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					Application packet                                       1                                          Rev. 3/06

                               306 Park Avenue  Buena Vista, Virginia 24416
                                Phone (540) 261-6174  Fax (540) 261-9505

May 23, 2011

Dear Applicant:

Thank you for your interest in applying for the position of police officer for the City of Buena Vista.
Attached with the application are the following:

                 ►   Release of information authorization form
                 ►   Physical agility and strength test agreement
                 ►   Hiring procedure for police officer

All attached forms must be PROPERLY COMPLETED and returned with the application. An applicant
who fails to properly complete or submit an application or one of the required forms will not be
considered for employment.

Please insure that your address and telephone numbers are correct on the application form. Any contact we
need to make with you will be made through the address and telephone numbers you have listed.

In accordance with the American Disability Act, any applicant with disabilities who will need reasonable
accommodations for any steps, in the hiring process, must notify the Buena Vista Police Department at
least 24 hours prior to the date needed.

Please note: Application deadline is 6/2 at 3:00 PM with no exceptions. Testing will be conducted on
Saturday, 6/4 at 9:00 AM.

If you have any questions concerning this packet of information, you may contact Assistant Chief Jay
Patterson at (540) 261-6174.


D.W. Slagle
Darrell W. Slagle
Chief of Police

rev. 05/11 ams
Application packet                                    2                                             Rev. 3/06

Buena Vista Police Department
Selection Process for Police Officers
The City of Buena Vista is an equal opportunity employer and complies with the
American Disabilities Act. All police officers positions are advertised in the local news
paper(s) and posted at City Hall.

Step #1: Application process

Once the application deadline has passed the screening process will begin. Only those individuals who
meet the minimum requirements will be scheduled for the next step. The personal history and all attached
forms must be completely filled out and returned by the stated date in order to advance to step two.

Step # 2: Preliminary background check

This consists of the criminal history and driving records check. Applicants with a criminal record,
containing certain offenses, or excessive driving offenses will be eliminated from the selection process.

Step #3: Written examination

Applicants must successfully complete a written examination. No prior police experience is necessary to
pass the test. Passing score is 70%.

Step # 4: Physical agility test

This step requires a waiver to be signed by the applicants prior to beginning the test. The stations are
designed to evaluate the following:

             An applicant’s hand strength, dexterity and movement that is necessary to handle a firearm.
              No live firing will take place. Firearm experience is not necessary but may help the
             The applicant’s ability to negotiate, maneuver around and over various obstacles (fences,
              ditches, bushes, etc.) that an officer may encounter during a typical tour of duty.
             The applicant’s ability to give chase over short and long distances.
             An applicant’s ability and strength by dragging a 150-pound object over a short distance.
              Simulating the handling of a person who is intoxicated, injured, or combative.
             Applicant’s ability to move a vehicle from a roadway.
             Applicant’s reaction to stress.

Step # 5: Panel interview

Applicant’s successfully reaching this step will be asked to respond to questions from a panel of police
supervisors. These questions will be evaluated by the supervisors individually and scored. The supervisors
will discuss their recommendations with the chief. All scores will be totaled and the top candidates will
continue to step # 6
Application packet                                    3                                              Rev. 3/06

Step # 6: Psychological examination

This examination will be in written form.

Step # 7: Background investigation

An intensive background investigation will be conducted. The investigation will begin with the applicants
a personal history, employment history, educational history, social history, military service, followed by a
more intense criminal and driving history check. The investigators will follow all leads and therefore the
investigation is not limited to the above-mentioned areas.

Step # 8: Final interview

The Chief of Police and the City Manager, or his/her designee will interview the top candidate(s).

Step # 9: Conditional offer of employment

The final applicant or applicants, depending on the number of vacancies, will be offered a position
provided the following are successfully completed:

          Drug screening;
          Physical examination;
         ** All required exams are at no costs to the applicant.

Step # 10: Post offer of employment

Applicant(s) must complete required Department of Criminal Justice Services training and pass a six-week
field-training program. Additionally they must agree to the contract provided (when applicable) and
complete a one-year probationary period.

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