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									                                                                                       Committee Agenda Date : February 19, 2009
                                                                                                              Agenda Item No. 9

County of Santa Clara
Parks and Recreation Department

HLUET02 021909                                                                .
                                                              Reviewed by:. Marilyn Anderson
                                                                            COB Supervising Board Clerk
                                                                            Julie Mark
                                                                            Deputy Director

DATE:          February 19, 2009

TO:             Supervisor.Donald F..Gage, Chairperson
                Supervisor.Liz.Kniss, Vice Chair
                Housing, Land Use, Environment, & Transportation Committee (HLUET)


                Lisa Killough

SUBJECT:       Annual Progress Report #2 on Updated Strategic Plan

Accept report relating to the Department's implementation of the Updated Strategic Plan for the Santa Clara County
Parks and Recreation System ("Updated Strategic Plan").

There are no fiscal impacts to the County General Fund associated with the Department's implementation of the Updated
Strategic Plan. Costs associated with implementing the on-going and updated priorities of the plan will be funded
through existing Park Operations and Capital Improvement Program (CIP) funds. Future grant opportunities and
additional funding mechanisms will be evaluated and pursued by the Department for the implementation of long-term
priorities in the updated plan.


                                                                                         Committee Agenda Date : February 19, 2009
                                                                                                                Agenda Item No. 9

Not applicable

At its February 4, 2009 meeting the Parks and Recreation Commission considered this item and voted unanimously to
forward a favorable recommendation to the HLUET Committee to accept the progress report, as recommended by the

This progress report is the Department's second report to the Board's HLUET Committee since the Department updated
the 2003 Strategic Plan. As with the previous update to the HLUET Committee on November 15, 2007, this progress
report is intended to provide the Committee with an overview of the major Strategic Plan accomplishments with
emphasis on short-term activities, an assessment of priority items that have been initiated, adjusted and/or completed,
and a revised schedule for completion of these priorities.

This progress report focuses on the following areas:

     • Highlighted accomplishments in several action plans;
     • Completion status of updated action plan priorities;
     • Areas of limited progress with plan implementation; and
     • Status of long-term action plan priorities.
Of the 70 revised short-term and on-going action items that the Department targeted for immediate one to two year
implementation between October, 2006 and October, 2008, the Department has completed about 76% of these targeted
priorities (see Attachment A for a report card of the Strategic Plan priorities).

Major accomplishments that are highlighted in this progress report include the following six action plans:

     • Partnerships
     • Outdoor Recreation
     • Interpretive
     • Marketing & Customer Services
     • Capital Improvement Program (CIP)
     • Funding
Highlights of Partnership Accomplishments

Through ongoing partnerships with external organizations and agencies, the Department is able to accomplish regional
park capital improvements, resource enhancements and land acquisitions. In the past year, the Department has secured
partnership funding and agreements to accomplish the following action priorities:

     • Action Item P-1: Participate in partnership funding and implementation opportunities
       for special regional park capital improvement projects. Secured $98,000 of grant
       funding from Save America's Treasures for the Casa Grande historic rehabilitation
       project at Almaden Quicksilver County Park; the Department anticipates construction
       starting in February, 2009.

                                                                                      Committee Agenda Date : February 19, 2009
                                                                                                             Agenda Item No. 9

     • Action Item P-2: Participate in partnership funding and implementation opportunities
       for special resource restoration and enhancement projects (see also Natural Resources
       Management Plan) Completing Deer Valley wetland stabilization/restoration project at
       Joseph D. Grant Ranch County Park with Habitat Conservation Fund (HCF) in
       December, 2008. Initiating construction and plantings for Halls Valley riparian habitat
       enhancement project at Joseph D. Grant Ranch County Park with $126,000 of HCF
       grant funding and $135,000 of Proposition 40 grant funding in January, 2009.
     • Action Item P-3: Participate in partnership funding opportunities for land acquisition
       opportunities. Executed funding agreements with the Santa Clara County Open Space
       Authority for the Blair Ranch purchase adjacent to Calero County Park and the
       Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District for the Beatty purchase adjacent to
       Lexington County Park. Partner agencies hold title and management responsibilities,
       and County retains conservation easements across new acquisitions.
Highlights of Outdoor Recreation Program Accomplishments

2008 was another watershed year of accomplishments for the Outdoor Recreation Program. Since its launch on October
16, 2007, the Healthy Trails - Your Path to Fitness, Fun and Adventure Program has reached its first anniversary
milestone with 6,623 registered participants in this program (as of January 2009).

Through a multitide of partnerships with outdoor recreation and health care providers, community leaders, staff and
volunteers, the Department brought back an annual community event with the second Festival in the Park celebration at
Hellyer County Park on June 22, 2008. These major program accomplishments highlight the fulfillment of multiple
action plan priorities:

     • Action Item R-1: Implement outdoor recreation programs through partners and
       recreation docents (see also Interpretive and Partnership/Volunteer plans). Program
       offerings are led by docents. Negotiations and agreements are underway with County
       Parks lessees, other governmental agencies and local businesses (i.e. City of San
       Jose Therapeutic Recreation Program, Spring Valley Golf Course and Wild Bird Center)
       to secure instructors for the programs.
     • Action Item R-2: Establish collaborations and partnerships with individuals, partners,
       companies, and recreation interest groups to deliver recreation special events to
       increase the diversity of outdoor recreational opportunities within County Parks (see
       also Partnership Plan). Since October 2007, collaborations and partnerships have been
       maintained and/or established with: Kaiser Permanente San Jose, Santa Clara County
       Public Health Department, The Health Trust, Healthy Silicon Valley, Valley Health
       Plan, and with over 130 other government, non-profit, business and corporate partners
       for Healthy Trails Program activities, Festival in the Park, and Fantasy of Lights special
     • Action Item R-5: Develop and implement annual recreation special events as interest
       and as fiscal and human resources permit (see also Marketing and Customer Services

                                                                                         Committee Agenda Date : February 19, 2009
                                                                                                                Agenda Item No. 9

        Plan). Festival in the Park and Fantasy of Lights have been the the Department's focus
        for annual special events. Since its establishment in 2003, the Outdoor
        Recreation Program has grown exponentially with its program offerings that rely
        strongly on internal staff and resource sharing and building external partnerships with
        the community and volunteers. Departmental staffing resources and the Volunteers
        Program contribute to the successes of the Department's annual special events such as
        Fantasy of Lights and Festival in the Park as well as the year-round outdoor recreation
        programs. In addition, this program flourishes because of the funding and community
        support that the Department receives from numerous organizations and the dedication of
        countless volunteers and docents.
Highlights of Interpretive Program Accomplishments

In the same vein that the Outdoor Recreation Program has reached additional heights with its Strategic Plan priorities,
the Interpretive Program continues to achieve significant milestones with its community-serving and multi-cultural
events such as Chitactac Family Day and Bernal Ranch Family Fandango and on-line interpretive program offerings
through the Access2Nature interactive webpages that are available on the Parks Department's website. Also the
Department continues to offer a wide diversity of interpretive and outdoor recreation programs as promoted in our
regular Play Here brochures (Fall/Winter 2008 and upcoming Spring/Summer 2009).

     • Action Item I-2: Develop and implement departmental interpretive training program
       for Park Interpreters, Rangers and Docents. Approximately 20 Park Rangers and three
       Park Interpreters have been certified in the two Certified Interpretive Guide (CIG)
       courses that the Interpretive Program led and facilitated.
     • Action Item I-4: Develop partnership programs with other agencies, non-profit
       organizations, schools, and volunteers for increased interpretive outreach and services
       (see also Partnership plan). The Department held two community events, partnering
       with National Park Service, Native American and Hispanic cultural groups, community
       partners and volunteers (6/26/08 Chitactac Family Day and 8/24/08 Bernal Ranch
       Family Fandango events).
     • Action Item I-7: Develop "interpretive" web-pages in coordination with the current
       Parks Department's website development. Access2Nature interactive webpages provide
       schools, children and families with an on-line program resource that educates all about
       creek habitats (three out of five phases are complete). The Department will complete the
       remaining two phases of the creek habitat webpages and begin content development for
       Oak Woodland habitat phase.
     • Action Item I-8: Develop and provide interpretive services in multiple languages.
       Junior Ranger information and registration pages have been revised and translated into
       Vietnamese and Spanish languages. The Department provided Spanish language
       translation at its Fandango event and will continue to identify printed media for
       translation into multiple languages and provide translation services for specific

                                                                                        Committee Agenda Date : February 19, 2009
                                                                                                               Agenda Item No. 9

        programs and target audiences.
Highlights of Marketing and Customer Services Accomplishments

In order to engage greater community participation and extend outreach to our park users, the Department utilizes
extensive marketing and promotion of facilities and programs within our County parks. Over the past year, the focus of
the Marketing Program and Customer and Business Services Unit has been achieving outreach to non-traditional users,
minority populations and communities at risk to chronic health problems such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. The
Department has been able to leverage considerable media time for the promotion of healthy lifestyles and the use of our
County parks to promote that lifestyle. The Marketing Program has facilitated greater participation success for the
Interpretive and Outdoor Recreation Programs with the widely-distributed Play Here brochures and electronic media
updates on the Parks Department's website.

     • Action Item MC-2: Focus marketing campaign programs on promoting public
       awareness and revenue generation among park users (see also Funding plan). The
       Department initiated a "blue sky" brainstorming session on 9/26/08 with the
       Management Team and Consultants to discuss and explore opportunities for corporate
       sponsorships for future revenue generation.
     • Action Item MC-3: Expand promotion of Department signature events (e.g. Fantasy of
       Lights) (see also Outdoor Recreation Program plan). Working with our marketing
       consultants, the Department has increased media exposure for signature events such as
       Fantasy of Lights and Festival in the Park as well as promoting the Healthy Trails
       Program through partners such as NBC 11 and San Jose Mercury News.
     • Action Item MC-8: Complete a feasibility study evaluating the promotion of yurts or
       cabins to campgrounds as revenue-generating facilities. The Parks and Recreation
       Commission (PRC) accepted the Yurt Feasibility Study on December 5, 2007, and
       forwarded a favorable recommendation to HLUET Committee on January 17, 2008
       which the Committee accepted. The study recommended in phase one, the installation of
       13 yurts at Mt. Madonna County Park and three yurts at Joseph D. Grant County Park;
       in phase two, the installation of two yurts at Sanborn County Park and one yurt at Uvas
       Canyon County Park; and in phase three, the installation of five yurts at Coyote
       Lake-Harvey Bear Ranch County Park. Upon full implementation of the proposed 24
       yurts within County parks, the Department projected an increased camping occupancy
       rate of 20% or 3,500 additional camping nights which would generate additional
       revenues of approximately $2,224,525 in gross revenue and $1,452,423 in net revenue
       over 20 years. The Department is currently implementing a pilot program of installing
       five to six yurts at Mt. Madonna as part of the FY2009 CIP work plan. Once
       construction of yurts are completed, the Department will promote the availability of the
       new recreational amenities at Mt. Madonna for park use.
     • Action Item MC-9: Improve internal and external communications for the
       organization. The Department continued electronic distribution of the Parklands and
       eNews newsletters to over 30,000 homes in the County. Recently, the Department

                                                                                       Committee Agenda Date : February 19, 2009
                                                                                                              Agenda Item No. 9

       initiated an Employee Engagement process which is a comprehensive process that
       included a confidential survey and six focus group sessions involving employees within
       the Department. This outreach is intended to explore the needs of the organization and
       develop an action plan for addressing those needs which include an internal
       communications component. Employees participated in a department-wide meeting on
       January 21, 2009 to discuss the outcomes of the survey and identify recommendations
       and next steps with improving communications.
     • Action Item MC-11: Develop and hold a new community event in 2007. Although the
       Department successfully completed this priority on June 24, 2007, the Department
       continued to prioritize this community event and dedicated resources towards the second
       Festival in the Park that was held on June 22, 2008. It is anticipated that the Department
       would continue this annual community event in 2009 through its partnerships.
     • Action Item MC-16: Promote Vasona Boat Center as a revenue-generating facility.
       The Department has entered into an annual use permit with the Los Gatos-Saratoga
       Recreation (LGSR) Department for the operation of the Boat Center for rentals, sailing
       lessons and day camps. The LGSR is currently advertising their activities in their
       program guide and local newspaper. LGSR is seeking longer-term agreement with the
       County to make capital investments and purchase new equipment. The Department will
       evaluate development of a new license with LGSR and eventually a longer-term lease.
Highlights of Capital Improvement Program Accomplishments

As part of the Department's mission to provide, protect and preserve regional parklands, the Department continues
implementing capital improvement priorities that are identified as part of the Board-approved Capital Improvement
Program (CIP) and Strategic Plan (as part of the CIP priorities outlined in the CIP Action Plan). Additionally, these
CIP accomplishments also highlight the Department's progress with implementing the Board's Ten Year CIP priorities.
Most notably, this summary focuses on the following CIP action plan priorities:

Action Item C-1: Identify and develop enhancement priorities of the Strategic Plan that address a broad constituency
and user needs of countywide significance. Identify priorities based on needs assessment from the public and staff.
Through the Extended Management Team's annual CIP planning process, the Department has completed a Five-Year
CIP work plan of countywide park needs while incorporating the priorities of the Strategic Plan. Five-Year CIP
recommendations were incorporated as part of the FY2009 CIP recommended budget and will serve as the baseline for
future funding recommendations for capital improvements.

     • Department's development of a Five-Year CIP Plan
     • Department's completion of the annual FY2009 CIP budgeting process and initiation of
       the FY2010 CIP budgeting process
     • Commission's acceptance of the FY2009 CIP and endorsement for Board approval
       (April 2, 2008)
     • Commission's acceptance of semi-annual CIP Overview and Status Report (June 4 and
       December 3, 2008)

                                                                                      Committee Agenda Date : February 19, 2009
                                                                                                             Agenda Item No. 9

     • Board's HLUET Committee's acceptance of the Department's FY2009 CIP as part of the
       Department's overall recommended budget (May 28, 2008)
     • Board's approval of the Department's FY2009 CIP as part of the Department's overall
       recommended budget (June 13, 2008)
     • Board's approval of the Department's CIP priorities as part of the County Executive's
       update of the FY2009-FY2018 Proposed Ten Year Capital Improvement Plan to the
       Board (June 13, 2008)
Action Item C-2: Develop integrated park master plans that incorporate recreation, resource planning, historic
planning, interpretive planning, operations and maintenance impacts and environmental (CEQA) documentation on
alternate year basis.

     • Board's adoption of the expanded Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration and
       subsequent approval of the Sanborn Trails Master Plan Project (October 21, 2008).
     • Department's continual planning work and environmental review with Santa Teresa
       Historic Area Site Plan which is targeted for completion and project approval in Spring
     • Department's continual planning work with Martial Cottle Park Master Plan,
       State General Plan and environmental review which is targeted for completion and
       project approval in Fall/Winter 2009.
     • Department's initiation of Stables Location Feasibility Study prior to development of a
       Trails Master Plan for Calero County Park.
Action Item C-5: Complete high-priority enhancements noted in existing park master plans or observed from existing
use patterns.

The Department's Construction Services Unit takes the lead in completing funded CIP projects as part of implementing
Board-approved master plans, site plans and etc. The Operations and Maintenance Program Units also implement field
improvements and upgrades to common-used facilities such as park restrooms, picnic areas, day use areas, playgrounds,
campgrounds and other visitor use areas as part of their FY2009 Small Projects (2225) Work Plan.

Completed CIP projects in FY2008 -FY2009 include:

     • Anderson Lake County Park - boat launch slide repair*
     • Anderson Lake County Park - exit road improvements (completed in 2007)
     • Coyote Lake-Harvey Bear Ranch County Park - West Flat perimeter trail and
       campground improvements (as part of January, 2004 Board-approved Master Plan)
     • Ed Levin County Park - playground upgrade (completed in January 2009)*
     • FY2008 Paving Management program priorities (Hellyer Cottonwood parking lot,
       Calero boat launch ramp parking lot)
     • Hellyer County Park - Central Yard gas station canopy
     • Hellyer County Park - Velodrome landscaping (completed in January 2009)

                                                                                         Committee Agenda Date : February 19, 2009
                                                                                                                Agenda Item No. 9

     • Los Gatos Creek County Park - dog park turf renovation (completed in December
     • Mt. Madonna County Park - shower building
     • Park Entrance Signs (Phase II completed in October 2008)
     • Rancho San Antonio Diocese Property - trail improvements (completed in 2007 as
       part of December 2002 Board-approved Stevens Creek Trails Master Plan Feasibility
     • Vasona County Park - water line replacement (completed in 2007)
*Note: As part of the Department's final steps for construction project close out, the Department forwards a Notice of
Completion of Contract and Acceptance of Work to the Board of Supervisors. At this time the Department has yet not
forwarded the project to the Board for acceptance although construction work has finished.

Current FY2009 CIP projects that the Department is continuing work on include:

     • Almaden Quicksilver County Park - Casa Grande Building and Landscape
     • Almaden Quicksilver County Park - McAbee Road Entrance Feasibility Study
     • Almaden Quicksilver County Park - Natural Resource Damage Assessment ((NRDA)
     • Almaden Quicksilver County Park - Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) clean-up of
       mercury in Guadalupe River watershed
     • Alviso Marina County Park - Master Plan Phase II Implementation - Boat launch
       ramp reconstruction and wetland mitigation improvements for project in Alviso Slough
       (as part of October, 1997 Board-approved Master Plan)
     • Anderson Lake County Park - Live Oak bridge / Toyon water system
     • Anderson Lake County Park - new visitor center
     • Calero County Park - water system/electrical supply
     • Coyote Creek Parkway - Madrone landfill closure/ post-closure maintenance
     • Coyote Creek Parkway - trail improvements from Silicon Valley Blvd. to Metcalf
     • Coyote Lake-Harvey Bear Ranch County Park - campground RV dumpstation
     • Ed Levin County Park - South Bay Aqueduct pump replacement
     • Ed Levin County Park - Spring Valley trail reconstruction
     • Field Sports County Park - rifle pistol range improvements
     • Fish screens at Hellyer Cottonwood Lake, Coyote Parkway Lakes and Ed Levin Spring
       Valley Lake
     • Joseph D. Grant County Park - Grant Ranch chimney repair
     • Mt. Madonna County Park - yurt implementation at Valley View 1 campground
     • Santa Teresa County Park - Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch second barn
     • Uvas Canyon County Park - campground shower building

                                                                                        Committee Agenda Date : February 19, 2009
                                                                                                               Agenda Item No. 9

Other FY2009 CIP projects that the Department has not yet initiated include:

      • Coyote Creek Parkway - Coyote Creek Trail (Metcalf Road to Malaguerra Avenue)
      • Coyote Creek Parkway - Integrated Natural Resources Management and Master Plan
        implementation of Perry's Hill Site Plan
      • FY2009 Paving Management - program priorities
      • Sanborn County Park - kiosk replacement
      • Stevens Creek County Park - boat launch ramp repair
      • Vasona County Park - Los Gatos Creek Trail
      • Vasona County Park - playground upgrade
Action Item C-6: Complete development of priority trail segments noted in Countywide Trails Master Plan.

High priority trail projects include:

      • Rancho San Antonio Diocese property - Snyder Hammond Trail - Completed 1.1
        miles of paved segment that is part of Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail
        (Countywide trail route R1A) in December 2007
      • Coyote Lake-Harvey Bear Ranch County Park - Completed 2.1 miles of paved trail
        for Martin Murphy Trail (as part of Western Flat perimeter trail); 7 miles of new
        Calaveras, Ohlone and Valley Oak Trails.
      • Coyote Lake-Harvey Bear Ranch County Park - Initiating construction of Savanna
        Trail and layout of Mummy Mountain Trail within Western Flat area of the park.
      • Bay Area Ridge Trail Dedication for 3.0 mile segment of Penitencia Creek Trail on
        October 25, 2008.
Highlights of Funding Accomplishments

In the October 3, 2007 progress report, the Department already discussed the successful passage of the Park Charter
Fund renewal on June 6, 2006 which fulfilled the Department's top funding priority, Action Item F-1. Since then, the
Department has completed the following funding actions:

Action Item F-3: Increase annual revenue from park use fees and sales by increasing park use. The Board approved the
current fees effective on May 1, 2008. The Department is underway with the FY2009 annual fee survey work.

Action Item F-5: Increase grant applications for resource management and capital improvement projects (see also
NRM and CIP plans). The Department submitted an application for additional funding from the Habitat Conservation
Fund (HCF) and a federal grant for the Santa Teresa Natural Resources Management Plan. The Department will submit
a grant application for planning and watershed assessment of Blackhawk Canyon at Mt Madonna County Park in Spring,

Action Item F-7: Complete a comprehensive analysis of where and how park entrance fees should be collected to
optimize revenue generation. The Department completed a fee policy for park use and fee schedule amendments which
was approved by the Board's HLUET Committee on June 19, 2008.

                                                                                          Committee Agenda Date : February 19, 2009
                                                                                                                 Agenda Item No. 9

Action Item F-8: Evaluate the feasibility of promoting yurts or cabins to campgrounds as revenue-generating facilities
(see also Marketing/Customer Services plan). The funding for installation of yurts at Mt Madonna County Park was
approved for the FY2009 budget. Once installed, the Department will embark on marketing program to generate

Areas of Limited Progress with Plan Implementation

Among the short-term/on-going priorities, the Department has not initiated the following action items due to staffing
constraints, lack of funding and resources and/or a need to re-evaluate the course of action for implementing that action

Countywide Trails Program

The Department continues to experience fiscal challenges with prioritizing funding for a new Trails Coordinator position
which is needed to lead the completion of the following priorities identified within the Countywide Trails Program
Action Plan. In past years, current staff resources within the Planning and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Unit
would implement these trail actions as work plans and schedules permit. However, staff has not been able to devote time
and focus to advance the Strategic Plan's trail priorities due to numerous high priority and complex projects that the
Department is in the midst of completing:

     • Participation with regulatory and resource agencies in the development of a Santa Clara
       Valley Habitat Conservation Plan/Natural Community Conservation Plan (HCP/NCCP);
     • Participation with the Santa Clara Valley Water District in the development of a Three
       Creeks Habitat Conservation Plan for the District's Fisheries and Aquatic Habitat
       Collaborative Effort (FAHCE) Program;
     • Compliance with the Settlement Agreement for Sanborn Trails Master Plan Project
       where the Department completed an Expanded Initial Study/Mitigated Negative
       Declaration for the Board's consideration and adoption; and
     • Completion of the Martial Cottle Park Master Plan / State General Plan /
       environmental review with the California State Parks Department for project approval in
       Fall/Winter of 2009 by County Board of Supervisors and California State Park and
       Recreation Commission.
Without a Trails Coordinator position and available resources within the Planning and GIS unit to implement the trail
priorities, these short-term priorities will be continued into next year:

     • Action Item T-1: Create a Trails Coordinator position on staff
     • Action Item T-5: Continue collaborating with an Interagency Trails Committee to: (a)
       update and monitor inventory of countywide/regional trails, (b) pursue partnerships for
       acquisition/joint implementation
     • Action Item T-6: Establish Park and Trail Funding Committee
Furthermore, through the Department's review and discussion of the Countywide Trails and CIP action items, staff
recommends that a new park master plan or a trails master plan be initiated on a three-year cycle rather than on an
alternate year basis in order to accommodate the growing regulatory requirements and political challenges that the

                                                                                         Committee Agenda Date : February 19, 2009
                                                                                                                Agenda Item No. 9

Department encounters with developing long-range plans. In the Department's proposed FY2010 -2015 Five Year CIP
Wish List, the Department recommends that the next park master plan be initiated in FY2014 such that the Department
may complete on-going planning priorities within the CIP Action Plan and the Santa Clara Valley HCP/NCCP.


Previously in 2007, the Department identified a setback with recruiting an intern to develop a maintenance infrastructure
with our Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Since then, the Maintenance Program has experienced staffing
transitions with the Maintenance Program Manager, and this priority will be extended out for future year
implementation when staff and volunteer resources are able to focus on this action.

     • Action Item M-1: Develop Maintenance Infrastructure Geographic Information
       Systems (GIS) with pilot project at Vasona Park.

The Department will face additional fiscal and operational responsibilities associated with the following mandates and
priorities that have reprioritized the Department's resources and staffing work plans:

     • Compliance with the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board's
       requirements for TMDL remediation and clean-up at Almaden Quicksilver County Park;
     • Compliance with and implementation of the February 26, 2008 Board-approved
       Management Audit recommendations for improvements in operational efficiencies,
       record keeping and community outreach;
     • Future implementation of the Santa Clara Valley HCP/NCCP; and
     • Future opening of Martial Cottle Park and implementation of the approved Master
       Plan/General Plan improvements.
Therefore, the Department continues to make limited progress with implementing these funding priorities:

     • Action Item F-4: Increase annual revenue from leases and concessions with the
       development of new and/or improved services. A backlog of existing lease renewal,
       lease bid, and lease monitoring needs will be addressed as a priority over implementing
       new leases. Additional staff resources would be needed to accommodate additional
       lease services.
     • Action Item F-6: Evaluate the feasibility and timing associated with implementing
       additional funding for the Strategic Plan. Funding options to be considered include, but
       are not limited to: (a) a countywide "Emerald Fund" bond act or other funding
       program, (b) a countywide benefit assessment district, (c) Certificates of Participation.
       The Department has not started this evaluation, and additional resources may be needed.
     • Action Item F-9: Determine and secure next major funding mechanism. This action
       priority is dependent on completion of item F-6 which the Department has not started,
       and additional resources may be needed.

                                                                                          Committee Agenda Date : February 19, 2009
                                                                                                                 Agenda Item No. 9

Status of Long-term Action Priorities (3 -10 years)

As the Department completes its short-term action plan priorities in 2008-09, there are a number of long-term priorities
being initiated. Of the 40 long-term action items that have been identified for implementation, the Department has
already initiated 73% of the priorities (29 items) ahead of schedule (see Attachments A and B).

Future Update of 2006 Strategic Plan

It is anticipated that the Department would engage staff, the Parks Commission and community in a future update of the
Strategic Plan in FY2013, once resources are available, after the Department completes the Martial Cottle Park Master
Plan, State General Plan and environmental review. At that time, the Commission may provide input on the future
strategic direction of the regional parks and recreation system.

The Strategic Plan was first approved by the Board on August 5, 2003, and the Updated Strategic Plan was approved by
the Board on October 5, 2006. Since then, the Department has been implementing the Updated Strategic Plan. The
updated plan was the Department's first update and reprioritization of priorities in its Action Plans that reinforces the
strategic direction for the next 10 years. The HLUET Committee has supported this Strategic Plan through its past
involvement with the initial plan development in 2001-2003, subsequent plan update in 2005-06, and with its continual
oversight in monitoring the on-going plan implementation through these progress reports.

The Updated Strategic Plan includes 117 revised and/or new priorities that have been identified for short-term (within 1
-2 years), long-term (within 3 -10 years) and on-going implementation (see Attachment B for a detailed status report on
the implementation of these priorities within the 12 Action Plans).

On November 15, 2007, the HLUET Committee accepted the Department's annual progress report on the Updated
Strategic Plan. Prior to this action, the Committee accepted three other annual progress reports on the Strategic Plan
Implementation (June 10, 2004, February 24, 2005, and September 21, 2006).

Without the Committee's acceptance of the staff report, the Parks and Recreation Department would not be able to
complete its second progress report of the Updated Strategic Plan.

No steps are required of the Clerk of the Board's Office as a result of this action.


      • Attachment A: Report Card of Updated Strategic Plan Priorities

      • Attachment B: Status of Updated Priorities


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