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					                                         Meadow Glens Newsletter
                                      News from Katy Lynch, Principal
                                             September 2, 2011

Dear Families,
       Now that we are heading into Labor Day weekend, I think we all feel like we are into the “real” school
year. The children have settled in nicely to the daily routines and I imagine life in your home has been
affected by homework obligations, earlier bed times, and more structure as well.
       It was exciting to meet so many families on Curriculum Night. Curriculum Night is one time all
year that the classroom teacher is able to address parents in a group situation, setting the tone and
expectations for the children, addressing common parental concerns, and letting parents know a little bit
about themselves as individuals. I was thrilled to see so many families make Curriculum Night/Parent
Orientation a priority. Please remember to review the Parent/Student Handbook as appropriate for your
children’s ages and return the signed page to your child’s classroom teacher.

Wrapping Paper Sale
        The Innisbrook Gift Wrap and Helen Grace Chocolates fundraiser for Home & School is coming!
Packets will be coming home with students the week of Sept. 5th and the sale runs Sept. 9th- Sept. 26th.
There are a lot of great quality items at competitive prices (and not just gift wrap!). Purchased items will be
delivered to Meadow Glens for pick up on Friday, November 11th. Don’t miss this opportunity to get a jump
on holiday shopping and benefit Meadow Glens at the same time!

Hats Off to Our Volunteers
      At Meadow Glens we are blessed with many dedicated volunteers who help us on a regular basis.
Moms, dads, even grandparents, often volunteer their time to assist children and teachers. Thank you!

Think Safety!
        To all the parents who are consistent followers of the established drop-off and pick-up procedures, I tip
my hat to you and give you a great big THANKS! The unspoken message you are giving to your children
is one of respect- respect of rules, respect of authority, and respect for the safety of others. Since the children
have been told by their teachers and safety directors about the rules of drop-off and pick-up, they know what
we want them to do. That means that they also are aware of a parent’s directive that goes contrary to the
school rules. It puts kids in a very uncomfortable, awkward situation.
        All policies and rules are put in place to ensure the safety and well-being of the students at Meadow
Glens. Traffic patterns and procedures are found on pages 6, 7, and 8 of the Student/Parent Handbook.
                Vehicles must pull as far forward as possible before children should enter/exit the vehicle from
                a passenger-side door.
                At dismissal, students are reminded that vehicles will pull forward in the pick-up lane and
                must remain behind the yellow line until the vehicle has come to a complete stop.
                Please do not ask children to walk through the front parking lot to meet your car. Children
                must be accompanied by an adult to enter the parking lot.
                Please, do not block the crosswalk or drop-off areas.
Bully Backpack
        Currently, the most widely accepted definition (of bullying) used by writers and researchers is: A
person is being bullied or victimized when he or she is exposed, repeatedly and over time, to negative actions
on the part of one or more persons. (Olweus, 1991.p.413)
        At school, teachers discuss expectations and rules of the learning community. Teachers reinforce the
expectations and rules on a regular basis. At Meadow Glens, strategies have been gathered as a “Bully
Backpack” for students. Students can “pull” strategies from the collection in the event they encounter a
bully situation. When dealing with a bully, they can walk away, speak up, try to work the problem out,
make friends, and get help from an adult.
        Mary Browning, Community Education Specialist from the Naperville Police Department, has
provided Meadow Glens with information regarding what kids can do and a website for parents to visit .

What Kids Can Do

Parents should teach their children to handle bullies and bullying. Here are some useful tips:

       Ignore the taunting and walk away. Calmly withdraw from the situation.
       Do not fight back. It will only worsen the problem.
       Frequent only places where there are teachers nearby.
       Avoid places where the bullies usually are.
       Walk in groups and hang out with children with similar interests.
       Look out for other children being harassed. Report any bullying incident to the school.
       Do not bring expensive things or too much money to school. These are targets for school bullies.
       Be confident. Put your head up and walk with your shoulders straight. Bullies usually pick on kids who
       appear scared, weak and unsure of themselves.

New Secretary

      I am happy to introduce our new assistant secretary Sue Fein. Please help me in welcoming her to
Meadow Glens School. We are lucky to have her join our school.

                                      COMING ATTRACTIONS
September 5                   NO SCHOOL – Labor Day
Week of September 5           Wrapping Paper Packets Go Home
September 9                   September 11th Remembrance –Patriots Day
September 13                  Home & School Meeting 7pm LRC

                                            FOOD FOR THOUGHT
             “The moment of victory is much too short to live for that and nothing else.” ~ Martina Navratilova

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