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                   Missionary Baptist
                            "Holding Forth The Word of Life"                                                         Philippians 2:16
Volume LXXIII                                                             St. Louis, MO • July 13, 2010                                                            Issue No. 7

       Camp Week - July 26-29 at Camp Garwood
                                     starting with supper Monday at 5:00 p.m and ending with lunch Thursday
                     Camp Theme: "That Day" based on Matthew 24:36
                      Don Burke and Ben Kingston - Camp Evangelists
                           The Harper Family - Music Leaders
  We will be using Disciples In Training (DIT) again this year. Each church is allowed to have one responsible youth who is capable of fulfilling
 various roles around camp, and a member of a BMA Church, designated as their DIT. If you do not have a youth capable of fulfilling this role,
 you can borrow a youth from another church to be your DIT. Please arrive at camp with your DIT ready to meet with the camp staff (preferably
                                                       before supper) Monday afternoon.
                                             We hope you bring a "load" of kids to camp with you!
                        The camp rules are printed on page 5 - be familiar with them and ready to abide by them, please.
  The "Participation Form" is also on page 5. Each person you bring MUST have one of these filled out and signed before you leave for camp.
                    Don't miss out on the fun, fellowship, and blessings at Camp Garwood!
                                                                                           To learn more about how
                                  Sofilthy's         Partnership With BMMI               your church can partner with
                                                           by Director Ralph Izard, M.D.
                                    Attic                                                BMMI to support our mission-
                                                                                         aries and carry the gospel to an
                                                by Barbara White
                                                                           Do you as an individual, Sunday School class, study group, or
                                              via Mississippi Baptist   a church have the same interest as the Baptist Medical Missions        unsaved and dying world,
                                                                        International (BMMI)? Our interest is to respond to the Great          please call Doris at the Mis-
                                           Be Eccentric                 Commission in support of the missionary working on a mission by        sions office (501 455 4977). I
                                               I get a "briar in my     showing compassion to those that come to a BMMI medical                would be excited to set up an
                                            craw" (if you don't know    clinic with their acceptance of Jesus Christ as their Savior being     appointment to further show
                                            what that is, ask a         the end result.                                                        you and your church how you
                                            chicken) every time I          Each year, several churches partner with the BMMI for               can become involved in world-
                                            hear a youngun' say,        medical mission trips to a country where the BMAA has a                wide missions. A BMMI trip
                                            "Well, everybody else       mission project. The BMMI is part of the Department of                 will change your life forever
                                            is doing it." Well, so      Missions of the Baptist Missionary Association of America.             and also the way you view
                                            what? God went to a lot     Therefore, we are in a position to know the needs of each mission      missions.
                                            of trouble making us all    field and what would be required to have a successful short term         REMEMBER: When you
                                            different, our finger       medical mission trip. Also, we are able to supplement the              follow Jesus Christ, it al-
                                            prints, our voices, our     personnel of the team in the event that the church does not have       ways leads to people.
                                            DNA, etc., all prove        the needed medical professionals for a high standard of care. A
                                            that we are different.      concerted effort is also made to have communications with the           One-Day VBS's
                                            Then most humans start
                                            at an early age trying to
                                                                        Ministry of Health of the proposed country and also the local
                                                                        medical community.
                                                                                                                                                You Are Invited
                                            be like everybody else.        A short term medical mission trip is an exciting way to learn          to Attend:
                                            And age doesn't seem        firsthand about a particular mission field that you support with
                                            to have much influence                                                                                Stony Point Baptist
                                                                        your offerings to BMAA Missions. You are able to meet the
                                                                                                                                                 Church, Mineral Point
on this yearning to be like everybody else. Look at clothing styles,    people with whom the missionary is working and see the living
                                                                                                                                                July 24th at their misson in
hair styles, cars, trucks, etc. Our preacher said the other day that    conditions of the people there.
even adults are influenced by peer pressure to be like everybody           A lot of long range planning is needed for a successful mission
else.                                                                   trip. Passports, flight arrangements, tickets, hotel rooms, food,
                                                                                                                                                     Central Baptist,
  Maybe we need to be reminded of the scripture in Psalm                transportation, medicine, and immunizations required to obtain a
139:14. "I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully         visa, are all matters with which the BMMI office can give
                                                                                                                                               July 31st at Union City Park
made: marvelous are they works; and that my soul knoweth                assistance.
                                                                                                                                                 in the JC Pavilion at the
right well."                                                               The opportunities are great, the need is great, and I believe the
                                                                                                                                                   fairgrounds. 10 til 2
  Be an original. If that means being a little eccentric, so be it!     time is short before the return of Jesus Christ.
                                                                NEWS BRIEFS
Antioch, Ellington, sends           of Jesus kneeling over a broken      ther. We enjoyed an inspiring       support of the loss in the            Her people, as we have had a
Christian Greetings to our          piece of pottery. Very inspir-       message. June 27th, a lunch is      Lawson family. We give our            lot of sickness and we do know
Brothers and Sisters in Christ.     ing. June 18 the Church met at       planned after service then we       sympathy and prayer support           that prayer is the great healer.
We had a wonderful blessing         the home of Butch and Janet          will go to the nursing home for     to Sis. Dorothy’s family. Our         Terry Sharpe, Pastor
June 20th as a husband and his      Price for a picnic complete with     an uplifting message and fel-       dear Sis. Gurlean Lawson is in        Vernis Barr, Reporter
wife joined our church and will     jalepino franks, hot dogs, all the   lowship with the folks there.       need of our prayers, as is Sis.
be baptized soon. They also         trimmings plus homemade ice          Until next time – God offers us     Geraldine Warden who has              Lower Doe Run, Ellington,
had three young people with         cream. I estimate about 35 in        water in our wilderness. Some-      recently decided to move into         reports that we started June by
them. So we now have a young        attendance. We are blessed           one out there needs you. If you     the Baptist Home in Ironton.          asking for the 1st Sunday of
class to teach. Bro. Doyle is       with three baby boys in the          see someone that doesn’t have       We miss you!                          June off, so we could make a
especially happy as he now has      congregation and a lot of grand-     a smile give them one of yours.     From the youth reporters: I now       trip to Texas to see family. The
another man in the church. He       children visiting through the        God bless!                          have 2 young teen assistants to       church was very gracious in
says he was outnumbered by          summer. Our pastor and family        Emory Shelton, Pastor               help with the report from a           allowing us to do so. Bro. Le-
the women. We are still having      took a much deserved vacation        Mary Marcher, Reporter              youth point of view; this month’s     onard Compton filled the pulpit
several visitors. We are pray-      to Branson and other spots of                                            contribution is by Sis Elisha         the morning and evening ser-
ing that more of them will come     interest this month. Bro. Meade      Ozark Heights, Potosi, says,        McGuire. We (Ozark Heights            vices on June 6th. Our pastor
forward and be baptized soon.       filled the pulpit for him. He also   "Hello and God Bless to all our     Youth Group) went to help out         has been preaching from the
Keep Antioch in your prayers        spent a couple of days working       Sisters and Brothers in Christ!"    our Smithville mission in June.       book of Romans for several
as we continue to do the Lord's     at Camp. One of those days he        The harder we work the fur-         We enjoyed the trip and had           weeks now. And it has been so
work.                               had the HELP of two grand-           ther behind we seem to be.          fun at Smithville and we learned      good. Unless the Lord changes
Doyle Abbey, Pastor                 sons, Jimmy and Nathan. We           Bro. Brian and Sis. Dawn had        a lot. It was really good to see      his mind, he intends to preach/
Minnie Asberry, Reporter            are much in prayer for the GMA       a weekend off and Bro. Ron          that others are working for God,      teach the entire book. We've
                                    Retreat on July 16-17 at Camp        Eye filled the pulpit both ser-     too!                                  been studying the book of Acts
Charity, Bismarck, hosted the       Garwood as well as the week          vices; as well as taking care of    Brian Meade, Pastor                   in our Wednesday night Bible
Washington County District          of Camp July 26-29. The Fel-         services at Potosi Manor. Bro.      Georgie Brokaw, Reporter              Study. It, too, is very good and
Auxiliaries on June 5. What a       lowship Choir had a great time       Chris Mosier also assisted with                                           very enlightening. We have set
delightful time we had and hope     singing at the Villas in DeSoto      Bro. Gary’s Sunday school           Ohlman, Bunker, reports that          our one day VBS for July 17th,
others did as well. Sis. Janet      on the 26th and we also look         class and both did a tremen-        Summer is in full swing, and          from 9:30 - 3:00 p.m. We have
Price, with the help of her son,    forward to a concert at Stony        dous job. We are very blessed       that means it's time for Vaca-        set our ages from 4 years old
Stephen, prepared a slide show      Point the last of the month. A       to have these men of God ready      tion Bible School. Every teacher      through the 6th grade. Our
of their trip to the Holy Land.     few of us are gathering at the       to assist as needed with so         is working hard to prepare for        theme is a western one. If you
They get so excited just talking    Colonial Retirement Center in        many on vacations. Welcome          her class of young people. We         know of any children in our
about the trip and their plan to    Bismarck every week to play          back to all. I also got to fly to   are hoping for around 50 kids.        area, please contact us, and we
take another in 2011. We were       the piano and sing for the resi-     Minnesota to visit with my grand    It will be July 19th through July     will try to do our best to bring
also excited as we imagined         dents there.                         children. Our VBS was a big         22. We have an exciting project       them in and minister to them.
ourselves to be in that place       Until we meet,                       success, lots of little ones were   going! We have created a              We honored the men of our
when Jesus comes again. The         Lee Miller, Pastor                   taught the about a trip to Egypt    "building fund" to raise money        church on Wednesday night the
ladies prepared special Israeli     Carolyn Meade, Reporter              by the great teacher Joseph.        for a building for the youth of       23rd. We made them a spa-
treats for refreshments, includ-                                         They were taught to forgive         Ohlman. In the short while that       ghetti supper. There were ap-
ing vegetable salad, fruit tray     Mt. Zion, Ellington, is blessed      things that bother them and to      it has been in effect, God has        proximately 20 people present.
including dates, (Edna couldn't     to visit with you again. May         love family no matter what! Sis     given us great results! The           The best news of all is that one
find figs so brought Fig New-       30th, our visitors were Pastor       Connie and Gerri did a fantas-      wonderful thing about this, is        of our young ones gave her
tons!!!), latke, falafel, pitah     Brian Meade and family. They         tic job preparing and building      that He has sent the young            heart to the Lord on the 30th.
bread with egg salad or grilled     had been visiting with Brian’s       sets with a lot of help from all.   people to the church, making a        She has her whole life to live
chicken stuffing, humus spread,     parents, Bro. Albert and Sis         After refreshments were             need to make room for them.           for God now. We have the
carrot raison salad, and sabbat     Dianna. We had a wonderful           served the children with their      Please pray for our church and            • See NEWS Page 4 •
cake for dessert. A good time       service. They took turns in bring-   teen and adult leaders lead the
was had by all and we appreci-      ing God’s word to us. Bro.           youth out to many exciting dis-                        The Missouri
ate those who drove a great         Josh, their son, is very talented.   plays and fun filled opportuni-
distance to be there. June 14,      He played a hymn on his har-         ties. Such as; one evening they                      Missionary Baptist
Sis. Carolyn met Sis. Norma         monica and one on the piano.         had a petting zoo with donkeys,                  Established by the Baptist Missionary Association
                                                                                                                                     of Missouri November 1937
from Zion and Sis. Tiny and         We enjoyed it all. We were           ducks, rabbits, and chickens; in
GMA, Ciara, from Bethany for        glad to have David Harmon            which, the children were               The Missouri Missionary Baptist (USPS 355-500) is published monthly
                                                                                                                          by the BMA of Missouri Publications Committee.
the long drive and long antici-     with us also. After the service      thrilled. Thanks to all that con-                   Subscription price is $10.00 per year
pated trip to Gary, Texas, for      we gathered in the dining hall       tributed and brought these ani-                    11229 Midland Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63114
GMA Retreat. What a joy that        for a delicious lunch. June 13th,    mals. Our church was repre-                      Periodical Postage Paid at St. Louis, MO 63155
was. Around 415 girls and coun-     Bro. Gerry Joiner and wife Sis.      sented in the Moses Austin                           POSTMASTER: Send address change to:
selors were registered with 67      Janet blessed us with their pres-    Parade along with providing a                           Missouri Missionary Baptist
queens participating in the Coro-   ence. Pray for them as they are      BBQ at the General Dollar                                    11229 Midland Blvd.
                                                                                                                                  St. Louis, MO 63114-1116
nation aptly presented by Sis.      having health problems. We are       store. Thanks to all that helped.
Norma and Sis. Tiny with the        happy to have Sis. Dianna back.      We had a great Father’s Day;                                James E. Hoffmann, Editor
                                                                                                              Ph:   314-429-0714   • E-Mail mmbpaper@charter.net • FAX 314-429-2526
added visual of the potter's        Answered prayers are won-            we look up to our men! We                                  Danny Kirk, Assistant Editor
room, a backdrop painted on a       derful. June 20th, we recog-         were so sad at the passing of                      DEADLINE for copy is the FIRST TUESDAY
huge canvas by Tiny's son,          nized the fathers on their day       our dear Sis. Dorothy Lawson;                       of the month in which you want it to appear
                                                                                                                            See the MMB online at bmamissouri.org
Mitchell, showing a depiction       along with our heavenly Fa-          the church had a dinner for
                                                                                                                     A Reminder of God's Blessings
                             STATE MISSIONS                                                                                              by James Hoffmann
    SEND MISSIONS OFFERINGS TO:                       SEND REVOLVING LOAN FUND OFFERINGS TO:                      On our way home from my mom's funeral last month my wife
    Danny Kirk                                               Leslie Earl Johnston, Treasurer                    and I stopped by to visit my Aunt Dorothy Goldschmidt and share
    BMA of Missouri Missions                                 11710 Administration Dr. Suite 6
    920 Lindsay Lane                                         St. Louis, MO 63146-3407                           with her some of the memories and blessings God had poured
    Florissant, MO 63031                                                                                        upon our family through my parents and their dedication to Him.
    (314)921-2378 office • (314)837-8321home                                                                    As we were talking Aunt Dorothy showed us a list of people who
    E-mail: pastorkirk@gmail.com
                                                                                                                were baptized at the same time my parents, Ed and Irene
                                                     BMA of Missouri Website: www.bmamissouri.org
    410 Donegal Dr.                                                                                             Hoffmann, were baptized in 1932 by the Independence Baptist
    Smithville, MO 64089                                                                                        Church in Neelyville, Missouri.
    816-866-4646 home • 573-631-6274 cell
    E-mail: pastorjamiejones@gmail.com                                                                            We were reminded once again of God's blessings as we saw
                                                                                                                many names we recognized and have been acquainted with over
                                                                                                                the years. Many of these have gone on to be with the Lord. I
                                    From Our Workers                                                            share this list with you, knowing that some of you will recognize
From Our Director....                 not referring to the body, but to because of our Christian free-          some of those listed and many of you will rejoice with us in God's
   This month we celebrate In- the sinful inclination of fallen dom we can do things that we                    blessing in giving us a heritage of Faith that has brought us to
dependence Day and we are man. So Paul is saying do not could not before. True liberty                          where we are today.
so glad that we live in a land let our Freedom in Christ be a produces self-control, service                      The following list was recorded by Mabel (Gayle) Hoffmann,
where we are afforded both base of operation where we to others, and obedience to God.                          Church Clerk. Bro. R.L. Powell baptized these 62 individuals for
rights and choices.                                                                          I am thankful      Independence Baptist Church, at Ringo Ford in August 1932.
                          FINANCIAL REPORT BMA OF MISSOURI MISSIONS • June 2010
Sometimes a free                                   General Fund                              that I live in a
people can take for     Balance May 31, 2010                                  $ 16,575.93    land such as       1. Lela Mae Seratt           32. William Berry
granted that free- June Receipts:                            $ 3,661.96             3,661.96
                                                                                             America. We        2. Ona Morrison              33. Etta Stanley
                        Total Available                                       $ 20,237.89
dom and forget the Disbursements:                                                            enjoy free-        3. Ernest Morrison           34. Bert Bullis
source from which         Director's Salary                  $      700.00                   doms that          4. Minnie Goldschmidt (Hopper)35. Lorene Penrod
their freedom was         BMAA Partnership                        1,500.00                   other nations      5. Alma Morrison             36. James Atwell
                          Director's Expenses                        235.76
won. On a spiri- Total Disbursements                         $    2,435.76    $ 2,435.76     can       only     6. Edwin Hoffmann            37. Carl Smith
tual plane, Paul Balance June 30, 2010:                                       $ 17,802.13    dream about.       7. Irene Hoffmann            38. Ernest French
addressed this very       Certificate of Deposit             $ 65,176.76                     At the same        8. Walter Hoffmann           39. Allie Ferguson
problem in the book       Certificate of Deposit             $ 22,794.67                     time I realize     9. Ollie Hoffmann            40. Ona Surlet
                          ING Direct Savings                 $ 10,782.48
of Galatians. The                                                                            that our nation    10. Otis Harris              41. Mrs. Rich
                        Total in CD's:                       $ 98,753.91
Galatians, who                                                                               as taken much      11. Earl Eagen               42. Harvey Henthorne
once took hold of the freedom carry out our sinful desires with- for granted, has turned its back               12. Arthur Markel            43. Elizabeth Burson
found in Christ, had now be- out fear of consequences.                      on God, and is in jeopardy of       13. Laura Gayle              44. Erline Griffin (Hoffmann)
come enslaved again to the law          2. I am free to love others by losing that freedom under God's          14. Joe Burson               45. Walter Henthorne
of Judaism. Stand fast there- serving them.                                 possible judgment. Like our         15. Kathrine Tolliver        46. Hazel Burrow
fore in the liberty by which            We not only oppose the flesh, nation, we need to take inven-            16. Lorena Stout             47. Alice Gryder
Christ has made us free, and do but we move up to another tory of our spiritual citizenship                     17. Dorotha Dawes            48. Lena May Rich
not be entangled again with a level and with love we serve and ask ourselves are we mak-                        18. Ruth Moss                49. Reva Fickertt
yoke of bondage. Galatians 5:1 others. "…but through love ing the right choices in our lives.                   19. Blanch Gatlin            50. Geneva Fickertt (Stanley)
[NKJV]                                serve one another." Galatians We are free, by the blood of the            20. Beulah Asher             51. Dolly Davis (Parrish)
   Paul would go on in the book 5:13                                        Lamb, to be obedient to His         21. Alfred Henthorne         52. Thelma Atwell
of Galatians and teach them             Jesus is our best example Word and to serve and love                    22. Clyde Berry              53. Florence Surlett
that they were called to and made the point clear that others. Are you living a life of                         23. Effie Lawrence           54. Calvin Townsend
liberty…to freedom. Now, not we love best when we serve liberty as an ambassador for                            24. Arven Lawrence           55. Buron Dowdy
a freedom to do anything as others: For even the Son of Christ?                                                 25. John Morrison            56. Addie Rich
they pleased, but a freedom to Man did not come to be served,                                                   26. John Atwell              57. Cora Moss
choose God as the source of but to serve, and to give His life                                                  27. Henry Schuerger          58. Mrs. Ed Walters
salvation and the freedom to a ransom for many." Mark
                                                                            Special Prayer                      28. Norman Burson            59. Ed Walters
choose to serve God as Lord. 10:45                                          Requests from                       29. Vanita Wells             60. John Alexander
   Please note the following            3. I am free to fulfill the moral                                       30. Anna West                61. Lily Gryder
freedoms that we have in Christ: law of God.                                 the Mission                        31. Emma Langley             62. Beatrice Wells
   1. I am free to stop sin from        For all the law is fulfilled in
setting up a base of operation in one word, even in this: "You
                                                                                Field                           death with his family after a        work in Syria is at stake. Could
my life.                              shall love your neighbor as your- Dear friends:                           colleague was shot to death on       you please send out a prayer
   For you, brethren, have been self." Galatians 5:14 [NKJV]                  We are having difficulties        the street in broad daylight.        gram to every email address
called to liberty; only do not use      God's ethical laws have not recovering from one attack af-                Today, the word came out           you have so we can repel this
liberty as an opportunity for the changed from the Old Testa- ter the other.                                    that all of our Baptist churches     satanic attack through the
flesh, but through love serve ment to the New Testament.                      First, one of our team mem-       in Syria are to be shut down         power of prayer?
one another. Galatians 5:13 Adultery, stealing, and lying are bers in Egypt was thrown in jail                  except maybe 2. They use               Please share this with other
[NKJV]                                things we ought to avoid. Be- for "opening a place of worship             apartments in apartment build-       Baptist papers. I will be for-
   The word "opportunity" ing a Christian does not mean without license." Getting a li-                         ings. From now on no churches        ever grateful. It is crunch time
means "a starting point" and that I have a license to ignore cense is next to impossible. We                    are allowed in apartment build-      and the victory is the Lord's.
was used to describe a military the moral law. On the con- would need a presidential de-                        ings. This was an Achilles' heel                     Christus Victor,
base where all decisions were trary, the Holy Spirit that cree.                                                 for us. It is an illogical law but            Your Workers in the
made and operations were car- indwells us will lead us to do our              Our Mauritania Church             none-the-less a new law.                                 Middle East
ried out. The word "flesh" is best morally. Paul tells us that planter is under the threat of                     We really need prayers. Our        (Names ommitted on purpose)
                                                                                                        Page 3 • MISSOURI MISSIONARY BAPTIST • July 13, 2010
    • NEWS From Page 2 •             sympathy is extended to Bro.        and Marcy! Bro Jim Kerr filled      interested in helping, you can     Hebrews which is about to end.
obligation to disciple her and       Hoffmann and his family as his      the pulpit on June 6th. We had      contact the church. Please con-    We are looking forward to a
encourage her in her Christian       mother, Irene Hoffmann, went        a dinner and a short service        tinue to pray for us as we seek    new book to study. Bro. Billy is
life. Her name is Makenna            home to be with the Lord early      after lunch. It is about a 6 hour   a pastor. We know God has a        a very good teacher. We have
Chilton. Remember her in your        in June. We are looking for-        drive for them so we dismissed      man and a plan for us. It is the   a long prayer list each week
prayers. Please remember Sis.        ward to a wedding shower on         services for Sunday night. Our      prayers of all the church mem-     and probably you do also. So let
Helen Morris in your daily pe-       July 11th for Bro. Clayton          p.m. service on June 13th was       bers and our sister churches       us pray for one another.
titions to the Lord. She is hav-     McKibbin and his fiance, Kin-       our VBS kickoff. Boy ,did we        that keeps the church united       Billy Davis, Pastor
ing some serious health prob-        sey. We pray the Lord's bless-      have a wild bunch of cowboys        and anticipating great things      Vi Maclin, Reporter
lems. She is such a blessing to      ing on this young couple's mar-     and cowgirls, not all of them       from our God! May God bless
our church. Please pray for          riage. We are also looking for-     were kids! We had a good time       each one and may you always        Central, Union, is hosting a
Bro. Denver as he has plans to       ward to State Camp at Gar-          with horse shoes, barrel racing,    feel His loving arms around        one-day Vacation Bible School
go on a mission trip to Bolivia in   wood July 26-29.                    mining for treasures and a cold     you for He is always with us.      July 31st at Union City Park in
August. There are several men        James Hoffmann, Pastor              potato game. Sis. Christina         Debbie Houston, reporter           the JC Pavilion (at the fair-
from Meramec Association             Carol McDonald, Reporter            Taylor, VBS director , could                                           grounds). "Surfing with the
that are planning to go. They                                            not get enough YEEHAWS at           Stony Point, Mineral Point,        Savior" is the theme and title of
will be mostly on the Rivers of      Kewanee, Kewanee, sends             Bible School. She was won-          says, "Hello to everyone!" Just    our event. It is FREE and avail-
Blessings boat. He is looking        greetings to all of our sister      derful and the kids had a great     a very short note to let you all   able for children ages 4 to the
forward to it, and has about         churches and hope everyone is       time! We had an average of          know that there will be a one-     6th grade. The event will begin
everything in order.                 staying cool. It seems the hot-     about 30 children each day and      day Vacation Bible School at       at 10 a.m. and ends at 2 p.m.
Denver Page, pastor                  ter the weather gets, the busier    20 workers. Our offering, $305      our mission church, Emmaus in      We are praying for the oppor-
Sharon Page, reporter                we get. Kewanee has had a           went to Camp Garwood. It was        Virburnum, Saturday, July 24th.    tunity to minister to many chil-
                                     busy two months, and I am           a very exciting week and the        If you should happen to be in      dren and families in the Frank-
Friendship, Harviell, voted          either going to have to start       seed of Gods Word was               the area, please stop by. We       lin County area.
to start a WMA at our June           doing the newsletter every          planted through classes , mis-      would also like to invite every-   Amy Matthews, Reporter
Business Meeting. We will be         month or take better notes. My      sions, crafts and songs. A spe-     one to join us at Stony Point at
                                                                                                             6:00 p.m. July 31st as the Fel-
hosting the August Youth In
Harvest and would like to invite
                                     memory is just not that reliable!
                                     The landscaping project is fin-
                                                                         cial thanks to all who helped.
                                                                         Taylor Poore and Makenzie           lowship Choir will be lifting up
                                                                                                                                                   Called Home
everyone to a Back to School         ished and it looks wonderful!       Palmer, granddaughters of           their voices in praise to our       Mary Irene (Smith) Hoff-
Lock-in August 13 (after YIH)        Thanks to Hop and Sue Jack-         James and Gloria Taylor, did        Lord. Hope to see you there. mann, 96, of Bronson, Texas,
We are counting down the days        son, Jackie Vaughn, Phyllis         our missions each day. They         Claude Evans-Pastor               and formerly of Missouri, was
to church camp. A French Harp        Wescoat and Flea McMillen. I        were a great team and the kids      David Hughes-Reporter             born August 17, 1913 and died
Solo by Sis. Nadine Cate was         apologize if I forgot to mention    loved them. Parker and Tyler                                          Monday, June 7, 2010, at Twin
enjoyed by all. Our Youth are        anyone that helped . On Moth-       Sprouse were too old to attend      Emmanuel, Sikeston, is get- Lakes Rehab Care Center in
excited about the Youth In           ers day the mothers received a      but they came and helped wher-      ting ready this week to cel- San Augustine, Texas. She was
Harvest program and are work-        pen, book, and a pink carnation.    ever they were needed. Its          ebrate Homecoming Day July a member of Pineland First
ing very hard on their black lite    Special mothers recognized:         great to have Christian teenag-     11. Bro. Ray Thurman, a former Baptist Church at the time of
presentation. Everyone is get-       Josephine Fowler, most ma-          ers who devote their time for       pastor, will be the guest her death.
ting real excited about camp         ture mother: Sarah Wolverton,       God's work. We had our VBS          speaker. We hope to renew old       She and her late husband, Ed
this year. We have several that      youngest mother .We had a           program on Friday night and         acquaintances and celebrate Hoffmann, were members of
are planning on attending that       threeway tie with most chil-        the kids did a great job. From      fifty-nine years of the Church's Bethany Baptist Church in St.
are not saved. Join us in prayer     dren present and they each had      the youngest to the oldest, you     existence. Praise the Lord! Louis, Missouri, for many years
that they will be saved at camp!     3 children present, they were:      could tell they had a fun week.     We offer sincere sympathy to and were charter members of
Ernie Cate, Pastor                   Gloria Taylor, Randena Mc-          Our Fathers Day committee,          Bro. Billy and Sis. Donna and Friendship Baptist Church in
Thelma Dunlap, Reporter              Millen, and Kiley Adams.            Christina Taylor, Kristi Bond,      their family in the recent death Caseyville, Illinois, before mov-
                                     Evelena Fowler was the grand-       and Lisa Cox, read poems and        of her sister, Mary Jo Johnson. ing to Texas in the 1970's.
Bethany, St. Louis, had a            mother with most grand and          handed out flashlights to every     She fought a brave battle against   She was preceded in death
great Vacation Bible School          great-grandchildren present.        father in attendance. Caleb         cancer and then God took her by her husband, Ed Hoffmann;
which was a wonderful week           Good job Jerry Redden, Jacob        Houston was recognized for          to heaven. No more suffering. a daughter-in-law, Betty Hoff-
for all involved. Sis. Debbie        Johnson and Jason Taylor for        having youngest child present,      She lived in Tennessee and Bro. mann; and granddaughter, Ja-
Johnston led the team of dedi-       making this a special day for all   Arlene Clark was the father         Larry Tucker filled the pulpit net Hoffmann.
cated members in bringing the        us mothers. We would like to        who had been saved the long-        on Sunday during that week.         She is survived by two sons:
gospel message to the children.      congratulate Bro. Flea Mc-          est, 58 years, and Alex Fowler      His sermons were inspiring and Don (Thelma) Hoffmann and
Many young lives were touched        Millen as President of Life-        had the most grand and great-       challenging. A special "Thank James (Mary) Hoffmann; three
this week. Our fifth Sunday          Word. Bro. Flea looks forward       grandchildren present. Taylor       You" to the Grandview Mis- daughters: Ola (Art) Smith,
Talent Time blessed us with          to serving the Lord in this min-    Poore and Lisa Cox provided         sionary Baptist Church, Spring- Mary (Louis) Shults, and Min-
many using their talents to          istry and he covets the prayers     us with special music. The          field , Missouri, for the $250 nie (Earl) Gillam; a brother,
praise the Lord with songs,          of all of us. We would like to      WMA is getting ready for the        love offering to help our Fel- Perry Lee Jr.; two sisters-in-
readings, testimonies, and play-     thank Sis. Debbie Nowell for        Christmas Shoeboxes. We are         lowship Hall Building Payoff law: Erline Hoffmann and Dor-
ing instruments. The ladies          doing our church bulletin. She      also going to provide the school    Fund, and their kind words of othy Goldschmidt; 15 grand-
meeting was hosted by Sis.           is doing a great job! Bro. Sam      teachers within our church ex-      encouragement and prayers. A children; 35 great-grandchil-
Betty Briley at her home. De-        and Sis Marcy Faulkner invited      tra items needed for school, as     spaghetti supper and special dren; 18 great great-grandchil-
licious food and fellowship was      the church to their home June       some of the students do not         music was held in June that dren; and a host of other rela-
enjoyed by everyone. Sis. Blan-      5th for a fish fry. Bro. Jim Kerr   have them. Also, Shelly             added over $500 more to the tives and friends.
chard and our GMA's travelled        and wife enjoyed the afternoon      Johnson, school nurse, is in need   Payoff Fund. God is good.           Funeral services were in Jas-
to Gary, Texas for the National      with us. It was good eating and     of good used shoes for elemen-      Wednesday evenings we have per, Texas, led by Pastors Don
GMA Retreat. Our deepest             good fellowship! Thanks Sam         tary age children. If anyone is     had a great study in the book of Falke and James Hoffmann.
                   BMA of Missouri                                                                 BMA of Missouri State Camp
                     State Camp                                                                                       July 26-29, 2010

                         July 26-29, 2010                                                               Activity Participation Agreement

                 Camp Rules & Regulations                                                                           Activity Information
           Please be familiar with these and come to camp                                                   (To be completed by the activity sponsor)
                      prepared to abide by them!!
                                                                              Name of sponsoring organization: _________________________________________________
            Baptist Training Service Assembly of Missouri                     Address:_______________________________________Telephone:____________________
   We recognize our camp grounds as a place where we are privileged to        Name of sponsor's coordinator:_____________________Telephone:_____________________
come and enjoy religious services, Christian fellowship, and wholesome        Description of activity:_________________________________________________________
recreation. In light of these aims we respectively ask that those in          Date(s) and location of activity:__________________________________________________
attendance adhere to the following rules and regulations as adopted by
the BMA of Missouri. These rules are established and enforced for the                                             Participant Information
honor of our Lord and safety of our campers.                                                       (To be completed by participant or authorized guardian)

  Goals and Aims                                                              Name of participant:____________________________________________________________
  1. To introduce our lost campers to Jesus and lead them to an eternal       Address:________________________________________Telephone:___________________
         saving knowledge of His love.                                        Name of emergency contact:_____________________________________________________
  2. To worship our Lord in a natural and comfortable environment.            Telephone (daytime):_____________________Telephone (evening):_____________________
  3. To encourage spiritual growth among the campers.
  4. To encourage young people to become active participants in the           Is sponsor authorized to approve medical treatment?          ____Yes              ____ No
         church and our associated work.                                      Is participant covered by personal/family medical insurance? ____Yes              ____No
  5. To have good Christian fun.
                                                                              If yes, name of insurer:_____________________________________________________
  Camp Rules                                                                  Policy or group number:____________________________________________________
  1. That each church sending minors under the age of 18 provide proper
         adult supervision for them, at least one male for the boys and
                                                                                                                 Participation Agreement
         at least one lady for the girls.
  2. Conduct on the camp grounds must reflect Christian standards.
  3. The use of tobacco is prohibited anywhere on the camp grounds.              In consideration for the opportunity to participate in the above activity, the Participant (or
  4. All campers are expected to be under the tabernacle when ser-            parent/guardian if Participant is a minor) acknowledges and accepts the risks of injury
         vices are being conducted unless special permission has been         associated with participation in and transportation to and from the activity. The participant
         granted.                                                             (or parent/guardian) accepts personal financial responsibility for any injury sustained during
  5. All campers are expected to attend class unless special permission       the activity or during transportation to and from the activity. Further, the Participant (or
         has been granted.                                                    parent/guardian) promises to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the activity sponsor or
  6. When "lights out" has been signaled all campers are thereby              its agents, employees, volunteers, or any other representatives (collectively referred to
         confined to their quarters for the night. No one is allowed to       hereinafter as the "Sponsor") for any injury related directly or indirectly out of the described
         wander the campground thereafter.
                                                                              activity or transportation to and from the activity, whether such injury arises out of the
  7. No camper, or campers are allowed to leave the mowed areas
         designated for campers.                                              negligence of the Sponsor or otherwise.
  8. The use of tape and CD players is permitted only between the hours
         of 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. or the time designated by the trustees.     If a dispute over this agreement or any claim for damages arises, the Participant (or parent/
         All music must be "Christian" music and be played at a level         guardian) agrees to resolve the matter through a mutually acceptable alternative dispute
         that only includes those in the immediate area.                      resolution process. If the Participant (or parent/guardian) and the Sponsor cannot agree
  9. The camp trustees are entrusted to enforce these rules and their         upon such a process, the dispute will be submitted to a three-member arbitration panel of
         authority must be respected. Anyone who refuses to adhere            the American Arbitration Association for final resolution.
         to these rules may be dismissed if proper counseling fails.
  Dress Code
                                                                                        (Participant or parent/guardian if participant is a minor)
  1. Shoes must be worn at all times outside the camper's sleeping
         quarters.                                                                                                                                   also includes an overnight stay
  2. T-shirts and caps worn must not promote alcohol, tobacco, or             Want to Make                       Deadline Nears                      at a Dead Sea Resort.
         display undesirable messages. No caps or hats are permitted
         under the tabernacle at any time.                                     a Gift That                       For Holy Land                          "Toni and I are extremely
                                                                                                                                                     excited about this trip to the
  3. Knee-length shorts are permitted during daytime activities.
  4. Pants or dresses expressing modesty must be worn during evening          Keeps Giving?                          Classic                         land of the Bible," said Shelton,
         worship.                                                                                                                                    Pastoral Ministries and Church
                                                                                 The LifeWord Founda-
  5. Overall neatness of dress must prevail at all times, expressing                                             The registration deadline for       Growth Consultant for Disciple-
                                                                              tion provides that opportu-
         godliness, being modest in nature.                                                                    joining this fall's Holy Land         Guide. The trip, scheduled for
                                                                              nity. Your gift is never
  6. Sponsors are responsible to enforce the camp dress code upon                                              Classic sponsored by Disciple-        November 2-12, 2010, has par-
         campers within your own church group, and are accountable            spent, it is invested and
                                                                                                               Guide Church Resources and            ticipants from Texas, Arkan-
         to the camp director to enforce said rules.                          only the earnings are used
                                                                                                               hosted by Kirk and Toni Shel-         sas, and Mississippi. Included
                                                                              to help carry the gospel
                                                                                                               ton is August 15th. Holy Land         in the group are several BMAA
          Camp rules and dress code adopted by the                            around the world. Your
                                                                                                               Classic is an eleven-day tour of      pastors and wives.
             BMA of Missouri, May 15, 2001.                                   gift keeps giving until the
                                                                                                               some of the most prominent               Anyone interested in joining
                                                                              Lord returns. For more in-
                                                                                                               Biblical sites in Israel including    the group must act quickly. For
  Additional Non-adopted rules                                                formation, call the LifeW-
                                                                                                               Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Jericho,        more information contact Kirk
  1)    No cell phones during worship or class times.                         ord Development Office
  2)    Sandals and flip flops are not considered safe footwear.                                               Nazareth, Sea of Galilee,             Shelton at 972.935.6898 or
                                                                              at 501-472-2183.
                                                                                                               Megiddo, and Masada. The trip         kirk@fellowshipforney.org.

                                                                                                       Page 5 • MISSOURI MISSIONARY BAPTIST • July 13, 2010
            WMA & GMA NEWS
                                      Send all WMA Offerings to:
                                                                                                   Family Ark Ministries
                                      STATE WMA TREASURER:                               Travis Plumlee, Director • P.O. Box 163 • Mountain View, Arkansas 72560
 Articles for this column                  Cathy J. Fox                                    Email: kingofthemountain@mvtel.net • WebSite: travisplumlee.com
 should be sent to EDITOR                  2142 Sunset Dr.
       Shelia Polk
       P.O. Box 259
                                           Poplar Bluff, MO 63901                          Marriage: Whose Side Are You On?
       Matthews, MO 63867             Send all GMA Offerings to:                    Part One:                  make you feel bad, but to open      heard; or the fact that he has
       Phone 573-471-8885             STATE GMA TREASURER
       Email: sheliapolk@yahooo.com
                                                                                 The Man's Side                your heart and mind on ways to      learned to tune you out and not
                                           Norma Womble
                                           4498 Cindy Lane                 Part One in this series on the      improve your marriage. That is      listen because you nag so
                                           Barnhart, MO 63012           marriage is actually for women         the goal. A better marriage.        much? It doesn’t matter. What
                                                                        to read. It is from the male           One that pleases God and gives      matters is that your marriage
    "Leaving a Trail......Lessons on                                    perspective. Keep it in mind           honor to His plan for man and       has a communication break-
                                                                        that this article is written for the   woman in the holy state of          down. That is what you must
        Influence and Legacy                                            masses, and speaks in gener-           matrimony.                          focus on. Nagging doesn’t
                   October 8-9, 2010                                    alizations. It may not be true for        There are two chief areas        work. God made us men. He
                 Zeno's - Rolla, Missouri                               you and your marriage. But             that most women struggle with       knows how we operate. This is
                           by Janet Widger                              allow the Holy Spirit to lead you      and should avoid. These are         why the Bible tells women to
   It has been a year since we started planning the 2010 Missouri       into truth and understanding.          nagging and controlling. They       not nag. When you nag, you are
WMA sponsored Ladies Retreat!. I told you that time would fly           For if it be found that there is       can be relationship killers. They   going to drive him further away.
by. Now you have less than TWO months to pay the reduced rate           even a hint of truth in this article   must be avoided.                    He will get very frustrated with
for your registration. If prepaid by September 1, 2010 the cost is      about you and your personality,           1) Nagging. I already hear       this. He doesn’t really want to
$50 (includes all 3 meals). After September 1, 2010 the cost will       then you must wear that shoe.          the deafening roar of women         hurt you, so he ignores you for
be $60.                                                                 If it is absolutely not true about     across the land. “I wouldn’t        protection and self-preserva-
   I know most of you want a bargain, so please prepay your             you; then don’t get smug. Get          have to nag if he would just        tion. The more you nag, the
registration. You can mail the check made out to the MO WMA             humble, and help other women           listen.” I’ll work on him in an-    more you drive your husband
to me along with a list of your ladies and the church name. Mail        around you. There are so many          other article. Please stop being    away from you. I Peter 3 tells
to Janet Widger, 7409 Rupert Ave., Richmond Heights, MO                 hurting marriages. We Chris-           so quick to blame others for        you to win him over “without a
63117                                                                   tians need to all minister to one      areas in your life where you        word” but instead with a gentle
   Make your hotel reservations early as well to be placed in the       another and bear one another’s         could improve with God’s help.      spirit.
main building. Call Zeno's directly at (573) 364-1301.                  burdens.                               You may not even be aware              Find different means of com-
   I would like to make one clarification - this retreat will not be       Finally, don’t ask your hus-        that you are nagging. You think     municating besides the constant
all about "scrapbooking" as some of you have inquired about. Our        band if this is true about you.        you are just being helpful. You     verbal reminders. Never re-
speaker Jerene Reddin will briefly touch on "scrapbooking" as a         Guys don’t answer those kind           see an obvious problem, and it      mind him of what he needs to
way for you to begin "LEAVING A TRAIL BEHIND YOU."                      of questions. They don’t want          is so easy to correct. Or you       do in front of others. This is
She will further encourage us as she speaks about "Lessons in           to get into trouble. He may            have a need, and all he needs to    embarrassing to a man, and he
Influence" and our "Legacy".                                            even refrain from being totally        do is help you. The problem is      resents you for bringing up
   To fully participate, she requests that each lady bring a "rough     honest with you. He doesn’t            how you present it to him. Read     things like this in front of others,
draft" (written or typed) of their salvation experience. Just write     want to hurt your feelings, or         Proverbs 21:9,19; 19:13.            even family members. Don’t
down the "where and when" along with any other details that you         get you mad at him. So, read it           Which came first the chicken     use words that make him feel
can remember. It can be a page or a paragraph. Remember it is           and pray and identify any areas        or the egg? Which came first?       inadequate or falling short in
a rough draft, not the final product.                                   you may need to work on. The           The fact that he won’t listen to    some category. You are at-
   Also ladies, to participate in the "hands-on" activity, Jerene       purpose of this article is to not      you, so you must nag to be          tacking his ego now. Don’t
suggests that each lady bring a scrapbook or journal - it does not                                                                                 emasculate your husband. If
need to be big or expensive, a good pen and correcting tape or            In Loving Memory of Sister Wilma Fox                                     you go on and on and on about
liquid. Also, bring your choice of scrapbooking supplies such as                        One of God's Great Servants                                something; like Sampson, he
scissors, glue, paper, templates, and embellishments. She also                                                                                     may finally cave in after his
invites "scrapbookers" to bring a sample scrapbook in order to                  We say "Good-bye" to our precious friend,                          spirit is vexed; but he resents
share ideas.                                                                  Who remained a faithful Christian, to the end.                       you for it and you have cut
   Last but certainly not least - BRING YOUR BIBLE - you will                      She lived her life for Christ, our Lord,                        away at his masculinity. Again,
use it every session!                                                           Serving Him daily through His Holy Word.                           it doesn’t matter if you think
                                                                          She raised her family in church and Sunday School,                       you have done this or not, what
      In Memory of Sis. Wilma Fox                                             Attending all services, letting God's hand rule.                     matters is how he perceives it.
  In the May issue of the Missouri Missionary Baptist we ran                      Playing the piano, singing or teaching,                          He will perceive that he has
an article about God calling Sis. Wilma Fox home. She was a                   Giving all diligence to the pastor's preaching.                      caved in under constant pres-
faithful servant of God for many years and the wife of the late                   She was always ready to do God's Will,                           sure from you, and some of his
Glen Fox longtime pastor of Mt. Zion Baptist Church.                          Welcoming people to Mt. Zion, our pews to fill.                      identity as a man has been
  An offering was recently received from the WMA of Mt. Zion                      Studying God's Word was always good,                             clipped.
Baptist Church in Poplar Bluff in memory of Sis. Wilma Fox                     Believing God's truth, with faith -- she stood.                        Leave helpful reminders. Set
along with the following note.                                                Taking the led in our State or National work,                        clear expectations and bound-
    A Faithful Member of Mt. Zion WMA of 50 Years                                 Doing her best -- never a duty to shirk.                         aries. Establish better commu-
  She was a Charter Member February 15, 1960, and served in                         She was a wonderful pastor's wife,                             nication skills between you two.
all phases of the WMA over the years. She was a wonderful                    With her friendly, happy attitude all of her life.                    Let him know how you really
teacher who made the study of God's Word come alive.                           She has touched the lives of many members,                          feel, and how you really need
  She was active in local, district, state and national meeting, ably      In her loving ways, which we will always remember.                      something done. Then, drop it.
representing Mt. Zion WMA.                                               By the memory of her Christian life she lived in the past,                Give him space to do it in. If he
                                          Grace Fondren, President       We know she's with Jesus our Savior, in Heaven at last.                   continues to ignore what has
                                                                                                     Dorothy Goldschmidt - April 30, 2010
                                   Dorothy Goldschmidt, Reporter                                                                                       • See SIDE Page 7 •
       Meramec Banner
                                                                                                                                     Meramec Landmark Baptist Associaton
                                                                                                                                         Financial Report • June 2010

                                                                                                                   Balance May 31, 2010                                    $   5,809.87
                                                                                                                   Total Receipts:                                         $    3,613.45
              News of one of the oldest local associations in the BMA of Missouri                                  Total Available                                         $   9,423.32
                            Meramec Landmark Baptist Association                                                     Danny Kirk
                                                                                                                     Director's Expenses
                                       Jesus Camp 2010                                                               RLF Transfer
                                                                                                                     Brotherhood Mutual

                               No More Excuses!!                                                                     Boliva Trip Sponsorships
                                                                                                                   Total Disbursements:                   $
                                                                                                                                                              4,102.46     $   (4,102.46)
                                                                                                                   Checking Balance,     June 30, 2010:                    $   5,320.86
                       Jr. Camp:    Sunday, July 18-21, 2010
                                                                                                                   Revolving Loan Fund Balance                        $ 118,375.87*
                       Teen Camp: Wednesday, July 21-24, 2010                                                      *$10,000. was taken rom RLF account and loaned to the Meramec
          Camp Packets can be downloaded at www.meramecassociation.com                                               Retreat Center for capitol expenses.

                                                                                                                 From Our Director...
    • SIDE From Page 6 •              the Holy Spirit to speak to you       with it. Fear drives most anger.        During the first week of June, three of our churches, New
been requested within a rea-          if there is any truth to be found     It doesn’t mean you are afraid       Testament, Sullivan, Ozark Heights, Potosi, and Lindsay Lane,
sonable time frame, then there        in your personal life in this area.   of something. It means like fear     Florissant, traveled to Smithville, MO to help our church planters,
may be deeper marital prob-           If you never struggle with any        of failure, rejection or not being   Jamie and Rebekah Jones with some community service projects.
lems than nagging and poor            of this, then you need to look        seen as masculine.                   It was a joy to work with some of the new people who comprise
communication. You may need           around and help minister to              Communication is the key to       North Lake Church. It is our prayer that these efforts will
to seek Biblical counseling.          other men. Maybe you should           dealing with your anger. You         continue to be a blessing to the community and that North Lake
   2) Controlling. You just           start a men’s group at church         two have to sit down, and you        will gain a reputation that it is a church that cares.
want your family/marriage to          because there is an abundance         have to actually be strong              Our association voted to encourage our men to go on a foreign
be good. It is obvious to you         of men who do struggle with           enough to tell her what the          mission trip to Bolivia with a matching grant of $500 if they are
what needs to be done, and you        these issues. Our goal is to          problem is that you have with        supported financially by their church. As of this writing, four men
are going to insist that it be done   improve our marriages. Our            her. Then, you have to both          have been blessed by their churches and received the necessary
your way. This is a disaster in a     goal is by having better mar-         make adjustments. You must           funding to receive the matching funds. Pastors Jamie Hague-
marriage. I am not saying that        riages, we can give God more          communicate in prayer to ask         wood, Brian Meade, Brad Banderman, and Denver Page are
it isn’t just as wrong for men to     glory. He designed marriage,          God to help you. Ask God to          making plans to leave on August 8th and taking a 10-day mission
be controlling, but generally         and we need to be the kind of         deliver you from exploding an-       trip on the M.S. Arrington Riverboat. We look forward to hearing
speaking, more women have             man that lives in such a way as       ger or anger that you hold in-       a report of their adventure at our annual meeting in September.
problems with this than men.          to give God glory from the way        side that becomes wrath. Work           Our next opportunity for our association to fellowship together
You cannot control other              we treat our wives.                   out solutions that work for both     will be at our annual Jesus Camp, July 18-24. The theme for this
people. The quicker you learn                                                                                    year's camp is "No More Excuses." The camp committee has
this, the happier you will be.
You can control your response              Meramec Missionary                                                    been hard at work in preparing the campgrounds, putting together
                                                                                                                 newer and safer bunk beds, and putting new lighting and fans in
to others. You can role-model
the behavior you would like to            Committeemen Meeting                                                   the tabernacle. These necessary capital improvements are costly
                                                                                                                 despite all of the volunteer labor. I would ask your church to
see. You can communicate                     When: Saturday, August 7, @ 9:00 AM                                 please consider receiving and sending a special offering to offset
needs and desires. But the more                                                                                  these expenses.
                                           Where: Charity Baptist Church, Columbia, MO
you pull on a chain around a
man’s neck, the harder he is                                                                                        2. Pride. Pride is what            of the home. God wants you to
going to dig in and jerk the other       The two big areas that most        of you. It is called negotiating     causes our sin. Pride is our          be the head. But you are to be
way. You can’t control men.           men need to work on is pride          with your mate.                      flesh. I am not talking about         a servant leader. You are not to
You can’t nag them into deeper        and anger, and they go together.         Learn to pick a weird num-        being proud of some accom-            be a ruthless dictator. Head of
spirituality. You can’t control       Men with a great deal of pride,       ber and count backwards from         plishment. You can be proud of        the home does not mean you
them to be the head of the            have a great deal of anger.           there for 30 seconds. Pick           your kids. You can be proud of        make all the decisions, and if
home. Pray and let God change            1) Anger. Anger is a sec-          1,624,501. Now start counting        running 2 miles, getting a job        she doesn’t like it - tuff. You
him. It is your job to love your      ondary response to some other         backwards. You will have to          completed and it looks good,          seek everyone’s input so that
husband. It is God’s job to           emotion. If you want to deal          stop and think about it. This is     etc. Pride is sinful when we          you can make the best deci-
change him.                           with your anger, then you have        good. It takes the edge off your     think too much that our life is       sion. Christ served and died for
            Part Two:                 to see what is driving it. Is it      anger. Take time outs. When          about us. We get easily frus-         His bride. Husbands according
      The Woman's Side                frustration? Is it fear of failure?   you start feeling it rise up in      trated when others infringe           to Ephesians 5:25 are to do the
   In part one we discussed how       Is it fear of rejection? Is it fear   you, ask your wife for a time        upon my time, my money, my            same thing.
wives should avoid nagging and        of not being the dominant one in      out. Go outside and walk. Even       plans, or my life. The more              You might live by I Peter 3:7.
controlling tactics on their hus-     your relationship? Are you too        at work, if you can walk down        “me” is in there, the more pride      Let all of your actions give
bands. Now, I will address the        stressed out? You have to step        the hallway or some place, it        we have. Marriage is about            honor to the wife. How do I
issues from the woman’s side.         back and identify what are the        will relieve enough tension to       “we” and not “me.” You don’t          know what is honoring? You
What do men need to work on.          triggers for your anger. What         not explode. Tell her honestly,      make independent decisions            get your knowledge according
I will remind you that these          sets you off? Often times you         you need some space. Then,           any more. You include your life       to Scripture. Scripture tells you
articles are written for the gen-     get so angry at your wife, when       pray and go dig in the yard,         mate. She is your equal. You          how to treat others. You can be
eral population. They may not         she is just a convenient target.      hammer some wood etc. Don’t          are to be the head of the home.       in this same passage of scrip-
apply to you and your particular      The real root source of the           be destructive. Just get the         That may be part of your anger        ture and verses 8-16 gives good
marriage at all. But please re-       anger is something else. Find         “arrugghh” out of you. Then,         and frustration. You have al-         advice on how to treat your
main humble enough to allow           what that is so you can deal          come back and talk about it.         lowed your wife to be the head            • See SIDE Page 8 •
                                                                                                         Page 7 • MISSOURI MISSIONARY BAPTIST • July 13, 2010
        BMA Theological Seminary                                                  Part Three:
                                                                                  God's Side
                                                                                                                       AVAILABLE PREACHERS
                                                                                                              The following names are listed as a service to our churches in keeping you informed
                Charley Holmes, D.Min., President                          Both husband and wife should       as to preachers that are available. The publishing of a preacher's availability for
            1530 East Pine St. • Jacksonville, TX 75766
 Phone 903-586-2501 • FAX 903-586-0378 • Email bmatsem@fash.net
                                                                        work on improving their short-        preaching appointments or pastoral work should not be considered as a recommen-
                                                                                                              dation by the Missouri Missionary Baptist. Names are published at the request of
             Visit our Web Site: http://www.bmats.edu                   comings. Everyone of us can           the individual and will be published in three consecutive issues unless the editor is
                                                                        work on being more Christ-            otherwise instructed
                     Fishing Story                                      like. Especially in response to       Ray Thurman, is available for pulpit supply or to serve as a
   The week of June 7-11, 2010, Dr. Charley Holmes, Dr. Philip          our life mates.                       interim pastor as God leads. You may contact him at 573-438-
Attebery and Bobby Gilmore (EE coordinator for Arkansas and                For the marriage to really         2195.      -7-
a member of Springhill Baptist Church in Greenbrier) taught a           take off and flourish however,        Tim Bell, a member of Bethel Missionary Baptist Church in
seminary extension class on the Central Baptist College campus.         it is important for all married       Sikeston Missouri, is available for pulpit supply. Contact him at
Among the twenty-plus students was B. J. Sullivan.                      people to understand that there       573-471-5063 or 573-475-0517 -5-
   On Tuesday B. J. led a team witnessing in a city park. Upon          is no side we should take. I set      Rocky Houston, a member of Kewanee Baptist Church, is
arrival they noticed a man in his early twenties playing with his       up this series based upon what        available for supply or however the Lord leads. Contact him at
son and daughter. After introductions, the man began sharing            I hear at marriage retreats.          573-748-5879 after 4:00 p.m.       -5-
some details of his life. He was from New Orleans and had met           When I go over the founda-            Jerry Jolly has resigned the pastorate of the Highland Hills
and married a girl from Conway and returned to Conway to settle         tional role and responses of          Baptist Church at Highland AR effective June 20. He is available
into family life. They noticed that he had gang-related tattoos on      husbands and wives found in           for revivals, conferences or Sunday preaching appointments as
his hands. His family had recently attended a church in Green-          Ephesians 5:21-33, both sexes         the Lord leads. He can be reached at 1-870-932-8293 or 1-870-
brier; however, he couldn't recall what church it was.                  say, “well whose side are you         930-4309 or jerryjolly@suddenlink.net.         -7-
   When asked about his spiritual life, he stated that he thought he    on?” The men, many times, just
would go to heaven some day because he was changing for the             want me to address what the           marriage. It is designed to have           forget that God, Jesus, the Holy
better and becoming a good person. The team proceeded to share          women need to do. And the             you get this marriage under                Spirit and all the angels in heaven
the gospel with this gentleman, and he asked a few questions            women, many times, just want          Biblical authority and to make it          are cheering your marriage on.
along the way. It was apparent that he was glad to hear that            me to address what the men            last a lifetime for God’s glory.              Romans 8:31, "If God be for
Christ forgives even sinners like him as he made references to the      need to do. The problem is               All marriages can last if we            us, who can be against us." II
way he had lived on the streets of New Orleans. While sharing           selfishness.                          work at it. All marriages have             Cor. 10:4, "Our weapons of
the section of the gospel presentation concerning Christ and the           Selfishness is the cause of        problems. But if BOTH hus-                 warfare are mighty through
forgiveness we receive through His death, burial and resurrec-          100% of all divorces. There           band and wife are willing to let           God to the pulling down of
tion, the team could see a growing yearning to know more.               are no sides in marriage. The         God do whatever it takes to                strongholds." Romans 8:37,
   After the presentation, but before he was asked if he would like     two of you need to die to your-       reconcile the relationship, God            "Nay, in all these things we
to trust in Christ for eternal life, his wife walked up. The team       self and become one. If you are       can do it. Nothing is impossible           are more than conquerors
introduced themselves and they asked her what church they               one, then there are no sides,         with God, Luke 1:37. Our mari-             through Him who loved us."
attended. She said they attended a Nazarene church in the               there is but a whole. I guess if      tal fights and arguments are               Philippians 4:13, "I can do all
Greenbrier area. They talked to her about her children and her job      I am going to be on anyone’s          because we are selfish, James              things through Christ who
and then explained what they were doing. B. J. asked her two            side it would be God’s side.          4:1-3. Here is the good news.              strengthens me." Memorize
questions seminary students are trained to use to diagnose              God has clearly stated what his          God is on your side. If sides           scripture to get you through the
whether someone knows Christ. She stated that she had trusted           thoughts and plans and com-           are to be had, aren’t you glad             rough spots. Stop fighting each
in Christ alone for eternal life.                                       mands are in marriage. He             that God is on your side. Satan            other, and stand united and fight
   B. J. then asked her husband if he would like to trust in Christ.    gives a very detailed plan for        is on the other side. Satan wants          the one who is coming against
He said, "Yes," and they began to clarify what this meant. During       man and woman in Ephesians            every married couple to get                you. Sometimes you may for-
this process the team noticed that the gentleman's wife had tears       5. The problem is not the insti-      divorced, or to be miserable               get that it is Satan who is prowl-
running down her face. She was wearing sunglasses, so it was            tution of marriage. It is just as     together. God’s heart is for you           ing around in your house seek-
a little difficult to notice at first. After the man prayed to accept   good as the day God gave it to        two to have a wonderful mar-               ing whom he may destroy.
Christ, he asked his wife if she was okay.                              us in His Holy Word. The prob-        riage. It won’t be perfect, but it            I John 4:4, "Greater is He
   She then told the seminary students that she had prayed that         lem is the people in the mar-         can be good. Marriage was                  that is in you than he that is in
very morning that her husband would accept Christ. It was               riage. Marriage is not a give         God’s idea. He will give you all           the world." No matter what
obvious that she was in awe of God's answer to her prayer. The          and take relationship. That           the grace you need to get through          Satan can throw at your mar-
team was elated that God had answered the woman's prayer by             makes it almost an animallike         it. He will give you strength,             riage to destroy it, God can
providing them with a divine appointment to share the gospel. It        relationship. The spouses talk        courage, wisdom, energy, love,             throw more at you to save it.
seems that many times our classes' number of divine appoint-            like: “I will give this to you, but   patience etc. Whatever you                 Seek Him. He wants you to
ments grows as they become dedicated to their preparation.              I expect this in return. If you       need, God will pour it out on              have a good marriage. He can
   Would God give you a divine appointment to witness if you            don’t give me what I want,            you. Just seek. Just ask. But              whip Satan right out of your life
prepared and made yourself available to Him?                            when I need it, then I will just      then really believe He shall bring         if you ask Him to do it. James
                                                                        leave you and find someone            it to pass. Maybe you two are              4:10 states, “Humble yourself
    • SIDE From Page 7 •            so easy to fly off the handle at    new.” If you are on your 2nd          trying too hard on your own to             in the sight of the Lord, and
spouse. If you keep sucking the     her if you will work on your        marriage or beyond, I don’t           make your marriage work. God               He shall lift you up.” Both of
life right out of marriage with     own self-esteem. Know true          want to focus on the past. I am       said in Psalm 37:5 to commit               you humble yourselves and
your pride and anger, then you      manhood as defined by the           just saying that we need to           your ways to him, trust him and            never stop working on doing
are not honoring her, and verse     Bible, and not by American          make this marriage focus on           it will be “HE” who brings it to           better in how you treat each
7 says your prayers will be cut     society. Manhood is not a com-      Christ, and not each other. It        pass. It won’t be you. It will be          other. God will lift you up. Scrip-
off. The worst place for a Chris-   petition. It is an acceptance of    doesn’t matter what happened          him. And God can do it. The                ture does not say He will think
tian man is to have his prayers     a responsibility by God. A man      in the past marriage, it matters      world may tell you that it is              about it. It states that God
cut off from heaven. You can        shows how much he thinks of         that I make this marriage all         hopeless. Some days the devil              SHALL lift you up. Never,
control your anger. All things      himself deep down, by how he        that it was designed to be by         may throw a bunch of junk into             never, never give up. Who's on
are possible with God. You can      treats his wife. She reflects his   God. This article is not to de-       the pathway of marital bliss so            your side in marriage?
get rid of your pride and not be    inner being.                        cide who hurt who in the last         you will stumble. But never                               God is!!!

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