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									PROGRAM NO. 0710                     3/05/2007   PROGRAM NO. 0711                 3/12/2007            J. S. BACH: 3 Chorale-preludes (Kommst du
Orchestral Adventures…the pipe organ's           Paulus, Phillips and Proulx…usually three              nun, Jesu, S. 650; Meine Seele erhebt den
concert repertoire often strays into the realm   'p's mean pianissimo, but this program                 Herrn, S. 648; Wir glauben all, S. 680) -
of symphonic ensembles, with remarkable          resounds with an exultant trio of exciting             Howard Don Small (1964 Welte-Möller/ St.
results.                                         modern works for organ and instruments, one            Mark's Episcopal Cathedral, Minneapolis,
                                                 of them a premiere.                                    MN) Pipedreams Archive (r. 1973)
LUDWIG van BEETHOVEN (trans.                                                                           J. S. BACH: Chorale-prelude, Allein Gott in
 Heywood): Egmont Overture, Op. 84 -             RICHARD PROULX: Concerto for Organ                     der Höh, S. 662 -Stephen Tharp (2005
 Thomas Heywood (1876 Hook/ St. Joseph's          and Strings (2002, premiere)                          Schantz/ St. Philip the Deacon Lutheran
 Cathedral, Buffalo, NY) Pro Organo CD-          CRAIG PHILLIPS: Suite for Organ, Brass                 Church, Plymouth, MN) Pipedreams
 7167 (                             and Percussion (2001)                                 Archive (r. 11/20/05)
                                                 STEPHEN PAULUS: Concerto for Organ,                   J. S. BACH: Chorale-prelude, Allein Gott in
EDWARD ELGAR (trans. Conte): Sospiri -                                                                  der Höh, S. 664 -Ludger Lohmann (1987
 Peter Conte (Wanamaker Grand Court               Strings and Percussion (1992)
                                                                                                        Kney/ University of St. Thomas, Saint Paul,
 Organ, Philadelphia, PA) Gothic CD-49247                                                               MN) Pipedreams Archive (r. 4/5/05)
 (                         Dr. Jonathan Biggers (2001 Lively-Fulcher organ);
                                                  St. Olaf Festival Orchestra/ Kenneth Freed,          J. S. BACH: Prelude & Fugue in e, S. 548
GUSTAV HOLST (trans. Sykes): Jupiter, the                                                               (Wedge) -John Butt (1979 Fisk/ House of
                                                  conductor (recorded in concert at Saint Olaf
 Bringer of Jollity, fr The Planets -Peter                                                              Hope Presbyterian Church) Pipedreams
                                                  Catholic Church, Minneapolis; r. 11/9/02)
 Sykes (1933 Skinner/ Girard College                                                                    Archive (r. 4/23/06)
 Chapel, Philadelphia, PA) Raven CD-380
                                                 Dr. Biggers is on the faculty of Binghamton
                                                  University in New York. His recordings are           PROGRAM NO. 0713                  3/26/2007
ANTON BRUCKNER (trans. Horn):                     available on Calcante (
 Scherzo, fr Symphony No. "0" -Johannes                                                                Merriment at the Meyerson…with a troup
                                                  Choral works by Craig Phillips are available from    of talented Texans, host Michael Barone fills
 Skudlik (1997 Rieger/ Münster St. Georg,         Gothic Records ( The
 Dinkelsbühl, Germany) Motette CD-13001                                                                the premiere concert venue in Dallas with
                                                  Paulus Concerto is found on Pipedreams               organ music beyond the pale.
 (OHS,                      Premieres, Volume 2 (
ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK (trans.                    Program originally issued as #0341 in October 2003.
 Lemare): Angel's Scene, fr Hänsel und                                                                 RICHARD WAGNER: Grand March, fr
 Gretel -Johannes Geffert (1910 Stahlhut/                                                               Tannhäuser -Bradley Hunter Welch, organ
 Maria Laach Abbey Church (Motette CD-           PROGRAM NO. 0712                    3/19/2007         JOEL MARTINSON: The Last Trumpet, fr
 12441 (OHS)                                     Bach, Home in Minnesota…some varied                    Tuba Suite. GERALD NEAR: Passacaglia -
                                                 recital performances of works by history's             Damin Spritzer, organ
DMITRI SHOSTAKOVKCH (arr.                                                                              GEORGE BAKER: Improvisations on Texas
 Robinson): Festive Overture, Op. 96 -           greatest composer for the King of
                                                 Instruments, as recorded in the Twin Cities.           Tunes. BAKER: Wild West Toccata -George
 Christopher Johnson (Aeolian-Skinner/                                                                  Baker, organ
 Riverside Church, New York City) JAV                                                                  MARCEL DUPRE: Preludio, fr Organ
 CD-168 (                   J. S. BACH: Piece d'orgue in G, S. 572; Trio
                                                                                                        Symphony No. 2, Op. 26 -James Diaz, organ
GIOACCHINO ROSSINI: William Tell                  Sonata in e, S. 528 -John Butt (1979 Fisk/
                                                                                                       GUY BOVET: Fuga sopra un soggetto
 Overture -Dan Miller (1990 Möller/ Calvary       House of Hope Presbyterian Church, Saint
                                                                                                        (“Pink Panther”). HENRI DALLIER: Electa
 Church, Charlotte, NC) Miller Productions        Paul, MN) Pipedreams Archive (r. 4/23/06)
                                                                                                        ut sol, fr Five Invocations -Hyeon Jeong,
 CD-890 (OHS)                                    J. S. BACH: Prelude & Fugue in C, S. 545 -
                                                  Joseph Ripka (1979 Sipe/ Hennepin Avenue
ALEXANDER BORODIN (trans. Bertero):                                                                    JOHN PHILIP SOUSA: The Stars and
                                                  United Methodist Church, Minneapolis)
 In the Steppes of Central Asia -Robert                                                                 Stripes Forever March -Hyeon Jeong and
                                                  Pipedreams Archive (r. 9/10/06)
 Bertero (1989 van den Heuvel/ Church of St.                                                            James Diaz, organ
                                                 J. S. BACH (trans. Heywood): Vivace (1st
 Eustache, Paris) Priory CD-690
                                                  mvt.), fr Double Violin Concerto in d, S.
 (                                                                                   Sponsored by the Dallas and Fort Worth Chapters
                                                  1043 -Thomas Heywood (1927 Casavant,
FRANZ von SUPPÉ (arr. Evans): Poet and                                                                  of the American Guild of Organists, Dallas
                                                  rebuilt 2001 by Schantz/ St. Andrew's
 Peasant Overture -Thomas Trotter (1890                                                                 Symphony Orchestra, and Classical WRR-
                                                  Lutheran Church, Mahtomedi, MN)
 Hill/ Birmingham Town Hall, England)                                                                   FM101.1, this Pipedreams Live! event really put
                                                  Pipedreams Archive (r. 9/15/03)
 MHS CD-514948 (MHS,                                                                                    the Lay Family Concert Organ (1992 C. B. Fisk)
                                                 J. S. BACH (arr. Hohman): Arioso, fr                                                                               through its paces.
                                                  Orchestra Suite No. 3 in D, S. 1068 -
                                                                                                       Michael Barone visits the Meyerson as guest
                                                  Frederick Hohman (1927 Casavant, rebuilt
                                                                                                        commentator for another Pipedreams Live! event
                                                  2001 by Schantz/ St. Andrew's Lutheran
                                                                                                        on April 17, 2007, with organist Mary Preston and
                                                  Church, Mahtomedi, MN) Pipedreams
                                                                                                        the Dallas Wind Symphony ( ).
                                                  Archive (r. 4/3/06)

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