The Minamata Trial by alicejenny


									The Minamata Trial
    8th Grade Science
 Todetermine responsibility for
 Minamata disease.
So Minamata disease???
                   Minamata disease
                    was named for the
                    little fishing village
                    where an incident of
                    pollution occurred.

                   A factory in Minamata
     Minamata       dumped chemical
                    wastes into the sea
So what is Minamata disease???
              The methyl mercury from this
               waste affected the fish in the bay.
               Fish pump polluted water through
               their gills and eat contaminated

              The mercury has little effect on
               the fish, but when humans eat the
               contaminated fish in large
               quantities, it becomes a poison.
So what is Minamata disease???
        Minamata Food Chain

                           Bacteria converts
                           Mercury to Methyl



                  Shrimp                    Bacteria
More About Minamata Disease
                 Methyl Mercury can
                  cause deformities and
                  can kill those who eat

                 This pollution-related
                  illness is known as
                  Minimata Disease.
More About Minamata Disease
                 The first symptom of
                  Minamata Disease is
                  usually a tingling of the
                  limbs and lips, this is
                  followed by narrow

                 Overnight or over years,
                  the victim develops a lack
                  of coordination, slow and
                  difficult speech, and
                  mental confusion.
    More About Minamata Disease
   People become crippled or
    their hands become
   Those with severe cases
    become unconscious or
    are unable to control their
   The methyl mercury
    apparently eats away at
    the control centers of the
   The damage is
    More About Minamata Disease
   Protestors at the
    gates of the factory
    accused of polluting
    Minamata bay.
    More About Minamata Disease
   The number of people
    affected by Minamata
    disease is estimated
    around 10,000
   The memorial shown
    here is at the
    Minamata Disease
    Municipal Museum in
One of the following:
 Attorney

 Research Associate

 Witness

 Juror

You will be reenacting the Minamata trial to
 determine who is responsible for the
   Your job is to convince the judge (me)
    and the jury that your point of view is
    correct in the Minamata case.
 In 1973, the people of Minamata took the
  factory responsible for polluting their bay, the
  Chisso Corporation, to court. They charged the
  corporation with causing Minamata Disease
 Our class will hold a trial,

  similar to that held in Minamata,
  to determine exactly who is
 responsible for the disease.
 During the trial, each of

  you will have a role.
   You will actively participate in the trial,
    enacting your role.
   If you are assigned to be an attorney or a
    research associate, preparing for the case
    will be your only assignment.
   If you are assigned to a role other than
    attorney or research associate, you will
    have another assignment to work on.
              TIME LINE
    (for Lawyers and Researchers):
   Day 1: Introduction and assignment of
    roles and begin research
   Day 2: Preparation Day – meet with
   Day 3: Begin Trial
   Day 4: Conclude Trial and discussion of
    actual trial outcome.
                 TIME LINE
        (for jurors and witnesses):
   Day 1: Introduction and assignment of
    roles, begin H.I.P.P.O. brochure project.
   Day 2: Meet with lawyers to prepare
    testimony and continue work on poster.
    Brochure due by end of class period.
   Day 3: Begin Trial
   Day 4: Conclude Trial (juror deliberation)
    and discussion of actual trial outcome.

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