Introduction to Professional Digital Jewellery Photography

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					Introduction to Professional Digital Jewellery Photography
with Betty Porteus – at Poshbeads Brisbane Shop on Sunday mornings

Start 7th June – 6 weeks

Time – 9am to 11am
Numbers permitting - a second time slot will be offered.

Cost - $150 plus tax for 12 hours 6 weeks tuition

Equipment needed. – Digital camera and computer with attachments.
Photoshop or similar program.

Put aside many of the photography ideas, rules, traditions and practices that apply to portrait, landscape
and action shots and move to jewellery photography.
Learn a new set of guidelines and begin to take professional jewellery shots as your work improves through
research, practice and controlled experimentation.
Over a 6 week period you can expect to learn how to use your basic digital camera and your computer to
produce high quality images – suitable for publishing.
Weekly 2 hour class with homework is offered to cover an enormous amount of information in a short
By week 6 you should be able to complete a simple business card layout or promotional image to the
standard required for publication.
With good imagery your jewellery will become an object of desire enlarged on a screen

Jewellery photography classes

Techniques and discussion
      1.   Layout and composition
      2.   Filtering light – light colours - exploiting reflections and shadows
      3.   Macro jewellery images.
      4.   Variations due to jewellery surfaces and materials – transparency, opacity and shining surfaces –
           preventing mirroring -
      5.   Shadows – floating images – light box imagery
      6.   Indoor photography
      7.   Watermarking
      8.   Images for advertising – do a photographic layout for a business card or logo
       9. Photography on the move – improvisation for away from home shots.
Further discussion?
       Owning images- copyright
       Photography for record keeping & journaling to protect copyright
       Image sizes – pixel size for various uses
       Colour of light
       Layouts for printing and various uses
       Variations in techniques needed for the diverse range of materials used in jewellery
       Storage of folders.
       Editing.
       Basic Photoshop functions
       Standards – reaching them – and then some
       Using Redbubble to store your successful images while offering copies for sale.

With ongoing research and practice you can use this learning opportunity to develop
jewellery Photography skills to a professional level.
I can advise you on how to see
– you will choose what you see and where you take the images.
    – digital photography is an exciting art tool available to record your dreams
    – Computer manipulation allows you to build your dreams into a great image.
    – Publishing your images for peer appreciation becomes easier after completing
       this course.
    – Publishing images for jewellery sales becomes a whole lot more successful
       when you are producing accurate commercial images.

Embrace lifelong learning !!!
Betty P

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