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									                                   The Evergreen
                                      May, 2008                   Volume 12 Issue 4

    EDUCATION                                     President’s Message
        DATES             I hope all who attended Congress had a wonderful time. Although I was
  2008-2009 TBA not able to attend I am hearing from those who did that it was an
                          exceptional learning opportunity, and fun was had by all. Check out the
                          Congress highlights at
    EDUCATION             if you were not able to attend.

        DATES             We have completed our election for 2008-2009 officers and board
                          members. We are tried a new method of online voting this year to make it
  2008-2009 TBA
                          easier for you to cast your ballot. Included in the ballot was a small survey
                          to assist the Board in planning for the future of AORN Evergreen. We
       TUESDAY            hope to present you with an interesting and workable schedule or
    OPEN BOARD            meetings and education events in 2008-2009.

       MEETING          This will be my last message to you as your president. I have accepted a
         DATES          position in Sandpoint, Idaho where I will have more time to spend with my
                        family while still being active in Perioperative Nursing leadership. It has
   Remember that ALL
                        been an honor to serve you this past year.
  members are invited,
and the board welcomes
    & needs your input.
                        Charlene M. Godec, RN, CNOR
                        President, AORN Evergreen
 October 16, 2007
November 20, 2007
 January 15, 2008
 February 19, 2008
  March 18, 2008
   April 15, 2008         NOTE: We will continue to send the newsletter via email. Please send
  May 20, 2008           your current email address to Becky Davis at
 (installation dinner)
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                                    MEMBER CORNER
                                                         Welcome new, transfer & returning members!
              AORN Evergreen Chapter:
                                                       Susanne H Loven-Skolnik, RN      Jason A. Nelson, RN,MSN,CNOR
                                                       John Michael RN                  Deborah J. Novak, RN,CNOR
                     as of May 6, 2008
                                                       Judy L Nagle, RN,BSN,CNOR        Nathan C. Wagner
                Total Members: 211                                 Thank you, renewing members:
                                                       Linda M Bauer         Sandra Hackstock          Tuula I Morrison
              Standard Members: 193                    Martha S Beech        Janet M Fonoimoana        Mary P Ramirez
                Lifetime Members: 2                    Kenda D Bulley        Lana J Jorgensen          Sharon R Shaw
                Retired Members: 8                     Susanna L Buttorff    Ann M Kahr                Jeannine R Sturman
               Associate Members: 3                    Margery L Carlson                               Barbara A Taylor
                Facility Members: 2                    Kathleen M Depew                                Robert C Wagner
                Student Members: 3                                    Please remember to renew:
                                                                         Lapse Date – May & June 2008
                CNOR Members: 104                      Kathleen A Aller      Roberta Harrison   Katherine Mohammadi
                 CRNFA Members: 9                      Suzanne I Baek        Jolene R Johnson Tamara A Moll
                                                       Eileen Berthelsen     Carol Ann Jones    Carrie M Mosley
                 Delegates seated at                   Mary M Brown          Karen L Keffer     Laurel A Patton
                 Congress 2008: 6                      Maria Coffman         Lorna J. Kline     Laura Peebles
                                                       Marie H Cronk         Sy-Gideon Kua      Evelyn Street
                                                       Barbara Jo Goularte Carrie L Lane        Lynda H Sulenes
                                                       Heather Green                            Kathleen Vanden Brink
                                                                             Lapsed members:
                                                       Susan M Adams        Jennefer E Hanna             Jennifer L Mathis
                                                       Eileen P Chew        Pamela S Black-Ehrhardt      Karlene L Meyer

             If you know the following lapsed members, please encourage them to rejoin!!
Susan Adams             Joanne Clabaugh   Patricia Everett     Maureen Linnehan     Barbara Rankin       Allison Tonge
Jennifer Avery          Susan Clark       Kathy Gifford        Karen Lone           Yuko Resseguie       Patrick Treffery
Chris Ballew            John Collins      Amanda Graham        Christine Luderman   Diane Reus           Ben Tullis
Donna Banks             Diane Conner      Barbra Rose Graham   Julie Maroni         Vikki Richards       Audrey White
Mary Bishop             Michelle Corsi    Teresa Hamilton      Karlene L Meyer      Joshua Roberts       Donna Williams
Krista Bollinger        Marcia Cox        John Hanson          Catherine Miller     Kellie Sams          Sandra Wilson
Catherine Bower         Tonya Crabtree    Larry Harvey         Francis Miller       Jerry Sander         Pamela Wimer
Melba Brewer            Lucinda Davis     Linda Henry          Patrice Miller       Denise Seabourn      Theresa Young
Dustin Bruce            Dorothy Devalle   Susan Jarosz         Marian Mitchell      Rebekah Sedlacek     Janet Zimmer
Deborah Buttorff        Carolyn Docker    Linda Jones          Patricia Muncey      Katrina Showlund
Loreto Cables           Brent Doyen       Steven Kehrberg      Kelly Nettle         Pamela Shull
Armi C. Camacho         Cathy Sue Elder   Gina Kingsbury       Denise Nieland       Dawn Simpson
Ken Cameron             Shaun Erdmann     William Kirk         Patsy Penrod         William Sjolin
Julie Christianson      Kurt Eshenbaugh   Kevin Kramer         Judy Pulley          Margaret Taylor
                                              HOSPITAL CAPTAINS
                Allenmore – Kathie Burr
                                                                            St. Clare Hospital – Evelyn Street
        Day Surgery of Tacoma – Karen Tranholt
                                                                            St. Francis SDSC – Carol Holden
   Gig Harbor (SJMC) Sam Day Surgery – Nancy Wolf
                                                                        St. Joseph Medical Center – Carol Geer
        Good Samaritan Hospital – Roger Ozbirn
                                                                   St. Joseph Same Day Surgery – Allison Cranwill
                 MAMC – Linda Bauer
                                                                    Tacoma General Hospital– Janet Fonoimoana
     Providence St. Peter Hospital – Carol Cairone

  A Hospital Captain acts as a liaison between AORN Evergreen and the perioperative nurses in his or her facility. The
duties are easy – post the notices about upcoming meetings or education activities (they’ll be included in your Newsletter),
  answer questions about the Chapter and AORN that your co-workers might ask, and have a few member applications
                                          available for anyone interested in joining.
            Interested in being a Hospital Captain? Just let us know, and we’ll post your name and facility here.
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                       Getting Involved
                   Your Chapter Needs You!
Elections for office in AORN Evergreen take place in April each year. We
will be identifying candidates throughout the 2008-2009 term and posting a
ballot in February or March of 2009. The installation into the office takes
place in May, and the official duties begin during the Board’s summer
planning meeting.

The following elected positions are available for your consideration.

       President Elect (1 year term followed by a 1 year term as President, one elected each year)
          Observes and assists the President in the duties and responsibilities of that office
          Performs duties delegated by the President
          Serves as Delegate Chair at Congress
       Vice President (2 year term, elected in even-numbered years)
          Performs duties of President in case of absence of inability to act
          Secures and maintains records of all chapter officers and board members
          Maintains records of Chapter officer candidates and election results
          Tallies delegate applications to determine delegate selection
       Secretary (2 year term, elected in even-numbered years)
          Takes and records minutes of all Chapter meetings
          Writes correspondence for the Chapter
          Maintains records of all minutes and correspondence
       Treasurer (2 year term, elected in odd-numbered years)
          Monitors the fiscal affairs of the Chapter
          Writes checks and maintains the bank accounts for the Chapter
          Submits monthly Financial reports to the Board
       Board Member (2 year term, 2 elected each year)
         There are four members on the Board of Directors and they, along with the five elected officers
         (President, President Elect, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer), direct the business and
         financial affairs of the chapter. The Board:
          Establishes administrative policies
          Reviews committee reports and determines action to be taken
          Discusses issues and makes recommendations to the membership for action
       Nominating Committee (2 year term). There are three members of this committee: two positions are
        elected in even-numbered years and one in odd-numbered years. The committee:
          Prepares and presents an annual slate of candidates to serve in elected capacity
          Prepares, distributes, and counts ballots at the annual business meeting

Please complete the Willingness-To-Serve form on the next page and get it
  to one of the Nominating Committee Members, an officer, or any Board
              member – we welcome your active participation!
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                                             AORN Evergreen
                                 (please complete and give or mail to any Officer of Board Member)

I am interested in being an actively involved member of AORN Evergreen Chapter.
I am willing to serve the Chapter in the following capacity:

   President Elect (elect in 4/09)                                   I do not wish to run of an elected office, but would
                                                                  volunteer to help in committee projects such as planning for
   Vice President (elect in 4/10)                                 seminars, mailing newsletters, etc.
   Secretary (elect in 4/08)
   Treasurer (elect in 4/09)
   Board of Directors (two to elect in 4/09)
   Nominating Committee (one to elect in 4/09)

Name:                                                             AORN Number:

Address:                                                                City:                               Zip:

Phone (h):                                                              (w)

CNOR?              Yes, since          No
In the past, I have served AORN in the capacities listed below. (Please include offices, committees, or projects that show
your support of this Chapter, another chapter or National AORN.)
                                                                                                                              Evergreen Circulator 12:4 Pg 5

                                    Installation Dinner
                                       May 20, 2008 ~~ 6:00 PM
 All members are encouraged to come to the open board meeting and instillation dinner.

Brief      Agenda:
          Approve Minutes
          Treasurer’s Report
          Committee Updates
          Old & New Business
See Dinner Info Flyer, pg. 6

                                       Chapter Connections
OFFICERS                                                  BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                    Nominating Committee Members:
Pres:      Rebecca Davis RN, MN, CNOR                     Eileen Berthelsen RN                                  Maria Coffman RN
           (h) 253-535-3490                               (h) 360-895-8261                                      (h) 253-968-2235
           (w) 253-697-1892                               (w) 253- 572-2323                                     (w) 360-456-6968

P- Elect: Jeannine Sturman, RN, BSN, CNOR
           (h) 253-752-2921                               Eva Mae Geisert RN, BSN, CNOR                         Carol Holden RN, CNOR
                                                          (h) 253-845-3475                                      h) 253-833-8341
V- P:       Carol Cairone, RN, BSN, CNOR                                                                        (w) 253-944-7929
                                                          Dennis Reed, RN, BSN, CNOR                  
            (h) 360-352-6326
                                                          (h) 360-438-1352
            (w) 360-493-7100
                                                                                   Nominating Committee Advisor:
                                                                                 Rebecca Davis RN, MN, CNOR
                                                                                                                (h) 253-535-3490
                                                          JoAnn Hansen RN, BS, CNOR                             (w) 253-697-1892
Sec:        Stephen D. Frederick, RN                      (h) 360-459-1270                             
            (h) 253-265-6829                              (w) 360-493-7100
            (w) 253-968-0924                    

Treas:      Janet Fonoimoana, RN, BSN, CNOR
            (h) 253-475-0339
            (w) 253-403-1115

    Need to find an address, phone number, workplace, and email address for any other AORN Evergreen member? It’s easy if you have access to the Internet.
      Log onto                                                      Type in your Login Name (your last name)
      Hover on the Members tab, then hover on Member Groups in the drop-         Type in your Member Number (its on your membership card)
       down                                                                       Click Login
      Select Chapter Resource Center                                             At the bottom of the page is a list of Reports that are available for AORN
      Select the link that says click here under Reports                          Evergreen members – the first choice is the Chapter Roster.
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                                              May 20, 2008
                                          Instillation Dinner

                                              Dinner Information

Where:                           Adriatic Grill Italian Cuisine & Wine Bar
                                 4201 S Steele St.Tacoma
When:                            6:00 PM
                                 Order off the menu
Cost:                            $15-$25.
                                 Separate checks will be issued
                                 Gratuity & tax will be added.
Additional Info:                 Attendance is limited to 15

                                 NLT Friday, May 16, 2008
RSVP:                            Becky Davis
                                 253-691-7681 (cell)
                                 Located at the Tacoma Mall area. This restaurant was formerly the
                                 site of Cucina, Cucina.
                                 From I-5 South: Take the WA-16W/So. 38 St exit (exit 132),
                                 toward Gig Harbor/Bremerton/Tacoma Mall. Take the exit on the
                                 left toward So 38 St/Tacoma Mall. Take the S 38th St West exit
                                 toward Tacoma mall
                                 Turn slight right onto 38th St. Turn Left onto S. Steele ST.
Directions:                      Make a U-Turn at 42nd St. onto S. Steele St. End at 4201 S. Steele
                                 From I-5 North: Take the So 38 St Exit (132), toward WA-16/Gig
                                 Harbor/Bremerton. Take the S 38th St West exit on the Left toward
                                 Tacoma Mall/WA-16 W/Gig Harbor/Bremerton. Take the S 38 St.
                                 West exit. Turn slight right onto S 38th St. Turn left onto S. Steele.
                                 Make a U-Turn at 42nd St. onto S. Steele St. End at 4201 S. Steele
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                              Open Board Meeting Minutes
                                    March 18, 2008

Call to Order: Meeting was called to order at 5:35 by Charlene Godec at St. Clare Hospital
Credentials Report: Board quorum was present. AORN members present were: Charlene Godec, Karen Boyer,
Becky Davis, Jeannine Sturman, Janet Fonoimoana, Eva Mae Giesert, Sharon Shaw, Linda Bauer, Dennis Reed,
Carol Cairone, Jason Nelson, Steve Fredrick, Pat Cordier, Michael Moore, Eileen Berthelson, Toni Kinkella-
Edwards, JoAnn Hansen, Maria Coffman.
Review of Minutes: Minutes of the February 19, 2008 were reviewed and approved.
Treasurer’s Report: Janet Fonoimoana reported a checking balance of $4300.95 and a savings balance of
Committee Reports: Committee chairs for this year were announced.
 Legislative Committee: No updates.
 Scholarship: Eva Mae Geisert announced there was 1 application submitted by a nursing student at PLU.
 The Board agreed to award $100.00 to Chris Peredney. Becky Davis updated the scholarship application to
 include a section that stated “request Board waiver if AORN membership less than one year.” Board
 members agreed to this update and change.
 Newsletter: Please submit news items to Becky Davis to include in the newsletter
 Nominating: Linda Bauer stated she had received willingness-to-serve forms from Carol Holden for
 Nominating Committee and Dennis Reed for Board of Directors. It was again mentioned that time is running
 out for WTS forms. A long discussion followed regarding positions being vacated. A slate of candidates must
 be ready by April for voting for the installatin dinner in May. Some members that were present submitted
 WTS forms to Linda Bauer. Linda will publish the list of candidates. The ballots will be emailed to the
 membership twice. The results can be emailed, faxed, or mailed back to Linda. Linda and Jason Nelson will
 coordinate the ballot process.
 Membership: Jeannine Sturman received a CD from AORN on ideas for increasing membership
 involvement, but did not have time to review the information.
 Program & Education: Becky Davis announced that the February 9, 2008 multi chapter seminar was very
 successful, the evaluations were all good, and the attendance was over 100. It was agreed by the seminar
 coordinators that the proceeds will be split 50/50 following reconciliation of the expenses. Evergreen should
 be receiving approximately $3000.00 from the proceeds.
 New Business: Discussion continued after Nominating Committee report to talk about our options as a
 chapter. It was suggested to rotate meetings to different sites, provide education sessions every other month,
 and provide another short survey, using the “survey monkey.” This process is free if the survey remains
 anonymous and it is less than 10 questions. Jason and Becky will work on this project for responses back by
 May to be available for the June planning meeting.
  The Board voted to give an additional $300.00 to each Congress delegate to defray congress attendance costs,
  based on the information of pending receipt from the February 9 Seminar.

Adjourned: Meeting adjourned @ 6:25 PM, education session to follow.
Submitted by: Karen Boyer, Secretary
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The Evergreen Circulator
15805 20th Ave Ct. E
Tacoma, WA 98445-6011
Association of periOperative Registered Nurses
Evergreen Chapter ~ 4801
Rebecca Davis RN, MN, CNOR

     Editor’s Corner
                                    New Officers Elected at the April Meeting

       We had our election for officers, board members, and nominating committee during the
     month of April. We tested a new process this year and sent the ballot out via a “survey
     monkey” electronically to all members with email addresses. We also included a short
     membership survey.

        We had some responses to the survey and also some email responses from a few members
     providing positive feedback to the new process. We may continue experimenting with this
     process in order to improve communication to and between the Evergreen membership.
        We will be scheduling the Summer Planning Meeting soon and attendance will be open to
     any member wishing to help provide support and ideas to continue the mission of our

         Your newly elected officers and board are found on page 5 of this newsletter. Installation
     of officers will be held on Tuesday, May 20, 2008 at the annual installation dinner meeting.
     See info on page 6 of this newsletter. Please RSVP ASAP.
                                                                                Becky Davis, Editor

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