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A. Look a t these sentences. They all use 'if'. Rewrite each sentence, replacing 'if' w i t h the words in bold. You may need t o remove some of t h e other words. 1. You can borrow my dictionary if you return i t before you go home. providing that
2. You can't go t o university if you don't have good grades.

t D

t D

3 -

unless 3. Pollution will get worse if we continue t o live in a throwaway society. as long as
4. Many developed countries are willing t o waive the Third World debt if the money is reinvested in

education and medicine.

on condition that
5. Some countries will never be able t o rectify their deficits even if they work very hard.

n o matter h o w 6. Computers are difficult things t o understand, even if you read a lot of books about them. however many
7. Crime is a problem, even if you go t o relatively safe countries. wherever
B. N o w rewrite each sentence beginning w i t h the words i n bold. For example:

Providing that you return it before you go home, you can borrow my dictionary.
C. Complete these sentences using an appropriate w o r d or expression from above and your

o w n ideas.

1. British universities will accept students from abroad
2. Working for a large company can be a fulfilling experience

3. Most banks are happy t o lend customers money

4. The government will reduce income tax

5. The environmental situation will continue t o worsen
6. There will always be long waiting lists at our hospitals
7. Travelling helps you understand more about the world around you
D. Some nouns can be used t o express condition. Complete these sentences 1-3 w i t h one of t h e words from A, B or C. 1. Being able t o drive is one of the



of the job of salesman.
C prescriptions .

2. Before you accept a job, i t is important that you agree with the contract. A. conditionals @conditions C. conditioners

of the

It is a @ requirement

of the university that you attend an interview. B. requisite C. requiem

Peter Collin Publishing. Q 2001. For reference, see the English Dictionary for Students (1-901659-06-2)

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