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					January 2010

2   Integrated Development Programme –
                                                                       Integrated Development Programme –   3

   Chelmsford has bold and ambitious plans for the
   future.The Chelmsford Tomorrow vision is shared by
   key players in delivering Chelmsford’s future growth,
   including the Borough and County Councils, the
   private sector and other key public sector bodies.

Chelmsford has an excellent track       growth of the borough, allowing             government and potential funding
record of housing and economic          Chelmsford to realise its ambitious         organisations, such as the East of
delivery – since 2001 5,500 new         future vision. For the first time,          England Development Agency,
homes have been delivered               the IDP identifies all of the major         to which the first version was
alongside 6,000 new jobs.We             capital investments that are needed         submitted in August 2009.
now have equally ambitious plans        to deliver our collective aspirations.
for future growth in the period to                                                  The recession has inevitably slowed
2021 and beyond and together            It provides a strategic focus on            Chelmsford’s progress, as it has
have embraced the growth agenda.        housing and economic growth                 done up and down the country.
This will equate to the delivery        in two geographic locations,                Nevertheless, when the economy
of some 800 homes per year,             Chelmsford town centre and                  recovers Chelmsford will remain
matched by a similar number of          North Chelmsford, and promotes              a key location where economic
jobs. But such levels of growth         a package of investment projects            and housing growth will remain a
can not be delivered in isolation,      in each. In addition, a series of           priority and the IDP will put us in
and if they are to be delivered in      projects to support the economy,            a position to move forward with
a truly sustainable way will require    innovation and skills agenda in             delivery as speedily as possible.
a clear understanding of what is        Chelmsford is also at the heart
needed to support it, particularly in   of the IDP .
terms of strategic and community
infrastructure.                         In many ways the IDP is a living
                                        document, and as such will develop
The Chelmsford Integrated               over the coming months and                  Cllr Roy Whitehead
Development Programme                   years in response to changes in             Leader of Chelmsford
(IDP) represents an important           the economic climate, reflecting            Borough Council
step forward in achieving the           changing circumstances, emerging
Chelmsford Tomorrow vision.             priorities and developing sources
It has been developed by working        of funding.
with a range of local stakeholders
and sets out a single focused           As a key document it will be                Cllr Peter Martin
delivery plan which will enable         used to articulate Chelmsford’s             Deputy Leader of
the future development and              needs to regional and national              Essex County Council
4   Integrated Development Programme –
                                 Integrated Development Programme –   5

Context for Growth
in Chelmsford

Over recent decades Chelmsford has become
recognised as one the most thriving parts of Essex.
Chelmsford is acknowledged as being important
to the overall development of the East of England
and as such has been identified within the East of
England Plan as being one of the 21 Key Centres for
Development and Change.
The Borough of Chelmsford has              It is against this backdrop that
a population of approximately              Chelmsford has committed to
165,000, with Chelmsford town              substantial planned growth.The
dominating in terms of both where          East of England Plan sets out a
people live and work. Within the           requirement for Chelmsford to
Borough, there are high levels of in       provide 16,000 additional homes
and out-commuting; with almost             in the period 2001-21. An average
as many people commuting into              of 683 homes per year has been
the Chelmsford Borough as there            delivered within Chelmsford from
are commuting out. Chelmsford              2001-2007, compared to an annual
Borough performs strongly on               target of 800. In terms of jobs, there
employment related indicators              is no formal target at a district
and has a good level of economic           level, but through the Chelmsford
activity with above average levels         Tomorrow vision, local partners are
of business start-ups and a high           aiming to make provision for over
incidence of knowledge-based               20,000 net additional jobs. In the
industry. In addition, Chelmsford has      period 2001-2007 it is estimated
a highly skilled resident population       that 6,000 jobs have been created.
with almost a third of the resident
working age population being
qualified to degree level or above.
6   Integrated Development Programme –

    Realising the Vision:
    Chelmsford Tomorrow

    Linked to the ambitious plans for development
    and growth is Chelmsford’s bold vision for the
    future.The Chelmsford Tomorrow vision aims
    for Chelmsford to become the economic, cultural,
    leisure and retail heart of Essex and a leading
    regional centre in the East of England.

    The Chelmsford Tomorrow vision is embedded within a number
    of key strategic documents including: the Sustainable Community
    Strategy, the Chelmsford Borough Council Corporate Plan and the
    future spatial strategy for Chelmsford as set out within the Local
    Development Framework. In all respects, delivering the Chelmsford
    Tomorrow vision is at the heart of taking Chelmsford forward in the
    next 15 years.
Integrated Development Programme –   7
8   Integrated Development Programme –

    Opportunities and
    Constraints for Growth

    Delivering the levels of economic and housing
    growth that Chelmsford wishes to achieve will
    depend on a number of factors. Chelmsford has
    a number of economic strengths that can be built
    upon as the local economy is further developed,
    but also faces a number of challenges.
    Opportunities                                                  Constraints/Challenges
    • Strong, balanced and growing local economy                   • Economic downturn and impact on economic
    • Clear vision for the area, supported by the                    and housing delivery to 2021
      local community                                              • Securing adequate funding to deliver identified
    • Good track record of housing delivery                          infrastructure requirements
    • Commitment to partnership working across                     • Aligning priorities with those of partner
      multi-agencies to deliver growth                               organisations
    • Advanced Local Development Framework that                    • Achieving a sustainable balance between homes
      identifies growth locations                                    and jobs
    • Significant developer interest in delivering growth          • Focusing on delivery of high value employment
      – major schemes coming forward                               • Developing the skills of the local workforce to
    • Strong and expanding education and                             match the needs of business
      health sectors                                               • Balancing growth with protection of the built
    • Highly qualified workforce                                     and natural environment
    • Entrepreneurial spirit and growing ICT sector                • Encouraging inward investment into all sectors
    • Excellent communication linkages                               within the local economy
    • Critical mass of major employers                             • Fully harnessing Chelmsford’s relationship
                                                                     with London.
    • Attractive, quality and diverse local environment.
Integrated Development Programme –   9
10   Integrated Development Programme –

     Delivering Growth
     in Chelmsford

     The Chelmsford Integrated Development
     Programme (IDP) has been produced to set out
     how Chelmsford proposes to deliver a significant
     share of the region’s economic and housing
     growth in the period 2001-2021.The IDP focuses
     on what the nature of this growth will be, what it
     will seek to deliver, where it will be delivered and
     importantly what major capital investments are
     required to enable this growth to come forward
     in a sustainable way. In recognition of Chelmsford’s
     particular strengths, weaknesses, opportunities
     and potential the IDP is structured around three
     key investment packages:
                                     Integrated Development Programme –   11

Chelmsford Town Centre                 Economy, Innovation and
Spatial Investment Package –           Skills Thematic Investment
building on the existing assets        Package – galvanising the area’s
and functions of Chelmsford to         significant assets and ensuring
establish the town as the capital      that the Chelmsford area has
of Essex, particularly in terms of     a robust basis for sustained
retail and culture.This package        and high value-added
includes the development               economic growth.
of approximately 4,500 new
homes and the potential
delivery of 8,100 new jobs.

North Chelmsford Spatial
Investment Package – creating
a significant urban extension
to the north of the town
with a new railway station
and community facilities.This
package enables the potential
development of 4,000 new
homes and 2,000 new jobs.
12   Integrated Development Programme –

     Spatial Package One:
     Chelmsford Town Centre
     Chelmsford town centre is already a thriving place supporting over
     32,000 jobs and 1,000 businesses with a number of major employers
     operating within the town including Britvic Soft Drinks (HQ), QBE
     and M&G Investments. Chelmsford town centre is the home of some
     significant regional facilities that include Anglia Ruskin University, Essex
     County Cricket Club and Riverside Ice and Leisure Centre. Chelmsford
     Rail Station, based in the town centre, is one of the busiest in the country.

     1. Flood Alleviation                         2. Enhancements to                        3 Chelmer Viaduct                        4. Public Realm and
                                                  Chelmsford Rail Station                   Replacement                              Green Infrastructure
     Project Summary – The Chelmsford
     Flood Alleviation Scheme comprises           Project Summary – To improve the          Project Summary – The existing           Project Summary – A series of
     the creation of an embankment and            connection between the rail station       viaduct was built in the 1930s and now   public realm and green infrastructure
     flood storage area upstream on the           and recently redeveloped adjacent bus     requires replacement.                    enhancements within the town centre
     River Wid which will protect essential       station it is proposed that additional                                             are planned to support the levels of
                                                                                            Funding – The Highways Agency is the
     infrastructure which serves properties       entrances and exits to the platforms                                               growth proposed and to improve the
                                                                                            delivery and funding body for the new
     in all flood zones, but particularly         are provided.This would involve the                                                physical environment for residents,
     the town centre, together with the           replacement of the existing stair tower                                            businesses and visitors.The primary
     protection of various town centre sites.     on the Colchester bound platform and      Anticipated Timescale for Delivery –     outputs will be the creation of around
     This work is currently ongoing with the      the provision of a new stair tower on     Development is expected to               one hectare of enhanced public square/
     Environment Agency.                          the London bound platform.                commence in 2011.                        space at Tindal Square and Station
                                                                                                                                     Square and the enhancement of 650m
     Funding – The estimated cost of the          Funding – The overall cost of this
                                                                                                                                     of Duke Street, 250m of Moulsham
     scheme is £13 million.The scheme has         project would be £10 million. It is
                                                                                                                                     Street, together with an enhanced
     been identified as a priority to receive     expected that planning contributions
                                                                                                                                     Central Park of some six hectares.
     Growth Fund monies (approx £7                will account for 50 per cent of the
     million).The remainder of the funding        total cost, with the remaining cost                                                Funding – The total amount of funding
     will need to be delivered from planning      being sought from relevant grant                                                   required for the completion of all five
     contributions and Environment Agency         bid, potential contributions from                                                  public realm and green infrastructure
     capital funding.                             the franchise operator and/or direct                                               projects is approximately £10m. A
                                                  developer provision.                                                               portion of this funding will be secured
     Anticipated Timescale for Delivery –
                                                                                                                                     from planning contributions. Funding for
     It is anticipated that this scheme will be   Anticipated Timescale for Delivery –
                                                                                                                                     other aspects of the project have yet to
     delivered in 2012.                           It is anticipated this project will be
                                                                                                                                     be sourced.
                                                  delivered by 2012.
                                                                                                                                     Anticipated Timescale for Delivery –
                                                                                                                                     It is estimated that this project will be
                                                                                                                                     completed in 2013.
                                                                                                    Integrated Development Programme –            13

     Key Elements of Development
     • The development of 38 town centre
       opportunity sites
     • The potential delivery of 8,100 new jobs
     • The creation of up to 100,000m² of new
       retail floorspace
     • The delivery of approximately 4, 500 new homes,
       with an emphasis on providing affordable housing
     • The creation of 21st Century leisure, cultural
       and sporting facilities
     • Town centre green infrastructure and public
       realm improvements to support economic
       and housing growth

5. Eastern Gateway                       6. Bus Priority Measures                    7. Park and Ride                           8. Army and Navy
Access Road/High Bridge                  and Access                                                                             Junction Improvements
                                                                                     Project Summary – As part of a
Road Removal
                                         Project Summary – As part of the            strategy to help tackle congestion and     Project Summary – A number of
Project Summary – A new access           redevelopment of the Chelmer                provide sustainable alternatives to town   medium and long term improvements
road linking Springfield Road with the   Waterside area (and the removal of          centre parking, Essex County Council as    to the Army and Navy Junction are
Chelmer Viaduct is planned, which        High Bridge Road) a series of new           Highways and Transportation Authority      proposed, including a dedicated left
will open up Chelmer Waterside for       bus priority measures will need to be       are promoting a Park and Ride Strategy.    hand slip road onto Chelmer Road and
development.                             introduced.These are required so that       The Strategy for Chelmsford proposes       the provision of a two way flyover to
                                         buses travelling to and from Springfield    providing up to four Park and Rides        replace the existing single lane flyover.
Funding – The likelihood is that this                                                on key routes into Chelmsford town
                                         Road, currently using High Bridge Road,
road would be developer funded                                                       centre. Building upon the existing Park    Funding – The funding for the Army
                                         do not have to travel via the Army &
as part of the Chelmer Waterside                                                     and Ride site in Sandon, proposals for     and Navy improvements is to be
                                         Navy junction.
development.                                                                         a further three Park and Ride sites in     collected via planning contributions
                                         Funding – The funding for the new           North Chelmsford (Chelmer Valley),         linked to residential and commercial
Anticipated Timescale for Delivery –                                                 Widford and at Boreham Interchange
                                         bus priority measures would be                                                         development within the Chelmsford
It is estimated that this project will                                               are being investigated.The strategy aims
                                         part funded primarily through direct                                                   urban area.The total cost of this project
be delivered by 2014, with work                                                      to ease congestion and increase the
                                         developer contributions in relation to                                                 is estimated to be in the region of
commencing in 2011.                                                                  attractiveness of Chelmsford
                                         the Chelmer Waterside development.                                                     £10 million.
                                                                                     town centre.
                                         Anticipated Timescale for Delivery –                                                   Anticipated Timescale for Delivery –
                                         It is estimated that this project will be   Funding – The total cost of each           It is estimated that this project will
                                         delivered by 2014.                          Park and Ride scheme is estimated at       be delivered by 2014, with work
                                                                                     around £6-7 million. It is expected that   commencing in 2011.
                                                                                     50 per cent of the total cost will be
                                                                                     obtained from planning contributions,
                                                                                     with the remainder to be obtained
                                                                                     from other public sector grant funding
                                                                                     sources and direct provision from new
                                                                                     residential development.
                                                                                     Anticipated Timescale for Delivery –
                                                                                     The Widford Park and Ride project is
                                                                                     dependent upon resources, funding and
                                                                                     development in the town centre and
                                                                                     therefore delivery is expected to be
                                                                                     post 2013 and potentially around 2016.
                                                                                     NB see North Chelmsford package re
                                                                                     Chelmer Valley Park and Ride.
14   Integrated Development Programme –

     Spatial Package Two:
     North Chelmsford
     Whilst Chelmsford town centre is at the heart of
     the Chelmsford Tomorrow vision, it is not possible
     for all of Chelmsford’s growth requirements to be
     accommodated there. As such, North Chelmsford
     has been identified as being a suitable location
     for housing and economic growth, enabling
     Chelmsford to fulfil its true growth potential.

     1. New Primary Health                          2. New Early Years, Child                3. New Rail Station                        4. Chelmsford Area Rapid
     Care Provision                                 Care, Primary and Secondary                                                         Transit (ChART)
                                                                                             Project Summary – A new North
                                                    School Provision
     Project Summary – NHS Mid Essex                                                         East Chelmsford railway station is a       Project Summary – ChART is a rapid
     has identified the need for new                Project Summary – Existing               key infrastructure component in the        bus service that will link the new North
     primary care facilities to serve the new       school capacity is not sufficient to     development of North Chelmsford.           East Chelmsford neighbourhood with
     North Chelmsford neighbourhoods.               meet increased demand in North           It will provide two primary functions:     the town centre.The proposal is for
     This project is to include the creation        Chelmsford.The housing growth is         access to train services for commuters,    an innovative, high quality transport
     of new health care centres and the             forecast to require a minimum of         thereby relieving pressure on the town     system based on the latest bus
     potential expansion of an existing facility.   two 420-place primary schools with       centre station and secondly a stimulus     technology, offering a sustainable and
                                                    commensurate early years provision       for inward investment and economic         convenient travel connection to the
     Funding – At the present time there
                                                    and new provision for secondary          growth in North East Chelmsford.           town centre and key locations within
     are no specific estimates of costs for
                                                    aged pupils.                                                                        the town centre, as well as providing a
     the required health care provision in                                                   Funding – The cost of a new rail
                                                                                                                                        connection to the bus and rail station
     North Chelmsford. Funding for this             Funding – The estimated cost of          station is estimated to be in the region
                                                                                                                                        for onward transport links.
     project is likely to be secured via direct     the education provision in North         of £65 million. Developers will be
     developer provision and planning               Chelmsford is approximately £40          required to fund and construct the         Funding – The total cost of the project
     contributions.                                 million. Funding will be secured via     station as part of the development         is estimated to be £9 million.This
                                                    planning contributions secured through   of the new North East Chelmsford           projected will be funded from a variety
     Anticipated Timescale for Delivery –
                                                    S106 obligations.                        neighbourhood.                             of sources, including direct developer
     Currently under discussion with the
                                                                                                                                        provision, Essex Local Transport Plan
     Primary Care Trust.                            Anticipated Timescale for Delivery –     Anticipated Timescale for Delivery –
                                                                                                                                        funding and potentially Growth Fund
                                                    NE Chelmsford Primary School –           This is a long term project with
                                                                                                                                        monies, although a full funding package
                                                    September 2013.                          delivery not expected to commence
                                                                                                                                        is not yet in place.
                                                    NE Chelmsford Secondary School –         before 2015.
                                                    September 2015.                                                                     Anticipated Timescale for Delivery –
                                                    Second NE Chelmsford Primary School –                                               Phase one of this project will take place
                                                    September 2017.                                                                     between 2011-2012. Phase two will
                                                                                                                                        commence in 2015.
                                                                                        Integrated Development Programme –   15

     Key Elements of Development
     • An enlargement and strengthening of
       existing neighbourhoods in North Melbourne
       and Broomfield
     • A major urban extension from the existing
       Springfield neighbourhood northwards
     • A minimum of 4,000 new homes
     • Approximately 64,000m² of new
       commercial floorspace
     • The creation of a potential 2,000 new jobs

5. Chelmer Valley                           6. Boreham Interchange
Park and Ride                               Improvements and North
                                            East Chelmsford Bypass
Project Summary – As part of the
Chelmsford Park and Ride strategy a         Project Summary – Highway network
Park and Ride in North Chelmsford           changes are required to deliver the
is the second to be developed.The           proposed development.The Bypass
primary output will be a 700-1000           will complete a gap in the strategic
space park and ride site which will ease    road network around the North East
traffic congestion into the town centre.    of Chelmsford.The scheme includes
                                            a significant upgrade to the Boreham
Funding – The total cost of this scheme
                                            interchange which will provide essential
is estimated to be £8 million. It will be
                                            capacity and efficiency improvements
funded via planning contributions, the
                                            at the junction, free flow from the
Growth Fund and from Essex Local
                                            A12 onto the Bypass and will locally
Transport Plan funding.
                                            ease congestion.
Anticipated Timescale for Delivery –
                                            Funding – The total cost of this project
This project is well advanced. Planning
                                            is estimated to be in the region of
permission has now been granted and
                                            £256 million. Funding for the North
bus priority measures are now under
                                            East Bypass is being sought via Regional
construction. Completion is expected
                                            Funding Allocation. Funding will also be
in 2011.
                                            sought via developer contributions.
                                            Anticipated Timescale for Delivery –
                                            The Boreham Interchange
                                            improvements are expected to be
                                            completed by 2015.The North East
                                            Bypass will not be delivered before 2018.
16   Integrated Development Programme –

     Thematic Investment
     Package One: Economy,
     Innovation and Skills
     The approach within Chelmsford will be to
     deliver investments and projects to equip local
     people with the skills to meet the needs of
     modern expanding business sectors and to
     create the spatial framework and environment
     within which key sectors can prosper.

         Key Elements of Development
         • Expansion of higher education provision
           in Chelmsford
         • Expansion and improvement of further education
           facilities to meet the needs of the 21st century
         • Delivery of vocational education with an emphasis
           on our most deprived communities
         • Developing clear pathways to work for our
           disadvantaged communities
         • Bringing forward, through the planning system,
           a range of sites and premises to meet modern
           business needs
         • Proactively promoting Chelmsford as a key inward
           investment location within the East of England
           and Essex
         • Working in partnership on a range of initiatives
           to improve skills and innovation.
                                                                                                    Integrated Development Programme –             17

1. Enhanced and improved                  2. Delivery of vocational                   3. Strategic business                      4. Chelmsford
further and higher                        education and training and                  park(s) development in                     Innovation Centre
education facilities                      series of projects to develop               north east Chelmsford
                                          the local economy, skills and                                                          Project Summary – A new Clean
Project Summary – The expansion                                                       Project Summary – For Chelmsford           Tech Innovation Centre would enable
                                          innovation sectors
and enhancement of Chelmsford’s                                                       to be successful in attracting inward      the growth of high value jobs in the
further and higher education facilities   Project Summary – Within                    investment, it is important that it        growing Clean Tech sector, which will
to 21st Century standards is critical     Chelmsford there is an ongoing              can offer a portfolio of sites and         contribute to the local and regional
to the long term development of skills    package of initiatives being developed      premises that meet the needs               economy.The centre would provide
and innovation within Chelmsford.         in partnership with others to develop       of the kinds of businesses that it         over 30,000 sq ft of lettable incubation
This includes:                            the local economy, local skills and         wants to foster. Growth in the             floorspace and has the potential to
• The continued investment by ARU         innovation.Through the Local Strategic      town centre will be directed to 38         create in the region of 100 new jobs
  in developing the Rivermead campus      Partnership issues of training and skills   development opportunity sites. In          in the Clean Tech sector.
                                          development in specific locations,          North Chelmsford there is a need
• The continuing development of           including some of our most deprived                                                    Funding – The total project cost is
                                                                                      to identify new greenfield allocations
  Writtle College and Chelmsford          communities will be addressed and                                                      approximately £9 million. Potential
                                                                                      to accommodate in the region
  Colleges.                               developed.                                                                             funding sources being investigated
                                                                                      of 40,000 sq m of new business
                                                                                                                                 include ERDF, EEDA, Anglia Ruskin
                                                                                      floorspace in a quality business park
                                                                                                                                 University and potentially
                                                                                      environment. Land for a business park
                                                                                                                                 some local authority contributions.
                                                                                      has already been identified within
                                                                                      the North Chelmsford Area Action           Anticipated Timescale for Delivery –
                                                                                      Plan (NCAAP).The development of            It is anticipated that this project could
                                                                                      a business park has the potential to       be completed by 2011.
                                                                                      deliver in the region of 1,500 new jobs.
                                                                                      Anticipated Timescale for Delivery –
                                                                                      It is estimated that work on the
                                                                                      business park(s) will begin in 2015,
                                                                                      with completion expected by 2021.
18   Integrated Development Programme –

     Delivery of the IDP

     Delivery of the IDP will be taken forward
     through the Chelmsford Tomorrow Local
     Delivery Mechanism (LDM).The LDM
     brings together key partners responsible
     for taking forward economic and housing
     growth in Chelmsford in order to deliver the
     Chelmsford Tomorrow Vision. Key members
     within the LDM are:
     • Chelmsford Borough Council                     • Homes & Communities Agency
     • Essex County Council                           • Highways Agency
     • GO-East                                        • Environment Agency
     • NHS Mid Essex                                  • EEDA

     Since work on Chelmsford’s                        of some of the major capital           Chelmer Valley Park and Ride
     IDP began there has been a                        investments outlined within            have been identified as the highest
     significant change in the global,                 the IDP.                               priority in the current climate.
     national, regional and local
     economy.This has had some                         This has meant that, in the context    The IDP will develop in the
     impact upon Chelmsford, resulting                 of the limited resources currently     coming months and years as
     in a downturn in the rate of                      available, projects that deliver the   Chelmsford realises the delivery
     housing and business development                  most in terms of housing and           of its ambitious vision for the
     within the Borough.The effect                     economic growth will be taken          future, adapting to changing
     of this has meant that there has                  forward at the earliest opportunity    circumstances, emerging priorities
     been a reduction in developer                     and therefore have the highest         and developing funding streams.
     contributions therefore presenting                priority. As a result the Chelmsford
     a significant challenge in terms                  Flood Alleviation Scheme and
Integrated Development Programme –   19
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