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					                                                                      Provost & Executive Vice President
                                                                              Elizabeth Hoffman

                                                                        Vice President for Research &
                 Associate Vice President                                                                                         Associate Vice President
                      Charlotte Bronson
                                                                           Economic Development                                           Chitra Rajan
                                                                                 Sharron Quisenberry

                  Grants Communications
                  Dorothy Pimlott                           Admin Specialist
                                                                                              Asst to the VPR/ED
                  IT Specialists                            Gaye Simonson
                                                                                              Sonja Klocker
                  Jeremiah Baldus                           Secretary
                  Rick Charles                              Laurie Engleen
                                                            Budget Analyst
                                                            Mary Scott-Hall
                                                                                                                    Research Centers & Institutes

Institute for Physical Research &                                                                                   Institute for Transportation (InTrans)
Technology (IPRT)                                                                                                   Shashi Nambisan, Director
George Kraus, Director                                                                                               Bridge Engineering Center
 Airworthiness Assurance Center of Excellence                                                                        Center for Nanotechnology in Cementitious Systems
                                                     Ames Laboratory DOE                                             Center for Transportation Research and Education
 Catron Center for Solar Energy Research
                                                      Alexander King, Director                                       Center for Weather Impacts on Mobility and Safety
 Center for Building Energy Research
 Center for Catalysis                                                                                                Earthworks Engineering Research Center
 Center for Nondestructive Evaluation                                                                                Midwest Transportation Consortium
 Center for Physical & Computational Mathematics                                                                     National Center for Wood in Transportation Structures
 Center for Sustainable Environmental Technologies                                                                   National Concrete Pavement Technology Center
 Information Assurance Center
 Institute for Combinatorial Discovery
 IPRT Company Assistance                              Bioeconomy Institute
 Materials Preparation Center                          Robert Brown, Director
 Microelectronics Research Center                                                                                  Other Centers & Units
 Midwest Forensics Resource Center                                                                                 Center for Excellence in the Arts & Humanities
 Virtual Reality Applications Center                                                                               James Andrews
                                                                                                                   Iowa Center for Advanced Neurotoxicology
                                                                                                                    Anumantha Kanthasamy
                                                                                                                   Iowa Energy Center
                                                                                                                    Kevin Nordmeyer
                                                     Plant Sciences Institute (PSI)                                Iowa Water Center
                                                     William Beavis, Interim Director                               Richard Cruse
                                                     Ctr for Crops Utilization Research                            Nutrition & Wellness Research Center
                                                     Ctr for Designing Foods to Improve Nutrition                   Mike Spurlock and Greg Welk
                                                     Ctr for Metabolic Biology                                     Office of Biotechnology
                                                     Ctr for Plant Genomics                                        James Reecy
                                                     Ctr for Plant Responses to Environmental Stresses             Partnerships in Prevention Science Institute
                                                     Ctr for Plant Transformation                                   Richard Spoth
                                                     Laurence H. Baker Ctr for Bioinformatics & Biol Stat          Statistical Laboratory
                                                     Raymond F. Baker Ctr for Plant Breeding                        Kenneth Koehler
                                                     Seed Science Center

                                                  Gregory L. Geoffroy

                                      Provost & Executive Vice President
                                              Elizabeth Hoffman
Admin Specialist
Gaye Simonson
Secretary                                                                                      Asst to the VPR/ED
Laurie Engleen                             Vice President for Research &
                                              Economic Development                             Sonja Klocker
Budget Analyst
Mary Scott-Hall                                 Sharron Quisenberry
Grants Communications
Dorothy Pimlott             Associate Vice President          Associate Vice President         Research & Economic
IT Specialist
Jeremiah Baldus
                               Charlotte Bronson                    Chitra Rajan               Development
Rick Charles                                                                                   Support Services
Program Assistant                                              Attending Veterinarian
Lora Bierbaum                                                  Mary Sauer
Lead Kuali SME
Cheryl Conover
                        Industry Relations                    ISU Research Park
Kuali Project Manager
                        Lisa Lorenzen, Director               Steve Carter, Director
Lynn Reed

                        Industry Initiatives                  ISU Research Foundation
                        Laura Carabillo                       & OIPTT
                                                              Nita Lovejoy, Interim Director

                        Office of Sponsored
                                                              Lab Animal Resources
                        Programs Administration
                                                              Ron Morgan, Director
                        Rochelle Athey, Director

                        Office for Responsible
                                                              Molecular Biology Bldg
                                                              Pete Lelonek, Manager
                        Diane Ament, Director

                         Office of Biotechnology              Research & Economic                OIPTT – Office of Intellectual Property &
                         James Reecy, Director                 Development Council               Technology Transfer
                                                              Research Computing Council

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