#201 STEP Program Online: Adolescent drug and alcohol treatment online
Sorenson & Heller

   1. Demonstrate our process of program development
   2. Illustrate pros and cons to online therapy from a first hand perspective
   3. Build interest in ongoing development of adolescent treatment via the internet

I.     Introduction
           A. CYT Model
           B. Demographics of counties served
           C. Make up of STEP team
II.    STEP Program online
               A. Program development
                       1. vision of the program
                       2. research of existing web based programs
               B. Funding
                       1. Grant Proposal
                                a. Purpose
                                b. goals
                                c. objectives
               C. Website development
                       1. Butterfly multimedia
                                a. costs and compromises
                                b. ideas vs. reality
                                c. Second life, vokis, online environment
                                e. Demonstration of the Website
               D. Online therapy
                       1. communicating over the internet
                       2. webex vs. Microsoft live meeting
                       3. Demonstration of an online group session
III.   Considerations
               A. Confidentiality
                       1. HIPPA & 42CFR part 2
               B. Insurance Reimbursement
               C. Cost of treatment
                       1. business model for sustainability
III.   Challenges
               A. Community partner buy-in
               B. Clinician buy-in
               C. Client access to internet
               D. No shows
IV.    Overcoming Challenges
               A. Outreach and education
               B. Collaboration with community for comp. access
               C. Case management
               D. Improvement efforts
V.     Conclusions
               A. Outcomes
               B. Goals for the future of the program
                       1. partnerships
                       2. modifications
VI.    Questions and Answers
STEP Program Online: Adolescent drug and alcohol treatment online

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