinued        11/29/1992      7/31/2001 Full Text
FDAIA                            Active
           Daily International Pharma Alert             1/1/2004              Full Text
DAIM       Daily Mail (U.K.)     Active                 1/3/1981              Full Text
NBDMER                           Discontinued       11/24/2003
           The Daily Mercury [Mackay] (News Bites Summary)          12/5/2003 Abstracts
SLDAIM                           Active
           Daily Mirror (Sri Lanka)                     3/3/2006              Full Text
AIWTDM                           Active
           The Daily Monitor (Ethiopia)                 2/8/2003              Full Text
XDNW                             Discontinued
           Daily News (Longview, Wash.)               12/1/1991     7/31/2001 Full Text
KRTLD                            Active
           Daily News (MCT) (Calif.)                  5/28/2003               Full Text
KRTBW                            Active
           The Daily News (MCT) (Ky.)                   5/7/2004              Full Text
KRTJN                            Active
           The Daily News (MCT) (N.C.)                5/26/2003               Full Text
NYDN       Daily News (New York) Active             12/21/1992                Full Text
DAILNW                           Active
           Daily News (South Africa)                10/23/2006                Full Text
NBDNST                           Discontinued           7/1/2003
           Daily News [South Tweed Heads] (News Bites Summary)      12/8/2003 Abstracts
NBDNWW                           Discontinued
           Daily News [Warwick] (News Bites Summary)7/1/2003        12/6/2003 Abstracts
AIWTDO                           Discontinued
           The Daily Observer (Gambia)                  1/1/2001    6/11/2003 Full Text
DOILB      The Daily Oil BulletinActive                 1/1/2001              Full Text
KRTOK                            Active
           The Daily Oklahoman (MCT) (Okla.)          5/28/2003               Full Text
LIVERP     Daily Post (Liverpool)Active               10/1/2001               Full Text
DPO                              Active
           Daily Post (North Wales)                   12/6/2004               Full Text
APNTDP                            Zealand)
           The Daily Post (NewActive                  6/22/2005               Full Text
KRTVV                            Active
           Daily Press (MCT) (Calif.)                 5/28/2003               Full Text
KRTNN                            Active
           Daily Press (MCT) (Va.)                    5/28/2003               Full Text
XDAP                             Discontinued
           Daily Press (Victorville, Calif.)          12/1/1991     7/31/2001 Full Text
DREC                             Active
           The Daily Record (Baltimore, MD)           8/12/1991               Full Text
DKRC                             Active
           Daily Record (Kansas City, MO)             10/1/2002               Full Text
DRRC                             Active
           Daily Record (Rochester, NY)               10/1/2002               Full Text
DRSL                             Active
           Daily Record (St. Louis, MO.)              10/1/2002               Full Text
XDAR                             Discontinued
           Daily Record (Wooster, Ohio)               12/1/1991     7/31/2001 Full Text
DRMK       The Daily Reporter Active                  10/1/2002               Full Text
DSTN       The Daily Standard Active                  9/15/2002               Full Text
DSTAR      Daily Star (Lebanon)Active                 8/25/1998               Full Text
DAISTA     Daily Star (U.K.)     Active               1/13/2001               Full Text
DAISTO                           Discontinued
           Daily Stock Market Report (Korea)            6/9/1998    7/31/2001 Full Text
ABXDTE                           Discontinued
           Daily Telegraph (ABIX abstracts)           10/5/1996     12/3/2006 Abstracts
DAITEL                           Active
           Daily Telegraph (Australia)                  7/8/1996              Full Text
DT                                (U.K.)
           The Daily TelegraphActive                  11/1/2000               Full Text
VARTY      Daily Variety         Active               2/27/2004               Full Text
YOMSHI     Daily Yomiuri         Active               2/23/2002               Full Text
AIWYOS                           Discontinued
           The Daily Yomiuri/Yomiuri Shimbun          3/18/1997    12/15/2003 Full Text
DAIFAR     Dairy Farmer          Active                 4/1/1997              Full Text
DAIRY      Dairy Field           Active               12/1/2006               Full Text
DF         Dairy Foods           Active                 1/1/1989              Full Text
DRII                             Discontinued
           Dairy Industries International               1/1/1994     2/7/2005 Full Text
DRMW       Dairy Markets         Discontinued           1/1/1994   12/12/2002 Full Text
DAIRT      Dairy Today           Active               10/1/2004               Full Text
DLSJ                             (India, Abstracts)
           Dalal Street Journal Discontinued            1/1/1994    7/31/2001 Abstracts

Factiva Confidential                           9/19/2011                                  Page 53
                                       Global Academic 2007Q4

DBC                            Discontinued
           Dallas Business Courier (Texas)             4/1/1985    7/31/2001   Full Text
DALL                           Discontinued
           Dallas Magazine (Texas)                     1/1/1986    7/31/2001   Full Text
KRTDA                          Discontinued
           The Dallas Morning News (MCT) (Texas) 5/26/2003        10/27/2003   Full Text
DTH                             (Texas)
           Dallas Times HeraldDiscontinued             3/1/1990    7/31/2001   Full Text
XDAL                           Discontinued
           Dalles Chronicle (Ore.)                    12/2/1992    7/31/2001   Full Text
PDCH                           Active
           Dance Chronicle (Abstracts)                 1/1/1997                Abstracts
DNCE       Dance Magazine Active                       1/1/1994                Full Text
PDRJ                           Active
           Dance Research Journal (Abstracts)          1/1/1997                Abstracts
QQDNC      Dance Teacher       Active                  1/1/2006                Full Text
DANIPD     Danish News DigestActive                    1/7/2001                Translated Abstracts
DANKEM                         Discontinued
           Dansk Kemi (Abstracts)                     5/13/1987     4/7/2006   Abstracts
DARW       Darwin Magazine Discontinued                1/1/2002     4/1/2002   Full Text
NLDWPS                         Active
           Darwin Palmerston Sun                       1/1/2004                Full Text
DBRD                           Discontinued
           Data Broadcasting News                      1/1/1994    12/1/1995   Full Text
DCOM       Data Communications Discontinued            1/1/1985    7/31/2001   Full Text
AIWDTQ     Data Quest (India) Discontinued            3/18/1997    7/31/2001   Full Text
DSTO       Data Storage ReportDiscontinued            10/1/1991    12/1/1996   Full Text
DATSTR     Data Strategy       Active                 5/23/2005                Full Text
DBMS                           Discontinued
           Database Programming & Design               1/1/1994     9/1/1998   Full Text
DTM        Datamation          Discontinued            1/1/1989     2/1/1998   Full Text
DCIB                           Discontinued
           DataTrends Report on DEC                   11/1/1991     9/1/1996   Full Text
DAV        DAV Magazine        Active                  1/1/2005                Full Text
DAVEXP     Daventry Express Active                    2/12/2004                Full Text
KRTNL                          Active
           The Day (MCT) (Conn.)                      5/28/2003                Full Text
DLSDAZ     Day.Az              Active                  3/1/2007                Full Text
DLSDAY                         Active
           Day.Az (Russian Language)                   1/1/2007                Full Text
DYTN                           Discontinued
           Dayton Business Reporter (Ohio)            10/1/1993    7/31/2001   Full Text
KRTDY                          Active
           Dayton Daily News (MCT) (Ohio)             5/28/2003                Full Text
DDNW                           Active
           Dayton Daily News (Ohio)                    7/1/1993                Full Text
XNJO                           Active
           Daytona Beach News Journal (Fla.)          5/11/1994                Full Text
DSBL                           Discontinued
           Dayton-Springfield Business Life (Ohio)     2/1/1987    7/31/2001   Full Text
DCIN       DC Plan Investing Discontinued              1/1/2000    8/22/2005   Full Text
DVDR       DCD Business Report Discontinued            3/5/1998     3/3/2005   Full Text
ADN                            Active
           ddp Basisdienst (German Language)          4/28/1998                Full Text
DDPLD                          Active
           ddp Landesdienste (German Language) 12/17/2003                      Full Text
DDPTD                          (German Language) 12/18/2003
           ddp Themendienste Active                                            Full Text
DDPWD                          Active                 10/1/2003
           ddp/Dow Jones Wirtschaftsdiensten (German Language)                 Full Text
DLOD                           Active
           De Lloyd (Dutch language)                  2/28/2007                Full Text
APELDC                         Discontinued            5/1/2003
           De Stentor (Apeldoornse Courant) (Dutch Language)        4/6/2005   Full Text
DFLEVL                          Flevoland) (Dutch Language)
           De Stentor (DagbladDiscontinued             5/1/2003     4/6/2005   Full Text
DEVNTD                         Discontinued            5/1/2003
           De Stentor (Deventer Dagblad) (Dutch Language)           4/6/2005   Full Text
DESTO                          Active
           De Stentor (Dutch Language)                2/25/2005                Full Text
GELDRD                         Dagblad) (Dutch Language)
           De Stentor (Gelders Discontinued            5/1/2003     4/6/2005   Full Text
NKAMPD                         Discontinued            5/1/2003
           De Stentor (Nieuw Kamper Dagblad) (Dutch Language)       4/6/2005   Full Text
SLLNDS                         Discontinued            1/8/2004
           De Stentor (Sallands Dagblad) (Dutch Language)           4/6/2005   Full Text
VELUWD                         Discontinued
           De Stentor (Veluws Dagblad) (Dutch Language)5/1/2003     4/6/2005   Full Text
ZTPHNS                         Discontinued            1/8/2004
           De Stentor (Zutphens Dagblad) (Dutch Language)           4/6/2005   Full Text
ZWOLSC                         Discontinued
           De Stentor (Zwolse Courant) (Dutch Language)5/1/2003     4/6/2005   Full Text
DLRN       Dealernews          Active                  1/1/1994                Full Text
DLRM       Dealerscope         Active                  1/1/1994                Full Text
DWTE                           Discontinued
           Dealing with Technology                    12/1/1991    2/12/2003   Full Text
PDST                           Active
           Death Studies (Abstracts)                   1/1/1997                Abstracts

Factiva Confidential                          9/19/2011                                          Page 54
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

DEBATE                          Discontinued
           Debate (Spanish Language)                   3/1/1998        12/15/2002    Full Text
SABIDB     El Deber (Abstracts)Active                  6/4/2004                      Translated Abstracts
DCARDN     Debit Card News Discontinued               11/1/1991         7/31/2001    Full Text
DEBRET                          Today
           Debrett's People Of Active                 1/14/2000                      Full Text
GARDEC     Decision (Russia) Discontinued              6/1/1998         3/27/1999    Full Text
GNTDEC                          Discontinued
           Decision (Russian Language)                 6/8/1998         7/31/2001    Full Text
DECDIS                            (French Language)
           Décision DistributionDiscontinued           6/1/2004           7/2/2007   Full Text
DECMR                           Active
           Décision Informatique (French Language) 8/12/2002                         Full Text
DSI        Decision Sciences Active                    1/1/1997                      Full Text
DSS                             Active
           Decision Support Systems (Abstracts)        1/1/1997                      Abstracts
HFSH       Decorative Home Discontinued                1/1/1994           1/1/1998   Full Text
GARDCR     Decree (Russia)      Discontinued           6/1/1998         3/27/1999    Full Text
GNTDCR                          Discontinued
           Decree (Russian Language)                   6/8/1998         7/31/2001    Full Text
IDSR       Deep-Sea ResearchActive(Abstracts)          1/1/1997                      Abstracts
ABXDEF                          Discontinued          7/25/2001         7/25/2001
           The Defence Reporter Australia & Asia Pacific (ABIX Abstracts)            Full Text
DAEE                            Discontinued
           Defense & Aerospace Electronics            10/1/1991         7/31/2001    Full Text
DFFA                            Active
           Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy 1/1/1998                       Full Text
DFCO       Defense ConversionDiscontinued              8/1/1993         12/5/1994    Full Text
DFCJ                            Active
           Defense Counsel Journal                     1/1/1994                      Full Text
DEFD       Defense Daily        Active               11/14/1991                      Full Text
DDI                             Active
           Defense Daily International                4/15/2000                      Full Text
DEFA                            Active
           Defense Environment Alert                  10/4/2005                      Full Text
DMIN                            Discontinued
           Defense Marketing International           11/15/1991         6/24/1994    Full Text
DTBU                            Discontinued
           Defense Technology Business                12/1/1991         12/8/1992    Full Text
FDFT                            Active
           Defense Transportation Journal              1/1/1997                      Full Text
DCPI                              Plan Investing
           Defined ContributionDiscontinued            1/1/1996        11/26/1996    Full Text
DCN                             Active
           Defined Contributions & Savings Plan Alert 1/1/2001                       Full Text
DDE                             Active                 3/1/1998
           dei die ernährungsindustrie (German Language)                             Full Text
DLSBHH                          Active
  (Russian Language)                12/1/2005                      Full Text
DELB                            Active
           Delaware Business Review                    1/1/1992                      Full Text
DCLR                             Litigation Reporter
           Delaware CorporateDiscontinued             12/1/2001         8/31/2005    Full Text
DLW        Delaware Law Weekly  Active                9/18/2001                      Full Text
BDDV                            Discontinued
           Delaware Valley Business Digest (Pa.)       1/1/1985         7/31/2001    Full Text
DELLIV     Delicious Living     Discontinued           1/1/2006         8/29/2006    Full Text
DLSBHI                          Active
           Delo (Russian Language)                    11/1/2005                      Full Text
DLSMOS                          Segodnya (Russian Language)
           Delovaya Moskwa - Active                    3/6/2006                      Full Text
DLSBIJ                           (Russian Language) 11/1/2005
           Delovaya provinciya Discontinued                             6/30/2007    Full Text
BIZDER     Delovaya Rossiya Discontinued               3/8/1997           3/8/1997   Full Text
DELSIB     Delovaya Sibir       Discontinued          6/19/1992           5/7/1997   Full Text
DELOVA                          Active
           Delovaya Stolitsa (Russian Language)        6/5/2006                      Full Text
DLSBIA                          Active
           Delovoe Povolzhe (Russian Language)        11/1/2005                      Full Text
DELPRI                          Active
           Delovoe Prikame (Russian Language)          2/3/2006                      Full Text
BIZDEM                          Discontinued
           Delovoi Mir - Daily (Russia)               3/12/1997         7/31/2001    Full Text
DELOVM     Delovoi Mir (Russia)Discontinued           6/30/1992        12/24/1997    Full Text
DLSBIC                          Active
           Delovoj kvartal (Russian Language)         11/1/2005                      Full Text
DLSBIE                          Active
           Delovoj Omsk (Russian Language)            12/1/2005                      Full Text
DLSBIB                          Active
           Delovoj vtornik (Russian Language)         11/1/2005                      Full Text
DLSBID                          Active
           Delovoy kurgan (Russian Language)          11/1/2005                      Full Text
DEVPET                          Discontinued
           Delovoy Peterburg (Russia)                 1/16/1998         11/1/2004    Translated Abstracts
DEVPER                          Active
           Delovoy Peterburg (Russian Language)       1/12/1998                      Full Text
DEURAL     Delovoy Ural (Russia)Discontinued          3/16/1994         8/26/1997    Full Text
DLSBIF                          Active
           Delovye lyudi (Russian Language)           11/1/2005                      Full Text

Factiva Confidential                             9/19/2011                                             Page 55
                                      Global Academic 2007Q4

DLSBIG                           Active
           Delta (Russian Language)                  12/1/2005                Full Text
DLFP       Delta Farm Press Active                    1/1/2003                Full Text
DEM        Demography            Active               1/1/1997                Full Text
DLSBII                           Active
           Den - Izhevsk (Russian Language)          11/1/2005                Full Text
DLSBIH                           Active
           Den respubliki (Russian Language)         11/1/2005                Full Text
DENKIS                           (Japanese Language) 1/1/2004
           The Denki Shimbun Active                                           Full Text
ADEN       Dental Economics Active                    1/1/1997                Full Text
DBW        Denver Business Discontinued               1/1/1985    7/31/2001   Full Text
DNVR       Denver Post           Active              8/21/1988                Full Text
IIIDVR                           Discontinued
           Denver Post (Abstracts)                  11/22/1998    7/31/2001   Abstracts
KRTDP                            Discontinued
           The Denver Post (MCT) (Colo.)             5/25/2003    5/16/2007   Full Text
DAD                              Active
           Department of Agriculture Documents       9/12/2005                Full Text
DCD                              Active
           Department of Commerce Documents          9/28/2006                Full Text
DODDOC                           Active
           Department of Defense Documents            9/1/2003                Full Text
DED                              Active
           Department of Education Documents         9/27/2006                Full Text
DOEDOC                           Active
           Department of Energy Documents            3/22/2004                Full Text
DOHDOC                           Active
           Department of Homeland Security Documents 1/10/2003                Full Text
HUD                              Active             10/19/2006
           Department of Housing & Urban Development Documents                Full Text
DOJDOC                           Active
           Department of Justice Documents            3/1/2004                Full Text
DLD                              Active
           Department of Labor Documents            10/27/2006                Full Text
DID                              Active
           Department of the Interior Documents      8/18/2006                Full Text
DTD                              Active
           Department of the Treasury Documents      9/27/2006                Full Text
DOTDOC                           Active
           Department of Transportation Documents     1/1/2004                Full Text
DVA                              Active
           Department of Veterans Affairs Documents 8/16/2006                 Full Text
DEPRF                            Active              3/17/2005
           Dépêches - La Revue Fiduciaire (French Language)                   Full Text
BDGS                             Active
           Deposit Growth Strategies (Abstracts)      1/1/1997                Abstracts
DEBTEL                           Active
           Derby Evening Telegraph (U.K.)            6/18/1999                Full Text
DERBTM     Derbyshire Times Active                   9/26/2006                Full Text
DLR                              Discontinued
           Derivatives Litigation Reporter           12/1/2001    8/31/2005   Full Text
DERW       Derivatives Week Active                    5/2/2002                Full Text
DRMT       Dermatology Times Active                   1/1/1994                Full Text
XDER                             D
           Derrick (Oil City, Pa.) iscontinued      11/29/1992    7/31/2001   Full Text
DN                               Active
           Deseret Morning News (Salt Lake City)      1/1/1995                Full Text
DESCOD     Design Cost Data Active                    1/1/2006                Full Text
DESENG     Design Engineering Discontinued            4/1/1997    3/10/2003   Full Text
DSFM                             Discontinued         1/1/2000
           Design Firm Management & Administration Report         10/1/2005   Full Text
DSIN       Design News           Active               1/3/1994                Full Text
DSNWK      Design Week           Active              9/26/1986                Full Text
DBLD       Design-Build          Discontinued         2/1/1999    11/1/2005   Full Text
DLSCJJ                           Active
           Desnica (Russian Language)                11/1/2005                Full Text
DETM       Detroit Monthly       Discontinued         1/1/1994    7/31/2001   Full Text
DTNS       The Detroit News Active                    1/2/2002                Full Text
DETR       Detroiter             Discontinued        10/1/1991    7/31/2001   Full Text
QEDDBM                           Discontinued
           Deutsche Bundesbank Monthly Report        12/1/1995    7/31/2001   Full Text
DEUEN      Deutsche Welle        Active              6/30/2006                Full Text
DEUDE                            Active
           Deutsche Welle (German Language)          6/30/2006                Full Text
DEURU                            Active
           Deutsche Welle (Russian Language)         6/30/2006                Full Text
DDKR                             Discontinued
           Deutscher Drucker (Germany, Abstracts)     1/1/1994   12/13/2002   Abstracts
DTING                            Discontinued
           Deutsches IngenieurBlatt (German Language) 1/1/2004    12/7/2005   Full Text
DEVH       Developer from ZDWire Discontinued         4/1/2000     3/4/2002   Full Text
GDPS                             Active
           Developmental Psychology (Abstracts)       1/1/1997                Abstracts
DNDL                              Letter
           Device & Diagnostic Active                 1/1/1999                Full Text

Factiva Confidential                         9/19/2011                                    Page 56
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

DEWREP     The Dewsbury ReporterActive                 1/1/2001                Full Text
DBWK       Diabetes Week        Active                 1/1/2002                Full Text
DIMG       Diagnostic Imaging Active                   1/1/1996                Full Text
DIAGIN                          Active
           Diagnostics Intelligence (Abstracts)     11/19/1994                 Abstracts
DSCN                            Discontinued
           Diamond & Structural Carbon News           11/1/1992    11/1/1994   Full Text
DIAVAL     Diamond Valley LeaderActive                8/15/2001                Full Text
DIAMJP                          Active
           Diamond Weekly (Japanese Language)         6/30/2003                Full Text
SABIED                          Active
           El Diario (Chile, Abstracts)               8/10/2000                Translated Abstracts
DIASX                           Discontinued
           Diario 16 (Spanish Language)               4/28/2001   11/17/2001   Full Text
INCMD                           (Portuguese Language)
           Diário da República Active               10/27/1997                 Full Text
DIADL                           Active
           Diario de León (Spanish Language)           5/1/2001                Full Text
DDNO                            Discontinued
           Diario de Noticias (Portugal, Abstracts)   12/3/1986   11/23/2001   Translated Abstracts
DECON                           Active
           Diário Económico (Portuguese Language) 2/19/1998                    Full Text
SABIDE                          Active
           Diario Expreso (Ecuador, Abstracts)        5/25/2004                Translated Abstracts
ELDRIO                          Active
           Diario Financiero (Spanish Language)        7/9/2002                Full Text
ELDONL                          Active
           Diario Financiero Online (Spanish Language)9/20/2002                Full Text
DMEDCO                          Active
           Diario Médico (Spanish Language)           1/28/1999                Full Text
MONTAN                          Active
           Diario Montañes (Spanish Language)          5/1/2004                Full Text
DIAVAS                          Active
           El Diario Vasco (Spanish Language)         7/20/2004                Full Text
DWELT                           Active
           Die Welt (German Language)                 4/26/2004                Full Text
DSFN       Diesel Fuel News Active                     1/1/1999                Full Text
DPED                            Active
           Diesel Progress North American Edition      1/1/1994                Full Text
DSFL                            & Food Labeling News 7/11/2000
           Dietary Supplement Discontinued                          9/2/2002   Full Text
DECP       Digital Age          Discontinued           1/1/1994    7/31/2001   Full Text
DCR                             Discontinued
           Digital Cellular Report                    1/15/1997    7/31/2001   Full Text
DCM                             Active
           Digital Cinematography                     10/1/2002                Full Text
DCMG                            Discontinued
           Digital Connect Magazine                    1/1/2005     6/1/2006   Full Text
DGKR       Digital Kids         Discontinued           2/1/1995     8/1/1998   Full Text
COMPTI     Digital Life         Active                 1/6/1999                Full Text
DGMD       Digital Media        Discontinued           1/1/1994    7/31/2001   Full Text
DGSJ                            Discontinued
           Digital Systems Report                      1/1/1994    9/22/1999   Full Text
DVMG                            Active
           Digital Video Magazine                      1/1/2001                Full Text
OUESTD                          Active
           dimanche Ouest France (French Language) 7/14/2002                   Full Text
DINRO                           Discontinued
           Dinero (Abstracts, English Language)        9/5/1994    3/25/1996   Translated Abstracts
DINROQ                          Active
           Dinero Quince (Spanish Language)            4/3/2003                Full Text
DINROF                          Active
           Dinero y Fondos (Spanish Language)          4/3/2003                Full Text
DINGRD     Dinnington GuardianActive                  9/26/2006                Full Text
DLSCJA                          Active
           Diplomat (Russian Language)                11/1/2005                Full Text
PDIP                            Active
           Diplomatic History (Abstracts)              1/1/1997                Abstracts
DRCT       Direct               Active                 1/1/1994                Full Text
GSEMAN                          Discontinued           9/1/2000
           Direct - Semi-Annual Report (Japanese Language)        11/27/2002   Full Text
DM         Direct Marketing     Discontinued           8/1/1989    11/9/2005   Full Text
DIRRES     Direct Response      Active                12/1/2005                Full Text
GARDIR     Direction            Discontinued           6/1/1998    3/27/1999   Full Text
GNTDIR                          Discontinued
           Direction (Russian Language)                6/8/1998    7/31/2001   Full Text
UDRT       Director (London) Active                    1/1/1997                Full Text
PRODIR     The Director         Active                11/1/2003                Full Text
DRBD       Directors & Boards Discontinued             1/1/1999     6/6/2002   Full Text
DREKTN     DIREKT NEWS          Discontinued           2/2/2002    9/30/2002   Full Text
MKETWE     Direkt-dk            Active                9/17/2003                Full Text
MKETW                           Active
           Direkt-dk (Danish Language)                 9/9/2002                Full Text
IDRB       Dirt Bike (Abstracts)Discontinued           1/1/1997    3/23/2004   Abstracts

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                        Page 57
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

DISM       DISAM Journal        Active                 1/1/1998                Full Text
BDCS                            Active
           Disclosure (Abstracts)                      1/1/1997                Abstracts
KRTGI                            (Calif.)
           The Dispatch (MCT)Active                  5/28/2003                 Full Text
DIDI                            Active
           Display & Design Ideas                    8/20/2001                 Full Text
DSDN                            Discontinued
           Display Development News                    1/1/1999     7/1/2005   Full Text
GDSS       Dissent (Abstracts) Active                  1/1/1997                Abstracts
DACTLD                          Discontinued
           Distribución Actualidad (Spanish Language) 1/1/2002     11/1/2004   Full Text
OSNW                             Management
           Distributed Systems Discontinued Report 12/1/1991       10/1/1995   Full Text
DST                             Discontinued
           Distribution (German Language)              1/1/1989    12/1/1997   Full Text
DSTD                            Active
           Distrifood (Dutch Language)                 4/1/2006                Full Text
DXIC       Dixie Contractor     Active               1/16/2006                 Full Text
HTJ        DIY Week             Discontinued           1/1/1994    7/10/1999   Full Text
DJEF                            Active
           DJ Bourse (French Language)               3/29/2004                 Full Text
DJEP                            Active
           DJ em Portuguese (Portuguese Language) 3/29/2004                    Full Text
DLSBHD                          Active
           DK Magazine (Russian Language)            11/1/2005                 Full Text
DMN        DM News (Abstracts)  Active                 1/1/1994                Abstracts
DMASIA     DMAsia               Active               12/1/2004                 Full Text
DMEUR      DMEurope             Active                 5/1/2004                Full Text
DNADAI                           Analysis
           DNA - Daily News & Active                10/26/2006                 Full Text
DNASUN     DNA Sunday           Active              10/29/2006                 Full Text
DNENIK                          Active
           Dnevnik (Bulgarian Language)                4/3/2002                Full Text
DNR        DNR                  Active                 1/2/1989                Full Text
DTV        Doc TV               Discontinued         9/14/1998    12/13/1999   Full Text
DOCTR      Doctor               Active              11/24/2003                 Full Text
DREB       Doctor Ebiz          Discontinued           1/1/2001   12/16/2003   Full Text
DBSE                            Discontinued
           Document Delivery World                     1/1/1989    11/1/1993   Full Text
OPTU                            Discontinued
           Document Image Automation Update          12/1/1991     12/1/1992   Full Text
EIMG                            Discontinued
           Document Imaging Report                   11/6/1991     7/31/2001   Full Text
DCMW       Document World Discontinued                 1/1/1997    8/26/2003   Full Text
GDOG       Dog World            Discontinued           1/1/1997    3/23/2004   Full Text
DLSCJB                          Active
           Do-info (Russian Language)                12/1/2005                 Full Text
DIYR                            Active
           Do-It-Yourself Retailing                    1/1/1994                Full Text
DOSE       Dollars & Sense      Active                 1/1/1995                Full Text
DOMPOS     Dominion Post        Active                 7/8/2002                Full Text
DOMN       The Dominion         Discontinued         12/4/1995     7/11/2002   Full Text
DLSDMV                          Active
           Domovoy (Russian Language)                  1/1/2006                Full Text
DLSDON                          Active
           Donbas (Russian Language)                 11/1/2006                 Full Text
DONCFP     Doncaster Free Press Active               9/26/2006                 Full Text
DONGAI     Dong-A Ilbo Daily Active                    6/7/2002                Full Text
DONGCN                          Active               12/8/2002
           Dong-A Ilbo Daily (Chinese Language - Simplified)                   Translated Abstracts
DONGAC                          Active               12/8/2002
           Dong-A Ilbo Daily (Chinese Language - Traditional)                  Translated Abstracts
DONGAJ                          Active
           Dong-A Ilbo Daily (Japanese Language)       6/7/2002                Full Text
DORS       Doors and Hardware   Active                 1/1/1994                Full Text
DOTC       dot.Com              Discontinued         12/1/1995      5/1/1999   Full Text
DOTMAD                           (Dutch Language)
           DOTGOV MagazineDiscontinued               5/31/2006    11/24/2006   Full Text
DOTGF                            (French Language)
           DOTGOV MagazineDiscontinued               5/31/2006    11/24/2006   Full Text
DOULAI                          Active
           Double Liaison (Abstracts)                  3/2/1996                Abstracts
DOVEX      Dover Express        Active               8/17/2006                 Full Text
DJVAS                           Active
           Dow Jones Asia (German Language)            9/7/2004                Full Text
AER                             Active
           Dow Jones Asian Equities Report           3/31/1996                 Full Text
DJAN                             and New Zealand Report
           Dow Jones AustraliaActive                 1/31/1996                 Full Text
DJVAU                           Active
           Dow Jones Austria (German Language)       8/24/2004                 Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                        Page 58
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

VWDBHN                          Active
           Dow Jones Branchen News (German Language)  4/13/2004                      Full Text
DJON                            Active
           Dow Jones Business News                    3/14/1997                      Full Text
DJVBN                           Active                8/23/2004
           Dow Jones Business Newsletters (German Language)                          Full Text
CM                              Active
           Dow Jones Capital Markets Report           1/19/1995                      Full Text
DJCER                           Active                5/11/2007
           Dow Jones China Equities Report (Japanese Language)                       Full Text
DJCFWE                          Financial Wire
           Dow Jones Chinese Active                   5/19/2004                      Full Text
DJNCCN                          Financial Wire (Chinese Language - Simplified)
           Dow Jones Chinese Active                   1/30/2001                      Full Text
DJNCFW                          Financial Wire (Chinese Language - Traditional)
           Dow Jones Chinese Active                   1/30/2001                      Full Text
DJCS                            Active
           Dow Jones Commodities Service              3/10/1996                      Full Text
OSTDJ                           Discontinued
           Dow Jones Commodities Service              4/27/2004         6/29/2007    Full Text
FF                              Active
           Dow Jones Corporate Filings Alert         10/24/1994                      Full Text
DJVEA                           Active
           Dow Jones Eastern Europe (German Language) 8/23/2004                      Full Text
EM                              Active
           Dow Jones Emerging Markets Report            5/1/1995                     Full Text
DJEE                            Active
           Dow Jones en Espanol (Spanish Language) 3/30/2004                         Full Text
NRG                             Active
           Dow Jones Energy Service                   3/29/1996                      Full Text
DJGER                           Active                5/19/2004
           Dow Jones Global Equities Report (Japanese Language)                      Full Text
DJIER                           Active                  5/9/2007
           Dow Jones India Equities Report (Japanese Language)                       Full Text
DJI                             Active
           Dow Jones International News               7/25/1994                      Full Text
ASTA                            Active
           Dow Jones Investment Advisor (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                         Abstracts
DJIN                            Network
           Dow Jones Investor Discontinued              2/1/1994        7/31/2001    Full Text
DJJMR                           Active                 Language)
           Dow Jones Japan Money Report (Japanese 5/19/2004                          Full Text
VWDKPK                          Active                4/13/2004
           Dow Jones Konjunktur / Politik (German Language)                          Full Text
VWDMRK                          Active
           Dow Jones Märkte (German Language)         4/13/2004                      Full Text
DJMM                            Discontinued
           Dow Jones Money Management Alert           3/11/1996         7/31/2001    Full Text
DJ                              Active
           Dow Jones News Service                     6/13/1979                      Full Text
MNYVW                           Active
           Dow Jones Nieuwsdienst (Dutch Language) 9/10/2002                         Full Text
PI                              Discontinued
           Dow Jones Professional Investor Report 10/24/1994            1/13/2004    Full Text
VWDUNT                          Active                4/14/2004
           Dow Jones Unternehmen Deutschland (German Language)                       Full Text
VWDEFR                          Active                4/14/2004
           Dow Jones Unternehmen Europa / Fernost (German Language)                  Full Text
VWDUSA                          Active                4/13/2004
           Dow Jones Unternehmen Nordamerika(German Language)                        Full Text
DNBT       Down Beat            Active                  1/1/1994                     Full Text
DOWND      Down Democrat        Active                1/25/2006                      Full Text
DOBB                            Discontinued
           Dr. Dobb's Journal (Abstracts)               1/1/1994          3/1/1999   Abstracts
DRPREC     Drapers              Active               12/20/1985                      Full Text
QEDDRE     Dresdner Bank Trends Discontinued            1/1/1996      12/31/2002     Full Text
DRIFTM     Driffield Times      Active                9/26/2006                      Full Text
DROGH      Drogheda Independent Active                9/27/2006                      Full Text
DRENV                           Active
           Droit de l'Environnement (French Language) 4/1/2006                       Full Text
DCI                             Discontinued
           Drug & Cosmetic Industry                     1/1/1989        12/1/1998    Full Text
DRGCI                           Discontinued
           Drug and Cosmetic Industry (Abstracts) 11/16/1989            1/28/2002    Abstracts
DCMR       Drug Benefit News Discontinued             6/11/2004         5/18/2007    Full Text
DRDR       Drug Detection ReportActive                  4/1/1994                     Full Text
DUR        Drug Formulary ReviewActive                  1/1/2002                     Full Text
GMPR       Drug GMP Report Active                       1/1/1999                     Full Text
DRIDY      Drug Industry Daily Active                   6/6/2003                     Full Text
DRUGIJ                          Active
           Drug Information Journal                     1/1/2006                     Full Text
DMRK       Drug Marketing       Discontinued          11/1/1999           4/1/2002   Full Text
DNP                             Discontinued
           Drug News & Perspectives (Abstracts)         1/1/1994          5/8/2002   Abstracts
NDRG                            Discontinued
           Drug Outcomes & Managed Care                 8/8/1994        12/2/1994    Full Text
DRLR                            Discontinued
           Drug Recall Litigation Reporter            12/1/2001         8/31/2005    Full Text
DRRW                            Discontinued
           Drug Resistance Weekly                     6/13/1994         9/26/1994    Full Text
DRSN       Drug Store News Active                       1/1/1989                     Full Text

Factiva Confidential                             9/19/2011                                       Page 59
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

DRG        Drug Topics         Active                  1/1/1989                  Full Text
DRGW       Drug Week           Active                  1/1/1999                  Full Text
DSMLN                          Discontinued
           DSM Limburg Nieuws (Abstracts)             6/13/1989        7/31/2001 Abstracts
VITN       DTV Business        Discontinued         11/11/1991        10/16/2000 Full Text
DTZASI                         Active
           DTZ Asia Property Market Update            7/15/2004                  Full Text
DTZADS                         Active                 Language
           DTZ Asia Property Market Update (Chinese 5/18/2006 - Simplified)      Full Text
DTZAOT                         Active                 Language
           DTZ Asia Property Market Update (Chinese 5/18/2006 - Traditional)     Full Text
DTZQNA                         Active                  6/1/2004
           DTZ Quarterly Property Market Overview in North Asia                  Full Text
DTZACN                         Active                  6/1/2004                  Full Text
           DTZ Quarterly Property Market Overview in North Asia (Chinese Language - Simplified)
DTZATW                         Active                  6/1/2004                  Full Text
           DTZ Quarterly Property Market Overview in North Asia (Chinese Language - Traditional)
DUNDF                          Active                   Language)
           Dufa-Index - Handelsregister online (German 6/8/1994                  Full Text
DCC        Duluthian (Minn.) Discontinued              9/1/1991        8/26/2003 Full Text
DNYAE      Dunya (Abstracts) Active                    9/1/2003                  Abstracts
DUNYA                          Active
           Dunya (Turkish Language)                   6/11/1999                  Full Text
DUTCPD     Dutch News Digest Active                    1/4/2001                  Translated Abstracts
DVDN       DVD News            Discontinued            1/3/2001         5/4/2005 Full Text
DLSBHG                         Active
           Dvina-inform (Russian Language)            12/1/2005                  Full Text
DVZ                            Active                Language)
           DVZ - Deutsche Verkehrszeitung (German 11/12/1996                     Full Text
DZICOM                         Active
           DZI - Ukrainian Commodities                4/27/2000                  Full Text
DZUKRC                         Active                 6/20/2002
           DZI - Ukrainian Commodities (Russian Language)                        Full Text
DZIMAR                         Active
           DZI - Ukrainian Market                     7/22/2000                  Full Text
DZUKRM                         Active
           DZI - Ukranian Market (Russian Language) 6/20/2002                    Full Text
ETATAR                         Active
           e Tatar (Russian Language)                 7/18/2005                  Full Text
EANDP      E&P                 Active                 7/20/2006                  Full Text
EPEN       E&P Environment Discontinued                5/1/1992        5/24/1996 Full Text
ABXNEW                         Discontinued
           E.NZ Magazine (ABIX Abstracts)             8/31/1996        12/3/2006 Abstracts
EEEE                           Active
           E: The Environmental Magazine               1/1/1994                  Full Text
KRTHS                          (N.H.)
           Eagle Times (MCT) Active                   5/28/2003                  Full Text
ENTH                           Active
           Ear, Nose and Throat Journal                8/1/1999                  Full Text
PEAL                           Active
           Early American Literature (Abstracts)       1/1/1997                  Abstracts
PEMU       Early Music         Discontinued            1/1/1997         2/1/2000 Full Text
ABXEAR                         Discontinued
           Earnings Power (ABIX Abstracts)            8/31/1996       12/31/1999 Abstracts
FETH       Earth               Discontinued            1/1/1997        7/31/2001 Full Text
PESR                           Active
           Earth-Science Reviews (Abstracts)           1/1/1997                  Abstracts
MEWTEA     The East African    Active                 2/18/1998                  Full Text
EANGL                          Active
           East Anglian Daily Times                   3/22/2006                  Full Text
EAE                            Discontinued
           East Asian Executive Reports                1/1/1997         5/1/1999 Full Text
AIWECN                         Discontinued
           East Cape News (South Africa)               1/1/2001         4/4/2004 Full Text
EEUBAN     East European BankerDiscontinued            8/1/1995         6/1/1999 Full Text
EEBL                           Discontinued
           East European Business Law                  7/1/1992         7/1/1998 Full Text
EUTR                           Discontinued
           East European Energy Report                6/10/1992        3/19/1996 Full Text
EEIR                           Discontinued
           East European Insurance Report              1/1/1992         2/1/1996 Full Text
EEMK                           Discontinued
           East European Markets                      1/10/1992        4/26/1996 Full Text
PEEQ                           Active
           East European Quarterly                     1/1/1997                  Full Text
EAGRIN                         Active
           East Grinstead Courier (U.K.)            12/11/1997                   Full Text
EASTTM                         Active
           East Torrens Messenger                      8/8/2001                  Full Text
SUBTAZ                          Trade (Abstracts)
           East West BusinessDiscontinued             3/12/1986        7/31/2001 Abstracts
EWCM       East/West CommersantDiscontinued           3/31/1995         8/1/2001 Full Text
CEBG                           Discontinued
           East/West Executive Guide                   1/1/1994         1/1/1998 Full Text
EASTBN                         Active
           Eastbourne Herald & Gazette Series         9/26/2006                  Full Text
EACOUM                         Active
           Eastern Courier Messenger                   8/8/2001                  Full Text
EAP        Eastern Daily Press Active                 1/16/2006                  Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                          Page 60
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

EEJ                            Active
           Eastern Economic Journal                    1/1/1997                   Full Text
EASTED                         Active                 Language)
           Eastern Europe Economic Digest (Japanese12/1/1997                      Full Text
EEURPT                         Discontinued
           Eastern Europe Report                     11/1/1991       12/23/1991 Full Text
EUST                            Former Soviet         Report
           Eastern European &Discontinued Telecom12/1/1991              3/1/1995 Full Text
EEE                            Active
           Eastern European Economics (Abstracts)      1/1/1997                   Abstracts
EASPH                          (Abstracts)
           Eastern Pharmacist Discontinued             5/4/1996      12/31/2001 Abstracts
NLPESR                         Active
           Eastern Suburbs Reporter                 12/26/2006                    Full Text
XJOM                           Discontinued
           Eastside Journal (Bellevue, Wash.)          8/5/1994       7/31/2001 Full Text
EBANK                          Active
           eBanking & Payment News                     2/1/2006                   Full Text
EBNY       Ebony               Active                  1/1/1994                   Full Text
QEDETR                         Discontinued
           EBRD Transition Report                    11/1/1995       12/31/2003 Full Text
QEDEBR                         Discontinued
           EBRD Transition Report Update               4/1/1997         4/2/1997 Full Text
EBRD       EBRD Watch          Discontinued            6/1/1990       9/14/1992 Full Text
EBIZ                           Discontinued
           E-Business from ZDWire                      4/1/2000       6/13/2002 Full Text
EBLB                           Discontinued
           E-Business Law Bulletin                   12/1/2001        8/31/2005 Full Text
EBUSIN                         Discontinued
           E-Business New Zealand                      8/1/2000         9/7/2002 Full Text
ECEN       EC Energy Monthly Discontinued            1/17/1992          3/1/1996 Full Text
ECT        EC Technology News  Discontinued          7/18/2000        7/31/2001 Full Text
ECBR                           Discontinued          6/30/1990        7/31/2001 Full
           ECCP Business Review (European Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines)Text
ECHDB      L'Echo (Abstracts) Discontinued           3/30/1986       11/27/2001 Translated Abstracts
NLECHO                         Active
           The Echo (Victoria, Australia)              9/4/2003                   Full Text
LESE                           Active
           Les Echos (France, Abstracts)             3/31/1994                    Translated Abstracts
ECHOS                          Active
           Les Echos (French Language)               6/11/1997                    Full Text
ECHWE                          Active
           Les Echos Week-End (French Language) 5/31/2002                         Full Text
ECHOFR                         Active
           Les (French Language)              8/9/2002                   Full Text
ECHNET                         Discontinued
           Les Echos.Net (French Language)             6/3/2002       6/30/2003 Full Text
ECNC                           Discontinued
           ECN Chemscope (Abstracts)                   1/1/1994       11/2/1999 Abstracts
CLAE                           American Economy
           EcoCentral: Central Discontinued          11/1/1991        7/31/2001 Full Text
ECLW       Eco-Log Week        Discontinued          1/31/1992        4/17/1998 Full Text
PEMO                           Active
           Ecological Monographs (Abstracts)           1/1/1997                   Abstracts
ECLG       The Ecologist       Discontinued            1/1/1995         6/1/2001 Full Text
GECO       Ecology (Abstracts) Active                  1/1/1997                   Abstracts
MET        Econometrica        Active                  1/1/1997                   Full Text
SABIEH                         Discontinued
           Economia Hoy (Venezuela, Abstracts)       7/17/2000        7/31/2001 Translated Abstracts
EID                            Active
           Economic & Industrial Democracy (Abstracts)1/1/1997                    Abstracts
ECOM                           Active
           Economic Commentary (Cleveland, Ohio)       1/1/1994                   Full Text
ECODAC                         Discontinued
           Economic Daily (China)                      1/1/2001      12/26/2001 Translated Abstracts
ECODAN     Economic Daily News Discontinued            1/1/2001         9/2/2002 Translated Abstracts
EDNDCN                         Active               10/10/2004
           Economic Daily News (Chinese Language - Simplified)                    Full Text
EDNOTW                         Active               10/10/2004
           Economic Daily News (Chinese Language - Traditional)                   Full Text
EDC                            Active                  1/1/1997
           Economic Development & Cultural Change (Abstracts)                     Abstracts
FEDQ                           Active
           Economic Development Quarterly (Abstracts)1/1/1997                     Abstracts
EDR                            Discontinued
           Economic Development Review (U.S.)          1/1/1997       7/31/2001 Full Text
AIWEDR                         Discontinued
           Economic Development Review (Vietnam) 10/1/1998            7/31/2001 Full Text
EGEO       Economic Geography  Active                  1/1/1994                   Full Text
PECH                           Active
           Economic History Review (Abstracts)         1/1/1997                   Abstracts
EIND                            (Abstracts)
           Economic IndicatorsActive                   1/1/1994                   Abstracts
EI         Economic Inquiry Active                     1/1/1989                   Full Text
ECJ                            Active                  1/1/1997
           Economic Journal: The Journal of the Royal Economic Society (Abstracts)Abstracts
EMO                             (Abstracts)
           Economic ModellingActive                    1/1/1997                   Abstracts
ECON                           Active
           Economic News (Russian Language)          7/26/2007                    Full Text
ECOON                          Active
           Economic News On-line (Russian language)7/27/2007                      Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                           Page 61
                                          Global Academic 2007Q4

EOBOCN                         Active                     - Simplified)
           The Economic Observer (Chinese Language 7/2/2007                         Full Text
EOBDTW                         Active                     - Traditional)
           The Economic Observer (Chinese Language 7/2/2007                         Full Text
EOOVOS                         Active                   6/24/2007
           The Economic Observer Online version (Chinese Language - Simplified) Full Text
EOOVDT                         Active                   6/24/2007
           The Economic Observer Online version (Chinese Language - Traditional) Full Text
EOBENG                         Active
           The Economic Observer                          7/6/2007                  Full Text
EPSP                           Active
           Economic Perspectives                          1/1/1994                  Full Text
EPO                            Active
           Economic Policy (Abstracts)                    1/1/1997                  Abstracts
EPV                            Active
           Economic Policy Review                         1/1/1997                  Full Text
EQLY       Economic Quarterly Active                      1/1/1994                  Full Text
ERCD                           Active
           Economic Record (Australia)                    1/1/1994                  Full Text
ECR                            Active                     1/1/1997
           Economic Review (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta)                        Full Text
ERC                            Discontinued               1/1/1997
           Economic Review (Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland)            7/31/2001 Full Text
EKC                            Active                     1/1/1997
           Economic Review (Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City)                    Full Text
ERVW                           Discontinued
           Economic Review (Pakistan)                     1/1/1994         1/1/2000 Full Text
ECTIM                          Active
           The Economic Times (India)                     5/9/1986                  Full Text
KRTET                          Active
           The Economic Times (MCT) (India)               1/1/2004                  Full Text
ECNMCS                         Discontinued
           Economics (Abstracts)                        7/29/1994         7/31/2001 Abstracts
ECONA                          Active
           Economist (Abstracts)                      12/18/2004                    Abstracts
IIIECO                         Discontinued
           The Economist (Abstracts)                    1/28/1996         1/27/2005 Abstracts
EIUBF                          Active
           Economist Intelligence Unit - Business Africa12/1/2002                   Full Text
EIUBA                          Active
           Economist Intelligence Unit - Business Asia 12/1/2002                    Full Text
EIUBC                          Active
           Economist Intelligence Unit - Business China 12/1/2002                   Full Text
EIUBE                          Active                   12/1/2002
           Economist Intelligence Unit - Business Eastern Europe                    Full Text
EIUBU                          Active
           Economist Intelligence Unit - Business Europe12/1/2002                   Full Text
EIUBI                          Active                    Intelligence
           Economist Intelligence Unit - Business India 12/1/2002                   Full Text
EIUBL                          Active                    America
           Economist Intelligence Unit - Business Latin 12/1/2002                   Full Text
EIUBM                          Active                   12/1/2002
           Economist Intelligence Unit - Business Middle East                       Full Text
EIUCC                          Active                   12/1/2002
           Economist Intelligence Unit - Country Commerce                           Full Text
CFIN                           Active
           Economist Intelligence Unit - Country Finance12/1/2002                   Full Text
EIUCM                          Active
           Economist Intelligence Unit - Country Monitor12/1/2002                   Full Text
EXBR                           Active                   12/1/2002
           Economist Intelligence Unit - Executive Briefing                         Full Text
EBFR                           Discontinued             12/1/2002
           Economist Intelligence Unit - Global Technology Forum          9/15/2004 Full Text
RSKW                           Active
           Economist Intelligence Unit - Risk Briefing 12/1/2002                    Full Text
EIUCP                          Active
           Economist Intelligence Unit - ViewsWire        1/1/1995                  Full Text
EC                             Active
           The Economist (United Kingdom)                 1/4/1981                  Full Text
SABIEE                         Active
           Economista (Mexico, Abstracts), El         11/14/2000                    Translated Abstracts
ELECON                         Active
           El Economista (Mexico, Spanish Language)   10/28/2002                    Full Text
ELECO                          Active
           El Economista (Spain, Spanish Language) 4/27/2007                        Full Text
ECM                            Active
           Economist-Leiden (Abstracts)                   1/1/1997                  Abstracts
JAPECO                         History                    1/1/2000
           Economy, Culture & Active JAPAN SPOTLIGHT Bimonthly                      Full Text
DBS        EContent            Active                     2/1/1989                  Full Text
ECTASS     Ecotass             Discontinued             6/25/1984         1/14/1997 Full Text
ECRE                           Active
           The Ecumenical Review                          1/1/1995                  Full Text
THEDGE                         Active
           The Edge Financial Daily                       8/4/1997                  Full Text
EDGEWK                         Active
           The Edge Malaysia (Weekly)                   11/1/2004                   Full Text
EDGESI     The Edge SingaporeActive                       4/1/2002                  Full Text
EDWG                           Computing Report
           EDGE: Work-Group Discontinued              11/18/1991         11/15/2003 Full Text
EDIM                           Discontinued
           EDI Bi-Monthly Report                          1/1/1997         5/1/1999 Full Text
EDIF       EDI in Finance      Discontinued             12/1/1991          5/1/1992 Full Text
EDIN       EDI News            Discontinued           11/18/1991          12/7/1998 Full Text
DLSCJC                         Active
           Edinaya Rossiya (Russian Language)           11/1/2005                   Full Text
EDPB       Editor & Publisher Active                    7/23/2001                   Full Text

Factiva Confidential                             9/19/2011                                            Page 62
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

EDJR       Edmonton Journal Active                     12/1/2001                   Full Text
EDN        EDN                   Active                 1/1/1997                   Full Text
EDNE       EDN Europe            Discontinued          5/13/2004        9/1/2006   Full Text
EDPW                             Active
           EDP Weekly's IT Monitor                      1/1/1994                   Full Text
ACS                              Active                 1/1/1997
           EDPACS (EDP Audit, Control & Security Newsletter) (Abstracts)           Abstracts
EDCT       Education             Active                 1/1/1995                   Full Text
FEUS                             Active
           Education & Urban Society (Abstracts)        1/1/1997                   Abstracts
GTED       Education Digest Active                      1/1/1997                   Full Text
EDTN                             Discontinued
           Education Technology News                   10/1/1991        4/2/2006   Full Text
GEDW                             Active
           Education Week (Abstracts)                   1/1/1997                   Full Text and Abstracts
IEDP                             Active                 1/1/1997
           Educational & Psychological Measurement (Abstracts)                     Abstracts
FEAQ                             Active                 1/1/1997
           Educational Administration Quarterly (Abstracts)                        Abstracts
EDUFOR     The Educational Forum Active                 1/1/2006                   Full Text
EDFOUN                           Active
           Educational Foundations                      6/1/2005                   Full Text
EDUL       Educational LeadershipDiscontinued           1/1/1995      12/1/1999    Full Text
UFEDP                            Active
           Educational Policy (Abstracts)               1/1/1997                   Abstracts
EEPRON     EE Product News Discontinued                 1/1/2006        6/1/2006   Full Text
WEFE       EFE News Service Active                     3/27/1999                   Full Text
DLSGHI                           Language)
           Efir-inform (Russian Active                 12/1/2005                   Full Text
EFPR       EFT Report            Discontinued        11/13/1991         9/1/2004   Full Text
EYGTDY     Egypt Today           Discontinued           1/1/1997      11/9/2004    Full Text
EGAZT      Egyptian Gazette Discontinued               3/31/1991        5/2/2003   Full Text
EGYPND     Egyptian News Digest  Active                5/30/2001                   Translated Abstracts
DLSGIJ                           Active
           Eho planety (Russian Language)              11/1/2005                   Full Text
APAU                             Active
           Ei EnCompass: Automotive (Abstracts)         1/1/1997                   Abstracts
APEN                             Active
           Ei EnCompass: Environment (Abstracts)        1/1/1997                   Abstracts
PEIG                             Active
           Eighteenth-Century Studies (Abstracts)       1/1/1997                   Abstracts
EINDHD                           Active
           Eindhovens Dagblad (Dutch Language)          5/1/2003                   Full Text
ETHN                             Active
           Ekonom (Czech Republic, Abstracts)           1/1/1994                   Abstracts
DLSGHE                           Active                11/1/2005
           Ekonomicheskie novosti Rossii i sodruzhestva (Russian Language)         Full Text
DLSEKK                           Active
           Ekonomicheskiy Kurs (Russian Language) 1/13/2006                        Full Text
EKZP                             Discontinued           1/1/1994
           Ekonomicke Zpravodajstvi (Czech Republic, Abstracts)       7/31/2001    Abstracts
EIZ        Ekonomika & Zhizn' Discontinued             6/16/1990      7/31/2001    Full Text
DLSGGI                            (Russian Language) 11/1/2005
           Ekonomika i vremyaActive                                                Full Text
DLSGHB                           Active
           Ekonomika i zhizn - Sibir (Russian Language)11/1/2005                   Full Text
DLSGHJ                           Active
           Ekonomika i zhizn (Russian Language)        11/1/2005                   Full Text
DLSGHC                           Active
           Ekonomika Rossii 21 vek (Russian Language)  11/1/2005                   Full Text
DLSGHD                           Active                11/1/2005
           Ekonomika selskogo hozyaistva Rossii (Russian Language)                 Full Text
BIZESK                           Discontinued
           Ekonomika Selskogo Khozyaistva Rossil       4/25/1997      7/31/2001    Full Text
BIZEXP     Ekspert (Russia)      Discontinued           3/3/1997      6/17/2002    Full Text
DLSGHF                           Active
           Ekspress-gazeta (Russian Language)          11/1/2005                   Full Text
DLSGHG                           Active
           Ekstra (Russian Language)                   11/1/2005                   Full Text
ELASTM                           Discontinued          12/3/1992
           The Elastomers Times International (Abstracts)             3/31/2002    Abstracts
EHBV                             Discontinued
           Electric and Hybrid Vehicles                2/27/1995      12/9/1995    Full Text
ELVC                             Active
           Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Today           4/3/1995                   Full Text
ELTP       Electric Light & PowerActive                 1/1/1994                   Full Text
ELP        Electric Perspectives Active                 1/1/1997                   Full Text
EPD        Electric Power DailyActive                   1/1/2007                   Full Text
EUW        Electric Utility Week Active                 9/1/1986                   Full Text
EUWI                             International
           Electric Utility Week Discontinued          3/15/1999      7/31/2001    Full Text
ELAP       Electrical ApparatusActive                   1/1/1997                   Full Text
ECMN                             Active
           Electrical Construction & Maintenance (EC&M) 1/1/1994                   Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                             Page 63
                                       Global Academic 2007Q4

ELCOPR                          Active
           Electrical Contracting Products             9/1/2004                 Full Text
ELECCO     Electrical ContractorActive                2/28/1998                 Full Text
ELWH                            Active
           Electrical Wholesaling                    12/30/1997                 Full Text
EWL        Electrical World     Discontinued           1/1/1992     9/10/2002   Full Text
ABXELW                          Discontinued
           Electrical World (ABIX Abstracts)          8/31/1996      9/1/2006   Abstracts
ELCM       Electro ManufacturingActive                12/1/1991                 Full Text
ELCMKT                          Active                 3/1/2005
           Electrodomésticos Alimarket (Spanish Language)                       Full Text
EB         Electronic Business Discontinued            1/1/1989     12/1/2006   Full Text
EBUY                            Discontinued
           Electronic Buyers' News                     6/1/1988    12/16/2003   Full Text
ELCH                            Active
           Electronic Chemicals News                   7/1/1991                 Full Text
DTCH                            Discontinued
           Electronic Commerce News                  11/11/1991      9/1/2004   Full Text
ECRV                            Discontinued
           Electronic Commerce Review                  4/1/1998     7/31/2001   Full Text
ED         Electronic Design Active                   1/12/1989                 Full Text
ELDN                            Discontinued
           Electronic Engineering Design               1/1/1995     12/2/2002   Full Text
EENG                            Active
           Electronic Engineering Times                6/1/1988                 Full Text
EGMBS                           Discontinued
           Electronic Gaming Business                11/14/2003     3/30/2005   Full Text
EGMO                            Active
           Electronic Gaming Monthly                   4/1/2000                 Full Text
AMPN                            Discontinued
           Electronic Health Records Report            4/1/1992     3/20/1996   Full Text
ELRN       Electronic Learning Discontinued            1/1/1994     7/31/2001   Full Text
ELMAAP                          & Packaging
           Electronic Materials Discontinued          10/1/1991      2/1/1995   Full Text
ELEMA                           and Packaging (Abstracts)
           Electronic Materials Active               11/21/2005                 Abstracts
EMTN                            Update
           Electronic Materials Discontinued          11/1/1991      6/1/2005   Full Text
EMNW                            Discontinued
           Electronic Messaging News                 11/13/1991     7/22/1998   Full Text
ELMS       Electronic Musician Active                  9/1/2000                 Full Text
ELNW       Electronic News      Active                 1/1/1989                 Full Text
ELNOZ                           Active
           Electronic News (Australia)                6/23/2003                 Full Text
ELEPAN                           International
           Electronic PaymentsActive                   8/1/1995                 Full Text
EPWK                             Week
           Electronic PaymentsDiscontinued             9/7/2004    11/29/2005   Full Text
ETK                             Active
           Electronic Times (Korea)                    3/1/2002                 Full Text
ELW        Electronic World NewsDiscontinued           5/1/1989     3/22/1993   Full Text
EL         Electronics          Discontinued           1/1/1989     3/27/1995   Full Text
ABXAEE                          Discontinued
           Electronics News (ABIX Abstracts)          8/31/1996     10/1/2006   Abstracts
ENOW       Electronics Now      Discontinued           1/1/1994     7/31/2001   Full Text
ESM                              Manufacturing
           Electronics Supply &Active                  1/1/2007                 Full Text
ELTIM      Electronics Times Discontinued            12/12/1985    10/28/2002   Full Text
ELCWKY     Electronics Weekly Active                   1/8/1986                 Full Text
ELTRQE                          Active
           Electronique (French Language)             6/15/2004                 Full Text
ELNTHO                          Active
           Electronique International (French Language)6/2/2004                 Full Text
ELEKT                           Active
           Elektrizitaetswirtschaft (German Language) 2/1/1999                  Full Text
EAUTO                           Active
           elektro automation (German Language)        3/1/1998                 Full Text
EPRXIS                          Active
           Elektronikpraxis (German Language)          1/1/2004                 Full Text
ELKATM     ELEKTROTECHNIKActive  – automation (German Language)
                                                     12/17/2003                 Full Text
ELEMS                           D
           Elements (Abstracts) iscontinued           10/1/1986      7/1/2002   Abstracts
XELK       Elkhart Truth (Ind.) Discontinued          12/1/1991     7/31/2001   Full Text
COMPAP                          Active                 1/1/2001
           ELLIS Publications EU White and Green Papers Database                Full Text
MNDES                           Active
  (Spanish Language)              5/27/2002                 Full Text
MNDPTE                          Active
  (Spanish Language) 5/20/2002                      Full Text
MNDMOT                          (Spanish Language)
  Active                    4/28/2002                 Full Text
MNDSAL                          Active
  (Spanish Language)          3/1/2005                 Full Text
ELSVR                           Active
           Elsevier (Dutch Language)                  6/17/2006                 Full Text
BECT       ELT                  Active                 1/1/1997                 Full Text
EMBL                            Discontinued
           Emballages (Abstracts)                      1/1/1994     12/9/2002   Abstracts

Factiva Confidential                          9/19/2011                                     Page 64
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

EMBSD                          Active
           Embedded System Design                       1/1/2004                  Full Text
EMMB                           Active
           Embroidery Monogram Business                8/23/2001                  Full Text
EMEAA                          Active
           EMEA (European Medicines Agency) (Abstracts)4/28/2006                  Abstracts
LP                             Discontinued
           Emedia the Digital Studio Magazine           1/1/1989       1/1/2005   Full Text
MACW       eMediaweekly        Discontinued             1/1/1989       2/1/1999   Full Text
EMNEWS                         Product
           Emergency Medical Active News                1/1/2004                  Full Text
EMS                            Services
           Emergency Medical Active                    10/1/2006                  Full Text
EMGF                           Active
           Emerging Food R&D Report                     7/1/1993                  Full Text
LDCD                           Discontinued
           Emerging Markets Debt Report                 1/1/1991      7/31/2001   Full Text
UAPSR                          Discontinued             1/1/1997
           Emerson's Professional Services Review (Abstracts)         3/23/2004   Abstracts
MEWTHE                         Active
           The Emirates (Abu Dhabi)                    6/28/1997                  Full Text
EBNE                           Active
           Employee Benefit News                        9/1/1998                  Full Text
EBNC                           Active
           Employee Benefit News Canada                 7/1/2005                  Full Text
EBPR                           Active
           Employee Benefit Plan Review (Abstracts) 1/1/1994                      Abstracts
EMPB       Employee Benefits Active                     6/1/2001                  Full Text
EBJ                            Discontinued
           Employee Benefits Journal                    1/1/1997       6/1/2004   Full Text
ER                              Law Journal (Abstracts) 6/1/1989
           Employee Relations Active                                              Abstracts
EMPLW      Employers Law       Active                   2/3/2004                  Full Text
IENE                           Active
           Employment & Earnings                        1/1/1997                  Full Text
ELR                            Discontinued
           Employment Litigation Reporter              12/1/2001      8/31/2005   Full Text
ERTD                           Active
           Employment Relations Today (Abstracts)       1/1/1994                  Abstracts
ERTN       En Route Technology Discontinued            10/1/1991      7/31/1995   Full Text
ENCOR      Encore              Active                  10/1/2006                  Full Text
IEST                           Active
           Endangered Species Update (Abstracts)        1/1/1997                  Abstracts
PEND                           Discontinued
           Endeavour (Abstracts)                        1/1/1997      12/2/1998   Abstracts
EVAC                           Discontinued             1/1/1994
           The Endless Vacation - Resort Condominiums International    5/1/1996   Full Text
ENEMAN                         Active
           Energie & Management (German Language) 4/1/1998                        Full Text
ENNWS                          Discontinued
           Energies News (French Language)             1/11/2005      7/18/2006   Full Text
ENCME                          Active
           Energy and Commodities Digest               4/18/2006                  Full Text
ENCORU                         Active                10/18/2005
           Energy and Commodities Digest (Russian Language)                       Full Text
EBQT                           Discontinued
           Energy Books Quarterly                      12/1/1991      12/1/1993   Full Text
EGYCMP     Energy Compass Active                       1/22/1999                  Full Text
EDLY       The Energy Daily Active                   10/16/2006                   Full Text
EEEC                           Discontinued
           Energy Economics & Climate Change            1/1/1992       7/1/1993   Full Text
ENG                            Active
           Energy Economics (Abstracts)                 1/1/1997                  Abstracts
ENEC       Energy Economist Active                      7/1/1992                  Full Text
EIB                            Active
           Energy Intelligence Briefing                11/1/1999                  Full Text
UIT        Energy IT           Discontinued             1/1/1998      9/20/2002   Full Text
EJ         The Energy Journal Active                    1/1/1989                  Full Text
EMGR       Energy Manager      Discontinued             3/2/2001       8/3/2001   Full Text
ENERMK                         Active                  4/20/2005
           The Energy Market Magazine (Russian Language)                          Full Text
ENMKP                          Active
           Energy Market Prices (Russian Language) 11/2/2005                      Full Text
ECNW                            News
           Energy OptimizationDiscontinued             11/1/1991       7/1/2005   Full Text
ENP                            Active
           Energy Policy (Abstracts)                    1/1/1997                  Abstracts
NRGTRD     Energy Trader       Active                   1/2/2007                  Full Text
EUN        Energy User News Discontinued                1/1/1989       6/1/2005   Full Text
IEPA                           Week
           Energy Washington Active                    2/20/2004                  Full Text
ENERES     EnergyResource      Active                  12/1/2005                  Full Text
ENGN       The Engineer        Active                   8/7/1981                  Full Text
ENGE                           Active
           Engineering Economist                        1/1/1994                  Full Text
EGM                            Active
           Engineering Management Journal (Abstracts)1/1/1997                     Abstracts
ENR                            Active
           Engineering News-Record                      1/1/1985                  Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                     Page 65
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

ENDG       Engineer's Digest Discontinued              1/1/1999    8/1/2003 Full Text
PEHR                            Discontinued
           English Historical Review (Abstracts)       1/1/1997   7/29/2004 Abstracts
PELN                            Active
           English Language Notes (Abstracts)          1/1/1997             Abstracts
UIENG                           Active
           English Studies (Abstracts)                 1/1/1997             Abstracts
EENW                            Discontinued
           Enhanced Energy Recovery News              11/1/1991   7/31/2001 Full Text
ENJEUX                          Active
           Enjeux Les Echos (French Language)          1/1/1997             Full Text
ENNIS                           A
           Enniscorthy Guardian ctive                 8/10/2006             Full Text
ENPNEW     ENP Newswire         Active                9/12/2005             Full Text
ENTT       ENT                  Discontinued           4/1/1996   3/26/2001 Full Text
ENTPIS     Enterprise           Discontinued           2/1/2002   3/10/2003 Full Text
ENTE                            Active
           Enterprise (Salt Lake City)                 1/1/1992             Full Text
ETRP                            Discontinued
           Enterprise from ZDWire                      4/1/2000   7/11/2003 Full Text
ETSJ                            Discontinued
           Enterprise Systems Journal                  1/1/1994   11/9/2002 Full Text
ENTCUP                          Active
           Entertainment Close-Up                     8/25/2005             Full Text
EILR                            Discontinued
           Entertainment Industry Litigation Reporter 12/1/2001   8/31/2005 Full Text
ENML                            Active
           Entertainment Marketing Letter             12/1/1991             Full Text
ETSN                            Discontinued
           Entertainment Storage & Networking          9/1/2002   11/5/2004 Full Text
ENTWKY     Entertainment Weekly Active                1/26/1996             Full Text
ENTREP                          Discontinued
           Entreprendre (French Language)            11/20/1997    1/1/2006 Full Text
KRTSZ                           Active
           Entrepreneur Column (MCT)                  5/28/2003             Full Text
ENTR       Entrepreneur MagazineDiscontinued           1/1/1997    4/1/2007 Full Text
ENTPR                           Active
           L´Entreprise (French Language)              4/1/2001             Full Text
ENTGA                           Active
           ENTSORGA (German Language)                 2/13/2001             Full Text
ENVN       Environment          Active                 1/1/1994             Full Text
PENB                            Active
           Environment & Behavior (Abstracts)          1/1/1997             Abstracts
ENEND                           Active
           Environment & Energy Daily                  5/3/2004             Full Text
ENBU       Environment Business Discontinued           3/1/1994   8/24/2000 Full Text
ENEWS                           Active
           Environment News Service                    1/1/1999             Full Text
ENVL                            Latin America
           Environment Watch Discontinued             12/1/1991    5/1/1995 Full Text
EACT                            Discontinued
           Environmental Action Magazine               1/1/1994   3/22/1996 Full Text
EBJN                            Discontinued
           Environmental Business Journal              8/1/1991    1/1/1993 Full Text
ENVC                            Discontinued
           Environmental Compliance Reporter           1/1/1992   12/1/1995 Full Text
ENCU                            Discontinued
           Environmental Compliance Update             1/1/1992    2/1/1997 Full Text
PEET                            Active
           Environmental Ethics (Abstracts)            1/1/1997             Abstracts
ENLW       Environmental Law Active                    1/1/1995             Full Text
EVLR                            Discontinued
           Environmental Liability Report              3/1/1994    3/1/1996 Full Text
HWLR                            Discontinued
           Environmental Litigation Reporter          12/1/2001   8/31/2005 Full Text
ENUT                            Active
           Environmental Nutrition                     1/1/1994             Full Text
EPAL                            Active
           Environmental Policy Alert                10/12/2005             Full Text
FEPO                            Active
           Environmental Politics (Abstracts)          1/1/1997             Abstracts
ENVP                            Discontinued
           Environmental Problems & Remediation        7/1/1994    3/1/1997 Full Text
EPA                             Active
           Environmental Protection Agency Documents  9/27/2006             Full Text
TQE                             Active
           Environmental Quality Management (Abstracts)1/1/1997             Abstracts
ENRT                            Discontinued
           Environmental Remediation Technology       6/29/1994   10/2/1996 Full Text
ESCN                            Active                 1/1/1994
           Environmental Science & Technology (Abstracts)                   Abstracts
ESOL                            Discontinued
           Environmental Solutions                     1/1/1994   7/31/2001 Full Text
ENWE                            Discontinued           Eurasia
           Environmental Watch East Europe, Russia & 6/1/1992      3/1/1993 Full Text
ENWW                            Discontinued
           Environmental Watch Western Europe        10/23/1992    5/5/1995 Full Text
ENVST                           Active
           Environnement & Stratégie (French Language) 5/4/2006             Full Text
ENVMAG                          Active
           Environnement Magazine (French Language)5/1/2006                 Full Text
EPNEW      Ep News (Abstracts)Active                   2/8/1989             Abstracts
EPAJ       EPA Journal          Discontinued           1/1/1995   7/31/2001 Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                               Page 66
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

EPDMDN                          Active
           epd medien (German Language)               2/15/1997                   Full Text
DLSGHH                          Active
           Epigraf (Russian Language)                 11/1/2005                   Full Text
EPP                             Active                 6/1/2001
           epp Elektronik Produktion & Prüftechnik (German Language)              Full Text
EPRI       EPRI Journal         Discontinued           1/1/1995        8/1/2001   Full Text
EQM        EQ                   Active                10/1/2002                   Full Text
EQMU                            Discontinued
           Equipment & Materials Update                8/1/1993        3/1/1997   Full Text
EQTDAY     Equipment Today Active                      1/1/2004                   Full Text
EQUI       Equity               Discontinued          10/1/1992       7/31/2001   Full Text
EKEPAB                          Active
           Erdoel, Erdgas, Kohle (Abstracts)          3/17/1986                   Abstracts
FERG                            Discontinued
           Ergonomics (Abstracts)                      1/1/1997       8/26/2003   Abstracts
EBLADT                          Active
           ErhvervsBladet (Danish Language)            5/1/2003                   Full Text
KRTEI                           Active
           Erie Times-News (MCT) (Pa.)                5/28/2003                   Full Text
ERLNGN                          Active
           Erlanger Nachrichten (German Language) 11/3/2003                       Full Text
ERDNST                          Discontinued
           Ernaehrungsdienst (Abstracts)             11/28/1997       3/29/2006   Abstracts
ESMDA                           Active
           Esmerk Danish News (Abstracts)            11/29/2006                   Abstracts
ESMKFI                          Active
           Esmerk Finnish News (Abstracts)             5/2/2006                   Abstracts
ESMNRW                          Active
           Esmerk Norwegian News (Abstracts)         11/29/2006                   Abstracts
ESMKSW                          Active
           Esmerk Swedish News (Abstracts)             5/1/2006                   Abstracts
SCBN                            Active
           eSource Canada Business News Network 11/2/2004                         Full Text
ESPSNE                          Discontinued
           Espansione (Italian Language)              5/31/1997       3/30/2004   Full Text
ESQR       Esquire              Discontinued           1/1/1996        8/1/2001   Full Text
PEIC                            Active
           Essays in Criticism (Abstracts)             1/1/1997                   Abstracts
PEOC                             Writing
           Essays on CanadianActive (Abstracts)        1/1/1997                   Abstracts
ESNC       Essence              Active                 1/1/1994                   Full Text
ESSCHR                          Active
           Essex Chronicle Series (U.K.)               6/9/1998                   Full Text
ESTADO                          Active
           O Estado de São Paulo (Portuguese Language)6/12/1997                   Full Text
SABIOE                          Active
           O Estado do Sao Paulo (Brazil, Abstracts) 6/12/1997                    Translated Abstracts
ABXEAG                          Discontinued
           The Estate Agent (ABIX abstracts)           5/1/2004       10/1/2006   Abstracts
EGZTE                           Active
           Estates Gazette (U.K.)                     1/10/1985                   Full Text
EGINT                           Active
           Estates Gazette Interactive                4/25/2005                   Full Text
ETARN                           Discontinued
           Estonian News Agency (Russian Language)4/28/2002          12/30/2002   Full Text
SABIES                          Active
           Estrategia (Chile, Abstracts)              7/14/2000                   Translated Abstracts
PETC       Et Cetera            Active                 1/1/1997                   Full Text
ETNNEN     ET Net News          Active               11/29/2006                   Full Text
ETNDCN                          Active
           ET Net News (Chinese Language - Simplified)12/4/2006                   Full Text
ETNOTW                          Active               11/29/2006
           ET Net News (Chinese Language - Traditional)                           Full Text
ETADR      ETA Defence Review   Discontinued          7/14/1998      10/16/2002   Full Text
ETAEB      ETA Economic BulletinDiscontinued           4/4/2002      10/17/2002   Full Text
ETAI       ETA Insight          Discontinued          2/25/1999      10/17/2002   Full Text
ETANB      ETA News Bulletin Discontinued              2/1/1999      12/30/2002   Full Text
ETANDY     ETA News Diary       Discontinued           4/4/2002      12/30/2002   Full Text
ETANDG     ETA News Digest Discontinued                4/4/2002      12/30/2002   Full Text
ETANR      ETA News Release Discontinued               1/3/1999      12/30/2002   Full Text
OXYF                            Active
           Ethanol & Biodiesel News                   8/24/1992                   Full Text
ABXETH                          Discontinued
           Ethical Investor (ABIX Abstracts)           3/6/2003       10/1/2006   Abstracts
PETH       Ethics (Abstracts) Active                   1/1/1997                   Abstracts
PENR                            Active
           Ethnic & Racial Studies (Abstracts)         1/1/1997                   Abstracts
PERY                            Active
           Ethnohistory (Abstracts)                    1/1/1997                   Abstracts
ETNL       Ethnology            Active                 1/1/1995                   Full Text
PETU                            Active
           Ethnomusicology (Abstracts)                 1/1/1997                   Abstracts
FMETMA            Active                 1/1/2006                   Full Text
COMDOC                          Active
           EU Commission Finals Database             11/18/1996                   Full Text

Factiva Confidential                           9/19/2011                                            Page 67
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

EUCC                           Discontinued
           EU Court of Justice Summaries (Abstracts) 2/28/2002        12/20/2002 Abstracts
EUENRG     EU Energy           Active                   5/3/2003                 Full Text
ERANWS                         Active                   1/1/2001                 Full Text
           EURALex - European Healthcare Law & Regulatory News (Available through Third Party Subscription Services)
ERANNL                         Discontinued             3/1/2004      11/24/2005 Full
           EURALex-Online-Plus (Available through Third Party Subscription Services) Text
EUBUSR                         Active
           Eurasia Economic Weekly                     7/19/1999                 Full Text
EURASE                         Active
           Eurasia Security Digest                     5/15/2006                 Full Text
ISVG                           Active
           Eurasian Geography and Economics (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                 Abstracts
EURMER                         Active
           Eurasian Metals Magazine (Russian Language)  8/1/2006                 Full Text
EURMTN                         Active
           Eurasian Metals News (Russian Language) 6/13/2006                     Full Text
CELEXE     EUR-Lex             Active                  4/18/1951                 Full Text
CELEXF                         Active
           EUR-Lex (French Language)                   4/18/1951                 Full Text
CELEXG                         Active
           EUR-Lex (German Language)                   4/18/1951                 Full Text
EURMAT                         Discontinued
           Euro Materials (Abstracts)                  1/17/1997       7/31/2001 Abstracts
ERBZ       EuroBusiness        Discontinued             1/1/1994        2/1/1996 Full Text
EUROEN     Eurofincom          Active                  8/29/2007                 Full Text
EUROFR                          Language)
           Eurofincom (French Active                   8/29/2007                 Full Text
EFOD       Eurofood            Discontinued             1/1/1994      11/28/2002 Full Text
EURMK      Euromarketing       Discontinued            10/1/1991      11/12/1996 Full Text
EURMY      Euromoney           Active                  5/15/2002                 Full Text
ECHM                           Discontinued
           Europa Chemie (Abstracts)                    1/1/1994        4/9/2003 Abstracts
EUCHAD                         Discontinued
           Europa Chemie (Abstracts)                    1/1/1994       7/31/2001 Abstracts
CTGEPS                         Active
           Europa Press - All (Spanish Language)       9/22/2000                 Full Text
EPFIR                          Active
           Europa Press - Firmas OTR (Spanish Language)6/19/2005                 Full Text
EPNE                           Active                11/11/2001
           Europa Press - Noticias Energía (Spanish Language)                    Full Text
EPNF                           Discontinued            11/9/2001
           Europa Press - Noticias Fútbol (Spanish Language)           8/29/2006 Full Text
EPNL                           Discontinued          11/12/2001
           Europa Press - Noticias Legal (Spanish Language)            8/29/2006 Full Text
EPNM                           Discontinued          11/12/2001
           Europa Press - Noticias Marketing (Spanish Language)       12/15/2005 Full Text
EPNP                           Discontinued          11/22/2001
           Europa Press - Noticias Pymes (Spanish Language)             6/6/2006 Full Text
EPNT                           Discontinued          11/22/2001
           Europa Press - Noticias Transporte (Spanish Language)       8/29/2006 Full Text
EPRSC                          Active                  6/20/2005
           Europa Press - Responsabilidad Social Corporativa (Spanish Language) Full Text
EPSDD                          Active                  9/25/2000
           Europa Press - Servicio de Deportes (Spanish Language)                Full Text
EPSDI                          Active                  9/25/2000
           Europa Press - Servicio de Internet (Spanish Language)                Full Text
EPSNS                          Active                  9/25/2000
           Europa Press - Servicio de Noticias Salud (Spanish Language)          Full Text
EPSTO                          Active                  9/25/2000
           Europa Press - Servicio de Turismo y Ocio (Spanish Language)          Full Text
EPSE                           Active                  9/22/2000
           Europa Press - Servicio Económico (Spanish Language)                  Full Text
EPSED                          Discontinued          11/10/2001
           Europa Press - Servicio Educación (Spanish Language)        8/29/2006 Full Text
EPSEC                          Active                   Language)
           Europa Press - Servicio en Catalán (Catalan9/22/2000                  Full Text
EPSEG                          Active                  10/9/2000
           Europa Press - Servicio en Gallego (Spanish Language)                 Full Text
EPSEV                          Active                  9/22/2000
           Europa Press - Servicio en Valenciano (Spanish Language)              Full Text
EPSI                           Active                  9/22/2000
           Europa Press - Servicio Internacional (Spanish Language)              Full Text
EPNLA                          Discontinued          11/11/2001
           Europa Press - Servicio Latinoamericano (Spanish Language) 8/29/2006 Full Text
EPSN                           Active                  9/22/2000
           Europa Press - Servicio Nacional (Spanish Language)                   Full Text
ERPE       Europe              Discontinued             1/1/1995        6/3/2003 Full Text
EYRB                           Discontinued
           Europe 2000-Business in Europe              10/1/1991        8/1/1992 Full Text
EYRO                           Discontinued
           Europe 2000-Eastern Europe                  10/1/1991        8/1/1992 Full Text
EYRF                           Discontinued
           Europe 2000-Economy & Finance               10/1/1991        8/1/1992 Full Text
EYRU                           Discontinued            10/1/1991
           Europe 2000-Environmental & Regional Development             8/1/1992 Full Text
EYRX                           Discontinued
           Europe 2000-Executive Review                10/1/1991        8/1/1992 Full Text
EYRTHR                         Discontinued
           Europe 2000-Human Resources                 10/1/1991        8/1/2002 Full Text
EYRN                           Discontinued
           Europe 2000-International Europe            10/1/1991        8/1/1992 Full Text
EUNT       Europe 92           Discontinued            10/1/1991        6/1/1993 Full Text
AIWEUA                         Discontinued
           Europe Agri (Abstracts)                      7/4/1997       7/31/2001 Abstracts

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                         Page 68
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

EURBUS     Europe Business Discontinued               11/18/1996       7/31/2001   Full Text
EBRV                            Discontinued
           Europe Business Review                       1/1/1999        3/1/2000   Full Text
EEV                             Active
           Europe Information Environment (Abstracts)1/13/1997                     Abstracts
QEDEUR                          Active
           Europe Review World of Information           1/1/1996                   Full Text
EDS                             Active
           European Adhesives & Sealants                1/1/1994                   Full Text
EAD                             Discontinued
           European Automotive Design (Abstracts)       1/1/2006        5/3/2006   Abstracts
EURBAN     European Banker Discontinued                 7/1/1995       3/13/2007   Full Text
EBINS                           Discontinued           1/15/1993       7/31/2001
           European Biotechnology Information Service Newsletter (Abstracts)       Abstracts
EBBN                            Discontinued
           European Broadband Networking News          3/21/1997       7/31/2001   Full Text
EUB                             Discontinued
           European Business Journal                    1/1/1997        1/1/2002   Full Text
IACECN                           News (Abstracts)
           European Chemical Discontinued               1/1/1994       12/1/2003   Abstracts
ECOMEN                          Active                 7/25/2006
           European Commission Enterprise and Industry (Abstracts)                 Abstracts
ECMK                             Markets
           European Cosmetic Discontinued              10/1/1991        2/7/2005   Full Text
EURODE                          Active
           European Daily Electricity Markets          10/3/2002                   Full Text
EDDR       European Drug Report Discontinued            1/1/1999       5/19/2003   Full Text
EER                              Review
           European EconomicActive (Abstracts)          1/1/1997                   Abstracts
EURELM                           Markets
           European Electricity Discontinued           10/3/2002        3/6/2003   Full Text
EUEG                            Discontinued
           European Energy Report                      1/11/1991       3/15/1996   Full Text
EURGAS     European Gas Markets Active                 6/20/1997                   Full Text
PEHQ                            Active
           European History Quarterly (Abstracts)       1/1/1997                   Abstracts
EIR                             Discontinued            1/1/1997
           European Industrial Relations Review (Abstracts)             5/1/1997   Abstracts
CTGEIW                          Active
           European Intelligence Wire (Abstracts)       3/2/1981                   Abstracts
IECN                             Clinical               1/1/1997
           European Journal ofActive Nutrition (Abstracts)                         Abstracts
EJI                              Information Systems (Abstracts)
           European Journal ofActive                    1/1/1997                   Abstracts
EJO                              Operational Research (Abstracts)
           European Journal ofActive                    1/1/1997                   Abstracts
EMJ                             Active
           European Management Journal (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                        Abstracts
EUMB                            Discontinued
           European Media Business & Finance           1/17/1994       7/31/2001   Full Text
EUPRN                            Resin
           European Paint And Active News (Abstracts)3/19/1986                     Abstracts
EUPARF                          Active                11/10/2006
           The European Parliament - Press Releases (French Language)              Full Text
EUPARD                          Active                11/24/2006
           The European Parliament - Press Releases (German Language)              Full Text
EUPAR                           Active
           The European Parliament - Press Releases   12/18/2006                   Full Text
EURPEN                          & Investments News
           European Pensions Active                     1/1/2001                   Full Text
EUPNBT                          Active
           European Plastics News (Abstracts)          3/11/1986                   Abstracts
EPLS                            Discontinued
           European Plastics News (Abstracts)           1/1/1994       10/1/2002   Abstracts
ERBJ                            Active
           European Rubber Journal                      1/1/1994                   Full Text
EURJAQ                          Active
           European Rubber Journal (Abstracts)          1/1/1994                   Abstracts
EUSM                            Discontinued
           European Savings Markets                     7/1/1994       9/30/1994   Full Text
ESTD                             Trading
           European SecuritiesDiscontinued              3/1/1997       7/31/2001   Full Text
EUSPOT                           Markets
           European Spot Gas Active                    10/3/2002                   Full Text
AEUT                            Active
           European Taxation (Abstracts)                1/1/1997                   Abstracts
EUTL                            Discontinued
           European Telecommunications                 6/15/1995       8/24/1999   Full Text
EVOICE     European Voice       Discontinued            6/5/1997       5/12/2005   Full Text
EASS       Europe-Asia StudiesDiscontinued              1/1/1995       12/1/2003   Full Text
EUME       Europemedia          Discontinued           10/3/2001       7/19/2003   Full Text
EURREP     Europolitics         Active                  8/1/1996                   Full Text
AGIE                            Active
           Europolitics Agriculture                    1/19/1997                   Full Text
EUREGY     Europolitics Energy Active                   1/1/1992                   Full Text
ENVE                            Active
           Europolitics Environment                    1/13/1997                   Full Text
EUROPO                          Active
           EUROPOLITICS Environment (Abstracts)         9/7/2006                   Abstracts
TECE                            Active
           Europolitics Information Society             1/8/1997                   Full Text
ESTE                            Active
           Europolitics New Neighbours                 1/13/1997                   Full Text
SOCE       Europolitics Social Active                  1/15/1997                   Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                      Page 69
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

TRAE                            Active
           Europolitics Transport                       1/16/1997                  Full Text
EURPTQ                          Active
           Europolitique (French Language)              7/29/1996                  Full Text
AGEF                            Active
           Europolitique Agriculture (French Language)2/23/2001                    Full Text
NRGF                            Active
           Europolitique Energie (French Language)        3/2/2001                 Full Text
ENVF                            Active
           Europolitique Environnement (French Language)  3/6/2001                 Full Text
SOCF                            (French
           Europolitique Social Active Language)        3/13/2001                  Full Text
TECF                            Active                  2/27/2001
           Europolitique Société de l'Information (French Language)                Full Text
TRAF                            Active
           Europolitique Transport (French Language) 2/23/2001                     Full Text
EUPRO      EuroProperty         Active                    4/1/2005                 Full Text
EURORN                          Discontinued
           Euro-Risk, Test-Aankoop (Dutch Language)    12/29/1998       9/9/2002   Full Text
EURORF                          Discontinued
           Euro-Risk, Test-Achats (French Language)12/29/1998           9/9/2002   Full Text
FMEURO                          Active
           EUROTRADE Computer & Communication Magazine    1/1/2006                 Full Text
EURMCM     Euroweek             Active                    5/3/2002                 Full Text
FEHP                            Active
           Evaluation & the Health Professions (Abstracts)1/1/1997                 Abstracts
FEVR                            Active
           Evaluation Review (Abstracts)                  1/1/1997                 Abstracts
EVVL                            Active
           The Evansville Courier                         1/1/2007                 Full Text
EVECHR                          Active
           The Evening Chronicle, Newcastle             11/1/2002                  Full Text
EVEEXP                          Active
           Evening Express (U.K.)                       1/12/1998                  Full Text
EVEGAZ     Evening Gazette      Active                  2/18/2003                  Full Text
EVHER      Evening Herald       Active                 12/11/2006                  Full Text
EVEHER     Evening Herald (U.K.)Active                  5/26/1998                  Full Text
EENS                            Active
           Evening News - Scotland                        4/2/1998                 Full Text
EVNEW                           Active
           Evening News (Norwich)                       3/22/2006                  Full Text
THEVEP     The Evening Post Discontinued               12/19/1995      7/11/2002   Full Text
NS                              Active
           The Evening Standard (U.K.)                    1/8/1981                 Full Text
EVSTA                           Active
           Evening Star (Ipswich)                         4/1/2006                 Full Text
EVETIM                          Active
           Evening Times (Glasgow, Scotland)            8/24/2000                  Full Text
DLSGGH                          Active
           Evenkijskaya zhizn (Russian Language)        11/1/2005                  Full Text
EVBJ                            Discontinued
           Everett Business Journal                    12/29/1999      5/31/2004   Full Text
EVO        Evolution (U.K.)     Active                    2/1/2001                 Full Text
EVLT       Evolution (U.S.)     Discontinued              1/1/1995     7/31/2001   Full Text
PCW        eWEEK                Active                    1/1/1989                 Full Text
EWIRE      E-Wire Press Release Discontinued            5/18/1999      2/27/2003   Full Text
NBEXLC                          Discontinued
           The Examiner [Launceston] (News Bites Summary) 7/8/2003    12/10/2003   Abstracts
SABIEX     Excelsior (Abstracts)Discontinued            3/17/2000     10/16/2001   Translated Abstracts
EXKD       Exceptional ChildrenActive                     1/1/1994                 Full Text
EXPT                            Active
           The Exceptional Parent (Abstracts)             1/1/1994                 Abstracts
EXCN       Exchange             Discontinued            12/1/1991      7/31/2001   Full Text
EXNEWS     Exchange News Direct Active                  9/26/2006                  Full Text
AIWETN                          Discontinued
           Exchange Telecommunications Newsletter 3/8/1997             7/31/2001   Full Text
EXE                             Discontinued
           EXE - Software Development                   11/1/1996       8/1/2000   Full Text
AEXA       Executive Accountant Discontinued              1/1/1997      7/1/1998   Full Text
EXBA                            Discontinued            11/1/1991
           Executive Briefing Service: Asia & the Pacific               1/1/1997   Full Text
EXBE                            Discontinued
           Executive Briefing Service: Europe           11/1/1991      10/1/1997   Full Text
EXBM                            Discontinued            11/1/1991
           Executive Briefing Service: Middle East & North Africa      10/1/1997   Full Text
EXBN                            Discontinued            11/1/1991
           Executive Briefing Service: North & Central America          1/1/1997   Full Text
EXBS                            Discontinued
           Executive Briefing Service: South America 11/1/1991          7/1/1997   Full Text
EXBD                            Discontinued            11/1/1991
           Executive Briefing Service: Sub-Saharan Africa               8/1/1996   Full Text
EXBW                            Discontinued
           Executive Briefing Service: Western Europe 11/1/1991         8/1/1995   Full Text
EEX                             A
           Executive Excellence ctive                     1/1/1997                 Full Text
XFEM       Executive Female Discontinued                  1/1/1989     9/19/2001   Full Text
EXHR                            Discontinued
           Executive Health's Good Health Report          1/1/1994     10/1/1999   Full Text

Factiva Confidential                             9/19/2011                                           Page 70
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

EQUIS                           Active
           Executive Quote and Information Service: EQUIS1/1/2006                  Full Text
EXEC                            Discontinued
           Executive Report (Pittsburgh)                 1/1/1985      7/31/2001   Full Text
EXS        Executive SpeechesDiscontinued                1/1/1997      10/2/2005   Full Text
EXETEC     Executive Technology Discontinued             1/1/2003      10/1/2004   Full Text
EXPNAB     Expansión (Abstracts)Active                   9/3/2001                  Translated Abstracts
EXPMX                           Spanish
           Expansión (Mexico, Active Language)           5/6/2004                  Full Text
EXPNSI                          Active
           Expansión (Spain, Spanish Language)           8/1/1995                  Full Text
EXPNSN                          Active
           L´Expansion (French Language)               4/26/2001                   Full Text
EXPERT                          Active
           Expert (Russian Language)                     1/8/1996                  Full Text
GAREXP     Explanations (Russia)Discontinued             6/1/1998      3/27/1999   Full Text
GNTEXP                          Discontinued
           Explanations (Russian Language)               6/8/1998      7/31/2001   Full Text
EXPL       The Explicator       Active                   1/1/1995                  Full Text
IXEH                            Active
           Explorations in Economic History (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                   Abstracts
EXPECH                          Active
           Express and Echo (U.K.)                     6/19/1998                   Full Text
THEXSU                          Active
           The Express on Sunday (U.K.)                4/16/2000                   Full Text
EXPUL                           Active
           Express Pharma Pulse (Abstracts)          12/23/2004                    Abstracts
EXPRSS                          Active
           L´Express (French Language)                   8/1/2002                  Full Text
DLSEXS                          Active
           Exspress-K (Russian Language)             10/28/2006                    Full Text
EXTP       Extrapolation        Active                   1/1/1995                  Full Text
XTRM Active                        6/1/2002                  Full Text
DLSCJE                          Active                 11/1/2005
           Ezhednevnye novosti - Podmoskovje (Russian Language)                    Full Text
DLSCJD                          Active
           Ezhednevnye novosti (Russian Language) 11/1/2005                        Full Text
FAMFAM                          Active
           F&M (Fabricating & Metalworking)            10/1/2006                   Full Text
DLSGEA                          Discontinued
           Fabrika (Russian Language)                  11/1/2005      12/20/2006   Full Text
FACID                           Active
           Facilities (Dutch Language)                 2/27/2006                   Full Text
FDMT                            Discontinued
           Facilities Design & Management                6/1/2001      3/13/2003   Full Text
FAMD                            Active               12/19/2000
           Factiva Advertising & Media Digest (Abstracts)                          Abstracts
AVINS                           Active               12/27/2000
           Factiva Aviation Insurance Digest (Abstracts)                           Abstracts
FACTCP                          Active
           Factiva Country Profiles                      6/1/2004                  Full Text
RTEN                            Active
           Factiva Energy Digest (Abstracts)           11/4/1997                   Abstracts
RTGI                            Active               12/27/2000
           Factiva Global Insurance News Digest (Abstracts)                        Abstracts
GINS                            Active
           Factiva Insurance News Summaries            6/14/1996                   Full Text
FIRS                            Active
           Factiva Insurance Risk Summary (Abstracts)12/27/2000                    Abstracts
MARINS                          Active               12/27/2000
           Factiva Marine Insurance Digest (Abstracts)                             Abstracts
REUTNN                          Discontinued             9/1/1999
           Factiva Nieuwsoverzicht (NL) (Dutch Language, Abstracts)    4/20/2007   Abstracts
REUTNB                          Discontinued             Abstracts)
           Factiva Persoverzicht (BE) (Dutch Language, 9/1/1999        4/20/2007   Abstracts
PR                              Active
           Factiva Press Release Service                 1/2/1981                  Full Text
PRZHCN                          Active                   1/1/2005
           Factiva Press Release Service (Chinese Language - Simplified            Full Text
PRZHTW                          Active                   1/1/2005
           Factiva Press Release Service (Chinese Language -Traditional)           Full Text
PRFR                            Active                   1/1/1981
           Factiva Press Release Service (French Language)                         Full Text
PRDE                            Active                   1/2/1981
           Factiva Press Release Service (German Language)                         Full Text
PRIT                            Active                   1/2/1981
           Factiva Press Release Service (Italian Language)                        Full Text
PRESP                           Active                   1/2/1981
           Factiva Press Release Service (Spanish Language)                        Full Text
REUTPB                          Discontinued             9/1/1999
           Factiva Presse Belge (French Language, Abstracts)           4/20/2007   Abstracts
FACTPF                          Active                 1/29/2001
           Factiva Presse Française (French Language, Abstracts)                   Abstracts
PRENSA                          Discontinued
           Factiva Resumen de Noticias (Spanish Language)4/9/1999      4/30/2007   Full Text
FACTEQ                          Active
           Factory Equipment News (Australia)          5/13/2003                   Full Text
FACTS                           Discontinued
           FACTS (German Language)                       9/4/1997      6/28/2007   Full Text
FFXPIX     Fairfax Photos       Active                 10/5/2006                   Full Text
FAIRAD     Fairfield Advance Active                    8/15/2001                   Full Text
SCBJ                            Active
           Fairfield County Business Journal (Conn.) 11/16/1987                    Full Text
DLSFAK                          Active
           Fakti (Russian Language)                  10/29/2006                    Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                            Page 71
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

FALKH      Falkirk Herald       Active                2/12/2004                    Full Text
GSCW                            Active                 1/1/1997
           Families in Society: The Journal of Contemporary Human Services         Full Text
IHER                            Sciences Research Journal (Abstracts)
           Family & Consumer Active                    1/1/1997                    Abstracts
GFAC                            Discontinued
           Family Circle (Abstracts)                   1/1/1997        3/23/2004   Abstracts
IFER                             Nutrition Review
           Family Economics &Discontinued              1/1/1997        5/15/2006   Full Text
FHAN       The Family Handyman  Discontinued           1/1/1994        7/17/1998   Full Text
FMPC       Family PC            Discontinued           5/1/1998         3/4/2002   Full Text
FMLY       Family Practice News Active                 5/1/1999                    Full Text
GFAM       Family Relations     Active                 1/1/1997                    Full Text
FEER                            Active
           Far Eastern Economic Review                 1/7/1993                    Full Text
ABXFAR                          Discontinued
           Far Eastern Economic Review (ABIX Abstracts)1/5/1998        10/1/2006   Abstracts
FAREER                          Discontinued
           Far Eastern Economic Review (Abstracts) 1/7/1993            7/31/2001   Abstracts
FRBL                            Discontinued
           Farbe & Lack (Germany, Abstracts)           1/1/1994         9/8/2002   Abstracts
FALAAA                          Active
           Farbe Und Lack (Abstracts)                  3/4/1986                    Abstracts
FARCHE                          Discontinued
           Farm Chemicals (Abstracts)                  1/1/1994        3/31/2001   Abstracts
FRMCIJ                          Active
           Farm Chemicals International (Abstracts) 3/18/1987                      Abstracts
FINS       Farm Industry NewsActive                   1/30/1998                    Full Text
GFAR                            Active
           Farm Journal (Midwest/Central Edition)      1/1/1997                    Full Text
NBFAMW                           Bites Summary)
           Farm Weekly (NewsDiscontinued               7/1/2003       11/19/2003   Abstracts
BIZFAV                          Discontinued
           Farmatsevtichesky Vestnik (Russia)         3/15/1997        7/31/2001   Full Text
FARGAR     Farmers Guardian Active                     4/2/1999                    Full Text
FARWEE     Farmers Weekly       Active                2/22/2002                    Full Text
FRMWKY                          Active
           Farmers Weekly (Abstracts)                 3/11/1986                    Abstracts
FARNEW     Farming News         Discontinued           4/4/1997        8/23/2001   Full Text
FWRENG     Fashion Wire Daily Active                   6/6/2006                    Full Text
FWDPIX                          Active
           Fashion Wire Daily Photos                  7/20/2006                    Full Text
FSTC       Fast Company         Active                 1/1/1998                    Full Text
EOFCOS                          (Chinese Language - Simplified)
           Fast Company 2.0 Active                     7/6/2007                    Full Text
EOFCDT                          Active                 7/6/2007
           Fast Company 2.0 (Chinese Language - Traditional)                       Full Text
FSTLIN     Fastline             Active                1/18/1996                    Full Text
KRTFY                           Active
           The Fayetteville Observer (MCT) (N.C.)      9/1/2003                    Full Text
XFOT                            Discontinued
           Fayetteville Observer-Times (N.C.)          1/1/1992        8/15/1997   Full Text
FBCGER                          Active
           FBC German Scanner (Japanese Language)     12/1/1997                    Full Text
FLEB                            Active
           The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin            1/1/1995                    Full Text
FCCD       FCC Daily Digest Discontinued              12/1/1991        7/31/2001   Full Text
FCCW       FCC Report           Discontinued          12/1/1991        2/22/2003   Full Text
FCNOV                           Active
           FC-Novosti News Service (Russian Language) 3/16/2005                    Full Text
FACT                            Active
           FDA Advisory Committee Transcripts         1/23/2006                    Full Text
FDAC       FDA Consumer         Discontinued           1/1/1994         3/1/2007   Full Text
FDAR                            Discontinued
           FDA Enforcement Report                      3/1/1992        7/31/2001   Full Text
FDAD       FDA Medical Bulletin Discontinued          12/1/1991        7/31/2001   Full Text
IFDAW      FDA Week             Active                2/20/2004                    Full Text
FDDB                            Active
           FDAnews Device Daily Bulletin               1/1/2004                    Full Text
FDADB                           Active
           FDAnews Drug Daily Bulletin                 1/1/2004                    Full Text
FDAMB                            and Sales Bulletin
           FDAnews MarketingActive                   10/26/2006                    Full Text
FDANB                           Discontinued
           FDAnews Nutraceutical Weekly Bulletin       1/1/2004         1/5/2006   Full Text
FDCHRI                          Active
           FDCH Regulatory Intelligence Database       1/2/1996                    Full Text
FDCHWP                          Discontinued
           FDCH White Paper Database                  3/29/1996        7/31/2001   Full Text
BFBR                            D
           FDIC Banking Reviewiscontinued              1/1/1997        5/15/2006   Full Text
BFQB                            Discontinued
           FDIC Quarterly Banking Profile              1/1/1997        5/15/2006   Full Text
CNDL       FedBizOpps           Active                9/15/1994                    Full Text
FDST                            Discontinued
           Federal & State Insurance Week              1/1/1992       12/27/2000   Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                      Page 72
                                       Global Academic 2007Q4

FCLJ                             Active
           Federal Communications Law Journal           1/1/1998                  Full Text
FCMR                             Active
           Federal Computer Market Report               1/1/1994                  Full Text
FEDCW      Federal Computer Week Active                10/1/2003                  Full Text
FDIC                             Active                8/14/2007
           Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Documents                        Full Text
FERCD                            Active                10/2/2006
           Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Documents                         Full Text
MMAGBA                           Active                8/18/2004
           Federal Government Broadcast Alerts (Abstracts)                        Abstracts
FG         Federal Grants        Active                 1/1/2005                  Full Text
FDIW                             Discontinued
           Federal Industry Watchdog                   12/1/1991      12/1/1993   Full Text
GARFED     Federal Law (Russia)  Discontinued           6/1/1998      7/31/2001   Full Text
FEDNWS     Federal News Service  Active                1/12/1999                  Full Text
FDNEWS                           Discontinued
           Federal News Service (Russian Language) 1/11/1999          2/27/2007   Full Text
FEDP       Federal Probation Discontinued               1/1/1995      7/31/2001   Full Text
FREG       Federal Register      Active                 9/1/1996                  Full Text
FEDREG                           Active
           Federal Register (Abstracts)                 3/7/1997                  Abstracts
FMQ                              Discontinued           1/1/1997
           Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Quarterly Review        7/2/2003   Full Text
UFRMX                            Active                 1/1/1997
           Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis: The Region                        Full Text
FRNY                             Active                 1/1/1989
           Federal Reserve Bank of New York Economic Policy Review                Full Text
FSE                              Active                 1/1/1997
           Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Economic Review                  Full Text
FEDR                             Active
           Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review 1/1/1994                      Full Text
FRB                              Active
           Federal Reserve Bulletin                     1/1/1989                  Full Text
TTR                               Report
           Federal Technology Discontinued              1/1/1990       1/1/2003   Full Text
FED                               Reserve Bank of Minneapolis)
           Fedgazette (FederalActive                    1/1/1997                  Full Text
FNGN                              News
           FedNet GovernmentDiscontinued                4/9/1998      7/14/2004   Full Text
FANDG      Feed & Grain          Active                 1/1/2004                  Full Text
FDIX       Feed Mix              Active                 5/1/2006                  Full Text
FEDTCH     Feed Tech             Active                 5/1/2006                  Full Text
FEDKRA                           Active
           FEEDMAGAZINE KRAFTFUTTER (German Language)   1/1/2001                  Full Text
FELLZE                           Active
           Fellbacher Zeitung (German Language)        9/16/2004                  Full Text
FEMBS                            Active
           FEM Business (Dutch Language)               6/17/2006                  Full Text
FEMMAG     Femina                Active                 7/1/2004                  Full Text
PFEM                             Active
           Feminist Review (Abstracts)                  1/1/1997                  Abstracts
GFEM       Feminist Studies      Active                 1/1/1997                  Full Text
DLSGEB                             Language)
  (RussianActive                   12/1/2005                  Full Text
FRZIAJ                           Active
           Fertilizer International (Abstracts)        3/21/1986                  Abstracts
FTLZRW                           Discontinued
           Fertilizer Week (Abstracts)                  1/2/1998      7/31/2001   Abstracts
FERWAS                            (Abstracts)
           Fertilizer Week AsiaDiscontinued            2/20/1998      7/31/2001   Abstracts
FBLP       Fiber in the Loop Discontinued              3/15/1998       9/2/2002   Full Text
FONW       Fiber Optics Forecast Discontinued         11/11/1991     11/29/2004   Full Text
FOWU                              Update
           Fiber Optics WeeklyActive                    1/1/1998                  Full Text
FICC       FICC Quarterly        Active                 1/1/2000                  Full Text
FLDS       Field & Stream        Discontinued           1/1/1994      7/31/2001   Full Text
ATLY       Field Artillery       Discontinued           1/1/1998      11/2/2003   Full Text
FIFLEA     Fife Leader           Active                2/12/2004                  Full Text
LF                               Active
           Le Figaro (France, Abstracts)                3/3/1981                  Translated Abstracts
FIGARO                           Active
           Le Figaro (French Language)                  8/2/2001                  Full Text
FIGFR                             Language)
           Le (French Discontinued            8/6/2001       3/9/2004   Full Text
NLFIJI     Fiji Times            Active                 1/1/2004                  Full Text
FSC        Filing Services CanadaActive               11/15/2006                  Full Text
DLSGEC                           Active
           Film (Russian Language)                     11/1/2005                  Full Text
FLMC                             Active
           Film Comment (Abstracts)                     1/1/2006                  Abstracts
FMFARE     Filmfare              Active                 7/1/2004                  Full Text
IFIR       Films in Review       Discontinued           1/1/1997       1/1/2002   Full Text

Factiva Confidential                          9/19/2011                                             Page 73
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

FNCD                             Active
           Finance & Development (Abstracts)            1/1/1994                     Abstracts
FNEE       Finance East Europe   Discontinued           1/9/1992         4/19/1996   Full Text
FINWEK     Finance Week          Discontinued          1/12/2005          2/8/2007   Full Text
FACM Discontinued                 4/1/2002         12/6/2004   Full Text
FINPAR                           Active                 2/1/2006
           Financement des Particuliers (French Language)                            Full Text
ICP                              Active
           Financial & Insurance Meetings               5/1/2005                     Full Text
FAM                              Active                 1/1/1997
           Financial Accountability & Management (Abstracts)                         Abstracts
AFAS                             Active                 1/1/1997
           Financial Accounting Standards Board. Status Report (Abstracts)           Abstracts
BFAR                             Active
           Financial Advertising Review (Abstracts)     1/1/1997                     Abstracts
FADV       Financial Adviser Active                     1/1/1994                     Full Text
NBFANZ                           Discontinued
           Financial Alert [NZ] (News Bites Summary) 1/20/2004           3/15/2006   Abstracts
FAPR                             Discontinued
           Financial Analysis, Planning & Reporting     1/1/2000         8/22/2005   Full Text
FIA                              Active
           Financial Analysts Journal (Abstracts)       1/1/1997                     Abstracts
FINDEC     Financial Director Active                    6/1/1986                     Full Text
FINX       Financial Executive Active                   1/1/1989                     Full Text
FEXN                             Discontinued
           Financial Executive`s News                   3/1/2001         6/12/2003   Full Text
AIWFIE     Financial Express Active                    5/16/2002                     Full Text
FNCEXP                           Discontinued
           Financial Express (Abstracts)               3/31/1994         7/31/2001   Abstracts
FEIWK                            Discontinued
           Financial Express Investment Week (Abstracts)1/1/1994          8/1/2003   Abstracts
UAFIN      Financial IndependenceDiscontinued           1/1/1997          5/2/2002   Full Text
FNIP                             Discontinued
           Financial Industry Perspectives              1/1/1998          9/8/2006   Full Text
FITS       Financial IT SecurityDiscontinued            6/1/2005         12/1/2006   Full Text
AIWFIM     Financial Mail        Active                11/1/2001                     Full Text
FNML                             Discontinued
           Financial Mail (Abstracts)                   3/3/1981         7/31/2001   Abstracts
FMAN       Financial Management  Active                 1/1/1992                     Full Text
MAC                              Active
           Financial Management (London)                1/1/1997                     Full Text
FMKT                             Active
           Financial Market Trends                      1/1/1994                     Full Text
FINMIR     Financial Mirror      Active               10/12/2005                     Full Text
TRFA                             Discontinued
           Financial Modernization Report               7/1/1993          2/9/2002   Full Text
FNET       Financial Net News Discontinued              1/1/1997         6/18/2002   Full Text
CTGFIN                           Discontinued
           Financial News - Print and Online (Europe) 3/23/1998          3/15/2006   Full Text
BFINCN                           Active               10/25/2004
           Financial News (Chinese Language - Simplified)                            Full Text
BFINTW                           Active                11/2/2004
           Financial News (Chinese Language - Traditional)                           Full Text
LONFIN                           Discontinued
           Financial News (Europe)                     3/23/1998         3/14/2006   Full Text
FINNSK                           (Korea)
           The Financial News Active                   10/3/2005                     Translated Abstracts
EFIN       Financial News Online Discontinued          2/20/2002         3/14/2006   Full Text
FPLN       Financial Planning Active                    1/1/1996                     Full Text
FNPL       Financial Pulse       Discontinued           1/1/1995          6/8/1998   Full Text
FNRR                              Report (Abstracts)
           Financial RegulationDiscontinued             7/1/1992          4/2/1996   Abstracts
FRSINV                           Active
           Financial Review Smart Investor (Abstracts) 1/1/2007                      Abstracts
FNRW       The Financial Review  Active                 1/1/1994                     Full Text
FINSEC                           Discontinued
           Financial Sector Technology                  6/1/1997          8/1/2005   Full Text
IRS                              Discontinued
           Financial Services Advisor                   1/1/1997          7/1/2004   Full Text
DIDEIN                           Discontinued
           Financial Services Distribution             10/1/1995         3/30/2007   Full Text
FSMK                             Discontinued
           Financial Services Marketing                 2/1/2000         4/18/2002   Full Text
FINSO                            Discontinued
           Financial Services Online                    2/6/1997         7/31/2001   Full Text
FISR                             Discontinued
           Financial Services Report                  11/13/1991         5/19/1997   Full Text
EBFI                             Discontinued
           Financial Technology Insight                12/1/1991         12/1/1994   Full Text
UFTIX                            Discontinued
           Financial Technology International Bulletin 1/1/1997           4/1/2002   Full Text
FTFT       Financial Times       Active                 1/2/1981                     Full Text
CTGFT                            Active
           Financial Times - Print and Online           9/5/1995                     Full Text
FTFTA                            Active                 1/2/1981
           Financial Times (Available through Third Party Subscription Services)     Full Text

Factiva Confidential                             9/19/2011                                             Page 74
                                          Global Academic 2007Q4

FTCOM                          Active
           Financial Times (FT.Com)                      9/1/2000                   Full Text
FTCMA                          Active                     Third Party               Full Text
           Financial Times (FT.Com) (Available through 9/1/2000 Subscription Services)
FTDEFT                         Active
           Financial Times Deutschland (Abstracts) 12/15/2003                       Translated Abstracts
FTD                            Active
           Financial Times Deutschland (German Language) 2/2/2000                   Full Text
BFNU                           Discontinued              1/1/1997
           Financial Update (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta)            8/26/2003 Full Text
FW         Financial World     Discontinued              1/8/1985        7/31/2001 Full Text
FNWIR      FinancialWire       Active                    5/1/2004                   Full Text
FET                            Discontinued
           De Financieel Economische Tijd (Abstracts) 11/2/1983         11/30/2001 Translated Abstracts
FINCR                           Rica,
           El Financiero (CostaActive Spanish Language) 5/16/2004                   Full Text
ELFINA                         Active
           El Financiero (Mexico, Spanish Language) 1/1/2004                        Full Text
SABIFM                         Active
           El Financiero (Mexico,Abstracts)            11/14/2000                   Translated Abstracts
DLSGED                         Discontinued
           Finans (Russian Language)                    11/1/2005          7/2/2007 Full Text
FNLGAZ                          (Russian Language) 6/28/2002
           Finansovaya GazetaActive                                                 Full Text
NEWFIN                         Active                   6/28/2002
           Finansovaya Gazeta. Regionalny Vipusk (Russian Language)                 Full Text
DLSGEE                         Active
           Finansovaya gazeta-ekspo (Russian Language)  11/1/2005                   Full Text
BIZFII                         (Russia)
           Finansovye Izvestia Discontinued             3/20/1997        7/31/2001 Full Text
FINIZV                         (Russian Language)
           Finansovye Izvestia Discontinued             1/11/1996        2/13/2003 Full Text
FSTD                           Discontinued
           Finanstidningen (Swedish Language)            7/3/1997        2/20/2002 Full Text
FINWIR                         Active
           Finanz und Wirtschaft (German Language) 1/4/1995                         Full Text
FINBUC                         Active
           FinEcon - Bücher (German Language)           8/21/1998                   Full Text
FINFAC                         Active
           FinEcon - Fachzeitschriften (German Language)8/21/1998                   Full Text
FCHDCN                         Active                    - Simplified)
           Finet Newswires - China (Chinese Language 7/1/2005                       Full Text
FCHOTW                         Active                    - Traditional)
           Finet Newswires - China (Chinese Language 7/1/2005                       Full Text
FHKOTW                         Active                    7/1/2005
           Finet Newswires - Hong Kong (Chinese Language - Traditional)             Full Text
FHKDCN                         Active                    7/1/2005
           Finet Newswires - Hong Kong (Chinese Language - Simplified)              Full Text
FINDCN                         Active                    7/1/2005
           Finet Newswires - International (Chinese Language - Simplified)          Full Text
FINOTW                         Active                    7/1/2005
           Finet Newswires - International (Chinese Language - Traditional)         Full Text
FTWDCN                         Active                    7/1/2005
           Finet Newswires - Taiwan (Chinese Language - Simplified)                 Full Text
FTWOTW                         Active                    7/1/2005
           Finet Newswires - Taiwan (Chinese Language - Traditional)                Full Text
FINGAL     Fingal Independent Active                    9/27/2006                   Full Text
WOODFI     Finishing           Active                   10/1/2006                   Full Text
FINMKT                         Active
           Finmarket News Service (Russian Language)7/1/2005                        Full Text
FINM                            (Italy)
           Finmeccanica NewsDiscontinued                12/1/1991        12/1/1997 Full Text
FINNND     Finnish News DigestActive                    7/31/2001                   Translated Abstracts
CIPE                           Discontinued
           Finsbury Executive Briefing                   7/1/1995        12/2/1996 Full Text
FCHF       Fire Chief          Active                    1/1/2003                   Full Text
FIRHSE     Firehouse           Active                    1/1/2004                   Full Text
CDAC                           Discontinued              1/1/1994
           First Call/Thomson Financial Insiders' Chronicle             12/24/2001 Full Text
FIRAEN                         Active
           First Independent Rating Agency (FIRA.RU) 7/17/2005                      Full Text
FIRARU                         Active                  10/18/2005
           First Independent Rating Agency (FIRA.RU) (Russian Language)             Full Text
MACO                           Available for Acquisition 7/1/1998
           FirstList Companies Active                                               Full Text
FISA                           Seeking
           FirstList Companies Active Acquisitions       4/1/1995                   Full Text
FLLF                           Seeking                   7/1/1999
           FirstList Companies Active Equity or Debt Financing                      Full Text
FISRUS     FIS (Russia)        Active                    4/1/2002                   Full Text
FISCYR                         Active
           FIS (Russian Language)                        4/1/2002                   Full Text
AFIS       Fiscal Notes        Active                    1/1/1997                   Full Text
FCS        Fiscal Studies      Active                    1/1/1997                   Full Text
CLBI       Fitness Business ProActive                    1/1/2003                   Full Text
FLRT                           Active
           Flame Retardancy News                        12/1/1991                   Full Text
FLA        FLASH               Active                    1/1/2005                   Full Text
FEQ        Fleet Equipment     Active                    1/1/1997                   Full Text
FLEMAI     Fleet Maintenance Active                      2/1/2004                   Full Text

Factiva Confidential                             9/19/2011                                            Page 75
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

FLON       Fleet Owner           Active                 5/1/1997                 Full Text
FLTFUL     Fleets and Fuels      Active                 7/8/2007                 Full Text
FLEIWF                           Active
           Fleischwirtschaft (German Language)         9/17/2001                 Full Text
FLIGI      Flight International Active                  2/6/1991                 Full Text
XFLJ       Flint Journal (Mich.) Discontinued           2/1/1992     7/31/2001   Full Text
YKMG       FlipSide              Active                 4/5/1997                 Full Text
FLRG       Flooring              Discontinued           1/1/1994     7/31/2004   Full Text
XFMN                             Discontinued
           Florence Morning News (S.C.)                12/1/1991     7/31/2001   Full Text
BFLB                             Active
           Florida Banking (Abstracts)                  1/1/1997                 Abstracts
BVM                              Discontinued
           Florida Business-Southwest                   8/1/1985     7/31/2001   Full Text
TAMP                             Discontinued
           Florida Business-Tampa Bay                   8/1/1987     7/31/2001   Full Text
KRTTL                            Active
           Florida Keys Keynoter (MCT) (Fla.)          5/28/2003                 Full Text
FLSH       The Florida Shipper Active                  3/14/2005                 Full Text
KRTJK                            Active
           The Florida Times-Union (MCT) (Fla.)        5/28/2003                 Full Text
FTRD       Florida Trend         Active                 7/1/1986                 Full Text
FLWR       Flower & Garden Discontinued                 1/1/1994      7/2/2002   Full Text
GFLY       Flying (Abstracts) Active                    1/1/1997                 Abstracts
FFLY       Flying Safety         Active                 1/1/1997                 Full Text
FNAREN     FN Arena              Active                1/10/2007                 Full Text
FNWD       fnWeb Daily News Active                      6/1/2002                 Full Text
FNWR       fnWeb Research reportsDiscontinued           6/7/2002      6/7/2002   Full Text
FOCUS                            Active
           Focus (German Language)                      1/8/1996                 Full Text
FOC        Focus (Philadelphia)Discontinued            1/23/1985     7/31/2001   Full Text
FJN                              Discontinued
           Focus Japan (Abstracts)                      1/1/1997     10/2/2003   Abstracts
FOCBIO                           Discontinued
           Focus on Biopesticides Plus (Abstracts)      2/6/1996     7/31/2001   Abstracts
FOCONC                           Active
           Focus on Catalysts (Abstracts)              4/19/1994                 Abstracts
FOCCHE                            (Abstracts)
           Focus on ChemicalsDiscontinued              9/15/1994     7/31/2001   Abstracts
FOCOND                           Discontinued
           Focus on Diagnostics (Abstracts)            8/26/1993     7/31/2001   Abstracts
FOCONE                           Discontinued
           Focus on Electronics Chemicals (Abstracts) 9/30/1993      7/31/2001   Abstracts
FOCS       Focus on Geography    Active                 1/1/1994                 Full Text
FOCICC                           Discontinued          3/18/1994
           Focus on Intermediates & Contract Chemicals (Abstracts)   7/31/2001   Abstracts
FORDC                            Discontinued
           Focus on Organic Dyes & Colours (Abstracts) 1/24/1997     7/31/2001   Abstracts
FOCOPC                           Discontinued
           Focus on Paper Chemicals (Abstracts)        3/17/1994     7/31/2001   Abstracts
FOCONP                           Active
           Focus on Pigments (Abstracts)               9/25/1993                 Abstracts
FOCPOW                           Active
           Focus on Powder Coatings (Abstracts)         7/4/1997                 Abstracts
FOCOSO                           Discontinued
           Focus on Solvents (Abstracts)               4/19/1994     7/31/2003   Abstracts
FOCONW                           Discontinued
           Focus on Water Quality (Abstracts)          8/26/1993     7/31/2001   Abstracts
FCUS                             Respiratory Care & Sleep Medicine
           FOCUS: Journal for Active                    1/1/2002                 Full Text
FOCMON                           Active
           Focus-Money (German Language)               6/20/2002                 Full Text
SABIFO                           (Brazil,
           Folha de São Paulo Active Abstracts)        7/18/2000                 Translated Abstracts
FOLHA                            (Portuguese Language)1/29/1997
           Folha de São Paulo Active                                             Full Text
FOLHAN                           Active
           FolhaNews (Portuguese Language)             4/17/2001                 Full Text
FOLHER     Folkestone Herald Active                    8/17/2006                 Full Text
IFKL       Folklore              Active                 1/1/1997                 Full Text
FONDIC                           Active
           Fondi Comuni (Italian Language)              4/3/2003                 Full Text
FONDSF                           Active
           Fonds & Sicav (French Language)             1/14/1999                 Full Text
FONDSN                           Active
           Fondsen & Sicavs (Dutch Language)           1/14/1999                 Full Text
DLSGEF                           Active
  (Russian Language)              12/1/2005                 Full Text
FOOBEV                           Active
           Food & Beverage Close-Up                    2/22/2006                 Full Text
FDBM                             Discontinued
           Food & Beverage Marketing                    1/1/1994      7/1/1999   Full Text
FDRD                             D
           Food & Drink Weekly iscontinued             10/1/1991     2/11/2005   Full Text
FNDL       Food & Drug Letter Active                    1/1/1999                 Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                          Page 76
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

FDPK       Food & Drug PackagingActive                  1/1/1994                  Full Text
FUDPAK                          Active
           Food & Packaging (Australia)                6/16/2003                  Full Text
FOBDN                           Daily                  5/10/2007
           Food and Beverage ActiveNews (Russian Language)                        Full Text
ABXFOO                          Discontinued
           Food Australia (ABIX Abstracts)             8/31/1996      10/1/2006   Abstracts
FCHN       Food Channel         Discontinued            1/1/1992      4/30/1993   Full Text
FCNW                            A
           Food Chemical News ctive                    12/1/1991                  Full Text
FOCHNE                          Active
           Food Chemical News (Abstracts)              12/1/1991                  Abstracts
CFDE       Food Engineering Active                      1/1/1994                  Full Text
FENG                            Discontinued
           Food Engineering International               1/1/1994       9/1/2001   Full Text
ABXFIW                           (ABIX Abstracts)
           Food Industry WeekDiscontinued               8/2/1996     11/24/2006   Abstracts
FDIG       Food Ingredient News Active                  1/1/1995                  Full Text
FDIR                            Active
           The Food Institute Report                   12/5/1994                  Full Text
FODL       Food Labeling NewsDiscontinued              10/1/1991       7/5/2000   Full Text
FDLG       Food Logistics       Active                 9/15/2001                  Full Text
FOM                             Active
           Food Management (Abstracts)                  1/1/1997                  Abstracts
ABXFMN                          Discontinued
           Food Management News (ABIX Abstracts) 8/31/1996            12/3/2006   Abstracts
FDMN       Food Manufacture Discontinued                1/1/1994      7/31/2001   Full Text
FDMI                            Discontinued
           Food Manufacture International               1/1/1994       5/1/1996   Full Text
IACFPB     Food Processing Discontinued                 1/1/1992       8/1/2006   Full Text
NFR        Food Review          Discontinued            1/1/1989      8/27/2003   Full Text
FOODSR                          Active
           Food Service (German Language)              7/26/2001                  Full Text
FDTC                            Active
           Food Technology (Abstracts)                  1/1/1994                  Abstracts
NBFTNZ                          New Zealand             7/1/2003
           Food Technology in Discontinued (News Bites Summary)        9/1/2003   Abstracts
FTRW       Food Trade Review Active                     1/1/1994                  Full Text
ABXFOW                          Discontinued
           Food Week (ABIX Abstracts)                   2/3/1996      12/3/2006   Abstracts
FCDK                            Discontinued
           Food, Cosmetics & Drug Packaging            12/1/1991       9/1/1996   Full Text
FFCH                            Discontinued
           Food, Fingers & Chopsticks                   1/1/2000      3/23/2002   Full Text
FTBT       Foodbyte News        Discontinued           12/5/1994      7/28/1997   Full Text
FSHS                            Active
           Foodservice & Hospitality (Abstracts)        1/1/1994                  Abstracts
FSDI                            A
           Foodservice Director ctive                  1/15/2001                  Full Text
FSD                             Discontinued
           FoodService Distributor                      1/1/1994       5/1/1998   Full Text
FESS                            Active
           Foodservice Equipment & Supplies Specialist1/2/2004                    Full Text
FOOWEE     Foodweek             Active                  7/2/1996                  Full Text
FN         Footwear News        Active                  1/2/1989                  Full Text
FB         Forbes               Active                 1/14/1985                  Full Text
CTGFB      Forbes - All         Active                 1/14/1985                  Full Text
FBGL       Forbes Asia          Active                 7/21/2003                  Full Text
FORCST                          Active                 3/31/1999
           Forecast International Defense Intelligence Newsletters                Full Text
FRNA       Foreign Affairs      Active                  1/1/1994                  Full Text
FPLC       Foreign Policy       Active                  1/1/1994                  Full Text
FORIND     Forest Industry      Discontinued           4/30/1998       5/1/2005   Full Text
FPJ                             Active
           Forest Products Journal                      1/1/1997                  Full Text
THEFOR     The Forester         Active                  8/8/2002                  Full Text
FORBIT                          Active
           Forestry & British Timber                    4/1/1997                  Full Text
FORGE      Forging              Discontinued            1/1/2006      8/29/2006   Full Text
FORTU      Fortune              Active                  1/5/1987                  Full Text
IIIFTN     Fortune (Abstracts) Discontinued            6/30/1996      7/17/2002   Abstracts
FORTUI                          A
           Fortune Asian Edition ctive                 11/1/2004                  Full Text
FORTUE                          Active
           Fortune European Edition                    11/1/2004                  Full Text
FTSB                            Active
           Fortune Small Business                       2/1/2002                  Full Text
XFOR       Forum (Fargo, N.D.)Discontinued             2/13/1993      7/31/2001   Full Text
FFAR                            Discontinued
           Forum for Applied Research & Public Policy 1/1/1997        10/1/2001   Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                     Page 77
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

FERP                            Active
           Foster Electric Report                     1/1/1996                Full Text
FNGR                            Active
           Foster Natural Gas Report                  1/1/1994                Full Text
IACAWA                          Active
           Foundry Management & Technology            1/1/1989                Full Text
FOURT      FourFourTwo          Active               10/1/2006                Full Text
FXNWS                           Active
           Fox News: Fox News Watch Saturdays         2/1/2004                Full Text
BELT                            Active
           Fox News: Beltway Boys                   12/28/1998                Full Text
FXWR                             Weekend with
           Fox News: Big StoryDiscontinued Rita Cosby5/19/2002    7/30/2005   Full Text
CRIE                            Discontinued
           Fox News: Crier Report                    8/27/1997    7/31/2001   Full Text
DRGE                            Discontinued
           Fox News: Drudge Report                  12/28/1998    7/31/2001   Full Text
FOXF       Fox News: Fox FilesDiscontinued           7/23/1998    7/31/2001   Full Text
FOXN                            Active
           Fox News: Fox News Sunday                 5/26/1998                Full Text
HAC                             Active
           Fox News: Hannity & Colmes                8/25/1997                Full Text
FXHAN                            America
           Fox News: Hannity’sActive                 2/11/2007                Full Text
FXLV       Fox News: Live Event Active                4/2/2001                Full Text
PZAH                            Active
           Fox News: On the Record w/ Greta          9/13/1999                Full Text
OREI                            Active
           Fox News: O'Reilly Factor                12/28/1998                Full Text
HUME                            Active
           Fox News: Special Report with Brit Hume    6/1/1998                Full Text
FXJG                            Active
           Fox News: The Big Story                   4/22/2002                Full Text
FXJER                           Active
           Fox News: The Journal Editorial Report    1/29/2006                Full Text
CAVU                            Active
           Fox News: Your World w/ Neil Cavuto       8/22/1997                Full Text
FUNDM                           Active
           Fracht + Materialfluss (German Language) 11/1/1999                 Full Text
FRFOOT                          Active
           France Football (French Language)          4/7/2006                Full Text
FRTM       Franchise Times      Discontinued          9/1/1996    7/31/2001   Full Text
FRAWLD     Franchising World Active                   1/1/1997                Full Text
FZ                              Active               5/26/1981
           Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany, Abstracts)                Translated Abstracts
FRARUN                          Active
           Frankfurter Rundschau (German Language)5/31/2001                   Full Text
FRANKS                          Active
           Frankston Standard/Hastings Leader        8/15/2001                Full Text
FREL       FRBSF Economic LetterActive                9/8/2000                Full Text
FCJ        Free China Journal Discontinued            1/1/1989    6/19/1998   Full Text
AIWFCJ                          Discontinued
           Free China Journal (Taiwan)                8/8/1997    7/31/2001   Full Text
FREI       Free Inquiry         Active                1/1/1995                Full Text
KRTFB                           Active
           The Free Lance-Star (MCT) (Va.)           5/28/2003                Full Text
FREPRE     Free Press Leader Active                  8/15/2001                Full Text
FRTR       Free Trade AdvisoryDiscontinued            9/1/1991    7/31/2001   Full Text
RSFG                            Active
           Freedonia Industry Studies (Abstracts)     1/1/1994                Abstracts
NLPFCG                           Gazette
           Fremantle CockburnActive                 12/26/2006                Full Text
PFHS                            Active
           French Historical Studies (Abstracts)      1/1/1997                Abstracts
FRENND     French News DigestActive                  7/31/2001                Translated Abstracts
PFRS                            Active
           French Studies (Abstracts)                 1/1/1997                Abstracts
NLFRSH     Fresh                Discontinued         12/1/2004     5/1/2005   Full Text
FRAR       Fresh Air            Active               7/21/1997                Full Text
KRTFR                           Active
           The Fresno Bee (MCT) (Calif.)             5/28/2003                Full Text
FBEE       The Fresno Bee       Active               1/25/2003                Full Text
FRHL                            Discontinued
           Frohlinger's Marketing Report             12/1/1991   12/13/1999   Full Text
NBFSTA     Frontier Star        Active              10/20/2003                Full Text
FRNT       Frontiers            Active               3/22/1995                Full Text
FHS                             Active
           Frontiers of Health Services Management    1/1/1997                Full Text
FRFA       Frozen Food Age Active                     1/1/2001                Full Text
FRFD       Frozen Food Digest Active                  1/1/1994                Full Text
FTXPAT     FT Expat             Discontinued          1/1/2001     1/1/2003   Full Text
FTMRKD                          Discontinued
           FT Investor (German Language)             7/31/2001   10/18/2001   Full Text
FTMRPD                          Discontinued
           FT Investor Pulse (German Language)        8/1/2001   10/17/2001   Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                       Page 78
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

MANDAT     FT Mandate           Active                2/12/2001               Full Text
FTMRKE     FT Markets Feed Discontinued               8/21/1996    10/28/2005 Full Text
FTMRPU     FT Markets Feed PulseDiscontinued            8/1/2001   10/28/2005 Full Text
FTNOW      FT Now               Active               10/20/2005               Full Text
FUEL       Fuel Oil News        Active                  6/1/1999              Full Text
QEDFE                           Outlook
           Fuji Bank Economic Discontinued              6/1/1998    6/30/2004 Full Text
QEDFQJ                          Discontinued            2/1/1999
           Fuji Bank Quarterly Review of the Japanese Economy       1/31/2002 Full Text
NIHKOG                           I. (Japanese Language) 1/1/2001
           FujiSankei BusinessActive                                          Full Text
FCDRA                           Active
           Fulton County Daily Report (Atlanta)         8/1/2001              Full Text
BSFUND     Fund Manager         Active                  6/1/2003              Full Text
FRM                             Discontinued
           Fund Raising Management                      1/1/1989    11/9/2005 Full Text
FUNSTG     Fund Strategy        Active                1/10/2005               Full Text
GARFUN     Fundamentals         Discontinued            6/3/1998    7/31/2001 Full Text
FUNINT     Funds International Discontinued             7/1/1995    5/16/2005 Full Text
FUNK       Funkschau (Abstracts)Discontinued            1/1/1994     4/9/2003 Abstracts
FM                              Discontinued
           Furniture Manufacturer                     12/3/2002     2/28/2005 Full Text
FURN       Furniture Today      Active                  1/3/1994              Full Text
FUERTN                          (German Language) 11/3/2003
           Fürther Nachrichten Active                                         Full Text
FUPR       Fusion Power Report  Discontinued            9/1/1991     5/2/2000 Full Text
FUBA       Future Banker        Discontinued            1/2/1998     3/1/2002 Full Text
FMCO                            Active
           Futures (Cedar Falls, Iowa)                  1/1/1989              Full Text
FUR                             Active
           Futures (U.K., Abstracts)                    1/1/1997              Abstracts
IACA       Futurist             Active                  1/1/1989              Full Text
ETM        FX Manager           Discontinued            1/1/1997     3/6/1998 Full Text
FRXW       FX Week              Discontinued          12/1/1991     2/15/1993 Full Text
GDLN                            Discontinued
           Gaceta de los Negocios (Abstracts)           9/1/1993   11/23/2001 Translated Abstracts
NGCIOS                          Active
           Gaceta de los Negocios (Spanish Language) 12/27/1994               Full Text
GAKKTR                          (Japanese Language) 7/12/1990
           Gakken Translation Discontinued                           9/2/2002 Full Text
DLSABG                          Active
           Gala Biografiya (Russian Language)         11/1/2005               Full Text
DLSGAL                          Active
           Galickie Kontrakti (Russian Language)      1/15/2007               Full Text
GMNW       Game Now             Discontinued            7/1/2002     3/2/2004 Full Text
GMSO       GameSpot from ZDWire Discontinued            4/1/2000    7/11/2003 Full Text
GNS        Gannett News Service Active                8/22/2001               Full Text
GARENG     Garant Legal DatabaseDiscontinued          2/23/1998      4/9/1999 Full Text
CTGGAR                          Discontinued
           Garant Legal Database - All (English)      2/23/1998    10/13/2003 Full Text
CTGGLR                          Discontinued            6/2/1998
           Garant Legal Database - All (Russian Language)          10/14/2003 Full Text
XGID                            Discontinued
           Garden Island (Hawaii)                    11/25/1992     7/31/2001 Full Text
GSCN       Gas Connections Discontinued               9/14/2000    10/14/2003 Full Text
GASD       Gas Daily            Active               11/12/2001               Full Text
GASMAT     Gas Matters          Active                8/30/2005               Full Text
GASMTD     Gas Matters Today Active                     8/4/2005              Full Text
GASMTA                          Discontinued
           Gas Matters Today Asia                       8/4/2005   12/22/2006 Full Text
GPRT       Gas Processors ReportActive                1/18/1999               Full Text
GTRT                            Discontinued
           Gas Transactions Report                      9/9/1994    8/10/2006 Full Text
GUR        Gas Utility Report Discontinued              1/1/1994    7/31/2001 Full Text
GSWI                            Discontinued
           Gas World International                      1/1/1994     4/1/1996 Full Text
GTLN       Gasification News Active                     2/1/1999              Full Text
GSTW       Gastroenterology WeekActive                  1/1/2003              Full Text
HGLR                            Active
           The Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide           1/1/1999              Full Text
IGCN       Gay Community News   Discontinued            1/1/1997     1/2/1999 Full Text
GANPON                          Active
           Gazeta (Russian Language)                  9/23/2005               Full Text
GPOVO                           Active
           Gazeta do Povo (Portuguese Language)       6/30/2003               Full Text

Factiva Confidential                             9/19/2011                                      Page 79
                                       Global Academic 2007Q4

DLSBFF                         Active
           Gazeta Dona (Russian Language)              11/1/2005                Full Text
GMES       Gazeta Mercantil Active                      1/6/1998                Full Text
GAZETA                         Active
           Gazeta Mercantil (Abstracts)                 1/1/2005                Abstracts
SABIGM                         Active
           Gazeta Mercantil (Brazil)                    7/4/2000                Translated Abstracts
GZTMTL                         Active
           Gazeta Mercantil (Portuguese Language)       1/6/1998                Full Text
GAZMRT                         Active
           Gazeta Mercantil News (Real Time)            2/1/2004                Full Text
GAZMTR                         Active                   2/1/2004
           Gazeta Mercantil News (Tempo Real) (Portuguese Language)             Full Text
DLSBFE                         Active
           Gazeta Vesti (Russian Language)             11/1/2005                Full Text
GAZWYB                         Active
           Gazeta Wyborcza (Polish Language)            3/6/2003                Full Text
DLSBFG                         Active
           Gazeta Yuga (Russian Language)              11/1/2005                Full Text
DLSGAZ                          Language)
           Gazeta.Ee (RussianActive                   10/12/2006                Full Text
CSP                            Active
           The Gazette (Colorado Springs, Colo.)        4/1/1988                Full Text
KRTGT                          Active
           The Gazette (MCT) (Colo.)                   5/25/2003                Full Text
KRTCR                          Active
           The Gazette (MCT) (Iowa)                    5/28/2003                Full Text
DLSBFH                         Active
           Gazovaya promyshlennost (Russian Language)  11/1/2005                Full Text
GDS                            Active
           La Gazzetta dello Sport (Italian Language) 2/9/2001                  Full Text
GEBEN      GBC Daily News      Active                   2/9/2007                Full Text
GEBMAN                         Discontinued
           Gebäudemanagement (German Language) 6/5/2001              6/8/2004   Full Text
GEEADV     Geelong Advertiser Active                    9/1/2003                Full Text
NLGLON     Geelong News        Active                   9/3/2003                Full Text
DGELD                          Active
           De Gelderlander (Dutch Language)             5/1/2003                Full Text
IGNS                           Active
           Gender & Society (Abstracts)                 1/1/1997                Abstracts
IFMI       Gender Issues       Active                   1/1/1997                Full Text
GENT       Gene Therapy Weekly Active                   1/1/1996                Full Text
GAOR                           Office                  10/1/1991
           General Accounting Active Reports & Testimony                        Full Text
GNLZGR                         Active
           General Anzeiger (German Language)          1/21/1998                Full Text
GENW       Generation Week Discontinued                 1/1/1999    12/1/2002   Full Text
GNRN       Generations         Active                   1/1/1994                Full Text
GNLN       Generic Line        Active                   1/1/1999                Full Text
GNDX       Genesis Report      Discontinued            12/1/1991     7/1/1998   Full Text
GNRX       Genesis Report-Rx Discontinued              12/1/1991    12/1/1997   Full Text
GENB                            & Biotechnology (Abstracts)
           Genetic EngineeringDiscontinued              9/4/1990    7/31/2001   Abstracts
GENS                            News
           Genetic EngineeringActive (Abstracts)        1/1/1994                Abstracts
GTNW                           News
           Genetic Technology Discontinued             12/1/1991     2/1/1993   Full Text
IGNT       Genetics (Abstracts)Active                   1/1/1997                Abstracts
GEWK                           Active
           Genomics & Genetics Weekly                   1/1/1999                Full Text
GEOI       Geo Info Systems Discontinued               11/1/1994     5/1/2000   Full Text
GEJO                           Active
           The Geographical Journal                     1/1/1995                Full Text
GEOM                           Active
           Geographical Magazine                        1/1/2000                Full Text
GEOR                           Active
           The Geographical Review                      1/1/1995                Full Text
PGEO                           Active
           Geography (Abstracts)                        1/1/1997                Abstracts
DLSABH                         Active
           GeoI (Russian Language)                     11/1/2005                Full Text
IGEO                           Discontinued
           Geological Magazine (Abstracts)              1/1/1997     3/1/2004   Abstracts
IGSA                           Active                   1/1/1997
           Geological Society of America Bulletin (Abstracts)                   Abstracts
GGGY       Geology (Abstracts) Active                   1/1/1997                Abstracts
FGEO       George (Abstracts) Discontinued              1/1/1997    7/31/2001   Abstracts
GWIL                            International Law Review
           George WashingtonActive                      1/1/1998                Full Text
LPIB                            of International Law
           Georgetown JournalActive                     1/1/1994                Full Text
PGAR                           Active
           Georgia Review (Abstracts)                   1/1/1997                Abstracts
GEBU                           Active                   2/9/2007
           Georgian Business Consulting (Russian Language)                      Full Text
GEOS       Geospatial SolutionsActive                   6/1/2000                Full Text
GEOT       Geotimes (Abstracts)Active                   1/1/1997                Abstracts

Factiva Confidential                          9/19/2011                                           Page 80
                                          Global Academic 2007Q4

GRTI       Geriatric Times        Discontinued           7/1/2003    11/1/2004 Full Text
GRIA       Geriatrics (Abstracts) Active                 1/1/1995              Abstracts
GERMND     German News Digest     Active                7/31/2001              Translated Abstracts
GRMR       The Germanic Review    Active                 1/1/1994              Full Text
GGGT                              Active
           Gerontologist (Abstracts)                     1/1/1997              Abstracts
SABIGE                            Active
           Gestion (Peru, Abstracts)                    7/14/2000              Translated Abstracts
GPMAG                             Active
           Gestion Privée Magazine (French Language) 2/1/2006                  Full Text
GALMAG                            Active                 5/1/2006
           Gestions Alternatives Magazine (French Language)                    Full Text
SPMG                              the Hands-On
           Getting Results...for Discontinued Manager 1/1/1989       7/31/2001 Full Text
GEWINN                            Active
           Gewinn (German Language)                      7/1/1997              Full Text
MEWGHA     Ghana Focus            Discontinued           2/9/1998    7/31/2001 Full Text
AIWGHC     Ghanaian Chronicle Active                     1/1/2001              Full Text
MEWGAI     Ghanaian Independent   Discontinued          2/24/1998    7/31/2001 Full Text
GNTS       GIANTS                 Active                12/1/2005              Full Text
IGCQ                              Active
           Gifted Child Quarterly (Abstracts)            1/1/1997              Abstracts
GDA                               Active
           Gifts & Decorative Accessories                1/1/1989              Full Text
GATS       Gifts & Tablewares Active                     8/9/2004              Full Text
GWBN       Giftware Business Discontinued               8/23/2001     7/1/2003 Full Text
GIG        GIG                    Discontinued          11/1/2002    6/30/2003 Full Text
GIODB                             Discontinued
           Giornale della Banca (Italian Language)      5/31/1997    3/30/2004 Full Text
GIODA                             Discontinued          4/30/1997
           Giornale delle Assicurazioni (Italian Language)           3/30/2004 Full Text
GIONLE                            Active
           Il Giornale (Italian Language)              11/21/2002              Full Text
GIORNO                            Active
           Il Giorno (Italian Language)                 6/22/2005              Full Text
GILI       Girls' Life            Active                12/1/2006              Full Text
TGIST      The Gist (Abstracts)Discontinued            11/14/1989    7/31/2001 Abstracts
GLASAG                            Discontinued
           Glass Age & Window Construction               4/1/1997     1/8/2007 Full Text
GLID                              Discontinued
           Glass Industry (Abstracts)                    1/1/1994    4/16/2002 Abstracts
GLMZ                              Active
           Glass Magazine (Abstracts)                    1/1/1994              Abstracts
DLSBFI                            Active
           Glavnye novosti Ulyanovska (Russian Language)12/1/2005              Full Text
GLXWLD     Glaxo World (Abstracts)Discontinued          1/24/1987    7/31/2001 Abstracts
GLEBIN     The Glebe              Active                8/15/2001              Full Text
ECOCOM     Global Agenda          Active                11/8/2006              Full Text
GLOBAN                            A
           Global Banking News ctive                    9/20/2005              Full Text
GLCI                              Active
           Global Cosmetic Industry                     12/1/2000              Full Text
GCM        Global Counsel MagazineDiscontinued           1/1/2002     2/2/2005 Full Text
GLEC                              Discontinued
           Global Environmental Change Report           12/1/1991    5/12/1995 Full Text
GFI        Global Finance         Active                 1/1/1997              Full Text
GLGV       Global Governance Active                      1/1/2001              Full Text
GLGU       Global Guaranty        Discontinued          12/1/1991     2/7/1994 Full Text
WDAN                              Active
           Global Insight Daily Analysis                 1/1/1997              Full Text
GLI        Global Investor        Active                 1/1/1997              Full Text
GLMK       Global Markets         Discontinued           9/4/2000   10/14/2003 Full Text
GEC        Global Outlook         Discontinued           1/1/1997    6/30/2007 Full Text
GLPECA                            Active
           Global Pesticide Campaigner (Abstracts) 8/31/2004                   Abstracts
GPSR                               Navigation News
           Global Positioning &Discontinued            11/21/1991   11/29/2001 Full Text
COG                               A
           Global Power Report ctive                     1/1/1988              Full Text
BXGP       Global Private Banking Discontinued           1/1/1997    7/31/2001 Full Text
GLOREI     Global Reinsurance Active                    11/5/2003              Full Text
GPHY       Global Telephony Discontinued                 8/1/1996    6/13/2002 Full Text
GLWM                              Discontinued
           Global Warming Network Online Today           1/1/1992     3/7/1997 Full Text
GMBN                              (Breaking News)
           The Globe and Mail Active                   11/15/2002              Full Text
GLOB                              (Canada)
           The Globe and Mail Active                   11/14/1977              Full Text

Factiva Confidential                              9/19/2011                                      Page 81
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

ROBFP                           Active                 Profile
           Globe and Mail Report on Business Financial 1/1/1997               Full Text
ROBFS                           Active                 Snapshot
           Globe and Mail Report on Business Financial 1/1/1997               Full Text
GLOBO                           Active
           O Globo (Portuguese Language)             4/21/1997                Full Text
NOTTR                           Active
           O Globo Tempo Real (Portuguese Language)6/9/2004                   Full Text
SABIOG                          Active
           O Globo (Brazil, Abstracts)               4/21/1997                Translated Abstracts
GLOECH                          Active
           Gloucestershire Echo (U.K.)                 1/2/1998               Full Text
GMPL       The GMP Letter       Active                 1/1/1999               Full Text
IPOR                            Discontinued
           Going Public: The IPO Reporter            12/1/1991     8/1/2001   Full Text
ABXGLD                          Discontinued
           Gold & Minerals Gazette (ABIX abstracts) 5/31/2001      7/1/2006   Abstracts
CTGGAC                          Active
           Gold Axis - All (Japanese Language)       6/26/1998                Full Text
GACMON                          Active               5/31/1998
           Gold Axis - GAC Monthly (Japanese Language)                        Full Text
GACWEE                          Active
           Gold Axis - GAC Weekly (Japanese Language)6/26/1998                Full Text
GLDAXI     Gold Axis (GAC)      Discontinued           9/1/1998    8/2/2002   Full Text
GLDAXS                          Active
           Gold Axis Daily (Japanese Language)       1/11/1999                Full Text
GCBULL                          Active
           The Gold Coast Bulletin                   1/26/2001                Full Text
NLGCSU     Gold Coast Sun       Active               3/23/2005                Full Text
GDMM       Golden Myanmar Discontinued               3/24/1997    7/31/2001   Full Text
GGOD                            Discontinued
           Golf Digest (Abstracts)                     1/1/1997   3/23/2004   Abstracts
GLFM       Golf Magazine        Discontinued           1/1/1994   12/1/1999   Full Text
GLFP       Golf Pro             Discontinued           1/1/1994    9/1/1998   Full Text
DLSGAR                          Active
           Golos Armenii (Russian Language)            3/1/2007               Full Text
DLSBGJ                          Active
           Golos naroda (Russian Language)           11/1/2005                Full Text
GHOS       Good HousekeepingDiscontinued               1/1/1994    8/2/2001   Full Text
ACPGOM     Good Medicine        Active                 6/3/2003               Full Text
ABXGWM                          Discontinued
           Good Weekend Magazine (ABIX Abstracts)  11/23/1996     2/26/2000   Abstracts
GORGUA     Gorey Guardian       Active               8/10/2006                Full Text
DLSBGA                          Active
           Gornaya promyshlennost (Russian Language) 11/1/2005                Full Text
DLSBGB                          Active
           Gorod (Russian Language)                  11/1/2005                Full Text
DLSBGE                          Active
           Gorod i gorozhane (Russian Language)      11/1/2005                Full Text
DLSBGC                          Active
           Gorod N (Russian Language)                11/1/2005                Full Text
DLSBGF                          Active
           Gorod na Cne (Russian Language)           11/1/2005                Full Text
DLSBGH                          Active
           Gorodskie izvestiya (Russian Language)    11/1/2005                Full Text
DLSBGI                          Active
           Gorodskie novosti (Russian Language)      11/1/2005                Full Text
DLSBGG                          Active
           Gorodskie vesti (Russian Language)        11/1/2005                Full Text
DLSBHJ                          Active
           Gorodskoy kuryer (Russian Language)       11/1/2005                Full Text
DLSGOL                          Active
           Goryachaya Liniya (Russian Language)      1/12/2006                Full Text
GOUDSC                          Discontinued
           Goudsche Courant (Dutch Language)           5/1/2003   8/31/2005   Full Text
GGOU       Gourmet (Abstracts)Active                   1/1/1997               Abstracts
GRME       Gourmet Retailer Active                   8/21/2001                Full Text
GVRN       Governing (Abstracts)Active                 1/1/1997               Abstracts
PGNO                            Active
           Government & Opposition (Abstracts)         1/1/1997               Abstracts
GAC                             Active
           Government Accountants Journal              1/1/1997               Full Text
GCN                             Discontinued
           Government Computer News                    1/1/1987   6/21/2004   Full Text
GOVCOM                          Active
           Government Computing (German Language) 1/1/2002                    Full Text
GCLR                            Discontinued
           Government Contract Litigation Reporter   12/1/2001    8/31/2005   Full Text
GVBD                            Discontinued
           Government Contracting Opportunities        3/7/2001   11/4/2004   Full Text
GED                             Discontinued
           Government Economic Data                    8/8/1990   7/31/2001   Full Text
GVEX       Government Executive Active                 4/1/1996               Full Text
GFRW                            Active
           Government Finance Review                   1/1/1994               Full Text
UKGPR                           Active
           Government News Network                   3/31/1992                Full Text
GOVPUB                          Active
           Government Publications and Press Releases  8/1/2003               Full Text
GOVSE                           A
           Government Security ctive                   1/1/2004               Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                       Page 82
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

GVUN                           Active
           Government Union Review                   1/1/2000                  Full Text
GVVD       Government Video Active                   9/1/2002                  Full Text
GEEPEE                         Active
           GP (General Practitioner)                 9/7/2001                  Full Text
GPLACT                         Active
           GPL Actualite (Abstracts)                 6/3/1995                  Abstracts
GGQQ                           Discontinued
           GQ: Gentlemens Quarterly (Abstracts)      1/1/1997        3/3/2004 Abstracts
GRAFD                          Active
           Grafisch Nieuws (Dutch Language)         1/15/2006                  Full Text
GWMT                           Discontinued
           Grain: World Markets and Trade            1/1/1994        1/1/1996 Full Text
XGII                           Discontinued
           Grand Island Independent (Neb.)           2/1/1992       7/31/2001 Full Text
BJGR                           Active
           Grand Rapids Business Journal (Mich.)     6/1/1985                  Full Text
GRPR                           Active
           The Grand Rapids Press (Mich.)           5/29/1990                  Full Text
PGST                           Discontinued
           Grand Street (Abstracts)                  1/1/1997       10/1/1998 Abstracts
DLSGRR                         Active
           Granica Rossii (Russian Language)        1/11/2006                  Full Text
GRANTJ     Grantham Journal Active                  9/26/2006                  Full Text
XGPD                           Discontinued
           Grants Pass Daily Courier (Ore.)         12/9/1992       7/31/2001 Full Text
GAM        Graphic Arts MonthlyActive                1/1/1989                  Full Text
IGRF       Graphis (Abstracts) Active                1/1/1997                  Abstracts
ABXGPX                         Discontinued
           Graphix (ABIX Abstracts)                 8/31/1996     12/31/1996 Abstracts
BRB                            Active                6/1/1986
           The Greater Baton Rouge Business Report (La.)                       Full Text
GCBR                           Discontinued
           Greater Cincinnati Business Record        5/6/1991       7/31/2001 Full Text
GLB                            Active
           Greater Lansing Business Monthly (Mich.) 4/1/1991                   Full Text
PGNR       Greece & Rome       Active                1/1/1997                  Full Text
GREKPD     Greek News Digest Active                 1/15/2000                  Translated Abstracts
KRTGY                          Active
           Greeley Tribune (MCT) (Colo.)            5/27/2003                  Full Text
GRNM       Green MarketAlert Discontinued           12/1/1991        3/1/1994 Full Text
GMRK                           Discontinued
           Green Marketing Report                   12/1/1991        3/9/1993 Full Text
QQGRG                           (Abstracts)
           Greenhouse GrowerActive                   1/1/2006                  Abstracts
GREEBU                         Active
           Greenpeace Business (Abstracts)          2/14/1992                  Abstracts
IGNP                            (Abstracts)
           Greenpeace UpdateActive                   1/1/1997                  Abstracts
GRNB                            Record
           Greensboro News &Active (N.C.)           4/14/1988                  Full Text
GRTENE                         Active
           Green-Tech Newsletter (Abstracts)       12/31/2004                  Abstracts
KRTGR                          Discontinued
           Greenwich Time (MCT) (Conn.)            10/15/2003       2/13/2007 Full Text
GRWR       Greenwire           Active                1/1/1996                  Full Text
GRIMET                         Active
           Grimsby Evening Telegraph (U.K.)         6/20/1998                  Full Text
GROCR      The Grocer          Active                1/4/1985                  Full Text
ABXGRO                         Discontinued
           Grocers' Review (NZ) (ABIX abstracts)    8/31/1996       11/1/2006 Abstracts
GRMK       Grocery HeadquartersActive                1/1/1994                  Full Text
GROSUP                         Active
           Ground Support Worldwide                 12/1/2003                  Full Text
GRWA                           Active
           Ground Water (Abstracts)                  1/1/1995                  Abstracts
GRMN       Grounds Maintenance Discontinued          5/1/1997       10/1/2006 Full Text
GOMN                           Active                1/1/1994
           Group & Organization Management (Abstracts)                         Abstracts
NBNZCG                         Summary)
           Grower (News Bites Discontinued           7/1/2003       10/1/2003 Abstracts
GRTH       Growth and ChangeDiscontinued             1/1/1994        1/1/1999 Full Text
INFDAI                         Discontinued         7/25/1997        1/8/2004 Full Text
           Guangdong-Hong Kong Information Daily (Chinese Language - Simplified)
INFDAT                         Discontinued         7/25/1997        1/8/2004 Full
           Guangdong-Hong Kong Information Daily (Chinese Language - Traditional) Text
GMDDCN                         Active                3/1/2006
           Guangming Daily (Chinese Language - Simplified)                     Full Text
GMDOTW                         Active                3/1/2006
           Guangming Daily (Chinese Language - Traditional)                    Full Text
GRNR       The Guarantor       Discontinued          7/1/1993       7/31/2001 Full Text
CTGGRO                         Active
           Guardian & Observer - Print and Online   1/13/2005                  Full Text
GRDN       The Guardian (U.K.)Active                 1/2/1981                  Full Text
NLPGDE     Guardian Express Active                   1/9/2007                  Full Text
GUAMES                         A
           Guardian Messenger ctive                  8/8/2001                  Full Text
GRULTD                         Active
           Guardian Unlimited (U.K.)                1/13/2005                  Full Text

Factiva Confidential                           9/19/2011                                         Page 83
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

DLSGUB                           Discontinued          10/3/2006
           Gubernskie Vedomosti, Kuzbass (Russian Language)          11/23/2006    Full Text
DLSBHB                           Active                1/11/2006
           Gubernskie vedomosti, Yuzhno-Sahalinsk (Russian Language)               Full Text
GUDK                             Discontinued
           Gudok (Russia, Abstracts)                   6/26/1992       5/27/1999   Translated Abstracts
DLSBHC                           Active
           Gudok (Russian Language)                    11/1/2005                   Full Text
GMER       Guelph Mercury        Active               11/29/2001                   Full Text
GUNW       GUI Program News Active                     12/1/1991                   Full Text
GTRP       Guitar Player         Active                  1/1/1994                  Full Text
GLFR                             Discontinued
           Gulf Business Report (Middle East)          10/1/1991       8/19/1992   Full Text
MEWGUN     Gulf News             Active                  2/4/1997                  Full Text
GLFNWS     Gulf News (Dubai, UAE)Active                8/26/1998                   Full Text
GSP        Gulf Shipper          Active                  4/5/2005                  Full Text
GILR                             Discontinued
           Gun Industry Litigation Reporter            12/1/2001       8/31/2005   Full Text
GVPRAX                           Active
           gv-praxis (German Language)                 5/21/2001                   Full Text
NBGTIM                           Discontinued         11/29/2003
           The Gympie Times [Gympie] (News Bites Summary)            11/29/2003    Abstracts
HAAGSC                           Discontinued
           Haagsche Courant (Dutch Language)             5/1/2003      8/31/2005   Full Text
DLSGEI                           Active
           Hakasiya (Russian Language)                 11/1/2005                   Full Text
DLSGFJ                           Active
           Haker (Russian Language)                    11/1/2005                   Full Text
HALFEC                           Active
           Halifax Evening Courier                     2/12/2004                   Full Text
HABEND                           Active
           Hamburger Abendblatt (German Language) 1/1/2004                         Full Text
HMSP       The Hamilton SpectatorActive                  1/1/1986                  Full Text
HRBC                             Discontinued
           Hampton Roads Business Contact (Va.)          9/1/1990      7/31/2001   Full Text
IFRSCE                           Active               11/25/1996
           The Handbook of World Stock, Derivative & Commodity Exchanges           Full Text
DERHAN                           Active
           Der Handel (German Language)                7/25/2001                   Full Text
HB                               Active
           Handelsblatt (Abstracts)                   12/15/2003                   Translated Abstracts
HWFIN                            Active                  1/1/2005
           Handelsblatt Wirtschafts- und Finanzzeitung (Abstracts)                 Abstracts
HNDLSZ                           Active
           HandelsZeitung (German Language)           11/24/1994                   Full Text
XHST                             Discontinued
           Hanford Daily Sentinel (Calif.)               1/6/1993      7/31/2001   Full Text
HAPPIH                           Active                10/8/1994
           HAPPI (Household and Personal Products Industry, Abstracts)             Abstracts
HARBML     Harborough Mail       Active                9/26/2006                   Full Text
DLSABI                           Language)
           Hard&Soft (Russian Active                   11/1/2005                   Full Text
HBUS                             Discontinued
           Harford Business Ledger (Md.)                 4/1/1992       1/1/1998   Full Text
HBZR       Harper's Bazaar       Discontinued            1/1/1994      7/31/2001   Full Text
HARP       Harper's Magazine Active                      1/1/1994                  Full Text
HARADV                           Active
           The Harrogate Advertiser                      1/1/2001                  Full Text
KRTHC                            Active
           The Hartford Courant (MCT) (Conn.)          5/27/2003                   Full Text
HARTML     Hartlepool Mail       Active                9/26/2006                   Full Text
AOG                              Gas
           Hart's Africa Oil and Discontinued            8/3/1999      8/10/2006   Full Text
HAPN                             Discontinued
           Hart's Asian Petroleum News                   8/2/1999      8/10/2006   Full Text
DI                               Discontinued
           Hart's Deepwater International              8/11/1999       8/10/2006   Full Text
DAPEMO     Hart's E&P Daily      Discontinued          4/10/1996       8/10/2006   Full Text
EOPN                             Discontinued
           Hart's European Offshore Petroleum Newsletter 8/4/1999      8/10/2006   Full Text
EPFW                             Discontinued
           Hart's European Petroleum Finance Week 8/6/1999             8/10/2006   Full Text
EFN                              Active
           Hart's Global Refining and Fuels Report       8/4/1999                  Full Text
MEOG                             Discontinued
           Hart's Middle East Oil and Gas              9/21/1999       8/10/2006   Full Text
IIIHBR                           Discontinued
           Harvard Business Review (Abstracts)         6/22/1997       9/24/2001   Abstracts
UGHER                             Review
           Harvard EducationalActive                     1/1/1997                  Full Text
HRHL       Harvard Health Letter Active                  1/1/1995                  Full Text
HHRL       Harvard Heart LetterActive                    1/1/1995                  Full Text
HIR                              Active
           Harvard International Review (Abstracts)      1/1/1997                  Abstracts
PHAS                             Active
           Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies (Abstracts)1/1/1997                  Abstracts
HMHL                             Health
           The Harvard Mental Active Letter              1/1/1995                  Full Text
UPHTR                            Review
           Harvard TheologicalActive (Abstracts)         1/1/1997                  Abstracts

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                            Page 84
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

HWHW                            Active
           Harvard Women's Health Watch               1/1/1995                Full Text
HASLEO                          Active
           Hastings & St Leonards Observer           9/27/2006                Full Text
HCTR                            Active
           The Hastings Center Report (Abstracts)     1/1/1994                Abstracts
HIB        Hawaii Business      Active                1/1/1985                Full Text
XHKE                            Discontinued
           Hawk Eye (Burlington, Iowa)                1/4/1993    7/31/2001   Full Text
APNHBT     Hawke's Bay Today Active                  6/22/2005                Full Text
HFOR       Hay & Forage Grower  Active               1/30/1998                Full Text
HYAGEN                          Active
           Haykusai Genki Shimbun (Japanese Language)1/10/2003                Full Text
HAZMM                            Management
           Hazardous MaterialsActive                 11/1/2004                Full Text
HZNT                            Discontinued
           Hazardous Waste Network Online Today       8/1/1992    9/18/1992   Full Text
HZNW       Haznews              Discontinued         12/1/1991     8/1/2003   Full Text
HOSDEV     HD                   Active               2/29/1996                Full Text
HDS        HD/Studio            Active               8/22/2006                Full Text
HDTR       HDTV Report          Discontinued        11/13/1991   10/11/1995   Full Text
HEALBE                          Active
           Health & Beauty Close-Up                  2/22/2006                Full Text
HEABEA     Health & Beauty SalonActive                2/1/2002                Full Text
HAMW                            Active
           Health & Medicine Week                     1/1/1999                Full Text
HSAW                            Active
           Health & Safety at Work (Abstracts)       5/10/1990                Abstracts
HLTH                            Active
           Health (San Francisco)                     1/1/1994                Full Text
HAF                             Active
           Health Affairs (Abstracts)                 1/1/1997                Abstracts
HLTA       Health Alliance AlertDiscontinued          1/1/1994   12/27/1996   Full Text
HSW                             A
           Health & Social Work ctive                 1/1/1995                Full Text
IONH                             (Abstracts)
           Health at Every SizeDiscontinued           1/1/1997     1/1/2007   Abstracts
HLBS       Health Business      Discontinued         12/1/1991   12/24/1993   Full Text
HCFR                            Active
           Health Care Financing Review               1/1/1994                Full Text
HCF                             Discontinued
           Health Care Fraud Litigation Reporter     12/1/2001    8/31/2005   Full Text
HCMR                            Active
           Health Care Management Review (Abstracts)1/1/1994                  Abstracts
HCS        Health Care Manager  Active                1/1/1997                Full Text
HLCS                            Active
           Health Care Strategic Management           7/1/1994                Full Text
HLTHDM                          Active
           Health Data Management                   12/31/1996                Full Text
HLTHNN                          Discontinued
           Health Data Network News                 12/20/1996    7/31/2001   Full Text
FHEQ                            Active
           Health Education & Behavior (Abstracts)    1/1/1997                Abstracts
HPF        Health Forum Journal Discontinued          1/1/1997     7/2/2003   Full Text
HLIN       Health Industry TodayDiscontinued          8/8/1994     7/1/2001   Full Text
HEALIN     Health Insurance Active                    1/1/2002                Full Text
HLLR                            Discontinued
           Health Law Litigation Reporter             1/1/2002    8/31/2005   Full Text
HLRG                            Regulation
           Health Legislation & Discontinued          2/1/1992    6/24/1998   Full Text
IHLT                            Active
           Health Letter (Abstracts)                  1/1/1997                Abstracts
HCDC                            CDC
           Health Letter on the Discontinued          1/1/1996     4/3/2000   Full Text
HMT                              Technology
           Health ManagementActive                    1/1/1994                Full Text
HLTN       Health News          Discontinued          1/1/1994     3/3/2003   Full Text
HLNR       Health News NaturallyDiscontinued          1/1/1994    6/22/1995   Full Text
MCLO                            Discontinued
           Health Plan Business Advisor              12/1/1991    7/31/2001   Full Text
HLSR                            Active
           Health Services Research (Abstracts)       1/1/1994                Abstracts
FAH        Health Systems ReviewDiscontinued          1/1/1997    11/1/1997   Full Text
HADR                            Discontinued
           Healthcare Advertising Review (Abstracts) 1/1/1994      9/8/2002   Abstracts
HCFV                            Discontinued
           Healthcare Business & Legal Strategies    1/20/1993    11/1/1995   Full Text
HEE                             A
           Healthcare Executive ctive                 1/1/1997                Full Text
HFM                              Management
           Healthcare FinancialActive                 1/1/1989                Full Text
HMRP                            Active
           Healthcare Marketing Report (Abstracts)    1/1/1994                Abstracts
HLPR                            Discontinued
           Healthcare PR & Marketing News           11/19/1992    7/31/2001   Full Text
HLCC                            Strategy Report
           Healthcare SystemsDiscontinued            12/1/1991   10/28/1994   Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                 Page 85
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

HLCT                            Discontinued          11/1/1991
           Healthcare Technology & Business Opportunities         12/1/1996 Full Text
HLFT       HealthFacts          Active                 1/1/1994             Full Text
IHLN                            Discontinued
           Healthline (Abstracts)                      1/1/1997   7/31/2001 Abstracts
HW         HealthWeek           Discontinued           8/1/1987   12/2/1991 Full Text
HLNJ                            Discontinued
           Healthy & Natural Journal                   1/1/1999    8/1/2003 Full Text
HRNG       The Hearing JournalActive                   4/1/1999             Full Text
HPR                             Active
           Hearing Products Report                     9/1/2006             Full Text
HEAR       The Hearing ReviewActive                   11/1/2006             Full Text
HDWK       Heart Disease Weekly Active                 1/1/1999             Full Text
HPAC                            Active
           Heating/Piping/Air Conditioning Engineering 1/1/1994             Full Text
LHEBDO                          Active
           L´Hebdo (French Language)                  7/31/2002             Full Text
HCTE       Hecate               Discontinued           1/1/1995   10/1/2001 Full Text
HDGWR      HedgeWorld News Active                     12/1/2003             Full Text
HEIDBG     Heidelberg Leader Active                    8/8/2001             Full Text
HLNW       Helicopter News      Active               11/15/1991             Full Text
DLSACJ                          Active
           Hello (Russian Language)                   11/1/2005             Full Text
HELP                             ZDWire
           Help & How-To fromDiscontinued              4/1/2000    3/4/2002 Full Text
HLSAN                           Discontinued
           Helsingin Sanomat (Abstracts)              3/29/1984   12/4/2001 Translated Abstracts
HMTW       Hematology Week Active                      1/1/2003             Full Text
HEMGZ      Hemel Gazette        Active                9/26/2006             Full Text
PHEM       Hemingway Review Active                     1/1/1997             Full Text
HEMF                            Discontinued           1/1/1994
           Henderson Electronic Market Forecast (Abstracts)        4/2/2002 Abstracts
HEPT       Hepatitis Weekly Active                     1/1/1996             Full Text
GH                              Active
           The Herald (Glasgow, Scotland)             9/21/1981             Full Text
RHSC                            Active
           The Herald (Rock Hill, S.C.)                7/1/1991             Full Text
XHRD       Herald (Sharon, Pa.)Discontinued            7/1/1991   7/31/2001 Full Text
HEREXP     Herald Express (U.K.)Active                 1/2/1998             Full Text
ABXHLD                          Discontinued
           Herald Sun (ABIX abstracts)                 2/3/1996   12/1/2006 Abstracts
KRTSG                           Active
           Herald-Journal (MCT) (S.C.)                5/28/2003             Full Text
HERSUN     Herald-Sun           Active                7/23/1997             Full Text
KRTDR                           Active
           The Herald-Sun (MCT) (N.C.)                5/28/2003             Full Text
KRTBM                           Active
           Herald-Times (MCT) (Ind.)                  5/28/2003             Full Text
HERBRE     Herbert River ExpressActive                 8/1/2001             Full Text
HETFIN                          Active
           Het Financieele Dagblad (Abstracts)       10/10/2005             Abstracts
HWPJ                            Discontinued
           Hewlett-Packard Journal                     1/1/1994   11/1/1998 Full Text
HFD                             Discontinued
           HFN (Home Furnishing Network)               1/2/1989   7/31/2001 Full Text
HSIA                            Discontinued
           High - Speed Internet Access                1/1/1998   9/22/2002 Full Text
BHPB                            Active
           High Performance Banking (Abstracts)        1/1/1997             Abstracts
HPPL                            Active
           High Performance Plastics                  12/1/1991             Full Text
HIPPLS                          Active
           High Performance Plastics (Abstracts)      12/2/1986             Abstracts
HPS                             Discontinued
           High Performance Systems                    6/1/1988    5/7/1990 Full Text
KRTHP                           Active
           High Point Enterprise (MCT) (N.C.)         5/28/2003             Full Text
MGLV                            Discontinued
           High Speed Transport News                  11/1/1993   1/22/1996 Full Text
HCNW                             News
           High Tech CeramicsActive                   12/1/1991             Full Text
HMAL                             Alert
           High Tech Materials Discontinued           11/1/1991    2/1/1993 Full Text
JBRE       High Yield Report Active                    1/1/1997             Full Text
HLC                             Active
           Highlights for Children                     1/1/2005             Full Text
BBNA                            Discontinued
           High-Speed Networking Newsletter           5/15/1994    3/1/1997 Full Text
QEDHCR     Hilfe Country ReportDiscontinued            6/1/1998    5/7/2002 Full Text
THHIL      The Hill             Active                2/13/2004             Full Text
HILVAL                          Active
           Hills & Valley Messenger                    8/8/2001             Full Text
NLPHGA     Hills Gazette        Active                 1/5/2007             Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                     Page 86
                                          Global Academic 2007Q4

HILSHT     Hills Shire Times Active                     8/14/2001                     Full Text
DLSGFA                           Active
           Himicheskij zhurnal (Russian Language)       11/1/2005                     Full Text
DLSGFB                           Active
           Himiya i biznes (Russian Language)           11/1/2005                     Full Text
HINA       HINA (Croatia)        Active                 2/12/1999                     Full Text
RAJAS      The Hindu (Abstracts) Active                   1/1/2005                    Abstracts
THINDU     The Hindu (India) Active                       5/1/1998                    Full Text
HNTM       Hindustan Times Active                      10/15/1997                     Full Text
HSPN       Hispanic              Active                   1/1/1997                    Full Text
PHAH                             Active
           Hispanic American Historical Review (Abstracts)1/1/1997                    Abstracts
HISP                             Active
           Hispanic Business (Abstracts)                  1/1/1994                    Abstracts
IHBS                             Active                   1/1/1997
           Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences (Abstracts)                        Abstracts
GHIR                             Active
           Hispanic Review (Abstracts)                    1/1/1997                    Abstracts
IHFR                             Film,
           Historical Journal of ActiveRadio & Television 1/1/1997                    Full Text
PHNT                             Active
           History & Theory (Abstracts)                   1/1/1997                    Abstracts
PHPE                             Active
           History of Political Economy (Abstracts)       1/1/1997                    Abstracts
GHRL                             Active
           History of Religions (Abstracts)               1/1/1997                    Abstracts
FHHS                             Active
           History of the Human Sciences (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                         Abstracts
HSTD       History Today         Active                   1/1/1994                    Full Text
PHIS                              of the                  1/1/1997
           History: The JournalActive Historical Association (Abstracts)              Abstracts
HITECN                           Active                11/15/2003
           Hi-Tech Weekly (Chinese Language - Simplified)                             Full Text
HITEWE                           Active                 2/19/2002
           Hi-Tech Weekly (Chinese Language - Traditional)                            Full Text
HHCDP      HME Today             Active                 11/1/2006                     Full Text
MRCURY     Hobart Mercury        Active                   4/1/1999                    Full Text
HOKGIN                           (Japanese Language) 6/5/1998
           Hoken Ginko Nippo Active                                                   Full Text
HOMASH                           Active
           Hoken Mainichi Shimbun (Japanese Language)   3/26/1997                     Full Text
HOKKAI                           Active
           The Hokkaido Shimbun (Japanese Language)       1/1/2006                    Full Text
XHOL                             Discontinued
           Holland Sentinel (Mich.)                    11/25/1992         7/31/2001   Full Text
HLYW       Hollywood Reporter Active                      3/1/1991                    Full Text
HRSI                             Special Issue
           Hollywood Reporter Discontinued                1/1/1994        7/31/2001   Full Text
GHOM       Home (Abstracts) Discontinued                  1/1/1997        3/23/2004   Abstracts
HOCHN                            A
           Home Channel News ctive                        1/1/2005                    Full Text
HEW        Home Equity Wire Active                        6/1/2005                    Full Text
HOMHIO     Home Hill Observer Active                      8/8/2001                    Full Text
HWA                               Market
           Home Improvement Discontinued                  1/1/1989        7/31/2001   Full Text
HOMLIC     Home Living CentralActive                    8/14/2001                     Full Text
HOMLIN     Home Living North Active                     8/14/2001                     Full Text
HOMLIS     Home Living South Active                     8/14/2001                     Full Text
HOMLIW     Home Living West Active                      8/14/2001                     Full Text
FUHT                             Discontinued
           Home Media Technology News                   12/1/1991        12/10/1992   Full Text
HMFC       HOME PC               Discontinued             5/1/1994        7/31/2001   Full Text
HOTEY                            A
           Home Textiles Today ctive                    5/17/2004                     Full Text
HTT                              Active
           Home Textiles Today (Abstracts)                1/1/1997                    Abstracts
HCM                              A
           HomeCare Magazine ctive                      4/24/2000                     Full Text
IHOME      Homeland Defense WatchActive                 2/20/2004                     Full Text
AWHSD                            Discontinued
           Homeland Security & Defense                    5/3/2003       12/21/2005   Full Text
HKCNAC                           Active                10/24/1995
           Hong Kong China News Agency (Chinese Language - Simplified)                Full Text
HKCNA                            Active                10/24/1995
           Hong Kong China News Agency (Chinese Language - Traditional)               Full Text
HKEJM                            Active                   8/1/2001
           Hong Kong Economic Journal Monthly (Chinese Language - Traditional)        Full Text
HONKEJ                           Discontinued
           Hong Kong Economic Journal                     1/1/2001        8/30/2002   Translated Abstracts
HKEJCN                           Active                   7/8/1997
           Hong Kong Economic Journal (Chinese Language - Simplified)                 Full Text
HKEJ                             Active                   7/8/1997
           Hong Kong Economic Journal (Chinese Language - Traditional)                Full Text
HKEMCN                           Active                   8/1/2001
           Hong Kong Economic Journal Monthly (Chinese Language - Simplified)         Full Text

Factiva Confidential                             9/19/2011                                              Page 87
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

HKEDCN                         Active                9/20/2004
           Hong Kong Economic Times (Chinese Language - Simplified)              Full Text
HKEOTW                         Active                9/20/2004
           Hong Kong Economic Times (Chinese Language - Traditional)             Full Text
HKSTD      Hong Kong I-Mail Discontinued             11/5/1996     10/10/2001    Full Text
FHKI                           Discontinued
           Hong Kong Industrialist                   4/15/1997       2/28/2003   Full Text
AIWHKN                         Discontinued
           Hong Kong News Digest                      4/3/1997       7/31/2001   Full Text
XHSB                           Discontinued
           Honolulu Star-Bulletin                    11/1/1991       7/31/2001   Full Text
BHOB       Hoosier Banker      Active                 1/1/1997                   Full Text
HOPSTD                         Active
           Hoppenstedt (German Language)            10/11/2001                   Full Text
HOPBOR                         Active
           Hoppenstedt Börsenführer (German Language)5/30/2002                   Full Text
HOPFON                         Active
           Hoppenstedt Fondsführer (German Language) 5/30/2002                   Full Text
HORZN      Horizons (Abstracts)Discontinued          3/24/1998       7/31/2001   Abstracts
HORZNT                         Active
           Horizont (German Language)                 3/8/1996                   Full Text
HZTNWS                         Active
           Horizont Online News (German Language) 3/25/1997                      Full Text
HRBM       Horn Book Magazine  Active                 1/1/1994                   Full Text
HORNAD                         Active
           Hornsby and Upper North Shore Advocate 8/9/2001                       Full Text
DLSGFC                         Active
           Horoshie novosti (Russian Language)       11/1/2005                   Full Text
GHNR                           Active
           Horse & Rider (Abstracts)                  1/1/1997                   Abstracts
GHTC       Horticulture        Active                 1/1/1997                   Full Text
NBHNNZ                         Discontinued
           Horticulture News [NZ] (News Bites Summary)7/1/2003       11/1/2003   Abstracts
NBHHEA                         Discontinued
           Hospital & Healthcare (News Bites Summary)7/1/2003        11/1/2003   Abstracts
ABXHOH                         Discontinued
           Hospital And Healthcare (ABIX Abstracts) 6/30/1998        10/1/2006   Abstracts
HOSDOC     Hospital Doctor     Active                1/22/2004                   Full Text
HOMG                           Active
           Hospital Materials Management            12/14/1995                   Full Text
HMM                            Discontinued
           Hospital Materiel Management Quarterly     1/1/1997        2/1/2001   Full Text
ABXHAC                         Discontinued
           Hospitality (ABIX abstracts)             12/19/1996       12/3/2006   Abstracts
RHDI       Hospitality Design Active                  1/1/1989                   Full Text
ABXHOF                         Discontinued
           Hospitality Foodservice (ABIX Abstracts)  8/31/1996       8/31/1996   Abstracts
HOS                            Active
           Hospitals & Health Networks                1/1/1989                   Full Text
HOSPY                          Active
           Hospodarske Noviny (Abstracts)             8/9/2005                   Abstracts
HOSNOV                         Active
           Hospodarske Noviny (Czech Language)        3/2/1998                   Full Text
HSPDN                          Discontinued         12/21/1990
           Hospodarske Noviny (Czech Republic, Abstracts)            2/13/2002   Translated Abstracts
HOSPNO                         Discontinued          5/31/2001
           Hospodarske Noviny (Czech Republic, German Language)      2/13/2002   Full Text
HTLMKT                         Active
           Hostelmarket (Spanish Language)           6/15/1997                   Full Text
HMMG                           Active
           Hotel & Motel Management                   1/1/1994                   Full Text
HOTUS      Hotels              Active                 4/1/2004                   Full Text
HTLN       The Hotline         Active                 1/1/1996                   Full Text
KRTNK                          Active
           The Hour (MCT) (Conn.)                    5/28/2003                   Full Text
HSBT       House Beautiful     Discontinued           1/1/1994        6/2/2001   Full Text
HRH        House Race HotlineActive                   3/8/1998                   Full Text
HPPI                           Active
           Household & Personal Products Industry     7/1/2000                   Full Text
HSWR       Housewares (U.K.) Discontinued             1/1/1994        7/2/1999   Full Text
HOE                             (Abstracts)
           Housing Economics Discontinued             1/1/1997     10/19/2004    Abstracts
HPD                            Discontinued
           Housing Policy Debate (Abstracts)          1/1/1997       8/26/2003   Abstracts
HOU        Houston Chronicle Active                   1/2/1985                   Full Text
IIIHTN                         Discontinued
           Houston Chronicle (Abstracts)             4/25/1996       1/27/2005   Abstracts
KRTHO                          Active
           Houston Chronicle (MCT) (Texas)           5/24/2003                   Full Text
DDHOY                          Discontinued
           Hoy (Ecuador, Spanish Language)          11/11/1997       3/26/2004   Full Text
ESHOY                            Language)
           Hoy (Spain, SpanishActive                  6/7/2004                   Full Text
HPRO       HP Professional     Discontinued           1/1/1994        9/1/2000   Full Text
HRMZ       HRMagazine          Active                 1/1/1994                   Full Text
DLSAST                         Active
           Hronometr - Astrahan (Russian Language) 10/5/2006                     Full Text
DLSGFE                           (Russian Language) 11/1/2005
           Hronometr - IvanovoActive                                             Full Text

Factiva Confidential                           9/19/2011                                           Page 88
                                       Global Academic 2007Q4

DLSGFF                           Active
           Hronometr - Kostroma (Russian Language) 11/1/2005                     Full Text
DLSHRM                           Active
           Hronometr - Perm (Russian Language)       9/20/2006                   Full Text
DLSHRV                           Active
           Hronometr - Vladimir (Russian Language) 10/11/2006                    Full Text
DLSHVL                           Active
           Hronometr - Volgograd (Russian Language) 10/5/2006                    Full Text
DLSGFD                           Active
           Hronometr - Vologda (Russian Language) 11/1/2005                      Full Text
HSJCOK     HSJ.CO.UK             Discontinued         7/2/2001       9/14/2001   Full Text
HUASHC                           Discontinued        1/26/1999
           Huasheng News (Chinese Language - Simplified)            10/15/2005   Full Text
HUASHT                           Discontinued        1/26/1999
           Huasheng News (Chinese Language - Traditional)           10/15/2005   Full Text
HUCBUL                           Active
           Hucknall & Bulwell Dispatch               9/28/2006                   Full Text
HUDEXA     Huddersfield Examiner Active              6/30/2004                   Full Text
PHUD                             Active
           Hudson Review (Abstracts)                  1/1/1997                   Abstracts
HUGINA     Hugin Announce        Discontinued        2/27/2003       6/10/2004   Full Text
HUGNEN     Hugin Press Release   Active               7/3/2000                   Full Text
HUGNDA                           Active
           Hugin Press Release (Danish Language)      9/5/2000                   Full Text
HUGNDU                           Active
           Hugin Press Release (Dutch Language)       9/7/2000                   Full Text
HUGNFI                           Active
           Hugin Press Release (Finnish Language)     9/4/2000                   Full Text
HUGNDE                           Active
           Hugin Press Release (German Language) 8/30/2000                       Full Text
HUGNNO                           Active
           Hugin Press Release (Norwegian Language) 9/4/2000                     Full Text
HUGNSE                           Active
           Hugin Press Release (Swedish Language) 9/4/2000                       Full Text
CPNYEN                           Active
           Hugin Southern Europe Press Release       7/25/2003                   Full Text
CPNYNL                           Active              7/28/2003
           Hugin Southern Europe Press Release (Dutch Language)                  Full Text
CPNYFR                           Active              7/25/2003
           Hugin Southern Europe Press Release (French Language)                 Full Text
CPNYDE                           Active              1/25/2005
           Hugin Southern Europe Press Release (German Language)                 Full Text
CPNYIT                           Active              7/24/2003
           Hugin Southern Europe Press Release (Italian Language)                Full Text
CPNYES                           Active              7/24/2003
           Hugin Southern Europe Press Release (Spanish Language)                Full Text
HULLDM     Hull Daily Mail (U.K.)Active              6/19/1998                   Full Text
HBVH                             Discontinued
           Huls Blick Vom Hochhaus (Abstracts)        4/1/1993       7/31/2001   Abstracts
PHBI       Human Biology         Active               1/1/1997                   Full Text
UIHCR                            Active
           Human Communication Research (Abstracts)1/1/1997                      Abstracts
IHUD       Human Development     Discontinued         1/1/1997       11/2/1999   Full Text
PHEC       Human Ecology         Discontinued         1/1/1997       8/26/2003   Full Text
HEF                              Active
           Human Ecology (New York State College) 1/1/1995                       Full Text
QQHUM      Human Events          Active               1/1/2006                   Full Text
HUFA       Human Factors         Discontinued         1/1/1995      12/31/2005   Full Text
UORGX                            Active
           Human Organization (Abstracts)             1/1/1997                   Abstracts
HREL       Human Relations Active                     1/1/1994                   Full Text
HRDM                             Discontinued
           Human Resource Department Management Report1/1/2000       8/22/2005   Full Text
HRM                              Active
           Human Resource Management (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                        Abstracts
HRMJ                             Active               1/1/1997
           Human Resource Management Journal (Abstracts)                         Abstracts
HRPL                             Active
           Human Resource Planning                    1/1/1994                   Full Text
HUMRES     Human Resources Active                     4/8/2002                   Full Text
ABXHRM                           Discontinued
           Human Resources Magazine (ABIX abstracts)  8/1/2005      11/28/2006   Abstracts
PHRI       Human Rights          Active               1/1/1997                   Full Text
PHRQ                             Active
           Human Rights Quarterly (Abstracts)         1/1/1997                   Abstracts
HSM                              Active
           Human Systems Management                   1/1/1997                   Full Text
HNST       Humanist              Active               1/1/1994                   Full Text
HUMAND                           Active
           L'Humanité Dimanche (French Language) 3/1/2007                        Full Text
HUMAN                            Language)
           L'Humanité (French Active                  3/1/2007                   Full Text
HUMMOR     Hume/Moreland Leader  Active               8/1/2001                   Full Text
HUMDMA                           Active
           Humpty Dumpty's Magazine (Abstracts)       1/1/2006                   Abstracts
HUNGPD     Hungarian News Digest Active               1/7/2001                   Translated Abstracts
HUNBUS     Hungary Business DailyActive              9/18/2007                   Full Text

Factiva Confidential                          9/19/2011                                            Page 89
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

IFXHB                           Active
           Hungary Business Newswire                   7/3/1999                Full Text
IFXHW                           Active
           Hungary Business Weekly                    7/19/1999                Full Text
XHNW                            Discontinued
           Hutchinson News (Kan.)                      2/1/1992      7/31/2001 Full Text
HP                              Active
           Hydraulics & Pneumatics                     1/1/1989                Full Text
HYCP                            Active
           Hydrocarbon Processing                      1/1/1994                Full Text
HYPRAX                          Active
           Hydrocarbon Processing (Abstracts)          1/1/1994                Abstracts
HYDRO                           Active
           Hydroplus (French Language)                 6/1/2006                Full Text
DLSCBH                          Active
           IA AI92 (Russian Language)                 12/1/2005                Full Text
DLSCBI                          Active
           IA Arhangelskie novosti (Russian Language) 12/1/2005                Full Text
DLSIAH                          Active
           IA Habarovsk - Novosti (Russian Language) 5/5/2006                  Full Text
DLSFJH                          Active
           IA Karelinform (Russian Language)          12/1/2005                Full Text
DLSCBD                          Active
           IA Knews (Russian Language)                12/1/2005                Full Text
DLSCCA                          Active
           IA Lenoblinform (Russian Language)         12/1/2005                Full Text
DLSCCB                          Active
           IA Mari news (Russian Language)            12/1/2005                Full Text
DLSCBE                          Active
           IA (Russian Language)        12/1/2005                Full Text
DLSCCD                          Active
           IA Novosti Tolyatti (Russian Language)     12/1/2005                Full Text
DLSBGD                          Active
           IA Novosti (Russian Language)12/1/2005                Full Text
DLSCBF     IA Regnum-NewspbActive(Russian Language) 12/1/2005                  Full Text
DLSCCE                          Active
           IA Saha-novosti (Russian Language)         12/1/2005                Full Text
DLSCBG                          Active
           IA (Russian Language)            12/1/2005                Full Text
DLSGCE                          Active
           IA Tuva-online (Russian Language)          12/1/2005                Full Text
DLSCCJ                          Active
           IA Volgainform (Russian Language)          12/1/2005                Full Text
IBEEMP                          Active
           Iberonews Empresas (Spanish Language) 1/16/2006                     Full Text
IBEBWI                           Wire                 1/17/2006                Abstracts
           Iberonews-BusinessActiveSpanish Abstracts (Spanish Language, Abstracts)
IBIS                            Active                9/23/2003
           IBISWorld Industry Market Research (Summary) (Abstracts)            Abstracts
FIRD                            Active
           IBM Journal of Research & Development       1/1/1997                Full Text
ISY        IBM Systems Journal  Active                 1/1/1997                Full Text
BICB       ICB                  Discontinued           1/1/1997       8/1/2001 Full Text
ICCR       Ice Cream Reporter Active                   1/1/2000                Full Text
ICELND     Icelandic News DigestActive                 1/1/2001                Translated Abstracts
ICICP                           Discontinued
           Ici C&P News (Eastern Edition, Abstracts)) 6/17/1987      7/31/2001 Abstracts
ACHEN                           Active
           ICIS Chemical Business                      3/6/2006                Full Text
ECHNAW                          Active
           ICIS Chemical Business (Abstracts)          1/1/1994                Abstracts
CHMR                            Active
           ICIS Chemical Business Americas            2/26/2001                Full Text
CMKRA                           Active
           ICIS Chemical Business Americas (Abstracts)3/21/1986                Abstracts
ICNNWS                          Active
           ICN-International Cosmetic News             5/1/2005                Full Text
INST                            Discontinued
           ID: The Voice of Foodservice Distribution   1/1/1989       8/1/1999 Full Text
IDBR       Idaho Business ReviewActive                 1/1/1989                Full Text
IDCR       IDC Japan Report Discontinued               1/1/1994      7/31/2001 Full Text
IDEAL                           Active
           Ideal (Spanish Language)                    5/1/2004                Full Text
IDGCHI     IDG CIO (New Zealand)Discontinued           6/1/2003      3/12/2005 Full Text
CMPWNZ     IDG Computerworld Discontinued              4/6/1998      1/10/2006 Full Text
IDGAUS     IDG Data (Australia)Discontinued            9/1/2000       5/3/2005 Full Text
NZPCW      IDG PCWorld          Discontinued           5/1/1998      9/23/2005 Full Text
IDGRES     IDG Reseller         Discontinued           3/4/2005     12/12/2005 Full Text
IDGUNL     IDG Unlimited        Discontinued           6/1/2003      9/26/2005 Full Text
IDMIDC                          Discontinued
           IDMidCaps (French Language)               10/26/2004      4/28/2006 Full Text
EEXP                            Active
           IEEE Expert (Abstracts)                     1/1/1997                Abstracts
EMIC                            Active
           IEEE Micro (Abstracts)                      1/1/1997                Abstracts
ENET                            Active
           IEEE Network (Abstracts)                    1/1/1997                Abstracts
ESOF                            Active
           IEEE Software (Abstracts)                   1/1/1997                Abstracts
SPC        IEEE Spectrum        Active                 1/1/1997                Full Text

Factiva Confidential                           9/19/2011                                         Page 90
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

IEE                             Active                 1/1/1997
           IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management (Abstracts)                Abstracts
EPOE                            Active                 1/1/1997
           IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics (Abstracts)                     Abstracts
IPC                             Active                 1/1/1997
           IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication (Abstracts)            Abstracts
ERAU                            Active                  (Abstracts)
           IEEE Transactions on Robotics & Automation1/1/1997                     Abstracts
ISO                             Active                 1/1/1997
           IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (Abstracts)                  Abstracts
NBINVA                          Discontinued
           IFA (News Bites Summary)                    7/1/2003       2/27/2006   Abstracts
DLSCEC                          Active
           IF-region (Russian Language)               12/1/2005                   Full Text
IENG       IIE Solutions        Active                 1/1/1989                   Full Text
IIET       IIE Transactions     Active                 1/1/1994                   Full Text
ILM                             Active
           Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, Australia)   7/1/1997                   Full Text
BILB                            Active
           Illinois Banker (Abstracts)                 1/1/1997                   Abstracts
IMEC       Imaging Economics Active                   11/1/2006                   Full Text
IMGN       Imaging News         Discontinued          12/1/1991       7/31/2001   Full Text
IMGU       Imaging Update       Active                12/1/1991                   Full Text
IMGW       Imaging World        Discontinued           7/1/1996       5/19/1997   Full Text
IMAWBU                          Discontinued
           IMATEKNiK (Russian Language, Abstracts) 4/8/1998           7/11/2003   Abstracts
DLSCDC                          Discontinued
           Imeesh pravo (Russian Language)            11/1/2005     12/25/2006    Full Text
IMMW       Immunotherapy Weekly Active                 1/1/1999                   Full Text
IMP        Implement & TractorActive                   1/1/1989                   Full Text
IMPRES     Impressions          Active                10/1/2004                   Full Text
ADRW                            Discontinued
           Improved Recovery Week                      8/1/1991       1/16/1995   Full Text
IPP        In - Plant Printer   Active                 1/1/2000                   Full Text
NBZLV      In Business Las VegasActive               11/28/2003                   Full Text
AIOO       In Our Opinion       Discontinued           1/1/1997       10/1/1999   Full Text
IC         Inc.                 Discontinued           8/1/1996        1/1/2002   Full Text
IMK        Incentive            Active                 1/1/2004                   Full Text
INDEF      InDEFENSE            Active                7/27/2005                   Full Text
THEIN                           Active
           The Independent (Abstracts)                 1/1/2005                   Abstracts
TINDE                           Discontinued
           The Independent (Bangladesh)                6/1/1998     12/31/2004    Full Text
IND                             Active
           The Independent (London)                    6/1/1988                   Full Text
XIND                            Discontinued
           Independent (Marshall, Minn.)               1/1/1992       7/31/2001   Full Text
AIWING                          Discontinued
           The Independent (The Gambia)                1/1/2001       6/19/2006   Full Text
BINB       Independent BankerDiscontinued              1/1/1997       3/23/2004   Full Text
IEN        Independent EnergyDiscontinued              1/1/1997        3/5/2000   Full Text
ABXINF                          Discontinued           3/6/2003
           Independent Financial Adviser (ABIX Abstracts)           11/27/2006    Abstracts
INDBUW                          Active
           The Independent Financial Review           1/19/1996                   Full Text
XIDJ                              (Novato, Calif.)
           Independent JournalDiscontinued           12/26/1992       7/31/2001   Full Text
INDOS                           Active
           Independent On Sunday (U.K.)               3/25/1990                   Full Text
KRTHE                            (MCT)
           Independent RecordActive (Mont.)            1/1/2003                   Full Text
ITNW                            Discontinued
           Independent Telco News                     12/1/1991       11/1/1992   Full Text
IDXC                            Active
           Index on Censorship (Abstracts)             1/1/1997                   Abstracts
INBI                            Discontinued
           India Business Intelligence                 2/1/1994        4/3/1996   Full Text
INTY       India Today          Active                12/1/1995                   Full Text
ITPL       India Today Plus     Active                 1/1/1996                   Full Text
WIBI                            Active
           Indian Business Insight (Abstracts)       10/31/2001                   Abstracts
NBICNB                          Active
           Indian Company News Bites                   7/6/2007                   Full Text
NBICTF     Indian Company News Bites – Trading Floor10/5/2006
                                Active                                            Full Text
KRTIC                           Active
           Indian Country Today (MCT) (N.Y.)          5/28/2003                   Full Text
AIWINE     Indian Express       Active                 5/2/2002                   Full Text
IOLET                           Active
           The Indian Ocean Newsletter                2/26/2005                   Full Text
INDIAP                          Active
           Indian Pharmacist (Abstracts)              9/30/2005                   Abstracts
INDB                            Active
           Indiana Business Magazine                   1/1/1985                   Full Text

Factiva Confidential                           9/19/2011                                      Page 91
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

IBR                              Active
           Indiana Business Review                         4/1/1993              Full Text
INMN       Indiana Manufacturer  Discontinued              5/1/1995     2/2/1999 Full Text
IBJ                              Active
           Indianapolis Business Journal                   1/7/1985              Full Text
HNIANS                           Active
           Indo-Asian News Service                         1/1/2006              Full Text
INDODN                           Discontinued
           Indonesia Development News (Abstracts) 5/20/1986            7/31/2001 Abstracts
INDO                             Discontinued
           Indonesia Times (Abstracts)                     1/1/1994    7/31/2001 Abstracts
INCONW                           Active
           Indonesian Commercial Newsletter                1/1/1994              Full Text
ININHI                           Discontinued
           Indonesian Investment Highlights              10/1/1991     7/31/2005 Full Text
ILR                              Active
           Industrial & Labor Relations Review (Abstracts) 1/1/1989              Abstracts
IDBI                             Discontinued
           Industrial Bioprocessing                      11/1/1991      2/1/1993 Full Text
ICER                             Active
           Industrial Ceramics (Abstracts)                 1/1/1994              Abstracts
IDIS                             Active
           Industrial Distribution                         1/1/1989              Full Text
IEB                              Discontinued
           Industrial Energy Bulletin                      1/6/1989    7/31/2001 Full Text
INDV       Industrial EnvironmentActive                  12/1/1991               Full Text
INEN                               News
           Industrial EquipmentDiscontinued                8/1/2002    11/1/2005 Full Text
INHH                             Discontinued
           Industrial Health & Hazards Update              1/1/1992    12/1/2001 Full Text
ILUBT                            Active
           Industrial Lubrication & Tribology (Abstracts) 1/2/1987               Abstracts
INDM       Industrial Management Active                    1/1/1994              Full Text
UIMMX                            Management (Abstracts) 1/1/1997
           Industrial Marketing Active                                           Abstracts
INDMIN                           Active
           Industrial Minerals (IM)                      10/1/2006               Full Text
IMINBG                           Active
           Industrial Minerals (London, Abstracts)       3/21/1986               Abstracts
IFIN                             Active
           Industrial Paint & Powder                       1/1/1989              Full Text
UIDRX                            Active
           Industrial Relations (Calif., Abstracts)        1/1/1997              Abstracts
INDR                             Active
           Industrial Relations (Canada)                   1/1/1994              Full Text
IRTJ                             Active
           Industrial Relations Journal (Abstracts)        1/1/1997              Abstracts
ISNW                               News
           Industrial SpecialtiesDiscontinued            11/1/1991     8/29/2002 Full Text
INDMA                            Active
           Industrie Pharma Magazine (Abstracts)         10/6/2005               Abstracts
INDTEF                            et Management (French Language)
           Industrie Technique Active                    1/15/2006               Full Text
INDTED                           Management (Dutch Language)
           Industrie Technisch Active                    2/10/2006               Full Text
INDZGR                           Active
           Industrieanzeiger (German Language)             6/1/2001              Full Text
INTR                             Discontinued
           Industries in Transition                      11/1/1991     2/28/2004 Full Text
INDENV                           Active
           Industry and Environment (Abstracts)        12/16/1986                Abstracts
AIWISA                           Discontinued
           Industry Sector Analysis                        4/2/1997    7/31/2001 Full Text
BDU        Industry Updates Active                       9/17/2002               Full Text
IW         Industry Week         Active                    1/1/1989              Full Text
FINF       Infantry              Active                    1/1/1997              Full Text
INFC                             Active
           Infectious Disease Alert                        1/1/2002              Full Text
ALR                              Litigation Reporter
           Infectious Diseases Discontinued              12/1/2001     8/31/2005 Full Text
IFCN                             Discontinued
           Info Canada (Abstracts)                         1/1/1994    7/31/2001 Abstracts
DELIAS                           Active
           Info Chimie Magazine (Abstracts)              9/19/2005               Abstracts
CPD                              Discontinued
           Info World Canada (Abstracts)                   1/1/1997    8/25/2003 Abstracts
INFOAM     Infoamericas          Active                  1/28/2003               Full Text
BAE                              Active
           INFOBAE Diario (Spanish Language)           11/18/1998                Full Text
INFOBU                           Discontinued
           Infobusiness (Russian Language)               6/28/2002     5/27/2003 Full Text
ABXILM                           Discontinued
           Info-link Magazine (ABIX Abstracts)         10/31/1998      2/28/2000 Abstracts
NFOP       Infoperspectives      Discontinued              1/1/1994     5/1/1998 Full Text
IOR        INFOR                 Active                    1/1/1997              Full Text
IFN        Inform                Discontinued              1/1/1997    8/26/2003 Full Text
DLSCDG                           Active                  12/1/2005               Full
           Informacionno-delovoj portal Chuvashii (Russian Language) Text
DLSCDH                           Active                  12/1/2005
           Informacionnyi portal (Russian Language)                    Full Text
DLSCEJ                           Active                   (Russian
           Informacionnyi portal Krasnodarskogo kraya12/1/2005 Language)         Full Text
DLSCEA                           Active                  12/1/2005
           Informacionnyi portal Mozhaiska (Russian Language)                    Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                    Page 92
                                          Global Academic 2007Q4

DLSCDI                          Active                  12/1/2005
           Informacionnyi portal (Russian Language)                       Full Text
DLSCEB                          Active                  12/1/2005
           Informacionnyi server Altaiskogo kraya (Russian Language)        Full Text
IFM                             Active
           Information & Management (Abstracts)          1/1/1997                   Abstracts
DTP                             Active
           Information & Software Technology (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                   Abstracts
INFA                            Discontinued
           The Information Advisor                       1/1/1994        5/11/2004 Full Text
IEP                             Active
           Information Economics & Policy (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                      Abstracts
INFE       Information ExecutiveDiscontinued             1/1/1998        3/23/2004 Full Text
UOLMC                           Discontinued             1/1/1997        11/1/2002
           Information Intelligence Online Libraries and Microcomputers (Abstracts) Abstracts
IIOU                            Discontinued             1/1/1997
           Information Intelligence Online Newsletter (Abstracts)        12/2/2002 Abstracts
IFLA                            Discontinued
           Information Law Alert: An IOMA Report         2/1/1994        7/31/2001 Full Text
RMQ                             Active
           Information Management Journal                1/1/1989                   Full Text
ESOU                            D
           Information Networks iscontinued              1/1/1992        7/31/2001 Full Text
SL         Information Outlook Active                    3/1/1989                   Full Text
IPL                             Active
           Information Processing Letters (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                      Abstracts
INS                             Active
           Information Society (Abstracts)               1/1/1997                   Abstracts
IFS                             Discontinued              (Abstracts)
           Information Strategy: The Executive's Journal1/1/1997          7/2/2003 Abstracts
JIF                               Management (Abstracts)
           Information SystemsActive                     1/1/1997                   Abstracts
IFTL                            Active
           Information Technology & Libraries            1/1/1994                   Full Text
IMGS                            Discontinued
           Information Technology Report                 3/2/1995        8/15/1998 Full Text
INFO       Information Today Active                      1/1/1989                   Full Text
IWLDR                           Active
           Information World Review                     4/19/1996                   Full Text
INCM                             (Abstracts)
           Informations Chimie Discontinued              1/1/1994         4/1/1998 Abstracts
ICHEDI                           Hebdo
           Informations Chimie Active (Abstracts)       3/18/1986                   Abstracts
IWK        InformationWeek Active                        6/1/1988                   Full Text
IFIPO                           Active
           Informatore Fitopatologico (Abstracts)       3/22/1989                   Abstracts
DLSCDF                          Discontinued
           Inform-ekologiya (Russian Language)          12/1/2005        1/31/2007 Full Text
DLSIFP                          Active
           Inform-Plus (Russian Language)                8/8/2006                   Full Text
DLSCDE                          Active
           Inform-polis (Russian Language)              11/1/2005                   Full Text
INFECF                          Active                   1/1/2003
           Infos Economie Finance (French Language, Abstracts)                      Translated Abstracts
IFSR       InfoStor             Active                   1/1/2002                   Full Text
NYHEAT                          Discontinued             8/1/2001
  - New York Heartbeat (Japanese Language)        11/20/2004 Full Text
NYMARK                          Discontinued             8/1/2001
  - New York Market Overview (Japanese Language)  11/20/2004 Full Text
NYSTOC                          Discontinued             8/1/2001        11/9/2004 Full Text
  - New York Stock News a la carte (Japanese Language)
NYSTRA                          Discontinued             Language)
  - New York Strategy (Japanese 8/1/2001          11/20/2004 Full Text
TOKHEA                          Discontinued            1/28/2001
  - Tokyo Heartbeat (Japanese Language)            6/30/2004 Full Text
TOKMAR                          Discontinued             8/1/2001       11/19/2004 Full Text
  - Tokyo Market Overview & Stock News a la carte (Japanese Language)
TOKSQA                          Discontinued            8/17/2001
  - Tokyo SQ Analysis (Japanese Language)         10/17/2002 Full Text
TOKSTR                          Discontinued             8/3/2001
  - Tokyo Strategy (Japanese Language)             6/30/2004 Full Text
TOKWEE                          Discontinued            8/20/2001       11/13/2002 Full Text
  - Tokyo Weekly Market Outlook (Japanese Language)
UAINF      InfoTech Update      Active                   1/1/1997                   Full Text
INFTEC     Infotech Weekly      Active                  6/23/1997                   Full Text
CHTBCN                          Active                 11/15/2003
           Infotimes Chinese Realtime News (Chinese Language - Simplified)          Full Text
CHTBN                           Active                   9/1/1995
           Infotimes Chinese Realtime News (Chinese Language - Traditional)         Full Text
INFNSP                          Active
           Infovest21 News Provider Service              9/1/2006                   Full Text
INFSF                           Active
           Infovest21 Strategy Focus                    9/23/2006                   Full Text
INFWP                           Active
           Infovest21 White Papers                       3/7/2007                   Full Text
INFW       InfoWorld            Discontinued            1/16/1995         4/2/2007 Full Text
IWDN       InfoWorld Daily News Active                   1/1/1998                   Full Text
INFN                            Discontinued
           Infrastructure Finance                        7/1/1996        10/1/1997 Full Text
INGQMC                          Active
           Ingenieria Quimica (Abstracts)               8/14/1986                   Abstracts
CRKC                            Discontinued
           Ingram's (Kansas City, Mo.)                  11/1/1986        11/2/2003 Full Text
DLSCDD                          Active
           Ingushetiya (Russian Language)               11/1/2005                   Full Text

Factiva Confidential                             9/19/2011                                            Page 93
                                          Global Academic 2007Q4

INKP       Ink & Print          Discontinued             1/1/1994        12/22/1998 Full Text
INKMAK     Ink Maker            Active                   1/1/2004                   Full Text
AMINKM     Ink Maker (Abstracts)Active                  7/10/1994                   Abstracts
KRTIV                           Active
           Inland Valley Daily Bulletin (MCT) (Calif.) 5/27/2003                    Full Text
NLIWWK     Inner-West Weekly Active                     2/26/2004                   Full Text
INNADV     Innisfail Advocate Active                     8/1/2001                   Full Text
INVT       Innovation           Discontinued            10/1/1991          8/1/2001 Full Text
INTT                            Discontinued
           Innovation Technology Transfer (Abstracts) 7/25/1990           7/31/2001 Abstracts
INPACK                          Discontinued
           Innovative New Packaging in Japan           12/21/2003        11/25/2005 Full Text
INDG       Innovator's Digest Discontinued              11/1/1991        12/30/2001 Full Text
INQNET         Active                   9/1/2004                   Full Text
INQ                             Active                   1/1/1997
           Inquiry -- Excellus Health Plan (Rochester, N.Y.,Abstracts)              Abstracts
IITA                            Discontinued
           Inside Aviation/Aerospace IT                  6/4/1997         7/31/2001 Full Text
BCCR       Inside Billing       Discontinued             4/1/1998         7/30/1999 Full Text
INBZ       Inside Business      Active                   9/1/2000                   Full Text
ICAL       Inside Cal/EPA       Active                  10/7/2005                   Full Text
AIWICM     Inside China MainlandDiscontinued             7/1/1996         7/31/2001 Full Text
INCMS      Inside CMS           Active                  2/20/2004                   Full Text
ICDC                            Discontinued
           Inside Consumer Directed Care                 6/4/2004          6/8/2007 Full Text
IDTV       Inside Digital TV    Discontinued             9/7/1998         12/6/2006 Full Text
IE         Inside Energy        Active                   1/1/1988                   Full Text
NRGXTR     Inside Energy/Extra Active                    1/2/2007                   Full Text
EPAW                            Active
           Inside EPA Weekly Report                     10/7/2005                   Full Text
INSEYE     Inside Eye           Discontinued            11/1/1995          5/1/2000 Full Text
FERC       Inside F.E.R.C.      Active                   1/1/1988                   Full Text
GMR                             Active
           Inside F.E.R.C.'s Gas Market Report           1/1/1988                   Full Text
IFAA       Inside FAA           Discontinued            2/18/2004         8/31/2005 Full Text
IFUEL                           Discontinued
           Inside Fuels & Vehicles                      2/20/2004         3/23/2006 Full Text
IGBWR                           Discontinued
           Inside Green Business Weekly Report           5/3/2006         6/27/2007 Full Text
IIVH       Inside ITS           Discontinued            12/1/1991        11/20/1995 Full Text
IMDT       Inside Market Data Discontinued              12/1/1991         1/15/1996 Full Text
IMISS                           Active
           Inside Missile Defense                       2/18/2004                   Full Text
INMS       Inside MS            Active                   1/1/1994                   Full Text
IMUL       Inside Multimedia Discontinued                3/3/1997        10/23/2000 Full Text
NSNS       Inside NIST          Discontinued             7/7/1995         9/29/1995 Full Text
NRC        Inside NRC           Active                   7/1/1985                   Full Text
IOSHA      Inside OSHA          Active                  2/20/2004                   Full Text
ABOW                            Active
           Inside Public Accounting                      1/1/1997                   Full Text
INSR       Inside R&D           Discontinued            12/1/1991         2/24/1993 Full Text
INRA       Inside Report on AIDSDiscontinued            1/15/1994         5/15/1994 Full Text
INSRET     Inside Retailing     Active                   7/1/1996                   Full Text
ABXINR                          Discontinued
           Inside Retailing (ABIX abstracts)             7/1/1996        11/20/2006 Abstracts
INSATV     Inside Satellite TV Active                    4/9/2007                   Full Text
INTM       Inside Telecom       Discontinued             1/1/1994         7/17/1995 Full Text
ITAF       Inside the Air Force Active                   3/1/2002                   Full Text
IARMY      Inside the Army      Active                  2/18/2004                   Full Text
INAVY      Inside the Navy      Active                  2/18/2004                   Full Text
IPEN       Inside the PentagonActive                    3/21/2002                   Full Text
IUST       Inside U.S. Trade Active                     10/7/2005                   Full Text
IUSC       Inside US-China TradeActive                  10/5/2005                   Full Text
MEWINS                          Discontinued
           The Insider (Zimbabwe)                        8/5/1997         7/31/2001 Full Text
INSI       Insight Magazine Discontinued                10/1/1991         12/6/2004 Full Text

Factiva Confidential                              9/19/2011                                     Page 94
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

ISGT       Insight on the News Discontinued               1/1/1998       5/11/2004 Full Text
QQISP                             Active
           Instant and Small Commercial Printer           1/1/2006                  Full Text
ABXIPA                            Discontinued          9/30/1996
           Institute of Public Affairs Review (ABIX Abstracts)           3/31/2003 Abstracts
INVS                              - Americas
           Institutional Investor Active                  1/1/1991                  Full Text
IIIE                              - International
           Institutional Investor Active                  5/1/2002                  Full Text
IIINV                             (Abstracts)
           Institutional Investor Discontinued          3/10/1996        1/27/2005 Abstracts
ABXITO     Insto (ABIX Abstracts) Discontinued            1/1/2004       10/1/2005 Abstracts
INSTMA     In-Store               Active                  6/1/2000                  Full Text
GARINS     Instructions           Discontinued            6/1/1998       7/31/2001 Full Text
GNTINS                            Discontinued
           Instructions (Russian Language)                6/8/1998       7/31/2001 Full Text
UFINP                             Discontinued
           Instructor (Primary Edition, Abstracts)        1/1/1997        8/1/2002 Abstracts
INBS                               Outlook
           Instrument BusinessActive                      7/1/1993                  Full Text
INSTRU                            Active                  1/1/2001                  Full Text
           INSTRUMENTA Analytical Instrument Industry Report (Available through Third Party Subscription Services)
INSTNL                            Discontinued            3/4/2004       12/8/2005 Full
           Instrumenta Online Plus (Available through Third Party Subscription Services) Text
UINST                             Active
           Instrumentalist (Abstracts)                    1/1/1997                  Abstracts
STYL       InStyle                Active                  2/1/1995                  Full Text
INTC       Insurance + Technology Active                  2/1/1997                  Full Text
IIIADV                            (Abstracts)
           Insurance Advocate Discontinued              1/21/1996        1/27/2005 Abstracts
INAGE      Insurance Age          Active               12/26/1985                   Full Text
ABXINS                            Discontinued
           The Insurance Broker (ABIX Abstracts)       12/10/1996        4/30/1998 Abstracts
IBMIA                             Active
           Insurance Brokers Monthly & Insurance Advisor6/27/1986                   Full Text
INCH       Insurance ChronicleDiscontinued              11/1/2002        11/1/2003 Full Text
ICOV                               Litigation Reporter
           Insurance CoverageDiscontinued               12/1/2001        8/31/2005 Full Text
IFAI                              Discontinued
           Insurance Finance & Investment               1/13/1997        1/13/2006 Full Text
IIID                              Active                5/23/1995
           Insurance Information Institute Database (Abstracts)                     Abstracts
IIUPD      Insurance Issues UpdateDiscontinued            4/4/1995       1/27/2005 Full Text
INNDM                             Discontinued
           Insurance Networking and Data Management     1/31/1998        7/31/2001 Full Text
INSNN                             Discontinued
           Insurance Networking News                    1/21/1997        7/31/2001 Full Text
INNEWS     Insurance Newslink Active                      2/6/2006                  Full Text
IIIIPL                            Discontinued
           Insurance Pulse (Abstracts)                    5/9/1999       7/31/2001 Abstracts
INSRG      The Insurance RegulatorDiscontinued            7/1/1993       7/31/2001 Full Text
IR         Insurance Review Discontinued                  1/1/1989       11/1/1991 Full Text
INB                               Discontinued
           Insurance Systems Bulletin                     1/1/1997        5/1/2002 Full Text
INSTIM     Insurance Times        Active               10/30/2003                   Full Text
IMS                               Active
           Insurance: Mathematics & Economics (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                  Abstracts
RUSPOL     The Insurer Magazine   Discontinued            2/5/2006        3/9/2006 Full Text
ITCH       InTech (Abstracts) Active                      1/1/1994                  Abstracts
ICIN                              Discontinued
           Integrated Circuits International            10/1/1991         9/1/1996 Full Text
WER                               Discontinued
           Integrated Waste Management                    1/1/1988       7/31/2001 Full Text
PAZO                              Active
           Integrative and Comparative Biology            2/1/1997                  Full Text
INTBDG                            Language)
           Intelbridge (Russian Active                 12/31/1996                   Full Text
ITLLBG                            Active
           Intelbridge Russian Bank Profiles           12/31/1996                   Full Text
IPLR                              Litigation Reporter
           Intellectual Property Discontinued           12/1/2001        8/31/2005 Full Text
UINTL                             Active
           Intelligence (Abstracts)                       1/1/1997                  Abstracts
INTON      Intelligence Online Active                   2/18/2005                   Full Text
INTONF                            Edition               2/18/2005
           Intelligence Online - Active Francaise (French Language)                 Full Text
XINT                              Discontinued
           Intelligencer (Wheeling, W. Va.)             12/1/1991        7/31/2001 Full Text
IENT       Intelligent EnterpriseActive                 10/1/1998                   Full Text
INHW       Intelligent Highway Discontinued               2/1/1993     11/13/1995 Full Text
IPRS       Inter Press Service Active                     3/1/1992                  Full Text
IPSPT                             Active
           Inter Press Service (Portuguese Language) 9/22/2003                      Full Text
IPSES                             Active
           Inter Press Service (Spanish Language)       7/23/2003                   Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                           Page 95
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

ININ                             from ZDWire
           Inter@ctive Investor Discontinued             4/1/2000       12/3/2001   Full Text
ELMK                             Discontinued
           Interactive Advertising & Branding News      1/17/1994        9/1/2003   Full Text
INAG       Interactive Age       Discontinued           9/26/1994       8/28/1995   Full Text
IACN       Interactive Content Discontinued             10/1/1994        8/1/1998   Full Text
ITDL       Interactive Daily     Discontinued           8/30/1995        6/6/1997   Full Text
IAVF       Interactive Facts     Discontinued            7/4/1994       7/31/2001   Full Text
CIAP       Interactive Home Discontinued                 1/1/1995        8/1/1998   Full Text
IMKN                             Discontinued
           Interactive Marketing News                  11/25/1994       7/31/2001   Full Text
INPR                             Discontinued
           Interactive PR and Marketing News            3/11/1996      12/10/1999   Full Text
INVW       Interactive Video NewsDiscontinued           6/27/1994       7/31/2001   Full Text
INWK                             Discontinued
           Interactive Week from ZDWire                 2/23/1998        3/4/2002   Full Text
INAC       InterActivity         Discontinued           12/1/1996       7/31/2001   Full Text
IBZT       Interavia             Active                  9/1/2005                   Full Text
INTCOL                           D
           Intercollegiate Reviewiscontinued             4/1/2006       8/29/2006   Full Text
CBR                              Discontinued
           Intercorp (Hartford, Conn.)                  10/1/1985       7/31/2001   Full Text
INTK       Intereconomics        Active                  1/1/2000                   Full Text
INTPRI                           Active
           Intérêts Privés (French Language)            5/14/2005                   Full Text
TIM        Interfaces (Abstracts)Active                  1/1/1997                   Abstracts
IXBELO                           News
           Interfax Belorussian Discontinued             7/1/1999       12/8/2000   Full Text
INTCHE                           Discontinued
           Interfax Chemicals (Abstracts)              12/31/2004       2/28/2006   Abstracts
COMCOD                           & Commodities
           Interfax Companies Discontinued             11/16/1999       11/9/2003   Full Text
IFXCS                            Discontinued            7/9/1999
           Interfax Czech Republic & Slovakia Weekly Business Report     4/4/2006   Full Text
DAIPT                            Discontinued           3/26/1999
           Interfax Energy News Service (Russian Language)               4/4/2006   Full Text
INTFA                            Discontinued
           Interfax Food and Agriculture (Abstracts) 12/25/2004         3/11/2006   Abstracts
IFMARK                           Discontinued
           Interfax Markets Survey                       7/1/1999       7/28/1999   Full Text
DAINB                            Discontinued
           Interfax News Service (Russian Language) 3/25/1999            4/4/2006   Full Text
INTPE                            Discontinued
           Interfax Petroleum (Abstracts)               1/20/2005        3/9/2006   Abstracts
WEEBU                            Discontinued            4/6/1999
           Interfax Weekly Business Report (Russian Language)            4/4/2006   Full Text
BANAF                            Discontinued
           Interfax: Banking & Finance                  4/14/1999        4/4/2006   Full Text
BANFI                            Discontinued
           Interfax: Banking & Finance (Russian Language)4/7/1999        4/4/2006   Full Text
BUSLR                            Discontinued            5/4/1999
           Interfax: Business Law Report (Russian Language)              4/4/2006   Full Text
COMER                            Discontinued           4/12/1999        4/4/2006
           Interfax: Communications & Electronics Report (Russian Language)         Full Text
DAIBU                            Discontinued           3/25/1999
           Interfax: Daily Business Report (Russian Language)            4/4/2006   Full Text
IFXDPR                           Discontinued           4/18/2001
           Interfax: Diplomatic Panorama (Russian Language)             11/9/2004   Full Text
FINEN                            Discontinued           3/25/1999
           Interfax: Finance & Economic News (Russian Language)          4/4/2006   Full Text
FOOAG                            Discontinued            Language)
           Interfax: Food & Agriculture Report (Russian4/14/1999         4/4/2006   Full Text
INVRE                            Report (Russian Language)
           Interfax: Investment Discontinued            4/10/1999        3/5/2004   Full Text
MINIM                            Discontinued           4/12/1999
           Interfax: Mining & Metals Report (Russian Language)           4/4/2006   Full Text
MNTOR                            Discontinued
           Interfax: Monitoring (Russian Language)      3/27/1999        4/4/2006   Full Text
PETRP                            Discontinued
           Interfax: Petroleum Report (Russian Language)4/29/1999        4/4/2006   Full Text
IFXPRR                            Bulletin (Russian Language)
           Interfax: PresidentialDiscontinued           4/18/2001       11/9/2004   Full Text
RUSSCN                           Discontinued
           Interfax: Russian Company News                7/6/1999       1/28/2004   Full Text
RSCOMN                           Discontinued            7/7/1999
           Interfax: Russian Company News (Russian Language)            1/28/2004   Full Text
STSTR                            Discontinued
           Interfax Statistical Report (Russian Language)4/8/1999        4/4/2006   Full Text
IFRTOP                           Discontinued
           Interfax-100: Russia's Top Banks             7/21/1999       7/31/2001   Full Text
INXAIF                           Discontinued
           Interfax-Aif (Abstracts)                      8/1/1995       9/30/1996   Translated Abstracts
INTFXA                           Discontinued
           Interfax-AiF (Russian Language, Abstracts) 1/26/1998         7/31/2001   Abstracts
INTE       Interior Design       Active                  1/1/1989                   Full Text
INSD                             Discontinued            1/1/1995
           Interiors: For the Contract Design Professional (Abstracts)   6/1/2001   Abstracts
XIMT                             Discontinued
           Inter-Mountain (Elkins, W. Va.)               1/1/1992       7/31/2001   Full Text
IMCO                             Active
           Intermountain Contractor                      1/1/1998                   Full Text
IAD                              Active
           Internal Auditing (Abstracts)                 1/1/1997                   Abstracts

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                             Page 96
                                           Global Academic 2007Q4

IADT       Internal Auditor      Active                     1/1/1994                   Full Text
IMDN       Internal Medicine NewsActive                     1/1/2001                   Full Text
IMWR                             Active
           Internal Medicine World Report                   1/1/2006                   Full Text
UAIRB                            Active
           Internal Revenue Bulletin                        1/1/1997                   Full Text
ACCINT                           Discontinued
           International Accountancy magazine              6/11/1999         7/31/2001 Full Text
INTACB                           Active
           International Accounting                        7/26/1995                   Full Text
IAECO                            Active
           International Advances in Economic Research      5/1/1999                   Full Text
PINA                             Active
           International Affairs (Abstracts)                1/1/1997                   Abstracts
IBKA                             Discontinued
           International Bank Accountant                    8/1/1993        12/20/1993 Full Text
IBKR       International BankerDiscontinued                 8/1/1993         7/31/2001 Full Text
IBMR                              of Missionary Research 1/1/1995
           International BulletinActive                                                Full Text
INBUAS                           Active
           International Business Asia                   10/28/1996                    Full Text
INTBUD                           Discontinued
           International Business Daily                     1/1/2001         8/30/2002 Translated Abstracts
ICLR                             Discontinued
           International Coal Report                       1/13/1992         7/31/2001 Full Text
ICL                              Discontinued
           International Commercial Litigation              1/1/1997          5/1/1999 Full Text
IRGA                             Discontinued
           International Country Risk Guide -The Americas  11/1/1991         7/31/2001 Full Text
IRGO                             Discontinued               Pacific
           International Country Risk Guide: Asia & the11/1/1991             7/31/2001 Full Text
IRGM                             Discontinued              11/1/1991
           International Country Risk Guide: Middle East & North Africa 7/31/2001 Full Text
ICSS                             Discontinued              Section
           International Country Risk Guide: Statistical 11/1/1991           7/31/2001 Full Text
IRGS                             Discontinued              11/1/1991
           International Country Risk Guide: SubSaharan Africa               7/31/2001 Full Text
IRGE                             Discontinued
           International Country Risk Guide-Europe         11/1/1991         7/31/2001 Full Text
IEC                              Discontinued
           International Economic Review                    1/1/1997          2/1/2002 Full Text
INEC                             Active
           International Economy (Abstracts)                1/1/1997                   Abstracts
TIEC                             Active
           The International Economy                        1/1/2002                   Full Text
IEX                              Active
           International Executive (Abstracts)              1/1/1997                   Abstracts
INFIAD                           Discontinued
           International Financial Adviser                  1/1/2001          8/7/2002 Full Text
IFL                              Active
           International Financial Law Review              11/1/1997                   Full Text
IFW                              Active
           International Freighting Weekly                  1/1/1994                   Full Text
IACIGW                           Discontinued
           International Gaming and Wagering Business1/1/1994                11/1/1998 Full Text
INGS                             Active
           International Gas Report                        1/10/1992                   Full Text
GING       International Gymnast Active                     1/1/1997                   Full Text
INHT                             Tribune
           International Herald Active                      8/1/1992                   Full Text
ASAH                             Active
           The International Herald Tribune (Herald Asahi) 3/18/1997                   Full Text
IIM                              Discontinued
           International Insurance Monitor                  1/1/1997         8/26/2003 Full Text
NINV                             Active
           International Investment                        10/1/2002                   Full Text
PIPR                              for Philosophy of Religion (Abstracts)
           International JournalActive                      1/1/1997                   Abstracts
IJAD                              of Advertising
           International JournalDiscontinued                1/1/1994         7/30/2004 Full Text
PIAH                              of African Historical Studies (Abstracts)
           International JournalActive                      1/1/1997                   Abstracts
PIAL                              of American Linguistics (Abstracts)
           International JournalActive                      1/1/1997                   Abstracts
JCOM                              of Commerce & Management
           International JournalActive                      1/1/1998                   Full Text
PICS                              of Comparative Sociology (Abstracts)
           International JournalDiscontinued                1/1/1997          1/2/2001 Abstracts
IJCM                              of Conflict Management 1/1/2000
           International JournalActive                                                 Full Text
FJED                              of Eating Disorders (Abstracts)
           International JournalDiscontinued                1/1/1997          2/9/2004 Abstracts
IFSN                              of Food Sciences & Nutrition
           International JournalDiscontinued                1/1/1997         11/2/2000 Full Text
IJF                               of Forecasting (Abstracts)
           International JournalActive                      1/1/1997                   Abstracts
IGA                               of Government Auditing 1/1/1997
           International JournalActive                                                 Full Text
IJI                               of Industrial Organization (Abstracts)
           International JournalActive                      1/1/1997                   Abstracts
IJA                               of Information Management (Abstracts)
           International JournalActive                      1/1/1997                   Abstracts
IJIM                              of Instructional Media 1/1/1998
           International JournalActive                                                 Full Text
MJI                               of Management (Abstracts)
           International JournalActive                      1/1/1997                   Abstracts
JMRS                              of Market Research
           International JournalDiscontinued                1/1/1994         10/1/2002 Full Text
PMES                              of Middle East Studies (Abstracts)
           International JournalActive                      1/1/1997                   Abstracts

Factiva Confidential                               9/19/2011                                             Page 97
                                          Global Academic 2007Q4

FOFF                               of Offender Therapy & Comparative Criminology (Abstracts)
           International JournalActive                       1/1/1997                Abstracts
IJOA                               of Organizational Analysis
           International JournalActive                       1/1/1997                Full Text
IJC                                of Parallel Programming1/1/1997
           International JournalActive                        (Abstracts)            Abstracts
PBOG                               of Plant
           International JournalActive Sciences (Abstracts)  1/1/1997                Abstracts
EPE                                of Production Economics (Abstracts)
           International JournalActive                       1/1/1997                Abstracts
PRM                                of Project Management (Abstracts)
           International JournalActive                       1/1/1997                Abstracts
IJP                                of Public Administration (Abstracts)
           International JournalActive                       1/1/1997                Abstracts
UIPOR                              of Public Opinion Research
           International JournalActive                       1/1/1997                Full Text
IJR                                of Research in Marketing (Abstracts)
           International JournalActive                       1/1/1997                Abstracts
IJRD                               of Retail & Distribution Management
           International JournalDiscontinued                 1/1/1994      11/2/2004 Full Text
ISPY                               of Social Psychiatry
           International JournalActive                       1/1/1997                Full Text
ITN                                of Technology Management (Abstracts)
           International JournalActive                       1/1/1997                Abstracts
IURR                               of Urban & Regional Research (Abstracts)
           International JournalActive                       1/1/1997                Abstracts
IJWP                               on World Peace
           International JournalActive                       1/1/1997                Full Text
ILBR                              Review
           International Labour Active                       1/1/1995                Full Text
IMNT                             Discontinued
           International Management (Abstracts)              1/1/1994       9/1/1994 Abstracts
AIWIMI                            Insight Reports
           International Market Discontinued                 3/8/1997      7/31/2001 Full Text
AIWIMT                            Insight Trade
           International Market Discontinued Inquiries 3/9/1997            7/31/2001 Full Text
IMDRM                            Active
           International Medical Device Regulatory Monitor  7/18/2006                Full Text
IMR                              Discontinued
           International Migration Review                    1/1/1995      9/22/1997 Full Text
PIMR                             Active
           International Migration Review: IMR               1/1/1997                Full Text
IMFP                             Active                      1/1/1994
           International Monetary Fund Staff Papers (Abstracts)                      Abstracts
INMNYM                           Marketing
           International Money Discontinued                12/15/1995     11/15/2004 Full Text
INFM                             Discontinued                1/1/1994
           International News on Fats, Oils & Related Materials (Abstracts) 6/2/2002 Abstracts
IOD                              A
           International Oil Daily ctive                     6/9/2004                Full Text
INOG                             Discontinued
           International Organization                        1/1/1995      3/22/2001 Full Text
IPBI                             Discontinued
           International Paper Board Industry (Abstracts)    1/1/1994       8/1/2001 Abstracts
IPCLBZ                           Active
           International Pest Control (Abstracts)           3/10/1986                Abstracts
IPF                              Active
           International Petroleum Finance                  5/31/1998                Full Text
IPRM                             Active
           International Pharmaceutical Regulatory Monitor   7/6/2006                Full Text
PIPQ                             Active
           International Philosophical Quarterly (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                Abstracts
FIPS                             Active
           International Political Science Review (Abstracts)1/1/1997                Abstracts
IPAL                             Discontinued
           International Product Alert                      11/1/1991     12/31/2004 Full Text
INRES                            Active
           International Resource News                      9/12/2005                Full Text
IIRA                               of African American Art (Abstracts)
           International ReviewActive                        1/1/1997                Abstracts
IRAE                               of Applied Economics 1/1/1997
           International ReviewActive                                                Full Text
IROM                               of Mission
           International ReviewActive                        1/1/1995                Full Text
INSC                             D
           International Security iscontinued                1/1/1995      3/22/2001 Full Text
IOG                              Active
           International Small Business Journal              1/1/1997                Full Text
PSSJ                             Active
           International Social Science Journal (Abstracts)  1/1/1997                Abstracts
FISW                             Active
           International Social Work (Abstracts)             1/1/1997                Abstracts
ISMO                               of Management & Organization
           International StudiesActive                       1/1/1994                Full Text
PISQ                               Quarterly (Abstracts) 1/1/1997
           International StudiesActive                                               Abstracts
AITD                             Discontinued
           International Tax Digest                          1/1/1997     10/11/2001 Full Text
ITJ                              Active
           International Tax Journal (Abstracts)             1/1/1997                Abstracts
AITR                             Discontinued
           International Tax Report                          1/1/1997     10/11/1997 Full Text
ITR                              Active
           International Tax Review                          3/1/1997                Full Text
ABXITR                           Discontinued
           International Tax Review (ABIX Abstracts) 3/1/2004             10/23/2006 Abstracts
INTF                             Discontinued
           International Trade Finance (Abstracts)          1/10/1991     12/18/1998 Abstracts
ITDF                             Active
           International Trade Forum                         1/1/1994                Full Text
INTWAP                           Active
           International Water Power and Dam Construction.  3/31/1997                Full Text
IWLD       International WildlifeDiscontinued                1/1/1994       1/2/2002 Full Text

Factiva Confidential                              9/19/2011                                      Page 98
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

INTBUS     Internet Business Discontinued                5/1/2002         5/1/2002 Full Text
INTA       Internet Business NewsActive                10/5/1994                   Full Text
INCR                             Discontinued
           Internet Content Report                       5/2/1996        7/31/2001 Full Text
ITMG       Internet Magazine Discontinued                9/1/1999         7/2/2004 Full Text
AINR       Internet Protocol IQ Discontinued          11/11/1991          6/7/2000 Full Text
ISEM                             Discontinued            9/1/1999
           Internet Strategies for Education Markets: The Heller Report   1/1/2003 Full Text
INTW       Internet World        Discontinued          11/1/1997          7/1/2003 Full Text
ABXIAU                           Discontinued
  (ABIX Abstracts)                3/31/1999          2/1/2005 Abstracts
CWK        InternetWeek          Discontinued            5/1/1988         6/6/2002 Full Text
INET       INTERNETWORK Discontinued                     1/1/1994         3/1/1997 Full Text
MEWINN                           Discontinued
           Internews (Arusha, Tanzania)                1/27/2000         7/31/2001 Full Text
INTP       Interpretation        Active                  1/1/1995                  Full Text
AINT       Interpreter           Active                  1/1/1997                  Full Text
INSP       Interspace            Discontinued          1/15/1997         9/11/2003 Full Text
DLSFIH           Active                11/1/2005                   Full Text
DLSACA                           Active
  (Russian Language)              12/1/2005                   Full Text
ITVW       Interview             Active                  1/1/1994                  Full Text
AAA        Intheblack            Active                  2/1/1997                  Full Text
ABXACP                           Discontinued
           INTHEBLACK (ABIX Abstracts)                 3/31/2001          4/1/2006 Abstracts
IVRR                             Discontinued
           Inventory Management Report                   1/1/2000         1/1/2005 Full Text
KORTRA                           A
           Invest Korea Journal ctive                    3/3/1998                  Full Text
INVTIR                           Active
           Investir Hebdo (French Language)            3/16/2002                   Full Text
INVTRM                           Active
           Investir Magazine (French Language)         12/1/2003                   Full Text
INVTFR                           Active
  (French Language)                 1/7/2002                  Full Text
INVADV     Investment Adviser Active                     2/5/2001                  Full Text
IDLD                             Active
           Investment Dealers Digest                     1/1/1994                  Full Text
IMTN                             Discontinued
           Investment Management Technology              9/1/1991         2/5/1993 Full Text
IMWK                             Active
           Investment Management Weekly                  6/1/1997                  Full Text
INVN       Investment News Active                      9/22/1997                   Full Text
IVRP                             Discontinued
           The Investment Reporter                     5/16/1994        11/28/1994 Full Text
NVWK       Investment Week Active                      10/1/2002                   Full Text
NBINVD                            Bites Summary)
           Investor Daily (NewsDiscontinued              7/1/2003        3/16/2006 Abstracts
IVDT       Investor Direct       Active                  1/1/2002                  Full Text
NVRL       Investor Relations Discontinued               6/1/1995        12/1/1997 Full Text
IVSR                             Discontinued
           Investor Relations Business                 9/30/1996        12/30/2003 Full Text
ABXINW                           Discontinued
           Investor Weekly (ABIX Abstracts)              3/6/2003       11/23/2006 Abstracts
INVDAI                           Active
           Investor's Business Daily                   1/17/2002                   Full Text
INVR                             Active
           Investors Chronicle - Magazine and Web Content8/1/1992                  Full Text
INVDIG                           Discontinued
           Investors Digest (Malaysia)                 5/16/1998         6/16/2004 Full Text
INVTTV        Active                  5/1/2005                  Full Text
NBIWOO                           (News Bites
           Inwood InternationalDiscontinued Summary) 7/1/2003            10/1/2003 Abstracts
INZH                             Active
           Inzhenernaia Gazeta (Russia, Abstracts)       1/1/1994                  Abstracts
IPW        IP Law and Business   Active                  8/1/2001                  Full Text
IPA        IPA Review            Active                  1/1/1997                  Full Text
IPMARK                           Discontinued
           IPMARK (Spanish Language)                     1/1/2002        12/1/2004 Full Text
IPONCE     IPO News and Comments Active                  5/3/2007                  Full Text
IPONCR                           Active
           IPO News and Comments (Russian Language)    4/25/2007                   Full Text
IPOA       IPO Reporter          Discontinued          9/23/1996          9/9/2002 Full Text
IPRSID                           Active
           IPR Strategic Information Database            1/1/1997                  Full Text
IPRFR                            Active                 Language)
           IPR Strategic Information Database (French 2/18/2007                    Full Text
NLIPSN     Ipswich News          Active                  8/3/2006                  Full Text
IRAQND     Iraqi News Digest Active                    5/31/2001                   Translated Abstracts

Factiva Confidential                             9/19/2011                                           Page 99
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

IRCAEN                            Active             7/27/2005
  Listed Companies - Company Announcements                 Full Text
IRCAOT Listed Companies – Company Announcements (Chinese Language - Traditional)
                                  Active             7/27/2005                  Full Text
IRPREN Listed Companies – Press Releases
                                  Active             7/26/2005                  Full Text
IRPROT Listed Companies – Press Releases (Chinese Language - Traditional)
                                  Active             7/20/2005                  Full Text
IRCADS                            Active              8/1/2005                  Full Text
  Listed Companies - Company Announcements (Chinese Language - Simplified)
IRPRDS                            Active             7/20/2005                  Full Text
  Listed Companies - Press Releases (Chinese Language - Simplified)
IREJ       IRE Journal            Active              1/1/1997                  Full Text
IBT                               Active
           Irish Biotech News (Abstracts)            6/28/1990                  Abstracts
IRISEX     The Irish Examiner Active                10/13/2004                  Full Text
IINM       Irish Independent Active                   6/2/2003                  Full Text
IRB                               Active
           The Irish Journal of Management            1/1/1997                  Full Text
IMV        Irish Marketing Review Active              1/1/1997                  Full Text
IRISHN     The Irish News         Active             1/17/2005                  Full Text
IRISHP     Irish Post             Active             1/18/2006                  Full Text
IRTI       The Irish Times        Active             9/19/1981                  Full Text
IAM        Iron Age New Steel Discontinued            1/1/1997        8/26/2003 Full Text
IRJL       Irrigation Journal     Discontinued        1/1/1999       12/31/2001 Full Text
AEDP                              Discontinued
           IS Audit & Control Journal (Abstracts)     1/1/1997        7/31/2001 Abstracts
ISDI       ISDN News              Discontinued       12/1/1991       11/17/1998 Full Text
LQAF                              Active
           ISI Emerging Markets Africawire            1/1/2004                  Full Text
PSIS       Isis (Abstracts)       Active              1/1/1997                  Abstracts
HIN                               Discontinued
           Island Business (Hawaii)                   4/1/1991        10/1/2001 Full Text
ISLEME     Isle of Man Examiner   Active             9/26/2006                  Full Text
IWP                               Discontinued
           Isle Of Wight County Press               10/31/1982        7/31/2001 Full Text
NNWK       ISP Business News Discontinued             5/1/1995         8/6/2001 Full Text
AIWIBA     Israel Business Arena  Active              5/2/2002                  Full Text
ICNW       Israel Business Today  Discontinued        8/1/1991        12/1/2000 Full Text
ISFX       Israel Faxx            Active             10/3/1994                  Full Text
TLVB                              Discontinued
           Israel Technology and Investment Letter    6/1/1995        7/31/2001 Full Text
AIIA                              Active
           Issues in Accounting Education             1/1/1997                  Full Text
ILMD                              Active
           Issues in Law & Medicine                   1/1/1994                  Full Text
ISTC                              Technology
           Issues in Science & Active                 1/1/1994                  Full Text
LANM       IT Architect           Discontinued        1/1/1994         3/1/2006 Full Text
ITCMPR     IT Company ProfilesActive                 5/16/2005                  Full Text
ITCO       IT Contracts           Discontinued        1/1/1996        7/31/2001 Full Text
ITCM                              Discontinued
           IT Cost Management Strategies              9/1/1999         8/1/2001 Full Text
ITDIGE     IT Digest              Active              1/4/2005                  Full Text
ITMKST     IT Market Statistics Active                2/4/2005                  Full Text
IBMCOT     IT Today               Discontinued       5/31/1995        10/9/2001 Full Text
ITTRNG     IT Training            Active              5/1/2002                  Full Text
ITWEEK     IT Week                Active              8/1/2001                  Full Text
OGGIT                             Language)
  (Italian Discontinued        9/9/2002       10/16/2004 Full Text
ITALND     Italian News Digest Active                 5/3/2001                  Translated Abstracts
OGGI                              Active
           ItaliaOggi (Italian Language)             9/21/2002                  Full Text
OGISVN                            Active
           ItaliaOggi7 (Italian Language)             9/9/2002                  Full Text
TASSFR                            Active
           ITAR-TASS French Language Service         3/15/2001                  Full Text
TASSDE                            Active
           ITAR-TASS German Language Service         3/15/2001                  Full Text
TASSES     ITAR-TASS SpanishActive Language Service  3/15/2001                  Full Text
TASS       ITAR-TASS World ServiceActive              2/6/1997                  Full Text
TASSRU                            Active            10/20/1998
           ITAR-TASS World Service (Russian Language)                           Full Text
ITBUSI                            Active
           IT-BUSINESS NEWS (German Language) 1/1/2002                          Full Text
ITEJ       ITE Journal            Active              1/1/2000                  Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                        Page 100
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

ITPR                            Discontinued
           Item Processing Report                     11/14/1991         9/1/2004   Full Text
ITMBIZ                          Active
           ITmedia Biz.ID (Japanese Language)           5/7/2007                    Full Text
ITMNEW                          Active
           ITmedia News (Japanese Language)             5/2/2007                    Full Text
ITOGI                           Active
           Itogi (Russian Language)                    9/15/1997                    Full Text
AIWITW     ITWeb (South Africa) Discontinued           4/11/2003       5/13/2005    Full Text
DLSIVP                          Active
           Ivanovo-Press (Russian Language)             1/9/2006                    Full Text
DLSCCF                          Discontinued
           Ivanovo-Voznesensk (Russian Language) 11/1/2005             6/20/2006    Full Text
DLSCCG                          (Russian Language) 11/1/2005
           Ivanovskaya gazeta Active                                                Full Text
DLSCCH                          (Russian Language) 11/1/2005
           Ivanovskaya zemlyaActive                                                 Full Text
DLSCCI                          Active                 12/1/2005
           Ivanovskij informacionnyi portal (Russian Language)                      Full Text
BQ         Ivey Business JournalDiscontinued            1/1/1989         6/1/2002   Full Text
IWORLD                          Discontinued
           iWorld (Spanish Language)                   12/1/2002       10/1/2005    Full Text
BIZIZV     Izvestia (Abstracts) Discontinued           3/12/1997      12/27/2002    Translated Abstracts
IZVEST                          Active
           Izvestia (Russian Language)                 1/11/1996                    Full Text
IZVE                            Active
           Izvestiia (Russia, Abstracts)                1/1/1994                    Abstracts
DLSCDJ                          Active
           Izvestiya Kalmykii (Russian Language)       11/1/2005                    Full Text
DLSCDA                          Active
           Izvestiya Mordovii (Russian Language)       11/1/2005                    Full Text
DLSIZP                           (Russian Language) 1/10/2006
           Izvestiya PeterburgaActive                                               Full Text
DLSCDB                          Active                 11/1/2005
           Izvestiya Udmurtskoy respubliki (Russian Language)                       Full Text
JAKJIL     Jack and Jill        Active                  1/1/2006                    Full Text
JJB                             Discontinued
           Jackson Journal of Business (Fla.)           5/1/1985       7/31/2001    Full Text
JAGNOT         Active                  7/5/2006                    Full Text
JKPOST     The Jakarta Post Active                     10/1/1994                    Full Text
JAMAA                           Active                  1/1/2001
           JAMA: Journal of the American Medical Association (Abstracts)            Abstracts
PJJQ                            Discontinued
           James Joyce Quarterly (Abstracts)            1/1/1997       11/9/2005    Abstracts
JDW                             Active
           Jane's Defence Weekly (Abstracts)           6/19/2002                    Abstracts
KRTJG                           Active
           The Janesville Gazette (MCT) (Wis.)         5/28/2004                    Full Text
NOUYOU                          Active                  5/1/2006
           The Japan Agricultural News (Japanese Language)                          Full Text
JCHWAC     Japan Chemical Week  Active                 3/18/1986                    Full Text
JAPCHE                          Active
           Japan Chemical Week (Abstracts)             1/20/2005                    Abstracts
JCSC                            Discontinued
           Japan Computer Industry Scan                12/1/1991       7/27/2005    Full Text
JESC                            Active
           Japan Consumer Electronics Scan             12/1/1991                    Full Text
PHJACW                          Active
           Japan Corporate Watcher (Japanese Language)  1/1/1998                    Full Text
IJPE                            Active
           Japan Echo (Abstracts)                      12/1/2005                    Abstracts
JPES       Japan Energy Scan Active                    12/1/1991                    Full Text
AIWJFS                          Journal
           Japan Food Service Discontinued              5/2/2002         7/5/2003   Full Text
TEKMET     Japan Metal Daily Active                     6/1/2006                    Full Text
JPPO                            Discontinued
           Japan Policy & Politics                     12/1/1991       7/27/2005    Full Text
GJAQ       Japan Quarterly      Discontinued            1/1/1997       10/2/2001    Full Text
JSSC       Japan Science ScanActive                    12/1/1991                    Full Text
JASECJ                          Active                  2/1/2007
           The Japan Securities Journal (Japanese Language)                         Full Text
JSES                            Active
           Japan Semiconductor Scan                    12/1/1991                    Full Text
JAN                             Discontinued            1/1/1997
           Japan Times Weekly International Edition (Abstracts)        3/16/2000    Abstracts
JTIM       The Japan Times Active                       6/1/2002                    Full Text
JTSC                            Discontinued
           Japan Transportation Scan                   12/1/1991       7/27/2005    Full Text
JPWM       Japan Weekly Monitor Discontinued           12/1/1991       7/27/2005    Full Text
NBJAPC                          News Bites (Japanese Language)
           Japanese Company Discontinued               6/29/2005       7/19/2006    Full Text
JPAA                            Discontinued           Metals
           Japanese New Materials Advanced Alloys &12/1/1991           3/16/1992    Full Text
JPPL                            Discontinued
           Japanese New Materials Advanced Plastics 12/1/1991            3/2/1992   Full Text
JPEL                            Discontinued
           Japanese New Materials Electronic Materials 12/1/1991         3/2/1992   Full Text
JPCE                            Discontinued           Ceramics
           Japanese New Materials High-Performance 12/1/1991           3/16/1992    Full Text
JAPAND     Japanese News Digest Active                  8/1/2001                    Translated Abstracts

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                            Page 101
                                          Global Academic 2007Q4

NBJCEN     Japanese World       Active                  6/27/2005                      Full Text
JFIB                            Discontinued
           Japanscan Food Industry Bulletin               1/1/1994          4/9/2003   Full Text
JPUS                            Discontinued
           Japan-U.S. Business Report                   12/1/1993           3/3/2000   Full Text
ABXJSI                          Discontinued           10/31/1996          9/30/2001
           JASSA (Journal of the Securities Institute of Australia) (ABIX abstracts)   Abstracts
JDJ                             Discontinued
           Java Developer's Journal                       1/1/2002         8/28/2005   Full Text
JAVW       JavaWorld            Discontinued            10/1/1998          10/2/1998   Full Text
JCK        JCK – Jewelers Circular Keystone
                                Active                    1/1/1989                     Full Text
JAPCOR     JCN Newswire         Active                  8/23/2001                      Full Text
JCNNWJ                          Active
           JCN Newswire (Japanese Language, Abstracts) 10/27/2005                      Abstracts
JCNNEW     JCNN                 Active                    2/2/2003                     Full Text
JCNNJP                          Active
           JCNN (Japanese Language)                     12/8/2005                      Translated Abstracts
PJEG                            Active
           JEGP: Journal of English & Germanic Philology  1/1/1997                     Full Text
JEIR       JEI Report (Japan) Discontinued              10/1/1993          9/29/2000   Full Text
MEWTJR     The Jerusalem Report Discontinued            7/10/1997          7/18/2002   Full Text
MEWJER                          Discontinued
           The Jerusalem Times - Biladi                   7/4/1997         7/31/2001   Full Text
JETS       Jet                  Active                    1/1/1994                     Full Text
JETF       Jet Fuel IntelligenceActive                    9/1/2003                     Full Text
JEWCH                           A
           The Jewish Chronicle ctive                   1/12/2007                      Full Text
JIJICO                          Active
           Jiji Corporate News (Japanese Language) 11/19/1998                          Full Text
JIJI                            Active
           Jiji Press English News Service              9/29/1981                      Full Text
QEDJMI     Jmis Press Summaries Discontinued              2/5/1995         1/14/1997   Full Text
JOBMIN                          Discontinued
           Jobson's Mining Yearbook                     6/17/1998           7/2/2005   Full Text
JOBPUB                          Discontinued
           Jobson's Yearbook of Public Companies        3/10/1998           7/2/2005   Full Text
JSEXCH                           Exchange
           Johannesburg StockActive                       3/2/1998                     Full Text
IIIJLR                          Discontinued
           The John Liner Review (Abstracts)            1/21/1996          1/27/2005   Abstracts
JOOWHO     Joins Who's Who Discontinued                 7/11/2002          8/27/2002   Full Text
JOONAI            Active                    3/2/2000                     Full Text
JOOCHI                          Language - Traditional) 9/19/2001
  (Chinese Discontinued                                 6/27/2003   Full Text
JOOJAP                          Active
  (Japanese Language)                2/28/2000                      Translated Abstracts
JOM        JOM (Abstracts)      Active                    1/1/1994                     Full Text
XJBS       Jonesboro Sun (Ark.) Discontinued              4/1/1992         7/31/2001   Full Text
NLPJDT     Joondalup Times Active                      11/30/2006                      Full Text
JPER                            Active                     Recreation & Dance
           JOPERD--The Journal of Physical Education,1/1/1995                          Full Text
XJPG       Joplin Globe (Mo.) Discontinued              12/1/1991          7/31/2001   Full Text
JORDND     Jordanian News DigestActive                  5/31/2001                      Translated Abstracts
JNLNEG                          Active
           Jornal de Notícias (Portuguese Language) 1/17/1997                          Full Text
SABIJB                          Active
           Jornal do Brasil (Brazil, Abstracts)         7/20/2000                      Translated Abstracts
SABIJC                          Active
           Jornal do Commercio (Brazil, Abstracts)      7/19/2000                      Full Text
JOCOM                           Active                  6/15/1997
           Jornal do Commércio do Rio de Janeiro (Portuguese Language)                 Full Text
XJOU                            Discontinued
           The Journal (New Ulm, Minn.)                 12/1/1991          7/31/2001   Full Text
JG                              Discontinued           10/30/1982          7/31/2001
           Le Journal de Geneve et Gazette de Lausanne (Switzerland, Abstracts)        Translated Abstracts
JOURFI                          Active
           Le Journal des Finances (French Language) 1/8/2005                          Full Text
JDFAG                           Active                   (French Language)
           Journal des Finances en Ligne - AG Presse 10/3/2005                         Full Text
JDFWEB                          Active                  10/3/2005
           Journal des Finances en Ligne (French Language)                             Full Text
FJCE                            Discontinued              1/1/1997
           Journal for a Just & Caring Education (Abstracts)               7/31/2001   Abstracts
QCJ                              Participation
           Journal for Quality &Active                    1/1/1997                     Full Text
XJIN                            Discontinued
           Journal Inquirer (Manchester, Conn.)         12/1/1991          7/31/2001   Full Text
JACP                            Child
           Journal of AbnormalActive Psychology           1/1/1994                     Full Text
GABP                            Psychology (Abstracts) 1/1/1997
           Journal of AbnormalActive                                                   Abstracts
FJAL                             Librarianship (Abstracts)1/1/1997
           Journal of AcademicActive                                                   Abstracts
JACT                            Active
           Journal of Accountancy                         1/1/1994                     Full Text
JAE                             Active
           Journal of Accounting & Economics (Abstracts)  1/1/1997                     Abstracts

Factiva Confidential                              9/19/2011                                             Page 102
                                          Global Academic 2007Q4

JAT                              Active                   1/1/1997
           Journal of Accounting & Public Policy (Abstracts)                         Abstracts
AJIE                             Active
           Journal of Accounting Education (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                      Abstracts
AJAL                             Active
           Journal of Accounting Literature               1/1/1997                   Full Text
JAR                              Active
           Journal of Accounting Research (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                       Abstracts
JAA                              Active                   1/1/1997
           Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance (Abstracts)                     Abstracts
IJAI                             Active                   1/1/1997
           Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes: JAIDS (Abstracts) Abstracts
IADL                             Active
           Journal of Adolescence (Abstracts)             1/1/1997                   Abstracts
IRED                             Active                   1/1/1997
           Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy (Abstracts)                        Abstracts
FJAR                             Active
           Journal of Adolescent Research (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                       Abstracts
JADV                             A
           Journal of Advertisingctive                    1/1/1994                   Full Text
JADR                             Active
           Journal of Advertising Research                1/1/1994                   Full Text
PAAC                             Active                   1/1/1997
           Journal of Aesthetics & Art Criticism (Abstracts)                         Abstracts
PJAH                             Active
           Journal of African History (Abstracts)         1/1/1997                   Abstracts
FJAH                             Active
           Journal of Aging & Health (Abstracts)          1/1/1997                   Abstracts
FASP                             Active
           Journal of Aging & Social Policy (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                     Abstracts
FJAI                             Active
           Journal of Aircraft (Abstracts)                1/1/1997                   Abstracts
PJAC                               Culture
           Journal of American Discontinued               1/1/1997         10/1/2000 Full Text
JAEH                               Ethnic History
           Journal of American Discontinued               1/1/1995         3/22/1998 Full Text
GFOK                               Folklore
           Journal of American Active (Abstracts)         1/1/1997                   Abstracts
GJAH                               History
           Journal of American Active (Abstracts)         3/1/1997                   Abstracts
GJAS                               Studies (Abstracts)
           Journal of American Discontinued               1/1/1997         12/2/2001 Abstracts
IJAS                             Active
           Journal of Animal Science                      1/1/1997                   Full Text
PJAR                             Active
           Journal of Anthropological Research (Abstracts)1/1/1997                   Abstracts
JAB                              Active                   1/1/1997
           Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis (Abstracts)                          Abstracts
JBS                              Active                   1/1/1997
           Journal of Applied Behavioral Science (Abstracts)                         Abstracts
JRH                              Discontinued
           Journal of Applied Business Research           1/1/1997         10/1/1998 Full Text
IJAC                             Active
           Journal of Applied Communication Research 1/1/1997                        Full Text
FJAG                             Active
           Journal of Applied Gerontology (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                       Abstracts
JAMS                             Discontinued
           Journal of Applied Management Studies          6/1/1997         12/1/2000 Full Text
IJAM                             Active
           Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology 1/1/1997                   Full Text
JAAS                               African
           Journal of Asian andActive Studies             1/1/1995                   Full Text
GASU                             Active
           Journal of Asian Studies (Abstracts)           1/1/1997                   Abstracts
IATT                             Active
           Journal of Athletic Training                   1/1/1997                   Full Text
IJBC                             Active
           Journal of Bacteriology (Abstracts)            1/1/1997                   Abstracts
ABCM                             Active
           Journal of Bank Cost & Management Accounting   1/1/1997                   Full Text
JTA                              Active                   1/1/1997                   Abstracts
           Journal of Bank Taxation and Regulation of Financial Institutions (Abstracts)
JBA                              Active
           Journal of Banking & Finance (Abstracts)       1/1/1997                   Abstracts
MHA                              Active                  11/1/2002
           Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research (Abstracts)              Abstracts
PJBL                             Active
           Journal of Biblical Literature                 1/1/1997                   Full Text
FJBR                               Rhythms (Abstracts)
           Journal of BiologicalActive                    1/1/1997                   Abstracts
IJBP                             Active
           Journal of Black Psychology (Abstracts)        1/1/1997                   Abstracts
GJBS                             Active
           Journal of Black Studies (Abstracts)           1/1/1997                   Abstracts
PJBS                             Active
           Journal of British Studies (Abstracts)         1/1/1997                   Abstracts
GBEM                             Active
           Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media 1/1/1997                       Full Text
JBB                               & Economic Statistics (Abstracts)
           Journal of Business Active                     1/1/1997                   Abstracts
NEJ                               & Economic Studies
           Journal of Business Active                     1/1/1997                   Full Text
FJBT                              & Technical Communication (Abstracts)
           Journal of Business Active                     1/1/1997                   Abstracts
JOBS                              (Spokane, Wash.)
           Journal of Business Active                    1/31/1991                   Full Text
JBC                               Communication
           Journal of Business Active                     1/1/1997                   Full Text
JBE                               Ethics
           Journal of Business Active (Abstracts)         9/1/2003                   Abstracts
JBF                               Finance                 1/1/1997
           Journal of Business Active & Accounting (Abstracts)                       Abstracts
JBT                               Forecasting
           Journal of Business Active                     1/1/1997                   Full Text

Factiva Confidential                              9/19/2011                                      Page 103
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

JBL                             Logistics
           Journal of Business Active                     1/1/1997                   Full Text
JBU                             Research (Abstracts)
           Journal of Business Active                     1/1/1997                   Abstracts
JBZS                            Strategy
           Journal of Business Discontinued               1/1/1995        9/1/2003   Full Text
JBV                             Venturing (Abstracts)
           Journal of Business Active                     1/1/1997                   Abstracts
JBIZ                            Discontinued
           The Journal of Business                        1/1/1994        1/2/2000   Full Text
PJCS                             Studies
           Journal of CanadianActive (Abstracts)          1/1/1997                   Abstracts
ICPE                            Discontinued
           Journal of Career Planning & Employment 1/1/1997               8/1/2001   Full Text
IJCB                            Active
           Journal of Cell Biology (Abstracts)            1/1/1997                   Abstracts
ICHE                             Education
           Journal of Chemical Discontinued               1/1/1997       8/26/2003   Full Text
FCFS                            Active
           Journal of Child & Family Studies (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                    Abstracts
FPPA                            Active                    1/1/1997
           Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry (Abstracts)                    Abstracts
PJCH                             State
           Journal of Church & Active                     1/1/1997                   Full Text
ICCP                            Active                    1/1/1997
           Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology(Abstracts)            Abstracts
ICPS                            Active
           Journal of Clinical Psychology (Abstracts)     1/1/1997                   Abstracts
JCN                              Neuroscience
           Journal of Cognitive Discontinued              1/1/1995       5/15/2001   Full Text
JPS                              Negotiations (Abstracts) 1/1/1997
           Journal of CollectiveActive                                               Abstracts
IJCS                            Active
           Journal of College Science Teaching (Abstracts)1/1/1997                   Abstracts
JLCOMM                          A
           Journal of Commercective                       7/3/1997                   Full Text
CTGJOC                          Active
           Journal of Commerce - Print and Online       1/29/1996                    Full Text
IIIJLC                          Discontinued
           The Journal of Commerce (Abstracts)            1/1/1996        7/8/2003   Abstracts
JOCO                            Active
           Journal of Commerce Online                   7/10/2000                    Full Text
JCML                            Discontinued
           Journal of Commercial Lending                  1/1/1994       12/1/1995   Full Text
PJCL                            Active
           Journal of Commonwealth Literature (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                   Abstracts
GJOC                            Active
           Journal of Communication (Abstracts)           1/1/1997                   Abstracts
ISCI                            Active
           Journal of Communication Inquiry (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                     Abstracts
JCH                             Active
           Journal of Community Health (Abstracts)        1/1/1995                   Abstracts
PJCE                            Active
           Journal of Comparative Economics (Abstracts)   1/1/1997                   Abstracts
JCFS                            Active
           Journal of Comparative Family Studies          1/1/1995                   Full Text
PJCP                            Active
           Journal of Comparative Psychology (Abstracts)  1/1/1997                   Abstracts
JCF                             Active
           Journal of Compensation & Benefits (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                   Abstracts
PJCR                            Active
           Journal of Conflict Resolution (Abstracts)     1/1/1997                   Abstracts
GCCP                            Active                    1/1/1997
           Journal of Consulting & Clinical Psychology (Abstracts)                   Abstracts
JCA                             Active
           Journal of Consumer Affairs                    6/1/1989                   Full Text
JSP                             Active
           Journal of Consumer Policy (Abstracts)         1/1/1997                   Abstracts
JCR                             Discontinued
           Journal of Consumer Research                   3/1/1989       12/1/1999   Full Text
PJCA                            Active
           Journal of Contemporary Asia                   1/1/1997                   Full Text
PJET                            Active
           Journal of Contemporary Ethnography (Abstracts)1/1/1997                   Abstracts
AJCA                             Accounting & Finance (Abstracts)
           Journal of CorporateActive                     1/1/1997                   Abstracts
AJCM                            Active
           Journal of Cost Management (Abstracts)         1/1/1997                   Abstracts
GCND                            Active
           Journal of Counseling & Development            1/1/1997                   Full Text
GCPS                            Active
           Journal of Counseling Psychology (Abstracts)1/1/1997                      Abstracts
PJCJ                            Active
           Journal of Criminal Justice (Abstracts)        1/1/1997                   Abstracts
JCLC                            Active
           Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology        1/1/1995                   Full Text
IJCR                            Active                    1/1/1997
           Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology (Abstracts)                          Abstracts
FDEM                            Active
           Journal of Democracy (Abstracts)               1/1/1997                   Abstracts
JDEV                            Active
           Journal of Derivatives                       3/22/1999                    Full Text
JDE                             Active
           Journal of Development Economics (Abstracts)   1/1/1997                   Abstracts
JDVS                            Discontinued
           Journal of Development Studies                 1/1/1994       7/14/2004   Full Text
IJDI                             Remarriage (Abstracts) 1/1/1997
           Journal of Divorce &Active                                                Abstracts
GJDI                            Active
           Journal of Drug Issues                         1/1/1997                   Full Text
FJEA                            Active
           Journal of Early Adolescence (Abstracts)       1/1/1997                   Abstracts
PECC                            Active
           Journal of Ecclesiastical History (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                    Abstracts

Factiva Confidential                             9/19/2011                                       Page 104
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

PJEC                            Active
           Journal of Ecology (Abstracts)                1/1/1997                Abstracts
JRE                             Active
           Journal of Econometrics (Abstracts)           1/1/1997                Abstracts
IJES                             & Social Measurement (Abstracts)
           Journal of EconomicDiscontinued               1/1/1997      7/29/2004 Abstracts
JEB                              Behavior & Organization1/1/1997
           Journal of EconomicActive                       (Abstracts)           Abstracts
JED                              Dynamics & Control (Abstracts)
           Journal of EconomicActive                     1/1/1997                Abstracts
PEHI                             History
           Journal of EconomicActive (Abstracts)         1/1/1997                Abstracts
JEIS                             Issues
           Journal of EconomicActive                     1/1/1995                Full Text
JEL                              Literature (Abstracts) 1/1/1997
           Journal of EconomicActive                                             Abstracts
IJEP                             Perspectives (Abstracts)1/1/1997
           Journal of EconomicActive                                             Abstracts
JEP                              Psychology (Abstracts) 1/1/1997
           Journal of EconomicActive                                             Abstracts
IJET                             Theory
           Journal of EconomicActive (Abstracts)         1/1/1997                Abstracts
EBB                             Active
           Journal of Economics & Business (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                  Abstracts
PECM                            Active
           Journal of Ecumenical Studies (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                    Abstracts
IJEB                             for Business
           Journal of EducationActive                    1/1/1997                Full Text
GESY                            Active
           Journal of Educational Psychology (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                Abstracts
JEDF                             Defense
           Journal of ElectronicActive                   1/1/1994                Full Text
JENG                             Engineering
           Journal of ElectronicDiscontinued (Abstracts) 1/1/1994      7/31/2001 Abstracts
JEBD                             and Behavioral Disorders
           Journal of EmotionalActive                   6/22/2000                Full Text
EUC                             Computing
           Journal of End User Active                    4/1/1999                Full Text
EMI                             Active                   1/1/1997
           Journal of Engineering & Technology Management (Abstracts)            Abstracts
JEM                             Active                   1/1/1997
           Journal of Environmental Economics & Management (Abstracts)           Abstracts
JENV                            Active
           Journal of Environmental Health               1/1/1995                Full Text
FENV                            Active                   1/1/1997
           Journal of Environmental Management (Abstracts)                       Abstracts
AELF                            Discontinued
           Journal of Equipment Lease Financing          1/1/1997       9/8/2006 Full Text
JES                              Studies
           Journal of EuropeanActive                     1/1/1995                Full Text
IECP                            Discontinued             1/1/1997
           Journal of Experimental Child Psychology (Abstracts)         2/2/2001 Abstracts
PXPG                            Active                    (Abstracts)
           Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 1/1/1997                  Abstracts
PXPH                            Active                   1/1/1997                Abstracts
           Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception & Performance (Abstracts)
PXPL                            Active                   1/1/1997                Abstracts
           Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, & Cognition (Abstracts)
IESP                            Active                   1/1/1997
           Journal of Experimental Social Psychology (Abstracts)                 Abstracts
IHME                            Active
           Journal of Family & Consumer Sciences         1/1/1997                Full Text
JFH                             Discontinued
           Journal of Family History                     1/1/1995       7/1/1998 Full Text
PJFI                            Active
           Journal of Family Issues (Abstracts)          1/1/1997                Abstracts
FJFN                            Active
           Journal of Family Nursing (Abstracts)         1/1/1997                Abstracts
JFMP                            Active
           Journal of Family Practice                    1/1/1994                Full Text
FJFP                            Active
           Journal of Family Psychology (Abstracts)      1/1/1997                Abstracts
IJFV                            Active
           Journal of Family Violence (Abstracts)        1/1/1997                Abstracts
PFSR                            Active                   1/1/1997
           Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion (Abstracts)                   Abstracts
IJFI                            Active
           Journal of Film & Video                       1/1/1997                Full Text
JFNC                            Active
           Journal of Finance (Abstracts)                1/1/1994                Abstracts
JFQ                             Active                   1/1/1997
           Journal of Financial & Quantitative Analysis (Abstracts)              Abstracts
JFE                             Active
           Journal of Financial Economics (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                   Abstracts
JFMA                            Active
           Journal of Financial Management & Analysis 1/1/2000                   Full Text
JFN                             Active
           Journal of Financial Planning (Abstracts)     1/1/1997                Abstracts
JFNR                            Active
           Journal of Financial Research                 1/1/1994                Full Text
CLU                             Discontinued             1/1/2003
           Journal of Financial Service Professionals (Abstracts)      5/15/2006 Abstracts
FSR                             Active                   1/1/1997
           Journal of Financial Services Research (Abstracts)                    Abstracts
PJFS                            Active
           Journal of Food Science (Abstracts)           1/1/1997                Abstracts
JOF                             Active
           Journal of Forecasting (Abstracts)            1/1/1997                Abstracts
JFU                             Active
           Journal of Futures Markets (Abstracts)        1/1/1997                Abstracts
JGM                             Active
           Journal of General Management (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                    Abstracts
IJGP                            Active
           Journal of General Physiology (Abstracts)     1/1/1997                Abstracts

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                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

JGPS                             Active
           The Journal of General Psychology               1/1/1995                  Full Text
JGEP                             Active
           Journal of Genetic Psychology                   1/1/1995                  Full Text
IJGY                             Active
           Journal of Geology (Abstracts)                  1/1/1997                  Abstracts
PGSW                             Active                    1/1/1997
           Journal of Gerontological Social Work (Abstracts)                         Abstracts
GIM                              Discontinued              1/1/1997
           Journal of Global Information Management (Abstracts)          10/1/1999   Abstracts
GLO                              Active
           Journal of Global Marketing (Abstracts)         1/1/1997                  Abstracts
PHSB                             Discontinued
           Journal of Health & Social Behavior             1/1/1997      12/2/2000   Full Text
JHCF                             Active
           Journal of Health Care Finance (Abstracts) 1/1/1994                       Abstracts
FHCP                             Active                    1/1/1997
           Journal of Health Care for the Poor & Underserved (Abstracts)             Abstracts
JHE                              Active
           Journal of Health Economics (Abstracts)         1/1/1997                  Abstracts
JHP                              Active                    1/1/1997
           Journal of Health Politics, Policy & Law (Abstracts)                      Abstracts
HHSA                             Active
           Journal of Healthcare Management                1/1/1994                  Full Text
JHRT                             Active
           Journal of Heart Centered Therapies             3/1/1999                  Full Text
PHER                             Active
           Journal of Heredity (Abstracts)                 1/1/1997                  Abstracts
JHED                             Active
           Journal of Higher Education                     1/1/1995                  Full Text
PJHG                             Geography (Abstracts) 1/1/1997
           Journal of Historical Active                                              Abstracts
FJHN                             Active
           Journal of Holistic Nursing (Abstracts)         1/1/1997                  Abstracts
PJHX                             Active
           Journal of Homosexuality (Abstracts)            1/1/1997                  Abstracts
JHO                              Active
           Journal of Housing & Community Development      1/1/1997                  Full Text
JHS                              Discontinued
           Journal of Housing Research (Abstracts)         1/1/1997      7/31/2001   Abstracts
JHRS                             Active
           Journal of Human Resources (Abstracts)          1/1/1994                  Abstracts
FJHP                             Active
           Journal of Humanistic Psychology (Abstracts)1/1/1997                      Abstracts
JIE                              Economics (Abstracts) 1/1/1997
           Journal of Industrial Active                                              Abstracts
JIC                              Active
           Journal of Information Science (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                       Abstracts
JIPS                             Active
           Journal of Instructional Psychology             3/1/1999                  Full Text
JIA                               Regulation (Abstracts) 1/1/1997
           Journal of InsuranceActive                                                Abstracts
IIIJIR                           Discontinued
           The Journal Of Insurance Regulation (Abstracts) 4/7/1996      10/3/1999   Abstracts
JDM                              Active
           Journal of Interactive Marketing (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                     Abstracts
PIHI                             Active
           Journal of Interdisciplinary History (Abstracts)1/1/1997                  Abstracts
JIAF                             Active
           Journal of International Affairs                1/1/1995                  Full Text
JIBS                             Active                    1/1/1994
           Journal of International Business Studies (Abstracts)                     Abstracts
JCO                              Active                    1/1/1997
           Journal of International Consumer Marketing (Abstracts)                   Abstracts
JIN                              Active
           Journal of International Economics (Abstracts)  1/1/1997                  Abstracts
FMA                              Active                    1/1/1997
           Journal of International Financial Management & Accounting (Abstracts)    Abstracts
INL                              Active
           Journal of International Marketing              1/1/1997                  Full Text
MAM                              Discontinued              1/1/1997       3/1/2004
           Journal of International Marketing & Marketing Research (Abstracts)       Abstracts
JMF                              Active                    1/1/1997
           Journal of International Money & Finance (Abstracts)                      Abstracts
IJIV                             Active
           Journal of Interpersonal Violence (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                    Abstracts
PJJS                             Studies
           Journal of JapaneseActive (Abstracts)           1/1/1997                  Abstracts
JLB                              Active
           Journal of Labor Economics (Abstracts)          1/1/1997                  Abstracts
JLR                              Active
           Journal of Labor Research (Abstracts)           7/1/2003                  Abstracts
FLSP                              & Social Psychology (Abstracts)
           Journal of LanguageActive                       1/1/1997                  Abstracts
JLAS                             Active
           Journal of Latin American Studies               1/1/1995                  Full Text
JLME                             Active
           Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics (Abstracts)4/1/1996                     Abstracts
JLDS                             Active
           Journal of Learning Disabilities                1/1/1998                  Full Text
JLEG                             Active
           Journal of Legal Economics                      1/1/1998                  Full Text
JLER                             Active
           Journal of Leisure Research                     1/1/1995                  Full Text
PJLN                             Active
           Journal of Linguistics (Abstracts)              1/1/1997                  Abstracts
JMA                              Active
           Journal of Macroeconomics                       1/1/1997                  Full Text
JMM                              Active
           Journal of Macromarketing (Abstracts)           1/1/1997                  Abstracts
PJMA       Journal of Mammalogy  Active                    1/1/1997                  Full Text
JMNT       Journal of Management Discontinued              1/1/1994      11/8/2001   Full Text

Factiva Confidential                             9/19/2011                                       Page 106
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

JNEM                             Active
           Journal of Management Education (Abstracts)   1/1/1997                   Abstracts
JOBG                             Active                  (Abstracts)
           Journal of Management Information Systems 1/1/1997                       Abstracts
PBFM                             Active
           Journal of Management Studies (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                       Abstracts
JML                              Active
           Journal of Managerial Issues                  1/1/1997                   Full Text
JRIP                             Active
           Journal of Manufacturing Systems              1/1/1997                   Full Text
IJMR                             Active
           Journal of Marine Research (Abstracts)        1/1/1997                   Abstracts
JUD                              Active
           Journal of Marital & Family Therapy           1/1/1997                   Full Text
JMKT                              (Abstracts)
           Journal of MarketingActive                    1/1/1994                   Abstracts
JMKR                              Research (Abstracts) 1/1/1994
           Journal of MarketingActive                                               Abstracts
MTP                               Theory
           Journal of MarketingActive & Practice         1/1/1997                   Full Text
GMNF                             Active
           Journal of Marriage and Family                1/1/1997                   Full Text
IJMM                             Active
           Journal of Mass Media Ethics (Abstracts)      1/1/1997                   Abstracts
JMC                              Active
           Journal of Mathematical Economics (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                   Abstracts
PJME                             Active
           Journal of Medical Ethics (Abstracts)       12/1/2001                    Abstracts
PJMR                             Active                  1/1/1997
           Journal of Medieval & Early Modern Studies (Abstracts)                   Abstracts
IJML                             Discontinued
           Journal of Memory & Language (Abstracts) 1/1/1997             3/1/2004   Abstracts
PJMH                             Active
           Journal of Military History                   1/1/1997                   Full Text
PJST                             Active
           Journal of Modern African Studies             1/1/1997                   Full Text
GMHI                             Active
           Journal of Modern History (Abstracts)         1/1/1997                   Abstracts
JME                              Economics (Abstracts) 1/1/1997
           Journal of Monetary Active                                               Abstracts
JMCB                             Active
           Journal of Money, Credit & Banking            2/1/1989                   Full Text
AJMT                             Taxation and Incentives (Abstracts)
           Journal of MultistateActive                   1/1/2000                   Abstracts
PJMU                             Discontinued
           Journal of Musicology (Abstracts)             1/1/1997       7/29/2004   Abstracts
PJNE                             Active
           Journal of Near Eastern Studies (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                     Abstracts
IJNE                             Discontinued
           Journal of Negro Education                    1/1/1997       10/1/2000   Full Text
PJNB                             Active
           Journal of Nonverbal Behavior                 1/1/1997                   Full Text
IJNU       Journal of Nutrition Active                   1/1/1997                   Abstracts
PJNU                             Active                  1/1/1997
           Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior (Abstracts)                  Abstracts
IOCM                             Active                  1/1/1997
           Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine (Abstracts)             Abstracts
JOOP                             Active                  1/1/1994
           Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology                    Full Text
JOT                              Active
           Journal of Operations Management (Abstracts)  1/1/1997                   Abstracts
JBH                              Active
           Journal of Organizational Behavior (Abstracts)1/1/1997                   Abstracts
PJPH                             Discontinued
           Journal of Pacific History (Abstracts)        6/1/1997       12/2/2003   Abstracts
IJPY                             Active
           Journal of Paleontology                       1/1/1997                   Full Text
PJPA                             Active
           Journal of Parapsychology                     1/1/1997                   Full Text
JPT                              Discontinued
           Journal of Partnership Taxation (Abstracts) 1/1/1997         7/31/2001   Abstracts
PJPR                             Active
           Journal of Peace Research (Abstracts)         1/1/1997                   Abstracts
PPT                              Active                  1/1/1997
           Journal of Pension Planning & Compliance (Abstracts)                     Abstracts
JPN                              Active
           Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management1/1/1997                   Full Text
GPSP                             Active                  1/1/1997
           Journal of Personality & Social Psychology (Abstracts)                   Abstracts
PJPY                             Active
           Journal of Personality (Abstracts)            1/1/1997                   Abstracts
GPRD                             Active                  1/1/1997
           Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance                        Full Text
FJPL                             Active
           Journal of Planning Literature (Abstracts)    1/1/1997                   Abstracts
PJPM                             Active                  1/1/1997
           Journal of Policy Analysis & Management (Abstracts)                      Abstracts
JMO                              Active
           Journal of Policy Modeling (Abstracts)        1/1/1997                   Abstracts
FJPM                              Military
           Journal of Political &Active Sociology        1/1/1997                   Full Text
PJPL                             Active
           Journal of Politics (Abstracts)               1/1/1997                   Abstracts
GJPC                             Active
           Journal of Popular Culture                    1/1/1997                   Full Text
JPFT                             Active
           Journal of Popular Film and Television        1/1/1995                   Full Text
JPFM                             Discontinued
           Journal of Portfolio Management               1/1/1994       6/16/2003   Full Text
JPI                              Active                  1/1/1997
           Journal of Product Innovation Management (Abstracts)                     Abstracts
BJPM                             Discontinued
           Journal of Promotion Management (Abstracts)   1/1/1997       11/9/2005   Abstracts

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                       Page 107
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

JPMN                            Active
           Journal of Property Management                1/1/1994                Full Text
JOPS                            Active
           The Journal of Psychology                     1/1/1995                Full Text
PBAFM                           Active                   1/1/1998                Abstracts
           Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting & Financial Management (Abstracts)
JPU                             Discontinued
           Journal of Public Economics (Abstracts)       1/1/1997       3/1/2004 Abstracts
JPPM                            Active                   1/1/1994
           Journal of Public Policy & Marketing (Abstracts)                      Abstracts
FJPP                            Active
           Journal of Public Policy (Abstracts)          1/1/1997                Abstracts
JQT                             Discontinued
           Journal of Quality Technology                 1/1/1997       8/1/2001 Full Text
JREL                            Active
           Journal of Real Estate Literature             1/1/1997                Full Text
JREP                            Active
           Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management 1/1/2000                  Full Text
JRR                             Active
           Journal of Real Estate Research (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                  Abstracts
JRG                             Active
           Journal of Regional Science (Abstracts)       1/1/1997                Abstracts
PJHB                            Active                   1/1/1997
           Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development                      Full Text
JRHB                            Active
           The Journal of Rehabilitation                 1/1/1994                Full Text
PJRL                            Active
           Journal of Religion (Abstracts)               1/1/1997                Abstracts
PJRS                            Ethics
           Journal of Religious Active (Abstracts)       1/1/1997                Abstracts
PJRC                             in Crime & Delinquency (Abstracts)
           Journal of ResearchActive                     1/1/1997                Abstracts
JRBK                            Discontinued
           Journal of Retail Banking Services            1/1/1994      12/1/2000 Full Text
JRET       Journal of Retailing Discontinued             3/1/1989     12/29/2001 Full Text
JRIN                            Active
           Journal of Risk and Insurance                 1/1/1994                Full Text
AJSC                            Discontinued
           Journal of S Corporation Taxation (Abstracts)1/1/1997       7/31/2001 Abstracts
IJSR                            Active
           Journal of Safety Research (Abstracts)        1/1/1997                Abstracts
JSHL                            Active
           Journal of School Health                      1/1/1994                Full Text
PJSX                            Active
           Journal of Sex Research (Abstracts)           1/1/1997                Abstracts
SBM                             Active
           Journal of Small Business Management          1/1/1989                Full Text
JOSH                            Active
           Journal of Social History                     1/1/1995                Full Text
PJSP                            Active
           Journal of Social Policy (Abstracts)          1/1/1997                Abstracts
ISPS                            Active
           Journal of Social Psychology                  1/1/1997                Full Text
PJSS                            Active                   1/1/1997
           Journal of Social, Political & Economic Studies                       Full Text
JSEC                            Discontinued
           The Journal of Socio-Economics               12/1/1995      11/8/2001 Full Text
JSWC                            Active
           Journal of Soil and Water Conservation        1/1/1995                Full Text
JSAS                            Active
           Journal of Southeast Asian Studies            1/1/1995                Full Text
PJSN                            History
           Journal of Southern Active (Abstracts)        1/1/1997                Abstracts
JSPD                            Active
           Journal of Special Education                 9/22/1998                Full Text
IJHR                            Active                   1/1/1997
           Journal of Speech, Language, & Hearing Research                       Full Text
IJSP                            Active                   1/1/1997
           Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology (Abstracts)                    Abstracts
FJSS                            Active
           Journal of Sport & Social Issues (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                 Abstracts
JSB                             Active
           Journal of Sport Behavior                     1/1/1995                Full Text
AJST                            Active
           Journal of State Taxation (Abstracts)         1/1/1997                Abstracts
GSAL                            Active                   1/1/1997
           Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs (Abstracts)                   Abstracts
IJSA                            Active                   1/1/1997
           Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment (Abstracts)                      Abstracts
JPM                             Active
           Journal of Supply Chain Management            3/1/1989                Full Text
JSS                             Active
           Journal of Systems & Software (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                    Abstracts
EUJ                             Active
           Journal of Systems Architecture (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                  Abstracts
JSMN                            Discontinued
           Journal of Systems Management                 1/1/1994      7/17/1996 Full Text
JTX                             Active
           Journal of Taxation (Abstracts)               1/1/1997                Abstracts
JTI                             Active
           Journal of Taxation of Investments (Abstracts)1/1/1997                Abstracts
GTEA                            Discontinued
           Journal of Teacher Education (Abstracts)      1/1/1997      8/27/2003 Abstracts
IJTW                             Writing                 1/1/1997
           Journal of TechnicalActive & Communication (Abstracts)                Abstracts
JMS                             Active                    (Abstracts)
           Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science1/1/1989                   Abstracts
JACA                            Active                   1/1/1995
           Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry    Full Text
PJAA                            Active                    (Abstracts)
           Journal of the American Academy of Religion 1/1/1997                  Abstracts
JACS                            Active                  4/20/2005
           Journal of the American Chemical Society (Abstracts)                  Abstracts

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                    Page 108
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

IADA                            Active                    1/1/1997
           Journal of the American Dental Association (Abstracts)                    Abstracts
JADA                            Discontinued
           Journal of the American Dietetic Association 1/1/1994           8/31/2004 Full Text
FGER                            Active                    1/1/1997
           Journal of the American Geriatrics Society (Abstracts)                    Abstracts
JAOS                            Active
           The Journal of the American Oriental Society 1/1/1995                     Full Text
JAPA                            Active
           Journal of the American Planning Association1/1/1994                      Full Text
ASI                             Active                    1/1/1997                   Abstracts
           Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (Abstracts)
JASA                            Active
           Journal of the American Statistical Association1/1/1994                   Full Text
AJAT                            Active
           Journal of the American Taxation Association1/1/1997                      Full Text
IJAT                            Active
           Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences            1/1/1997                   Full Text
PJER                            Active
           Journal of the Early Republic (Abstracts)      1/1/1997                   Abstracts
JELC                            Active
           Journal of the Electronics Industry (Abstracts)1/1/1994                   Abstracts
IXAB                            Active                    1/1/1997
           Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior (Abstracts)              Abstracts
IJGS                            Active
           Journal of the Geological Society              1/1/1997                   Full Text
GHII                            Active
           Journal of the History of Ideas (Abstracts)    1/1/1997                   Abstracts
PJHP                            Active                    1/1/1997
           Journal of the History of Philosophy (Abstracts)                          Abstracts
JMAC                            Active
           Journal of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences 1/1/2000                   Full Text
INCI                            Active                    1/1/1997
           Journal of the National Cancer Institute (Abstracts)                      Abstracts
OQT                             Active                    1/1/1997
           Journal of the Operational Research Society (Abstracts)                   Abstracts
PJWT                            Active
           Journal of the West (Abstracts)                1/1/1997                   Abstracts
PJTS                            Active
           Journal of Theological Studies                 1/1/1997                   Full Text
FTWS                            Active
           Journal of Third World Studies                 1/1/1997                   Full Text
JTCT                            Active
           Journal of Toxicology: Clinical Toxicology     1/1/1994                   Full Text
JTE                              Economics & Policy (Abstracts)
           Journal of TransportActive                     1/1/1997                   Abstracts
FJTE                            Active                    1/1/1997
           Journal of Transportation Engineering (Abstracts)                         Abstracts
JTR                             Active
           Journal of Travel Research (Abstracts)         1/1/1997                   Abstracts
FJUA                            Active
           Journal of Urban Affairs (Abstracts)           1/1/1997                   Abstracts
PJUH                            Active
           Journal of Urban History (Abstracts)           1/1/1997                   Abstracts
FJVC                            Active
           Journal of Vibration & Control (Abstracts)     1/1/1997                   Abstracts
PJWM                            Active
           Journal of Wildlife Management (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                       Abstracts
IJWA                             Aging
           Journal of Women &Active (Abstracts)           1/1/2000                   Abstracts
IWNP                            Active
           Journal of Women, Politics & Policy (Abstracts)1/1/1997                   Abstracts
CJWB                            Discontinued
           Journal of World Business                      1/1/1994       12/22/2001 Full Text
JYAA                            Active
           Journal of Youth and Adolescence               1/1/1995                   Full Text
JPTI                            Discontinued              1/1/1994
           Journal Pour le Transport International (Switzerland, Abstracts)9/25/1998 Abstracts
JR                              (Oklahoma City)
           The Journal Record Active                      4/1/1985                   Full Text
KRTPE                           Active
           Journal Star (MCT) (Ill.)                    5/28/2003                    Full Text
THEJOU                          Active
           The Journal (Newcastle)                      11/1/2002                    Full Text
IJJE                            Active
           Journalism & Mass Communication Educator 1/1/1997                         Full Text
GJQQ                            Active                     (Abstracts)
           Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly1/1/1997                         Abstracts
KRTHL                           Active
           The Journal-News (MCT) (Ohio)                5/28/2003                    Full Text
UPGNO                           Active                    1/1/1997                   Abstracts
           Journals of Gerontology: Series A, Biological Sciences & Medical Sciences (Abstracts)
UPGNT                           Active                    1/1/1997                   Abstracts
           Journals of Gerontology: Series B, Psychological Sciences & Social Sciences (Abstracts)
KRTLW                           Active
           Journal-World (MCT) (Kan.)                   5/28/2003                    Full Text
GJUD       Judaism              Active                    1/1/1997                   Full Text
JUAUT      Just-Auto            Active                    1/1/2004                   Full Text
JUDRIN     Just-Drinks          Active                    1/1/2004                   Full Text
JUFOO      Just-Food            Active                    1/1/2004                   Full Text
QRNW                            Discontinued
           Just-in-Time & Quick Response News           11/1/1991          5/25/1992 Full Text
JUSTY      Just-Style           Active                    1/1/2004                   Full Text
JUTAKU                          Active
           Jutaku Shimpo (Japanese Language)            3/22/2005                    Full Text
QQJUV                           Active
           Juvenile Justice Digest                        1/1/2006                   Full Text
KABNEW     Kabar (Kyrgyzstan) Active                    5/31/2001                    Full Text

Factiva Confidential                             9/19/2011                                           Page 109
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

KABARR                          Active
           Kabar (Kyrgyzstan, Russian Language)       5/31/2001                  Full Text
DLSCEE                          Active                11/1/2005
           Kabardino-Balkarskaya pravda (Russian Language)                       Full Text
KABSHN                          Active
           KABDAS Express (Japanese Language)         2/11/1994                  Full Text
KABSHI                          Active
           Kabushiki Shimbun (Japanese Language) 11/2/1998                       Full Text
KALGOO     Kalgoorlie Miner     Active                 3/8/2001                  Full Text
DLSCFJ                          Active
           Kaliningradskaya pravda (Russian Language) 11/1/2005                  Full Text
DLSCEI                          Active                11/1/2005
           Kaliningradskaya vecherka (Russian Language)                          Full Text
DLSCFA                          Active
           Kaluzhskaya nedelya (Russian Language) 11/1/2005                      Full Text
KAMVRE                          Active
           Kamchatskoe Vremya (Russian Language) 3/1/2006                        Full Text
XKAN                            Discontinued
           Kankakee Daily Journal (Ill.)              12/1/1991      7/31/2001   Full Text
BKAB                            Active
           Kansas Banker (Abstracts)                   1/1/1997                  Abstracts
KBN        Kansas Business News Discontinued           1/1/1985      7/31/2001   Full Text
KCBJ                            Discontinued
           Kansas City Business Journal (Mo.)         10/5/1987      7/31/2001   Full Text
KAPT                            Discontinued
           Kapital (Russian Language)                 1/17/1996      3/10/1999   Full Text
DLSCFC                          Active
           Kapital-vikli (Russian Language)           11/1/2005                  Full Text
DLSCFD                          Active
           Karavan ROS (Russian Language)             11/1/2005                  Full Text
DLSCFE                          Active
           Karavan+ya (Russian Language)              11/1/2005                  Full Text
DLSKAR                          Active
           Kareliya (Russian Language)                5/16/2006                  Full Text
DLSCFF                          Active
           Karelskaya guberniya (Russian Language) 11/1/2005                     Full Text
KARIER                          Active
           Kariera (Russian Language)                 5/31/2001                  Full Text
DLSCFG                          Active
           Kaskad (Russian Language)                  11/1/2005                  Full Text
KAUP                            Discontinued
           Kauppalehti (Finland, Abstracts)            2/3/1984      12/7/2001   Translated Abstracts
KAUPLH                            Language)
           Kauppalehti (FinnishActive                12/10/1999                  Full Text
KGUKAC                          Active                2/24/1986
           Kautschuk Und Gummi, Kunststoffe (Abstracts)                          Abstracts
DLSCEF                          Active
           Kavkazskij uzel (Russian Language)         12/1/2005                  Full Text
KAZBUS                          Active
           Kazakhstan Business Association News 11/24/2006                       Full Text
KACEBA                           Bank
           Kazakhstan Central ActiveNews              1/12/2007                  Full Text
KAZECO                          Active
           Kazakhstan Economic Statistics             9/20/2006                  Full Text
KAZWIR                            Newswire
           Kazakhstan GeneralActive                   9/18/2007                  Full Text
KAZGOV                          Active
           Kazakhstan Government News                 1/12/2007                  Full Text
KASTOK                          Active
           Kazakhstan Stock Exchange News            11/10/2006                  Full Text
KAZPRE                          Discontinued
           Kazakhstanskaya Pravda (Kazakhstan)         7/1/2001    12/14/2006    Full Text
KAZPRR                          Discontinued           7/3/2001
           Kazakhstanskaya Pravda (Kazakhstan, Russian Language) 12/14/2006      Full Text
DLSCEG                          Active
           Kazanskie vedomosti (Russian Language) 11/1/2005                      Full Text
DLSCEH                          Active                12/1/2005
           Kazanskij informacionnyi portal (Russian Language)                    Full Text
KBSOCN                          Active               10/13/2005
           KBS World News - Chinese Edition (Chinese Language - Simplified)      Full Text
KBSDTW                          Active               10/13/2005
           KBS World News - Chinese Edition (Chinese Language - Traditional)     Full Text
KBSWNE                          Active
           KBS World News - English Edition          10/12/2005                  Full Text
KBSWNF                          Active               Language)
           KBS World News - French Edition (French 10/13/2005                    Full Text
KBSWNG                          Active               10/13/2005
           KBS World News - German Edition (German Language)                     Full Text
KBSWNJ                          Active                3/17/2006
           KBS World News - Japanese Edition (Japanese Language)                 Full Text
KBSWNR                          Active               10/13/2005
           KBS World News - Russian Edition (Russian Language)                   Full Text
ABXKGC                          Discontinued
           Keeping Good Companies (ABIX Abstracts) 3/1/2004          10/1/2006   Abstracts
BNBI                            Active
           Kehrer Report (Abstracts)                   1/1/1997                  Abstracts
KEIKAI                          Active
           Keizai Kai (Japanese Language)             1/23/2003                  Full Text
KKEM                            Active                 3/1/1998
           kem Konstruktion Elektronik Maschinenbau (German Language)            Full Text
DLSCFH                           Language)
           Kemerovo (Russian Active                   11/1/2005                  Full Text
KMKMAA                          Active
           Kemia - Kemi (Abstracts)                   6/23/1986                  Abstracts
KENEW                           Discontinued
           Kemira News (Abstracts)                    6/25/1987      7/31/2001   Abstracts
KMTID                           Discontinued
           Kemisk Tidskrift (Sweden) (Abstracts)      3/26/1987      7/31/2001   Abstracts
KEMIDE                          Discontinued
           Kemivarlden (Abstracts)                    1/31/2005    12/23/2005    Abstracts
KEMIBI                          Active                1/31/2005
           Kemivarlden Biotech med Kemisk Tidskrift (Abstracts)                  Abstracts

Factiva Confidential                           9/19/2011                                          Page 110
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

XKEN                             Discontinued
           Kennebec Journal (Maine)                   6/1/1993    7/31/2001 Full Text
KRTKE                            Active
           Kennebec Journal (MCT) (Maine)            7/14/2003              Full Text
XKNW       Kenosha News (Wis.)   Discontinued        12/1/1991     1/9/2001 Full Text
NIKKET                           Active              9/12/1997
           Kensetsu Tsushin Shimbun (Japanese Language)                     Full Text
KENSUC                           Active
           Kent & Sussex Courier (U.K.)             12/11/1995              Full Text
BKBR       Kentucky Banker Active                     1/1/1997              Full Text
KBL                              Discontinued
           Kentucky Business Ledger                   1/1/1985    7/31/2001 Full Text
KYMN       Kentucky Manufacturer Discontinued        12/1/1991     1/1/1999 Full Text
KERMAN     Kerryman              Active              8/10/2006              Full Text
KEYB       Keyboard              Active              11/1/2002              Full Text
KFZBET                            Language)
           kfz-betrieb (German Active                 1/1/2002              Full Text
KFZONL                           Active
           kfz-betrieb online (German Language)       1/1/2002              Full Text
KHIBI                            Active
           Khimiya i Biznes (Abstracts)             12/30/2004              Abstracts
KHIRY                            Discontinued
           Khimiya i Rynok (Abstracts)              12/30/2004    4/30/2005 Abstracts
KIDMAR     Kids Marketing Report Discontinued         6/1/2000     6/5/2001 Full Text
KDSTD      Kids Today            Active               1/1/2006              Full Text
KIDS       Kids TV               Discontinued        2/16/1998   12/18/2000 Full Text
KIDSN      KidScreen             Active              9/24/2003              Full Text
DLSKIV                           (Russian Language) 10/26/2006
           Kievskie Vedomosti Active                                        Full Text
KILNAT     Kildare Nationalist Active                1/19/2006              Full Text
KINGS      The Kingdom           Active              1/19/2006              Full Text
DLSCFI                           Active
           Kino Park (Russian Language)              11/1/2005              Full Text
KIPA                              Letter
           Kiplinger Agriculture Active              1/12/2001              Full Text
KIBF                             Active
           Kiplinger Business Forecasts               3/8/2002              Full Text
KIPC                             Active
           Kiplinger California Letter                1/3/2001              Full Text
KIPB       Kiplinger Letter      Active               1/5/2001              Full Text
KIPT                             Active
           The Kiplinger Tax Letter                   1/5/2001              Full Text
KPCM         Active               3/3/2004              Full Text
KIFR       KiplingerForecasts Discontinued            6/3/2005    1/20/2006 Full Text
KPFM                             Finance
           Kiplinger's Personal Active Magazine       7/1/1991              Full Text
KIPR                             Active
           Kiplinger's Retirement Report              1/1/2001              Full Text
KIRKRW     Kirkus Reviews        Active              10/1/2004              Full Text
KIBB                             Active
           Kitchen & Bath Business                   8/23/2001              Full Text
KABDN                            Active
           Kitchen & Bath Design News                 1/1/2004              Full Text
TKWR                             Active
           Kitchener-Waterloo Record                 12/1/2001              Full Text
KJEMAR     Kjemi (Abstracts) Active                  6/16/1986              Abstracts
DLSCGJ     KLAKSON (RussianActive Language)          11/1/2005              Full Text
XKFH                             Discontinued
           Klamath Falls Herald & News (Ore.)       11/29/1992    7/31/2001 Full Text
KNACKD     Knack (Dutch Language)Active             11/16/2005              Full Text
KNOBIA     Knobias               Active              3/30/2004              Full Text
KNOXNE     Knox Leader           Active              8/14/2001              Full Text
KXVL                             Sentinel
           The Knoxville News Active                  1/1/2007              Full Text
KRTKX                            Active
           The Knoxville News-Sentinel (MCT) (Tenn.) 5/28/2003              Full Text
DLSKIO                           Active
           Koleo Izh-obozreniya (Russian Language) 1/13/2006                Full Text
DLSCGB                           Active
           Kolesa (Russian Language)                 11/1/2005              Full Text
DLSCGC                           Active
           Kolymskij trakt (Russian Language)        11/1/2005              Full Text
DLSCGD                           Active
           Kombainostroitel (Russian Language)       11/1/2005              Full Text
DLSCGE                           Active
           Komiinform (Russian Language)             12/1/2005              Full Text
DLSCGF                           Active
           Kommercheskie vesti (Russian Language) 11/1/2005                 Full Text
KOMMST     Kommersant (Abstracts)Active               1/1/2005              Abstracts
RPDKOM     Kommersant (Abstracts)Discontinued        5/29/1996   12/27/2002 Translated Abstracts
BIZKOM                           Discontinued
           Kommersant (Russia, Abstracts)             1/1/1994   12/27/2002 Abstracts

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                    Page 111
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

KMMSNT                         Active
           Kommersant (Russian Language)               6/4/1997               Full Text
KMMAUT                         Active
           Kommersant Autopilot (Russian Language) 5/1/2006                   Full Text
BIZKOD                         Discontinued
           Kommersant Daily (Russia)                 3/11/1997      9/25/1998 Full Text
KMMINT                         Active
           Kommersant International                  7/17/2006                Full Text
KMMREG                         Active
           Kommersant Regions (Russian Language) 7/14/2006                    Full Text
KMMSPO                         Discontinued
           Kommersant Sport (Russian Language)         6/8/2006     7/20/2006 Full Text
KMMSPP                         Active
           Kommersant Supplements (Russian Language) 7/13/2006                Full Text
KMMWK                          Active
           Kommersant Weekend (Russian Language)7/14/2006                     Full Text
DNGI                           Active
           Kommersant-DENGI (Russian Language) 8/10/1997                      Full Text
KOMMUK                         Active
           Kommersant-Ukraine (Russian Language) 7/17/2006                    Full Text
KOMMUO                         Active                  Language)
           Kommersant-Ukraine Online News (Russian7/16/2006                   Full Text
KOMUSU                         Active                7/17/2006
           Kommersant-Ukraine Supplements (Russian Language)                  Full Text
KOMWEK                         Active                7/14/2006
           Kommersant-Ukraine Weekend (Russian Language)                      Full Text
KMMWEK                         Active
           Kommersant-VLAST (Russian Language) 7/29/1997                      Full Text
DLSCGG                          Language)
           Kommuna (Russian Active                   11/1/2005                Full Text
DLSCGH                         Active
           Kompyuter Press (Russian Language)        11/1/2005                Full Text
DLSCGI                         Active
           Kompyuterra (Russian Language)            11/1/2005                Full Text
DLSCHJ                         Active
           Komsomolec Kaspiya (Russian Language) 11/1/2005                    Full Text
KOMSOP     Komsomolskaya PravdaDiscontinued          6/30/1992      7/31/2001 Full Text
RPDKOP     Komsomolskaya PravdaDiscontinued          5/29/1996     10/18/2001 Translated Abstracts
DLSCHE                         Active                11/1/2005
           Komsomolskaya pravda - Bashkortostan (Russian Language)            Full Text
DLSCID                         Active                11/1/2005
           Komsomolskaya pravda - Chelyabinsk (Russian Language)              Full Text
DLSCHF                         Active                11/1/2005
           Komsomolskaya pravda - Izhevsk (Russian Language)                  Full Text
DLSCHG                         Active                11/1/2005
           Komsomolskaya pravda - Kaliningrad (Russian Language)              Full Text
DLSCHH                         Active                11/1/2005
           Komsomolskaya pravda - Perm (Russian Language)                     Full Text
DLSCHI                         Active                 (Russian
           Komsomolskaya pravda - Sankt-Petersburg 11/1/2005Language)         Full Text
DLSCIJ                         Active                11/1/2005
           Komsomolskaya pravda - Syktyvkar (Russian Language)                Full Text
DLSCIB                         Active                11/1/2005                Full Text
           Komsomolskaya pravda - Tolstushka (moskovskij vypusk) (Russian Language)
DLSCIA                         Active                11/1/2005
           Komsomolskaya pravda - Tolstushka (Russian Language)               Full Text
DLSCIC                         Active                11/1/2005
           Komsomolskaya pravda - Ulyanovsk (Russian Language)                Full Text
DLSCHB                         Active                11/1/2005
           Komsomolskaya pravda (moskovskij vypusk) (Russian Language)        Full Text
DLSCHC                         Active                11/1/2005
           Komsomolskaya pravda (Murmansk) (Russian Language)                 Full Text
DLSCHA                         Active
           Komsomolskaya pravda (Russian Language)   11/1/2005                Full Text
DLSCHD                         Active                11/1/2005
           Komsomolskaya pravda v Peterburge - Ponedelnik (Russian Language) Full Text
DLSCIE                         Active
           Koncept-media (Russian Language)          12/1/2005                Full Text
KONPX                          Active
           konstruktionspraxis (German Language) 11/11/2003                   Full Text
DLSCIF                         Active
           Korabel (Russian Language)                11/1/2005                Full Text
KED                            Discontinued
           Korea Economic Weekly                     9/30/1988      7/31/2001 Full Text
AIWKEQ                         Discontinued
           Korea Exchange Bank Quarterly Review      4/21/1997      7/31/2001 Full Text
KORHER     The Korea Herald Active                     1/5/1998               Full Text
KORINV                         Active               12/31/1999
           Korea Information Service - Company Profile                        Full Text
KORKOS                         Active                7/26/2000
           Korea Information Service - Daily KOSDAQ Announcement              Full Text
KORINS                         Active                2/28/2000
           Korea Information Service - Daily KSE Announcement                 Full Text
IKOJ                           Active
           Korea Journal (Abstracts)                   1/1/1997               Abstracts
KORNEW     Korea Newswire      Active                1/27/2005                Full Text
KORTIM     Korea Times         Active                  3/3/1998               Full Text
KORNET news      Active                9/13/2005                Full Text
KOECBR                         Discontinued
           Korean Economic Briefing                  6/15/1998      5/14/2004 Full Text
AIWKEW                         Discontinued
           Korean Economic Weekly                    11/1/1999      7/31/2001 Full Text
KORINU                         Active
           Korean Industry Update                      6/9/1998               Full Text
KNSENG     Korean News         Active                12/8/2006                Full Text
KNSSPA                         Active
           Korean News (Spanish Language)           12/19/2006                Full Text

Factiva Confidential                           9/19/2011                                       Page 112
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

DLSCIH                          Active                 11/1/2005
           Kostromskaya narodnaya gazeta (Russian Language)                     Full Text
DLSCII                          Active
           Kostromskie vedomosti (Russian Language)11/1/2005                    Full Text
DLSDJJ                          Active
           Kotlasskij bumazhnik (Russian Language) 11/1/2005                    Full Text
DLSCGA                          Active
           Kozelsk (Russian Language)                  11/1/2005                Full Text
BIZKZZ     Krasnaya Zvezda Discontinued                9/10/1997     7/8/2003   Full Text
DLSDJB                          Active
           Krasnaya zvezda (Russian Language)          11/1/2005                Full Text
DLSDJC                          Language)
           Krasnodar (Russian Discontinued             11/1/2005    12/1/2006   Full Text
DLSDJD                          Active
           Krasnodarskie izvestiya (Russian Language)  11/1/2005                Full Text
DLSDJE                           (Russian Language) 11/1/2005
           Krasnodarskij kuryerActive                                           Full Text
DLSDJF                          Active
           Krasnoe znamya (Russian Language)           11/1/2005                Full Text
DLSDJG                          Active
           Krasnoyarskaya gazeta (Russian Language)11/1/2005                    Full Text
DLSDJH                          Active                 12/1/2005
           Krasnoyarskij informacionnyi portal (Russian Language)               Full Text
DLSDJI                          Active
           Krasnoyarskij rabochij (Russian Language) 11/1/2005                  Full Text
DLSDAJ                          Active
           Krasny put (Russian Language)               11/1/2005                Full Text
DLSDAA                          Active
           Krasny sever (Russian Language)             11/1/2005                Full Text
DLSDAB                          Active
           Krasota & zdorovje (Russian Language)       11/1/2005                Full Text
KRESSO                          Discontinued
           Kress Online (German Language)              3/26/1997    7/31/2001   Full Text
KRESSR                          Active
           Kress Report (German Language)              9/27/2002                Full Text
KRESDE                          Active
  (German Language)                   8/1/2001                Full Text
DLSDAC                          Language)
           Krestyanin (Russian Active                  11/1/2005                Full Text
DLSDAD                          Active
           Krestyanka (Russian Language)               11/1/2005                Full Text
KRESR      Krestyanskaya RossiyaDiscontinued           9/24/1992    7/31/2001   Full Text
DLSDAE                          Active
           Krestyanskaya Rossiya (Russian Language)11/1/2005                    Full Text
DLSDAF                          Active
           Krestyanskie vedomosti (Russian Language)   11/1/2005                Full Text
DLSKRI                          Active
           Krimskaya Pravda (Russian Language)         11/1/2006                Full Text
DLSDAH                          Active
           Kuban segodnya (Russian Language)           11/1/2005                Full Text
DLSDAI                          Active
           Kuban-biznes (Russian Language)             11/1/2005                Full Text
DLSDAG                          (Russian Language) 11/1/2005
           Kubanskaya pravda Active                                             Full Text
DLSKBN                          Active                  1/1/2007
           Kubanskie novosty, Krasnodar (Russian Language)                      Full Text
DLSDBC                          Active
           Kultura (Russian Language)                  11/1/2005                Full Text
KNSTFR                           (Abstracts)
           Kunststof en RubberActive                   9/16/1994                Abstracts
KUNSAV                          Discontinued
           Kunststoff Information (Abstracts)          3/19/1986    7/31/2001   Abstracts
KNSTFF                          Active
           Kunststoffe (Abstracts)                     8/13/1994                Abstracts
KURNTY     Kuranty              Discontinued           6/30/1992    6/28/1994   Full Text
DLSDBI                          Active
           Kurer (Russian Language)                    11/1/2005                Full Text
DLSDBE                          Active
           Kurgan i kurgancy (Russian Language)        11/1/2005                Full Text
DLSDBF                          Active                 12/1/2005
           Kurganskij informacionnyi portal (Russian Language)                  Full Text
KURAMS                          Active
           Kurier am Sonntag (German Language) 10/30/2005                       Full Text
DLSKUB                          Active
           Kurier Belomoriya (Russian Language)        10/5/2006                Full Text
DLSDBG                          Active
           Kursk (Russian Language)                    11/1/2005                Full Text
DLSKUR                          Discontinued
           Kurskii Kurer (Russian Language)            10/6/2006    12/6/2006   Full Text
DLSDBH                          Active                 12/1/2005
           Kurskij informacionnyi portal (Russian Language)                     Full Text
KURSN                           Active
           Kurs-N (Russian Language)                   2/25/2006                Full Text
MEWKUT     Kuwait Times         Active                  7/7/1997                Full Text
KUWTND     Kuwaiti News DigestActive                    4/5/2001                Translated Abstracts
DLSDBJ                          Active
           Kuzbass (Russian Language)                  11/1/2005                Full Text
KUZBA                           Active
           Kuzbass-Inform News (Russian Language) 3/27/2007                     Full Text
DLSKUZ                          Active
           Kuzneckij kray, Kemerovo (Russian Language)  1/4/2007                Full Text
DLSDBA                          Active
           Kuzneckij rabochij (Russian Language)       11/1/2005                Full Text
DLSDBB                          Active
           Kuzneckij trakt (Russian Language)          12/1/2005                Full Text
PKYK       Kyklos (Abstracts) Active                    1/1/1997                Abstracts
KYODO      Kyodo News           Active                  2/1/1991                Full Text

Factiva Confidential                             9/19/2011                                       Page 113
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

KYODOJ                          Active                Abstracts)
           Kyodo News PR Wire (Japanese Language 4/14/2003                          Abstracts
LESPRE                          Active
           L´Espresso (Italian Language)              1/29/2007                     Full Text
EXPIMP     L’Express-L’Impartial (French Language)
                                Active                 7/2/2007                     Full Text
XLCT                            Discontinued
           La Crosse Tribune (Wis.)                   12/1/1991         7/31/2001   Full Text
LETCNS                          (French
           La Lettre du ConseilActive Language)        2/1/2006                     Full Text
LBLN       Label & Narrow Web   Active                 1/1/2002                     Full Text
LABPRA                          Active
           LaborPraxis (German Language)               1/1/2002                     Full Text
LACB                            Discontinued
           LA-C Business Bulletin                      1/1/1992         10/1/1995   Full Text
LHJL       Ladies Home Journal  Discontinued           1/1/1994          8/1/2001   Full Text
LGNL       Lagniappe Letter Discontinued              12/1/1991         7/31/2001   Full Text
LGNQ                            Monitor
           Lagniappe QuarterlyDiscontinued             1/1/1992        10/31/1996   Full Text
LAKMAC     Lake Macquarie News  Active                8/15/2001                     Full Text
LBR        Lambda Book Report   Active                 1/1/1995                     Full Text
LPNW       LAN Product News Active                    12/1/1991                     Full Text
LNTM       LAN Times            Discontinued           1/1/1989         7/31/2001   Full Text
LANCEP                          Post
           Lancashire Evening Active                   7/1/2001                     Full Text
LANGUA                          Active
           The Lancaster Guardian                      1/1/2001                     Full Text
LANC                            Active                2/15/1992
           Lancaster New Era/Intelligencer Journal/Sunday News (Pa.)                Full Text
LANT                            Active
           The Lancet (Abstracts)                      1/1/1989                     Abstracts
NBLAND                          Discontinued
           The Land (News Bites Summary)              12/4/2003          9/8/2005   Abstracts
LECON      Land Economics       Active                 2/1/1989                     Full Text
LANDL      Land Letter          Active                 5/6/2004                     Full Text
INDC                            Discontinued
           Land Mobile Radio News                     11/8/1991         10/8/1999   Full Text
NBAXLC                          Discontinued
           Landcare (News Bites Summary)               7/1/2003          6/1/2005   Abstracts
LANE                            Active
           Lane Report ( Lexington, Ky.)              12/1/1991                     Full Text
ILNC                            Active
           Language & Communication (Abstracts)        1/1/1997                     Abstracts
UPLNG      Language (Abstracts) Active                 1/1/1997                     Abstracts
LLTG                            & Technology
           Language, Learning Active                  10/1/2000                     Full Text
LANLN                           Active
           LANLine (German Language)                   3/2/2005                     Full Text
LANSEN                          Discontinued
           LANS English Abstracts Service            11/15/2002         5/15/2006   Translated Abstracts
LANSPT                          Discontinued         11/15/2002
           LANS Portuguese Abstracts Service (Portuguese Language)      5/15/2006   Abstracts
LAOISN     Laois Nationalist    Active                1/19/2006                     Full Text
ILAP                            Active
           Lapidary Journal (Abstracts)                1/1/1997                     Abstracts
VEGA                             Press
           Las Vegas BusinessActive                    5/1/1986                     Full Text
KRTLV                           Active
           Las Vegas Review-Journal (MCT) (Nev.)      5/28/2003                     Full Text
LVGS                            Active
           The Las Vegas Review-Journal               11/1/1990                     Full Text
LVSN       Las Vegas Sun        Active                 1/1/2002                     Full Text
LSER                            Active
           Laser Focus World (Abstracts)               1/1/1994                     Abstracts
LSRO                            Discontinued
           Lasers & Optronics (Abstracts)              1/1/1994         12/1/2000   Abstracts
LATA       LatAm Energy         Discontinued          9/20/2000        10/14/2003   Full Text
LATIND                          Digest
           Latin America News Active (Abstracts)     10/30/2003                     Abstracts
LTNA                            Discontinued
           Latin America Opportunity Report           12/1/1991          9/1/1993   Full Text
LARA                            Active
           Latin American Andean Group Report         10/9/1982                     Full Text
LABS                            Active                10/1/2003
           Latin American Brazil & Southern Cone Report                             Full Text
LARB                            Discontinued
           Latin American Brazil Report              10/23/1982         9/30/2003   Full Text
LATB                            Discontinued
           Latin American Business News Wire           7/1/1992         7/31/2001   Full Text
LARC                            Active                10/2/1982
           Latin American Caribbean and Central American Report                     Full Text
LAREB                           Active
           Latin American Economic and Business Report7/18/1996                     Full Text
LTEA                            Discontinued
           Latin American Energy Alert                 9/1/1994          4/6/2000   Full Text
LALBR                           and Business
           Latin American Law Discontinued Report 4/30/1995             8/31/1999   Full Text
PLAL                            Active
           Latin American Literary Review              1/1/1997                     Full Text
LARM                            Active
           Latin American Mexico and NAFTA Report 10/30/1982                        Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                            Page 114
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

PLAP                            Active
           Latin American Perspectives (Abstracts)    1/1/1997                 Abstracts
JISW                            Active
           Latin American Politics and Society        1/1/1995                 Full Text
LAPW                            Discontinued
           Latin American Power Watch                 3/1/1995    10/14/2003   Full Text
LARW                            Active
           Latin American Research Review             1/1/1995                 Full Text
LARS                            Discontinued
           Latin American Southern Cone Report      10/16/1982      7/1/2003   Full Text
LASR                            Active
           Latin American Special Reports             9/1/2003                 Full Text
LATR                            Discontinued
           Latin American Telecom Report              3/1/1992     3/15/1995   Full Text
LAWR                            Active
           Latin American Weekly Report             10/30/1982                 Full Text
LTRADE     Latin Trade          Active              12/30/2002                 Full Text
LTRDES                          Active
           Latin Trade (Spanish Language)            11/1/2002                 Full Text
WLTM       Latin Trade Magazine Active                8/1/1998                 Full Text
LATF       LatinFinance         Active                1/1/1993                 Full Text
LARD       Latinnews Daily      Active                9/1/2003                 Full Text
LETA       Latvian News Agency  Active                3/3/1999                 Full Text
LETAR                           Active               3/26/2001
           Latvian News Agency - LETA (Russian Language)                       Full Text
LAUT                            Active
           L'Auto (French Language)                  10/1/2004                 Full Text
GARLAW     Law                  Discontinued          6/1/1998     7/31/2001   Full Text
LWSR       Law & Society Review Active                1/1/1998                 Full Text
GNTLAW                          Discontinued
           Law (Russian Language)                     6/8/1998     7/31/2001   Full Text
LAWDIR     Law Direct           Discontinued         4/10/2001     6/17/2002   Full Text
LAWET                           Active
           Law Enforcement Technology                 2/1/2004                 Full Text
ABXLIJ                           (ABIX Abstracts)
           Law Institute JournalDiscontinued         8/31/1996     10/1/2006   Abstracts
LAMA                            Discontinued          1/1/2000
           Law Office Management & Administration Report           10/1/2005   Full Text
LWTE                            Active
           Law Office Technology Review              12/1/1991                 Full Text
ABXLSJ                          NSW (ABIX
           Law Society Journal Discontinuedabstracts) 6/1/2005     10/1/2006   Abstracts
LTECH      Law Technology News  Active              11/17/2003                 Full Text
XLET                            Discontinued
           Lawrence Eagle-Tribune (Mass.)            12/1/1991     7/31/2001   Full Text
XLJW                            Discontinued
           Lawrence Journal World (Kan.)            11/25/1992     8/12/2001   Full Text
THELAW     The Lawyer (U.K.) Active                 12/12/1995                 Full Text
ABXLWK                          Discontinued
           Lawyers Weekly (ABIX abstracts)            7/1/2005    11/24/2006   Abstracts
LELOF                           Active
           Le Lloyd (French language)                2/28/2007                 Full Text
XLHD                            Discontinued
           Leader Herald (Gloversville, N.Y.)        12/1/1991     8/12/1997   Full Text
LEAMES     Leader Messenger Active                    8/8/2001                 Full Text
LEAD                            Discontinued
           Leader's Edge (Abstracts)                  1/1/1998     3/12/2004   Abstracts
XECL                            Discontinued
           Leader-Telegram (Eau Claire, Wis.)        12/1/1991     7/31/2001   Full Text
LEAMSC                          Active
           Leamington Spa Courier                    8/11/2006                 Full Text
ILRN       Learning             Discontinued          1/1/1997      4/1/1999   Full Text
UPALB                            (Abstracts)
           Learning & BehaviorActive                  1/1/1997                 Abstracts
LERDEV                          Discontinued
           Learning & Development                    12/1/2005      2/1/2006   Full Text
ILMM                            Active
           Learning & Motivation (Abstracts)          1/1/1997                 Abstracts
LTHR       Leather              Discontinued          1/1/1994      1/2/2000   Full Text
LEBNND     Lebanese News Digest Active               5/31/2001                 Translated Abstracts
LEBOPP     Lebanon OpportunitiesActive               9/30/1998                 Full Text
LBNZ                            Discontinued
           Lebensmittel Zeitung (Abstracts)           1/1/1994    12/21/2001   Abstracts
LBSMTL                          Active
           Lebensmittel Zeitung (German Language) 3/8/1996                     Full Text
LEBZE                           Active
           Lebensmittel Zeitung LZ/Net News          6/27/2003                 Full Text
LEBZEG                          Active                Language)
           Lebensmittel Zeitung LZ/Net News (German6/26/2003                   Full Text
LEBZMT                          Active              10/11/2001
           Lebensmittel Zeitung Spezial (German Language)                      Full Text
KRTLL                           Active
           The Ledger (MCT) (Fla.)                   5/28/2003                 Full Text
LEUCOR                           (Dutch
           Leeuwarder CourantActive Language)        5/19/2005                 Full Text
LGLD       Legal Director       Discontinued          7/1/2002     6/16/2005   Full Text
LEGL                            Discontinued
           Legal Information Alert                    8/1/1995     11/1/1996   Full Text

Factiva Confidential                           9/19/2011                                        Page 115
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

LINTEL                           Active
           The Legal Intelligencer                     9/20/2001                    Full Text
LGIT       Legal IT              Discontinued          7/11/2002        7/14/2006   Full Text
LGPU       Legal Publisher       Active                12/1/1991                    Full Text
LEGALT     Legal Times           Active                9/24/2001                    Full Text
LGLW       Legal Week            Active                  7/1/2002                   Full Text
LGGL                             Discontinued
           Legal Week Global Edition                  10/27/2005        5/25/2006   Full Text
LGNW       Legal Week News Active                      8/23/2005                    Full Text
LGST       Legal Week StudentActive                    11/3/2005                    Full Text
LALRT      LegAlert              Active                5/31/2001                    Full Text
BDLV                             Discontinued
           Lehigh Valley Business Digest (Pa.)           1/1/1985       7/31/2001   Full Text
LEICME                           Active
           Leicester Mercury (U.K.)                   12/23/1997                    Full Text
LEIGBO                           Active
           Leighton Buzzard Observer                   9/19/2006                    Full Text
LEIWEE     Leisure Report        Active                9/22/1995                    Full Text
TTN        Leisure Travel NewsDiscontinued             6/20/1988        3/19/2001   Full Text
DLSDCJ                           Active
           Leninskaya smena (Russian Language)         11/1/2005                    Full Text
DLSDCA                           Discontinued
           Lenta Kaliningrad (Russian Language)        12/1/2005        12/5/2006   Full Text
EQUIPE                           Active
           L'Équipe (French Language)                    2/1/2003                   Full Text
LESGAZ                           Discontinued
           Lesnaya Gazeta (Russia)                     6/23/1992        7/31/2001   Full Text
ILLV                             A
           Let's Live (Abstracts) ctive                  1/1/1997                   Abstracts
GARLET     Letter (Russia)       Discontinued            6/1/1998       7/31/2001   Full Text
GNTLET                           Discontinued
           Letter (Russian Language)                     6/8/1998       7/31/2001   Full Text
IOLETF                           Indien
           La Lettre de l’OceanActive (French Language)2/26/2005                    Full Text
LETFID                           Active
           La Lettre de la Fidelisation (French Language)3/1/2006                   Full Text
LETENV                           Active                5/22/2006
           La Lettre de l'environnement (French Language)                           Full Text
LETTEL                           Discontinued          1/17/2005
           La Lettre des Telecommunications (French Language)           7/24/2006   Full Text
LETCON                           Active
           La Lettre du Continent (French Language) 2/24/2005                       Full Text
LETTRA                           Discontinued            1/5/2005
           La Lettre du Transport et de La Logistique (French Language) 7/26/2006   Full Text
LEYGUA     Leyland Guardian Active                     5/16/2002                    Full Text
LGCNET     LGCnet                Discontinued            1/2/1995       6/28/2005   Full Text
LIAB       Liability Week        Discontinued            1/1/1992     12/26/2000    Full Text
LWANOS                           Active
           Lianhe Wanbao (Chinese Language - Simplified) 3/5/2007                   Full Text
LWANDT                           Active
           Lianhe Wanbao (Chinese Language - Traditional)3/5/2007                   Full Text
LIAZAO                           Active                1/20/1999
           Lianhe Zaobao (Chinese Language - Simplified)                            Full Text
LIAZTW                           Active                1/20/1999
           Lianhe Zaobao (Chinese Language - Traditional)                           Full Text
CTGLIB                           Active
           Libération - All (French Language)          2/27/2004                    Full Text
LBRT                             Active
           Libération (French Language)                  1/1/1998                   Full Text
LIBCS                            Active
           Libération Cahier Spécial (French Language)11/30/2001                    Full Text
LIBEMP                           Active
           Libération Emploi (French Language)        11/26/2001                    Full Text
LIBLIV                           Active
           Libération Livres (French Language)        11/22/2001                    Full Text
LIBTNT                           Active
           Libération Tentations (French Language) 11/23/2001                       Full Text
LSR                              Discontinued
           Library Computing (Abstracts)                 7/1/1989        1/1/1999   Abstracts
LIBJ       Library Journal       Active                  1/1/1997                   Full Text
ILIQ                             Active
           Library Quarterly (Abstracts)                 1/1/1997                   Abstracts
LTRP                             Active
           Library Technology Reports                    1/1/1994                   Full Text
LIBT       Library Trends        Active                  1/1/1994                   Full Text
DLSDCE                           Active
           Lica (Russian Language)                     11/1/2005                    Full Text
LICL       Licensing Letter      Active                12/1/1991                    Full Text
LICMER     Lichfield Mercury Active                    6/16/2005                    Full Text
LIDNOV     Lidove Noviny         Discontinued            1/4/1998        8/1/2001   Full Text
LDENVY                           Active
           Lidove Noviny (Czech Language)              9/11/1998                    Full Text
LIECND                           Active
           Liechtenstein News Digest                   7/31/2001                    Translated Abstracts
LIFF       Life                  Discontinued            1/1/1994       7/31/2001   Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                            Page 116
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

LIFIIN                          Active
           Life Insurance International                   8/1/1995                  Full Text
LFSW       Life Science WeeklyActive                      1/1/2003                  Full Text
LSBU                            Discontinued
           Life Sciences & Biotechnology Update           4/1/1995       8/1/2001   Full Text
NLPLSM     Lifestyle Mandurah Active                     12/6/2006                  Full Text
NLPLSR     Lifestyle Rockingham Active                  12/15/2006                  Full Text
LINWK                           Active
           Light Industry Weekly (Russian Language) 5/11/2007                       Full Text
LMA                             Discontinued
           Light Metal Age (Abstracts)                    1/1/1994      6/30/2002   Abstracts
LITRCK     Light Truck and SUV  Active                    9/1/2006                  Full Text
LIDM       Lighting DimensionsDiscontinued                4/1/1997      11/1/2005   Full Text
LGWV       Lightwave            Active                    5/1/1999                  Full Text
LILEXP                          Active
           Lilydale & Yarra Valley Leader                8/13/2001                  Full Text
KRTLM                           Active
           The Lima News (MCT) (Ohio)                    5/28/2003                  Full Text
MKF                             Active
           LIMRA's MarketFacts Quarterly (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                       Abstracts
XLJS                            (Neb.)
           Lincoln Journal Star Discontinued              9/1/1995      7/31/2001   Full Text
LINECH                          Active
           Lincolnshire Echo (U.K.)                       7/2/2001                  Full Text
LINDEP                          Active
           L'Indépendant (French Language)                9/1/2006                  Full Text
LNK        Link-Up              Discontinued              1/1/1989       7/2/2002   Full Text
LINX       Linux from ZDWire Discontinued                 4/1/2000       3/4/2002   Full Text
DLSDCB                          Active
           Lipeckaya gazeta (Russian Language)           11/1/2005                  Full Text
DLSDCC                          Active
           Lipeckie izvestiya (Russian Language)         11/1/2005                  Full Text
TLAL       Liquidation Alert    Discontinued             11/1/1991      3/11/1996   Full Text
LCCSIN     ListedCompany.comActive                       7/29/2004                  Full Text
LTRE                            (Abstracts)
           The Literary Review Active                     1/1/1995                  Abstracts
PLNP                            Discontinued
           Literature & Psychology                        1/1/1997       1/1/2004   Full Text
PLFQ                            Active
           Literature/Film Quarterly                      1/1/1997                  Full Text
RPDLIG                          Discontinued
           Literaturnaya Gazeta (Abstracts)              5/29/1996      8/15/2001   Translated Abstracts
DLSDCD                           (Russian Language) 11/1/2005
           Literaturnaya gazetaActive                                               Full Text
ELTA                            Active
           Lithuanian News Agency - ELTA                 3/15/2001                  Full Text
ELTAR                           Active                   3/15/2001
           Lithuanian News Agency - ELTA (Russian Language)                         Full Text
DLSLIT                          Active
           Litovskii Kurier (Russian Language)           3/15/2007                  Full Text
LITHGZ     Littlehampton GazetteActive                   9/14/2006                  Full Text
TCI        Live Design          Active                    1/1/1994                  Full Text
LIVECH     Liverpool Echo       Active                   10/1/2001                  Full Text
LIVLEA     Liverpool Leader     Active                    8/8/2001                  Full Text
QEDLQE                          Discontinued
           Liverpool Quarterly Economic Bulletin          3/1/1996      4/23/2003   Full Text
LDPO                             Poultry Situation and Outlook
           Livestock, Dairy andDiscontinued               1/1/1994      7/31/2001   Full Text
LLANLL     Llanelli Star (Wales)Active                   8/13/1997                  Full Text
LLOSPE                          A
           Lloyd Special Report ctive                    2/28/2007                  Full Text
FTBASI     Lloyd’s Freight Transport Buyer Asia
                                Discontinued              2/1/2006       2/1/2007   Full Text
QEDLBE                          Active
           Lloyds Bank Economic Bulletin                 12/1/1995                  Full Text
QEDLBI                          Discontinued
           Lloyds Bank International Economic Calender   1/15/1996      8/30/2004   Full Text
LLBIFO                          Active
           Lloyds Bank International Financial Outlook  10/20/2005                  Full Text
LL         Lloyd's List         Active                  12/31/1981                  Full Text
LLCASR                           Report
           Lloyd's List CasualtyDiscontinued             3/31/1992      6/23/2003   Full Text
LLCAS                            Wire
           Lloyd's List CasualtyDiscontinued              4/6/2000      6/16/2003   Full Text
ABXLLC                          Discontinued             4/26/1999
           Lloyd's List Daily Commercial News (ABIX Abstracts)         11/30/2006   Abstracts
LPLI                            Active
           Lloyd's List Product Liability International   3/1/1992                  Full Text
LLOYSH                          Active
           Lloyd's Shipping Economist                    12/1/2003                  Full Text
LOANRA     Loan Radar           Active                   3/23/2007                  Full Text
OBSPA                           Discontinued
           L'Obs de Paris (French Language)               8/2/2004      9/20/2006   Full Text
OBSPB                           Active                    2/1/2006
           L'Observatoire des Produits Bancaires (French Language)                  Full Text
OBSASS                          Active                    2/1/2006
           L'Observatoire des Produits d'Assurance (French Language)                Full Text

Factiva Confidential                           9/19/2011                                             Page 117
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

LCCO                           Discontinued
           Local Competition Report                  7/26/1993    2/25/2003 Full Text
LOTC                           Discontinued
           Local Telecom Competition News            6/28/1994    9/27/1995 Full Text
LH         Lodging Hospitality Active                 1/1/1989              Full Text
CITSHL     Logan West Leader Active                  8/28/2001              Full Text
LTR                            Discontinued
           The Logistics and Transportation Review    3/1/1989    12/1/1996 Full Text
LOGEUR     Logistics Europe    Discontinued         11/24/1997    7/31/2001 Full Text
LMDR       Logistics ManagementActive                 1/1/1989              Full Text
LOGNIP                         Discontinued
           Logistics Nippon (Japanese Language)       8/1/2002    8/16/2005 Full Text
FLGS       Logistics Spectrum Active                  1/1/1997              Full Text
TD         Logisticstoday      Active                 1/1/1989              Full Text
LOGTK                          Active
           Logistiek (Dutch Language)                5/12/2006              Full Text
QEDLGL                         Discontinued          7/30/1999
           Lombard St Research Global Leading Indicators          7/30/2004 Full Text
QEDLME                         Discontinued          4/12/1999
           Lombard St Research Monthly Economic Review            7/30/2004 Full Text
WOB                            Discontinued
           London Business Monthly Magazine           5/6/1985    7/31/2001 Full Text
QEDLBS                         Discontinued
           London Business School Economic Outlook 11/1/1995      7/22/2004 Full Text
LDNO                           Discontinued
           Long Distance Outlook                      4/1/1992     1/1/1994 Full Text
LIM                            (N.Y.)
           Long Island Monthly Discontinued           9/1/1988    7/31/2001 Full Text
LRP                            Active
           Long Range Planning (Abstracts)            1/1/1997              Abstracts
LOJA       Look Japan          Discontinued           1/1/2002    4/30/2004 Full Text
LKFD                           Discontinued
           Lookout (Foods Edition, Abstracts)         1/1/1994     8/1/2001 Abstracts
LKNF                            Edition, Abstracts)
           Lookout (Non FoodsDiscontinued             1/1/1994     8/1/2001 Abstracts
LABZ                           Active
           Los Angeles Business Journal               1/1/1994              Full Text
LAD                            Active
           Los Angeles Daily News                     9/1/1989              Full Text
LAMAG      Los Angeles MagazineDiscontinued           5/1/1988    7/31/2001 Full Text
IIILAT                         Discontinued
           Los Angeles Times (Abstracts)             1/17/1996    1/27/2005 Abstracts
LOUGEC     Loughborough EchoActive                    6/2/2006              Full Text
LACO                           D
           Louisiana Contractor iscontinued           1/1/1998     5/1/2006 Full Text
LAAL                           Discontinued
           Louisiana Industry Environmental Advisor 12/1/1991     7/31/2001 Full Text
LOU        Louisville (Ky.)    Active                 1/1/1985              Full Text
LOUTLD     Louth Leader        Active                9/19/2006              Full Text
LPGW       LPG World           Discontinued         12/30/1999     1/1/2004 Full Text
LSA        LSA (Abstracts)     Discontinued           1/1/1994     4/1/2003 Abstracts
XLAJ                           Discontinued
           Lubbock Avalanche-Journal (Texas)         12/1/1991    7/31/2001 Full Text
LUBR       Lubricants World Discontinued              8/1/2001   12/31/2004 Full Text
LUSTRE     Lustre              Active                 1/1/2005              Full Text
QQLTH      The Lutheran        Active                 1/1/2006              Full Text
LUTHP                          Active
           Luton Herald and Post                     2/12/2004              Full Text
LUXND                          Active
           Luxembourg News Digest                    5/31/2001              Translated Abstracts
LYNNWA                         Active
           Lynn News and Advertiser                  9/15/2006              Full Text
STNW       M                   Discontinued           1/1/1994     6/1/1995 Full Text
MANEN                          Active
           M&A News and Comments                     4/26/2007              Full Text
MANRU                          Active
           M&A News and Comments (Russian Language)  4/25/2007              Full Text
FLMAS      The M&A Spotlight Active                  10/1/2005              Full Text
MCPUBD                         Active
           M&C Publishing (Dutch Language)           5/17/2006              Full Text
MCPUBF                         Active
           M&C Publishing (French Language)          5/17/2006              Full Text
BB         M2 Best Books       Active                 1/1/2000              Full Text
EQTBIT     M2 EquityBites      Active               10/19/2004              Full Text
MTEU       M2 Europharma       Discontinued          12/6/1999    11/4/2002 Full Text
MTPW       M2 Presswire        Active                10/1/1994              Full Text
CHRCNL     Macarthur ChronicleActive                 8/14/2001              Full Text
MACEPD                         Active
           Macedonian Press Digest                   1/28/1998              Translated Abstracts
MABDN                          Active                5/10/2007
           Machine Building Daily News (Russian Language)                   Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                    Page 118
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

MACH       Machine Design        Active                  1/1/1989                Full Text
MERO                             Active
           Machinery, Equipment & MRO                  11/1/2005                 Full Text
MACN       Macintosh News        Discontinued            9/1/1988       7/9/1990 Full Text
KRTMA                            Active
           The Macon Telegraph (MCT) (Ga.)             5/28/2003                 Full Text
MCPLS      MacPlas (Abstracts)Active                     3/2/1987                Abstracts
QEDBIO                           Discontinued
           Macquarie Bank Interest Outlook             11/1/1997       11/5/2003 Full Text
QEDMBW                           Discontinued
           Macquarie Bank International Weekly         10/6/1997       9/12/2000 Full Text
QEDBMT                           Discontinued
           Macquarie Bank Market Trends                11/1/1997       2/26/2003 Full Text
QEDMWA                           Discontinued
           Macquarie Bank This Week in Asia            8/24/1998        7/9/2001 Full Text
QEDMBM                           Active
           Macquarie Bank: The Macquarie Weekly 9/29/1997                        Full Text
MACU       MacUser               Discontinued            3/1/1987      10/1/1997 Full Text
MACWON                           Active
           Macwelt Online (German Language)            6/20/2004                 Full Text
MWOR                             A
           Macworld (Abstracts) ctive                    1/1/1994                Abstracts
GMAD                             Discontinued
           Mademoiselle (Abstracts)                      1/1/1997      11/2/2001 Abstracts
XMMS                             Discontinued
           Madisonville Messenger (Ky.)                  6/1/1993      7/31/2001 Full Text
MAEIL                            Active
           Maeil Business Newspaper                      7/1/1998                Full Text
DLSDCF                           Active
           Magadanskaya pravda (Russian Language) 11/1/2005                      Full Text
MAGRI                            Discontinued
           Magasin Agricole (Abstracts)                6/23/1989       7/31/2001 Abstracts
MATQ                             Active
           The Magazine Antiques (Abstracts)             1/1/1994                Abstracts
MGREB      Maghreb Confidential  Active                2/24/2005                 Full Text
MGREBF                           Active
           Maghreb Confidentiel (French Language) 2/24/2005                      Full Text
DLSDCI                           Active
           Mahachkalinskie izvestiya (Russian Language)11/1/2005                 Full Text
AIWMAG                           Active
           Mail & Guardian Online (Johannesburg)       2/19/1999                 Full Text
MAIL                             Discontinued
           Mail Center Management Report                 1/1/2000       9/3/2002 Full Text
MOSM                             (U.K.)
           The Mail on Sunday Active                     5/2/1982                Full Text
KRTME                            Active
           Mail Tribune (MCT) (Ore.)                   5/28/2003                 Full Text
TMRAGL                           Active
           Main Report - Agricultural Letter           2/10/1997                 Full Text
TMRBUL                           Active
           Main Report - Business Letter                 2/3/1997                Full Text
TMRHWL                           Active
           Main Report - Health and Wealth Letter      2/17/1997                 Full Text
MANE       Maine Times           Discontinued            2/1/1994       4/2/2002 Full Text
MCRC       Mainframe Computing   Active                12/1/1991                 Full Text
MAIDMC                           Discontinued
           Mainichi - Digital Today (Japanese Language)  3/4/1999      6/30/2005 Full Text
MAIDMI                           Internet (Japanese Language)
           Mainichi Daily Mail - Discontinued            3/4/1999       3/6/2002 Full Text
MAIDMM                           Multimedia (Japanese Language)
           Mainichi Daily Mail - Discontinued            3/4/1999      3/20/2003 Full Text
AIWMDM     Mainichi Daily NewsActive                   3/19/1997                 Translated Abstracts
MAICUN                           Active
           Mainichi Online News (Japanese Language)3/27/1998                     Full Text
AIWMAP                           Discontinued
           Mainichi Press Release Service                3/8/1997      7/31/2001 Full Text
MAICNR                           Active                3/27/1998
           Mainichi Shimbun - Company News Releases (Japanese Language)          Full Text
MAINHQ                           Active                  5/1/2002
           Mainichi Shimbun - HQ Edition (Japanese Language)                     Full Text
MAINLO                           Active                  5/1/2002
           Mainichi Shimbun - Local Edition (Japanese Language)                  Full Text
MAIOTI                           Discontinued         10/19/1992       1/29/2004 Full
           Mainichi Shimbun - Overseas Travellers Information (Japanese Language) Text
MAIMEP                           Active                 (Japanese
           Mainichi Shimbun Morning & Evening Paper4/27/2006 Language)           Full Text
MAIECO                           Active                3/30/1998
           Mainichi Weekly Economist (Japanese Language)                         Full Text
MAISUP     Maintenance Supplies  Active                  1/1/2004                Full Text
MALR                             Discontinued
           Malaria & Tropical Disease Weekly             6/1/1996      2/16/1998 Full Text
MAWK       Malaria Weekly        Active                  1/1/2003                Full Text
MALMAI     The Malay Mail        Active                5/15/1998                 Full Text
NSTCOM                           Active
           Malaysia Company Factfile                   6/30/2006                 Full Text
MALBUS     Malaysian Business Active                   5/16/1998                 Full Text
MNG        Manage                Discontinued            2/1/1989       5/1/2001 Full Text
MBHN                              Health News
           Managed BehavioralDiscontinued              3/14/1996       2/20/1997 Full Text
HLMU       Managed Care AlertDiscontinued                3/1/1992      12/8/1993 Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                         Page 119
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

MCLK                          Discontinued
           Managed Care Outlook                        12/2/1991       12/5/1997   Full Text
MNCR                          D
           Managed Care Week iscontinued                9/1/1991       6/11/2007   Full Text
MHIF                          Active
           Managed Care Weekly Digest                   1/1/2002                   Full Text
MHR        Managed Healthcare Active                    1/1/1997                   Full Text
MHCN                          Discontinued
           Managed Healthcare News                     10/1/1991       5/25/1992   Full Text
MNSN                          Discontinued
           Managed Network Services News               2/12/1997      11/18/1998   Full Text
MNPR                          Discontinued
           Managed Pharmaceutical Report                1/1/1996       9/19/1997   Full Text
MNZ                           Active
           Management (Auckland, N.Z.)                  1/1/1997                   Full Text
UARE                          Active
           Management Accounting Research (Abstracts)   1/1/1997                   Abstracts
FMCQ                          Active                    1/1/1997
           Management Communication Quarterly (Abstracts)                          Abstracts
MIRW                          Active
           Management International Review              1/1/1994                   Full Text
MNJ                            (Abstracts)
           Management Japan Discontinued                1/1/1997       8/26/2003   Abstracts
MANAGM     Management MagazineActive                   7/31/1998                   Full Text
MANM                          D
           Management Matters iscontinued              12/1/1991        3/1/1997   Full Text
MQLY                          Active
           Management Quarterly                         1/1/1994                   Full Text
MGR        Management Review  Discontinued              1/1/1989        3/1/2000   Full Text
MNS        Management ServicesDiscontinued              1/1/1997        3/2/2004   Full Text
MNTOD      Management TodayActive                      1/19/1987                   Full Text
MMAGZN                        Active
           manager magazin (German Language)           10/1/1996                   Full Text
MMONLN                        Active
           manager magazin Online (German Language)     1/2/2005                   Full Text
MECO                          Active
           Managerial & Decision Economics (Abstracts)  1/1/1997                   Abstracts
MMZN       Managers MagazineDiscontinued                1/1/1994       10/1/1997   Full Text
MKPN                          Discontinued
           Managing 401(k) Plans                        1/1/2000       11/1/2005   Full Text
MGCOM                         Active                    1/1/2005
           Managing a Company Magazine (Russian Language)                          Full Text
MACT                          Discontinued
           Managing Accounting Systems and Technology   1/1/2000        3/7/2002   Full Text
MNAP                          Payable
           Managing Accounts Discontinued               1/1/2000       10/1/2005   Full Text
MAPE                          Payable Europe
           Managing Accounts Discontinued               2/1/2002       6/30/2002   Full Text
MAUT       Managing AutomationDiscontinued              8/1/2002        3/9/2005   Full Text
MANB                          Discontinued
           Managing Benefits Plans                      1/1/2000       10/1/2005   Full Text
MGCR                          Discontinued
           Managing Credit, Receivables & Collections 1/1/2000          9/1/2005   Full Text
MGCS                            Service
           Managing CustomerDiscontinued                1/1/2000       10/1/2005   Full Text
MGDE                          Discontinued
           Managing Design Engineering                  2/1/2000       12/1/2000   Full Text
MNEX       Managing Exports Discontinued                1/1/2000       10/1/2005   Full Text
MHRI                          Discontinued
           Managing Human Resource Information Systems  1/1/2000       8/30/2002   Full Text
MGCC                          Discontinued
           Managing International Credit & Collections 1/1/2000        6/25/2002   Full Text
MGLG       Managing Logistics Discontinued              1/1/2000        8/1/2002   Full Text
MOFT                          Discontinued
           Managing Office Technology                   1/1/1989        9/1/1998   Full Text
MGTX                          Discontinued
           Managing Sales & Use Tax                     1/1/2000        9/1/2000   Full Text
MGTE       Managing T&E       Discontinued              1/1/2000       2/15/2002   Full Text
MGNL                          Discontinued
           Managing the General Ledger                  1/1/2000        8/1/2003   Full Text
MGTD                          Discontinued
           Managing Training & Development              1/1/2000       8/22/2005   Full Text
TEVEST                         (N.Z.)
           Manawatu Standard Active                    2/11/1997                   Full Text
MN                              News
           Manchester EveningActive (U.K.)             9/26/1981                   Full Text
PMSE                          Active                    1/1/1997
           Manchester School of Economic & Social Studies (Abstracts)              Abstracts
NLPMCT                        Active
           Mandurah Coastal Times                     11/29/2006                   Full Text
MABULL     Manila Bulletin    Active                   1/16/1999                   Full Text
MSTD       Manila Standard    Active                   8/21/1997                   Full Text
MANI       The Manila Times Active                     2/10/2005                   Full Text
MAN                           Active
           Manitoba Business (Canada)                   1/1/1985                   Full Text
MANLYD     Manly Daily        Active                    8/9/2001                   Full Text
DONTEN     Manningham Leader  Active                   8/15/2001                   Full Text
MANSFC     Mansfield Chad     Active                    9/8/2006                   Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                      Page 120
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

ABXMFM                          Discontinued
           Manufacturers' Monthly (ABIX Abstracts) 11/14/1996      12/29/1998 Abstracts
MANMON                          Active
           Manufacturers' Monthly (Australia)         1/17/2003                Full Text
ABXMAM                          Discontinued
           Manufacturer's Weekly (ABIX Abstracts)     4/30/1997     8/11/2003 Abstracts
MNAU                            Discontinued
           Manufacturing Automation                    1/1/1992     1/31/2005 Full Text
MSIUS                           Active
           Manufacturing Business Technology           5/1/2004                Full Text
MCHMDI                          Active
           Manufacturing Chemist (Abstracts)           4/1/1997                Abstracts
MFE                             Active
           Manufacturing Engineering                   1/1/1997                Full Text
MNWS       Manufacturing NewsDiscontinued              1/1/1996      3/3/1997 Full Text
MFS        Manufacturing SystemsDiscontinued           1/1/1997      5/1/2002 Full Text
MARCA                           Active
           Marca (Spanish Language)                   2/22/2002                Full Text
MTM                             Discontinued            Abstracts)
           Marches Tropicaux & Mediterraneens (Africa,1/1/1994      10/2/1998 Abstracts
XMDJ                            Discontinued
           Marietta Daily Journal (Ga.)               12/1/1991     7/31/2001 Full Text
DLSDCH                          Active
           Marijskaya pravda (Russian Language)       11/1/2005                Full Text
IMRB                            Active
           Marine Biology (Abstracts)                  1/1/1997                Abstracts
FMCG       Marine Corps Gazette Active                 1/1/1997                Full Text
MFR                             Discontinued
           Marine Fisheries Review                     1/1/1989     6/22/1997 Full Text
MRLG                            Active
           Marine Log (Abstracts)                      1/1/1994                Abstracts
MRTN                            Discontinued
           Marine Technology News                     1/12/1994     7/31/2001 Full Text
MAPA       Market Asia Pacific Discontinued            1/1/1992     10/1/1997 Full Text
MKTE       Market Europe        Discontinued          12/1/1991     10/1/1997 Full Text
FUJIGN                          Active
           Market Joho Pack (Japanese Language)        8/8/2003                Full Text
MKLA                            D
           Market Latin America iscontinued           10/1/1993     10/1/1997 Full Text
MARNEW                          Active
           Market News International                  6/17/1996                Full Text
MNEWSP                          Active
           Market News Publishing                     1/15/1999                Full Text
AIWMNA                          Discontinued
           Market Newsletter: Asia Pacific            11/9/1999      2/1/2002 Full Text
AIWMNE                          Discontinued
           Market Newsletter: Europe                  11/9/1999      9/5/2001 Full Text
AIWMNL                          Discontinued
           Market Newsletter: Latin America           11/9/1999      9/5/2001 Full Text
ITWR       Market Wire          Active               10/24/2000                Full Text
FMAM                            Discontinued
           Market: Africa/Mid-East                    11/1/1997     12/4/2003 Full Text
AIWMKT     Market: Asia Pacific Discontinued           6/1/1997      4/1/2004 Full Text
AIWMKE     Market: Europe       Discontinued           7/1/1997     7/31/2001 Full Text
MKTG       Marketing            Active                 5/6/1983                Full Text
ABXMAR                          Discontinued
           Marketing (ABIX Abstracts)                 8/31/1996     10/1/2006 Abstracts
MABDV                           Active
           Marketing and Business Development         8/11/1995                Full Text
MARDIR     Marketing Direct     Active                9/16/1997                Full Text
MAREVE     Marketing Event      Active                 9/1/1997                Full Text
JHCM                            Discontinued
           Marketing Health Services                   1/1/2001    12/31/2002 Full Text
MARK                            (Abstracts)
           Marketing MagazineDiscontinued              1/1/1994      9/9/2002 Abstracts
ABXMKT                          (NZ) (ABIX Abstracts) 8/31/1996
           Marketing MagazineDiscontinued                           10/1/2006 Abstracts
MMA                             Active
           Marketing Management (Abstracts)            1/1/1997                Abstracts
MARN                            Active
           Marketing News (Abstracts)                  1/1/1989                Abstracts
MKRR                            Review
           Marketing ResearchDiscontinued              1/1/1992      9/1/1993 Full Text
MRE                             Active                 1/1/1997                Abstracts
           Marketing Research: A Magazine of Management & Applications (Abstracts)
MKS                             Active
           Marketing Science (Abstracts)               1/1/1997                Abstracts
MNMK                            Active
           Marketing To the Emerging Majorities       12/1/1991                Full Text
MKWM       Marketing to Women   Discontinued          12/1/1991     11/2/2000 Full Text
MTLS       Marketing Tools      Discontinued           1/1/1994     7/31/2001 Full Text
MKTW       Marketing Week       Active               10/28/1983                Full Text
MYM        Marketing Y Medios Active                  11/1/2005                Full Text
MMAG                            Active
           Marketplace Magazine (Wis.)                 2/1/1994                Full Text
SNDMNY     Marketplace Money Discontinued              3/6/2004    11/17/2006 Full Text
MRKRE                           Active
  (Abstracts)              1/1/2004                Abstracts

Factiva Confidential                           9/19/2011                                   Page 121
                                       Global Academic 2007Q4

MARKAL                          Active
           Märkische Allgemeine (German Language) 3/11/2006                 Full Text
MKTK                            Discontinued
           Markt & Technik (Abstracts)                1/1/1994     9/1/2001 Abstracts
MRKUP                           Active
           Markup (Italian Language)                  4/1/1996              Full Text
MALEXP                          Active
           The Marlborough Express                  1/12/2005               Full Text
MAROMA     Maroondah Leader Active                  8/14/2001               Full Text
PMFR                            Active
           Marriage & Family Review (Abstracts)       1/1/1997              Abstracts
MAHT                            Active
           Mass High Tech (Abstracts)               9/11/1989               Abstracts
MTST       Mass Transit         Active                1/1/1994              Full Text
PMAR       Massachusetts Review Active                1/1/1997              Full Text
MAST       The Masthead         Active                1/1/1995              Full Text
MHEN                            Active
           Material Handling Management               1/1/1994              Full Text
MATEDJ                          Discontinued
           Materials Edge (Abstracts)                 2/2/1988    7/31/2001 Abstracts
PRUID                           Active
           Materials World (Abstracts)              3/11/1986               Abstracts
MAF                             Active
           Mathematical Finance (Abstracts)           1/1/1997              Abstracts
PMIN                            Active
           Mathematical Intelligencer (Abstracts)     1/1/1997              Abstracts
GMAT                            Active
           Mathematics Magazine (Abstracts)           1/1/1997              Abstracts
MMR                             Active                1/1/1997
           Mathematics of Operations Research (Abstracts)                   Abstracts
IMTT       Mathematics Teacher  Active                1/1/1997              Full Text
LEMAT                           Active
           Le Matin (French Language)                 6/9/2005              Full Text
MATLCM     Matlock Mercury      Active              9/14/2006               Full Text
AMMK                            Discontinued
           The Maturing Marketplace                 12/1/1991     10/1/1999 Full Text
MAV                             Active                1/1/1998
           mav maschinen anlagen verfahren (German Language)                Full Text
DLSDDJ                          Active
           Mayak Baltiki (Russian Language)         11/1/2005               Full Text
DLSDCG                          (Russian Language)
           Maykopskie novosti Active                11/1/2005               Full Text
IMCH                            Active
           Mayo Clinic Health Letter (Abstracts)      1/1/1997              Abstracts
MAYO                            Active
           Mayo Clinic Proceedings                    9/1/1999              Full Text
MBIZ       MBusiness            Discontinued        11/1/2000      3/6/2002 Full Text
MKCM                            Discontinued
           MC Technology Marketing Intelligence       1/1/1991     7/2/2003 Full Text
KRTPS                            Photo
           McClatchy - TribuneActive Service (MCT)    5/6/1999              Full Text
KRTWA                           Active
           McClatchy Washington Bureau (MCT)        5/28/2003               Full Text
MCNQ                            Discontinued
           The McKinsey Quarterly                     1/1/1994   12/27/2002 Full Text
MNP        McNair Papers        Active                2/1/1989              Full Text
MCOM                            D
           M-Commerce Insider iscontinued             9/1/2000    3/13/2002 Full Text
NWSLCT                          Active
           MD Business News (Dutch Language)        7/19/2001               Full Text
MATAL      Meat International Active                  4/1/2006              Full Text
MPRO                            Discontinued
           Meat Processing (Abstracts)                1/1/1994     7/1/2001 Abstracts
MENG                            Active
           Mechanical Engineering-CIME                1/1/1994              Full Text
MDAD       Med Ad News          Active                1/1/1994              Full Text
MEDECO     Medeconomics         Active                2/1/2001              Full Text
MEDIAM     Media                Active              3/21/1996               Full Text
MAMEUR                          Active
           Media And Marketing Europe               9/22/1994               Full Text
NBBLAB     Media Blab           Active              3/14/2007               Full Text
MEDCHI                          Discontinued
           Media China (Chinese Language - Simplified)5/9/2003   12/16/2005 Full Text
MEDCTW                          Discontinued       11/15/2003
           Media China (Chinese Language - Traditional)          12/16/2005 Full Text
MISA                            Discontinued
           Media Institute Of Southern Africa         6/1/1999    7/31/2001 Full Text
MDIA                            Discontinued
           Media International (Abstracts)            1/1/1994     4/1/1999 Abstracts
MDMN       Media Monitor        Discontinued          7/1/1992     8/5/1994 Full Text
IMRW       Media Report to WomenActive                1/1/1997              Full Text
MDWEEK     Media Week           Active              12/2/1988               Full Text
NBMWAX                          Discontinued
           Media Week Australia (News Bites Summary)7/28/2003    11/29/2005 Abstracts
PMCS                            Active
           Media, Culture & Society (Abstracts)       1/1/1997              Abstracts
NZPAME     Mediacom             Active              5/10/2006               Full Text

Factiva Confidential                           9/19/2011                                Page 122
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

MEDFAX                          Service
           Mediafax Economic Discontinued            1/31/2000    7/31/2001 Full Text
MEDFNB                          Active
           Mediafax News Brief Service               5/24/2000              Full Text
MDLN       Medialine            Active                9/1/2002              Full Text
MDSR       MediaSource          Discontinued          5/1/1994    7/31/2001 Full Text
MDWK       MEDIAWEEK            Active              11/28/1995              Full Text
MEDANJ                          Active
           Medical Academy News (Japanese Language)  3/21/2005              Full Text
MHMG                            Discontinued        10/25/2004
           The Medical and Healthcare Marketplace Guide            8/1/2007 Full Text
FMCR                            Active
           Medical Care Research & Review (Abstracts)1/1/1997               Abstracts
MDAL                            Discontinued
           Medical Device Approval Letter             2/1/1992     9/1/2000 Full Text
MDST                            Active
           Medical Devices & Surgical Technology Week 1/1/2001              Full Text
MEDSEB                          Discontinued
           Medical Devices Bulletin (Abstracts)      4/23/1994    7/31/2001 Abstracts
MDLR                            Discontinued
           Medical Devices Litigation Reporter       12/1/2001    8/31/2005 Full Text
MDEC       Medical Economics Active                   1/1/1994              Full Text
MEDIM      Medical Imaging      Active               11/1/2006              Full Text
MCAL                            Discontinued          3/1/1998
           Medical Industry Conference Calendar Newsletter        7/16/1998 Full Text
MEDL                            Discontinued
           Medical Laboratory Management Report       1/1/2000    11/5/2002 Full Text
MLO                             Active
           Medical Laboratory Observer                1/1/1989              Full Text
MELAWO                          Active
           Medical Laboratory World (Abstracts)     10/30/1994              Abstracts
MDLI       Medical Laser InsightDiscontinued          1/1/1996     7/8/2004 Full Text
IDNT                            Discontinued         1/10/2000
           Medical Letter on Drugs & Therapeutics (Abstracts)     3/18/2002 Abstracts
MLCF                            Active
           Medical Letter on the CDC & FDA            1/1/1999              Full Text
MMMD                             Media
           Medical Marketing &Active                  8/1/1991              Full Text
MEMA                            Discontinued
           Medical Materials Update                   1/1/1996     4/1/2003 Full Text
MDMT       Medical Meetings Active                    1/1/2002              Full Text
MDOG                            Discontinued
           Medical Outcomes & Guidelines Alert        4/8/1993     8/1/1996 Full Text
MRFN                            Discontinued
           Medical Research Funding News              1/1/1992    7/29/1992 Full Text
MEDT       Medical Textiles     Active               12/1/1991              Full Text
MDUP       Medical Update       Discontinued          1/1/1994     5/1/2005 Full Text
MDUR                            Discontinued
           Medical Utilization Management             1/1/1992    6/24/1999 Full Text
MWNW                            D
           Medical Waste News iscontinued            12/1/1991    7/31/2001 Full Text
MDWN       Medical World NewsDiscontinued             1/1/1994    2/15/1994 Full Text
MMED                             News
           Medicare AdvantageDiscontinued             1/1/1996    5/31/2007 Full Text
MDCN       Medicine             Active                1/1/1994              Full Text
MDHL                            Discontinued
           Medicine & Health (Abstracts)              1/1/1992    7/31/2001 Abstracts
DLSDDA                          Active
           Medicinskaya gazeta (Russian Language) 11/1/2005                 Full Text
MEDACT                          Active
           medien aktuell (German Language)           2/2/1998              Full Text
MEDBOT                          Active
           Medienbote (German Language)              9/11/2006              Full Text
BIZMEG     Meditsinskaya Gazeta Discontinued         3/21/1997     7/8/2003 Full Text
MDAV       Medium Aevum         Active                1/1/1995              Full Text
QEDMQE                          Discontinued
           MEED Quarterly Report - Egypt             6/30/2000    8/31/2004 Full Text
QEDMQI                          Discontinued
           MEED Quarterly Report - Iran               6/1/1998    8/25/2004 Full Text
QEDMQM                          Discontinued
           MEED Quarterly Report - Maghreb            8/1/1998     6/9/2004 Full Text
QEDMQS                          Discontinued
           MEED Quarterly Report - Saudi Arabia       7/1/1998    8/31/2004 Full Text
QEDMDW                          Discontinued
           Meed Weekly Special Report                4/10/1998    8/27/2004 Full Text
MNTG       Meeting News         Active               8/23/2001              Full Text
MTCN                            Discontinued
           Meetings & Conventions                     1/1/1994     9/1/2001 Full Text
MEGA       Megawatt Daily       Active               7/28/1997              Full Text
MELBYL                          Active
           Melbourne/Yarra Leader                    8/13/2001              Full Text
GMEM       Melody Maker         Discontinued          1/1/1997   12/22/1999 Full Text
MELTTM     Melton Times         Active               9/21/2006              Full Text
MELBAC                          Active
           Melton/Moorabool Leader                   8/14/2001              Full Text
MLUS       MELUS (Abstracts) Active                   1/1/1995              Abstracts

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                               Page 123
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

NLPMVT     Melville Times       Active               11/28/2006               Full Text
MSNW                            Discontinued
           Membrane & Separation Technology News 12/1/1991          6/12/2006 Full Text
PMCO                             (Abstracts)
           Memory & CognitionActive                     1/1/1997              Abstracts
MPZN       Menopause News Discontinued                  1/1/1994     5/1/1999 Full Text
AGEFIL                          Active                  3/1/2001
           Le Mensuel d´Agéfi Luxembourg (French Language)                    Full Text
MENWAR     Menswear             Discontinued            4/3/1997    9/24/2002 Full Text
MHWK                            Active
           Mental Health Weekly Digest                  1/1/2003              Full Text
MERCED                          Active
           Merced Sun-Star (Calif.)                     7/1/2005              Full Text
MCB                             Active
           Mercer Business (N.J.)                       4/1/1985              Full Text
SABIEM                          Active
           El Mercurio (Chile, Abstracts)              7/18/2000              Translated Abstracts
MERCRO                          Active
           El Mercurio (Spanish Language)            10/28/2002               Full Text
ABXMER                          Discontinued
           The Mercury (ABIX Abstracts)                2/12/1999    12/1/2006 Abstracts
PMER       Mercury (Abstracts) Active                   1/1/1997              Abstracts
MERCRY     The Mercury          Active               10/23/2006               Full Text
MIRAUS                          Active
           Mergent Industry Reports                     5/1/2004              Full Text
MACQ                            Discontinued
           Mergers & Acquisitions in Canada            11/1/1991    4/19/2005 Full Text
MRGC                            Active
           Mergers & Acquisitions Report                5/1/1993              Full Text
MAJ                             Active                  1/1/1998
           Mergers & Acquisitions: The Dealmakers Journal                     Full Text
MRLR                            Discontinued
           Mergers and Acquisitions Litigation Reporter 1/1/2002    8/31/2005 Full Text
DLSDDC                          Discontinued
           Meridian (Russian Language)                 11/1/2005   12/19/2006 Full Text
DLSDDD                          Active
           Meridian KMV (Russian Language)             11/1/2005              Full Text
MERM       Mermigas on Media Discontinued               1/1/2003     3/6/2004 Full Text
XMET       Mesa Tribune (Ariz.)Discontinued            12/1/1991    7/31/2001 Full Text
DLSDDG                          Active
           Mesherskaya storona (Russian Language) 11/1/2005                   Full Text
XMES                            Discontinued
           Messenger (Ft. Dodge, Iowa)                 12/1/1991    7/31/2001 Full Text
KRTOW                           Active
           Messenger-Inquirer (MCT) (Ky.)              5/28/2003              Full Text
XMIN                            Discontinued
           Messenger-Inquirer (Owensboro, Ky.)         12/1/1991    7/31/2001 Full Text
MESVRE                          Active
           Mestnoe Vremya (Russian Language)            3/1/2006              Full Text
METBUL     Metal Bulletin       Active                 2/22/1982              Full Text
METBMO                          Active
           Metal Bulletin Monthly                      11/1/1986              Full Text
METBNA                          Alert Service
           Metal Bulletin News Active                  4/21/2005              Full Text
MCNS       Metal Center News Active                     1/1/1994              Full Text
METDN                           Active
           Metal Daily News (Russian Language)         5/10/2007              Full Text
MEXDAN                          Active
           Metal Expert Daily News                     9/18/2006              Full Text
MFNS                            Discontinued
           Metal Finishing (Abstracts)                  1/1/1994     8/1/2001 Abstracts
MHT                             Digest
           Metal Heat Treating Discontinued             1/1/1994    7/31/2001 Full Text
METSS                           D
           Metal Supply & Sales iscontinued             9/8/2005   10/14/2005 Full Text
METSRU                          Active
           Metal Supply & Sales (Russian Language) 6/1/2005                   Full Text
DLSDDE                          Active
           Metallurg - Lipeck (Russian Language)       11/1/2005              Full Text
METL       Metallurgia          Discontinued            1/1/1994     3/1/2003 Full Text
MW         Metals Week          Active                  1/1/1988              Full Text
MTLW                            Active
           Metalworking Insiders' Report               9/18/1993              Full Text
MWN        Metalworking News Discontinued               1/1/1989     9/3/1990 Full Text
METPRO                          Active
           Metalworking Production                      4/1/1997              Full Text
DLSDDF                          Active
           Metro (Russian Language)                    11/1/2005              Full Text
NBMENZ                          Discontinued
           Metro [NZ] (News Bites Summary)              9/1/2003    11/1/2003 Abstracts
GMEH                            Discontinued
           Metropolitan Home (Abstracts)                1/1/1997    3/23/2004 Abstracts
BJM                             Discontinued
           Metropolitan Toronto Business Journal        5/1/1985    7/31/2001 Full Text
MSEM                            Discontinued
           Mexican Studies-Estudios Mexicanos           1/1/1995    7/31/2001 Full Text
MXBU                            Discontinued
           Mexico Business Monthly                      1/1/1992     1/1/2000 Full Text
DLSDDB                          Active
           Mezonin (Russian Language)                  11/1/2005              Full Text
MERCTI                          Active
           MF - Mercati Finanziari (Italian Language) 9/18/2002               Full Text

Factiva Confidential                             9/19/2011                                     Page 124
                                       Global Academic 2007Q4

MFWSJ                           Active
           MF - WSJ Europe (Italian Language)          11/1/2002              Full Text
MFDJ                            Active
           MF-Dow Jones Global (Italian Language) 12/1/2004                   Full Text
MFFSHN                          Active
           MFFashion (Italian Language)                9/18/2002              Full Text
NBMGBU                          Discontinued
           MG Business [NZ] (News Bites Summary) 9/15/2003         11/10/2003 Abstracts
MHRA                            Active                 5/15/2006              Abstracts
           MHRA (UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) (Abstracts)
MDBR                            Active
           Miami Daily Business Review                 9/20/2001              Full Text
KRTMI                           Active
           The Miami Herald (MCT) (Fla.)               5/28/2003              Full Text
BMIB       Michigan Banker      Active                  1/1/1997              Full Text
MGCOB                           and Builder
           Michigan ContractorActive                   1/28/2006              Full Text
MCPA       Michigan CPA         Discontinued            1/1/1994   10/11/1997 Full Text
MILR                            A
           Michigan Law Reviewctive                     1/1/1995              Full Text
PMQR                            Active
           Michigan Quarterly Review (Abstracts)        1/1/1997              Abstracts
MICROH                          Active
           Micro Hebdo (French Language)               7/23/2002              Full Text
MICR                            Active
           Microbial Update International               4/1/1996              Full Text
IMBR                            Active                  1/1/1997
           Microbiology & Molecular Biology Reviews (Abstracts)               Abstracts
MLTH                            Active
           Microlithography World                       1/1/2002              Full Text
MCRQ                            Discontinued
           Micronesian Investment Quarterly             6/1/1992     9/1/1995 Full Text
MMTN                            Discontinued
           Microporous Materials Technology News        4/1/1996     8/1/1996 Full Text
MSCOPE     MicroScope           Active                  2/9/2004              Full Text
MCGR                            Discontinued
           Microwave Engineering Europe                 1/1/1995   11/30/2001 Full Text
MWJN       Microwave Journal Discontinued               1/1/1994     9/1/2005 Full Text
MWRF       Microwaves & RF Active                       1/1/1994              Full Text
MIDDEG                          Active
           Mid Devon Gazette (U.K.)                    6/23/1998              Full Text
MEBU                            Discontinued
           Mid East Business Digest                    11/1/1991    7/25/1994 Full Text
MIDSOM     Mid Somerset Series  Discontinued            8/8/2002   11/11/2004 Full Text
MIDSTM     Mid Sussex Times Active                     9/17/2006              Full Text
MACI                            Active                  Kan.)
           Mid-America Commerce & Industry (Topeka, 9/1/1991                  Full Text
MAJB                            of Business
           Mid-Atlantic Journal Discontinued            1/1/1994    12/1/2001 Full Text
MENATW                          Active
           Middle East and North Africa This Week       7/1/2001              Full Text
MENAT                           Active
           Middle East and North Africa Today           7/1/2001              Full Text
MIBANK                           and Industry
           Middle East BankingActive                   11/4/2006              Full Text
MECOMP                          Active
           Middle East Company News                     1/1/2001              Full Text
MEADFN                          Active
           Middle East Daily Financial News            1/26/2001              Full Text
MEED                            Active
           Middle East Economic Digest                 6/29/1984              Full Text
QEDMEE                          Discontinued           6/15/2001
           Middle East Economic Digest - (Quest Economic Database) 8/27/2004 Full Text
MEDUN                           Active
           Middle East Education News                  6/10/2004              Full Text
MEXEM                           Active
           Middle East Executive Motoring              1/30/2006              Full Text
MEE                             Discontinued
           Middle East Executive Reports (Abstracts) 1/1/1997       11/9/2005 Abstracts
MEHEAN                          Active
           Middle East Healthcare News                 6/10/2004              Full Text
MEINSR                          Active
           Middle East Insurance Review                 9/1/2006              Full Text
GMEJ       Middle East Journal Active                   1/1/1997              Full Text
MEMADV                          Active
           Middle East Media and Advertising News 6/10/2004                   Full Text
AIWMEN                          Discontinued
           Middle East News Online                      5/2/2002    3/23/2004 Full Text
MENAFI                          Active                 6/11/2007
           Middle East North Africa Financial Network (MENAFN)                Full Text
MEWMEO                          Discontinued
           The Middle East Observer                     7/9/1997   12/18/2002 Full Text
MEOGAR                          Active
           Middle East Oil & Gas Review              11/19/2000               Full Text
MEPERS                          Active
           Middle East Personal Finance News            8/3/2003              Full Text
IMEP       Middle East Policy Active                    1/1/1997              Full Text
MEREAL                          Active
           Middle East Real Estate & Construction News8/4/2003                Full Text
MERETL                          Active
           Middle East Retail and Leisure               2/1/2006              Full Text
QEDMER                          World
           Middle East Review Active of Information     1/1/1996              Full Text
METRAV                          Active
           Middle East Travel and Aviation             1/29/2006              Full Text

Factiva Confidential                           9/19/2011                                  Page 125
                                           Global Academic 2007Q4

MDLE       The Middle East       Active                   1/1/1995                    Full Text
MEAS       Middle Eastern StudiesActive                   1/1/1995                    Full Text
MSEX                              & Business
           Middlesex MagazineDiscontinuedReview (Conn.)   8/1/1994        7/31/2001   Full Text
KRTMD                            Active
           Middletown Journal (MCT) (Ohio)              5/28/2003                     Full Text
MDEM       Mideast Markets       Discontinued           12/1/1991          6/8/1992   Full Text
MENW       Mid-East Newswire Discontinued               2/22/1995         7/31/2001   Full Text
MIDLIB                           Active
           Midi Libre (French Language)                   9/1/2006                    Full Text
NLPMKR                            Reporter
           Midland Kalamunda Active                    11/28/2006                     Full Text
FINMID                           Active
           Midlands Business Insider                   12/12/2002                     Full Text
MDNTDR     MidnightTrader        Active                 2/20/2003                     Full Text
MRSY       Midrange Systems Discontinued                  1/1/1994        8/27/2003   Full Text
MIDSTR     Midstream             Active                   1/1/2007                    Full Text
MWCO                             A
           Midwest Construction ctive                     1/1/1998                    Full Text
MDWCO      Midwest Contractor Active                    1/23/2006                     Full Text
MDQU                             Active
           The Midwest Quarterly (Abstracts)              1/1/1995                    Abstracts
MDWT       Midwifery Today       Discontinued           3/22/2000         6/18/2003   Full Text
MVARG                            Active
           Mieux Vivre Votre Argent (French Language) 1/1/2006                        Full Text
MWM                              Discontinued
           Migration World Magazine                       1/1/1995        8/27/2003   Full Text
CTDWN      Mike Duffy Live       Active                   1/1/2005                    Full Text
MFINZA                           Active
           Milano Finanza (Italian Language)            9/21/2002                     Full Text
MBQY       The Milbank Quarterly Discontinued             1/1/1994         9/1/1999   Full Text
MAE                               Electronics
           Military & AerospaceActive                   10/1/1999                     Full Text
MFBU                             Discontinued
           Military & Commercial Fiber Business         11/1/1991        11/27/1992   Full Text
FMIT                             Active
           Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin    1/1/1997                    Full Text
MILNAR                           Discontinued
           Military News Agency (Russian Language) 6/1/2000               9/14/2001   Full Text
FMIR       Military Review       Active                   1/1/1997                    Full Text
MLRB       Military Robotics     Discontinued           12/1/1991         7/24/1998   Full Text
MLTY       Military Technology Active                     1/1/1998                    Full Text
MILI       Millimeter            Active                 4/30/1997                     Full Text
MBKN       Milling & Baking News Discontinued             1/1/1994       12/30/1997   Full Text
MILKEY                           A
           Milton Keynes Citizen ctive                  2/24/2004                     Full Text
MDR                              Discontinued
           The Milwaukee Daily Reporter (Court Records) 10/1/1988         7/31/2001   Full Text
MLWK                             Active
           The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel               1/22/1990                     Full Text
MEDN                             Active
           MIN Media Industry Newsletter               11/21/1991                     Full Text
MIND       Mind                  Discontinued             1/1/1995       12/20/2004   Full Text
MDBL                             Discontinued
           Mine Development Business Leads (Abstracts)  4/28/1998         7/31/2001   Abstracts
MREG                             Discontinued
           Mine Regulation Reporter                     12/1/1991         7/31/2001   Full Text
ABXTHM                           Discontinued
           The Miner (ABIX Abstracts)                   8/31/1996         7/31/2001   Abstracts
MIRE                             Active
           The Mineralogical Record                       1/1/1995                    Full Text
MAMER                            Active
           Minerals & Metals Review (Abstracts)         8/31/1998                     Abstracts
ABXMIN                           Discontinued
           Minerals Gazette (ABIX Abstracts)            3/31/2001        11/30/2003   Abstracts
MEWMIN     Mineweb               Discontinued           6/11/2005         3/13/2007   Full Text
MNGPAO                           Active                 10/1/1996
           Ming Pao Daily News (Chinese Language - Traditional)                       Full Text
MNGPCN                           Active                 10/1/1996
           Ming Pao Daily News (Chinese Language - Simplified)                        Full Text
MNPACN                           Active                 - Simplified)
           Ming Pao Instant News (Chinese Language 1/18/2002                          Full Text
MNPAOC                           Active                 - Traditional)
           Ming Pao Instant News (Chinese Language 1/18/2002                          Full Text
NBMOIL                           Discontinued
           Mining and Oil (News Bites Summary)            1/1/2004         8/1/2005   Full Text
MNGJ                             Discontinued
           Mining Journal (Abstracts)                     1/1/1994         2/1/2002   Abstracts
MINM       Mining Magazine Discontinued                   1/1/1994         2/1/2002   Full Text
MNCB                              CityBusiness
           Minneapolis-St Paul Discontinued (Abstracts) 3/13/1985         7/31/2001   Abstracts
MNLW       Minnesota Lawyer Active                      10/1/2002                     Full Text
MKPL                             Discontinued
           Minnesota Public Radio: Marketplace          7/10/2000        11/17/2006   Full Text

Factiva Confidential                               9/19/2011                                      Page 126
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

MKMR                           Discontinued           1/4/2000
           Minnesota Public Radio: Marketplace Morning Report         11/17/2006 Full Text
SVVY                           Discontinued
           Minnesota Public Radio: Savvy Traveler     9/2/2000         3/27/2004 Full Text
MINH                           Discontinued
           Minority Health Today                      7/1/2000        10/10/2003 Full Text
MBTB       MIN's b-to-b        Active                9/11/1998                   Full Text
HNMINT     Mint                Active                4/21/2007                   Full Text
DLSDDI                         Active
           Mir novostej (Russian Language)           11/1/2005                   Full Text
DLSDEJ                         Active                11/1/2005
           Mir novostey - Krasnoyarsk (Russian Language)                         Full Text
DLSDEA                         Active
           Mir TV i Kino (Russian Language)          11/1/2005                   Full Text
DMIRR      Mirror (U.K.)       Active                 3/1/1995                   Full Text
MSAU                           Active
           MIS Australia (Abstracts)                  1/1/2007                   Abstracts
MISQ       MIS Quarterly       Active                 1/1/1994                   Full Text
MISW       MIS Week            Discontinued           1/1/1989         6/25/1990 Full Text
MIHORE                         Active
           Misset Horeca (Dutch Language)            6/16/2006                   Full Text
MISS                           Active
           Mississippi Business Journal               1/1/1986                   Full Text
MSQU                           Active
           The Mississippi Quarterly                  1/1/1995                   Full Text
XMIS       Missoulian (Mont.) Active                 12/1/1991                   Full Text
MISTNW     Mist News           Active                4/26/2006                   Full Text
TCR                            Active
           MIT Technology Review                      1/1/1997                   Full Text and Abstracts
MIX        Mix                 Active                 9/1/2000                   Full Text
DLSDEB                         Active
           Mk-bulvar (Russian Language)              11/1/2005                   Full Text
DLSDED                         Active
           Mk-mobil (Russian Language)               11/1/2005                   Full Text
MKTI                           Discontinued
           Mkt (Italian Language)                     2/1/2003         12/1/2004 Full Text
MKTSVN                         Active
           Mkt7 (Italian Language)                    3/7/2003                   Full Text
DLSDEC                         Active
           Mk-voskresenye (Russian Language)         11/1/2005                   Full Text
MLAFRO     Mlada Fronta Dnes Discontinued             1/4/1998        12/20/2000 Full Text
MLADAF                         Active
           Mlada Fronta Dnes (Czech Language)         7/1/1998                   Full Text
PMLN                           Active
           MLN: Modern Language Notes (Abstracts) 1/1/1997                       Abstracts
MMMAS                          Active
           MM Maschinenmarkt (German Language) 1/5/2004                          Full Text
MEWMMR     Mmegi/The Reporter  Discontinued         10/29/1999         7/31/2001 Full Text
MWIR       mmWire              Discontinued           5/1/1996        10/15/2001 Full Text
XFBPOS                         Active                  Simplified)
           MNI China Bullet Points (Chinese Language -8/9/2006                   Full Text
XFBPDT                         Active                  Traditional)
           MNI China Bullet Points (Chinese Language -8/9/2006                   Full Text
XFMWDT                          (Chinese Language - Traditional)
           MNI China MainwireActive                   8/9/2006                   Full Text
XFMWOS                          (Chinese Language - Simplified)
           MNI China MainwireActive                   8/9/2006                   Full Text
MOBILE     Mobile              Active                8/11/2006                   Full Text
DBAD                           Discontinued
           Mobile Business Advisor                    1/1/1994          1/1/2005 Full Text
MOBICO     Mobile Choice       Active                8/24/2006                   Full Text
MBLC                           Discontinued
           Mobile Communications                     1/16/1992        12/10/1998 Full Text
MCIN                           Active
           Mobile Communications International        2/1/2001                   Full Text
MBSA                           Discontinued
           Mobile Communications Report             11/22/1991         2/24/2003 Full Text
MBDR       Mobile Data Report Discontinued          11/18/1991         7/29/1996 Full Text
MOBL       Mobile Matters      Discontinued           1/1/1996         7/31/2001 Full Text
MPNW       Mobile Phone News Discontinued            11/7/1991         9/13/1999 Full Text
MRAD                           Active
           Mobile Radio Technology                   11/1/1996                   Full Text
MBSN                           D
           Mobile Satellite News iscontinued        11/12/1991        12/14/2000 Full Text
MOBSI                          Discontinued
           Mobility & Business (German Language)      2/1/2005          6/8/2006 Full Text
MOCI       MOCI (Abstracts) Discontinued              1/1/1994         12/5/2002 Abstracts
IMAI                           Discontinued
           Model Airplane News (Abstracts)            1/1/1997          5/1/2006 Abstracts
MRLD       Model Railroader Discontinued              1/1/1994          7/1/2006 Full Text
MUNW       Modem User News Active                    12/1/1991                   Full Text
PMOA       Modern Age          Discontinued           1/1/1997          1/1/2006 Full Text
PMOS                           Active
           Modern Asian Studies (Abstracts)           1/1/1997                   Abstracts

Factiva Confidential                             9/19/2011                                         Page 127
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

MBRA       Modern Brewery Age  Active                 1/1/1994               Full Text
MCST       Modern Casting      Active                 1/1/1994               Full Text
PMOC                           Active
           Modern China (Abstracts)                   1/1/1997               Abstracts
GMOF                           Active
           Modern Fiction Studies (Abstracts)         1/1/1997               Abstracts
MNHC       Modern Healthcare Active                 11/18/1991               Full Text
MDJWLR     Modern Jeweler      Active                 1/1/2005               Full Text
GMOL                           Active
           Modern Language Journal (Abstracts)        1/1/1997               Abstracts
PLAQ                           Active
           Modern Language Quarterly (Abstracts)      1/1/1997               Abstracts
IMOL                           Active
           Modern Language Review (Abstracts)         1/1/1997               Abstracts
MMAC       Modern Machine Shop Active                 1/1/1989               Full Text
MMH                            Active
           Modern Materials Handling                  1/1/1989               Full Text
MPCT                           Discontinued
           Modern Paint and Coatings                  1/1/1994   12/7/2005   Full Text
MPCODM                         Active
           Modern Paint and Coatings (Abstracts)      1/1/1994               Abstracts
PMOP                           Active
           Modern Philology (Abstracts)               1/1/1997               Abstracts
MODP       Modern Physician Discontinued              5/1/1997   12/2/2003   Full Text
MPLINT                         Active
           Modern Plastics Worldwide (Abstracts)     3/21/1986               Abstracts
MOPOSY     Modern Power SystemsActive                2/29/1996               Full Text
PMOT                           Active
           Modern Theology (Abstracts)                1/1/1997               Abstracts
MTD        Modern Tire Dealer Discontinued            1/1/1989    3/1/1998   Full Text
MBEE       The Modesto Bee Active                    1/25/2003               Full Text
MLDLR                          Discontinued
           Mold Litigation Reporter                  3/31/2004   8/31/2005   Full Text
DLSMVE                         Active
           Moldavskie Vedomosti (Russian Language)  10/24/2006               Full Text
PLASWO                         Discontinued
           Molding Systems (Abstracts)               12/2/1986   7/31/2001   Abstracts
MOLDPR     Moldovan News DigestActive                 1/7/2001               Translated Abstracts
DLSML                          Active
           Moll (Russian Language)                    2/1/2007               Full Text
DLSDEF                         Active
           Molodezh Dagestana (Russian Language) 11/1/2005                   Full Text
DLSMOL                         Active
           Molodezh Estonii (Russian Language)      10/25/2006               Full Text
DLSDEG                         Active
           Molodezh Severa (Russian Language)        11/1/2005               Full Text
DLSDEH                         Active
           Molodezh Tatarstana (Russian Language) 11/1/2005                  Full Text
DLSDFB                         Active
           Molodost Sibiri (Russian Language)        11/1/2005               Full Text
DLSDEI                         Active
           Molodoy dalnevostochnik (Russian Language)11/1/2005               Full Text
DLSDFA                         - Tula
           Molodoy kommunar Active (Russian Language)11/1/2005               Full Text
DLSDFJ                         - Voronezh (Russian Language)
           Molodoy kommunar Active                   11/1/2005               Full Text
DLSDFC                         Active
           Molot (Russian Language)                  11/1/2005               Full Text
DLSDEE                         Active
           Molva (Russian Language)                  11/1/2005               Full Text
MMNT       Moment (Abstracts) Discontinued            1/1/1995    8/1/2001   Abstracts
QQMOM      Momentum            Active                 2/1/2006               Full Text
MONAND     Monaco News Digest  Active                7/31/2001               Translated Abstracts
BBPUB                          Active
           Mondaq Business Briefing                 10/19/1994               Full Text
CTGMBB                         Active
           Mondaq Business Briefing - All           10/19/1994               Full Text
CTGLEM                         Active
           Le Monde - All (French Language)           1/9/1995               Full Text
LM         Le Monde (Abstracts)Active                 3/2/1981               Translated Abstracts
LEMOND                         Active
           Le Monde (French Language)               12/21/1994               Full Text
LEMARG                         Active
           Le Monde Argent (French Language)        11/26/2001               Full Text
LEMLV                          Active
           Le Monde des Livres (French Language) 11/23/2001                  Full Text
MNDIPL                         Active
           Le Monde Diplomatique (German Language)  10/17/1997               Full Text
MDIPEN                         Active
           Le Monde Diplomatique                      8/1/2006               Full Text
MDIP                           Active
           Le Monde Diplomatique (French Language) 8/1/2006                  Full Text
LEMECO                         Active
           Le Monde Economie (French Language) 11/20/2001                    Full Text
LEMEMP                         Discontinued
           Le Monde Emploi (French Language)        11/20/2001    4/3/2002   Full Text
LEMTV                          Discontinued
           Le Monde Télévision (French Language) 11/19/2001      10/5/2002   Full Text
LEMFR                           Language)
           Le (FrenchActive                  8/1/2004               Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                     Page 128
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

ILMN       Il Mondo (Abstracts)Discontinued             3/31/1984     7/31/2001 Translated Abstracts
MOND                            Active
           Il Mondo (Italian Language)                  1/11/1997               Full Text
MNDO                            Discontinued
           Mondo Economico (Italy, Abstracts)            1/1/1994     7/31/2001 Abstracts
MONY       Money                Active                   2/1/1996               Full Text
IIIMNY     Money (Abstracts) Discontinued               3/10/1996     1/27/2005 Abstracts
ACPMON     Money (Australia) Active                     6/23/2003               Full Text
MODI       Money Digest         Discontinued             1/1/2001     2/28/2003 Full Text
MLAL                            Discontinued
           Money Laundering Alert                       12/1/1991     10/1/1997 Full Text
MONMAN     Money ManagementActive                       3/15/2001               Full Text
ABXNZM                           (ABIX Abstracts)
           Money ManagementDiscontinued                  8/8/1996    11/30/2006 Abstracts
MNYMAN     Money ManagementActive(Australia)             8/4/2003               Full Text
ABXMOM                           (Australia) (ABIX abstracts)
           Money ManagementDiscontinued                  8/8/1996      3/4/2004 Abstracts
MFM        Money ManagementActiveExecutive               9/1/1998               Full Text
MMLT       Money ManagementActiveLetter                 1/13/1997               Full Text
MNYM       Money Marketing Active                       3/28/1986               Full Text
KREMON                          Language)
           Moneybee (German Active                      7/25/2002               Full Text
AIWMNW                          Discontinued
           Moneyweb (South Africa)                       1/1/2001     2/16/2005 Full Text
PMQM                            Active                    Philosophy            Abstracts
           Monist: A Quarterly Magazine Devoted to the 1/1/1997 of Science (Abstracts)
AIWTMA                          Discontinued
           The Monitor (Addis Adaba)                     6/8/1999    12/10/2003 Full Text
AIWTMK                          Active
           The Monitor (Kampala, Uganda)                 6/9/1999               Full Text
KRTMC                           Active
           The Monitor (MCT) (Texas)                    5/28/2003               Full Text
MBQ                             Active
           Montana Business Quarterly                    4/1/1993               Full Text
KRTBU                           Active
           The Montana Standard (MCT) (Mont.)           5/28/2003               Full Text
MNTL                             Show
           The Montel WilliamsActive                     1/1/2000               Full Text
KRTMN                           Active
           Monterey County Herald (MCT) (Calif.)        5/28/2003               Full Text
IMER       Monthly Energy ReviewActive                   1/1/1997               Full Text
MLR        Monthly Labor Review Active                   1/1/1989               Full Text
MLRW       Monthly Review       Active                   1/1/1994               Full Text
MTLG       Montreal Gazette Active                      12/1/2001               Full Text
MOODPR                          Active
           Moody's Investors Service Press Release 12/8/1999                    Full Text
MOODYS                          Active                   5/1/2001
           Moody's Investors Service Ratings Delivery Service                   Full Text
MOONEV     Moonee Valley Leader Active                   9/3/2001               Full Text
MOORAB                          Active
           Moorabbin Glen Eira/Kingston Leader          8/15/2001               Full Text
FMTS                            Discontinued
           Mopheme / The Survivor                        7/7/1997    12/18/2003 Full Text
MMWR                            Active
           Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report         1/1/1994               Full Text
MORDCN                          Active
           Mordialloc Chelsea Leader                    8/15/2001               Full Text
MORCOU     Moreland Leader Active                       8/13/2001               Full Text
MORSEN     Moreland Sentinel Discontinued               8/13/2001      3/3/2003 Full Text
MEDI                            Discontinued
           Morgan Report on Directory Publishing         3/1/1992      5/1/1993 Full Text
DEMORG                          Active
           De Morgen (Dutch Language)                    3/1/1999               Full Text
KRTAA                           Active
           The Morning Call (MCT) (Pa.)                  7/1/2003               Full Text
XMRJ                            Discontinued
           Morning Journal (Lorain, Ohio)              11/29/1992     7/31/2001 Full Text
XEVJ                            Discontinued
           Morning Journal (Martinsburg, W. Va.)         2/1/1992     7/31/2001 Full Text
MRNG                            Discontinued
           Morning News (Wilmington, Del., Abstracts) 1/1/1994        7/31/2001 Abstracts
KRTWM                           Active
           The Morning Sentinel (MCT) (Maine)            1/1/2004               Full Text
KRTWG                           (N.C.)
           Morning Star (MCT) Active                    5/28/2003               Full Text
MOSTAR     Morning Star OnlineActive                    9/17/2006               Full Text
KRTMR                            (MCT)
           Morningstar ColumnDiscontinued               5/28/2003      8/2/2007 Full Text
MORNPL                          Active
           Mornington Peninsular Leader                 8/14/2001               Full Text
MORCND     Moroccan News Digest Active                  5/31/2001               Full Text
MORPHR     Morpeth Herald       Active                  9/20/2006               Full Text
MTGB       Mortgage Banking Active                       1/1/1994               Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                        Page 129
                                       Global Academic 2007Q4

MGMK                          Discontinued
           Mortgage Marketplace                    10/18/1991       7/31/2001   Full Text
MSNS                          Active
           Mortgage Servicing News                   1/17/2000                  Full Text
MORTST     Mortgage Strategy Active                  1/10/2005                  Full Text
MTMG       Mortgage TechnologyActive                 1/17/2000                  Full Text
MSLT                          Discontinued
           Mortgage-Backed Securities Letter         12/1/1991      7/31/2001   Full Text
MOWI       Mosaic (Winnipeg) Active                    1/1/1995                 Full Text
MSCN                          Active
           Moscow News (Abstracts)                     8/1/1992                 Abstracts
MOSTIM     The Moscow Times Active                   2/11/1997                  Full Text
DLSDFE                        Language)
           Mosinform (RussianActive                  12/1/2005                  Full Text
MPVDA                         D
           Moskovskaya Pravda iscontinued            6/28/1990      7/31/2001   Full Text
MOSPRA                        Active
           Moskovskaya Pravda (Russian Language) 6/28/2002                      Full Text
DLSDFF                        Discontinued           11/1/2005
           Moskovskaya promyshlennaya gazeta (Russian Language) 12/25/2006      Full Text
MSKO                          (Abstracts)
           Moskovskie Novosti Active                   1/1/1994                 Abstracts
DLSDFG                        Active                 11/1/2005
           Moskovskij komsomolec - Arhangelsk (Russian Language)                Full Text
DLSDHB                        Active                 11/1/2005
           Moskovskij komsomolec - Cheboksary (Russian Language)                Full Text
DLSDFI                        Active                 Language)
           Moskovskij komsomolec - Izhevsk (Russian 11/1/2005                   Full Text
DLSDGJ                        Active                 11/1/2005
           Moskovskij komsomolec - Kaliningrad (Russian Language)               Full Text
DLSDGA                        Active                 11/1/2005
           Moskovskij komsomolec - Kostroma (Russian Language)                  Full Text
DLSDGB                        Active                 11/1/2005
           Moskovskij komsomolec - Krasnoyarsk (Russian Language)               Full Text
DLSDGC                        Active                 Language)
           Moskovskij komsomolec - Marij El (Russian 11/1/2005                  Full Text
DLSDGD                        Active                 (Russian
           Moskovskij komsomolec - Nizhnij Novgorod 11/1/2005Language)          Full Text
DLSDGE                        Active                 11/1/2005
           Moskovskij komsomolec - Perm (Russian Language)                      Full Text
DLSDGF                        Active                  (Russian
           Moskovskij komsomolec - Sankt-Petersburg11/1/2005 Language)          Full Text
DLSDGG                        Active                  Language)
           Moskovskij komsomolec - Saransk (Russian11/1/2005                    Full Text
DLSDGH                        Active                 11/1/2005
           Moskovskij komsomolec - Syktyvkar (Russian Language)                 Full Text
DLSDGI                        Active                 11/1/2005
           Moskovskij komsomolec - Tatarstan (Russian Language)                 Full Text
DLSDHJ                        Active                  Language)
           Moskovskij komsomolec - Tyumen (Russian11/1/2005                     Full Text
DLSDHA                        Active                 11/1/2005
           Moskovskij komsomolec - Ufa (Russian Language)                       Full Text
DLSDFH                        Active                 11/1/2005
           Moskovskij komsomolec - Vologda i Cherepovec (Russian Language)      Full Text
DLSDHC                        Active                 11/1/2005
           Moskovskij komsomolec - Yug (Russian Language)                       Full Text
MOSKOM                        Active
           Moskovskij Komsomolets (Russian Language) 1/20/1998                  Full Text
MOSNOV     Moskovskiye NovostiDiscontinued           6/18/1992      7/31/2001   Full Text
MOSNVS                        Active
           Moskovskiye Novosti (Russian Language) 6/28/2002                     Full Text
RPDKMM                        Discontinued
           Moskovsky Komsomolets (Abstracts)         5/29/1996     10/19/2001   Translated Abstracts
MOSDAI                        Active
           Mosman & Lower North Shore Daily            8/9/2001                 Full Text
MEHN       Mother Earth News Active                    1/1/1994                 Full Text
MJ         Mother Jones       Active                   1/1/1993                 Full Text
MOTH       Mothering          Active                   1/1/1994                 Full Text
MOTOR      Motor              Active                   1/1/2006                 Full Text
MOTA       Motor Age          Discontinued             1/1/1989     6/21/2004   Full Text
MOTTRA     Motor Transport    Active                 12/7/2006                  Full Text
MOTR                          Discontinued
           Motor Transport (Abstracts)                 1/1/1994    12/12/2002   Abstracts
MTR                           Active
           Motor Trend (Abstracts)                     1/1/1992                 Abstracts
MBSL       Motorboating       Discontinued             1/1/1994     11/3/2000   Full Text
BSMOTM                        Active
           The Motoring Monthly                      1/23/2004                  Full Text
MQN                           A
           MQN Weekly Bulletin ctive                 6/29/2007                  Full Text
GMIZ       Ms.                Active                   1/1/1997                 Full Text
MSJN       MSDN Magazine Discontinued                  1/1/1994     7/17/2003   Full Text
ABRE                          Discontinued
           MSNBC: ABRAMS REPORT                        1/1/2002     7/19/2006   Full Text
ASHBA                         Discontinued
           MSNBC: ASHLEIGH BANFIELD                    1/1/2002    10/23/2002   Full Text
CODO       MSNBC: Countdown   Active               11/18/2003                   Full Text
DBNVT                         Discontinued
           MSNBC: Deborah Norville Tonight             4/1/2004     10/6/2005   Full Text

Factiva Confidential                          9/19/2011                                          Page 130
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

HABA       MSNBC: HARDBALL ctiveA                     1/1/2002              Full Text
NACH       MSNBC: JERRY NACHMAN Discontinued          1/1/2002    3/19/2003 Full Text
LVDA                            Active
           MSNBC: Live with Dan Abrams                7/9/2007              Full Text
PHDO       MSNBC: PHIL DONAHUE  Discontinued        10/10/2002    2/25/2003 Full Text
PVSB                            Discontinued
           MSNBC: Press vs Buchanan                   1/1/2002    10/6/2005 Full Text
RCLAD                            Live & Direct
           MSNBC: Rita CosbyDiscontinued             10/3/2005    7/19/2006 Full Text
SCRBRO                          Discontinued
           MSNBC: Scarborough Country               11/18/2003    7/17/2007 Full Text
NBCSP      MSNBC: Special       Active                8/5/2004              Full Text
SWTC                            Active
           MSNBC: Tucker with Tucker Carlson         6/13/2005              Full Text
MTDRUI                          Active
           Mt Druitt/St Marys Standard                8/8/2001              Full Text
MTIE       MTI - EcoNews        Active               6/29/1990              Full Text
MTIECO                          Active
           MTI-EcoInfo (Hungarian Language)          12/5/1997              Full Text
EDIFIN                          Discontinued
           Multex Global Estimates                   12/4/1997   11/27/2003 Full Text
CATG       Multichannel MerchantActive               12/1/1994              Full Text
MULTN      Multichannel News Active                   1/1/1990              Full Text
MHNS       Multi-Housing NewsActive                  8/23/2001              Full Text
MUBR                            Discontinued
           Multimedia Business Report                1/13/1994    7/31/2001 Full Text
MUVM       Multimedia Monitor Discontinued           11/1/1991     5/1/1998 Full Text
MNTR                            Technology Report
           Multimedia Network Discontinued            1/1/1996    7/31/2001 Full Text
MUMN                            Discontinued
           Multimedia Networking Newsletter           8/8/1994    1/15/1996 Full Text
MUPB                            A
           Multimedia Publisher ctive                12/1/1991              Full Text
MUMW       Multimedia Week Discontinued              8/17/1992    9/20/1999 Full Text
MBU                             Active
           Multinational Business Review              1/1/1997              Full Text
MTFJ                            Active
           Multinational Finance Journal              1/1/2000              Full Text
MUMO       Multinational MonitorActive                1/1/1995              Full Text
MULS       Multinational ServiceDiscontinued          1/1/1992   12/10/1998 Full Text
MNDOAL                          Discontinued
           El Mundo - Alicante (Spanish Language)     2/1/2001     6/9/2004 Full Text
CTGMDO                          Active
           El Mundo - All Editions (Spanish Language) 1/2/1995              Full Text
MNDOAD                          Active
           El Mundo - Andalucía (Spanish Language) 2/1/2001                 Full Text
MNDOCL                            León (Spanish
           El Mundo - Castilla yDiscontinued Language)2/1/2001    6/14/2004 Full Text
MNDOCT                          Active
           El Mundo - Catalunya (Spanish Language) 1/14/2001                Full Text
MNDOGL                          Discontinued
           El Mundo - Galicia (Spanish Language)      2/1/2001     6/1/2001 Full Text
MNDOPV                          Active
           El Mundo - País Vasco (Spanish Language) 2/1/2001                Full Text
MNDOSV                          Discontinued
           El Mundo - Sevilla (Spanish Language)      2/1/2001    6/13/2004 Full Text
MNDOVL                           (Spanish Language)
           El Mundo - Valencia Active                 2/1/2001              Full Text
MNDOVD                          Active
           El Mundo - Valladolid (Spanish Language) 2/1/2001                Full Text
MUNDO                           Active
           El Mundo (Spanish Language)                1/2/1995              Full Text
MUNIRE                          Active
           Munich Re NatCat Service                  9/16/1996              Full Text
MUWE       MuniWeek             Discontinued          1/1/1991    7/31/2001 Full Text
MURAL                           Active
           Mural (Spanish Language)                  5/26/2004              Full Text
DLSDHD                          Active
           Murmanskij vestnik (Russian Language)     11/1/2005              Full Text
IMNF       Muscle & Fitness Active                    1/1/1997              Full Text
MUSE       Muse                 Active                1/1/2006              Full Text
MSCY       Music & Copyright Discontinued            9/15/1993    7/31/2001 Full Text
MLET       Music & Letters      Active                1/1/1995              Full Text
MUMD       Music & Media        Discontinued          3/1/1991     8/9/2003 Full Text
MSBN                            Discontinued
           Music Business International               1/1/1995     4/2/2000 Full Text
MUZC       Music Trades         Active                1/1/1994              Full Text
MUSWEE     Music Week           Active                1/1/1994              Full Text
PMUQ                            Active
           Musical Quarterly (Abstracts)              1/1/1997              Abstracts
PMUW       Muslim World         Active                1/1/1997              Full Text
MFPE                            Active
           Mutual Fund Prospectus Express             3/3/2005              Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                               Page 131
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

EMMEXX     MX (Australia)       Active                 8/24/2001              Full Text
NLMXBB     MX (Brisbane)        Active                 3/16/2007              Full Text
DLSDHE                           Language)
           Na smenu! (RussianActive                    11/1/2005              Full Text
NFAS                            Active
           Nachrichten fur Aussenhandel (Abstracts)     1/1/1994              Abstracts
SABILN                          Active
           La Nacion (Argentina, Abstracts)            7/14/2000              Translated Abstracts
NACION                          Active
           La Nación (Argentina, Spanish Language) 10/28/2002                 Full Text
NACCRE                          Active
           La Nación (Costa Rica)                      4/29/2005              Full Text
NACNCR                          Active
           La Nación (Costa Rica, Spanish Language)   10/29/2002              Full Text
SABIEN                          Active
           El Nacional (Venezuela, Abstracts)          7/13/2000              Translated Abstracts
NACNAL                          Active
           El Nacional (Venezuela, Spanish Language)  10/29/2002              Full Text
IROA                            Active
           NACLA Report on the Americas                 1/1/1997              Full Text
DLSDHF                          Active
  (Russian Language)              12/1/2005              Full Text
MEWNAB     The Namibian         Active                  7/1/1997              Full Text
NAREP                           Active
           Nanotech Report (Forbes/Wolfe) (Abstracts)3/31/2005                Abstracts
NANYAN                          (Chinese Language - Simplified)
           Nanyang Siang Pau Active                    2/20/2002              Full Text
NANYTW                          (Chinese Language - Traditional)
           Nanyang Siang Pau Active                     1/1/2001              Full Text
XNAP                            Discontinued
           Napa Valley Register (Calif.)               1/20/1993    7/31/2001 Full Text
NAPGAZ                          Discontinued
           Napi Gazdasag (Budapest, Abstracts)          3/3/1997    7/31/2001 Translated Abstracts
NAPIGA                          Active
           Napi Gazdaság (Hungarian Language)           1/9/1997              Full Text
NAPLES     Naples Daily News Active                    7/20/2007              Full Text
DLSDHG                          Active
           Narodnaya gazeta (Russian Language)         11/1/2005              Full Text
DLSDHH                          Active
           Naryana vynder (Russian Language)           11/1/2005              Full Text
DLSDIC                          Active
           Nash dom Novosibirsk (Russian Language) 11/1/2005                  Full Text
DLSDIA                          Active
           Nash golos - Tambov (Russian Language) 11/1/2005                   Full Text
DLSDIJ                          Active
           Nash golos - Vologda (Russian Language) 11/1/2005                  Full Text
DLSDIB                          Active
           Nash gorod - Tambov (Russian Language) 11/1/2005                   Full Text
DLSNGB                          Active
           Nash Gorod Bryansk (Russian Language)        3/2/2006              Full Text
DLSNVK                          Active
           Nash Vek (Russian Language)                10/20/2006              Full Text
DLSDID                          Active
           Nasha gazeta (Russian Language)             11/1/2005              Full Text
DLSDIE                          Active
           Nasha Penza (Russian Language)              11/1/2005              Full Text
DLSDIF                          Discontinued
           Nasha pravda (Russian Language)             11/1/2005    9/28/2006 Full Text
DLSDIG                          Active
           Nashe vremya (Russian Language)             11/1/2005              Full Text
ADV                             Discontinued
           Nashville Business & Lifestyles (Tenn.)      1/1/1985    7/31/2001 Full Text
UINSP                           Active
           NASSP Bulletin (Abstracts)                   6/1/2007              Abstracts
AIWNAB     The Nation (Bangkok) Discontinued           4/30/1997    7/31/2001 Full Text
MEWNAT     The Nation (Nairobi)Active                   1/3/1998              Full Text
AIWNAT     The Nation (Pakistan)Active                 3/18/2002              Full Text
THENAT     The Nation (Thailand)Active                  6/1/1998              Full Text
NATN       The Nation (U.S.A.) Discontinued             1/1/1994    4/11/2005 Full Text
NASD                            Active                 8/14/2006
           National Aeronautics and Space Administration Documents            Full Text
NATBR                           Active
           National Business Review                   12/23/1988              Full Text
NACR                            Active
           National Catholic Reporter                   1/1/1994              Full Text
NCM                             Discontinued
           National Contract Management Journal         1/1/1997     1/1/1998 Full Text
FNDF       National Defense Active                      1/1/1997              Full Text
QQNDG      National Dragster Active                    1/20/2006              Full Text
GNAG                             (Abstracts)
           National GeographicActive                    1/1/1997              Abstracts
GNGW                             Kids
           National GeographicActive(Abstracts)         1/1/1997              Abstracts
INGT                             Traveler (Abstracts)
           National GeographicActive                    1/1/1997              Abstracts
FNGD       National Guard       Active                  1/1/1997              Full Text
NHOG                            A
           National Hog Farmer ctive                  11/30/1997              Full Text
NHCN                            Discontinued
           National Home Center News                    1/1/1994   12/17/2001 Full Text
NIER                            Discontinued
           National Institute Economic Review           2/1/1989    8/27/2003 Full Text

Factiva Confidential                           9/19/2011                                       Page 132
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

NIHDOC                            Health
           National Institutes ofActive Documents        1/1/2004                  Full Text
NLIN                             A
           The National Interest ctive                   1/1/1995                  Full Text
NTJW                             Active
           National Jeweler Network                     8/23/2001                  Full Text
NTLJ       National Journal      Active                 3/23/1996                  Full Text
IIINLJ                           Discontinued
           The National Law Journal (Abstracts)          1/7/1996        1/27/2005 Abstracts
NLJ                              Active
           The National Law Journal                    10/29/2001                  Full Text
NMNW       National Mortgage NewsActive                  1/1/1995                  Full Text
INOW                             A
           National NOW Times ctive                      1/1/1997                  Full Text
NPRK       National Parks        Active                  1/1/1994                  Full Text
NPN                              Active
           National Petroleum News                       1/1/1989                  Full Text
FINP       National Post (Canada)Active                 1/12/1985                  Full Text
NPR                               Review
           National ProductivityActive (Abstracts)       3/1/1989                  Abstracts
NATPRO                           Active
           The National Provisioner                     12/1/2006                  Full Text
NPAC                             Discontinued
           The National Public Accountant                1/1/1994        12/1/2004 Full Text
NREI                              Investor
           National Real EstateActive                    1/1/1991                  Full Text
NRVW                             Active
           National Review (Abstracts)                   1/1/1994                  Abstracts
NTXJ                             A
           National Tax Journal ctive                    1/1/1994                  Full Text
NTSD                             Active
           National Transportation Safety Board Documents8/8/2007                  Full Text
IIINLU                            (Abstracts)
           National UnderwriterDiscontinued              3/9/1996       12/19/1999 Abstracts
NULAH                             Life &                 1/3/1994
           National UnderwriterActive Health-Financial Services Edition            Full Text
NUPAC                             Property & Casualty-Risk & Benefits Management Edition
           National UnderwriterActive                   3/28/1994                  Full Text
QEDNWB                           Discontinued            2/1/1996
           National Westminister Bank Economic & Financial Outlook       7/17/2000 Full Text
QEDNWC                           Discontinued
           National Westminster Bank Country Briefs 1/1/1996              5/2/1998 Full Text
NWLD                             Active
           National Wildlife (World Edition, Abstracts) 1/1/1994                   Abstracts
NBUS       Nation's Business Discontinued                1/1/1989         6/1/1999 Full Text
NACW       Nation's Cities WeeklyActive                  1/1/1994                  Full Text
INAH       Nation's Health       Active                  1/1/1997                  Full Text
NRN                              News
           Nation's Restaurant Active                    1/1/1989                  Full Text
INRV       NATO Review           Discontinued            1/1/1997        10/1/2001 Full Text
NATO                              Partners for Peace
           NATO's Nations andActive                      1/1/1998                  Full Text
NGI                              Active
           Natural Gas Intelligence                     2/28/2005                  Full Text
NGASW      Natural Gas Week Active                       3/2/1998                  Full Text
NGWDPS                           Gas Market Reconnaissance
           Natural Gas Week’sActive                     12/8/1999                  Full Text
NHLT       Natural Health        Active                  1/1/1994                  Full Text
GNAH       Natural History       Active                  1/1/1997                  Full Text
INRF                             Active
           Natural Resources Forum (Abstracts)           1/1/1997                  Abstracts
GNAA       Nature (Abstracts) Active                     1/1/1997                  Abstracts
NABIO                            Active
           Nature Biotechnology (Abstracts)              1/1/1994                  Abstracts
UINAC                            Discontinued
           Nature Canada (Abstracts)                     1/1/1997         4/1/2006 Abstracts
NAVAVN     Naval Aviation NewsActive                     1/1/2006                  Full Text
NAVY       Naval Forces          Active                  1/1/1998                  Full Text
FNWC                             Active
           Naval War College Review                      1/1/1997                  Full Text
MNDNAV                           Active
  (Spanish Language)              5/8/2002                  Full Text
LNAZIO                           Active
           La Nazione (Italian Language)                6/22/2005                  Full Text
DATL                              NBC
           NBC News: DatelineActive                     3/31/1992                  Full Text
MTPR                             Active
           NBC News: Meet the Press                     11/5/1989                  Full Text
NTLN       NBC News: Nightly NewsActive                 11/1/1989                  Full Text
STDT                             Active
           NBC News: Saturday Today                      1/2/1999                  Full Text
NBCS                             Report
           NBC News: Special Active                     11/7/1989                  Full Text
SNDT                             Today
           NBC News: Sunday Active                      11/5/1989                  Full Text
CMS                              Active
           NBC News: The Chris Matthews Show            9/28/2002                  Full Text
TODA       NBC News: Today Active                       11/1/1989                  Full Text

Factiva Confidential                             9/19/2011                                     Page 133
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

NBCT                            Discontinued
           NBC Professional Transcripts              10/1/1995     7/31/2001 Full Text
NBER       NBER Reporter        Active                 3/1/1989              Full Text
NCHF       NCAHF Newsletter Discontinued               1/1/1994    11/9/2005 Full Text
NCUW       The NCUA Watch Discontinued               8/30/1992     7/31/2001 Full Text
NDTR       NDT Update           Discontinued           5/1/1992    2/28/2004 Full Text
NEAT       NEA Today            Active                 1/1/1994              Full Text
PBIA                            Active
           Near Eastern Archaeology (Abstracts)        1/1/1997              Abstracts
DLSNEP                          Active
           Nedelya - Podmoskovie (Russian Language)  1/11/2006               Full Text
NEDCA                           Active               3/18/1986
           Nederlandse Chemische Industrie (Abstracts)                       Abstracts
DLSEJH                           Language)
           Neft Rossii (RussianActive                11/1/2005               Full Text
NEFTEC     NEFTE Compass Active                      1/27/2000               Full Text
DLSEJG                          Active
           Neftegazovaya vertikal (Russian Language) 11/1/2005               Full Text
DLSEJI                          Active
           Neftgazpravo (Russian Language)           11/1/2005               Full Text
DLSEAJ                          Active
           Neftgazpromyshlennost (Russian Language)  11/1/2005               Full Text
DLSNEI                          Active
           Neitralnii Turkmenistan                   3/25/2007               Full Text
DLSNTU                          Active
           Neitralnii Turkmenistan (Russian Language)3/21/2007               Full Text
NELSON     The Nelson Mail (NZ) Active                 7/1/1997              Full Text
NEPTIM     Nepali Times         Active               5/12/2006               Full Text
NENEW                           Discontinued
           Neste News (Abstracts)                    2/26/1987     7/31/2001 Abstracts
NETBM                           Discontinued
           Net Business (Italian Language)             3/1/2002    12/1/2002 Full Text
NETBMS                          Discontinued
           Net Business 7 (Italian Language)           7/5/2002   12/19/2002 Full Text
NTEC       The Net Economy Discontinued                6/1/2002     6/1/2002 Full Text
NETPO                           Active
           Net Posten (Abstracts)                      1/1/2005              Abstracts
NETCO      netConnect           Active               4/15/2004               Full Text
NTGD       NetGuide             Discontinued           4/1/1995    7/31/2001 Full Text
NETS                            Language)
           Netsources (French Active                   5/1/1997              Full Text
NTWW       Network Briefing     Discontinued           1/1/1993    7/31/2001 Full Text
NWCP       Network Computing Active                  11/1/1991               Full Text
NMSY                            Discontinued
           Network Management Systems & Strategies12/1/1991       12/12/1995 Full Text
NTWM       Network Monitor      Discontinued         12/1/1991      6/1/1992 Full Text
NETTEN     Network Ten          Discontinued        11/12/2001     8/19/2003 Full Text
STKS       Network VAR          Discontinued           1/1/1994    7/31/2001 Full Text
NETWKW     Network Week         Discontinued           4/3/1996    7/17/1999 Full Text
NWW        Network World        Active                 1/1/1994              Full Text
NETWOR                          Discontinued
           Network World (German Language)             7/6/2001    7/18/2003 Full Text
NETE       Network World Edge   Discontinued         12/1/2000     3/25/2003 Full Text
NETF       Network World Fusion Active                 8/6/1998              Full Text
NETWNZ                           Zealand
           Network World New Discontinued            4/24/1998      6/1/1998 Full Text
NETWOI                          Discontinued
           Network World Online (German Language) 7/26/2001        7/17/2003 Full Text
NTWU       Networks Update Active                    12/1/1991               Full Text
NZZ                             Active               6/28/1988
           Neue Zuercher Zeitung (Switzerland, Abstracts)                    Translated Abstracts
NEUZZ                           Active                 5/3/1993
           Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Switzerland, German Language)               Full Text
NEUMN                           Active
           Neumarkter Nachrichten (German Language)  11/3/2003               Full Text
NEU        Neurology Alert      Active                 1/1/2002              Full Text
DLSEJD                          Active
           Nevskoe vremya (Russian Language)         11/1/2005               Full Text
ANAC       New Accountant       Discontinued           1/1/1997     1/2/2002 Full Text
QQNAM      The New American Active                     1/9/2006              Full Text
NCENG      New Civil Engineer Active                   7/1/2004              Full Text
NEB        New England Business Discontinued           4/1/1985    7/31/2001 Full Text
NWENCO                          Active
           New England Construction                  1/23/2006               Full Text
NEER                            Discontinued
           New England Economic Review                 1/1/1994     1/1/2004 Full Text
GNEM                            Active
           New England Journal of Medicine (Abstracts) 1/1/1997              Abstracts

Factiva Confidential                           9/19/2011                                      Page 134
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

PNEQ                            Active
           New England Quarterly (Abstracts)         1/1/1997                 Abstracts
PNER                            Active
           New England Review (Abstracts)            1/1/1997                 Abstracts
NEJA       New Era Japan        Discontinued        12/1/1991     7/31/2001   Full Text
NFPJ                            in Japan
           New Food Products Discontinued            9/1/1991      5/1/1993   Full Text
NEFOCN                          Active               6/1/2004
           New Fortune (Chinese Language - Simplified)                        Full Text
NEFDTW                          Active               6/1/2004
           New Fortune (Chinese Language - Traditional)                       Full Text
FGAN                            Discontinued
           New Good Apple Newspaper (Abstracts)      1/1/1997      5/1/2002   Abstracts
NHBR                            Active
           New Hampshire Business Review             5/1/1985                 Full Text
TBT                             Active
           New Haven Business Times                  2/1/1985                 Full Text
XNHR                              (Conn.)
           New Haven RegisterDiscontinued           12/1/1991     7/31/2001   Full Text
KRTNR                             (MCT)
           New Haven RegisterActive (Conn.)          6/7/2004                 Full Text
NIEXPR     New Indian ExpressActive                  5/9/2007                 Full Text
NEIN       New Internationalist Active               1/1/2001                 Full Text
NJB                             A
           New Jersey Business ctive                12/1/1990                 Full Text
NJAL                             Environmental
           New Jersey IndustryDiscontinued Advisor 12/1/1991      7/31/2001   Full Text
NJLJ                            Active
           New Jersey Law Journal                   3/31/2004                 Full Text
NJS        New Jersey Success   Discontinued         1/1/1985     7/31/2001   Full Text
NLDR       The New Leader       Active               1/1/1994                 Full Text
PNLH                             (Abstracts)
           New Literary HistoryActive                1/1/1997                 Abstracts
NMJA       New Materials Japan  Discontinued        12/1/1991     12/1/2005   Full Text
NEWMAT     New Matilda          Active              8/23/2005                 Full Text
NEWMED     New Media Age        Active              12/7/1995                 Full Text
NEWMEI     New Media Investor Discontinued          7/26/2000     7/31/2001   Full Text
NMDM       New Media Markets Discontinued           1/17/1991     3/31/1999   Full Text
NMWK       New Media Week Discontinued             11/20/1995     1/29/2002   Full Text
NMCC                            Discontinued
           New Medical Therapies: Colorectal Cancer 1/1/2000      12/1/2001   Full Text
NMHY                            Discontinued
           New Medical Therapies: Hypertension       1/1/2000     12/1/2001   Full Text
MNLC                            Discontinued
           New Medical Therapies: Lung Cancer        1/1/2001      8/1/2003   Full Text
NMEX                            Discontinued
           New Mexico Business Journal               1/1/1985     7/31/2001   Full Text
NEWM       New Miami            Discontinued         6/1/1991     7/31/2001   Full Text
NOB        New Orleans Business Discontinued         1/1/1985     7/31/2001   Full Text
NOCB                            Active
           New Orleans CityBusiness                 4/15/1985                 Full Text
INOM       New Orleans Magazine Active               1/1/1992                 Full Text
NEWPAP     The New Paper        Active              6/17/2004                 Full Text
NPQL                            Discontinued
           New Perspectives Quarterly                1/1/1994     3/29/2003   Full Text
GNPN       New Product News Discontinued             1/1/1994     7/31/2001   Full Text
NRPB                            Active
           The New Republic (Abstracts)             9/29/2003                 Abstracts
NEWROS     New Ross StandardActive                  8/10/2006                 Full Text
NEWSCI     New Scientist        Active             11/16/2002                 Full Text
NWSCAL                          Active
           New Scientist (Abstracts)                 6/9/1986                 Abstracts
NSNT                            Discontinued
           New Scientist (Abstracts)                 1/1/1994    11/11/2001   Abstracts
NSTS       New Statesman        Active               1/1/1996                 Full Text
NSTL       New Steel            Discontinued         1/1/1994      9/1/2001   Full Text
NSTRAT                          Active
           New Straits Times (Malaysia)              1/1/1994                 Full Text
NSUNT      New Sunday Times Active                  5/17/1998                 Full Text
NTJA                            Discontinued
           New Technology Japan (Abstracts)          1/1/1994     11/8/2001   Abstracts
NEWTH                           Active
           New Technology Magazine                   1/1/2004                 Full Text
PNTS                            Active
           New Testament Studies (Abstracts)         1/1/1997                 Abstracts
NWTR                            Discontinued
           New Truth & TV Extra (N.Z.)               6/1/1997      9/5/2003   Full Text
NEWTVS     New TV Strategies Discontinued            7/1/2000    12/31/2001   Full Text
MEWNEV     New Vision           Active               7/2/1997                 Full Text
GNYC       New York (Abstracts) Active               1/1/1997                 Abstracts

Factiva Confidential                           9/19/2011                                  Page 135
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

BNYS                          Discontinued
           New York Banker (Abstracts)                 1/1/1997         7/31/2001   Abstracts
NYCO                          Active
           New York Construction News                  1/1/1998                     Full Text
NYLJ                          Active
           New York Law Journal                       9/11/2001                     Full Text
NYOB       New York Observer Active                   1/11/1999                     Full Text
NYPO       New York Post      Active                  9/15/1997                     Full Text
CSRV                          Active
           New York State Conservationist              1/1/1994                     Full Text
NYSDJ                         Discontinued
           New York State Dental Journal (Abstracts) 1/1/2006            6/1/2006   Abstracts
NYSUN      The New York Sun Active                   10/15/2003                     Full Text
NYTF                          A
           The New York Times ctive                    6/1/1980                     Full Text
IIINYT                        Discontinued             1/2/1996         1/27/2005
           New York Times (Abstracts from Insurance Information Institute)          Abstracts
NYTA                          Active
           The New York Times (Abstracts)              1/1/1969                     Abstracts
GTNY       New Yorker         Active                   1/1/1997                     Full Text
NBNZCO                        Active
           New Zealand Company News Bites             3/13/2007                     Full Text
TMRENE                        Active                  1/26/2005
           New Zealand Energy & Environment Business Week                           Full Text
NZXCOM                        Active
           New Zealand Exchange Company Announcements  1/1/1997                     Full Text
NBNZGP                        Discontinued
           New Zealand GP (News Bites Summary)         6/9/2003        10/29/2003   Abstracts
ABXNZH                        Discontinued            2/28/1999
           New Zealand Hardware Journal (ABIX Abstracts)                10/1/2006   Abstracts
NZHLD      New Zealand HeraldActive                   4/28/1994                     Full Text
NZR                           Discontinued
           New Zealand Journal of Industrial Relations 1/1/1997         10/1/2005   Full Text
ABXNZT                        Discontinued             3/1/2004
           New Zealand Journal of Taxation (ABIX Abstracts)              6/1/2006   Abstracts
NBNZLI                        Discontinued
           New Zealand Listener (News Bites Summary)7/1/2003             7/9/2005   Abstracts
NZM                           Discontinued
           New Zealand Manufacturer                    1/1/1997          3/1/2001   Full Text
NBNZMP                        Discontinued             3/1/2004
           New Zealand Meat Producer (News Bites Summary)                4/1/2004   Abstracts
ABXNZP                        Discontinued
           New Zealand Pharmacy (ABIX Abstracts) 8/31/1996              10/1/2006   Abstracts
NBNZPM                        Discontinued
           New Zealand Pharmacy (News Bites Summary)   7/1/2003         11/1/2003   Abstracts
NZPA                          Association
           New Zealand Press Active                   5/15/1997                     Full Text
ABXNZE                         Magazine (ABIX Abstracts)
           New Zealand PrinterDiscontinued            8/31/1996         10/1/2006   Abstracts
NBNZPI                        Discontinued             7/1/2003
           New Zealand Property Investor (News Bites Summary)           9/16/2005   Abstracts
NBNZRE                        Discontinued
           New Zealand Real Estate (News Bites Summary)2/9/2004          2/9/2004   Abstracts
NBNZRT                        (News Bites
           New Zealand Retail DiscontinuedSummary) 7/1/2003             10/1/2003   Abstracts
TMRTNL                        Active                  7/21/2005
           New Zealand Transport & Logistics Business Week                          Full Text
NZTRUT     New Zealand Truth Active                   2/10/2005                     Full Text
WEBT       new.architect      Discontinued            11/1/2000         7/15/2003   Full Text
NEHR                          Active                   9/1/1997
           The Newcastle Herald (New South Wales, Australia)                        Full Text
NEWDE      Newry Democrat     Active                  1/19/2006                     Full Text
KRTLY                         Active
           The News & Advance (MCT) (Va.)             5/28/2003                     Full Text
RNOB                          Active
           The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.)         8/1/1990                     Full Text
MEWLAG     The News (Lagos) Discontinued              11/2/1999         6/28/2007   Full Text
TNWS       The News (Mexico) Discontinued             11/5/1996         8/12/2004   Full Text
NBXTRA     News Bites Extra Active                     7/7/2005                     Full Text
INFY                          Active
           News for You (Abstracts)                    1/1/1997                     Abstracts
NWSF                          Active
           News Forum (WNBC New York)                  1/1/2000                     Full Text
KRTPY                         Active
           The News Herald (MCT) (Fla.)               5/28/2003                     Full Text
INML                          Active
           News Media & the Law                        1/1/1997                     Full Text
NEWSOF                        Active
           The News of the World                       1/7/1996                     Full Text
NWSP       News Photographer Active                    1/1/1995                     Full Text
NEWPLD     News Post Leader Active                    9/21/2006                     Full Text
NPRESS                         Language)
           News Press (FrenchActive                   8/13/2002                     Full Text
NRLS                          Discontinued
           News Release (Abstracts)                    1/1/1994         8/25/1997   Abstracts
NEWLE                         Active
           News Review Messenger                       8/1/2001                     Full Text
KRTTC                         Active
           The News Tribune (MCT) (Wash.)             5/28/2003                     Full Text
TCMA                          Active
           The News Tribune (Tacoma, Wash.)            1/1/1993                     Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                       Page 136
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

INQNEB     Newsbreak            Discontinued           9/10/2004    3/14/2006 Full Text
NBYT                            Discontinued
           Newsbytes News Network                       1/7/1991    5/30/2007 Full Text
NSGZ                            Active
           The News-Gazette (Champaign, Ill)           3/31/2000              Full Text
KRTCM                           Active
           The News-Gazette (MCT) (Ill.)               5/27/2003              Full Text
KRTWL                           Active
           The News-Herald (MCT) (Ohio)                5/28/2003              Full Text
NWSI       NewsInc              Active                 1/10/1994              Full Text
NENE                            Active
           Newsletter on Newsletters                    1/1/1999              Full Text
NPMS                            Medical Society
           Newsletter-People's Discontinued             1/1/1994    6/30/2003 Full Text
NWBUSI                          Active
           Newspaper BUSINESS (Russian Language)9/27/2005                     Full Text
ANFE                            Discontinued
           Newspaper Financial Executives Quarterly 1/1/1997         9/2/2001 Full Text
INRS                            Active
           Newspaper Research Journal                   1/1/1997              Full Text
DLSACB                          Active
  (Russian Language)              12/1/2005              Full Text
NQST                            Active
           Newsquest Media Group Newspapers             8/9/2002              Full Text
XNWR                            Discontinued
           News-Review (Roseberg, Ore.)                12/1/1991    7/31/2001 Full Text
KRTFW                           Active
           The News-Sentinel (MCT) (Ind.)              5/27/2003              Full Text
XNWS                            Discontinued
           News-Sun (Waukegan, Ill.)                   12/1/1991    7/31/2001 Full Text
IRNNWS     Newstalk ZB          Active                  9/1/2001              Full Text
NETRAK     NewsTrak Daily       Active                  6/3/2005              Full Text
AIWNEN                          D
           Newswatch (Nigeria) iscontinued              1/1/2001    5/14/2003 Full Text
NIKWAV                          Active
           Newswave21 (Japanese Language)              7/19/2004              Full Text
NSWK       Newsweek             Active                  1/3/1994              Full Text
CTGNWK                          Active
           Newsweek - Print and Online                  1/3/1994              Full Text
IIINWK     Newsweek (Abstracts) Discontinued           2/25/1996    1/27/2005 Abstracts
NEWI                            Active
           Newsweek International                      7/21/1997              Full Text
NWBE                            Active
           Newsweek Web Exclusive                       1/1/2001              Full Text
NEZAVG     Nezavisimaya Gazeta  Discontinued           7/31/2001    7/31/2001 Full Text
RPDNEZ                          Discontinued
           Nezavisimaya Gazeta (Abstracts)             9/25/1995   12/27/2002 Translated Abstracts
NEVGAZ                          Active
           Nezavisimaya Gazeta (Russian Language) 4/1/1998                    Full Text
DLSEJE                          Active                 11/1/2005
           Nezavisimaya gazeta-exlibris (Russian Language)                    Full Text
DLSNZM                          Active
           Nezavisimaya Moldova (Russian Language)    10/27/2006              Full Text
VOOBOZ                          Active                 6/28/2002
           Nezavisimoe Voennoe Obozrenie (Russian Language)                   Full Text
DLSEJF                          (Russian Language) 11/1/2005
           Nezavisimyi vzglyad Active                                         Full Text
DLSDIH                           Language)
           NG-antrakt (RussianActive                   11/1/2005              Full Text
DLSDII                          Active
           NG-dipkuryer (Russian Language)             11/1/2005              Full Text
NGID                            Active
           NGI's Daily Gas Price Index                 2/28/2005              Full Text
DLSEJJ                          Language)
           NG-nauka (Russian Active                    11/1/2005              Full Text
DLSEJA                          Active
           NG-regiony (Russian Language)               11/1/2005              Full Text
DLSEJB                          Active
           NG-religii (Russian Language)               11/1/2005              Full Text
DLSEJC                          Active
           NG-telekom (Russian Language)               11/1/2005              Full Text
NGVN       NGV News             Discontinued            1/1/1996    7/31/2001 Full Text
NGZHOT                          Discontinued
           NGZ - Der Hotelier (German Language)        9/12/2001    7/22/2006 Full Text
DLSDFD                          Active
           NIA Hakasiya (Russian Language)             12/1/2005              Full Text
DLSADD                          Active
           NIA Krasnoyarsk (Russian Language)          12/1/2005              Full Text
DLSCIG                          Active
           NIA Kuzbass (Russian Language)              12/1/2005              Full Text
NIABBN                          Discontinued
           Niaba Biotechnologie Nieuws (Abstracts)      6/9/1996    4/30/2005 Abstracts
NICKY                           Active                11/30/2005
           Nickel (Nickel Development Institute) (Abstracts)                  Abstracts
NNRAMS                          Discontinued            3/6/2001    3/15/2004 Full
           Nielsen/NetRatings Audience Measurement Service (Japanese Language) Text
NIRE       Nieman Reports       Active                  1/1/1995              Full Text
NBR                             Active
           Nightly Business Report                     2/10/1997              Full Text
NISHOS                          Active
           Nihon Shokuryo Shimbun (Japanese Language)   4/4/1997              Full Text
NKBERI                          Active
           Nikkan Berita (Japanese Language)           9/15/2004              Full Text
JIDOSH                          Shimbun (Japanese Language)
           The Nikkan Jidosha Active                   8/21/2006              Full Text

Factiva Confidential                           9/19/2011                                       Page 137
                                       Global Academic 2007Q4

NIKKEN                          Active               9/25/1997
           Nikkan Kensetsu Kogyo Shimbun (Japanese Language)                   Full Text
NIKKOG                          Active
           Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (Japanese Language)  6/26/1995                 Full Text
NIKYAK                          Active
           Nikkan Yakugyo (Japanese Language)        12/1/1997                 Full Text
NIKNEW                            Bond and Money
           Nikkei Newsletter onDiscontinued          8/10/1998     8/31/2007   Full Text
NKRP       Nikkei Report        Active               5/30/2002                 Full Text
JEJ        Nikkei Weekly        Active               5/13/2002                 Full Text
NENW                            Discontinued
           NIKKEI/Dow Jones Japan Report              1/1/1996     1/19/1998   Full Text
NIKINJ                          Active
           Nikkin (Japanese Language)                 1/1/2004                 Full Text
DLSEAF                          Active
           Nikolskoe kolco (Russian Language)        11/1/2005                 Full Text
BNIR                            Active
           Nilson Report (Abstracts)                  1/1/1997                 Abstracts
PNCM                            Active
           Nineteenth Century Music (Abstracts)       1/1/1997                 Abstracts
PNCL                            Active
           Nineteenth-Century Literature (Abstracts)  1/1/1997                 Abstracts
NISHIN                          Active               9/21/2006
           The Nishinippon Shimbun (Japanese Language)                         Full Text
NISGAI                          Active               1/15/2003
           Nishoku Gaishoku Restaurant Shimbun (Japanese Language)             Full Text
NTGN       Nitrogen & MethanolActive                  1/1/1994                 Full Text
NNNNAY     Nitrogen (Abstracts)Discontinued           5/2/1986     7/31/2001   Abstracts
NITMET                          Active
           Nitrogen + Syngas (Abstracts)             2/14/2005                 Abstracts
DLSEAB                          Active
           Nizhegorodskaya pravda (Russian Language) 11/1/2005                 Full Text
DLSEAC                          Active
           Nizhegorodskie novosti (Russian Language)11/1/2005                  Full Text
DLSEAD                          Active
           Nizhegorodskij rabochij (Russian Language)11/1/2005                 Full Text
DLSEAE                          Active               12/1/2005
           Nizhegorodskoe telegrafnoe agentstvo (Russian Language)             Full Text
BNNJ       NJBIZ                Active               9/20/1995                 Full Text
CTGNNA                           Language)
           NNA - All (JapaneseActive                 7/10/1998                 Full Text
DAINAA                          Active               2/25/1999
           NNA - Australia Edition (Japanese Language)                         Full Text
DAINAC                           (Japanese Language) 7/9/1998
           NNA - China Edition Active                                          Full Text
DAINAE                          Active
           NNA - Euro Edition (Japanese Language) 11/4/2002                    Full Text
DAINAH                          Active
           NNA - Hong Kong Edition (Japanese Language)7/9/1998                 Full Text
DAINIC                          Active               11/1/2002
           NNA - Indochina Edition (Japanese Language)                         Full Text
DAINAI                          Active
           NNA - Indonesia Edition (Japanese Language)7/9/1998                 Full Text
DAININ                          Active               7/13/2005
           NNA - International News (Japanese Language)                        Translated Abstracts
DAINAK                           (Japanese Language) 11/1/2002
           NNA - Korea EditionActive                                           Full Text
DAINAM                          Active
           NNA - Malaysia Edition (Japanese Language)7/9/1998                  Full Text
DAINAP                          Active                7/9/1998
           NNA - Philippines Edition (Japanese Language)                       Full Text
DAINAS                          Active
           NNA - Singapore Edition (Japanese Language)7/9/1998                 Full Text
DAINAW                          Active
           NNA - Taiwan Edition (Japanese Language)9/26/2002                   Full Text
DAINAT                          Active
           NNA - Thailand Edition (Japanese Language)7/10/1998                 Full Text
NOEWPD                          Discontinued         12/9/1997
           NÖ Wirtschafts Pressedienst (German Language)           4/28/2003   Full Text
NFDMKT                          Active
           Non Food de Alimarket (Spanish Language)6/15/1997                   Full Text
NFOD                            Discontinued
           Non-Foods Merchandising                    1/1/1994      1/1/1998   Full Text
NNPL                            Active                1/1/2000
           Nonprofit Management and Leadership (Abstracts)                     Abstracts
NWR        Nonprofit World      Active                1/1/1997                 Full Text
NWVN       Nonwovens IndustryActive                   1/1/1994                 Full Text
NDBAYN                          Active               11/3/2003
           Nordbayerische Nachrichten (German Language)                        Full Text
NORD                            Active
           Nordic Business Report                     6/1/1998                 Full Text
NWZEI                           Active
           Nordwest-Zeitung (German Language)        9/14/2005                 Full Text
XNDN                            Discontinued
           Norfolk Daily News (Neb.)                  2/1/1992     7/31/2001   Full Text
NBE                             Active
           Norges Bank Economic Bulletin              1/1/1997                 Full Text
DLSEEC                          Active
           Norilskie novosti (Russian Language)      12/1/2005                 Full Text
NOHYP                           Discontinued
           Norsk Hydro Profile (Abstracts)           5/20/1986     7/31/2001   Abstracts
NTB                              (Norwegian Language) 8/4/1996
           Norsk TelegrambyråActive                                            Full Text
ELNO                            Active
           El Norte (Spanish Language)               5/26/2004                 Full Text
NORCAS                          Active
           El Norte de Castilla (Spanish Language)   6/10/2004                 Full Text

Factiva Confidential                          9/19/2011                                         Page 138
                                       Global Academic 2007Q4

NBNSNZ                          Discontinued
           North & South [NZ] (News Bites Summary) 12/1/2003        12/1/2003 Abstracts
UMXF                            Discontinued          4/30/1995
           North American Free Trade & Investment Report            3/31/1997 Full Text
NAFT                            Discontinued
           North American Report on Free Trade        11/1/1991     7/31/2001 Full Text
NARE                             Review
           The North AmericanActive                    1/1/1995               Full Text
NLPNCT     North Coast Times Active                   1/30/2007               Full Text
KRTES                            (MCT)
           North County Times Active (Calif.)         5/28/2003               Full Text
NORDEJ                          Active
           North Devon Journal (U.K.)                 6/25/1998               Full Text
NBNQLR                          Discontinued          7/24/2003
           North Queensland Register (News Bites Summary)          11/13/2003 Abstracts
NSLT       North Sea Letter     Active                 1/8/1992               Full Text
NSLR                              Market Forecast
           North Sea Letter RigDiscontinued            7/1/1992      8/3/1993 Full Text
NSRG                            Discontinued
           North Sea Rig Forecast                      3/1/1994      4/2/1996 Full Text
NORSHO     North Shore Times Active                    8/8/2001               Full Text
NVBJ                            Active                Va.)
           North Valley Business Journal (Winchester, 11/1/1991               Full Text
NWBUIN                          Active
           North West Business Insider (U.K.)          8/4/1997               Full Text
NWNEWS     North West News Active                      8/1/2001               Full Text
NORHET                          Active
           Northampton Evening Telegraph              2/12/2004               Full Text
NORTLE     Northcote Leader Active                    8/15/2001               Full Text
KRTTP                           Active
           Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal (MCT) 9/1/2003                 Full Text
NEPA                            Active
           Northeast Pennsylvania Business Journal     5/1/1988               Full Text
NEPR                            Discontinued
           Northeast Power Report                      1/1/1993    12/16/2003 Full Text
NWBR                            Discontinued
           Northeastern Wisconsin Business Review      3/1/1992     7/31/2001 Full Text
APNNAD     Northern Advocate Active                   6/22/2005               Full Text
NNJB                            Discontinued
           Northern Business (N.J.)                    7/6/1994     7/31/2001 Full Text
NCBR                            Active                 5/1/1997
           Northern Colorado Business Report (Abstracts)                      Abstracts
NORDIS                          Active
           Northern District Times                     8/8/2001               Full Text
NRCO                            Active
           The Northern Echo (U.K.)                    2/3/1986               Full Text
NORMIN     Northern Miner       Active                 8/1/2001               Full Text
NMNR                            Active
           Northern Miner (Canada)                     8/1/1993               Full Text
NONT                            Active
           Northern Ontario Business                   1/1/1985               Full Text
ABXNOT                          Discontinued
           Northern Territory News (ABIX abstracts) 1/29/1998       12/1/2006 Abstracts
NORTHT                          Active
           Northern Territory News/Sunday Territorian 9/6/2000                Full Text
NORTIM     Northern Times, The  Active                8/24/2001               Full Text
NORCHR     Northside Chronicle Active                 8/22/2001               Full Text
NORHGZ                          Active
           Northumberland Gazette                     9/14/2006               Full Text
NWCO                            Active
           Northwest Construction                      1/1/1998               Full Text
KRTFO                           Active
           Northwest Florida Daily News (MCT) (Fla.) 5/27/2003                Full Text
BNFR                            Active
           Northwestern Financial Review               1/1/1997               Full Text
NORWPD                          Active
           Norwegian News Digests                     3/22/2001               Translated Abstracts
NOTE       Notes                Active                 1/1/1995               Full Text
NOQU       Notes and Queries Discontinued              1/1/1995     7/30/2004 Full Text
NTCN                            Active                 2/4/1999
           Noticen: Central American & Caribbean Affairs                      Full Text
SABINO                          Abstracts)
           Noticias (Paraguay, Discontinued           7/16/2000     1/24/2005 Translated Abstracts
NFINCE     NoticiasFinancieras Active                 4/28/2005               Full Text
NFNRAS                          (Spanish Language) 10/28/2002
           NoticiasFinancieras Active                                         Full Text
NTSU                            Discontinued
           NotiSur-Latin American Political Affairs   11/1/1991      3/7/1997 Full Text
NOTTEP                           Post
           Nottingham EveningActive(U.K.)             5/28/1997               Full Text
NOUVEC                          Active
           Le Nouvel Economiste (French Language) 4/19/2007                   Full Text
LENOV                           Discontinued
           Le Nouvel Observateur (French Language) 8/5/2004         6/14/2007 Full Text
NOUGF                           Active
           Nouvelles Graphiques (French Language) 1/15/2006                   Full Text
NTR                             Active
           Nouvelles Tele-Radio (French Language)      1/1/1999               Full Text
NOBCOM                          Discontinued           4/1/2005
  - Quotidien Permanent (French Language)    3/30/2007 Full Text
DLSEAG                          gazeta (Russian Language)
           Novaya Bryanskaya Discontinued             11/1/2005     12/5/2006 Full Text

Factiva Confidential                          9/19/2011                                        Page 139
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

NOVGAZ                          Active
           Novaya Gazeta (Russian Language)           6/28/2002                   Full Text
DLSEBF                          Active
           Novaya Sibir (Russian Language)            11/1/2005                   Full Text
DLSEBG                          Active
           Novaya Tambovshina (Russian Language) 11/1/2005                        Full Text
DLSEAH                          Discontinued
           Novaya vecherka (Russian Language)         11/1/2005         12/5/2006 Full Text
DLSEAI                          Discontinued          11/1/2005
           Novaya voskresnaya gazeta (Russian Language)                 12/5/2006 Full Text
NOVA       Novecon (Abstracts)Active                  6/30/1992                   Translated Abstracts
NOVGER                          Discontinued
           Novecon (German Language, Abstracts)       1/10/2000         9/11/2003 Abstracts
RUSAGR                          Active                 1/4/1998
           NOVECON: Russia/CIS Agribusiness Digest (Russia)                       Full Text
RUSAGB                          Active                 7/7/1993
           NOVECON: Russia/CIS Agribusiness Digest (Russian Language)             Full Text
RUSDIG                          Active
           NOVECON: Russia/CIS Energy Digest          3/20/1998                   Full Text
RUSDIE                          Active                 1/4/1998
           NOVECON: Russia/CIS Energy Digest (Russian Language)                   Full Text
RUSMAN                          Active                  Digest
           NOVECON: Russia/CIS Manufacturing Press8/4/1997                        Full Text
RUSMAD                          Active                  Digest (Russian Language) Full Text
           NOVECON: Russia/CIS Manufacturing Press4/8/1998
RUSTED                          Active                3/20/1998
           NOVECON: Russia/CIS Telecommunications Press Digest                    Full Text
RUSTEL                          Active                  Press Digest (Russian Language)
           NOVECON: Russia/CIS Telecommunications3/6/1992                         Full Text
RUSTRA                          Active                  Digest
           NOVECON: Russia/CIS Transportation Press1/4/1998                       Full Text
RUSTRD                          Active                3/20/1998
           NOVECON: Russia/CIS Transportation Press Digest (Russian Language)Full Text
NOVED                           Discontinued
           Novedades (Spanish Language)              11/19/1996        12/31/2002 Full Text
PNOV                            Discontinued
           Novel: A Forum on Fiction                   1/1/1997          4/1/1999 Full Text
DLSEBH                          Active
           Novgorod (Russian Language)                11/1/2005                   Full Text
DLSEBI                          Active
           Novgorodskie vedomosti (Russian Language)  11/1/2005                   Full Text
DLSECJ                          Active
           Novodvinskij rabochij (Russian Language) 11/1/2005                     Full Text
DLSECD                          Novgorod (Russian Language)
           Novoe delo - Nizhnij Active                11/1/2005                   Full Text
DLSECC                          Active
           Novoe delo (Russian Language)              11/1/2005                   Full Text
DLSNOB                          Active
           Novoe Obozrenie (Russian Language)         1/11/2006                   Full Text
DLSECE                          Active
           Novoe omskoe slovo (Russian Language) 11/1/2005                        Full Text
DLSECF                          Active                12/1/2005
           Novoe telegrafnoe agentstvo Privolzh'e (Russian Language)              Full Text
DLSECB                          Active
           Novoe vremya - Kondrovo (Russian Language) 11/1/2005                   Full Text
DLSNOV                          Active
           Novoe Vremya (Armenia, Russian Language)  10/26/2006                   Full Text
DLSNVR                          Active
           Novoe Vremya (Russian Language)             1/8/2006                   Full Text
DLSECG                          Discontinued
           Novosibirskie novosti (Russian Language) 11/1/2005          12/20/2006 Full Text
DLSECI                          Active
           Novosti Kuzbassa (Russian Language)        12/1/2005                   Full Text
DLSEDJ                          Active
           Novosti Peterburga (Russian Language)      11/1/2005                   Full Text
DLSECH                          Active                12/1/2005
           Novosti Vologodskoy oblasti (Russian Language)                         Full Text
DLSEDA                          Active
           Novosti Yugry (Russian Language)           11/1/2005                   Full Text
DLSEDC                          (Russian Language) 11/1/2005
           Novye delovye vesti Active                                             Full Text
DLSEDD                          Active
           Novye izvestiya (Russian Language)         11/1/2005                   Full Text
DLSEDB                          Active
           Novye vremena (Russian Language)           11/1/2005                   Full Text
DLSEDF                          Active
           Novyi Enisei (Russian Language)            11/1/2005                   Full Text
DLSEDE                          Active
           Novyi gorod (Russian Language)             11/1/2005                   Full Text
DLSEDG                          Active
           Novyi kompanon (Russian Language)          11/1/2005                   Full Text
DLSEDH                          Active
           Novyi mir (Russian Language)               11/1/2005                   Full Text
DLSEDI                          Active
           Novyi region (Russian Language)            12/1/2005                   Full Text
LTCN                            Active
           NPR: All Things Considered                  1/1/1993                   Full Text
DAYTO      NPR: Day to Day Active                     12/1/2003                   Full Text
MGED                            A
           NPR: Morning Edition ctive                  1/1/1993                   Full Text
NAN        NPR: News & NotesActive                    2/24/2006                   Full Text
NPRNS      NPR: News Special Active                    1/1/2004                   Full Text
TOTN                            Active
           NPR: Talk of the Nation                    11/1/1996                   Full Text
TNSF                            Active
           NPR: Talk of the Nation/Science Friday     10/6/2000                   Full Text
TMM        NPR: Tell Me More Active                    5/8/2007                   Full Text
TAVS       Tavis Smiley         Discontinued           1/1/2002         1/17/2005 Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                          Page 140
                                           Global Academic 2007Q4

WATC                             Active
           NPR: Weekend All Things Considered            11/1/1996                      Full Text
WKSA                             Active
           NPR: Weekend Edition - Saturday                 1/1/1993                     Full Text
WKSN                             Active
           NPR: Weekend Edition - Sunday                   1/1/1993                     Full Text
WE         NPR: Weekly Edition   Discontinued            1/15/1999         10/27/2001 Full Text
NLNTBR     NT Business Review    Active                    2/9/2006                     Full Text
FTNW                             Discontinued
           NTIS Foreign Technology Newsletter            12/1/1991          3/31/1992 Full Text
NTFT                             Discontinued
           NTIS Update, Foreign Technology                 4/1/1992         7/31/2001 Full Text
NTTT       NTT Topics            Active                  12/1/1991                      Full Text
NUCLEI                            International
           Nuclear EngineeringActive                     3/31/1997                      Full Text
NUF        Nuclear Fuel          Active                    7/1/1985                     Full Text
NRCD                             Active
           Nuclear Regulatory Commission Documents 9/7/2007                             Full Text
NUC        Nucleonics Week Active                          7/1/1985                     Full Text
NUEVEC                           Discontinued
           Nueva Economía (Spanish Language)               9/8/2002         1/13/2003 Full Text
NUEDIA                           Active
           El Nuevo Día (Spanish Language)              10/29/2002                      Full Text
NURNBN                           Active
           Nürnberger Nachrichten (German Language)      11/3/2003                      Full Text
INUR       Nursing               Active                    1/1/1997                     Full Text
NURS       Nursing Economics Active                        1/1/1996                     Full Text
NURSED                           Active
           Nursing Education Perspectives                  1/1/2006                     Full Text
NHLI                              Insider
           Nursing Home LegalDiscontinued                  1/1/2002         5/10/2003 Full Text
NHLR                             Discontinued
           Nursing Home Litigation Reporter              12/1/2001          8/31/2005 Full Text
NHOM                             Active
           Nursing Homes (Abstracts)                     10/1/1989                      Abstracts
NSM        Nursing Management    Active                    1/1/1997                     Full Text
NUTR                             Active
           Nutraceuticals International                  10/1/1998                      Full Text
NUTW       Nutraceuticals World  Active                    1/1/2002                     Full Text
NUTCOS                           A
           NutraCos (Abstracts) ctive                   12/31/2004                      Abstracts
AJND                              The Journal of the Dieticians Association of AustraliaFull Text
           Nutrition & Dietetics:Active                    1/1/2002
NUAH                             Active
           Nutrition Action Healthletter                   1/1/1994                     Full Text
NUFM       Nutrition Forum       Discontinued              1/1/1994          3/1/2000 Full Text
NUHR                             Active
           Nutrition Health Review                         1/1/1994                     Full Text
NRNL                             Active
           Nutrition Research Newsletter                   1/1/1994                     Full Text
INUT       Nutrition Reviews Active                        1/1/1997                     Full Text
NTDY       Nutrition Today       Active                    1/1/1994                     Full Text
FNWS                             Active
           NWSA Journal (Abstracts)                        1/1/1997                     Abstracts
DIREKT                           Active
           Nyhetsbyrån Direkt (Swedish Language)           4/5/2002                     Full Text
NXBUSI     NZ Business           Discontinued              2/1/1996          3/1/2004 Full Text
ABXNZB                           Discontinued
           NZ Business (ABIX Abstracts)                  8/31/1996          10/1/2006 Abstracts
PRODEX     NZ Dairy Exporter Active                        2/1/2005                     Full Text
NZLIST     NZ Listener           Active                  5/28/2005                      Full Text
NZMARK     NZ Marketing          Active                    2/1/1996                     Full Text
PROPAC     NZ Packaging Magazine Discontinued            11/1/2003          11/1/2003 Full Text
NEUZZS                           Active
           NZZ am Sonntag (Switzerland, German Language)   6/2/2002                     Full Text
OAK                              Discontinued
           Oakland Business (Mich.)                        1/1/1986         7/31/2001 Full Text
XOKP       Oakland Press (Mich.) Discontinued            12/1/1991          7/31/2001 Full Text
OKLD                             Active
           The Oakland Tribune (Calif.)                    1/1/1994                     Full Text
OAKSDT                           Active
           Oakleigh Monash/Springvale Dandenong Leader   8/15/2001                      Full Text
OBGN       Ob.Gyn. News          Active                    1/1/2001                     Full Text
GYNC       OB/GYN Clinical Alert Active                    1/1/2002                     Full Text
OBDW                             Active
           Obesity & Diabetes Week                         1/1/2003                     Full Text
OBWK                             Active
           Obesity, Fitness & Wellness Week                1/1/1999                     Full Text
OBRW                             Active
           OBGYN & Reproduction Week                       1/1/2003                     Full Text
OBLGAZ                           Active
           Oblastnaya Gazeta (Russian Language)          1/31/2006                      Full Text
DLSEED                           Active
           Oblastnye vesti (Russian Language)            11/1/2005                      Full Text

Factiva Confidential                               9/19/2011                                        Page 141
                                           Global Academic 2007Q4

OBSGAZ                           Discontinued
           Obschaja Gazeta (Russian Language)            1/14/1998    5/30/2002 Full Text
SABIEO                           Active
           El Observador Economico (Uruguay, Abstracts)  7/12/2000              Translated Abstracts
OB         The Observer (U.K.)Active                      1/4/1981              Full Text
RPDOBG                           Discontinued
           Obshchaya Gazeta (Abstracts)                  3/13/1997   10/10/2001 Translated Abstracts
ORCO       OC Metro (Calif.) Active                       7/1/1994              Full Text
KRTOA                            Active
           Ocala Star-Banner (MCT) (Fla.)                5/28/2003              Full Text
OHZ        Occupational Hazards  Active                   1/1/1989              Full Text
OHS                               & Safety (Abstracts)
           Occupational HealthActive                      1/1/1997              Abstracts
OHSL                              & Safety Letter
           Occupational HealthDiscontinued               12/1/1991    7/31/2001 Full Text
OOQ                              Active
           Occupational Outlook Quarterly                 3/1/1989              Full Text
IODL                              & International
           Ocean DevelopmentDiscontinued Law (Abstracts)  1/1/1997    2/10/2004 Abstracts
OSB                              Discontinued
           Ocean State Business (R.I.)                    1/1/1985    7/31/2001 Full Text
POCE       Oceania               Active                   1/1/1997              Full Text
SEAS       Oceanus               Discontinued             1/1/1995    7/30/2004 Full Text
OCTW       Octane Week           Active                   3/1/1992              Full Text
KRTOD                            Active
           Odessa American (MCT) (Texas)                 5/28/2003              Full Text
ODPR                             Active
           O'Dwyer's PR Services Report (Abstracts) 1/1/1994                    Abstracts
OELK       OECD Economic Outlook Discontinued             1/1/1994    12/1/2001 Full Text
OECS       OECD Economic Studies Discontinued             1/1/1994    6/22/2001 Full Text
OEAU                             Active
           OECD Economic Surveys - Austria                1/1/1994              Full Text
OEGR                             Active
           OECD Economic Surveys - Greece                 1/1/1994              Full Text
OENO                             Active
           OECD Economic Surveys - Norway                 1/1/1994              Full Text
OBSV                             Active
           OECD Observer (Abstracts)                      2/1/1989              Abstracts
OEMG       OEM Magazine          Discontinued             9/1/1994    7/31/2001 Full Text
OEMOH      OEM Off-Highway Active                         2/1/2004              Full Text
OLN        Off Licence News Active                        3/8/1985              Full Text
IOOB       Off Our Backs         Active                   1/1/1997              Full Text
OFEQ                             Discontinued
           Office Equipment & Products (Abstracts)        1/1/1994    10/8/2001 Abstracts
OFSY       Office Solutions      Active                   4/1/1998              Full Text
FOFC       Officer               Active                   1/1/1997              Full Text
OCSN                             Sports
           The Official College Active Network (OCSN) 1/1/2003                  Full Text
OJCEN                            Active
           Official Journal - C Series                   6/14/2000              Full Text
OJCDA                            Active
           Official Journal - C Series (Danish Language) 6/14/2000              Full Text
OJCNL                            Active
           Official Journal - C series (Dutch Language) 5/1/2001                Full Text
OJCFI                            Active
           Official Journal - C Series (Finnish Language)6/14/2000              Full Text
OJCFR                            Active
           Official Journal - C series (French Language) 6/14/2000              Full Text
OJCDE                            Active
           Official Journal - C series (German Language)10/25/2000              Full Text
OJCIT                            Active
           Official Journal - C Series (Italian Language)6/14/2000              Full Text
OJCPT                            Active                 10/25/2000
           Official Journal - C Series (Portuguese Language)                    Full Text
OJCES                            Active                 10/25/2000
           Official Journal - C series (Spanish Language)                       Full Text
OJCSV                            Active
           Official Journal - C Series (Swedish Language)6/14/2000              Full Text
OJLEN                            Active
           Official Journal - L Series                   6/14/2000              Full Text
OJLDA                            Active
           Official Journal - L Series (Danish Language) 6/14/2000              Full Text
OJLNL                            Active
           Official Journal - L series (Dutch Language) 5/1/2002                Full Text
OJLFI                            Active
           Official Journal - L Series (Finnish Language)6/14/2000              Full Text
OJLFR                            Active
           Official Journal - L series (French Language) 6/14/2000              Full Text
OJLDE                            Active
           Official Journal - L series (German Language) 7/31/2000              Full Text
OJLIT                            Active
           Official Journal - L Series (Italian Language)6/14/2000              Full Text
OJLPT                            Active                  7/31/2000
           Official Journal - L Series (Portuguese Language)                    Full Text
OJLES                            Active
           Official Journal - L series (Spanish Language)7/31/2000              Full Text
OJLSV                            Active
           Official Journal - L series (Swedish Language)6/14/2000              Full Text
OFJEC                            Active                  11/1/1987
           Official Journal European Communities (Abstracts)                    Abstracts

Factiva Confidential                               9/19/2011                                     Page 142
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

OFEUCO                            Active                C (Abstracts)
           Official Journal of the European Communities1/1/2005                  Abstracts
OFEULO                            Active                L (Abstracts)
           Official Journal of the European Communities1/1/2005                  Abstracts
OPLY                              Discontinued
           Official U.S. Playstation                   6/1/2002        12/1/2006 Full Text
OFSH       Offshore               Active               1/1/1994                  Full Text
DLSEFI                            Active
           Oficialnye dokumenty (Russian Language) 11/1/2005                     Full Text
DLSEEE                            Active
           Ogonek (Russian Language)                  11/1/2005                  Full Text
OHC        OH&S Canada            Active               1/1/1997                  Full Text
BOBR       Ohio Banker (Abstracts)Discontinued         1/1/1997        8/27/2003 Abstracts
OCPA       The Ohio CPA Journal   Discontinued         1/1/1994         7/2/2002 Full Text
OIEA                              Discontinued
           Ohio Industry Environmental Advisor        10/1/1992        7/14/1994 Full Text
OHMN       Ohio Manufacturer Discontinued              6/1/1995         1/1/1999 Full Text
POHR       Ohio Review (Abstracts)Discontinued         1/1/1997        7/31/2001 Abstracts
DLSEGJ                            (Russian Language) 11/1/2005
           Ohotnichaya gazeta Active                                             Full Text
OILCAP     Oil & Capital (E)      Discontinued         1/1/2001        9/24/2003 Full Text
OILACA                            Active
           Oil & Capital (Russian Language)            1/1/2001                  Full Text
ABXOIL                            Discontinued
           Oil & Gas Australia (ABIX Abstracts)      12/31/1997        10/1/2006 Abstracts
ABXOIG                            Discontinued
           Oil & Gas Gazette (ABIX Abstracts)        11/30/1998        10/1/2006 Abstracts
OGI        Oil & Gas Investor Active                   1/1/1997                  Full Text
PTRY                              Active
           Oil & Gas Investor This Week               6/28/1994                  Full Text
OIGJAV                            Active
           Oil & Gas Journal (Abstracts)               3/3/1986                  Abstracts
ABXOIN                            Discontinued
           Oil & Gas News (ABIX Abstracts)            1/26/1998        7/31/2001 Abstracts
OILGAS                            Active
           Oil & Gas of Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan)       2/28/1999                  Full Text
OILGAK                            Active
           Oil & Gas of Kazakhstan (Russian Language) 4/19/2000                  Full Text
OG         The Oil and Gas JournalActive               1/1/1989                  Full Text
TOILDA     The Oil Daily          Active              1/14/1996                  Full Text
OMI        Oil Market IntelligenceActive               2/1/1999                  Full Text
OSAL                              Discontinued
           Oil Spill Intelligence Report              12/1/1991        5/11/1995 Full Text
OSPU       Oil Spill US Law ReportDiscontinued        12/1/1991         8/1/1993 Full Text
AOGT                              Active
           Oil, Gas & Energy Quarterly (Abstracts)     1/1/1997                  Abstracts
OGPE                              Active
           Oil, Gas, & Petrochem Equipment             1/1/2002                  Full Text
OILGS      Oilgas (Abstracts) Active                  4/20/1999                  Abstracts
OILFAT                            Active
           Oils and Fats International (Abstracts)     1/1/2005                  Abstracts
OWMT                              Discontinued
           Oilseeds: World Markets and Trade           1/1/1994         7/1/1995 Full Text
OKMAGA     OK Magazine            Active             10/10/2006                  Full Text
OBB                               Bulletin
           Oklahoma Business Active (Abstracts)        1/1/1997                  Abstracts
DLSEEF                            Active
           Oktyabrskaya magistral (Russian Language)  11/1/2005                  Full Text
OLCGRL                            Discontinued
           Oleagineux Corps Gras Lipides (Abstracts) 6/3/1995          7/31/2001 Abstracts
OLTNRT                            Active
           Oltner Tagblatt (German Language)          4/12/2002                  Full Text
DLSEEG     OM (Russian Language)  Discontinued        11/1/2005       12/20/2006 Full Text
OMHA                              Active
           Omaha World-Herald (Neb.)                   8/1/1983                  Full Text
OMANND     Omani News Digest Active                   5/31/2001                  Translated Abstracts
POMG       Omega (Abstracts) Active                    1/1/1997                  Abstracts
IOMG                              Active
           Omega: Journal of Death & Dying (Abstracts)1/1/1997                   Abstracts
DLSEEH                            Active
           Omskaya pravda (Russian Language)          11/1/2005                  Full Text
DLSEEI                            Active
           Omskij vestnik (Russian Language)          11/1/2005                  Full Text
OPLT       On The Plate           Discontinued         8/1/2001        10/9/2004 Full Text
ONWS       On Wall Street         Active              10/1/1996                  Full Text
DLSEFJ     ONA (Russian Language) Active              11/1/2005                  Full Text
OTON       One to One             Discontinued         1/1/1994        7/17/2003 Full Text
AMJO       Onearth (Abstracts) Active                  1/1/1995                  Abstracts
ONFILM     Onfilm                 Active               1/1/1998                  Full Text
ONLI       Online                 Active               1/1/1989                  Full Text

Factiva Confidential                            9/19/2011                                         Page 143
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

ABXONC                          Discontinued
           Online Currents (ABIX Abstracts)           7/21/1999      12/1/2005    Abstracts
ONLE       Online Learning      Discontinued          8/23/2001      6/22/2002    Full Text
OLMC                            Discontinued
           Online Libraries & Microcomputers          12/1/1991        1/1/2003   Full Text
OLNW       Online Newsletter Discontinued             12/1/1991        1/1/2003   Full Text
ONPN                            A
           Online Product News ctive                  12/1/1991                   Full Text
OSTG       Onstage              Discontinued           9/1/2000        7/2/2003   Full Text
OPECNB     OPEC News Agency     Discontinued          3/23/1998     12/30/2004    Full Text
OPCN       OPECNA News Service  Discontinued           3/1/1996      1/19/1998    Full Text
OPSY                            Discontinued
           Open Systems Communication                 11/4/1991      6/29/1994    Full Text
UNX        Open Systems Today   Discontinued          6/27/1988      7/31/2001    Full Text
OPRA       Opera News           Active                 1/1/1994                   Full Text
OPFL                            Discontinued
           Operations & Fulfillment                    4/1/2002        4/2/2005   Full Text
OPMG       Operations ManagementActive                1/13/1997                   Full Text
OPTH       Ophthalmology Times  Active                 1/1/1994                   Full Text
OPRH                            Discontinued
           The Oprah Winfrey Show                      1/1/1993        1/3/2007   Full Text
OMNW                            Discontinued
           Optical Materials & Engineering News       12/1/1991      7/31/2001    Full Text
OPMN       Optical Memory News  Discontinued        11/27/1991       7/31/2001    Full Text
OBSERV                          Active
           Optical Networks Daily                     11/2/1997                   Full Text
OPTIAN     Optician             Active                2/22/2002                   Full Text
OPTZ       Optimize             Active                2/26/2002                   Full Text
OPTM       Optimum (Canada) Discontinued               1/1/1994      9/22/1998    Full Text
OPTO                            Active
           Optoelectronics Report                      1/1/2002                   Full Text
OHJ        Oral Health Journal Active                 10/1/2004                   Full Text
POHY       Oral History Review Discontinued            1/1/1997      9/11/2002    Full Text
OCBJ                            Active
           Orange County Business Journal (Calif.)     1/1/1985                   Full Text
OCR                             Register
           The Orange County Active (Calif.)          11/1/1986                   Full Text
KRTOC                           Register
           The Orange County Active (MCT) (Calif.) 5/28/2003                      Full Text
ORBS       ORBIS                Discontinued           1/1/1995        1/1/2002   Full Text
GARORD     Order (Russia)       Discontinued           6/1/1998      7/31/2001    Full Text
GNTORD                          Discontinued
           Order (Russian Language)                    6/8/1998      7/31/2001    Full Text
ORDNTI                          Active
           L´Ordinateur Individuel (French Language) 8/1/2002                     Full Text
OREG       Oregon Business Discontinued                3/1/1987      7/31/2001    Full Text
KRTPO                           Active
           The Oregonian (MCT) (Ore.)                 5/28/2003                   Full Text
POR        The Oregonian        Active                 7/1/1989                   Full Text
DLSEFA                          Active
           Orenburgskaya gazeta (Russian Language) 11/1/2005                      Full Text
DLSEFB                          Active
           Orenburgskoe vremya (Russian Language) 11/1/2005                       Full Text
DLSEFC                          Active
           Orenburzhe (Russian Language)              11/1/2005                   Full Text
OANA                            Active
           Organisation of Asia-Pacific News Agencies 3/21/2002                   Full Text
ORGS                            Discontinued
           Organization Studies (Abstracts)            1/1/1994        1/2/2002   Abstracts
OBP                             Active                 1/1/1997
           Organizational Behavior & Human Decision Processes (Abstracts)         Abstracts
LORILJ                          Discontinued
           L'Orient le Jour (French Language)          2/1/1999        9/3/2005   Full Text
BMMG       Origination News Active                     1/1/1997                   Full Text
IORN       Orion (Abstracts) Active                    1/1/1997                   Abstracts
DLSEFD                          Active
           Orlovskaya pravda (Russian Language)       11/1/2005                   Full Text
ORLNOV                          Active
           Orlovskie Novosti (Russian Language)        3/2/2006                   Full Text
DLSEFE                          Active
           Orlovskij meridian (Russian Language)      11/1/2005                   Full Text
DLSEFF                          Active
           Orlovskoe informbyuro (Russian Language) 12/1/2005                     Full Text
DLSEFG                          Active
           Orskaya hronika (Russian Language)         11/1/2005                   Full Text
ORTH                            A
           Orthodontic Products ctive                  9/1/2006                   Full Text
OTECH                           Active
           Orthopedic Technology Review                3/1/2006                   Full Text
FWN        Oster Dow Jones Discontinued                4/8/1998        5/3/2004   Full Text
FWS                             Discontinued
           Oster Dow Jones Select                      3/2/1999        5/3/2004   Full Text

Factiva Confidential                           9/19/2011                                      Page 144
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

OSTSEZ                           Active
           Ostsee-Zeitung (German Language)             12/1/2003               Full Text
OWC                              Active
           Ost-West-Contact (German Language)            6/1/1998               Full Text
OTGO       Otago Daily Times Active                     8/21/2002               Full Text
OTCN       OTC Business News     Discontinued            8/3/1994    4/4/1996   Full Text
OTCL       OTC Latin A           Discontinued            1/1/1996    1/1/1997   Full Text
OTCR                             Discontinued
           OTC News & Market Report                     12/1/1991   12/1/1998   Full Text
UPUS       OTC Update            Discontinued           12/1/1991    9/1/1997   Full Text
DLSEFH                           Active
           Otdohni (Russian Language)                   11/1/2005               Full Text
OTISNE     Otis News (Abstracts) Discontinued           3/19/1992   7/31/2001   Abstracts
OTS                              Active
           OTS - Originaltextservice (German Language)  4/12/1996               Full Text
OTSDE                            Active
           ots - Originaltextservice Germany            3/20/2003               Full Text
OTSCHD                           Active                 3/20/2003
           ots - Originaltextservice Schweiz (German Language)                  Full Text
OTSCHF                           Active                  4/1/2003
           ots - Originaltextservice Suisse (French Language)                   Full Text
OTSCHE                           Active
           ots - Originaltextservice Switzerland         4/1/2003               Full Text
OTCT       Ottawa Citizen        Active                 12/1/2001               Full Text
CTGOUE                           and Sunday - French Language)
           Ouest France (Daily Active                   7/17/2002               Full Text
OUESTF                           Active
           Ouest France (French Language)               7/17/2002               Full Text
ODLF       Outdoor Life          Discontinued            1/1/1994   12/1/1999   Full Text
OPEQ                             Active
           Outdoor Power Equipment                       4/1/1999               Full Text
PEOUEN                           Active
           Outlooks on Pest Management (Abstracts) 12/5/1989                    Abstracts
IOUS       Outside (Abstracts) Active                    1/1/1997               Abstracts
NFM                              Discontinued
           Outstate Business (Mich.)                     1/1/1991   7/31/2001   Full Text
OVMT       Overhaul & MaintenanceActive                  1/1/1998               Full Text
ABXOVT                           Discontinued
           Overseas Trading (ABIX Abstracts)            8/31/1996   9/21/2000   Abstracts
IOWL       OWL (Abstracts) Active                        1/1/1997               Abstracts
OXB                              Active                  1/1/1997
           Oxford Bulletin of Economics & Statistics (Abstracts)                Abstracts
OEFCPM                           Active                 7/15/2005
           Oxford Economic Forecasting Commodity Price Monitor                  Full Text
OEFSP                            Active
           Oxford Economic Forecasting Special Report   7/19/2005               Full Text
OEFRUK                           Active                  Review
           Oxford Economic Forecasting UK Economic7/19/2005                     Full Text
OEUKW                            Active
           Oxford Economic Forecasting UK Weekly Brief  7/15/2005               Full Text
OEFUS                            Active
           Oxford Economic Forecasting US Weekly Brief  7/18/2005               Full Text
OXEP       Oxford Economic PapersActive                  1/1/1994               Full Text
NBOZEN     OzEquities News Bites Active                  6/1/2004               Full Text
OZDN       Ozone Depletion Today Discontinued            1/1/1992   5/31/2005   Full Text
PMNEWS     P M News (Nigeria) Discontinued             12/19/2003    1/4/2005   Full Text
PACE                             Active                 6/20/2003
           PACE (Process & Control Engineering) (Australia)                     Full Text
PCAF                             Active
           Pacific Affairs (Abstracts)                   4/1/2007               Abstracts
PABUEN                           Active
           Pacific Builder and Engineer                 1/16/2006               Full Text
PBN                              Discontinued
           Pacific Business News (Abstracts)             1/7/1985   7/31/2001   Abstracts
PACDAN     Pacific Daily News Discontinued               1/1/2001   8/21/2002   Translated Abstracts
PPHR                             Active
           Pacific Historical Review (Abstracts)         1/1/1997               Abstracts
PNE                              Discontinued
           Pacific Northwest Executive                  10/1/1986   7/31/2001   Full Text
PPHQ                              Quarterly (Abstracts) 1/1/1997
           Pacific PhilosophicalActive                                          Abstracts
PSP        Pacific Shipper       Active                  3/4/2005               Full Text
ABXPCK                           Discontinued
           Packaging (ABIX Abstracts)                   8/31/1996   11/1/2006   Abstracts
PAKAGE     Packaging (Australia) Active                 2/10/2003               Full Text
PKG        Packaging (Boston) Discontinued               1/1/1989   7/31/2001   Full Text
PKGD       Packaging Digest Discontinued                 1/1/1994    9/8/2001   Full Text
PACWEE     Packaging News        Active                 4/17/1997               Full Text
ABXPAK                           Discontinued
           Packaging News (ABIX Abstracts)              8/31/1996    9/1/2006   Abstracts
PKGT                             Discontinued
           Packaging Technology & Engineering            1/1/1994   10/1/1999   Full Text
PTDY                             Discontinued
           Packaging Today International                12/3/2002   2/28/2005   Full Text

Factiva Confidential                             9/19/2011                                       Page 145
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

PACN                             Active
           PACNEWS, the Pacific News Agency Service    11/2/1999                   Full Text
KRTPA                            Active
           The Paducah Sun (MCT) (Ky.)                 5/28/2003                   Full Text
PNWK                             Active
           Pain & Central Nervous System Week           1/1/1999                   Full Text
PAICOA                           Active
           Paint & Coatings Industry (Abstracts)        1/1/1994                   Abstracts
PCOT                             Discontinued
           Paint & Coatings Industry (Abstracts)        1/1/1994        11/30/2005 Abstracts
PAINRE                           Active
           Paint & Resin (Abstracts)                    7/3/1994                   Abstracts
PII                              Active
           Paint & Ink International                    1/1/1994                   Full Text
CTGPAS                           (Spanish Language)
           El País - All EditionsActive                 2/1/1995                   Full Text
PAISBA                           Discontinued
           El País - Barcelona (Spanish Language) 12/22/2000             8/16/2006 Full Text
PAISBI                           Discontinued
           El País - Bilbao (Spanish Language)        12/22/2000         3/13/2006 Full Text
PAISE                            Active
           El Pais - English Edition                    1/1/2001                   Full Text
PAISMA                           Discontinued
           El País - Madrid (Spanish Language)        12/22/2000         8/16/2006 Full Text
PAISN                            Active
           El País - Nacional (Spanish Language)        2/1/1995                   Full Text
PSALUD                           Active
           El País - Salud (Spanish Language)          7/14/2007                   Full Text
PAISSE                           Discontinued
           El País - Sevilla (Spanish Language)       12/22/2000         3/13/2006 Full Text
PAISVA                           Discontinued
           El País - Valencia (Spanish Language)      12/22/2000         3/13/2006 Full Text
EP                               Active
           El País (Madrid, Abstracts)                  7/9/1982                   Translated Abstracts
SABIPS                           Active
           El Pais (Uruguay, Abstracts)                5/21/2004                   Translated Abstracts
PAISU                            Active
           El País (Uruguay, Spanish Language)        10/29/2002                   Full Text
PAIDAP                           A
           Paisley Daily Express ctive                10/26/2006                   Full Text
APAFGH     Pajhwok Afghan News   Active                 3/6/2005                   Full Text
PBLAD                            Active
           Pakblad (Packaging) (Dutch Language)         6/1/2006                   Full Text
PAPRIN                           Active                11/2/1999
           Pakistan Press International Information Services                       Full Text
PALBRA                           Active
           Palabra (Spanish Language)                  5/26/2004                   Full Text
PLST       Palaestra             Active                 1/1/1994                   Full Text
PBDBR                            Active
           Palm Beach Daily Business Review            9/20/2001                   Full Text
PBDN       Palm Beach Daily News Active                5/20/2007                   Full Text
PMBP                             Active
           The Palm Beach Post (Fla.)                   4/1/1998                   Full Text
KRTPM                            Active
           The Palm Beach Post (MCT) (Fla.)            5/28/2003                   Full Text
MEWPAN                           Discontinued
           Panafrican News Agency (PANA) Daily Newswire 7/4/1997         5/14/2006 Full Text
PANRMA                           Discontinued
           Panorama (Italian Language)                11/22/2001         6/27/2003 Full Text
DLSPAN                           Language)
           Panorama (Russian Active                   10/27/2006                   Full Text
PNRAMA                           Language)
           Panorama (Russian Active                    3/10/2006                   Full Text
PBRSEN     Panorama Brasil       Discontinued          9/25/2001          1/9/2002 Full Text
PBRSIL                           Active
           Panorama Brasil (Portuguese Language) 9/25/2001                         Full Text
PBRES                            Discontinued
           Panorama Brasil (Spanish Language)          9/25/2001          1/9/2002 Full Text
DLSEGB                           Active
           Panorama goroda (Russian Language)          11/1/2005                   Full Text
DLSEGC                           Active
           Panorama stolicy (Russian Language)         11/1/2005                   Full Text
BLM                              Active
           The Pantagraph (Bloomington, Ill.)           9/1/1990                   Full Text
POLAGE                           D
           PAP - Brief in English iscontinued           9/5/2002        10/29/2004 Full Text
PAPEM                            Active
           PAP - EMITENT (Polish Language)            10/29/2003                   Full Text
POLSAG                           Active
           PAP - MAKRO (Polish Language)                9/5/2002                   Full Text
PAPMKI     PAP Market Insider Active                   11/2/2004                   Full Text
PFFC                             Active
           Paper, Film & Foil Converter                 1/1/1994                   Full Text
PPRA       PaperAge (Abstracts)  Active                 1/1/1994                   Abstracts
PBPK                             Active
           Paperboard Packaging (Abstracts)             1/1/1994                   Abstracts
PBSA                             Active                 1/1/1997
           Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America (Abstracts)            Abstracts
PPLL                             Active
           Papers on Language & Literature              1/1/1997                   Full Text
PPTR       Papeterie             Discontinued           1/1/1994          6/1/1998 Full Text
LPDQ                             Active
           Les Papetieres du Quebec (French Language)  11/1/2004                   Full Text
PAPFO                            Active
           PAPIER + FOLIEN (German Language)            2/2/2001                   Full Text
PRAB       Parabola              Discontinued           1/1/1995        12/22/2000 Full Text

Factiva Confidential                             9/19/2011                                          Page 146
                                          Global Academic 2007Q4

DLSEGD                           Active
           Parad (love) (Russian Language)              11/1/2005                Full Text
FPAR       Parameters            Active                  1/1/1997                Full Text
PLNS       Paraplegia News Active                        1/1/1994                Full Text
IPNT                             A
           Parenting (Abstracts) ctive                   1/1/1997                Abstracts
PAHIGH                           Active
           Parenting for High Potential                  3/1/2006                Full Text
GPAR       Parents (Abstracts) Discontinued              1/1/1997     3/3/2004   Abstracts
PARFEN                           Active
           Parfums Cosmétiques Actualités                6/1/2005                Full Text
PARFMS                           Active                  6/1/2005
           Parfums Cosmétiques Actualités (French Language)                      Full Text
PCARDV                           Active
           Parfums, Cosmetiques, Actualites (Abstracts) 4/29/1986                Abstracts
PARI       PARI Daily            Active                 12/7/1997                Full Text
UPPRE      Paris Review          Active                  1/1/1997                Full Text
LEPARI                           Language)
           Le Parisien (French Active                   6/15/2005                Full Text
XPNW                             Discontinued
           Parkersburg News (W. Va.)                    12/1/1991    7/31/2001   Full Text
XPSN                             Discontinued
           Parkersburg Sentinel (W. Va.)                12/1/1991    7/31/2001   Full Text
PARKIT                           Active
           Parkiet (Polish Language)                  10/29/1998                 Full Text
PRKR       Parks & Recreation Active                     1/1/1994                Full Text
DLSEGF                           Active
           Parlamentskaya gazeta (Russian Language)11/1/2005                     Full Text
PPLF       Parliamentary Affairs Active                  1/1/1997                Full Text
PPOR                             Active
           Parnassus: Poetry in Review                   1/1/1997                Full Text
PARRAD     Parramatta Advertiser Active                  8/8/2001                Full Text
UPPTR                            Discontinued
           Partisan Review (Abstracts)                   1/1/1997     1/2/2003   Abstracts
PART                             CPA Firm Owners
           Partner's Report for Discontinued             1/1/2000     9/1/2005   Full Text
PRLW                             Law Firm Owners
           Partner's Report for Discontinued             1/1/2000    10/1/2005   Full Text
PPRT       Party & Paper RetailerDiscontinued            1/1/1994     4/1/1998   Full Text
PNP                              Active
           Passauer Neue Presse (German Language)2/25/1998                       Full Text
PAPR       Past & Present        Active                  1/1/1995                Full Text
PPNP                             Discontinued            1/1/1997
           Past & Present: A Journal of Historical Studies           8/27/2003   Full Text
DLSEGG                           Active
           Patriot (Russian Language)                   11/1/2005                Full Text
PLQM                             Active
           The Patriot Ledger (Quincy, Mass.)         12/31/1991                 Full Text
PATHAR                           Active
           Patriot-News (Harrisburg, Pa.)                8/1/1986                Full Text
PVMENT     Pavement              Active                  1/1/2004                Full Text
PAYP                             Discontinued
           Pay for Performance Report                    1/1/2000    10/1/2005   Full Text
PAYT       Pay TV                Discontinued           4/10/2000    6/12/2002   Full Text
BAPU       Payment Systems ReportDiscontinued            1/1/1997    10/1/2001   Full Text
BPSW                             Discontinued
           Payment Systems Worldwide (Abstracts)         1/1/1997     4/1/2006   Abstracts
PARL                             Discontinued
           Payroll Manager's Report                      1/1/2000    10/1/2005   Full Text
PPMO                             Discontinued
           Payroll Practitioner`s Monthly             10/22/2001     10/1/2005   Full Text
PSTA                             Discontinued
           Payroll Practitioner`s State Tax Alert     10/22/2001     8/30/2002   Full Text
PBSCR                            Active
           PBS: The Charlie Rose Show                    4/1/2004                Full Text
NSHR                             Active
           PBS: The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer            4/17/2006                Full Text
PCPD       PC Business Products  Active                 12/1/1991                Full Text
FPCE       PC Games (Abstracts)  Discontinued            1/1/1997    7/31/2001   Abstracts
DLSACC                           Active
           PC Magazin (Russian Language)                11/1/2005                Full Text
PCM        PC Magazine           Active                  1/1/1989                Full Text
ABXPCM                           Abstracts)
           PC Magazine (ABIX Discontinued             12/31/1997     9/30/2001   Abstracts
AIQPCQ     PC Quest (India)      Discontinued           3/26/1997    7/31/2001   Full Text
PCUS       PC User               Discontinued            1/1/1994   12/11/1996   Full Text
ABXPCW                           Discontinued
           Pc Week Australia (ABIX Abstracts)           9/19/1997    9/30/2000   Abstracts
PCWO                             Discontinued
           PC Week Online from ZDWire                    1/6/1998    7/31/2001   Full Text
PWOR       PC World              Active                  4/1/1997                Full Text
PCWES                            Active
           PC World (Spanish Language)                  12/1/2002                Full Text
WORO       PC World Online Discontinued                 8/23/1999     8/1/2000   Full Text

Factiva Confidential                              9/19/2011                                  Page 147
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

PCNT       PCNetter             Discontinued            1/1/1995     12/1/1996    Full Text
PCNN       PCS Week             Discontinued          11/14/1991     9/15/1999    Full Text
PCWOL                           Active
           PC-Welt Online (German Language)            6/20/2004                  Full Text
PDSJ                            Discontinued
           PDS's Japan Auto Industry Survey            12/1/1992     10/1/1993    Full Text
IIPR                            Discontinued
           Peacekeeping & International Relations       1/1/1997     10/2/2001    Full Text
PEDN       Pediatric News       Active                  1/1/2001                  Full Text
PDTR                            Active
           Pediatrics (Abstracts)                       9/1/2006                  Abstracts
PDFP                            Active
           Pediatrics for Parents                       1/1/1994                  Full Text
PEM                             Active                  1/1/1997
           PEM: Plant Engineering & Maintenance (Abstracts)                       Abstracts
PCP                             Active
           Pennsylvania CPA Journal                     1/1/1997                  Full Text
PIEA                            Discontinued
           Pennsylvania Industry Environmental Advisor 4/1/1992      3/15/1993    Full Text
PENPRE     Penrith Press        Active                 8/10/2001                  Full Text
PVST                            Active
           Pensions & Investments                      10/1/1991                  Full Text
PENSAG     Pensions Age         Discontinued           6/30/1997      5/1/2005    Full Text
PENMAN     Pensions Management  Active                  3/1/2001                  Full Text
PENWEE     Pensions Week        Active                 1/29/2001                  Full Text
NSGHT      Penton Insight       Active                 12/1/2003                  Full Text
AMAT                            Systems
           Penton's Controls & Discontinued             1/1/1989     10/1/1992    Full Text
POPL       People               Active                  3/5/1995                  Full Text
QCIR       People in Power      Active                  5/1/1999                  Full Text
PEOPLE     People Magazine Active                      1/10/1994                  Full Text
IMSN                            Discontinued
           People's Medical Society Newsletter          1/1/1997   10/19/2004     Full Text
BPPTCN                          Active                10/27/2004
           People's Posts & Telecommunications (Chinese Language - Simplified)    Full Text
BPPTTW                          Active                 11/2/2004
           People's Posts & Telecommunications (Chinese Language - Traditional)   Full Text
BJPRCN                          Active                 7/14/2004
           People's Railway (Chinese Language - Simplified)                       Full Text
BJPRTW                          Active                 7/14/2004
           People's Railway (Chinese Language - Traditional)                      Full Text
PRJS                            Active
           Peoria Journal Star (Ill.)                  7/15/1991                  Full Text
QEDPRC                          Report
           PERC Country Risk Discontinued               6/1/1998      6/1/1999    Full Text
QEDPER                          Discontinued
           Perc Monthly Political Risk Rating           1/1/1999      6/2/1999    Full Text
IPMS                            Active
           Perceptual & Motor Skills (Abstracts)        1/1/1997                  Abstracts
PERFCM                          Active
           Performance Chemicals (Abstracts)           5/22/1994                  Abstracts
PAEC                            Discontinued
           Performing Arts & Entertainment in Canada 1/1/1994        11/9/2005    Full Text
PPAJ                            Active
           Performing Arts Journal (Abstracts)          1/1/1997                  Abstracts
PDAND                           Active
           El Periòdic d'Andorra (Catalan Language)     7/6/2001                  Full Text
PDCDBA                          Active
           El Periódico Córdoba (Spanish Language) 7/8/2001                       Full Text
PDALIC                          Discontinued
           El Periódico de Alicante (Spanish Language) 3/24/2002     3/27/2003    Full Text
PDARGN                          Active
           El Periódico de Aragón (Spanish Language) 7/6/2001                     Full Text
PDCTLN                          Active
           El Periódico de Catalunya (Catalan Language) 7/6/2001                  Full Text
PDCES                           Active
           El Periódico de Catalunya (Spanish Language) 7/6/2001                  Full Text
PDGJON                          Discontinued
           El Periódico de Gijón (Spanish Language) 3/24/2002      11/16/2003     Full Text
PDEXTM                          Active
           El Periódico Extremadura (Spanish Language)  7/6/2001                  Full Text
PDVOZA                          Active                  7/6/2001
           El Periódico La Voz de Asturias (Spanish Language)                     Full Text
PDMTDN                          Active
           El Periódico Mediterráneo (Spanish Language) 7/6/2001                  Full Text
DLSEGI                          Active
           Perm vechernyaya (Russian Language)         11/1/2005                  Full Text
DLSPEN                          Active
           Permskie Novosti (Russian Language)         1/20/2006                  Full Text
DLSEGH                          Active
           Permskij obozrevatel (Russian Language) 11/1/2005                      Full Text
DLSEHJ                          Active
           Persona (Russian Language)                  11/1/2005                  Full Text
PCMK                            Discontinued
           Personal Computer Markets                   12/1/1991   10/20/1993     Full Text
PCWLD                           Active
           Personal Computer World                     4/21/1996                  Full Text
PCOM       Personal ComputingDiscontinued               1/1/1989     7/31/2001    Full Text
PRSP       Personal Policy GuideDiscontinued            6/6/1994      4/1/1996    Full Text
PPSB                            Psychology Bulletin (Abstracts)
           Personality & Social Active                  1/1/1997                  Abstracts

Factiva Confidential                           9/19/2011                                      Page 148
                                          Global Academic 2007Q4

PERPRO     Personality Profile Active                 7/23/1997                   Full Text
PMLL                           Discontinued
           Personnel Manager's Legal Letter             9/1/2000         2/1/2002 Full Text
PPS        Personnel PsychologyActive                   1/1/1997                  Full Text
PERTOD     Personnel Today Active                     4/30/2002                   Full Text
IPBM                           Active                   1/1/1997
           Perspectives in Biology & Medicine (Abstracts)                         Abstracts
GFPP                           Active                   1/1/1997
           Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health                         Full Text
PERUEC                         Discontinued
           Perú Económico (Spanish Language)            3/1/1998       10/26/2004 Full Text
DLSCFB                         Active
           Pervij Ryad (Russian Language)               3/7/2006                  Full Text
PSTC       Pest Control        Active                   1/1/1994                  Full Text
PSTCON                         Active
           Pest Control (Abstracts)                     1/1/1994                  Abstracts
PESCNT                         Active
           Pest Control Technology (Abstracts)        6/20/1994                   Abstracts
PENW                           Active
           Pesticide & Toxic Chemical News            12/1/1991                   Full Text
PESTCN                         Active                 9/17/1995
           Pesticide & Toxic Chemicals News (Abstracts)                           Abstracts
PESREG                         Active
           Pesticides Register (Abstracts)            1/24/1993                   Abstracts
PRUKA                          Active                    (Abstracts)
           Pesticides Register of UK Approved Products7/3/2006                    Abstracts
PETBET                         Active
           Peterborough Evening Telegraph             2/12/2004                   Full Text
PETFPT     Petersfield Post    Active                 8/24/2006                   Full Text
MEWPNA     Petra News Agency Discontinued               7/7/1997        7/31/2001 Full Text
PETINF                         Active
           Petrole et Gaz Informations (Abstracts)    7/17/1994                   Abstracts
APAF                           Active                   1/1/1997
           Petroleum Accounting & Financial Management Journal                    Full Text
PETREC     Petroleum Economist Active                   9/1/1990                  Full Text
PIW                            Active
           Petroleum Intelligence Weekly             10/31/1996                   Full Text
PETREV                         Active
           Petroleum Review (Abstracts)               10/8/1994                   Abstracts
PETREW                         Active
           Petroleum Review (U.K.)                   10/31/1997                   Full Text
PTMS       Petroleum Times Discontinued                 1/1/1994        7/31/2001 Full Text
PTER                           Discontinued
           Petroleum Times Energy Report                1/1/1997        1/29/1999 Full Text
DLSEHA                         Active
           Petrovka, 38 (Russian Language)            11/1/2005                   Full Text
PHBW       Pharma Business WeekActive                   1/1/2003                  Full Text
PHJP       Pharma Japan        Active                 2/13/1995                   Full Text
PHRMJ                          Active
           Pharma Japan (Abstracts)                   6/30/1990                   Abstracts
MKLT       Pharma MarketletterActive                    2/1/1992                  Full Text
PHATI                          Active
           Pharma Times (Abstracts)                  10/31/2004                   Abstracts
PHMB                           Discontinued
           Pharmaceutical Business News                 1/4/1991        4/11/1996 Full Text
PHABU                          Active
           Pharmaceutical Business News (Abstracts) 1/13/2005                     Abstracts
PCCR                           Discontinued
           Pharmaceutical Corporate Compliance Report   1/6/2004        5/17/2005 Full Text
PREX                           Active
           Pharmaceutical Executive                     1/1/1994                  Full Text
PLR                            Discontinued
           Pharmaceutical Litigation Reporter         12/1/2001         8/31/2005 Full Text
PHMARE                         Discontinued             1/1/1994
           Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Review (Abstracts)              7/31/2001 Abstracts
PHTIM                          Discontinued
           Pharmaceutical Times (Abstracts)           3/16/1989         11/8/2001 Abstracts
PHACH                          Active
           PharmaChem (Abstracts)                    10/31/2004                   Abstracts
PHARNS                         Active
           Pharmacy News (Australia)                  4/17/2003                   Full Text
NBPHAR                         Discontinued
           Pharmacy News (News Bites Summary)         8/21/2003         9/15/2005 Abstracts
PPMQ                           Discontinued
           Pharmacy Practice Management Quarterly 7/1/1999              8/27/2003 Full Text
COMPHA     Pharmacy Today Active                        1/1/1994                  Full Text
ABXPHA                         Discontinued
           Pharmacy Trade (ABIX Abstracts)            8/31/1996         3/23/2000 Abstracts
ABXAPT                         Discontinued
           Pharmacy Trade (Abstracts)                   4/5/2001        3/18/2002 Abstracts
PECR                           Discontinued
           PharmaDevice IT Report                       8/1/2001        12/6/2006 Full Text
PHRMIN                         Active
           Die Pharmazeutische Industrie (Abstracts) 2/28/1997                    Abstracts
PDKP       Phi Delta Kappan Active                      1/1/1994                  Full Text
NFRM       Phi Kappa Phi Forum Active                   1/1/1997                  Full Text
PHIL                           Discontinued
           Philadelphia Business Journal              7/29/1985         7/31/2001 Full Text
PDN                            Active
           The Philadelphia Daily News                6/27/2001                   Full Text

Factiva Confidential                              9/19/2011                                   Page 149
                                        Global Academic 2007Q4

KRTPH                           Active
           The Philadelphia Inquirer (MCT) (Pa.)       5/28/2003                Full Text
PHLI                            Active
           The Philadelphia Inquirer                  10/28/1994                Full Text
IPHL                            Active
           Philadelphia Magazine (Abstracts)            1/1/1997                Abstracts
AIWPBR                          Discontinued
           Philippine Business Report                   2/1/1997    7/31/2001 Full Text
AIWPHI                          Active
           Philippine Daily Inquirer                  11/22/2001                Full Text
AIWPMF                          Discontinued           3/18/1997    7/31/2001 Full Text
           Philippine Monthly Factsheet (European Chamber of Commerce of Philippines)
PPQU                            A
           Philological Quarterly ctive                 1/1/1997                Full Text
GPHQ                            Active
           Philosophical Quarterly (Abstracts)          1/1/1997                Abstracts
PPPA                             Affairs
           Philosophy & Public Active                   1/1/1997                Full Text
PPHY                            Active
           Philosophy (Abstracts)                       1/1/1997                Abstracts
PPEW                            Active
           Philosophy East & West                       1/1/1997                Full Text
PPOS                            Active
           Philosophy of Science (Abstracts)            1/1/1997                Abstracts
FPSS                            Active
           Philosophy of the Social Sciences (Abstracts)1/1/1997                Abstracts
GPHL       Philosophy Today Active                      1/1/1997                Full Text
POPOA                           Discontinued
           Phosphorus And Potassium (Abstracts)        3/13/1986    7/31/2001 Abstracts
PHDN       Photo District News Active                  8/21/2001                Full Text
PHOT                            Discontinued
           Photo Marketing (Abstracts)                  1/1/1994     7/1/2001 Abstracts
PSPC       Photonics Spectra Discontinued               1/1/1994     6/1/1996 Full Text
PTRP                            Active
           Physical Therapy (Abstracts)                 1/1/1994                Abstracts
PYTP                            Active
           Physical Therapy Products                    1/1/2006                Full Text
PEXE       Physician Executive Discontinued             1/1/1994    11/1/1996 Full Text
PHYM       Physician Manager Discontinued               4/1/1994    2/18/2002 Full Text
APHY                            Discontinued
           Physician's Management                       1/1/1997    7/31/2001 Full Text
GPHT                            Active
           Physics Today (Abstracts)                    1/1/1997                Abstracts
BODY       Physiological ReviewsActive                  1/1/1995                Full Text
PHYTA      Phytoma (Abstracts)Active                   3/21/1989                Abstracts
PHYTES                          Active
           Phytoma Espana (Abstracts)                  4/19/1989                Abstracts
PIGFAR     Pig Farming          Discontinued            4/1/1997     4/1/2001 Full Text
PGRTBC                          Discontinued
           Pigment And Resin Technol (Abstracts)       3/10/1986    7/31/2001 Abstracts
PIMA                            Discontinued
           PIMA's North American Papermaker             1/1/1994     8/1/2001 Full Text
XPBC                            Discontinued
           Pine Bluff Commercial (Ark.)                 8/1/1993    7/31/2001 Full Text
PINRIV     Pine Rivers Press Active                     8/1/2001                Full Text
DLSEHC                          Active
           Pingvin (Russian Language)                  11/1/2005                Full Text
PM         Pink Magazine        Active                  1/1/2006                Full Text
PLGI                            Discontinued
           Pipe Line & Gas Industry                     1/1/1994    11/1/2001 Full Text
PGJN                            Active
           Pipeline & Gas Journal                       1/1/1994                Full Text
PGTECH                          Active
           Pipeline and Gas Technology                  7/1/2006                Full Text
ABXPIP                          Discontinued
           Pipeline Plant & Offshore (ABIX Abstracts) 12/31/1997    8/27/2002 Abstracts
PISCHE                          Active
           Pischevye Ingridienty (Abstracts)           3/29/2005                Abstracts
DLSEHD                          Active
           Pishevaya promyshlennost (Russian Language) 11/1/2005                Full Text
PBT                              Times
           Pittsburgh Business Discontinued             1/7/1985    7/31/2001 Full Text
PPGZ                            Active
           Pittsburgh Post-Gazette                     7/30/1990                Full Text
KRTPG                           Active
           Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (MCT) (Pa.)         5/28/2003                Full Text
PINAP                           Discontinued
           Pivo I Napitki (Abstracts)                  11/5/2004   12/15/2005 Abstracts
DLSEHB                          Active
           Pivo i napitki (Russian Language)           11/1/2005                Full Text
CLEV                            Active
           The Plain Dealer (Cleveland)                 3/1/1989                Full Text
APLA       Planner (Abstracts) Active                   1/1/1997                Abstracts
PLANWE     Planning (U.K.)      Active                 5/10/2002                Full Text
PLNG       Planning (U.S.)      Active                  1/1/1994                Full Text
PLNR                            Discontinued            1/1/1989
           Planning Review (a publication of the Planning Forum)    7/31/2001 Full Text
PLE        Plant Engineering Active                     1/1/1989                Full Text
PLSP       Plants Sites & ParksDiscontinued             1/1/1994     8/1/2001 Full Text

Factiva Confidential                           9/19/2011                                    Page 150
                                         Global Academic 2007Q4

PLASP                            Active
           Plastic Surgery Products                     1/1/2007              Full Text
PLASMO                           Discontinued
           Plastico Moderno (Brazil, Abstracts)        3/26/1987    7/31/2001 Abstracts
PLAREJ                           Discontinued
           Plasticos Em Revista (Abstracts)            9/22/1986    7/31/2001 Abstracts
FILPR                            Active
           Plastics & Rubber Asia (Abstracts)          9/22/1994              Abstracts
PRBR                             Discontinued
           Plastics & Rubber Weekly (Abstracts)         1/1/1994   12/12/2002 Abstracts
PLASTA                           Active                9/15/2005
           Plastics Additives and Compounding (Abstracts)                     Abstracts
PLRWBM                            Weekly
           Plastics And RubberActive (Abstracts)       3/21/1986              Abstracts
PLEN       Plastics EngineeringActive                   1/1/1994              Full Text
PINWAE                           Discontinued
           Plastics Industry News (Abstracts)           1/1/1994    7/31/2001 Abstracts
PLCN       Plastics News         Active                 1/1/1994              Full Text
PLASTI                           Active
           Plastics News (Abstracts)                   1/10/2005              Abstracts
ABXPNI                           Discontinued
           Plastics News International (ABIX Abstracts)8/31/1996    11/1/2006 Abstracts
PLTC       Plastics TechnologyDiscontinued              1/1/1994     9/1/1999 Full Text
PLAS       Plastics World        Discontinued           1/1/1989    10/1/1997 Full Text
PMELAW                           Active                5/20/1986
           Plastiques et Caoutchoucs Magazine (Abstracts)                     Abstracts
PME                              Discontinued
           Plastiques Modernes & Elastomeres (Abstracts)1/1/1994    11/1/2001 Abstracts
PLATAK                           Discontinued
           Platow Asien Kompass (German Language)9/26/1997          9/24/1999 Full Text
PLATBR                           Active
           Platow Brief (German Language)              6/18/1996              Full Text
PLATEM                           Active
           Platow Emerging Markets (German Language) 10/21/1999               Full Text
PLATOB                           Discontinued
           Platow Ost-Informationen (German Language)  8/15/1997    9/24/1999 Full Text
COW        Platts Coal Outlook Active                   1/1/1988              Full Text
PLATT      Platts Commodity News Active                1/21/1998              Full Text
GEB                              Discontinued
           Platts Energy Business & Technology          1/1/1999     3/1/2004 Full Text
CWI                              Active
           Platts International Coal Report             1/1/1988              Full Text
PON        Platts Oilgram NewsActive                    9/1/1986              Full Text
POP                              Report
           Platts Oilgram Price Active                  9/1/1986              Full Text
IPR                               Report
           Platts PetrochemicalActive                   1/1/1988              Full Text
DSR        Platts Retail Energy Discontinued            1/1/1993     1/1/2003 Full Text
PLAYBK     Playback              Active                9/24/2003              Full Text
PLBY       Playboy               Discontinued           1/1/1994    7/31/2001 Full Text
PLTH       Playthings            Active                 1/1/1989              Full Text
PLCM       PLC Magazine          Discontinued           1/1/2002    10/1/2005 Full Text
DLSEHE                           Active
           Pleseckie novosti (Russian Language)        11/1/2005              Full Text
PLURIJ                           Active
           Pluimveehouderij (Dutch Language)           6/17/2006              Full Text
PLY                              Active
           Plymouth County Business Review (Mass.) 10/1/1990                  Full Text
PMEM                             Active
           PME Magazine (French Language)              1/31/1997              Full Text
PMFNWS                           Discontinued
           PMF News (Italian Language)               10/17/2002     12/1/2004 Full Text
PHILNA                           Active
           PNA (Philippines News Agency)                1/9/2006              Full Text
PNGPOS     PNG Post Courier Active                      7/5/2001              Full Text
POET       Poetry                Active                 1/1/1994              Full Text
LPOINT                           Active
           Le Point (French Language)                   6/3/2004              Full Text
PBANC                            Active
           Point B@nque (French Language)               3/1/2006              Full Text
POPU       Point of Purchase Discontinued               8/8/2001     5/1/2003 Full Text
POINTE     Pointe                Active                 2/1/2006              Full Text
POIN                             Discontinued
           Points de Vente (Abstracts)                  1/1/1994   12/16/2002 Abstracts
DLSEHF                           Active
           Pokolenie (Russian Language)                11/1/2005              Full Text
POLBUS     Poland Business Daily Active                9/18/2007              Full Text
IFXPB                            Active
           Poland Business Newswire                     7/1/1999              Full Text
IFXPW      Poland Business WeeklyActive                 7/5/1999              Full Text
POLTW      Poland This Week Active                      3/1/2004              Full Text
POLTDY     Poland Today          Active                 3/1/2004              Full Text
IPCH                             Active
           Police Chief (Abstracts)                     1/1/1997              Abstracts

Factiva Confidential                             9/19/2011                                Page 151
                                           Global Academic 2007Q4

PBWF       Policy & Practice Active                        1/1/1995                Full Text
PORV       Policy Review         Active                    1/1/1995                Full Text
IPSC                             Active
           Policy Sciences (Abstracts)                     1/1/1997                Abstracts
PLSJ       Policy Studies JournalActive                    1/1/1995                Full Text
PNBBAE     Polish News BulletinActive                     1/28/1997                Full Text
POLIPD     Polish News Digest Active                       1/7/2001                Translated Abstracts
IPCP                             Active
           Political Communication (Abstracts)             1/1/1997                Abstracts
PQTR                             Active
           Political Quarterly (Abstracts)                 1/1/1997                Abstracts
PWPQ                             Active
           Political Research Quarterly                    1/1/1997                Full Text
AIWPRS                           Discontinued
           Political Risk Services Country Reports        4/15/1997   11/18/2003   Full Text
PSQ                              Active
           Political Science Quarterly                     1/1/1995                Full Text
PPSU                             Active
           Political Studies (Abstracts)                   1/1/1997                Abstracts
PPTH                             Active
           Political Theory (Abstracts)                    1/1/1997                Abstract