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									                                          Saint Francis College
                                       Minutes of the Faculty Senate

                                                 August 23, 2000

(12)    Call to Order
        The meeting was called to order by president, Dr. Marian Langer at 9:05 a.m. The meeting opened with a
        prayer from Father Patrick Donahoe. Dr. Langer welcomed the new and re-elected senators.

(13)    Roll Call
        Present:          Dr. Philip Benham, Dr. Rosemary Bertocci, Rev. Patrick Donahoe, Dr. William Duryea,
                          Dr. Randy Frye, Dr. Marian Langer, Mr. James Logue, Ms. Amy Miko, Dr. Deirdre
                          Moloney, Mr. Brent Ottaway, Dr. Edward Pisarski, Dr. Peter Skoner, Dr. Wayne Takacs,
                          Dr. John Woznak, Dr. Edward Zovinka, Dr. Kathleen Owens (ex-officio), and Janet
                          Long, recording secretary
        Guests:           Raymond Ponchione and Rev. Michael Higgins

(14)    Consideration of May 8 Meeting Minutes:
        Minutes of the inaugural meeting held May 8 were considered. Motion made and seconded (Pisarski,
        Zovinka) and the minutes were approved with one edition: Item 10, Announcements for the Good of the
        Senate, should read, "An executive committee of the Senate was appointed for the summer."

(It should be noted that Mr. Ponchione and Dr. Owens had to leave by 10 a.m. Therefore, the order of agenda items
was altered.)

(15)    New Business
        Raymond Ponchione, director of development, spoke to the Senate on how the faculty can help raise money
        for the College through giving and receiving. Some ways to give include payroll deduction and
        contributions to the annual fund. Receiving would include grants, alumni gifts and the faculty's assistance
        in cultivating prospective donors. Mr. Ponchione reported that monies from all campaign areas have

(16)    Vice President for Academic Affairs Report
        Dr. Owens reported that, in addition to the POW MIA flag, Dr. Morra purchased an additional laptop
        computer that is housed in the library for faculty use.

        In an effort to improve baccalaureate-level student writing, a committee has been formed to concentrate on
        ways to determine if the students are writing appropriately. Dr. Donna Fulkerson will chair the committee.

        Dr. Owens reported that there was a wonderful turnout at the break-out session for the laptop initiative.
        Funding is available to establish a training center to assist faculty in incorporating technology into class.

        Computer Services is working with the Registrar's Office to integrate new software to schedule classrooms.
        This software will facilitate classroom organization.

        Dr. Owens will be speaking to the Dean's Council about the Day of Reflection at a meeting later today.
        She asked the faculty to think of ways faculty and students can participate. It will require encouragement
        from faculty for our students to attend.

(17)    Senate President Report
        Dr. Langer reported that she had e-mailed the meeting dates to the senators noting that the December
        meeting has been moved up to the first week due to finals week.

        Fr. Christian has approved the math and business proposals and has agreed with the harassment policy vote.
        The new policy involving library faculty is on hold pending clarification of Section G.
                                                                                             Faculty Senate Minutes
                                                                                                    August 23, 2000
                                                                                                             Page 2

       Fr. Christian stated that no additional faculty members will be assigned to the Infonet Resource Committee.

       Because of the lack of communication to the Senate in the past, Dr. Langer will send a letter to committee
       chairs as a reminder that the secretary must send minutes to the Senate President and Senate

       The executive committee met with Dr. Owens in July and discussed ways to implement the laptop

       Dr. Langer attended the Strategic Planning Retreat with Dr. Sue Morra. Items discussed include the Day of
       Reflection, a General Education Committee presentation, the Middle States periodic review, NCAA
       certification. Ray Ponchione gave a presentation on development office activities. Dr. Dennis Riegelnegg
       and Mr. Evan Lipp gave a presentation on retention. (Dr. Riegelnegg also asked for suggestions for student
       activities on the weekends to encourage students to stay on campus.) Kevin O'Flaherty reported on
       finances. Fr. Terrence Henry compared last year's goals of campus ministry and how they met those goals.
       Dr. Morra presented a report from the planning committee of department chairs (available for review at
       faculty secretary’s office, Scotus 309). This included suggestions to alter the CUPA salary plan. (Dr.
       Duryea initiated a discussion on the salary plan by suggesting the Senate be more pro-active in increasing
       faculty salaries. It was suggested by Dr. Takacs that the Senate assist the benefits committee. It was
       decided, after a lengthy discussion, to invite Mr. Kevin O'Flaherty to speak to the senate and to invite the
       Salary and Benefits Committee to the October meeting.

       Dr. Langer reported that there was also discussion about changing the College's name to Saint Francis

       Dr. Crawford and Fr. Christian mentioned how fortunate we have bee in acquiring federal funds (John
       Murtha and Bud Shuster) and asked that the faculty think of other projects in case future funds come our

       (At this point, Dr. Frye brought up his concern that the laptop initiative was not presented to the Senate. A
       lengthy discussion was held on the laptop initiative. The overall sense of the senators is that this initiative
       is premature. Faculty are untrained and lack the necessary time to learn the software and skills to develop
       course pages. It was moved and seconded [Pisarski, Zovinka] to have Dr. Langer ask Dr. Owens for a
       written plan for the laptop initiative. This will be distributed with the September agenda. This plan would
       then guide the senate's further action, if any. Vote: unanimous.)

       (Dr. Takacs brought to the Senate an item for consideration. He'd like to see the College promote a health
       and wellness program for faculty and staff. Dr. Pisarski reported that a health and wellness committee was
       formed by Dave Wilson, but he didn't have much information on it. Dr. Takacs will contact Dave Wilson.)

(18)   Senate Vice-President Report
       Dr. Moloney reported that the election to break the tie for the second alternate position will be done as soon
       as possible.

(19)   Senate Secretary/Treasurer Report
       Dr. Pisarski reported that get well cards were sent to Terri Kirby and Sally Weber, a sympathy card was
       send to Peg Beiswinger, baby gifts were purchased for Drs. Zovinka and Clark, Frank Crouse and Vicky
       Soyka, and the bill was paid for Secretaries Day flowers for Janet Long and Linda Kline. The faculty
       acknowledge fund holds a balance of approximately $300. The updated committee list will be distributed
       upon completion. (A suggestion was made that, in the future, the committee list should be placed on the
       Intranet immediately after the May meeting.)
                                                                                            Faculty Senate Minutes
                                                                                                   August 23, 2000
                                                                                                            Page 3

(20)    Unfinished Business:
        The election for second alternate will be held as soon as possible (see Item 18).

(21)    Letters of Communication

(22)    Announcements for the Good of the Senate

(23)    Adjournment
        Meeting adjourned at 11:15 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Amy S. Miko                                                                      Janet M. Long
Secretary/Treasurer                                                              Recording Secretary

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