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Internet Access Service RFP


									      Data Circuit Service RFP
The Public Schools of Calumet, Laurium
            and Keweenaw

                    Submit Bids to:

                Superintendent’s Office

   Public Schools of Calumet, Laurium and Keweenaw
                   57070 Mine Street
                   Calumet, MI 49913

       Attention: Darryl A. Pierce, Superintendent
I. General Bid Information:
  A. Project Identification:
  Project: Data Circuit Service

  Owner: Board of Education
             Public Schools of Calumet-Laurium-Keweenaw
             57070 Mine Street
             Calumet, MI 49913

  B. Time and Place of Bid Reception:
  Sealed bids labeled “Data Circuit Service Bid” will be received by Owner no later
  than 2:00 p.m. (EST) on February 22, 2011, at the Superintendent’s Office in the
  Interconnect Building of the Public Schools of Calumet-Laurium-Keweenaw 57070
  Mine St. Calumet, MI 49913. Bids can be sent via fax to: 906-337-1406 or sent via
  e-mail to: Bids received after the specified date/ time
  will not be accepted.

  C. Clarification of Bidding Documents:
  Requests for clarification of bidding documents should be directed to:
     Anton J. Pintar, Network Administrator
             US Mail: Owner (District) address given above
             Phone: (906) 337-0311 x1115
             Fax: (906) 337-1406

  D. Labor Standards:
  Applicable state and federal laws regarding conditions of employment apply to work
  under this contract.

  E. Owner’s Right to Accept or Reject Bids:
  The Owner reserves the right to waive irregularities and to accept or reject any or all
  Bids or any parts thereof.

  F. Bid Modification and Withdrawal:
  Proposal may NOT be modified, withdrawn, or canceled for thirty (30) days after
  closing date for receiving bids. Product pricing shall be in effect for the entire Period
  of Service specified in item VIII below.
G. Funding Contingency:
Project implementation is contingent upon approval for funding assistance via the
Universal Service Fund (USF). The Owner reserves the right to cancel the project, at
no cost to the Owner, in its entirety, at anytime due to a lack of USF funding.

H. Location:
The Data Circuit Service shall be delivered to the Public Schools of CLK’s MDF
located at 57070 Mine Street, Calumet, MI 49913 and to the Horizons High School at
110 Stanton Ave. Mohawk, MI 49950.

I. Installation and Period of Service:
Operational Data Circuit Service shall be provided for a minimum of two years
starting July 1st, 2011 and ending June 30th, 2013.

Any Vendor cut-over preparations shall be performed during the Owner’s normal
operating hours of Monday through Friday 8:00AM – 4:00PM. Unless otherwise
agreed upon, preparation work can begin June 1st 2011. Final work must be
completed no later than the close of business on June 29th 2011. Minor/brief cut-
over tasks must be completed by midnight June 30th, 2011.

J. Quantities and Cost of Service:
Vendor bids shall clearly indicate the cost and the quantities of Data Circuit Service
to be provided. The bids shall clearly specify separate costs for the following

   All USF eligible one-time installation service charges
   All USF eligible recurring, monthly base service charges
   All USF eligible usage rates.
   All charges for USF in-eligible services.

Specific detail is provided in section II.D. DATA CIRCUIT SERVICE

K. Guaranty Insurances
Insurance requirements are as follows:

       1. Workers Compensation:
           In accordance with State Law.

       2. Comprehensive General Liability Coverages:
           a)   $1,000,000 General Aggregate
           b)   $1,000,000 Products and Completed Operations Aggregate
           c)   $1,000,000 Personal and Advertising Injury
           d)   $1,000,000 Each Occurrence
           e)   $50,000 Fire Damage (Any One Fire)
             f) $50,000 Medical Expense (Any One Person)

         3. Automobile Liability Coverage:
             $1,000,000 Single Limited – Each Accident

         4. Additional Insured:
             The Owner shall be named as limited additional insured with respect to the

         5. Property Insurance Deductible:
             The Owner’s policy has a $1,000 deductible and the contractor shall pay
             all costs associated with the deductible.

  L. Contractor Use of Premises:
        Contractor and all workmen shall comply with the Owner’s “NO SMOKING”
         policy. Under Michigan state law, all school properties are designated “Drug
         Free Zone”
        Contractor shall assume full responsibility for protection and safekeeping of
         all products, materials, equipment, etc., under this contract.
        Contractor shall maintain daily cleanup of the area as his/her installation work

II. Detailed Bid Information:

  This document is to provide interested parties with the specification requirements to
  enable them to prepare and submit a bid to provide Data Circuit Service for the Public
  Schools of CLK.

  This RFP does not contain specifications for specific hardware, software, and/or
  digital telecommunication services needed to provide Data Circuit Service to the
  district. Rather, it contains a description of the general functional requirements of the
  Data Circuit Service. It is left to the respondent to evaluate the needs of the Owner,
  and propose specific solutions accordingly.

1. Bid Format

Vendors are required to submit bids in a well organized format. Elaborate binding
materials, etc. are not required; primary emphasis should be placed on content and
substance. The bid document must be formulated in the same order as the topics
appear in this document. Any accompanying materials and additional information
deemed necessary by the vendor should be included in an Addendum Section.

2. USF and FCC Requirements

Vendors are required to comply with all USF and FCC regulations, including but not
limited to document retention requirements. Any USF ineligible components will be
identified by the vendor, with separate costs for eligible and ineligible components.
If ineligible components cannot be cost allocated and are part of the standard product
offering, the vendor will include a signed statement to that effect. Vendors shall
provide their USF SPIN and FCC RN numbers in their proposal and state their ability
to comply with the USF and FCC program requirements.

3. Qualifications

The Owner desires to contract with a vendor established as an FCC registered
Telecommunications Service provider. The successful vendor must possess sufficient
resources to satisfactorily perform the requirements of the contract in a manner
commensurate with the scope of the project. A brief paragraph by the vendor is
required to substantiate this item.

4. Schedule

The Vendor shall include with their bid a list of any major preparation tasks that must
be completed prior to start date for the Data Circuit Service and also include proposed
timeline for completing those preparatory tasks.

5. References

The vendor must demonstrate experience as an Telecommunications Service Provider.
A list of at least three (3) installations currently in service, including contact names
and telephone numbers, must be provided.
6. Warranty

The vendor shall provide Data Circuit Service in accordance with the specifications
stated in this document. Failure to meet these specifications shall be grounds for
termination of any contract or other agreement made to receive the Data Circuit
Service specified in this document as permitted under USF and FCC regulations.

In the event that termination is due to a Vendor’s inability to perform cut-over
preparations as specified in the “Period of Service” the Owner will not assume any
financial liability for any work and/or materials utilized by the Vendor prior to the
termination of those agreements.


The Owner currently uses an T1/DS1 (extended frame, clear channel) circuit in
conjunction with two Cisco 1600 series routers to implement a data circuit that routes
TCP/IP ethernet data between its main campus in Calumet, MI and the Horizons High
School in Mohawk, MI. The bandwidth capacity of this circuit is no longer.

This circuit is used to provide students and staff at the Horizons High School with
internet access which supports services such as: on-line credit recovery courses
(OdysseyWare), general internet research, access to streaming audio/video content, e-
mail, and access to a web based attendance/grading system.

The local area network at Horizons High School consists of 35 student computers, 7
staff/administrative computers and one file server. The LAN is implemented with an
HP Procurve 2824 switch in the distribution closet and two HP Procurve 2524
switches, one in each of the 15 station computer labs.


The Vendor shall provide the Owner with Data Circuit Service between the Public
Schools of CLK MDF and 57070 Mine St., Calumet, MI and the MDF at the
Horizons High School at 110 Stanton Ave. in Mohawk, MI according to the
following specifications:

1. The Vendor shall provide Data Circuit Service that routes Ethernet TCP/IP traffic
   between the Horizons High School LAN and the Calumet main campus LAN.
2. The Vendor bid shall clearly indicate monthly data circuit base fees and any/all
   one-time installation/configuration fees associated with establishing Data Circuit
3. The Vendor bid shall clearly indicate monthly lease fees for any routing and/or
   other network equipment required to implement the Data Circuit Service.
4. The Vendor shall provide Data Circuit Service that is capable of providing a
   minimum of 3 Megabits per second (two T1/DS1), full duplex,
   sustained/continuous data rates, between these locations.
5. The Vendor shall provide Data Circuit Service that includes any/all routing
   equipment with sufficient memory and processing power to utilize all of the
   specified bandwidth provided by the Digital Circuit Service. Equipment shall
   connect to Owner’s Ethernet LAN utilizing either 100base-T or 1000Base-T full
   duplex auto-sensing Ethernet connections.

6. The Vendor shall own all equipment and/or software required to implement the
   Data Circuit Service as specified in this document. The Vendor shall be
   responsible for any and all maintenance costs associated with the operation and
   upkeep of said equipment. The Owner will lease said equipment and/or software
   from the Vendor and shall not otherwise purchase or own said equipment.
7. Upon the termination of the Data Circuit Service, whether due to expiration of the
   Period of Service or Vendor failure to fulfill specifications, the Vendor shall, at
   their own expense, remove any and all equipment, software, and/or
   telecommunication services leased to the Owner in a timely and professional
8. Vendor shall proactively notify the Owner with a minimum of 24 hours advance
   notice for any scheduled outages and/or maintenance of the Data Circuit Service.
   Scheduled downtime should occur outside of Owner normal operating hours of
   Mon.-Fri. between 8:00AM and 4:00PM.


Implementation of the Data Circuit Service is contingent upon funding approval from
the USF program.

Acceptance of the Data Circuit Service is contingent upon the Vendor demonstrating
operational Data Circuit Service prior to July 1st 2011.

Vendor invoices for the Data Circuit Service can be dated no earlier than July 1st
2011 to include any invoices associated with one-time installation charges for cut-
over work performed prior to the actual use of the Data Circuit Service.

Vendors must fully understand their USF responsibilities and the procedures that
must be followed before funds are released from the USF. The Vendor and Owner
agree to complete USF/E-Rate paperwork in a timely manner to avoid unnecessary
payment delays to the contractor for satisfactory project performance.

Each proposal received, whether for all or part of the envisioned system, will be
evaluated on its merits. Cost is a significant factor in any such evaluation, but it is the
Owner's goal to develop a quality, as well as cost-effective, system.

The following criteria (in order of importance) will be used to evaluate responses:

       1.   Cost
       2.   Adherence to specifications
       3.   Vendor Qualifications and Reputation
       4.   Equipment Brand/Model Reputation
       5.   Delivery Schedule


Neither the purchaser nor any agent thereof on behalf of the purchaser will be
obligated in any way by any vendor response to this Request for Bids.


Please identify the following individuals who will act as contracts for the purchaser:

      The sales representative responsible for the sale.

      The corporate executive who has the authority to negotiate for and bind the
       company if the contract is awarded.


      Darryl A. Pierce, Superintendent
      Anton J. Pintar, Network Administrator

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