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Employment Forms Backward Design


									                                      Unit Cover Page

Unit Title: Employment Forms                    Grade Levels: 8th Grade

Subject/Topic Areas: Employment Forms

Key Words: Job Applications, Resumes, Skills, Experience, References, Employment

Designed by:                              Time Frame: Fall 2006

School District: Killeen Independent School District

School: Palo Alto Middle School

Brief Summary of Unit (including curricular context and unit goals): This unit will enable
students to use the resources available in the Career Investigations lab to create a personal
resume. The resume will be geared towards getting the job that they consider their dream job.
We will walk through the entire process of completing the forms necessary to obtain

Unit design status:            DoneCompleted template pages-Stages 1, 2, and 3

  Completed blue print for each performance task                  Completed rubrics

  Directions to students and teachers                    Materials and resources listed

  Suggested accommodations                                        Suggested extensions

Status:    Initial draft (date 7-24-06)                  Revised draft (date 7-31-06)

  Peer reviewed           Content reviewed        Field tested    Validated    Anchored

                                                                          Landing Your Dream Job
                              6-Page Template, Page 2
Established Goals:

       127.2.4D Develop a resume for an employment opportunity in the student’s
              interest area.
       127.2.4E Role-play appropriate interviewing techniques for an employment
              opportunity in the student’s interest area.

What understandings are desired?
Students will understand that. . .
    Resumes combine our past experiences with future intents to give employers a
       summary of what we can offer to a company.
    To get a job, you must use appropriate language, terminology, and
       communication skills to create a resume.

What essential questions will be considered?
      How do you land that dream job?

       What is the difference between a resume and an application?

       What is a resume used for?

       Why do companies require resumes and applications?

What key knowledge and skills will students acquire as a result of this unit?

          Students will know. . .                   Students will be able to. . .

Parts of a resume.                          Type a resume.

Terms to use in a resume.                   Apply for employment.

Appropriate answers to typical interview    Role-play a job interview.

                                                                      Landing Your Dream Job
                                         6-Page Template, Page 3

                             Stage 2 – Determine Acceptable Evidence

What evidence will show that students understand?

Performance Tasks* (summary in GRASPS form):
Create A Resume - Students will create a personal resume based on their own experiences. The
resume should be geared towards an after school job, such as babysitting or mowing lawns, to
avoid interfering with the student’s school schedule.

Role-Play – Students will role-play as an interviewer and an interviewee for a position in which
they are interested. The will use the vocabulary related to obtaining employment that we have
learned during the unit. Each pair of students will be given a couple of the questions attached,
create appropriate answers to the questions, and then present to the class.
                                  *Complete a Performance Task Blueprint for each task (next page).

Other Evidence (quizzes, tests, prompts, observations, dialogues, work samples):

        Oral or written response to one of the Essential Questions
        Using employment vocabulary in context
        Venn diagram demonstrating similarities and differences in resumes and

Student Self-Assessment and Reflection:
    Students will self-assess the resume, Create A Resume.
    Students will reflect on various forms of employment that would allow them to
      earn money while in school.

                                                                                                      Landing Your Dream Job
                              6-Page Template, Page 4

                            Performance Task Blueprint

What understandings and goals will be assessed through this task?
Understanding: Resumes combine our          Goal: Develop a resume for an
past experiences with future intent to give employment opportunity in the student’s
employers a summary of what a person has interest area.
to offer a company.

What criteria are implied in the standards and understandings regardless of the task
specifics? What qualities must student work demonstrate to signify that standards were
    Understand terminology related to
        obtaining employment.

Through what authentic performance task will students demonstrate understanding?
Students will create a personal resume. The resume will include their personal
information (name, address, phone number), goal, experience, educational background,
and skills. We will focus on using action words for our experience and ensure the resume
is grammatically correct.

What student products and performances will provide evidence of desired understandings?

By what criteria will student products and performances be evaluated?
Students will be graded on the following:
   including all necessary information

                                                                     Landing Your Dream Job
Landing Your Dream Job
                        6-Page Template, Page 5

        Stage 3 – Plan Learning Experiences and Instruction
                      Consider the WHERETO elements.
1. Begin with an entry question (How do you land that dream job?) to hook students into
considering the effects of resumes in their lives. (H)

2. Introduce the essential questions and discuss the culminating unit performance tasks
(Create-A-Resume). (W)

3. Note: Key vocabulary terms are introduced as needed by the various learning
activities and performance tasks. Students read and discuss relevant selections from the
handouts to support the learning activities and tasks. (E)

4. Present skill builder lesson on the job skills employers seek. Students will complete
skill assessment sheets to determine which skills they currently exercise. (E)

5. Introduce resumes and identify the sections of a resume. Students work in groups to
develop a resume on the information given about a fictitious person. (E)

6. Review and discuss the elements in a resume. Discussion question: How creative can
you be on a resume? (R)

7. Working in cooperative groups, analyze the different resumes assembled by different
teams. (E-2)

8. In groups, discuss the various types of employment that can be performed by middle
school students during the school year. Examples: Babysitting, cleaning houses,
mowing lawns, raking leaves, and running errands. (E-2)

9. Each student designs his or her own personal resume. The resume should be geared to
obtain after school employment immediately. (E, T)

10. Students will trade papers and assess each other’s resume. (R, E-2)

11. Students, in pairs, will be given interview questions to practice constructing
appropriate responses. Once students have time to create appropriate answers, they will
practice role-playing the interviewer and the interviewee. (E-2, H)

10. Students will be given the opportunity to revise their resume before printing the final
copy to be submitted for a grade. (R, E-2)

11. Students respond to a written prompt: What are the benefits of having a strong
resume? (E-2)

                                                                 Landing Your Dream Job
    Students are attending school to learn the necessary skills to become a productive
    member of society. We are working on completing a resume to obtain employment.

    How will you obtain your dream job?

    We will begin by having students construct a resume in pairs using information supplied.
    We will discuss job skills, and search for ways students have already begun to
E   demonstrate proficiency at some of these skills. Finally, each student will create his or
    her own resume.
    After completing the sample resume, students will compare the results of different
    resumes. What differences did each student have? Similarities? Which is better? Why?

    Students will self-assess using a rubric before I assess for the grade.

    Each student will aim the resume at a career that he or she would enjoy.


                                                                       Landing Your Dream Job
How Do You Land That Dream Job?

    Tarleton State University

                                  Landing Your Dream Job

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