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Estes Valley Model Railroaders


									                            Estes Valley Model Railroaders

                        Minutes fro the October 1, 2008 Meeting

President Bob Trump called the meeting to order at 6:32pm. Present were the following
members: Rex Beistle, Sheridan Beistle, Jim Carlton, Hugo Ehrets, Jack Ford, John
McCarthy, Dennis McHenry, Bobbi McHenry, Ray Nieder, Linda Patten, Lynn Patten,
Dick Putney, Robert Trumbull, Bob Trump, Laura Trump, and Don Widrig. Dan
Kirkpatrick was present for the first time as a visitor.

Rex Beistle made a motion to approve the minutes of the September 3, 2008 Meeting;
Robert Trumbull seconded and the motion passed.

Lynn and Linda Patten entertained us with their handbells to raise the question about
whether or not to have our Annual Christmas Party. The motion was moved by Ray
Nieder, and seconded by Jim Carlton. The motion passed to have our Annual Christmas
Party on Wednesday, December 3rd. Social Secretary, Linda Patten, volunteered to
reserve a bigger room for the Christmas party. Since the meeting, she has reserved a
room in the Estes Town Hall from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM for the Christmas Party and
second annual Estes Valley Handbell Choir Concert.

Club Treasurer Robert Trumbull presented the Treasurer’s Report. Bob Trump raised the
question about using some of our undesignated funds to provide a one time grant to the
Colorado Railroad Museum’s Drive to raise money to renovate RGS 20. As he did at the
September Meeting, Rex Beistle concisely reported on the $250,000 Matching Fund
Challenge. After some discussion it was agreed that at our next meeting on November 5
we will consider the proposal to donate $2,500 to support this renovation of RGS 20.
With the matching funds this would raise $5000 for the renovation of this historic steam
locomotive. Rex moved that we receive the Treasurer’s Report; the motion was seconded
by Dennis McHenry and passed without dissent.

Robert Trumbull asked if there is interest in a day trip to Caboose Hobbies and also to the
Colorado Rail Car Museum. The trip to Caboose Hobbies was tentatively scheduled for
Wednesday, October 15th. Robert will telephone the Colorado Rail Car Museum to
inquire about possible dates for a tour of their facility.

Bob Trump announced a President’s Cup Critter Challenge for the November 5th
Meeting. He specifically challenged club officers and directors, but the contest is open to
everyone. The winner will receive the Presidents Cup Travelling Trophy and his or her
name will be inscribed on the brass name tag. The winner will keep the trophy until he or
she looses it in a future contest. A Critter can be any small locomotive that has been
heavily modified by the contest entrant. Your entry cannot be a static model, it must be
capable of running. This is in addition to the previously announced “Make A Scene”
contest for the November 5th meeting. There will be substantial prizes for the contest
winners. The business portion of the meeting adjourned at 7:14pm for delicious
refreshments provided by Linda Patten.
After the refreshments we went back into the business portion of the meeting to handout
“Thank You Gifts” to all who helped with the set up, operation, and take down of the Brit
Rail Layout for Scotfest. Each person that helped received a DVD copy of Jim Mount’s
excellent presentation for the September 3rd Meeting: D & RGW Engine Number 315.
Don Widrig then reported on the status of the arrangements for the Rails in the Rockies
Show on February 14-15, 2009. So far ten vendors have signed up as well as four layout
displays; $500 has been received and deposited. Steve Klett has made arrangements with
Lionel for two Thomas the Tank Train sets to be given away to young modelers. Bob
Trump reported that the space normally used by the Brit layout will be reserved for club
members who would like to display their own work. This means you can bring and
operate a portable layout, display your contest entries, or display something else that is
part of your collection. Space will be limited so if you are thinking about displaying
something, please notify Jim Mount, Lynn Patten, or Bob Trump.

Following Don’s report, Robert Trumbull gave an excellent presentation on basic
electricity fundamentals. His report stressed the necessity for knowing how to calculate
the voltage and power needed to safely operate components for your train layout. The
presentation also stressed the differences between series and parallel circuits and when to
use each one. Robert has agreed to do a handout on the fundamentals when he has time.
There was significant interest in having a follow-on Modeling with the Modelers Session
to do a small project for your layout, using the principles demonstrated by Robert. We
will plan on all participants doing an electronic module such as a flashing light module,
power supply, arc welder, or hobo campfire module. The club will supply the
components and each participant will leave with a completed module (some of the
modules may still work when you get home).

Respectfully submitted,

Jack Ford, Secretary,

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