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         GARY FULLER
City of Opelika Request for Proposals for Auditing Services

                           REQUEST FOR SEALED PROPOSALS:
                                   Auditing Services
                                         TO OPEN MAY 11, 2009

General Information
The City of Opelika is requesting proposals from qualified certified public accounting firms to
audit its financial statements for primary government, for the fiscal year ending September 30,
2009. There will be an option to extend this agreement for auditing the City’s financial
statements for each of the subsequent two fiscal years. The continuation of the contract after
each year is solely at the discretion of the City of Opelika.
The City’s Financial Statements for fiscal 2008 can be reviewed via the City’s website:
In addition to the standard financial and compliance audit, the City requires the conducting of a
Single Audit of its federal grants in accordance with OMB Circular A-133, Audits of States,
Local Governments, and Non-Profit Organizations, and any other applicable federal
regulations. The City is the recipient of Community Development Block Grant funds of
approximately $275,000.00 annually as a federally designated CDBG Entitlement City. In
addition to these HUD funds, the City typically receives federal funds from the US Department
of Agriculture, US Department of Justice, as well as State grant funds from the Alabama
Department of Transportation and the Alabama Department of Economic and Community
There is no expressed or implied obligation for the City of Opelika to reimburse responding
firms for any expenses incurred in preparing proposals in response to this request for

Pre-proposal meeting: All proposers are encouraged to attend a pre-proposal meeting at City
Hall on Tuesday, April 21, 2009 at 10:00 am in the City Hall Conference Room, 204 South
7th Street Opelika, AL. Shirley Washington, (334) 705-5120, may be contacted for further
information. The purpose of this meeting is to provide a brief presentation on the City’s
financial software and to allow the City to respond to potential proposers’ questions to enable
them to prepare an accurate and complete proposal. The City will not accept marketing
materials or quasi-presentations at this meeting.
Submission of proposals: Interested firms should submit one (1) original and five (5) copies of
their proposal no later than 2:00 p.m. on Monday, May 11, 2009, to:
                                 Shirley Washington, Purchasing Director
                                             City of Opelika
                                              P.O. Box 390
                                           204 South 7th Street
                                      Opelika, Alabama 36803-0390

City of Opelika Request for Proposals for Auditing Services

During the evaluation process, the City reserves the right to request additional information or
clarifications from proposers, or to allow corrections of errors or omissions.
The City of Opelika reserves the right to retain all proposals submitted and to use any ideas in
the proposals regardless of whether the proposal is selected. Submission of a proposal
indicates acceptance by the firm of the conditions contained in this request for proposal, unless
clearly and specifically noted in the proposal submitted and confirmed in the agreement
between the City of Opelika and the firm selected.
It is anticipated that the selection of a firm(s) will be completed by June 30, 2009.

Each firm shall submit one original and five (5) copies of their technical proposal to the
Purchasing Department at the address listed above. The original proposal shall be clearly

All proposals shall be signed in ink by the authorized person of the firm

All auditing firms shall include, with their proposal, a list of at least five (5) current references
for whom comparable work has been performed, with a minimum of three (3) being state
and/or local government audit clients. This list shall include company name, person to contact,
address and telephone number. Failure to include references shall be ample cause for
rejection of proposal as non-responsive.

Term of Engagement
A one-year agreement with an option for two additional years is contemplated, subject to an
annual review by the City Administrator, Purchasing Agent and City Controller, the satisfactory
negotiation of terms (including a price acceptable to both the City of Opelika and the selected
firm) and the concurrence of the Mayor of the City of Opelika.
In the event of a merger of the selected firm with another firm of certified public accountants or
the change of partners to the selected firm, this contract will be transferable to the successor firm
with the written approval of the City.

Scope of Work to be Performed
To meet the requirements of this request for proposal, the audit shall be performed in
accordance with generally accepted auditing standards as set forth by the American Institute of
Certified Public Accountants and generally accepted government auditing standards as
established by Government Auditing Standards issued by the Comptroller General of the
United States. These audits are to be performed in accordance with the provisions included in
this request for proposal. The City of Opelika desires the auditor to express an opinion on the
fair presentation of its general-purpose financial statements in conformity with generally
accepted accounting principles established by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board
and the Financial Accounting Standards Board.
The City will be required to comply with the GASB’s new reporting model and will rely upon the
auditors to make all necessary changes to the report. The City of Opelika will record
depreciation expense on its infrastructure capital assets (it will not use the alternative “modified

City of Opelika Request for Proposals for Auditing Services

The auditor shall also be responsible for preparing the supplementary information required by
the Government Accounting Standards Board’s generally accepted accounting principles and
applicable grant agreements.
The auditors shall provide to the City documentation of all audit adjustments including
appropriate back-up documentation and will meet with staff, if requested, to discuss all
proposed audit adjustments. No audit adjustments shall be reflected in the audited financial
statements unless approved by the Controller, as appropriate.

Work Plan

The extent and character of the audit services to be performed shall be subject to
the general control and approval of the authorized representative(s) of the Controller, the
Mayor and City Administrator . The firm must provide a detailed work plan
describing the individual tasks to be performed and the relative scheduling of
those tasks.

Review the audit program and scope with the City, prior to beginning the audit, and
identify the records to be audited, procedures to be followed and the timing for
gathering those source documents.

Establish a timeline for the audit identifying lead times to allow General Government and
staff adequate time to respond to requests for data, information, etc. The City’s staff will
cooperate with auditors in a timely manner. However, for some records, adequate time must
be allowed.

 In order to ensure a coordinated effort during the course of the contract and
 upcoming audits, the auditor must agree that prior to commencing the engagement for each
 fiscal year, the following will occur:

a.      The audit staff will meet with City management to discuss the scope of the audit
        and any problem areas identified in previous engagements which should have
        been resolved by the City;

b.      The audit staff will discuss problems that City officials feel n eed special attention
        to ensure that the auditor is apprised of all matters that need to be included in the
        scope of examination; and

c.      The City Controller will hold a periodic meeting with the auditors, and city
        management and other relevant staff to discuss audit problems requiring attention
        and to give progress reports on the engagement.

Contract Terms and Conditions
The extent and character of the services to be performed by the firm shall be subject

City of Opelika Request for Proposals for Auditing Services

to the general control and approval of the authorized representative(s) of the City of

The firm shall not comply with requests and/or orders issued by other than these
authorized representative(s) acting within their authority for the City. Any change to the
contract must be approved in writing by the Purchasing Agent and the auditing firm.

The successful auditing firm is prohibited from assigning, transferring, conveying,
subletting, or otherwise disposing of this agreement or its rights, title or interest
therein or its power to execute such agreement to any other person, company or
corporation without the prior consent and approval in writing by the City.

The contract period shall begin for fiscal years ending September 30, 2009 through 2011.

License Requirement

All firms doing business in the City of Opelika are required to be licensed in
accordance with City’s “Business, Professional, and Occupational Licensing (BPOL)
Tax” Ordinance.

Irregularities and Illegal Acts
Auditors shall be required to make an immediate, written report to the City Administrator, as
appropriate, of all irregularities and illegal acts or indications of illegal acts of which they
become aware during the course of the audit.
Internal Control Communications
Upon completion of the auditor’s documentation and review of the internal controls of each
entity, the auditor shall meet with the Controller on the result of the internal control review,
clearly identifying each weakness noted, whether or not the auditor considers them to be
material weaknesses. The auditor shall provide a written memorandum summarizing these
meetings to the Controller within 10 working days after these meetings. The auditor shall
report, in writing, to the Controller and City Administrator any other internal control weaknesses
noted at any other points in the audit process. Such reports shall be provided within ten
working days of the date on which such internal control weakness was discovered by the

Reports to be Issued
Following the completion of the audit of the fiscal year’s financial statements, the auditor shall
draft the financial statements and narrative notes to the financial statements, and shall issue a
report on the fair presentation of the general-purpose financial statements in conformity with
generally accepted accounting principles.
The auditor shall prepare the following reports at the completion of the audit:

    For the City:

City of Opelika Request for Proposals for Auditing Services

    1) The auditor will prepare all financial statements and notes to the financial statements
       required for the financial report of the primary government.
    2) A single audit report on the financial statements, internal controls and compliance in
       accordance with Government Auditing Standards and OMB Circular A-133, Audits of
       States, Local Governments, and Non-Profit Organizations, and any other applicable
       federal regulations for compliance with the Single Audit Act, as may be required.
    3) A management report containing comments and recommendations regarding the City’s
       internal controls; that is, its methods of safeguarding its assets, insuring the accuracy of
       its financial information, promoting efficiency, and adhering to municipal policies. This
       letter should contain comments and recommendations for controlling any internal
       weaknesses discovered and shall be reviewed by the Controller and City Administrator
       before the management report is finalized and published by the auditor.

Working Paper Retention and Access to Working Papers
All working papers and reports must be retained, at the auditor’s expense, for a minimum of
five (5) years. If the firm is notified in writing by the City of Opelika of the need to extend the
retention period, the auditor may be required to extend the working papers and reports
retention period an additional 3-5 years. The auditor will be required to make any and all
working papers available, upon request, to the City of Opelika. The City of Opelika shall be
authorized to make photocopies of any and all working papers.
In addition, the firm shall respond to the reasonable inquiries of successor auditors and allow
successor auditors to review working papers relating to matters of continuing accounting


Principal Contact
The auditor’s principal contact who will coordinate the assistance to be provided to the auditor
by the City of Opelika will be Mitch Price, City Controller, (334) 705-5181.

Background Information
The City of Opelika
The City of Opelika, located in east central Alabama, is a thriving and diverse industrial based
community. The City was incorporated in 1854. The City of Opelika is a historic town with a
population of approximately 25,836 per 2007 Census.
Located near Georgia’s west central border, Opelika is conveniently located on Interstate
Highway 85, 100 miles southwest of Atlanta and 65 miles east of Montgomery, the Alabama
State Capitol. Opelika is 125 miles southeast of Birmingham, the largest city in Alabama, and
is 35 miles northwest of Columbus, Georgia. With easy access to highway, rail and air
transportation, Opelika’s location has been a significant factor in its continuing growth.
Opelika has a Council/Mayor form of municipal government. The City Council consists of five
members elected from five wards and the Mayor, who is elected at large. This legislative body
establishes policy to guide the various city departments in providing services to citizens. The

City of Opelika Request for Proposals for Auditing Services

City of Opelika has a City Administrator along with the Mayor who directs and manages the
daily activities of the city government.
The City employs approximately 325 persons full-time and approximately 50 on a part-time or
temporary basis. Police protection is provided by the Opelika Police Division, which consists of
84 sworn police officers and operates out of one central police station. The Fire Division,
consisting of 66 certified personnel that provide fire protection to the city's residents and operates
out of four (4) stations. The City also provides other municipal services, such as maintenance of
public roadways and related infrastructure, environmental services (solid waste disposal,
recycling and animal control), electric utility and sewer services, inspection of new and existing
construction, planning, parks and recreation, library services, and general administration. The
Public Works and Sewer Services are managed by a private company on an annual contract.
The City's 2009 Budget adopted by the City Council, was $82 million. There are some City funds
for which an annual budget is not adopted. All funds are subject to audit.
The City is a member of the Retirement Systems of Alabama, which employs an independent
actuary to determine the City’s required contribution to its pension funds. The City has no other
pension funds, but does provide deferred compensation plans for employees who desire to

The City of Opelika Accounting Department provides the budgetary, reporting accounting,
treasury management, payroll, accounts receivable, and accounts payable functions to the City.
The Purchasing Department creates, and signs all purchases that exceed $200.00. The City
Clerk also serves as City Treasurer. The Accounting Department has a staff of five full-time
employees and one additional part-time temporary employee.
The City of Opelika prepares its budgets on a basis consistent with generally accepted
accounting principles.

Fund Structure
The City of Opelika accounts are organized on the basis of funds and account groups in
accordance with generally accepted government accounting standards. The day-to-day
transactions are conducted with the aid of a computerized governmental accounting system. The
accounting system’s computer hardware platform is the IBM I-Series and the financial accounting
software is supported by Sungard Public Sector.
The City of Opelika uses the following fund types and account groups in its financial reporting:

                                                       Number of      Number of
                 Fund Type                              Funds       Funds Budgeted
General                                                   1                1
Special Revenue                                           33              10
Debt Service                                              3                0
Enterprise                                                3                3
Capital Projects                                          4                0
Internal Service                                          2                2
Trust                                                         3               0

City of Opelika Request for Proposals for Auditing Services


Calendar of Milestone Dates
The auditors must be able to meet the following milestone dates for each fiscal year audit:

        September 25            Preliminary work to be completed
        November 17             The City’s books will be closed
        January 24              Fieldwork to be completed
        February 21             Draft reports for the Financial Statements to be completed
        March 16                Final printed reports and footnotes necessary for the Financial
                                Statements to be completed
        March 11                Single Audit reports to be complete

If the proposing firm sees any problem with meeting this schedule, it should be noted in the
proposal, along with a detailed proposed alternate schedule.
Unless there are mitigating circumstances to which the administrative staff of the City are
responsible, the City of Opelika will withhold, and the auditors shall forfeit from the annual fee,
liquidated damages in the amount of $300 per day for the City for any failure of the auditor to
meet the deadlines in the agreed upon milestone schedule.

Report Requirements
The independent auditor shall type, reproduce, and assemble the following reports:
    For the City
        1) One (1) hard copy and two (2) electronic copies (formats acceptable to the City i.e.
           PDF, Word, Excel...) of the financial statements and notes to the financial statements
           as required by generally accepted accounting principles, including required
           supplementary information.
        2) Fifteen (15) hard copies and two (2) electronic copies of the Single Audit Report.
        3) Fifteen (15) hard copies and two (2) electronic copies of the Management Letter.

        4) One (1) hard copy and two (2) electronic copies of the audited trial balance, audited
           lead scheduled, audited adjusting entries.
The auditor will provide the specified number of copies of the Single Audit Reports to the City a
week before the filing deadlines established by the United States Office of Management and
Budget for federal grant funds and not later than March 31 of the year following the September 30
fiscal year-end to meet the requirements of State grantors. Failure to deliver these reports by
these dates may result in liquidated damages as specified above.


Finance Department and Clerical Assistance
The City’s administrative staff and responsible management personnel will be available during
the audit to assist the firm by providing information, documentation and explanations.
City of Opelika Request for Proposals for Auditing Services


The City will provide the auditor with temporary workspace, desks, and chairs in the Council
Chambers to be used to perform the audit when needed, except during the time when the City
Council has meetings. At the City, the auditor will also be furnished with Internet access,
inquiry and report printing access to City’s financial system, telephones, facsimile machines,
and photocopying machines.


Deadline to Submit Proposal
Completed sealed proposals shall be received by the Purchasing Department at City Hall by
2:00 p.m. on May 11, 2009 at which time they will be opened. Late proposals will not be

Inquiries concerning the request for proposal and the subject of the request for proposal must
be made to: Mitch Price, Controller, (334) 705-5181. Inquiries concerning the submission of
proposal shall be made to Shirley Washington, Purchasing Director (334) 705-5120.

The firm should provide an affirmative statement that it is independent of the City of Opelika as
defined by generally accepted auditing standards.

Firm Qualifications and Experience
The proposal should state the size of the firm, the size of the firm’s governmental audit staff
(professionals only), the location of the office from which the work on this engagement is to be
performed, and the number and nature of the professional staff to be employed in this
engagement on a full-time and on a part-time basis.
The firm should identify the principal supervisory and management staff including engagement
partners, managers, and other supervisors and staff who would be assigned to this
engagement and indicate whether each such person is registered as a certified public
accountant in Alabama, and whether each such person holds a bachelors or masters degree in
accounting. The firm should also provide information on the government auditing experience
of each person. Audit personnel may be changed at the discretion of the proposer if
replacements have substantially the same or better qualifications or experience. The City of
Opelika retains the right to approve or reject replacements.
Each proposer should provide information about the firm’s peer review status.

Similar Engagements with Other Municipalities
For the firm’s office that will be assigned responsibility for the audit, list the most significant
engagements performed in the last three years that are similar to the engagement described in
this request for proposal. Indicate the scope of work, date, engagement partner, total
engagement hours, and the name and telephone number of the principal client contact for
City of Opelika Request for Proposals for Auditing Services

each governmental auditing engagement listed. Specifically identify those engagements at
which the managers and other supervisors who will be assigned to the Opelika engagement
have worked.

Identification of Anticipated Potential Audit Problems
The proposal should identify and describe any anticipated potential audit problems, the firm’s
approach to resolving these problems and any special assistance that will be requested from
the City.


Total All-Inclusive Maximum Price
Attachment A must be completed and signed. Attachment A should specify all pricing
information relative to performing the audit engagement as described in this request for
proposal. The total all-inclusive maximum price is to include all direct and indirect costs
including all out-of-pocket expenses for each proposal scenario. If the proposing firm does not
wish to propose for one or more of the scenarios presented in Attachment A, the scenarios for
which no proposal is being made should be clearly marked, “No proposal for this scenario.”
The entirety of Attachment A must be submitted with each proposal.
Any additional expenses that are a result of implementing GASB 34 must be included in the
all-inclusive maximum price.
The City of Opelika will not be responsible for expenses incurred in preparing and submitting
the proposal. Such costs should not be included in the proposal.

Rates by Partner, Supervisory, and Staff Level; Times Hours Anticipated for Each
The cost schedule should include a schedule of professional fees and expenses broken into
the above categories, if appropriate.

Out-Of-Pocket Expenses
The total all-inclusive maximum price is to include all out-of-pocket expenses.

Manner of Payment
Progress payments will be made on the basis of hours of work completed during the course of
the engagement in accordance with the firm’s proposal. Interim billings shall cover a period of
not less than one calendar month.


The successf ul auditing f ir m shall pr ocure, m aint ain, and provide pr oof of insur ance
coverage for injuries to persons and/or property damage as may arise from or in conjunction with, the
work performed on behalf of the City by the auditing firm, his agents, representatives,
employees or subcontractors. Proof of coverage as contained herein shall be submitted fifteen
(15) days prior to the commencement of work and such coverage shall be maintained by the
auditing firm for the duration of the contract period.\


City of Opelika Request for Proposals for Auditing Services

General Liability Coverage shall be as broad as: Comprehensive General Liability endorsed to include
Broad Form, Commercial General Liability form including Products/Completed Operations.

Minimum Limits:

a.      General Liability:
        $1,000,000 General Aggregate Limit
        $1,000,000 Products & Completed Operations
        $1,000,000 Personal and Advertising Injury
        $1,000,000 Each Occurrence Limit
        $50,000 Fire Damage Limit
        $5,000 Medical Expense Limit

b.      Automobile Liability
        Coverage sufficient to cover all vehicles owned, used, or hired by the auditing firm, his
        agents, representatives, employees or subcontractors.

        $1,000,000 Combined Single Limit
        $1,000,000 Each Occurrence Limit
        $5,000 Medical Expense Limit

c.      Workers' Compensation
        Limits as required by the Workers' Compensation Act of Alabama Employers Liability,

d.      Owners' & Contractors' Protective Liability
        Policy will name the City of Opelika as additional insured. Minimum limits required are

e.      Professional Liability
        Minimum limits are $1,000,000 per occurrence.
f.      Coverage Provisions

1.      All deductibles or self-insured retention shall appear on the certificate(s).

2.      The City of Opelika shall be added as "additional insured".

3.      The successful auditing firm’s insurance shall be primary over any applicable insurance or
        self-insurance maintained by the City.

4.      Shall provide 30 days written notice to the City before any cancellation, suspension, or
        void of coverage in whole or part, where such provision is reasonable.

5.      The auditing firm shall furnish the City certificates of insurance including endorsements
        affecting coverage. The certificates are to be signed by a perso n authorized by the
        insurance company(s) to bind coverage on its' behalf, if executed by a broker, notarized
        copy of authorization to bind, or certify coverage must be attached.

City of Opelika Request for Proposals for Auditing Services

Hold Harmless Clause
The Contractor shall, during the term of the contract, indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the
City, its officials, employees, agents, and representatives thereof from all suits, actions, or
claims of any kind, including attorneys fees, brought on account of any personal injuries,
damages, or violations of rights, sustained by any person or property in consequence of any
neglect in safeguarding contract work or on account of any act or omission by the auditing firm
or his employees, or from any claims or amounts arising from violation of any law, bylaw,
ordinance, regulation or decree. The auditing firm agrees that this clause shall include
involving infringement of patent or copyright.


The General Contract Terms and Conditions set forth certain criteria which will be used in the
receipt of proposals and selection of the successful firm. In addition, the criteria set forth
below will be considered.

The City’s Proposal Analysis Group will independently and collectively read, review and
evaluate each proposal and selection will be made on the basis of the criteria listed below. The
firms submitting proposals shall include with that proposal statements on the following:
     a. Proven record of expertise and independence in the auditing of state and local governments,
        including generally accepted auditing standards, the standards set forth for financial
        audits in the General Accounting Office's (GAO) Government Auditing Standards
        (1994), the provisions of the federal Single Audit Act of 1984 (as amended in 1996)
        and U.S. Off ice of Management and Budget (OMB) Cir cular A - 133, Audits of
        States, Local Govern ments, and Non -Profit Organizations. (20 points)
     b. Experience and professional qualifications of the audit team including licensing and
        continuing professional education programs in state and local govern ment accounting,
        auditing, and financial reporting. (20 Points)

     c. Audit Plan (Work performance, timing, assistance needed). (20 Points)

     d. References from state and local government audit clients.        (5 Points)

     e. Cost of services.     (35 Points)

        Once each member of the Proposal Analysis Group has independently read and rated
        each proposal, a composite preliminary rating will be developed which indicates the
        group's collective ranking of the highest rated proposals in a descending order. At
        this point, the Proposal Analysis Group will conduct interviews and have discussions
        with only the top ranked firms (usually the top three depending upon the number of
        proposals received). If an auditing firm is selected for interview and subsequent
        discussion, that auditing firm must submit the required pricing forms containing a non-
        binding estimate of the cost of services and the required costing data sheets
        indicating an estimate of the number of man hours and other data. These forms,
        provided in the original solicitation, must be submitted to the City within three (3)
        working days of notification. During the interview process and discussion stage, the
City of Opelika Request for Proposals for Auditing Services

        non-binding price proposals and cost data sheets shall be discussed. Once these
        inter views and discussions are complet ed, including the non- binding estimates
        of cost and man hours, the Proposal Analysis Group will finalize the rankings,
        including consideration of the cost of services (i.e., price proposal). Final negotiations
        for a binding estimate of cost will begin with the top ranked firm.

Mandatory Elements
     1) The firm is independent and licensed to practice in the State of Alabama.
     2) The firm is in good standing with the appropriate State Board of Public Accountancy.
     3) The audit firm’s professional personnel have received adequate continuing professional
        education in governmental accounting and auditing within the preceding three years.
     4) The firm has no conflict of interest with regard to any other work performed by the firm
        for the City of Opelika.
     5) The firm submits a copy of its most recent external quality control review report and the
        firm has a record of quality audit work.
     6) The firm adheres to the instructions in this request for proposal on preparing and
        submitting the proposal.
     7) The firm has an understanding of the specific needs of the City of Opelika as it relates
        to the audit engagement.
     8) Proposers may be asked to make oral presentations to supplement the written
        proposals. These presentations would be held subsequent to the receipt of the written
        proposals and will be part of the process for determining the qualifications of the
        auditors. The City will schedule a time and location in Opelika for each oral
        presentation that it requests. Should a proposer refuse to honor the request for an oral
        presentation or interview, it may result in the rejection of the proposal by the City.

Technical Qualifications
     1) The firm exhibits expertise based on experience and performance on comparable
        government engagements for Alabama cities.
     2) The quality of the firm’s professional personnel to be assigned to the engagement and
        the quality of the firm’s management support personnel to be assigned to the
        engagement will also be considered.

Price Consideration
Cost will not be the sole factor in the selection of an audit firm.

Final Selection
The City of Opelika will select a firm based upon the evaluation criteria. It is anticipated that an
award decision will be made by June 30, 2009.

Right to Reject Proposals

City of Opelika Request for Proposals for Auditing Services

Submission of a proposal indicates acceptance by the firm of the conditions contained in this
request for proposal unless clearly and specifically noted in the proposal submitted and
confirmed in the written agreement between the City of Opelika and the firm selected.
The City of Opelika reserves the right without prejudice to reject any or all proposals.

City of Opelika Request for Proposals for Auditing Services

                                          ATTACHMENT A
                                          CITY OF Opelika
                                     REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL
                                        AUDITING SERVICES
                                    DUE: 2:00 p.m. - May 11, 2009

City Financial Audit

Firm Submitting Proposal:            _______________________________________________

                                     Financial Statements and Notes to the Financial
                                     Statements, Management Letter, Separate Single Audit
Fee Structure:

           2009                      $
           2010                      $
           2011                      $

                           Signature of Authorized Representative

                           Name of Authorized Representative



                           Signature of Authorized Representative
                           Phone Number

                           Fax Number
                           Federal ID Number

                           Web Site
                           E-mail Address

City of Opelika Request for Proposals for Auditing Services










City of Opelika Request for Proposals for Auditing Services

                                                     BID NO.: B09-020


NOTE: If you DO NOT intend to bid on this commodity or service, please complete and Return this form
immediately. Your response will assist us in evaluating all responses for this important project and to improve our bid
solicitation process.

The Purchasing Division of the City of Opelika wishes to keep its bid list file up-to-date. If, for any reason you cannot
supply the commodity/service noted in this bid/proposal solicitation, this form must be completed and returned to remain on
the particular bid list for future projects of this type.

If you do not respond to this inquiry within the time set for the proposal opening date and time noted, we will
assume that you can no longer supply this commodity/service, and your name will be removed from this
commodity/service list.

_____            Specifications too “tight”, i.e. geared toward one brand or manufacturer only.

_____            Specifications are unclear (explain below)

_____            We are unable to meet specifications.

_____            Insufficient time to respond to the Request for Proposal.

_____            Our schedule would not permit us to perform.

_____            We are unable to meet bond requirements.

_____            We are unable to meet insurance requirements.

_____            We do not offer this product or service.

_____            Remove us from your proposers list for this commodity or service.

_____            Other (specify below).

REMARKS          _____________________________________________________


SIGNED:                                          NAME:
                                                                             (Type or Print)

TITLE:                                           DATE:


PHONE:                                           FAX:

                 (Street address)                    (City)            (State)            (Zip)


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