Magic Shaving Powder Platinum Softsheen Carson by samuelc

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									Magic Shaving Powder Platinum Softsheen Carson
Item: Magic Shaving Powder Platinum Softsheen Carson Location: by loyalrebel I just found a new way to get rid of those body hair we hate so much, well, we ladies anyways. So far, this shaving powder is the best method of losing hair I have found and used. It might be a little messy at first, with all the mixing of powder and water to make the dough. But you will get the hang of it after the first attempt. First thing I would like to warn is do not use your finger to apply the cream to your body, it will burn the finger because you will have to let the cream stay on your finger while doing it. I lost the hair on my first attempt with this product, easily. I just had to wait for 7 minutes, rinse it while rubbing the skin with damp cloth and they’re gone! This product does not have a strong sickening smell like some other products have. The smell is sweet and subtle, you will love it. It is actually made for facial hair only, for black men the package says. But since it’s good enough for facial hair, then it will be safe enough for other parts right? So I use them for underarms, hands, legs, bikini, tummy, and upper lip. The price is not bad either. Rating: 10

By Razor bump free man from tempe, arizona on 5/11/2008 Pros: It works Cons: Smelly Best Uses: To prevent razor bumps, Comfort Describe Yourself: Sensitive Skin Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
I read a couple other reviews about this product... two in particular said it burned their face.. Well they must be crazy.. I love this product..sometimes i forget how long its been on my face and i leave it a few minutes over the recommended 7 and i never get burned.. I used to have severe razor bumps and nothing worked..not clippers, electric razors, single blade razors, multiple blade razors.. nothing. But its been about 4 weeks and im almost completely free of razor bumps. aside from it being really inexpensive, it works. between the Magic Powder and Bump stopper 2 they are the best thing since hair for black skin

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