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                                                               The Philippine Madrigal                                                                        Paris Hilton
                                                               Singers                                                                                          arrives in

  Volume 10 No.4
                                 Philippine Fiesta
                                                                         Filipino-American Community Broadsheet Newspaper

                                                                                                                                                                               August 15-September 19, 2011
                                                                                                                                                                                    916.708.3462 / 916.708-8612

China building                                                                                                                                                      How does Manny
3 aircraft car-                                                                                                                                                     Pacquiao have a
riers, heads for                                                                                                                                                    song at the Top
                                                                                                                                                                    of the Billboard
superpower                                                                                                                                                          charts?
By Lev Navrozov

China, which the communist Mao cre-
ated as the People’s Republic of China
(PRC) to turn the entire world commu-
nist, may defeat the United States as un-
expectedly as Hitler defeated France.

                                                                                                                                                                    Right now, Manny Pacquiao has something that
                                                                                                                                                                    Jay-Z, Kanye West, Rihanna, Drake, and Young Jeezy
                                                                                                                                                                    don’t—a slot near the top of the Billboard charts.

China’s first aircraft carrier “Varyag” held its first                                                                                                              That’s noteworthy, of course, because all five
sea trial on Aug. 10.                                                                                                                                               of those artists are, well, artists, while Pacquiao
                                                                                                                                                                    is an athlete. And in recent times, athletes have
France was the world’s most culturally sophis-                                                                                                                      enjoyed little to no success in creating songs
ticated and creative country. Yet it succumbed                                                                                                                      that reach the charts at all, let alone the top of
quickly to an attack by Hitler, a WWI soldier                                                                                                                       the charts. But somehow, someway, Pacquiao
who later said that not only was he the great-                                                                                                                      has managed to ride out the success of his song,
est man living but that he was the greatest man                                                                                                                     “Sometimes When We Touch”—a remake of
that had ever lived.British troops maintained in                                                                                                                    singer/songwriter Dan Hill‘s 1977 song—to
France could not repel the Nazi surprise attack,                                                                                                                    No. 7 on the U.S. adult contemporary chart. So,
which caught the country unawares and was                                                                                                                           how the hell did it happen?
hard to believe.                                                                                                                                                      Well, it actually started out as a joke. Pacqui-
   As a totalitarian society, PRC is a military                                                                                                                     ao—who is still in negotiations to fight Floyd
camp, in which everyone is a soldier. It is easier                                                                                                                  Mayweather, Jr. at some point in 2012—per-
in such a society to conceal the building of new                                                                                                                    formed “Sometimes When We Touch” on
weapons or pursuing a secret military agenda.                                                                                                                       Jimmy Kimmel Live back in 2009. Though
The original Hong Kong news story of 2004,                                                                                                                          Pacquaio sang the song seriously and seemed
which said that China was reported to be build-                                                                                                                     to be trying his hardest to convince people that
ing, with the assistance from Russia, 3 aircraft                                                                                                                    he was taking it seriously, Kimmel’s crowd and
carriers (called Project 9935), floated around                                                                                                                      the millions of people who watched the video
the Chinese forums. According to Key publish-                                                                                                                       online laughed their asses off when they saw
ing LTD.Aviation Forums of 18th Feb. 2004,                                                                                                                          Pacquiao up on stage singing. You can see the
all 3 ships could be operational by 2008-2010.                                                                                                                      performance here:
The Chinese article said that maintenance fa-                                                                                                                          Pacquiao’s foray into music probably would
cilities had been built in Shanghai, Dailan, and                                                                                                                    have stopped there. But Hill himself reached
Zhejiang. The author of the article was not sure                                                                                        Photo by Dave San Pedro     out to Pacquiao shortly after seeing him on

                                                              ELIZABETH RAMSEY
how reliable the source was: so there you go                                                                                                                        Kimmel to tell him that he enjoyed the perfor-
— 3ACs, setting up the scene to become super-                                                                                                                       mance. The following year, they met in person
power by 2020.According to Polmar’s Perspec-                                                                                                                        at a hotel in New York. “It was like hanging
tive, other articles cite alleged Chinese plans to                                                                                                                  out with Elvis meets Muhammad Ali,” Hill told
build up to 6 aircraft carriers in the near term.                                                                                                                   FOX Sports recently.
   According to Reuters on July 27, “China is
building 2 aircraft carriers as part of a military                               Rock and Roll Queen                                                                  Their meeting led to an agreement between the
                                                                                                                                                                    two to work together, specifically on a remake
modernization program that is causing con-                                                                                                                          of “Sometimes When We Touch” that would in-
cern among other Asian countries. President                    By Antonio Villegas, Jr.                                                                             clude a song, a video, and a documentary. Late
Hu Jimtao has made the navy a keystone of                                                                                                                           last year, Pacquiao took breaks in training for
                                                                                                        Ms. Ramsey remains amaranthine and un-                      his fight with Antonio Margarito to meet with
China’s defense upgrade, and the carriers will
be among the most visible signs of its rising
military prowess.”

And more: “China is ramping up its military
                                                         M        usic, dancing and laughter are
                                                                  secrets for staying young. Those
                                                                  are blessings shared by of our
                                                         Philippine Legend, Queen of Rock and
                                                         Roll, Mother of Asia’s Soul Diva, none
                                                                                                        fading as she approach 80 years young by
                                                                                                        the end of this year. Nothing is diminished
                                                                                                        about her. Frizzy haired, dressed in three-
                                                                                                        inch heels, blessed with a youthful 18-year-
                                                                                                                                                                    Hill at Capital Studios in Los Angeles to record
                                                                                                                                                                    “Sometimes When We Touch.” And thanks to a
                                                                                                                                                                    well-placed mention in an HP ad that Pacquiao
                                                                                                                                                                    did recently, it’s taken off—much to the sur-
spending as the United States considers cutting                                                         old girlish figure, she walks with supreme                  prise of everyone, including Hill.
                                                         other than the 2011 Parade Celebrity           confidence like a ramp model, totally oblivi-
its defense budget.”
                                                         Grand Marshall of Pistahan Parade and                                                                           “Even if you’re Katy Perry or Justin Bie-
   The article goes on to say: “Two aircraft car-                                                       ous to the stares by admirers which is similar              ber, you have to work radio like crazy,” says
riers are being built at the Jiangnan shipyard in        Festival 2011 - Elizabeth Ramsey.              to reactions given to Prince and Lady Gaga.                 Hill. “He hasn’t been doing interviews or big
Shanghai. ”                                                                                             She is blend of the two icons getting the                   publicity events. So it’s even more strange that
                                                         With a career of nearly 54 years in showbiz,   combined reaction of shock and awe.
                 Continued on page 4                                                                                                                                                 Continued on page 4

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 2    Editorial                                                                                                        (916) 708-3462 (916) 708-8612                                  August 15-Sept. 19, 2011                Philippine Fiesta

                                                                                                                                                                            The ‘mysterious’ Mayuga Report
                                             Editor’s Note
                                                                                                                                                                           By Perry Diaz
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     and appointed to plum posi-
                                             Philippine Fiesta is here again with exciting and
                                             colorful news about our Fil-am community.                                                                                     W
                                                                                                                                                                                     hen Rep. Neri
                                                                                                                                                                           Pio Lorenzo Batino for
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     tions in his administration? Or,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     is there an insidious threat to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     his presidency from forces that
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     are keen on keeping the secrets
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     of the “Hello Garci” scandal
                                             We have just celebrated with the Filipino American
                                             Arts Exposition in their 18th Annual Pistahan Parade                                                                          a copy of the Mayuga                                                      under wraps?
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Recently, the Department of
                                             and Festival this past weekend at the Yerba Buena                                                                             Report during the budget                                                  Justice (DOJ) and Comelec had
                                             Park in San Francisco, CA.                                                                                                    hearing for the defense                                                   indicated that they would be
                                                                                                                                                                           department, Batino said,                                                  conducting a joint investigation
         We say a big happy birthday to Dr. Tony Solomon, president of the                                                                                                 “Top secret, your honor.”                                                 into the alleged election fraud
         Bayanihan Club of Sacramento. A family picnic held at Point Reyes                                                                                                 He said that they couldn’t                                                during the 2004 and 2007 polls.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     However, they need the sup-
         with article coverage written by our dear friend Jose Abaya is on                                                                                                 release the report unless                                                 port of Aquino. If Aquino re-
         page 5B. The same greeting goes to Carolyn Kang for hitting the big                                                                                               authorized by President                                                   ally wants the truth to come out
         “50”. We wish you good health and many more birthday celebrations                                                                                                 Aquino.                                                                   – regardless of who gets hurt
         with your family and friends. A fund-raising concert to benefit the                                                                                                                                                                         – then he should release the
                                                                                                                                                                           The Mayuga Report was pre-                                                Mayuga Report immediately so
         Aducayen Family Foundation with their humanitarian projects in the                                                                                                pared by former Navy Vice                                                 DOJ and Comelec could go to
         Philippines will be held on September 9. Please see page 8 for more                                                                                               Admiral Mateo Mayuga on or-          Vice Admiral Mateo Mayuga (ret.)     the bottom of the “Hello Garci”
         information and support a good cause.                                                                                                                             ders of then-president Gloria                                             election fraud and put a closure
                                                                                                                                                                           Macapagal Arroyo to inves-           massive election cheating in         to the dark episodes of the 2004
         Read on for more celebrations in our community in this issue. We                                                                                                  tigate the wiretapped “Hello         Mindanao in 2004, which              and 2007 elections.
                                                                                                                                                                           Garci” conversations between         they claimed was ordered by              Many believe that the real
         welcome all of you to send in your own family celebration, small and                                                                                              her and then Commission on           Arroyo, there is renewed in-         winner in the 2004 presidential
         big. Philippine Fiesta lives on to celebrate with you. As always, we                                                                                              Elections (Comelec) Com-             terest in the Mayuga Report.         election was Fernando Poe Jr.
         are grateful to all our contributing writers and advertisers for their                                                                                            missioner Virgilio Garcil-           Recently, Aquino expressed           (FPJ), who met an untimely—
         continued support of this publication.                                                                                                                            lano, which mentioned the            interest in reopening the Ma-        some say, “mysterious – death
                                                                                                                                                                           names of many high-ranking           yuga Report. However, that           caused by “stroke” on Decem-
                                                                                                                                                                           military officers involved in        has not happened yet.                ber 14, 2004, a month after his
         With you always,                                                                                                                                                  the alleged election fraud in            Many believe that the re-        questionable loss to Arroyo.
         Dinnah S. San Pedro                                                                                                                                               Mindanao in 2004. Among              port contains the names of              Since the result of the 2004
                                                                                                                                                                           those mentioned were then            the alleged “Garci generals”         elections can no longer be re-
                                                                                                                                                                           AFP deputy chief of staff for        and other military officials         versed, President Aquino owes
                                                                                                                                                                           operations Maj. Gen. Hermo-          involved in the “Hello Garci”        it to 15 million Filipinos who
                                                                                                                                                                           genes Esperon Jr., then South-       scandal. Thus, disclosing the        voted for him in 2010 to put to a
Political dysfunction and the economy                                                                                                                                      ern Command chief Lt. Gen.
                                                                                                                                                                           Roy Kyamko, then Army 1st
                                                                                                                                                                                                                full report to the public would
                                                                                                                                                                                                                not only reopen the “Hello
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     closure the “Hello Garci” scan-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     dal. Until then, FPJ’s memory
By Val G. Abelgas                                                                                                                                                          Infantry Division chief Maj.         Garci” election fraud inves-         is chained to a dungeon of lies
                                                          the presidential elections next                         disrespect on America’s first                            Gen. Gabriel Habacon, and            tigation but could also lead         built to buttress Arroyo’s grip
And I thought the Philippines’                            year, that they locked horns                            black president. In his col-                             then Marine Col. Francisco           to the prosecution of former         on power and suppress the
corrupt politicians are the worst.                        until just a few hours before                           umn on USA Today, DeWayne                                Gudani.                              president Arroyo and her hus-        truth.
It turns out America’s own “dys-                          the default deadline on Tues-                           Wickham wrote: “What should                                  When Mayuga completed            band, Mike.                            As the saying goes: “The truth
functional politicians,” as global                        day, August 2, before finally                           be clear to the whole world                              his investigation, he com-             The question is: why is Pres-      shall set us free.” President
rating agency Standard & Poor’s                           coming out with a debt deal                             watching the debt-ceiling bat-                           piled the report that bears his      ident Aquino dragging his feet       Aquino should – nay, must! –
describe them, can destroy this                           that was so tentative and so                            tle is that the Republicans are                          name. However, when the re-          in authorizing the release of        release the Mayuga Report so
great nation just as badly as                             inadequate, it raised doubts on                         far more intent on taking the                            port came out, Arroyo – while        the Mayuga Report? He was            the truth can come out and set
highly contentious politics tears                         Washington’s resolve to come                            president’s scalp than balanc-                           claiming that the report was         given a copy of the report a         FPJ free to reclaim his place in
the Philippines apart on a regu-                          up with a long-term solution                            ing the nation’s books.’                                 open to the public — ordered         year ago after his presidential      history as the true winner of the
lar basis.                                                to the country’s gigantic debt                              With the presidential elec-                          it classified as “top secret.”       inauguration but so far he has       2004 presidential election. As
     In downgrading the United                            problem.                                                tions on the horizon and the                             And it has remained shrouded         not decided on whether to re-        for Gloria Macapagal Arroyo,
States’ credit rating for the first                          For weeks, the Democrats                             Republicans and the Demo-                                in mystery since then.               lease the report or not. Could       let the wheels of justice turn.
time ever from a perfect AAA                              and the Republicans traded                              crats expected to continue                                   With the recent exposés          it be that he is adamant in re-      It’s time for her to face the mu-
rating to AA+, Standard &                                 barbs over their own versions                           their political tug-of-war over                          of former ARMM governor              leasing it because it could im-      sic.
Poor’s said “political dysfunc-                           of the debt solution. While                             the issue of debt ceiling, bud-                          Zaldy Ampatuan and Comelec           plicate some people who may          (
tion” provoked the downgrade,                             both agree on raising the debt                          get cuts and taxes, a long-term                          official Lintang Bedol on the        have earned Aquino’s “trust”
noting that Congress seems to                             ceiling, the Republicans want-                          solution to the US’s debt prob-
lack the ability to aid the weak-                         ed drastic spending cuts and                            lem may not be coming in the
ening economy.                                            no new taxes. The Democrats,                            near future. The Republicans                            economy dependent on credit,          analyst puts it.                     reserves.
      “Even though lawmakers                              on the other hand, wanted less                          wouldn’t want to budge and                              the further tightening of credit         It is a bitter pill to swallow,      China, for one, is question-
reached a decision on Aug. 2                              spending cuts, the tax cuts                             give President Barack Obama                             would further slow down the           but the comments by Chi-             ing the dollar’s status as the
to raise the government’s debt                            granted during the term of                              additional ammunition in the                            economic wheels and drag the          na, which holds the biggest          world’s dominant reserve cur-
ceiling and avoid a potentially                           President George W. Bush re-                            campaign after his success in                           country into a double-dip re-         amount of US Treasury bonds,         rency, saying “a new, stable
disastrous default, the deficit-re-                       moved, and wanted new taxes                             eliminating Al Qaeda leader                             cession that economist fear           should be given due consid-          and secured global reserve cur-
duction package that accompa-                             that would target business and                          Osama bin Laden. The Demo-                              would be worse than the one           eration. The official Xinhua         rency may also be an option to
nied the deal won’t sufficiently                          the wealthy.                                            crats, on the other hand, are                           that struck the country in 2007.      news agency said Washington          avert a catastrophe called by
improve the government’s fis-                                  Democrat Senate Major-                             also eyeing next year’s election                           In the meantime, the Repub-        must “come to terms with the         any single country.”
cal health in the coming years,”                          ity Leader Harry Reid said                              and wouldn’t budge either.                              licans are busy preparing for its     painful fact that the good old           Philippines Finance Secre-
S&P said in a statement explain-                          the proposal by Republican                                  If this tug-of-war persists                         primaries and the Democrats           days when it could just bor-         tary Cesar Purisima agreed
ing its decision to downgrade                             House Speaker Boehner was                               and nothing is done about the                           are intent to stop them every         row its way out of messes of         with China, saying the down-
the US’s credit rating.                                   a “short-term solution” that                            debt problem and the huge                               step of the way.                      its own making are finally           grade “highlights the need for
   S&P particularly cited the Re-                         would be “dead on arrival in                            budget deficit, it wouldn’t be                            The S&P report was criticized       gone. To cure its addiction to       alternative global reserve cur-
publicans’ seeming unwilling-                             the Senate, if it gets out of the                       farfetched to imagine the two                           by Treasury and White House           debts, the United States has to      rencies and benchmarks that
ness to allow the Bush-era tax                            House.” Boehner, on the other                           other global credit rating agen-                        officials but was accepted by         re-establish the common sense        are more stable and as liquid
cuts to expire. “The majority of                          hand, called Reid’s blueprint a                         cies, Fitch and Moody, to fol-                          many economic experts as a            principle that one should live       and convertible.”
Republicans in Congress con-                              “blank check” for more uncon-                           low suit and also downgrade                             true assessment of the ability        within its means.”                      Washington politicians must
tinue to resist any measure that                          trolled spending that would                             the US credit rating, which                             and resolve of the government            The S&P downgrade should          find a way out of this mess,
would raise revenues, a position                          undermine the economy.                                  would definitely send both the                          to solve its growing debt bur-        serve as a wake-up call to           and soon. They cannot allow
we believe Congress reinforced                                 Democrat House Minor-                              US and global economy into                              den. The credit rating down-          Washington that it should get        their extreme stands on the na-
by passing the act,” S&P said,                            ity Leader Nancy Pelosi ac-                             another recession, possibly                             grade has correctly measured          its act together very soon and       tional debt, spending and taxes
referring to the Budget Act of                            cused Republicans of trying                             into depression, just two years                         the government’s willingness          review its spending habits and       destroy the nation in the same
2011 that enabled the US to                               to “undermine government”                               after barely emerging from the                          to pay its debts, its resolve to do   tax policies, before the world’s     way that the opposing stands
evade defaulting on its $15-tril-                         and “destroy” vital programs.                           2007 recession.                                         something about its financial         economies lose their trust on        of the Northern and Southern
lion debt but left many econom-                           Conservative Republican Sen-                               Even before the S&P down-                            situation, and to show the world      the American economy, and            states on slavery plunged the
ic experts worrying about the                             ate leader Mitch McConnell                              grade, investors were already                           and its creditors that it deserves    turn to other currencies as          country into a bloody civil war
country’s economic future.                                said President Barack Obama                             panicking mainly because of                             its trust and confidence, as one      safe haven for their foreign         in 1861.
    S&P added that its analysts                           was “clinging” to hope for a                            unfavorable economic indi-
“have changed our view on the                             “massive tax hike.”                                     cators, an economic growth
difficulty in bridging the gulf                              Obama’s own rhetoric in a                            that has slowed down to near-
between political parties over
fiscal policy, which makes us
                                                          nationally televised appeal
                                                          for compromise touched off
                                                                                                                  zero level, reduced consumer
                                                                                                                  spending, lower manufactur-                                                            Michael P. Karr
                                                                                                                                                                               Law Office of Michael P. Karr & Associates
pessimistic” about any improve-                           the exchange of barbs. “This                            ing output, and a nearly stag-
ment in the country’s credit pos-                         is no way to run the greatest                           nant employment situation,
ture.                                                     country on Earth,” Obama                                and partly because of the poli-
  A few weeks ago, S&P had al-                            said. “The American people                              ticians’ failure to resolve the                                                        930 Alhambra Blvd., Suite 270
ready warned that it may lower                            may have voted for divided                              debt impasse. On Wednesday,                                                               Sacramento, CA 95816
the long-term US credit rating                            government, but they didn’t                             the stock market plummeted
one or more notches in the next                           vote for a dysfunctional gov-                           with the Dow Jones Industrial                                             916.443.2595                        Fax 916.443.2515
three months “if we conclude                              ernment.”                                               Average dropping 512 points,                                    
that Congress and the Admin-                                 Obama also ripped House                              the lowest since 2008.
istration have not achieved a                             Republicans for stubbornly                                 On the first trading day after                           Helping people with their Immigration needs since 1991
credible solution to the rising                           pursuing a “cuts-only ap-                               S&P announced its downgrade,
US government debt burden and                             proach” that “doesn’t ask the                           the Dow fell by 634 points on
are not likely to achieve one in                          wealthiest Americans or big-                            Monday, the sixth worst trad-                                Adjustment of Status                                 Appeal to Board of immigration Appeals
the foreseeable future.”                                  gest corporations to contrib-                           ing day in history.                                          Family Visa Petitions                                Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
    But the politicians on Capi-                          ute anything at all.”                                        Economists fear that the                                Citizenship                                          Consultations on Criminal Defense of Aliens
tol Hill were either not listen-                            The Republicans’ hard stance                          downgrade would eventually                                   V-Visas
ing, were too arrogant, or were                           during the debt negotiations                            raise interest rates, including                              Fiance Visas                                                          Deportation Defense
too engrossed in playing power                            was seen by one political pun-                          those on mortgage, car loans                                 Labor Certification/Immigrant worker Visas                            Hardship Waivers
poker politics in preparation for                         dit as an obvious attack and                            and credit cards. With the US                                                                                                      Battered Spouse Petitions
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                           achievements of the Filipino- Americans in our community.

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  Philippine News                                                          (916) 708-3462 (916) 708-8612                August 15-Sept. 19, 2011          Philippine Fiesta         3

                                                        Tourist police ready for duty

        he Department of                                                                                                                                                              Police District (MPD) Tourist
        Tourism’s     (DOT)                                                                                                                                                           Police led by Capt. Jovan Sicat
        Tourism Oriented Po-                                                                                                                                                          to be used in securing Manila’s
lice for Community Order                                                                                                                                                              tourist spots.
                                                                                                                                                                                         “This is another fine example
and Protection (TOP COP)                                                                                                                                                              of private-public partnership.
initiative is in full swing,                                                                                                                                                          The bikes were donated by
with training sessions al-                                                                                                                                                            Sportmart, a supplier of Duty
ready completed and units                                                                                                                                                             Free Philippines. We take
deployed nationwide since                                                                                                                                                             note of Resort World Hotels
                                                                                                                                                                                      which has donated uniforms
its re-launch last December.                                                                                                                                                          for the TOPCOPs assigned in
                                                                                                                                                                                      their area in Pasay City. More
“The TOP COP program is ful-                                                                                                                                                          private sector companies and
ly operational, and we hope to                                                                                                                                                        individuals are committing
encourage more tourists to visit                                                                                                                                                      to support the program. We
the country with this added                                                                                                                                                           hope that this civic-oriented-
commitment to their safety and                                                                                                                                                        ness continues as we heighten
security,” said Secretary Alber-                                                                                                                                                      awareness and vigilance to-
to A. Lim.                                                                                                                                                                            wards tourist safety and secu-
  TOP COP is a special unit un-      The TOPCOP graduates with DOT Secretary Alberto Lim (seated, 3rd from left). Also in the photo are (L-R, seated) DOT Asst. Secretary Benito C.   rity,” the Secretary added.
der the Philippine National Po-      Bengzon, Jr., National Parks Development Committee Executive Director Juliet Villegas, Gen. Danilo Constantino and Col. Anselmo Simeon Pinili
lice trained in ensuring the se-     of the PNP.                                                                                                                                      In addition, the DOT foresees
curity of tourists. The DOT has                                                                                                                                                       wider implementation of Su-
completed Phase I of the TOP                                                                                                                        same top tourist destinations,    preme Court Administrative
COP training courses, benefit-       Galera, Puerto Princesa City                                                                                   will cover topics on police       Order No. 19-2011, which
ting 1,226 police officers na-       and Zambales. Additional                                                                                       matters, crisis management        provides for the establishment
tionwide. Phase I covers top-        trainings were also held in                                                                                    and first aid.                    of night courts dedicated to re-
ics on tourism orientation and       CARAGA, General Santos                                                                                             Last month, fifty officers    solving criminal cases involv-
basic customer relations.            City and Eastern Visayas and                                                                                   based in the National Capital     ing tourists. The Metropoli-
Phase I of the training program,     with the NAIA Aviation Secu-                                                                                   Region (NCR) finished the         tan Trial Courts of Pasay and
conducted between November           rity Group.                                                                                                    second phase and were given       Makati are the first to comply
2010 and May 2011, focused                Tourist police have since                                                                                 their pins and certificates of    with the Order.
on the police assigned in the        been deployed and are cur-                                                                                     completion. Some fifty more
top destinations, namely Metro       rently visible in tourism zones                                                                                will be trained in Region III     CONTACT:
Manila, Cebu, Albay, Baguio          in Metro Manila, Baguio City,                                                                                  at Camp Conrado Yap in Iba,       Evelyn A. Macayayong
City, Bohol, Boracay Island,         Boracay Island, Bohol, Donsol                                                                                  Zambales this week.               Office of Marketing Commu-
Cagayan Valley, Davao City,          in Sorsogon, Dumaguete and                                                                                       Also last week, 20 brand new    nications
Ilocos Norte, Negros Oriental,       Embarcadero in Legaspi.                                                                                        bicycles were turned over by      525-18-05
Northern Mindanao (Cagayan           Phase II, which started in July                                                                                Secretary Lim to the Manila
de Oro and Camiguin), Puerto         until November 2011 in the            DOT Secretary Alberto Lim turns over to Capt. Jovan Sicat twenty bikes
                                                                           for the use of the Manila Police District Tourist Police

GMA placed on BI watchlist
By Edu Punay
                                                                          to seek asylum in Portugal,
MANILA, Philippines – The                                                 which does not have an ex-
Department of Justice (DOJ)                                               tradition treaty with the Phil-
yesterday placed former Presi-                                            ippine government.
dent and now Pampanga Rep.                                                    Ejercito said he received
Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on                                                information that the Arroyo
the watchlist of the Bureau of                                            couple, both fluent in Span-
Immigration (BI) in connec-                                               ish, bought a villa in Portu-
tion with the plunder charges                                             gal near the Spanish border.
she is facing before the DOJ.                                                  Mrs. Arroyo traveled to
     Justice Secretary Leila de                                           Spain last month.
Lima used her motu propio                                                     Aggabao said though the
power to order the inclusion of                                           Arroyos are not accused of
Arroyo on the bureau’s watch-             Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo         political crimes, they could
list.                                                                     claim political persecution
    Arroyo returned to hospital      diverted over P2 billion in fer-     if they really are planning to
yesterday for a medical check-       tilizer funds to her campaign        seek asylum.
up after undergoing spine sur-       kitty when she ran for reelec-           “But the government can
gery two weeks ago, and was          tion in 2004.                        oppose an asylum applica-
advised by doctors that another           Lihay-lihay, on the other       tion and challenge any claim
operation was necessary.             hand, filed a plunder complaint      of political persecution,” he
   Doctors at St. Luke’s Medi-       against Arroyo over the sale of      added.
cal Center in Taguig City said       the P1-billion prime land near           Mrs. Arroyo is facing at
a metal plate in the former          the old Iloilo airport to Mega-      least five plunder raps before
president’s back had been mis-       world Corp. in 2007.                 the DOJ and the Office of the
aligned and needs to be cor-                                              Ombudsman. Her son Rep.
rected, reports said last night.     Arroyo had already submit-           Juan Miguel Arroyo of the
    De Lima explained that the       ted her affidavit involving the      party-list group Ang Galing
order was issued to ensure that      OWWA fund scam.                      Pinoy and his wife Angela
Arroyo would face the charges                                             are facing tax evasion charg-
filed against her by Danilo Li-      The DOJ placed the former            es before the DOJ.
hay-lihay and former solicitor       chief executive on the BI                Meanwhile, the immigra-
general Francisco Chavez in          watchlist following reports that     tion bureau alerted its per-
connection with the fertilizer       she and former first gentleman       sonnel in all international
fund scam and the Overseas           Jose Miguel Arroyo are plan-         seaports and airports follow-
Workers’ Welfare                     ning to seek political asylum        ing the inclusion of Arroyo
                                     in Portugal to evade what they       on the BI watchlist.
Administration (OWWA) fund           described “are cases of politi-         BI spokesperson Ma. An-
mess.                                cal persecution.’’                   toinette Mangrobang said
“One consideration is the pos-
sible flight risk of the subject,”
                                        “This is why we need pre-
                                     cautionary measures so that
                                     the people won’t blame us in
                                                                          that copies of the watchlist
                                                                          order signed by BI Associ-
                                                                          ate Commissioner Abdullah
                                                                                                                   Bilingual English-Tagalog Speaking
the DOJ chief said.
    The watchlist order, which
will take effect for 60 days, re-
                                     case they leave and evade the
                                     charges,” De Lima told report-
                                                                          Mangotara against the Pam-
                                                                          panga lawmaker have been
                                                                          sent out to BI units at the
                                                                                                                      Representatives Needed NOW
quires Arroyo to secure clear-            Meanwhile, Isabela Rep.         Ninoy Aquino International
ance from the DOJ every time         Giorgidi Aggabao said that           Airport (NAIA) Terminals 1,
she leaves the country.
  De Lima said she did not im-
                                     Arroyo and her family are not
                                     qualified for political asylum
                                                                          2, 3 and Cebu Mactan Inter-
                                                                          national Airport.
                                                                                                                         AMPEGY is looking for several
                                     in any foreign country.
mediately issue the watchlist
order against the Pampanga
congresswoman for humani-
                                        “An asylum is for political
                                     crimes, and the former presi-
                                                                            The alert was also raised in
                                                                          all seaports where there are
                                                                          ships bound for foreign des-
                                                                                                                         Independent Representatives to
tarian considerations after she
underwent cervical spine sur-
                                     dent and members of her fam-
                                     ily are not accused of com-
                                                                              Arroyo went back to St.
                                                                                                                         serve the Filipino community of
                                     mitting political crimes. What
    Chavez accused Arroyo of
plunder, qualified theft, graft
                                     they are facing are criminal
                                                                          Luke’s Medical Center yes-
                                                                          terday for her scheduled                       Sacramento and sorrounding areas.
                                                                                                                         AMPEGY is an affiliate of Spark
                                     charges,’’ he said.                  checkup. She arrived at the
and corruption and violations           Aggabao is a member of the        hospital shortly before noon.
of the Revised Penal Code and        Nationalist People’s Coalition,          Her husband, lawmakers
                                     part of the majority coalition in
Omnibus Election Code for
allegedly using P550 million
in OWWA funds to boost her
                                     the House of Representatives.
                                         He issued the statement in
                                                                          Mikey and Dato and daugh-
                                                                          ters-in-law Angela and Ca-
                                                                          cai were also spotted at St.
                                                                                                                         Energy - one of the fastest growing
presidential bid in 2004.
  In another complaint, he also
                                     reaction to San Juan Rep. Jose
                                     Victor Ejercito’s claim that
                                                                          Luke’s but they refused to
                                                                          talk to media.
                                                                                                                         energy providers in America. You
                                     the Arroyos purportedly plan
alleged that the former leader
                                                                                                                         can set your own hours and there’s
                                                                                                                         no limit to your income potential.
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 4Philippine News                                                    (916) 708-3462 (916) 708-8612                   August 15-Sept. 19, 2011               Philippine Fiesta

Justice department drops murder charge                                                                      Senate committee to subpoena ‘Kulo’ artist
against Mangudadatu        had insufficient evidence.
                                                                                                             MANILA, Philippines - The
                                                                                                             Senate committee conducting
                                                                                                                                                 be filed “if evidence war-
                                                                                                                                                                                    freedom and its limits.
                                                                                                                                                                                       For her part, Abrera pointed
By Jomar Canlas                             Kamendan lodged                Mangudadatu had said that         an inquiry into the “blasphe-         He also urged Cruz to attend     out that they tried their best to
                                            her undated motion,         he neither talked to Kamen-          mous” art exhibit at the Cul-       the hearings to explain his art    weigh the consequences of their
THE Department of                           which the depart-           dan nor ordered his escorts to       tural Center of the Philippines     and defend himself from criti-     decsion in pushing through with
Justice (DOJ) has                           ment received on            shoot the victim.                    (CCP) said it will subpoena         cisms by various groups, in-       the exhibit vis-a-vis the role of
dismissed murder                            May 27, 2011.                 The March 3, 2010 joint res-       artist Mideo Cruz if he fails to    cluding the Catholic Church        the CCP in promoting art.
charges filed against                           But the charges         olution stated that Natividad        attend today’s hearing.             and pro-life organizations.            She also admitted that the
Gov. Esmael “Toto”                          against Manguda-            did not include in her initial                                              Among Cruz’s pieces was a       CCP president recommended
Mangudadatu         of                      datu’s two body-            statement to the police the in-      Sen. Jinggoy Estrada, who           wall collage made up of post-      the closure of the exhibit, but
Maguindanao         in                      guards—Police               volvement of the governor in         earlier expressed disgust over      ers of local celebrities, NBA      she insisted that the idea was
connection with the                         Officer 1 Ibrahim           the shooting of her spouse.          Cruz’s art pieces, asked that       stars, Jesus Christ, Barack        “not the best step to take at that
killing of his suspect- Gov. Mangudadatu Langalen and Police               The resolution revealed that      the artist be issued a subpoena     Obama, Coca-Cola and the           time”.
ed assassin last year.                     Officer 1 Surab Lin-         Kamendan’s statement against         for not appearing in the hear-      Teletubbies, characters from a        “The artist should have the
  In a resolution signed by Jus- tukan Bantas—were being pur-           Mangudadatu came only af-            ing this morning.                   children’s TV show. Unfurled       chance to explain,” she noted,
tice Undersecretary Leah Tan- sued because they were formal-            ter Natividad had a talk with           An employee of the Senate        condoms, wooden rosaries           while citing that the comments
odra-Armamento, the Justice ly charged before the court for             lawyers Philip Pantojan and          committee leading the inquiry       and wooden penises adorn the       of those who witnessed the
department granted a motion the murder of Tamano inside                 Alexis Lumbatan and a certain        said they sent invitations to       wall.                              early run of the exhibit were
to withdraw the appeal filed by the Gaisano South Citimall on           Barpa Ustadz.                        Cruz through email and phone           A figure of Christ the King     “stimulating and interesting”.
complainant Natividad de Arce February 11, 2010.                            The ruling also noted that       calls. Cruz has replied and         painted with red make-up de-           She said that the manage-
Kamendan, the wife of the vic-       Mangudadatu’s bodyguards           the witness who would cor-           confirmed receipt of the invi-      picting Mickey Mouse and a         ment committee had agreed to
tim, Tamano Kamendan, 41, of admitted that they fired at Ka-            roborate Natividad’s allega-         tation, but did not confirm if      poster of Jesus Christ with a      put a disclaimer statement, but
Sharif Aguak, Ampatuan town. mendan after the latter forc-              tion failed to appear before         he will attend the hearing.         wooden penis glued to his face     did not approve of proposals to
   The Justice department cen- ibly took one of the governor’s          the panel despite a subpoena           Sen. Edgardo Angara, chair-       were among the fixtures that       shut down the controversial art
tered its decision on Part X.I.K daughters and attempted to             issued to her.                       man of the Education, Arts and      irritated many Catholics who       display.
of the Revised Manual for Pros- snatch firearms from Bantas.              The Ampatuans, who are be-         Culture committee, said the         trooped to the venue.
ecutors that provides that “[t]      According to the prosecu-          ing accused of killing 57 inno-      committee will be “compelled           Following the CCP Board’s       Society desecrated Jesus’ im-
he appeal/petition for review tors, self-defense is a justifying        cent civilians in Maguindan-         to issue a subpoena” against        order to shut down the exhibit     age
may be withdrawn at any time circumstance and a matter of               ao, including 31 journalists on      Cruz if he fails to show up at      on August 9, the center’s Vi-        Abrera admitted that she was
before it is finally resolved, in evidence for the courts to de-        November 23, 2009, engaged           the end of the hearing, which       sual Arts director Karen Oca-      also shocked by the art pieces
which case the questioned res- termine during trial.                    the services of Pantojan and         was scheduled to last until         mpo-Flores resigned.               on Mideo’s collection, but said
olution shall stand as if no ap-      Earlier, Prosecutors Jofre        Lumbatan as their legal coun-        noon today.                                                            that after a thorough examina-
peal/petition has been taken.” Saniel, Maria Gemma Dabbay-              sels, aside from lawyers Philip          In a television interview,      Estrada and other senators         tion of the art pieces she came
     It was learned that while Tambis and Marte Melchor                 Sigfrid Fortun and Gregorio          Sen. Gringo Honasan defend-         have called on the whole CCP       to appreciate it and realize what
the department was scrutiniz- Velasco held that the charge              Narvasa 2nd.                         ed today’s hearing on the art       board to resign.                   the artist was trying to say.
ing a petition for review of a against Mangudadatu of alleged             Mangudadatu’s wife and sis-        exhibit, saying “Everything is         The committee failed to in-         Contrary to the art’s critic’s
joint resolution issued by the complicity or conspiracy in the          ters were among the victims          in aid of legislation.”             vite Flores to the hearing since   opinion, she said that the art
City Prosecutor of Davao City, shooting to death of Kamendan            of the massacre.                        “We have to start with the       he has already resigned. Dur-      pieces show “how society treats
                                                                                                             law. This would have to be re-      ing the hearing Angara said        thingswe idolize.”
                                                                                                             solved by the law of the land,”     that the committee should in-         “It’s always up to the viewer
Peace, peace, peace or ‘Gyera, Gyera, Gyera’                                                                 Honasan said in an interview
                                                                                                             on ABS-CBN News Channel.
                                                                                                                                                 vite Flores to attend the next
                                                                                                                                                                                    to interact with the art. I’ve al-
                                                                                                                                                                                    ways thought the artistic pro-
By Nestor Mata                                                                                                                                                                      cess is a very intimate thing
                                   through its own website, that        Aquino’s own mother Cory’s           The senator said the inquiryCCP head mulled earlier clo-               between the viewer and the art-
‘The whole world now knows         their proposal would bring           presidency. Chances for such         will focus on laws on arts and
                                                                                                                                         sure                                       ist,” she said.
what President Aquino really       peace in strife-ridden Mind-         charter change are very, very        culture.                        Cruz’s art pieces were in-
talked about with a rebel leader   anao. “The MILF wants a state        slim, even at this time when           He denied that the Senate is
                                                                                                                                         cluded in the “Kulo” exhibit,              But the Catholic community
during their two-hour “secret”     within a state (or a sub-state) …    there is a clamor for charter        riding with the issue, adding
                                                                                                                                         which is a collaboration of                considered Cruz’s work offen-
meeting in Tokyo.’                 the formula to solve the Moro        changes in its economic pro-         that the art exhibit falls under
                                                                                                                                         works of 32 artists that opened            sive to their religion.
PRESIDENT Aquino tried             Question in Mindanao is sim-         visions among certain leaders        the jurisdiction of Congress, a
                                                                                                                                         on June 17 and was supposed                  During the hearing, Rev. Jose
to keep his clandestine meet-      ple… Let the Moros run their         and members of Congress.             regulatory arm of the govern-
                                                                                                                                         to run up to August 21.                    Palma, vice president of the
ing with a rebel leader under      affairs. Let them decide their           “There is no power nor is        ment, since it was displayed in
                                                                                                                                           Raul Sunico, president of the            Catholic Bishops Conference
wraps, but now the whole           own destiny. Let them succeed        there any right to violate the       CCP, which is a government  CCP, told senators during the              of the Philippines (CBCP), said
world knows what transpired        or self-destruct. Gone (are) the     Constitution on the part of          institution and funded by the
                                                                                                                                         hearing that he had mulled the             they were “hurt” on the des-
during their two-hour “secret      days when the government in          any official of government,”         people’s tax.               closure of the exhibit as early            ecration of Jesus Christ.
talks” in Tokyo last week.         Manila designed everything for       as then Supreme Court Chief            “Had this been exhibited in a
                                                                                                                                         as July 14 as he was initially                 The CBCP official pointed
                                   them. The most important ele-        Justice Reynato Puno opined          private art gallery, it would not
                                                                                                                                         “shocked” and “offended” by                that they condemn only the
While the President and his        ment here is self-determination      in that MOA-AD case in 2008.         have generated as much con- Mideo’s pieces.                            “Poleteismo” collection and
usually voluble Palace mouth-      … This is a right that cannot be     “”No one can claim he has            troversy, but since the CCP is  “As of July 14, I recom-               not the entire “Kulo” art dis-
pieces were secretive about        foreclosed by any agreement          a blank check to violate the         a government institution then
                                                                                                                                         mended the closing of the                  play. He also noted that Cruz’s
what happened there, Al Haj        or (be) the subject of negotia-      Constitution in advance and          the regulatory arm of the gov-
                                                                                                                                         exhibit; but there were sug-               work was not included in the
Murad Ibrahim, chairman of         tion.”                               the privilege to cure the viola-     ernment, through Congress,  gestions that it will be brought           past Ateneo exhibits, as earlier
the “Moro Islamic Liberation          Did Aquino know the legal         tion later through amendment         has to intervene,” Honasan  first to the artistic community,           reported.
Front” and his spokesman just      ramifications of the MILF’s          of its provisions. Respondents’      said.                       so we postponed its closure,”                 “Exercise of human freedom
simply, as the common saying       proposal? Didn’t he know             thesis of violate now, validate         He meanwhile assured thathe said.                                   for the sake of art is subject to
goes, “spilled the beans!”         that an almost similar agree-        later makes a burlesque of the       the Senate does not intend to He said that it was CCP Chair            moral criteria,” he said, while
     Murad told Aquino they        ment had been forged during          Constitution.”                       “prematurely pass judgment” Emily Abrera who insisted to               nothing that “no human free-
wanted the establishment of        his predecessor’s time – the              That’s the voice of legal       on the CCP officials who al-continue the exhibit, pending              dom is absolute.”
a “Bangsamoro sub-state” in        “Memorandum of Agreement             wisdom that President Aqui-          lowed the exhibit, particularly
                                                                                                                                         consultations from the artis-                 “For us, the picture of Jesus
strife-torn Mindanao. And, as      on Ancestral Domain”? It also        no should heed, if he gives his      the owner of the art pieces tic community. He however                  is not just any picture; He is the
Murad’s spokesman put it, “the     envisioned peace in Mindanao         assent to the latest proposal of     “Poleteismo”, Mideo Cruz.   pointed out that the controver-            picture of God -- someone we
President just listened.”          and a state within a state. And it   the MILF for the creation of                                     sy opened their eyes to adopt              adore, someone we glorify.”
     No wonder, when Aquino        was struck down as unconstitu-       a “Bansamoro Sub-State” or           He however said charges may policy clearly defining artistic
returned to Manila, he was si-     tional by the Supreme Court.         an independent Islamic state
lent as a lamb. It was his “own       If Aquino gives his govern-       in Mindanao, and not listen
idea,” as revealed by his own
chief Cabinet adviser. And
                                   ment’s stamp of approval to the
                                   MILF’s revised concept, it will
                                                                        to those of those around him
                                                                        who lure him into believ-            How does Manny Pacquiao have a song at the
when the other side blabbered
about it all, his lower jaw must
                                   suffer the same fate, too, as that
                                   Arroyo-MILF’s MOA-AD of
                                                                        ing that he would the “Great
                                                                                                             Top of the Billboard charts? From page 1
have fallen. He must have re-      2008. The latest concept of the                                           this can be happening. It’s just    world of music by singing a         in the headlines for a few
alized then that he had com-       MILF for a “sub-state within a       And, President Aquino should         unheard of.”                        familiar song that immediately      more months while we all
mitted a horrible mistake – a      state” would in effect mean an       also be warned that if he and             It’s especially “unheard       resonates with people, and B)       wait for more news about his
diplomatic faux pas! – in sit-     independent state within a fed-      his peace negotiators fail to        of” when you consider all of        He chose to attack a genre of       fight with Mayweather. And if
ting down for two hours with       eral form of government.             act on the MILF’s proposal or        the other athletes that have        music that most athletes shy        you don’t think Mayweather’s
Murad, who must have felt like        This cannot be done, as le-       offer an acceptable “alterna-        tried to find a place in music.     away from. It’s a formula that’s    waiting in the wings and lis-
the head of their dream of a       gal experts have pointed out,        tive peaceful solution,” then        From Allen Iverson and Ron          proved to be a winning one for      tening to “Sometimes When
“Bangsamoro Sub-State.”            without amending the 1987            they should be ready for what        Artest to Deion Sanders and         Pacquiao.                           We Touch” to get a little more
     Not only that, the MILF       Constitution that was rati-          the MILF call: “Gyera, gyera,        Chris Johnson, there have              Does this mean he’s an art-      ammo to make the fight hap-
started telling the whole world,   fied in the time of President        gyera!”                              been plenty of them that have       ist now? Hardly. We’d be sur-       pen, you’re crazy.
                                                                                                             tried and inevitably failed.        prised if “Sometimes When We           Almost as crazy as anyone
                                                                                                             But Pacquiao is succeeding,         Touch” doesn’t end up as the        who believed Manny Pac-
                                                                                                             because: A) He chose to hold        peak of Pacquiao’s music ca-        quiao had a real chance at be-
                                                                                                             his coming out party in the         reer. But it does keep his name     coming a pop star. Well done,

                                                                                                             China building 3 aircraft carriers, heads for su-
                                                                                                             perpower status From page 1
                                                                                                             And just listen to this: Accord-         It is also well
                                                                                                             ing to residents in Changxing       known in the re-
                                                                                                             island, north of Shanghai, Chi-     gion and around the
                                                                                                             nese authorities have secretly      globe that China is
                                                                                                             recruited 10,000 workers to         building up its mili-
                                                                                                             build China’s first domestic        tary      capabilities
                                                                                                             aircraft carrier. Workers are       across the board.
                                                                                                             obliged to strictly keep secret         The Obama ad-
                                                                                                             (about their employment).           ministration, on the
                                                                                                             They would not be allowed           other hand, is look-
                                                                                                             to use mobile phones and to         ing at close to a tril-
                                                                                                             make contact with their fami-       lion dollars of defense cuts in    ery country except the PRC is
                                                                                                             lies. (Manufacturing.Net-Au-        the next decade.                   “oppressed” by capitalists and
                                                                                                             gust 01, 2011.)                        A free country has its mili-    other exploiters. Therefore, ev-
                                                                                                                  The People’s Daily, the        tary advantages: New weap-         ery PRC’s war is by definition
                                                                                                             newspaper for the Commu-            ons are being built, since they    a “war of liberation” until the
                                                                                                             nist Party of China, reported       are created mostly by people       entire world will thus become
                                                                                                             that on May 23, He Guoq-            of genius.                         “liberated.”
                                                                                                             iang, a member of the Stand-           Now, take a look at the his-       China has enough people to
                                                                                                             ing Committee of the party’s        tory of the PRC. Before the        carry out this task of global
                                                                                                             Political Bureau, visited and       twentieth century, China had       “liberation.” What else does
                                                                                                             inspected dry dock No.3 [the        no association with foreign        the communist China need to
                                                                                                             secret site where the aircraft      countries. In the twentieth        accomplish this? It needs the
                                                                                                             carrier is being built. - LN].      century, China’s attitudes have    weapons to arm its army suf-
                                                                                                                To carry out the construc-       changed, owing to the commu-       ficiently well to “liberate” ev-
                                                                                                             tion of its first domestic car-     nist Mao. This jump from total     ery country, as was predicted
                                                                                                             rier, China is seeking help         isolation to total world power     by Marx and then by his pupil
                                                                                                             from Ukrainian engineers,           — is it possible or likely?        Mao with respect to the entire
                                                                                                             whom they will provide with           The free countries should not    “world proletariat.”
                                                                                                             high-class accommodations           a priori deny this possibility.         When Germany began its
                                                                                                             and a soccer field, specially       France denied the possibility      totalitarian transformation, no
                                                                                                             built for them. According to        of the German victory over         one predicted it would have
                                                                                                             Tehran Times, Iran’s leading        France and was overrun by          global ambitions. Ironically,
                                                                                                             international daily, “China         Nazi Germany.                      Hitler was defeated by its
                                                                                                             regards aircraft carriers as            The United States should       “copy”: Stalin, who outwitted
                                                                                                             key symbols of global power         keep in mind that the com-         and defeated that “super-Na-
                                                                                                             projection and is unlikely to       munist China is a totalitar-       poleon,” who lost the war and
                                                                                                             build just two.”                    ian society, the number of its     committed suicide as a result.
                                                                                                                And further: “The Chinese        population is 1.4 billion, and       The free people of the world,
                                                                                                             military is engaged in a large-     the possibilities to conceal se-   their governments, and those
                                                                                                             scale buildup that includes         cret military projects are infi-   who want to be free must learn
                                                                                                             new strategic and conven-           nite. The PLA is the name of       how to recognize the warning
                                                                                                             tional missiles, aircraft, anti-    China’s People’s Liberation        signs of the danger coming
                                                                                                             satellite weaponry and a new        Army. It means that commu-         from the evil, totalitarian soci-
                                                                                                             ballistic missile for targeting     nist China is out to “liberate”    eties by doing their utmost ef-
                                                                                                             ships at sea.”                      the entire world. You see, ev-     fort to defend themselves.
  Stateside                                                   (916) 708-3462 (916) 708-8612                       August 15-Sept. 19, 2011                Philippine Fiesta          5

Sacramento Community Champions Awards Dinner                                                                                                                           Synergy

                                                                                                              The Military Nurse:
                                                                                                              Rekindler of Christian Values
                                                                                                              and Love                     By Gabriel Ortigoza, Ph.D.

                                                                                                             I would like to extend my           the training and admonition of       ing. (3) “And though I bestow
                                                                                                             congratulations to the mem-         the Lord. (5) “Bondservants, be      all my good to feed the poor,
                                                                                                             bers of the Nurse Corps, AFP        obedient to those who are your       and though I give my body to
                                                                                                             for its 73rd Recognition Day        masters according to the flesh,      be burned, but have not love, it
                                                                                                             and the members of the Mili-        with fear and trembling, in sin-     profits me nothing. (4) “Love
                                                                                                             tary Nurses Association of          cerity of heart, as to Christ. (6)   suffers long and is kind; love
                                                                                                             the Philippines for its 46th        “Not with eyeservice, as men-        does not envy; love does not
                                                                                                             Foundation Day. Mabuhay!            pleasers, but as bondservants        parade itself, is not puffed up;
                                                                                                                                                 of Christ, doing the will of God     (5) “Does not behave rudely,
                                                                                                             As I ponder on this year’s          from the heart.” The above-          does not seek its own, is not
                                                                                                             anniversary theme which is          mentioned biblical references        provoked, thinks no evil; (6)
                                                                                                             “The Military Nurse: Rekin-         are very much applicable to all      “Does not rejoice in iniquity,
                                                                                                             dler of Christian Values and        organizations especially in the      but rejoices in the truth; (7)
                                                                                                             Love” I found four important        hierarchy of the AFP in general      “Bears all things, believes all
                                                                                                             words or group of words.            and the Nurse Corps in particu-      things, hopes all things, endures
                                                                                                                  The first group of words       lar. Children and bondservants       all things. (8) “Love never fails.
                                                                                                             in the theme is the military                                             But whether there are proph-
                                                                                                             nurse. Who is the military                                               esies, they will fail; whether
Drs. Frank and Linda Marasigan and several Filipino Community Leaders attended the Molina Health-            nurse? The military nurse is                                             there are tongues, they will
care of California , Sacramento Community Champions Awards Dinner during the Community Recognition           a qualified registered nurse                                             cease; whether there is knowl-
Awards on June 23, 2011 at Hilton Hotel. Congratulations to Vickie Guanzon, recipient of the Education       who applied in the Nurse                                                 edge, it will vanish away…
Award Category.                                                                                              Corps and was called to ac-                                              (13) “And now abide faith,
                                                                                                             tive duty and eventually                                                 hope, love, these three; but the
                                                                                                             served the Armed Forces of                                               greatest of these is love.
WEDNESDAY NIGHT MUSIC                                  rezin” (1998) and “And I in the Uttermost             the Philippines.
Wednesday, August 24, 2011                             West” (2005), and has just released its third              The second word in the                                              Love makes the world go
                                                       album, Klezmer at the Confluence (2010).              theme is rekindler. I googled                                            around. It’s like an ener-
Freilachmakers Klezmer String Band                                                                           the word rekindler but the
                                                       Guests will be treated to an evening of fun
                                                                                                             computer’s search engine                                                  gizer. A form of battery.
A 5-piece ensemble from Sacramento, the Freilach-      music sutiable for the entire family. Lawn
makers Klezmer String Band, has been entertaining      seating is available and low style beach chair        cannot find it. I searched my
                                                                                                             dictionary and I finally found                                           Another important ingredient
Northern California audiences since 1995. They,        are welcome. Adult beverages will be avail-                                                                                    of a successful organization is
will be performing at Fairytale Town on Wednes-        able for purchase, as well as items from the          it. According to the American
                                                                                                             Heritage Dictionary, rekin-                                              the presence of respect. As the
day, August 24 on the Mother Goose Stage.              Dish & Spoon Cafe.                                                                                                             saying goes, “Respect begets
   The Freilachmakers have defined what may be         TIME: Gates open at 5:30PM/Concert Be-                dler is from the root word re-
                                                                                                             kindle which means to revive                                             respect.” Respect amongst the
called “the Sacramento sound” in klezmer and Sep-      gins at 6PM                                                                                                                    members of the organization
hardic Jewish music, using a particularly infectious   COST: Adults $10; Children 12 & Under are             or renew. Revive our love for
                                                                                                             the service and renew our                                                results in a harmonious work-
blend of strings and reeds, with vocals in Yiddish,    Free.                                                                                                                          ing relationship. Smooth in-
Hebrew, Ladino and English. The band has issued        Fairytale Town and Capital Public Radio               love for our country.
                                                                                                                The third group of words in      may represent employees of           terpersonal relationship causes
two critically acclaimed CDs, “The Flower of Be-       members receive two for one discount.                                                                                          synergy wherein organizational
                                                                                                             the theme is Christian values.      the AFP. Parents and masters
                                                                                                             Several references are found        may represent leaders in the         members work hand-in-hand
MOVIE NIGHT AT FAIRYTALE TOWN                                                                                in the bible about Christian        AFP. Both the employees and          with other members to attain
                                                                                                             values. The most popular            the leaders are expected to per-     organizational goals. Therefore,
featuring                                              of 13 nominations. The movie is based on the                                                                                   let us continue to respect our ju-
                                                       Mary Poppins books series by P. L. Travers.           one is found in the Ten Com-        form their functions in the ser-
                                                                                                                                                                                      niors and seniors in the service
Disney’s “Mary Poppins”                                   This event is lawn seating and low beach           mandments. Exodus 20:12
                                                                                                             says, “Honor your father and
                                                                                                                                                 vice of the Filipino people.
                                                                                                                                                     The fourth group of words        because it will create a better
August 28, 2011 - 6:30PM                               style chairs are okay. No outside food or bev-                                                                                 environment. Peaceful working
Fairytale Town will feature the classic children’s     erages will be allowed. Tickets are $5 each,          your mother, that your days         in the theme is Christian love.
                                                                                                             may be long upon the land           Matthew 22:37-40 says, (37)          environment nurture profes-
movie Mary Poppins on Sunday, August 28.               and Fairytale Town members are $4, children                                                                                    sional growth and development.
Fairytale Town is pleased to show a new genera-        1 & under are free. Tickets are available on-         which the Lord your God is          “Jesus said to him, ‘You shall
                                                                                                             giving you.” In the New Tes-        love the Lord your God with          On the other hand, love must be
tion of children this classic movie on a big outdoor   line at                                                                                                  given special place in our lives
screen under a canopy of trees and stars.                                                                    tament we have Ephesians            all your heart, with all your
                                                                                                             6:1-6 which says (1) “Chil-         soul, and with all your mind.        because it is the greatest com-
    In the movie Julie Andrews, portrays a magi-       What: Fairytale Town’s Movie Night - Dis-                                                                                      mandment from our Master.
cal nanny, who takes two young children on an          ney’s Mary Poppins                                    dren, obey your parents in          (38) “This is the first and great
exciting adventure into playful worlds filled with      When: Sunday, August 28, 2011                        the Lord, for this is right. (2)    commandment. (39) “And the
                                                                                                                                                                                      As military nurses (active and
eccentric characters. Since its 1964 release, this     Where: Fairytale Town, 3901 Land Park                 “Honor your father and moth-        second is like it: ‘You shall
                                                                                                             er, which is the first com-         love your neighbor as yourself.      inactive), let us rekindle our
classic movie has been popular among children          Drive, Sacramento, CA 95822                                                                                                    Christian values and love. (gab-
and families. The Walt Disney Production earned        Cost: Tickets: $4 members/$5 members.                 mandment with promise: (3)          (40) “On these two command-
                                                                                                             “That it may be well with you       ments hang all the Laws and
Julie Andrews the Academy Award for Best Ac-           Children 1 and under are free. Tickets avail-
tress for her performance as Mary Poppins and          able online at                  and you may live long on the        the Prophets.” The most quoted        (Gabriel Ortigoza, RN, BSN, MPA,
the film also won Oscars for Best Film Editing,        Contact Phone: 916-808-7462                           earth. (4) “And you, fathers,       biblical chapter related to love     MM-PM, Ph.D. in Mgt is a former
Original Music Score, Best Song for “Chim Chim         Contact e-mail:                do not provoke your children        is found in the book of I Corin-     member of the Armed Forces of
Cher-ee,” Best Visual Effects, and received a total    Website:                        to wrath, but bring them up in      thians 13. It says, (1) “Though      the Philippines. He served AFP in
                                                                                                                                                 I speak with the tongues of          two capacities as a member of the
                                                                                                                                                 men and of angels, but have          Nurse Corps, AFP and as a mem-
                                                                                                                                                 not love, I have become sound-       ber of the Corps of Professors of
                                                                                                                                                 ing brass of a clanging cymbal.      the Philippine Military Academy.
                                                                                                                                                 (2) “And though I have the gift      On 18 September 2003, he resigned
                                                                                                                                                 of prophesy, and understand all      his regular commission in the AFP
                                                                                                                                                                                      to join his family in California.
                                                                                                                                                 mysteries and all knowledge,         Presently, Gabriel works as a reg-
                                                                                                                                                 and though I have all faith, so      istered nurse at Kaiser Permanente
                                                                                                                                                 that I could remove mountains,       in Sacramento, CA.)
                                                                                                                                                 but have not love, I am noth-

                                                                                                                                                                                      Hailed as one of today’s most
                                                                                                                                                                                         gifted young comedians,
                                                                                                                                                                                       Jokoy shows you why in his
                                                                                                                                                                                         very own Comedy Central
                                                                                                                                                                                          Don’t Make Him Angry.
                                                                                                                                                                                        The next great comic, pick
                                                                                                                                                                                      up this DVD. We promise it’ll
                                                                                                                                                                                       leave your ribs hurting long
                                                                                                                                                                                           after the show ends.
                                                                                                                                                                                      Autographed by our very own

                                                                                                                                                                                          Now Available at
                                                                                                                                                                                        Kamiseta Store
                                                                                                                                                                                       6051 Mack Rd. Sacramento, CA
 6   Heritage                                                      (916) 708-3462 (916) 708-8612                  August 15-Sept. 19, 2011               Philippine Fiesta


                                                             Wang-wang’ politics as usual
     By Perry Diaz                                   rication,” he said: “I know him so well. I know
                                                     him from head to toe. I’ve been with him since                                                           back to the presidency of Cory Aquino — P-
                                                                                                                                                              Noy’s mother — when he commanded her Prae-

B      arely three days after delivering his sec-
       ond State of the Nation Address (SONA),
       President Beningo “P-Noy” Aquino III
appointed retired Lt. Gen. Gaudencio Pangilinan
as the new Director of the Bureau of Corrections
                                                     our days in the PMA and when I was a young
                                                     lieutenant.” He calls Pangilinan a “bad boy.”
                                                        In April 2011, Rabusa filed the plunder com-
                                                     plaint against 17 generals and senior officers for
                                                                                                                                                              torian Guard, the Presidential Security Group.
                                                                                                                                                              He gained prominence when he defended
                                                                                                                                                              Cory’s government from seven coup attempts.
                                                                                                                                                              He was later promoted to Lieutenant General as
                                                     alleged corrupt activities in the AFP including
(BuCor). A member of the Philippine Military         the misuse and conversion of some P2.3 bil-                                                              commander of the Philippine Army. It was dur-
Academy Class of 1979, Pangilinan retired last       lion in military funds from 2000 to 2005. Two                                                            ing this time that Pangilinan served under him
July 25, 2011 when he reached the mandatory          months later, he added Pangilinan and four oth-                                                          as intelligence officer and comptroller. Gazmin
retirement age of 56 — the same day P-Noy de-        ers to the plunder complaint. He claimed that                                                            retired from military service in 2000. When
livered his SONA. On July 28, Pangilinan took        Pangilinan was the “bagman” for the late AFP                                                             P-Noy ascended to the presidency, he picked
his oath of office before his news boss, Depart-     Chief of Staff Arturo Enrile whom he served as                                                           Gazmin from retirement to serve as Secretary of
ment of Justice (DOJ) Secretary Leila de Lima.       executive assistant in 1995. Rabusa claimed                                                              National Defense.
                                                     that Pangilinan received P88.2 million in the al-
Pangilinan seems like the ideal “poster boy” for     leged conversion of AFP funds.                                                                           Evidently, Pangilinan’s past association with
P-Noy’s campaign against corruption and fight-          But Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda         Lt. Gen. Gaudencio Pangalinan                       Gazmin and his involvement with a group of
ing “utak wang-wang” (“wang-wang” mental-            was quick to defend Pangilinan’s appointment.                                                            generals who supported P-Noy during the 2010
ity) — or abuse of power — in the government.        At first he said that Rabusa’s lawyers made a        appointment retroactive to the day he assumed       campaign helped him get promoted to Lieuten-
Why not? After all, he was a recipient of the        mistake in filing a plunder case against Pangili-    command of Nolcom. In effect, P-Noy cir-            ant General and also secured the BuCor top post
Philippine Legion of Honor and holds a masters       nan because plunder was not yet a crime when         cumvented the one-year ban on promotions            after his mandatory retirement age notwithstand-
degree in Strategic Studies at the United States     Pangilinan served under Enrile in1995; there-        in the military by backdating his appointment       ing the plunder case against him.
Army War College. His credentials are impres-        fore, Pangilinan did not commit the crime of         papers. In a way, it’s a “midnight” promotion
sive: he previously led the Counter Intelligence     plunder. But when he was told that plunder was       that is likened to Gloria circumventing the ban Shadow of doubt
Group of the AFP; and as the first commander of      already a crime in 1991, Lacierda said that under    on “midnight” appointments by backdating ap- Pangilinan’s appointment cast a shadow of
the Task Force Davao, he developed the module        the constitution Pangilinan is “presumed inno-       pointment papers.                                    doubt on P-Noy’s integrity when he vowed dur-
for counter-terrorism campaigns in urban areas.      cent until proven guilty.” He said that P-Noy                                                             ing his SONA to fight corruption and stop those
He earned his third star when P-Noy appointed        appointed Pangilinan because of his “expertise       Game of the generals                                 who abuse power, which he called “utak wang-
him commander of Northern Luzon Command.             in counter-intelligence and his ability to reform    It’s interesting to note that during the 2010 presi- wang” (“wang-wang” mentality). But how can
                                                     the system,” which makes one wonder if he was        dential campaign, Aquino met with several gen- he convince his “bosses” – the people – that he is
Plunder complaint                                    the only person who could do the job? Lacierda,      erals who reportedly told him that Gloria was serious about stamping out corruption when he
Pangilinan may have been the best choice for         however, conceded that Pangilinan’s appoint-         not giving up power and was preparing plans for just appointed someone charged with plunder?
the job except for one major, major issue: there     ment could be rescinded if there was evidence        three possible scenarios to stay in power. The How does he expect his subordinates to walk a
is a pending plunder case against him before the     against him in the plunder case.                     generals pledged their loyalty to Aquino and as- straight and narrow path (“matuwid na daan) ”
Department of Justice, which must have placed                                                             sured him that they would resist any attempt by when he appointed his “KKK” cronies (shooting
his new boss, De Lima, in a very awkward posi-       “Midnight” promotion?                                Gloria to stay in power and would install him buddies, classmates, and friends) who are more
tion of investigating her new subordinate for a      A year ago, last July 8, 2010, Pangilinan made       president if no winner were proclaimed within a interested in securing their jobs and pursuing
plunder complaint.                                   the news when P-Noy promoted him as com-             week after the election. Pangilinan was one of their personal interests than to serve the people?
  Some DOJ officials doubt Pangilinan’s ability      mander of Northern Luzon Command (Nol-               these generals.                                      How can he govern effectively when his sub-
to institute reforms at BuCor while he is facing a   com). Since the position requires a three-star          However, there was no evidence – or signs – ordinates are divided into the warring “Samar”
plunder charge. One DOJ official said, “Person-      general, then-Maj. Gen. Pangilinan would get         of the existence of a military group who would and “Balay” factions? And how can he institute
ally, I think Malacañang should have been more       his third star. Nothing seemed to be wrong with      support Arroyo to stay in power, not even then reforms when he surrounds himself with people
circumspect and discriminating in appointing         that. However, the problem was that Pangilinan       Chief of Staff Delfin Bangit who was a known who are more committed to keeping the status
people to sensitive positions like the BuCor.”       turned 55 on July 25, 2010. Since the manda-         Arroyo loyalist. But Pangilinan’s group con- quo than making change?
But Pangilinan downplayed the plunder case,          tory retirement age in the AFP is 56, under the      vinced Aquino — and Voltaire Gazmin — that             He promised change but it seems that the more
saying that it was just a “fabrication” of retired   law, an officer – except for one who is promoted     Gloria was dead serious about staying in pow- things change, the more they stay the same. In-
AFP Comptroller Lt. Col. George Rabusa, the          to AFP Chief of Staff – with less than a year left   er.                                                  deed, it appears that it’s still “wang-wang” poli-
complainant.                                         in service cannot be promoted.                                                                            tics as usual.
    When Rabusa heard about Pangilinan’s ap-            To go around the law, P-Noy — who signed          Aquino loyalist
pointment and his claim that it was just a “fab-     his promotion in September 2010 — made his           Gazmin’s relationship with the Aquinos goes Quo vadis, P-Noy?

Mike Arroyo and the ‘Chopper Scam’
                                                                                                                                                              2010 for payment of two used choppers at an
By Perry Diaz                                                                                                                                                 exorbitant price of $350,000 each (the price of
                                                                                                                                   ments — and witnesses
                                                                                                                                   — linking Mike to the      a five-year old Robinson R44 Raven I chopper
      ast July 31, 2011, while former

L                                                                                                                                  “chopper scam,” there      is estimated to be only $260,000 to $280,000
      president Gloria Macapagal Ar-                                                                                               is very good chance that   each). Po said that Mike turned the money over
      royo was in intensive care at the                                                                                            the government would       to his bookkeeper, Rowena del Rosario. Three
St. Luke’s Medical Center in Taguig                                                                                                be able to successfully    days before, on April 13, the PNP paid MAP-
City recuperating from a spinal surgery                                                                                            prosecute him for plun-    TRA the remaining balance of P49,689,401.80
                                                                                                                                   der. Another plus in fa-   for the P105-million anomalous transaction.
caused by a pinched nerve, her husband                                                                                             vor of the government        De Vera also testified that he split a P7-million
Mike left for Hong Kong for a medi-                                                                                                is that former Ombuds-     commission with Po as part of the deal. Not bad
cal checkup. He could have gone to St.                                                                                             man Merceditas Gutier-     for “fixing” a deal. But even with this commis-
Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon City                                                                                               rez is no longer around    sion it does not add up. Who got the rest of the
where he usually goes for checkups; and                                                                                            to protect Mike – who      money, which is approximately P16.8 million?
                                                                                                                                   was her classmate in          With the damaging testimony of Po and de
where he had a delicate angioplasty op-                                                                                            law school — like what     Vera against Mike, the Senate summoned Mike
eration in 2007. Or, he could have gone                                                                                            she did when she was       and his accountant Rowena del Rosario to ap-
to St. Luke’s Medical Center in Taguig                                                                                             still the Ombudsman.       pear at the next hearing on August 11. Senate
City – where Gloria was recovering –                                                                                               Today, the new Om-         President Pro Tempore Jinggoy Estrada also re-
where he was rushed in March 2009 for Mike Arroyo                                                         budsman, retired Supreme Court Justice Conch-       quested Malacañang Palace and the Department
                                                                                                          ita Carpio-Morales, seems like she’s committed      of Justice to place Mike on the watch list of the
treatment after suffering a new tear in Jesus Verzosa approved the supply contract to                     to prosecute those involved in corruption.          Bureau of Immigration.
a major blood vessel connected to the pay MAPTRA P105 million for one Robinson                                With six plunder complaints already filed
heart.                                  R44 Raven II and two Robinson R44 Raven I                         against Gloria, and a plunder complaint most        “I’m back”
                                                     helicopters.                                         likely to be filed against Mike on the “chopper     Mike came back home on August 8 and in an
But why did Mike rush to Hong Kong for a                But here is the stinger! Lacson reportedly        scam,” how could the former First Couple bear       impromptu press conference at the airport he
medical checkup?                                     said, “Contrary to the findings of the Negotiation   the thought of being incarcerated for the rest of   said, “To my detractors, I’m back. You should
   According to Mike, Gloria’s surgery caused        Committee that MAPTRA has been engaged in            their lives?                                        be ashamed for peddling lies to the public while
him a lot of stress, forcing him to seek medical     the business for so many years, the Securities                                                           I was away.” Disputing the testimonies of Po
help in Hong Kong. But couldn’t the doctors          and Exchange Commission records state that Incriminating testimony                                       and de Vera, Mike said that he’d file a complaint
at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon City or       MAPTRA was only given its certificate of in-  Last August 2, 2011, Archibald Legaspi Po,                 of perjury against them claiming that he never
Taguig City do the checkup? And, again, why          corporation on June 10, 2009.” That was onepresident of Lion Air Inc., testified that he sold            purchased the choppers from Po. If he is inno-
Hong Kong… unless there are other consider-          month before the Negotiating Committee rec-five Robinson helicopters to Mike Arroyo in                   cent of the accusations of Po and de Vera, then
ations?                                              ommended the contract award to MAPTRA!     2004. Two years later, Mike ordered Po to sell                he should attend the Senate hearing on August
                                                     Then Lacson dropped the bomb saying that two
                                                                                                two of his helicopters to the PNP at $350,000                 11 and face his accusers… and see who blinks
“Chopper scam”                                       of the three supposedly new choppers, the two
                                                                                                (approx. P15.75 million) each, which is higher                first.
Last June 2011, Sen. Panfilo “Ping” Lacson           R44 Raven I choppers were “pre-owned” as far
                                                                                                than the factory price of over $312,000 (approx.                 If Mike chooses not to attend the Senate hear-
brought before the Senate the details of a trans-    back as March 2004 shown in flight logs.   P14 million). However, the sale was made to the               ing to refute the testimonies of Po and de Vera,
action involving the sale of three helicopters to      This led the PNP to initiate its own investiga-
                                                                                                PNP through Manila Aerospace Products Trad-                   then there is reason to believe that he — not-
the Philippine National Police (PNP) for P105        tion of at least 27 generals and officers – many
                                                                                                ing Corp. (MAPTRA). This was done because                     withstanding the constitutional provision that he
million during Gloria’s administration. What         of them already retired — for complicity in the
                                                                                                MAPTRA had a supply contract with PNP. But                    is “presumed innocent until proven guilty” — is
was seemingly a routine sale of equipment            “chopper scam.” Those involved were seven  the supply contract specified brand-new units                 guilty in the court of public opinion. And there
turned out to be anomalous and, possibly, ille-      members of the (BAC/NC), four members of   only!                                                         is no appeal and there is no clemency.
gal.                                                 the Inspection and Acceptance Committee, and  Hilario de Vera, president of MAPTRA, testi-                   Mike’s denial reminds of Joseph Goebbels,
    Investigation by Lacson revealed that the        16 from the Technical Inspection Team. How-fied that Po informed him that PNP would buy                  Hitler’s Propaganda Minister, whose dictum
PNP’s Bids and Awards Committee (BAC)/               ever, the current PNP leadership is silent about
                                                                                                the two second-hand helicopters because Mike                  was: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep re-
Negotiating Committee (NC) started talking           why Verzosa – the top honcho — was not in- ordered PNP to do so. De Vera then said that                  peating it, people will eventually come to be-
to Manila Aerospace Products Trading Corp.           cluded in their investigation? There was also
                                                                                                he delivered the two helicopters to PNP on Sep-               lieve it.” But history proved that Goebbels’ lies
(MAPTRA) on May 8, 2009 for the purchase of                                                     tember 24, 2009. “This was when I confirmed
                                                     concern within PNP that there might be a “cover                                                          didn’t save him and his master from perdition.
three brand-new helicopters. On July 9, 2009,        up” of possible involvement of still-active high-
                                                                                                that no one would ask from the PNP on what                    Hitler took his own life in the last days of the
the BAC/NC recommended the award of the              ranking officers in sensitive positions.   I would deliver because they had orders from                  Third Reich. And so did Goebbels. Indeed,
contract to MAPTRA whom they vouched to be                                                      First Gentleman Mike Arroyo,” said de Vera.                   crime doesn’t pay.
a “legally, technically and financially capable”     Mike Arroyo link                              Po also testified that he personally delivered             (
supplier that had been in business “for so many      Considering the gravity of the crime and a $700,000 (approx. P31.5 million) in cash to Mike
years.” Consequently, then-PNP Chief Gen.            damning paper trail of incriminating docu- in his law office at the LTA Building on April 16,

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Peace in Mindanao is an impossible dream                                                                    THUNDER VALLEY CASINO RESORT AWARDED
By Emil Jurado
                                                                                                             THE COVETED AAA FOUR DIAMOND RATING
                                                    the 2013 local and senatorial elections.                LINCOLN, CA (July 26,
There are talks going around that the Aquino-         Again, this affirms suspicions that the CIA and       2011) – Thunder Valley
MILF tryst at a small hotel in Japan was actual- Washington had a hand in the creation of a sub-            Casino Resort is honored
ly arranged by the Central Intelligence Agency state under the control of the MILF.                         to join the elite ranks
and Washington.                                       That’s the reason I agree with those calling for      of AAA Four Diamond
                                                    transparency and accountability in the govern-          award-winning resort des-
I’m not prone to believe cloak-and-dagger sto- ment. The President should tell us, his “boss,”              tinations. After a thorough
ries, but why Japan when it’s Malaysia that’s what to expect.                                               evaluation of the luxury
brokering peace between the Philippine govern- Lastly, how sincere is the MILF in achieving                 hotel and resort, Thunder
ment and secessionist Moro Islamic Liberation peace in Mindanao.                                            Valley is the only AAA
Front? Maybe there’s a grain of truth to it.                                                                Four Diamond casino re-
    Recall that when the aborted memorandum President Aquino claims he’s puzzled by the                     sort in the Sacramento
of agreement on ancestral domain was about to suicide of Development Bank of the Philippines                region.
be signed between the government panel and lawyer Benjamin Pinpin, who took his life be-                         “We are very pleased
the MILF leaders in Kuala Lumpur, American cause he could no longer bear the pressure of                    with the results of the
Ambassador Kristie Kenney was there. SO what betraying his peers and friends. Pinpin had been               AAA evaluation,” said
was she there for when the Americans were not forced to execute an affidavit in connection with             C.J. Graham, General
at all involved, the affair being purely internal? the P660 million loan of DBP to businessman              Manager of Thunder Val- Thunder Valley Casino Resort offers the only Four Diamond casino resort
    Given that Washington has interests in the Roberto V. Ongpin. This, the young lawyer said               ley Casino Resort. “It’s a in the Sacramento region
Southern Philippines, particularly in Southern in his suicide note to his wife.                             very rigorous process and
Mindanao (Americans need to have control of            The President further said that there’s an in-       achieving a Four Diamond rating is a testa- the Coconut poolside bar.
the Malacca Strait and the South China Sea consistency about the suicide because by ending                  ment to Thunder Valley’s status as a truly        “Receiving the Four Diamond rating is a tre-
where oil from the Middle East passes through), his life, the DBP lawyer would then free himself            world-class resort.”                            mendous honor,” said Kevin Thorstenson, Vice
it’s likely that Washington prefers to deal with from any culpability. Pinpin was supposed to be               Establishments eligible for a Diamond rat- President of Hotel Operation at Thunder Valley.
the MILF rather than the fractious Philippine a principal witness of the bank in that Ongpin                ing undergo a meticulous evaluation includ- “It is a validation of our team members’ hard
government as a whole.                              loan.                                                   ing unscheduled evaluations by anonymous work and our efforts to provide each Thunder
  A sub-state controlled by the Muslims could be      I don’t see any inconsistency. Records showed         AAA professional inspectors. AAA is one Valley guest with a VIP experience.”
Washington’s password. Santa Banana, you’ll that the young lawyer was one of those given a                  of only two rating entities to conduct physi-     Thunder Valley Casino Resort was opened by
never know to what extent the United States show-cause order by DBP Chairman Jose Nuñez                     cal, on-site evaluations making it one of the the United Auburn Indian Community in June
could go to promote their own interests!            Jr., along with 20 senior managers of the state-        most thorough rating systems in the United 2003. The newly remodeled and expanded en-
   The MILF’s wish to have a sub-state entirely owned bank. They were told to affirm that the               States. To achieve a Four Diamond rating an tertainment, dining and hotel resort is Northern
under its control—a far cry from their earlier Ongpin loans were behest loans. It’s a no-brainer            establishment must offer an extensive array California’s first casino offering all the elements
demand for an independent state—raises many to see that the show-cause letters of Nuñez (by                 of amenities combined with a high degree of of real Las Vegas-style gaming: service, cuisine
questions.                                          the way, I have a copy) was meant as a witch            hospitality, service and attention to detail. and entertainment in an outstanding facility.
                                                    hunt to pin down former DBP officials, like for-        Four Diamond properties are upscale and
First, what is a sub-state?                         mer DBP President Rey David, and the board of           progressively more refined and stylish. Of Located 30 miles east of Sacramento, Thunder
Moro leaders claim that it will be a federal state, directors. Pinpin was simply in-charge of collat-       the 59,000 properties that are AAA/CAA- Valley Casino Resort offers 200,000 square feet
like what they have in the United States (see ing documents.                                                approved and diamond rated, just 3.6 percent of gaming space including over 2,800 slot and
what I mean that there’s a grain of truth in the         My gulay, how could the Ongpin loans be            have attained a Four Diamond rating.            video machines, 125 table games and a live pok-
involvement of the CIA and Washington?) but called behest when it passed through the usual                       The 297-room, 17-story hotel provides er room with space for 160 players. There are
with the central Philippine government still in bank wringer of credit check and accountability,            Sacramento’s only Four Diamond casino ac- 14 restaurants and bars highlighted by the new
control of defense, foreign affairs, coinage and with more than full collateral, and interests paid         commodations. Thunder Valley’s luxury ho- High Steaks Steakhouse; Koi Palace; a 500-seat
postal services. Everything else, like the police, even before maturity? The Ongpin company had             tel features 4 Beaujolais suites offering every Feast Around The World Buffet and Thunder
economy, and exploitation of natural resources more than P1 billion securities for the DBP to               amenity from a dry/wet sauna and ceiling- Café as well as Mingle Bar, Falls Bar, Thunder
and mineral will be theirs.                         bank on.                                                filled jetted bathtub to pool table, personal Bar and High Steaks Bar. Also on property is a
    My gulay, that would mean amending the             What Malacañang should look into instead is          exercise room, dining room, and massage new 3,700-space parking structure that leads di-
Constitution. If the government grants the the overzealousness of Nuñez and his cohorts to                  suite options. Every room at Thunder Valley rectly into the casino and hotel.
MILF, request, what about the Lumads and the go after Ongpin and David. As for Ongpin and                   features wireless internet, VoIP phones, flat The recent expansion of Thunder Valley Casino
Cordillera ethnic groups? They, too, would like David, their only fault is that they admitted they          screen TVs, desktop work areas, 320-thread Resort includes a new luxury, 17-story hotel with
autonomy.                                           were friends of the former First Gentleman Mike         count sheets, down blankets and pillows, and 297 rooms including 40 suites. Inside the hotel is
  Other questions crop up, like the MILF no lon- Arroyo. My gulay, is that a crime?                         European spa/showers.                           a 10,000 square-foot banquet and entertainment
ger being monolithic. In fact, rogue command-          As for the DBP, Malacañang should look into            Guests at Thunder Valley can also enjoy the hall, meeting rooms, bars and a gift shop. The
ers of the MILF are already fighting their own reports that there’s an overall demoralization               12,000 square-foot 24-hour health club and hotel has an expansive pool that includes private
group. This simply means that the MILF doesn’t among employees and officers as a result of the              spa offering facials, massage therapy, pedi- cabanas and Coconut, a poolside bar. The Spa
not represent the entire Muslim population.         Pinpin suicide. Until now the rank and file are         cures, manicures and the signature 24-karat at Thunder Valley will feature a wide variety of
    Another question that has to be resolved is still wearing black arm bands, mourning Pin-                gold leaf facial. Just outside of the luxury treatments including the exclusive 24-karat gold
the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao, pin’s death.                                                      hotel, guests can relax at the pool and hot leaf facial. The expansion was completed in
which is already in place. The MILF leaders              There’s also an internal struggle between          tub surrounded by 10 private cabanas and July 2010.
say they want the ARMM to be dissolved and Chairman Nuñez and bank president Francisco
in its place, the sub-state would be established. del Rosario Jr. because it seems that Nuñez has
How can that be when there is a law creating the been interferring with del Rosario’s functions,         burial details.
Muslim region?                                      specifically day-to-day management. In fact, I          I believe there should now be closure to this         But this should not stop some Catholics from
     Likewise, there’s the Moro National Lib- was told that when Nuñez wanted to file a com-             highly divisive issue.                                suing the artist himself and the CCP board and
eration Front, the precursor of the breakaway plaint against Ongpin and David for those loans,             In the wake of so much protests from Marcos-        executives, who made it all happen. There’s a
MILF. The MNLF is in fact an observer in the del Rosario did not want to sign, but had to since          haters and critics, the Binay recommendation          law against exhibiting indecent and obscene
Organization of Islamic Conference; the MILF it would reflect on the entire DBP.                         should end all the debates.                           material; another prohibits exhibits that tend to
is not.                                                 I consider this serious enough to warrant an       As an Ilocano myself, I would prefer that the       offend the sensitivities of any religion, sect or
   All things considered, it looks like peace in investigation.                                          final resting place of Marcos be either in Batac,     denomination. That exhibit certainly violated
Mindanao remains an impossible dream.                                                                    where he was born, or in Sarrat, his official resi-   both.
                                                    Vice President Jejomar Binay claims that the         dence. This way, we, Ilocanos, who still regard          What is important is that officers of institu-
Something about this tryst bothers me. With the Marcoses have agreed to have former President            him as a hero, a President, and a war veteran,        tions like the CCP, which was built to mirror
MILF wanting to do away with the ARMM, it Ferdinand Marcos buried in his home province                   can give him honor he rightfully deserves.            the Filipino soul in arts and culture, should be
appears that there has already been an agenda with full military honors. However, it still de-                                                                 taught a lesson. Even in the name of modern art
beforehand. Remember that Malacañang moved pends on the approval of President Aquino.                    It’s good that the Cultural Center of the Philip-     and freedom of expression, they are not free to
for the postponement of the ARMM polls sched-           Senator Bongbong Marcos says Malacañang          pines closed that controversial art exhibit called    violate existing laws.
uled this month, allegedly to synchronize it with has not yet formally notified their family on the      “Kulo.” It was sacrilegious and blasphemous.
 8   Entertainment                                                           Philippine Fiesta
                                                             (916) 708-3462 (916) 708-8612
                                                    August 15-Sept. 19, 2011

      13 MHC Fil-Am Youth Envoys join 9th Youth General Assembly at the
                   United Nations (UN) in NEW York City
New York City: The Washington,                                                                                                                MHC’s youth leaders took their oath as
DC-based Migrant Heritage Com-                                                                                                                MHC Youth Envoys for Unity and Service
mission (MHC) for the first time                                                                                                              on June 25, 2011 during the First Interna-
sent its Youth Envoys for Unity and                                                                                                           tional Migrants Rights Summit (IMRS) at
                                                                                                                                              Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washing-
Service to the 9th Annual UN Youth                                                                                                            ton D.C. They are: Matthew Aninzo, Ray-
General Assembly in New York City                                                                                                             mund Valera Jaramillo, Alex Valera, Sa-
on August 3-5, 2011.                                                                                                                          mantha-Jamilee Salazar Domigpe, Hannah
                                                                                                                                              Grace Cabrera Johnson, Lizane Joyce Mata,
Thirteen young Fil-Ams have been selected                                                                                                     Heather Marie Horner, Nerissa Lumban,
on the basis of academic excellence and                                                                                                       Chessa Nekka Taboada, Heather Carlson,
committed community service through ac-                                                                                                       Joan Kate Salvacion, Christa Langjahr and
tive cultural and humanitarian outreach par-                                                                                                  Christopher Relos. The first batch of MHC’s
ticipation. “We take pride in sending our                                                                                                     Youth delegation is a crème de la Crème
first batch of MHC Youth Leaders to the                                                                                                       group because not only were they selected
UN Youth General Assembly. We hope to                                                                                                         on the basis of active community service,
do this every year for our MHC Youth En-                                                                                                      youth leadership and cultural participation
voys for Unity and Service, the future lead-                                                                                                  (most of them are versatile active mem-
ers of America”, says MHC Co-Executive                                                                                                        bers of MHC’s Fil-Am Dance Ensemble)
Director Grace Valera who accompanied                                                                                                         but also on their being recipients of Presi-
the youth delegation with MHC Co-Exec-                                                                                                        dential Academic Awards, honors (Summa
utive Director Jesse A. Gatchalian. MHC’s                                                                                                     cum laude/ magna cum laude/ cum laude
Fil-Am delegation was the only Filipino-                                                                                                      or were straight “A” students) and other
American contingent at the Global Youth                                                                                                       worthwhile student awards. Incidentally,
Assembly .                                     600 youth leaders from around the world          Salazar of the Foundation for the Support     the 9 young lady delegates for the first batch
      MHC is a not-for-profit organization     to involve them in the achievement of the        of the United Nations or FSUN, an active      are also all teen beauty queen title holders
serving immigrants all over the US with its    UN’s 8 Millennium Development Goals.             affiliate supporter of the annual Youth As-   from ISA’s Miss Teen Philippines-America,
legal support, cultural development, educa-    “The UN Youth Assembly is a great avenue         sembly. One of MHC’s co-executive direc-      Mutya ng Amerika, Miss Teen Philippines
tion, youth development, and information       to prepare our young people to continue the      tors, Arnedo Valera, Esq. is also a FSUN      Pageant Inc. and Miss Philippines Migrant
programs.                                      good work that we all started and carry on       representative to the UN’s Global Peace,      Heritage.
   The UN Youth Assembly gathered about        the torch of service to humanity,” said Janet    Security and Migration.

                                   Now Available at
                                 Kamiseta Store
                            6051 Mack Rd. Sacramento, CA
              arts &culture

              (916) 708-3462 (916) 708-8612              
              Vol. 10 No 4                                Aug. 15-Sept. 19, 2011

     The Philippine Madrigal Singers
               Present                                   A Choral Concert with a Mission
  Verne Bowers
                                                                                                                                                 Baldomero and Emily Lasam; and Rob-
  “The Philippine Madrigal Sing-                                                                                                                 ert and Lea Samaniego – parishioners
  ers, also known as the MADZ,                                                                                                                   of Good Shepherd – welcomed these
  is one of the most awarded                                                                                                                     strangers into their homes. These host-
                                                                                                                                                 ing families were very much impressed
  choirs in Asia and in the world.                                                                                                               with each and every one of their guests.
  The group has consistently                                                                                                                     One hosting family commented that their
  won major prizes in the most                                                                                                                   guests were very polite, neat, organized,
                                                                                                                                                 and “behaved much better’ than their
  prestigious international cho-                                                                                                                 own visiting kin (just an observation,
  ral competitions for decades.                                                                                                                  not a criticism). “They are very respect-
  Because of its impressive track                                                                                                                ful, appreciative of everything you do
                                                                                                                                                 for them, whether big or small. I liked
  record and musical virtuosity,                                                                                                                 that they felt at home and comfortable in
  the Philippine Madrigal Sing-                                                                                                                  helping themselves to whatever food was
  ers are now regarded as one of                                                                                                                 in the refrigerator or freezer. As such, it
                                                                                                                                                 made hosting a lot easier,” said Emily
  the best choirs in the world.”                                                                                                                 Genato.
                                                                                                                                                      At the end of their short stay with
  The choral group made its debut in the in-                                                                                                     hosting families, the members said their
  ternational choral community at the First                                                                                                      goodbyes like blood relatives they’re
  Choruses of the World Festival held at the                                                                                                     leaving behind. “I will miss their singing
  Lincoln Center in New York in 1969. By                                                                                                         while they’re in the shower,” said Em-
  2007, MADZ won the Grand Prize in the                                                                                                          ily Lasam. The short trips in and around
  most prestigious choral competition, the                                                                                                       town was quite entertaining, too. As
  European Grand Prix in Choral Singing,                                                                                                         soon as they get settled in the van, one
  for the second time, making them the first                                                                                                     member will start vocalizing and the rest
  choral group to receive this prestigious                                                                                                       will join in the harmonizing.
  award twice in the history of this compe-                                                                                                        On the second day of their arrival in Elk
  tition, which is likened to the Olympics                                                                                                       Grove, Mark Carpio conducted a choral
  of choral competition. With their stellar                                                                                                      singing workshop for various members
  performance and reputation, MADZ was                                                                                                           of the music ministry from Good Shep-
  designated as United Nations Education-                                                                                                        herd; St. Joseph; and St. Maria Gorretti.
  al, Scientific, and Cultural Organization’s                                                                                                    Sir Mark, as he is fondly called by the
  (UNESCO) Artists for Peace in 2009,                                                                                                            members, is a much sought choral clini-
  giving them the distinction and privilege                                                                                                      cian, not only in the Philippines but also
  of becoming ambassadors of goodwill.                                                                                                           in Asia and Europe. He has an impres-
      Fast forward to June 2011, the group                                                                                                       sive resume, leading the group with the
  included in their 2011 Great American                                                                                                          two prestigious awards, along with other
  Concert Tour (April to October), two                                                                                                           minor categories. Although he leads the
  performances in the greater Sacramento                                                                                                         group with rigid rehearsals and a very
  area. Their local performances were                                                                                                            hectic schedule of performances, he is
  made possible through MADZ’s North-                                                                                                            regarded as a gentle and humble soul by
  ern California coordinator, Father Arnold                                                                                                      all of his members.
  Zamora, MADZ alumni and current pas-                                                                                                              During their six-day stay in Elk Grove,
  tor at Holy Name of Jesus Parish in San                                                                                                        the hosting families planned group ac-
  Francisco. With only 6 weeks to plan for                                                                                                       tivities with a day trip to Lake Tahoe;
  the event, Father Alfredo Tamayo, former                                                                                                       and guided tours of the Cathedral of the
  pastor of Good Shepherd, convened a                                                                                                            Blessed Sacrament and the Capitol. And
  group of volunteers to plan for The Cho-                                                                                                       in between those group activities, indi-
  ral Concert with a Mission, a fundraiser                                                                                                       vidual hosting families took their guests
  for the building fund.                                                                                                                         shopping and dining at local restaurants.
      On June 26, 2011, MADZ performed                                                                                                              In the forty years since the founding of
  in a sold out crowd at the Good Shepherd                                                                                                       their organization, the Philippine Madri-
  Catholic Church in Elk Grove. With                                                                                                             gal Singers – composed of students, fac-
  their signature style of performance - sit-                                                                                                    ulty, and alumni of the University of the
  ting in a semi circle formation – all 22                                                                                                       Philippines – has evolved to be the most
  members of the choral group, led by the                                                                                                        traveled choir and internationally re-
  extremely talented Choirmaster, Mark                                                                                                           nowned for their unique style of perfor-
  Carpio, entertained the crowd with their                                                                                                       mance. The group has been privileged
  soulful renditions of Suscipe; Domine                                                                                                          to perform before Pope Paul VI; Pope
  (text by St. Ignatius of Loyola); Nessun                                                                                                       John Paul II; Queen Sofia and King Car-
  Dorma from Turandot (by Puccini); and                                                                                                          los de Bourbon of Spain; Presidents Ger-
  a medley of a nationalistic song entitled                                                                                                      ald Ford and Richard Nixon; and Prime
  “Isang Bansang Mapayapa.” Their ver-                                                                                                           Minister Lee Kuan Yew. They continue
  satile style of choral singing brought the                                                                                                     to have a following in Asia, Europe, and
  house down with their humorous singing                                                                                                         North America.
  of ABBAcappella; No Money, No Hon-                                                                                                                 Since April 2011, MADZ has visited
  ey; Hahabol Habol; and The Rain Song.                                                                                                          communities - big and small - through-
  They truly wowed the crowd with their                                                                                                          out the United States and Canada. They
  excellent showmanship and musical vir-                                                                                                         were featured with the Mormon Taber-
  tuosity.                                                                                                                                       nacle Choir at the beginning of their cur-
        The Honorable Marciano Paynor,                                                                                                           rent tour. They are now on their way to
  Philippine Consul General in San Fran-                                                                                                         Argentina to participate in the 9th Sym-
  cisco; Father Arnold Zamora; and several                                                                                                       posium of Choral Concert. They will be
  members of the diocesan clergies and the                                                                                                       back in the U.S. in September visiting
  RVM Sisters were among the few dis-                                                                                                            various communities in Illinois, Michi-
  tinguished guests who sang high praises                                                                                                        gan, Virginia, New York, and Massachu-
  for the choral group’s excellent perfor-                                                                                                       setts, before they head home to the Phil-
  mance. It was Father Tamayo’s last event                                                                                                       ippines in October 2011.
  at the parish as he prepared to start his
  new assignment as pastor at St. Basil the                                                                                                      The next time the Philippine Madrigal
  Great in Vallejo, CA. He led the opening                                                                                                       Singers come to town, make sure you get
  prayer; welcomed local dignitaries; and                                                                                                        the opportunity to get the best seat in the
  expressed his gratitude to all the volun-     organization is able to do so - choir members   activities the hosting families plan for their   house; sit back; relax; and enjoy a musi-
  teers who made this event possible.           live with families during their stay. As am-    entertainment.                                   cal ensemble that no other choral group
      Because they operate on a shoe-string     bassadors of goodwill, they immerse them-         Dee Fernandez; Carlos and Valerie Ramos;       has ever replicated. For more informa-
  budget, it has been the group’s modus         selves in the local culture. They become        Monique and Romeo Francisco; Marco and           tion about their tour schedule, visit their
  operandi that when they perform in            adopted members of their hosting families;      Elva Rodriguez; Emily Genato; Raul and           website at www.philippinemadrigalsing-
  smaller communities - and if the hosting      helping with chores; and amenable to any        Anna Romea; Fernando and Bernie Joanino;

                                                                                          Filipino College Mentorship Program
                                                    & SPA                                                   MENTORS NEEDED
                                                                                          Looking for current college students or college graduates to help
                                                                                                 guide high schools students interested in college
 Inside Seafood City
 6051 Mack Road,
                                                Elizabeth                                 The Mentorship Program was established to provide students with the necessary
                                                                                          knowledge, tools, and attitude to matriculate into college. Motivational speaks, col-
                                                                                          lege visits, information sessions are aimed to excite the students’ interest in college
                                                                                          and give them the opportunity to succeed at college. Mentors are needed to help
 Sacramento, CA 95823               Salon Ph. #916.838.8199                               guide students through planned activities and provide a support network for the
 (Next to Mango Tours)
                                         Cell #916.421.3540                               students. No prior experience is necessary; mentors will be trained on how to most
                                                                                          effectively interact with students. Mentors will be assigned 2-3 mentees and will be
*CUT *COLOR * BODY WRAP *MASSAGE *CURL                                                    required to meet every 2 months at specified meeting times. In addition, mentors are
*NAILS *REBOND/RELAX *WAXING *WEDDING                                                     encouraged to keep in touch with their mentees through email and phone between
                                                                                          meeting times.
            *SPA *PRODUCTS
                                                                                          Questions please email Shawn Purnell at
     WANTED HAIR STYLIST                                                                  or call (916) 215-2105
                                                                                          Sponsored by the Filipino Community of Sacramento & Vicinity (FCSV)
  2B   Heritage                                                             (916) 708-3462 (916) 708-8612                 July 18-August 15, 2011              Philippine Fiesta

Balitang Kutsero                           By Perry Diaz                                                                                                              By Nancy Bautista
                                      Illustration by Dave San Pedro

“From Paris,                                                                                                                              ANG AKLAT
 with love”                                                                                                                               NG BUHAY
                                                                                                                  1. Ang Pagdating sa Mundo:

A       t 3:30 AM yesterday, Jinkee roused her            hon, you’d better tell me now or you’ll be in
        husband Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao                   doghouse for a long time.                                  Ikaw ang nagbigay sa aming mga puso ng ligaya’t ngiting hindi mapapawi.
        from sleep, “Mahal, you got a call here.”         Pacman: Which doghouse, the Forbes man-
“What! Who’s calling me at this hour?” Pacman             sion or the Los Angeles mansion. He he he…              2. Ang Kapuwa Bata:
asked his wife. “From Paris, with love, daw!              Jinkee: Aba, so you want to stay at the Los                Sa ibang mga bata, natuto kang makipaglaro, hindi ka umiiyak, kahit kami ay malayo.
Hoy, who is this woman calling from Paris?”               Angeles mansion and be with your blonde
Pacman replied, “I don’t know, mahal. I don’t             honey? Hoy, when I say doghouse, it’s a real           3. Ang Pagmamahal sa Hayop:
know of any woman in Paris. Wrong number                  doghouse… in our backyard!                                Ang pusa at aso ay iyong mga alaga. Iyo ring natutunang maging mabait sa kapwa.
siguro yan.” “Wrong number, ha? Eto, take this            Paris: Manny, didn’t you explain to Jinkee
call and I’ll listen on the other line,” said Jinkee.     about our new business?                                 4. Ang Pagkakasakit:
The conversation went this way:                           Jinkee: What new business are you talking                  Sa iyong pagkakasakit, kami ay nagalala. Lumakas kang muli at tayo’y muling sumaya.
                                                          about? Or is it monkey business?
Pacman: Hello.                                                                      Pacman: I thought             5. Ang Unang Bisikleta:
Paris: Hey, Manny,                                                                  we agreed that what              Naging mabilis ang takbo ng panahon. Bisikletang munti ay kinaya mo noon.
honey, this is Paris!                                                               happens in Vegas
                                                                                    stays…                        6. Sa Paaralan:
Pacman and Paris Hil-                                                               Paris:     I’m sorry,            Ikaw ay sumayaw at umawit sa paaralan, lahat ng nanood, ikaw ay hinangaan.
ton in Las Vegas                                                                    hon, but you have to
Pacman: Paris?          I                                                           tell Jinkee what hap-         7. Ang mga Kaibigan:
don’t know anybody in                                                               pened in Las Vegas.              Ikaw ay pumili ng mga kaibigan. Sila ay kapuwa ring mabait at mapagkakatiwalaan.
Paris! Who is this?                                                                 Jinkee:      Pa-“hon”
Paris: No, I’m not                                                                  “hon” ka pa dyan!             8. Ang Pagtatapos:
calling from Paris. I’m                                                             Hoy, Pac-hon, if you             Maligayang bati sa iyong tagumpay, harinawang guminhawa ang iyong buhay.
calling from Manila.                                                                don’t tell me what
This is Paris!                                                                      happened in Vegas,            9. Ang Magsarili:
Pacman: You’re call-                                                                I’ll cut your balls!             Ngayong ikaw’y nakatuntong na sa sariling mga paa, may sariling bubong sa ulo at pagkain
ing from Paris to Ma-                                                               Paris: Jinkee, please        sa mesa.
nila?                                                                               calm down.        You
Paris: No, this is Paris!                                                           don’t have to be jeal-       10. Ang Mahal sa Buhay:
Let me say it another way, this is Paris Hilton.          ous of me. Manny and I aren’t having an af-               Iyong ipinakilala sa mga magulang mo, isang taong marangal at malapit sa puso mo.
Pacman: Paris Hilton? Hey, I know that hotel!             fair. But I love you both as friends.
I stayed there before. But London Hilton is bet-          Jinkee: Hoy, blondie, you can’t fool me! I             11. Ang Paghahanda:
ter. However, my favorite is Dubai Hilton. I like         know you had your eyes on Manny in Las Ve-                Kayo ay abala sa isang handaan. Isang maayos na kasal ang matutunghayan.
the view from the top.                                    gas.
Paris: Listen, Manny, honey. You must still be            Pacman: Mahal, Paris and I are just plutonic           12. Ang Kasal:
half asleep. Wake up! I need to talk you, hon.            friends.                                                  Sa inyong pagiisang dibdib, mabuhay kayo! Kaligayahan at pagmamahalan sana’y makamit
Pacman: Huh? Where am I? Who is this? I                   Jinkee: Plutonic? What’s that?                         ninyo.
must be dreaming?                                         Paris: What Manny meant was “platonic” —
Paris: No, hon, you’re talking to me. This is             that is, no hanky panky.                               13. Ang Pagdadalantao:
your friend, Paris Hilton. Remember me from               Jinkee: I saw you kissing Manny on both                   Kayo ay natuwa sa balitang ito, isang bagong nilalang darating sa buhay ninyo.
your last fight in Las Vegas?                             cheeks!
Pacman: Hoy! Is dat you, Paris? The blonde                Paris: But I kissed you, too!                          14. Isang Sanggol:
chick with a Coca-Cola body? He he he…                    Pacman: Mahal, that was just beso-beso!                     Maligayang, maligaya sa kaniyang pagsilang, ang biyaya at bunga ng inyong pagmama-
Paris: Yeah! There you go, you do remember                Jinkee: Beso-beso, ha? How come you’re                 halan.
me, Manny! Remember the things we did to-                 gawking at her… you know what I mean?
gether in Las Vegas, hon?                                 Paris: Oh, that’s nothing, Jinkee. Nothing’s           15. Ang Aklat ng Buhay:
Pacman: How can I forget? But I can’t talk                wrong with men looking at my… how’d you                   Ganiyan patuloy ang aklat ng buhay.
about it.                                                 say it, Manny… Coca-Cola body? Hi hi hi….                 Dibdib ay tatagan,
Paris: Why?                                               Jinkee: Coca-Cola body daw. Pwe! That’s all               Buhay ay ingatan.
Pacman: Cuz what happens in Vegas stays in                silicone. Vicky Belo can do a better job than             At nang makamtan ang tunay na tagumpay.
Vegas, right?                                             that!
Paris: That’s funny! Okay, no more jokes. Let’s           Paris: If Vicky did your body, then she didn’t
talk serious business….                                   do a good job.
Jinkee: Hoy, hoy, hoy! Not too fast, Paris!               Jinkee: What do you mean?
Paris: Hey, Jinkee, my best friend! I didn’t know
you’re listening, hon?
                                                          Paris: Well, look at what you ended up with —
                                                          a Pepsi-Cola body! Hi hi hi…
                                                                                                                Spring Clean Your Body:                                Top 10 Detox Foods.
Jinkee: I’m always listening. Pa-“hon” “hon” ka           Jinkee: Walang hiya! Patyon kita dira!
pa dyan! You think I’m dumb and don’t know                Pacman: Ay naku, maloloko ako!
what’s going on between Manny and you? I want             Paris: You guys are nuts! I’m out of here!
to know what happened in Vegas! And you, Pac-             (

                                                                                                                1. Leafy green vegetables. Eat them raw in           about how to love your liver.
                                                                                                                a salad, throw them into a broth, steam them         6. Broccoli sprouts. They pack 20 times more
                                                                                                                and mix with rice or add to an omelet, or pu-        cancer-fighting, enzyme-stimulating activ-
                                                                                                                ree them into juices. The chlorophyll in greens      ity into each bite than the grown-up vegetable.
                                                                                                                helps swab out environmental toxins (heavy           Research suggests that eating the sprouts (they
                                                                                                                metals, pesticides). It’s also an all-around liver   have a radish-like taste) kills off H. Pylori bacte-
                                                                                                                protector, which your liver needs since it’s         ria that causes stomach irritation and ulcers.
                                                                                                                your major domo detoxifier.                          7. Sesame seeds. They’re credited with protect-
                                                                                                                2. Lemons. Fresh lemonade made with filtered         ing liver cells from the damaging effects of al-
                                                                                                                water will keep you hydrated, and its vitamin        cohol and other chemicals. For a concentrated
                                                                                                                C helps convert toxins into a water-soluble          form, try tahini, the yummy sesame seed paste
                                                                                                                form that’s easily flushed away. (Add some           that’s a staple of Middle Eastern cooking.
                                                                                                                pureed greens -- see above -- to further bolster     8. Cabbage. There are two main types of de-
                                                                                                                your C level.) Here’s another cleanse that re-       toxifying enzymes in the liver, and this potent
                                                                                                                ally works.                                          veggie helps activate both of them. It’s the larg-
                                                                                                                3. Watercress. Put a handful into salads, soups,     est member of the Brassica veggie family, all of
                                                                                                                and sandwiches. The peppery little green leaves      which delivers colon-cancer fighting isothicy-
                                                                                                                have a diuretic effect that helps the flushing       anates and vitamin C. Coleslaw, anyone?
                                                                                                                process. Plus cress is a mineral mine, rich in       9. Psyllium. This plant’s bursting with soluble
                                                                                                                iron, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium.            fiber, which mops up toxins (cholesterol, too)
                                                                                                                4. Garlic. Add it to everything -- salads, sauces,   and helps clear them out. Stir powdered psylli-
                                                                                                                spreads. In addition to the heart-friendly bulb’s    um into juice to help cleanse your colon, or have
                                                                                                                cardio benefits, it activates liver enzymes. Re-     psyllium-fortified Bran Buds for breakfast. (Start
                                                                                                                search also indicates that garlic diminishes a       with a small amount and gradually increase your
                                                                                                                process that creates cancer-causing compounds        dose as your GI tract becomes used to it.)
                                                                                                                in your body.                                        10. Fruits, fruits, fruits. They’re full of almost
                                                                                                                5. Green tea. This antioxidant-rich brew is          all the good things listed above -- vitamin C, fi-
                                                                                                                one of the healthiest ways to get more water         ber, nutritious fluids, and assorted antioxidants.
                                                                                                                into your system. Bonus: It contains catechins,      Besides, nothing tastes better than a ripe mango,
                                                                                                                which speed up liver activity. Learn more            perfect pear, or fresh berries.
  Heritage                                             July 18-August 15, 2011 Philippine Fiesta 3B
                                                                     (916) 708-3462 (916) 708-8612

   Pete Ferrer Tackles Issues for the Naguilian Circle of Sacramento Chapter
By Faina E. Abaya
                                                                                                                                                                              Councilor Sally Estepa also praised

I   n a meeting of the Naguilian
    Sacramento Chapter hosted
    by Henry and Tina Bambao
held at their residence on Au-
gust 7, 2011 which was trans-
                                                                                                                                                                           and expressed her profound grati-
                                                                                                                                                                           tude to Pete and Velma Ferrer for the
                                                                                                                                                                           construction of the two elementary
                                                                                                                                                                           school buildings at Magungunay and
                                                                                                                                                                           Bariquir, the two remotest barrios of
                                                                                                                                                                           the town, now functioning as part of
formed into a gripe session to                                                                                                                                             the school infrastructure of the munic-
voice out some murky issues,                                                                                                                                               ipality. She also requested, if possible,
President Pete Ferrer who pre-                                                                                                                                             the extension of the two school build-
                                                                                                                                                                           ings to accommodate more school
sided the meeting was able to                                                                                                                                              children living at the said places. The
wisely handle the situation that                                                                                                                                           councilor, likewise, expressed her
resulted into a friendly resolu-                                                                                                                                           thanks to all who extended their help
tion of all the issues involved.                                                                                                                                           and generosity to the people of Nagu-
                                                                                                                                                                           ilian who were devastated as a result
The most important issue brought                                                                                                                                           of several typhoons and floods that hit
out was about the possible holding                                                                                                                                         the town.
of the Naguilian Global Reunion in                                                                                                                                              The misunderstandings occurred
2013 to be hosted by the Sacramento                                                                                                                                        during the two meetings which were
Chapter. However, the said proposed                                                                                                                                        resolved in the spirit of friendliness
event was not properly explained dur-                                                                                                                                      have shown that heated issues could
ing the meeting held at the residence                                                                                                                                      civilly end after everyone involved
of Rudy and Sonia Delizo on July 23,                                                                                                                                       open up their hearts and minds to
2011 that started the misunderstand-                                                                                                                                       straighten out what went wrong. Let
ing among some members.                                                                                                                                                    us always bear in mind that during
    After a thorough discussion about                                                                                                                                      meetings, respect with one another
the said proposal from among the                                                                                                                                           and our sense of humility should al-
members especially Pete Ferrer and                                                                                                                                         ways prevail because without such
Sonia Delizo who was appointed the                                                                                                                                         noble virtues, we do not expect to
project manager for the said event                                                                                                                                         reach any commendable objective.
by the leadership of the Naguilian-                                                                                                                                        Let us always think for the welfare
ders Alliance Network the usual en-                                                                                                                                        and betterment of our beloved town
tity that handles the Naguilian Global                                                                                                                                     of Naguilian and our strong friendship
Reunion, the misunderstanding was                                                                                                                                          and camaraderie that firmly built our
straightened out and put to rest. Like-                                                                                                                                    cultural, spiritual and social relation-
wise, the issue on the resignation         Henry Bambao who just arrived from       the best quality of work.                  tepa, a councilor of the municipality       ship with one another.
of some officers was also revoked         the Philippines with his wife Tina also       It is estimated that the amount on     of Naguilian who was given the op-               Those who attended the meeting
through voice voting when it was re-      took the occasion to report about the     hand is just enough to repair or replace   portunity to speak about the political      on August 7, 2011 were; Velma Fer-
ferred to the body for consideration.     project he has on hand concerning         at least 32 pews, although, the exact      situation of the town. She assured          rer, Rudy Delizo, Fely Esplana, Ed
   It was suggested that the leadership   the possible repair or replacement        number will depend on the amount to        everybody that the town is relatively       and Charity Avena, Dick and Mari-
of the NAN will put into writing the      of some of the pews in San Agustin        be received at the time the work will      peaceful, although the heat of the pre-     lyn Bernal, Charlie and Calixta Del-
role of the Sacramento Chapter and        Church. He said that he was able to       start. Henry was also proposing that       viously held election is still being felt   izo, Teddy and Letty Cheng, Ben and
also define NAN participation in the      canvass the quotation of some of the      the names of the voluntary donors will     which is just natural in a small town       Lourdes Delizo, Eli Floresca, Fred
said 2013 Naguilian Global Reunion.       persons who have knowledge about          be enshrined on a plaque or brass plate    politics. The councilor also outlined       and Patricia Banayat, Johnny and So-
Project Manager Sonia Delizo will         such kind of work or business, how-       to be placed on a conspicuous part of      the many projects of the municipal-         nia Viloria,Teddy Sacote, Tino and
communicate the matter to the leader-     ever, he has yet to decide which one      the church for all to see.                 ity for the betterment of the people of     Lerio Floresca, Carol Bambao, Jun
ship of the NAN and hope to present       of them could possibly give the best          During the meeting on July 23,         Naguilian, such as cottage industries,      Abaya and partner, Erna Bambao and
it to the members in the near future.     reasonable amount and could deliver       2011, the special guest was Sally Es-      social welfare and education.               Emma Bambao.

Tina C. Bambao Surprise Retirement
By Faina E. Abaya
In collaboration with Erna Bambao

I   n a show of respect and ad-        served that the honoree was profound-
    miration for her 32 years of       ly touched as she wiped tears from her
    devoted and dedicated long         eyes, waiving to all as a gesture of her
                                       deep appreciation for such a wonder-
service with the UC Davis hos-         ful reception.
pital in Sacramento particularly          While everyone was busy with their
as ANII-Nurse Manager at the           dinner of both Filipino and American
Labor and Delivery, Post Par-          Cuisine, entertainment started with
tum Department and at the OB           a dance to the tune of “New York,
                                       New York” ably performed by Helen
Clinic, her associates gave Tina       Legaspe, Cheri Nairn and Mildred
C. Bambao a surprise retire-           Mabitad Go. Singers like Joy Brewer
ment party.                            and Shantell Bacerra who sang “It’s a
                                       wonderful world” and “My Prayer”
The gathering was held on July 16, respectively were well applauded by
2011 in Elk Grove city at the resi- their listeners for their professional
dence of Mildred Mabitad Go, a close like performances.
associate of the honoree at the UCD
hospital which was attended by more Entertainment continued with Frank
than 80 nurses, close friends and fam- Paradela who is known in the com-
ily members. It was a Hawaiian Night munity for his virtuosity in dance and
affair that made everyone who gra- music who took Mildred Mabintad Go
ciously accepted the invitation to be and both gracefully performed a spe-
in her or his best colorful Hawaiian cial dance which was well applauded.
attire.                                Retirees from the Post Partum, Labor
     The party as scheduled started at and Delivery of the UCD hospital who         The video also showed the honoree’s        Church in Baguio City. Accordingly,         pher who is married to Janet Jungkeit.
exactly 6:00 PM, the time the honoree dubbed themselves the Singing Sisters         associates in her workplace comment-       the new wed were separated the fol-         The marriage of Christopher and Janet
arrived with her husband Henry Bam- with their genuine like nun habit ren-          ing on her professionalism, compas-        lowing day when Henry left for Korea        is blessed with three children namely,
bao together with some few relatives. dered their song and dance number             sion and humanity as they knew her         to report for his army duty with the        Calena, Jaello and Jazaniah.
Upon entering the spacious residence which was well received and enjoyed            for all the years that she worked with     United States Military Service. It was          Some of those who attended the
all the attendees stood up and sang by their audience.                              them.                                      only in April of the same year that he      retirement party were; Carol and Ja-
the “Unforgettable” symbolizing the         A video montage was shown as a               Tina Bambao obtained her RN-          returned to the Philippines and even-       son Bambao, Jane Rillera, Esperanza
many memorable years of her dedi- tribute to the honoree by Alyssa, the             BSN degree at the Baguio General           tually brought Tina to Texas, USA           Bacerra, Delma Petilla, Mary Rose
cated service to everyone who needed daughter of Leo and Bernadette Agus-           Hospital, School of Nursing “Class         where they started their successful and     Mayo, Ligaya Balignasay, Lily Gue-
her expertise in the care of the sick, tin chronicling the many happy mo-           1972”. Henry and Tina got married          fruitful married life. Henry and Tina’s     varra, Remy Go and many others.
infirmed and newly born. It was ob- ments of Tina Bambao with her family.           on January 14, 1973, at Saint Vincent      marriage is blessed with son Christo-

  Ang Buhay nga naman by Dave San Pedro                                                                  Lasang Pinoy
                                                                                                         Sago at Gulaman
                                                                                                            • 3 cups sugar
                                                                                                            • 3 cups water
                                                                                                            • boiled sago
                                                                                                            • cooked gulaman, cubed
                                                                                                            • crushed ice

                                                                                                            Sago Gulaman Cooking Instructions
                                                                                                            • Caramelized sugar in a saucepan. When melt-
                                                                                                            ed, pour in the water.
                                                                                                            • Continue cooking until the sugar is completely
                                                                                                            dissolved. Cool completely.                            To Cook sago:
                                                                                                            • Add some of the cooled arnibal or syrup to the       • Boil water in a saucepan. Add in uncooked
                                                                                                            sago to sweeten it.                                    sago.
                                                                                                            • In a glass, put some sago and gulaman. Add           • Stir to prevent sticking.
                                                                                                            enough arnibal to sweeten. Fill with ice or add ice-   • Cook until transparent.
                                                                                                            cold water.                                            • Drain then rinse.
                                                                                                                                                                                           Illustration by Dave San Pedro

                                                                                                            Sinuam na Dilis
                                                                                                            Sauteed Smelt
                                                                                                            • 1 cup smelt
                                                                                                            • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
                                                                                                            • 2 tablespoons ginger strips
                      DR. ABRAHAM R. MATA, DC                                                               • 1/2 cup corn kernels
                                                                                                            • 4 cups rice washing
                                  Board Certified-Diplomate,                                                •1 pack Aji-Ginisa All Purpose Seasoning Mix
                           American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board                                       (fish or shrimp flavor) 7 grams
                                                                                                            • 1 cup moringa oleifera (malunggay) leaves*
                                   Tel. 916.399.1590                                                        How to cook Filipino Sauteed smelt                           3. Sprinkle All Purpose Seasoning.
     “est. - 1997”        A PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION                                                        1 .Heat oil in a pan. Saute ginger, smelt and corn kernels   4. Add malunggay and simmer for 2 min-
                     1501 Corporate Way, Sacramento, CA 95831                                               for 3 minutes.                                               utes.
                MATA CHIROPRACTIC HEALTH CARE CLINIC                                                        2. Add washing. Simmer for 5 minutes.                        5. Serve the Sinuam na smelt hot.
  4B   Heritage                                                        (916) 708-3462 (916) 708-8612               July 18-August 15, 2011             Philippine Fiesta

                            Community Connection
                                         Melvin Jones Award Presentation
                                         To Past District Governor (PDG) Alejo “Al” P. Bulseco, Jr.
By Carle and Sarah Enloe                 Lion Bing Ventura

T     he 62nd Multiple District
      (MD) 301 Philippines Li-
      ons State Convention was
held from May 26 through 28,
2011 in Davao City, Philippines.
This is considered to be one of
the most important events in
Philippine Lionism where can-
didates vying for District Gov-
ernor (DG); 1st; and 2nd Vice
District Governor (VDG) are
elected to their respective of-
fices by the end of the week.
The highlight of the event is the
“Proclamation Night” in which
the elected officers are intro-
duced.                            Club of Davao City, one of the Twin Apo Lions Club. This presentation Davao City in 2005 and 2009.                                     Philippines, this award is bought by
                                         Clubs of Maharlika Lions Club.             was a prearranged surprise presenta-          What makes this award very spe-        the Awardee himself.
Lion Bing Ventura, Two Year Direc-       During the Convention, Lion Bing,          tion for PDG Al. Lion Bing noted           cial is that for the first time in the        After returning to Sacramento,
tor and Member of Maharlika Lions        assisted by International Director         PDG Al has been a dedicated Lion           history of Lionism in the Philip-         CA, Lion Bing received a very spe-
Club of Sacramento, had the op-          Michael So, presented a Melvin             and very instrumental in the success       pines, a Melvin Jones Fellow Award        cial thank you letter from PDG Al
portunity to attend the Convention       Jones Fellow Award to PDG Alejo            of the last two Medical Missions of        was presented to a Lion by a Club         for Maharlika Lions Club.
as a special guest of Mt. Apo Lions      “Al” Bulseco, Jr., a member of Mt.         the Maharlika Lions Club held in           and/or individual. Usually in the

  Birthday and retirement party
   Mrs. Vilma M. Tapalla of the Tirol Family in Boracay celebrated her 66th birthday on July 18, 2011 at the Double Tree
   Hotel in Sacramento with family and close friends.
     In a very intimate ambiance, an eight course sumptuous dinner with complete trimmings was served, where all her 50
   guests enjoyed. The occasion also marked the milestone of retirement of her husband, Engr. Rolando Tapalla, who worked
   for Bechtel, Inc. for so many years in the Middle East the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and in the United States. The Tapallas,
   who have two children and two grandchildren live in Elk Grove, California.

  (L -R) Mrs. Carindg and Amb. George G. Aducayen, Engr. Rolando and Mrs.     Mrs. Norma Bolante, Engr. Rolando Tapalla, Mrs. Cora Feli-
  Vilma M. Tapalla (Celebrant)                                                ciano, Mrs. Vilma Tapalla and Mrs. Caring Aducayen

  Mr. Francis and Caroline Kang, Mrs. Vilma M. Tapalla and Ms. Myrna McAlpin Mr. James Perry (son in law), Engr. Rolando Tapalla and Mrs.
                                                                             Gigi Tapalla Perry

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                                                            difference...the                                                                                    6051 Mack Road, Sacramento, CA

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Community News                                                             (916) 708-3462 (916) 708-8612             July 18-August 15, 2011                Philippine Fiesta 5B

   Birthdays                                                                                                                     Family Picnic for Tony Solomon’s
                                                                                                                                      Birthday Celebration
                                                                                                                                                          By Jose P. Abaya, Jr.

                                                                ANGELIQUE LOBO                  JULY 24
          JUNE 26                 AUGUST 2                        AUGUST 21

                                                                                                                      I   t could have been
                                                                                                                          easier for everyone
                                                                                                                          to greet Dr. Tony
                                                                                                                      Solomon on his birth-
                                                                                                                      day through the email, a
                                                                                                                      phone call or in person,
                                                                                                                      however, a great number
                                                                                                                      of his closest of friends,
                                                                                                                      relatives and even fam-
                                                                                                                      ily members such as his
                                                                                                                      loving better half Remy
         HENRY BAMBAO with wife Tina                     VELMA FERRER                    JULIANA TORRALBA             and daughter Dr. Aman-
                 AUGUST 20                               SEPTEMBER 10                        AUGUST 26                da Solomon have differ-
                                                                                                                      ent plan. A family pic-
                                                                                                                      nic was the unanimous
                                                                                                                      choice to celebrate Dr.
                                                                                                                      Tony Solomon’s birth-
   with Dino and Dane                                                                                                 day.
                                                                                                                      The celebrant is not only
                                                                                                                      known for his profession
                                                                                                                      as a veterinarian but
                                                                                                                      also a community lead-
                                                                                                                      er, religious and char-
                                                                                                                      ity worker as well as an
                                                                                                                      avid outdoor enthusiast
                                                                                                                      who enjoys picnic in the
                                                                                                                      country side to escape
                                                                                                                      the hustle and bustle of
                                                                                                                      city life.
                                                                                                                        On July 17, 2011, a caravan of several vehi-    to another and many other varieties that
                                                                                                                      cles hit the road towards Point Reyes, Marin      are part of the vegetation in such an area.
                                                                                                                      county traversing winding roads along pic-        Many others just sat on the benches or on
                                                                                                                      turesque country side of teeming pine trees       the ground to watch different variety of
                                                                                                                      with unspoiled vegetation and free of any         birds indigenous within the area hopping
                                                                                                                      kind of pollutants. I and my wife Faina were      from one tree branches to another.
                                                                                                                      lucky to have been accommodated by Henry            Whether brisk or pace walking, one could
                                                                                                                      and Tina Bambao to ride with them in their        easily enjoy the fresh air and sea breeze
                                                                                                                      car enjoying a smooth ride until we reached       as everybody stretches out of their aching
                                                                                                                      our picnic destination at Vista point over-       muscles. The beach itself was transformed
                                                                                                                      looking the pristine waters of the U-shaped       into a playground where many picnickers
                                                                                                                      Tomales Bay of the Pacific Ocean.                 from different places played soccer, base-
                                                                                                                         The picnic ground has complete facilities      ball and volley ball while others were idly
                                                                                                                      with several permanent wooden benches,            sunbathing and many more were kayaking
                                                                                                                      tables and iron barbecue grills as well as run-   or just frolicking in the calm waters of the
                                                                                                                      ning water in a place surrounded with thick       Tomales bay.
                                                                                                                      vegetation. It is not surprising to see roam-        Endless conversations about day to day
                                                                                                                      ing coyotes in such a forested area, although,    affairs, politics and jokes made the picnic
                                                                                                                      they seem to be harmless as they pass by.         immensely vibrant and lively showing
                                                                                                                         In no time, canopies were set up to have       family like atmosphere among the picnick-
                                                                                                                      shades from the searing heat of the summer        ers. Undoubtedly, the birthday celebration
                                                                                                                      sun, as everyone helped one another to carry      of Tony Solomon firmly strengthened the
                                                                                                                      out and prepare the food that show cased the      friendliness and camaraderie that usually
                                                                                                                      culinary skill of the ladies in both Filipino     prevails every time such gathering is held.
                                                                                                                      and American Cuisines. Despite, the mouth            In the end, all the picnickers gathered
                                                             MON and CARISSA VERIDIANO
                                                               APRIL 16 and APRIL 21                                  watering variety of food, oyster and the          around Dr. Tony Solomon and wished him
                                                                                                                      skewered barbecue pork were the choices of        the best of everything as they look forward
                                                                                                                      almost everyone brought in by Mon Veridia-        for another year to once more enjoy the
                                                                                                                      no, Lyod Castaneda and the cel-                                  company of one another in
                                                         KOBE ABAN with sister Caitlin                                ebrant, perhaps, because of the                                  the spirit of friendliness and
                                                                 JUNE 15                                              seafood stimulating aphrodisiac                                  oneness as always exempli-
                                                                                                                      concept on both sexes.                                           fied by the celebrant in all his
                                                                                                                          There was no boring mo-                                      social and spiritual undertak-
                                                                                                                      ment during the picnic because                                   ings.
                                                                                                                      the younger ones played val-                                       Among those who were seen
                                                                                                                      ley ball and the children were                                   enjoying the picnic were; Ma-
                                                                                                                      busy with their own games or                                     ria Sotelo and precious, Dick
                                                                                 ZYRUS ELLERSICK
                                                                                                                      just running around. The not so                                  and Memie Weitzenberg, Bob
                                                                                    MARCH 28                          old went down to the seashore                                    and Nerissa Cushman, Vir-
                                                                                                                      by a foot trail cutting through                                  gil and Grace Faundo, Lito
   Birthday celebration of Jun Abaya on July 30 at the residence of Hieu and Fainalita Ngo at Hearthstone Es-         moss laden coast redwood trees,                                  Pabon, Leila Perreira, Levy
   tate on Bradshaw, Elk Grove. Some of the guests are shown in the picture: Pete and Velma Ferrer,Marc and           ferns, coyote brush, poison oak                                  Castaneda, Bobby Ching, Jo-
   Norma Abenoja, Tony and Remy Solomon, Ed and Cristy Santos, Virgil and Grace Faundo, Mon Veridiano,                , wild blackberries, cobwebbed                                   seph and Tess Arca and many
   Bobby Ching and Es Hernandez                                                                                       like vines hanging from one tree                                 others.

                                                                          Baguio Californians
                                                                            Family Picnic
                                                                           Guest-Mayor Mauricio G.
                                                                              Sept.18, 2011-SUNDAY
                                                                                from 10 am - 5 pm
                                                                              Hercules Refugio Park
                                                                                 Contact Dinnah-

                                                                              Now is the time...
                                                                                               tomorrow who knows..
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                                                                               will it be?
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     husband, Attorney Raymond Sandoval, a lawyer at the                       Tumutulong, nakakaunawa, nagmamalasakit para sa iyo at sa mga mahal sa buhay.                                  Manuel Buenaventura
     United Nations. Dr. Sandoval is the niece of Nancy                        Sa ikatatahimik ng isip, tumawag lang po.                                                                           Consultant
     Bautista, a Philippine Fiesta contributor.
                                                                                Frequently asked questions
                                                                                 Q Does East Lawn Elk Grove Memorial Park have space available?
 Want to travel?                           Direct Balikbayan
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 6BSports                                       July 18-August 15, 2011 Philippine Fiesta
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 Fil-Am Competes in 2011 USA Figure, Physique, Bikini Championship
                     Pro Qualifier in Las Vegas
By Rod Mijares

LAS VEGAS, NV— Filipino boxing
fans, especially those who follow the                                                                                                                                                       of cardio in the morning,
                                                                                                                                                                                            and again in the evening.
boxing portal,                                                                                                                                                           We deprive ourselves of
have been enamored with their very own                                                                                                                                                      our favorite dishes (yes,
Filipina boxing champion Ana “Hurri-                                                                                                                                                        including the homemade
cane” Julaton by her accomplishments                                                                                                                                                        traditional Filipino foods
both inside and outside the ring as the                                                                                                                                                     like adobo and pansit). Our
                                                                                                                                                                                            meals are measured and
current WBO AND IBA female super                                                                                                                                                            timed. We lift weights four
bantamweight champion of the world.                                                                                                                                                         to five times a week. We
                                                                                                                                                                                            do all these things while
Unbeknownst to many, there is another sport, be-                                                                                                                                            continuing to balance our
sides boxing, karate and tae- kwon-do that some                                                                                                                                             daily responsibilities. Al-
Filipina-Americans practice with dedication and                                                                                                                                             though these sacrifices can
sacrifice to better themselves as a person. Also,                                                                                                                                           seem overwhelming for
by competing in the national and international                                                                                                                                              some, it is very possible
arenas in this sport, they bring prestige not only                                                                                                                                          for anyone to do,” explains
to themselves and their families but also to the                                                                                                                                            Willaine.
Philippines, their home country.                                                                                                                                                               “When I began my jour-
  One of these Fil-Ams is Willaine Kay Astrono-                                                                                                                                             ney in bodybuilding, I
mo Marquez. A resident of Stockton, California                                                                                                                                              had no idea what was in
but was born in Parang, Marikina City, Philip-                                                                                                                                              store for me. Little did I
pines to Wilfredo and Evelinda Marquez.                                                                                                                                                     know my life was going to
  Willaine possesses the 3Bs so adored by many:                                                                                                                                             change forever. The great-
Body, Beauty and Brains. A magna cum laude                                                                                                                                                  est change is in my spiritu-
graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at                                                                                                                                               ality. My relationship with
California State University -Sacramento, she              Fil-Am Willaine Marquez (center) poses for the judges during the USA Bodybuilding, Figure, Men and Women’s Physique and God had become stronger
also steeled in herself the discipline, dedication        Bikini Championship Pro Qualifier held at the University of Nevada - Las Vegas (UNLV) on July 29, 2011                           than it had ever been,” re-
and commitment to the sport of “bodybuilding,”                                                                                                                                             veals Willaine.
yes, “bodybuilding”— hardly common among                                                                                                                                “In preparing for any competition, I have no
Filipinos— and rarely for a Filipina, for that                                                                                                                        time for family and friends as my life evolves
matter.                                                 building and Figure                                                                  no way else to go but in the gym. I am very fortunate that my family
   She had been practicing karate for eight years       Championships        on                                                              up. Competing was supports me. However, preparation and training
before she started weight lifting in February           July 23, 2011 in Cul-                                                                a privilege and my take their toll on my mental state of mind. In or-
2009 mainly to enhance her performance and to           ver City, California,                                                                ranking only fueled der to stay strong emotionally, I turn to my faith
manage her weight. As a karate black belter, she        and with the earnest                                                                 me to take this expe- to help me pull through the tribulations associ-
entered numerous tournaments all over America           encouragement        of                                                              rience and continue ated with life and fitness. My faith reminded me
since 2002 until 2008, and garnered a number            her coach, Omar Ven-                                                                 to strive,” Willaine that the suffering Jesus had endured was worse
of individual and team golds to boot. Bronze            tura, Willaine entered                                                               shared.                  than my pain, and I was strengthened,” admits
and gold medals in Grants Pass, Oregon in 2006          the USA Bodybuild-                                                                       “Besides, the best Willaine.
and Miami, Florida. Individual Gold medals in           ing, Figure, Men and                                                                 amateurs in the Unit-       If there is one hardworking competitor who
Kata and Kobudo and team gold in Kata in the            Women’s Physique                                                                     ed States compete at believes that Filipinos are naturally strong, and
1st International Philippine Goodwill karate-do         and Bikini Champi-                                                                   the USA Pro Qualifier steeled fighters at-heart, and have the will to
Championships in 2008.                                  onship Pro Qualifier                                                                 where,      fortunately, push through challenges, it’s Willaine Kay As-
  Attending as a spectator at the 2010 contra costa     held in Las Vegas on                                                                 I was among them tronomo-Marquez, who lives by that belief.
bodybuilding, figure,bikini and fitness champi-         July 29-30, 2011 at                                                                  and honored to be           It would not surprise anyone if in the near
onships in hayward, california provided willaine        University of Nevada                                                                 one. Only those who future, she’d reign supreme in the USA Body-
the self-discovery that her physique at that time       Las Vegas (UNLV).                                                                    placed first or second building, Figure, Men and Women’s Physique
was not yet at par with the women competing                 However, she only                                                                at a local regional and Bikini Championships as this is her only
onstage. it was on that day, sort of a milestone,       finished 16th place in                                                               show are qualified to 5th competition and she is just starting. She
that she took the challenge and prepared for her        Figure Class C. Was                                                                  participate and com- further believed that there is always room to
first figure competition in bodybuilding.               she        discouraged?                                                              pete at this event. learn and improve oneself as an athlete and as
   “In my very first competition, I placed second       Nope. It only further                                                                Thereafter, those who a person. “The rules of life and of a sport are
in my class at the 2010 San Francisco Body-             motivated her resolve                                                                win top place in their always evolving. So, one must also evolve to
building, Figure and Bikini Championships in            to do better next time.                                                              class in this event be successful and find challenges to keep one
Hayward, California. I knew then, that it was the          “Although, I didn’t                                                               were able to compete motivated,” Willaine stated as a matter of fact.
sport I wanted to do,” Willaine confided. This          place first, or in the                                                               internationally. Those     Filipino athletes and boxers could take a cue
was followed by a 5th place Figure Class C at           top five, I must say                                                                 who win here were in- from Willaine regarding her discipline, dedi-
2010 IBFF/NPC Sacramento Championships in               I was still a winner.                                                                credible and brought cation and faith in God and family, and could
Sacramento, California and another 2nd place            Because I knew in my                                                                 their ‘A’ game,” Wil- emulate her example as she pointed out above.
finish at the 2011 NPC San Jose Championships           heart that I gave it all             Willaine Kay Astronomo Marquez               laine added.
in San Jose, California.                                and I knew God put me                                                                “Competing in body- You heard it, Filipino boxers, as we follow you
  Just recently, inspired by another fifth place fin-   exactly where I needed to be and that was in building is a demanding sport like all other at Find challenges. Be moti-
ish in her only 4th competition at the LA Body-         the 16th place. For me, it meant that there was sports. Many of us wake up early to do a session vated and be successful.

                                                                                                               Team Manila 2nd place world softball
                                                                                                              By Eddie Alinea

                                                                                                              Championship pressure took its toll on Team           by centerfielder Joy Parilla that saw the roared
                                                                                                              Manila which lost to Grand Rapids of Michi-           ahead by two runs, 4-1.
                                                                                                              gan, 9-2, in the gold medal play of the Big             Still manageable though had Groom not muz-
                                                                                                              League ((16-18) Girls Softball World Series           zled all the Manilenyas, runners up here also in
                                                                                                              finals Wednesday (Thursday in Manila) at the          2008 and last year, in the next two innings. The
                                                                                                              Wilson Field of Vanderbilt Park in Kalamazoo,         roof finally caved in on coach Randy Dizer’s
                                                                                                              Michigan.                                             girls in the sixth where the hosts put the outcome
                                                                                                                                                                    beyond doubt with a five-run salvo assisted by
                                                                                                              Five errors came in stinging fashion dashing          two more Team Manila errors.
                                                                                                              whatever hopes there were for the Manilenyas             The Filipinas’ last marker came in the lower
                                                                                                              to reverse the outcome of what started as a close     half of the final frame when Bernardino closed
                                                                                                              matchup that but turned into a rout.                  in her championship stint with a single. Laura
                                                                                                                A run right at the bottom of the opening frame      Lehman, who replaced her as a pinch runner,
                                                                                                              started the ball rolling for the Grand Rapids,        finalized the tally by scoring the last run on a
                                                                                                              but the Manilenyas countered at the top of the        sacrifice fly to left by Bamba.
                                                                                                              next period when losing pitcher Rizza looked             Bernardino from Sta. Cruz in Laguna, like
                                                                                                              on the way to winning her own game by clout-          Groom played without relief, yielding 10 hits
                                                                                                              ing a solo home run off Morgan Groom, serving         that produced 9 runs. She struck out 12 Michi-
                                                                                                              notice, too, that everything was well with Team       gan batters, five more than Groom’s seven.
                                                                                                              Manila.                                                 “Runner up na naman, hindi na yata magiging
                                                                                                                   The atmosphere of the contest suddenly           best in the world. Palagi na lang second best,”
                                                                                                              turned sour barely an inning later for the Fil-       assistant coach Ana Santiago, the architect of
                                                                                                              ipinas though after Sierra Mutschier sacrificed       Team Manila 2008 and 2009 silver medal fin-
                                                                                                              Sadie Stowell home and herself crossing the           ishes as head mentor, rued over the phone in an
                                                                                                              plate on a fielding miscue allowing the hosts         interview with Malaya Business Insight.
                                                                                                              to grab the upperhand, 2-1, in their side of the        “Daming error at crucial pa. Noong mga unang
                                                                                                              same period.                                          game naman ay hindi nangyari yun. Grabe ner-
                                                                                                                 Another error by leftfielder Chichiro Bamba        byos ng mga bata hindi nakayanan,” she blurted
                                                                                                              keying off the fourth with one out boarded Dan-       out. “Mabuti silver medal na nang mangyari.
                                                                                                              ielle Freeman who scored on another misplay           Kung hindi baka umuwi kami ng luhaan.”
 Entertainment                                                                    Philippine Fiesta 7B
                                                                      (916) 708-3462 (916) 708-8612
                                                          July 18-August 15, 2011

Robin: No Catholic wedding with Mariel... Paris Hilton arrives in Manila, missing
a movie offer with Vilma                  2 cell phones on deplaning
By Ricardo F. Lo
                                                                                                           By Miko Morelos

R      egal Matriarch
       Mother Lily
confirmed to Funfare                                                                                       P     aris Hilton said
                                                                                                                 she was miss-
                                                                                                                 ing two gadgets
                                                                                                                                                                                   ner of the concourse area,
                                                                                                                                                                                   the dignitaries’ lounge
                                                                                                                                                                                   and a Duty Free stall. The
                                                                                                                                                                                   crowd swelled as passen-
                                                                                                                                                                                   gers streamed steadily out
Update that she has                                                                                        when she touched                                                        of the plane.
a standing offer for                                                                                       down at the Ninoy                                                         Wearing a yellow top and
Batangas Gov. Vil-                                                                                         Aquino International                                                    jeans, Hilton obliged pho-
ma Santos to star in                                                                                       Airport on a drizzling                                                  tographers by snapping
a movie with Robin                                                                                         Sunday night but it                                                     a few poses before her
                                                                                                                                                                                   handlers barged through
Padilla.                                                                                                   seemed the warm                                                         crowd who shrieked as the
                                                                                                           Filipino welcome at                                                     celebrity made her way to
“I will co-produce it with                                                                                 the terminal’s VIP                                                      the airport’s VIP lounge.
either GMA Films or
TV5,” said Mother Lily.                                                                                    lounge cheered the                                                      Cameras flashed one after
                                                                                                           Hollywood       celeb-                                                  the other as Hilton smiled
“It’s Vilma’s call.”                                                                                                                                                               while walking to the hold-
   “Interested si Vi,” said                                                                                rity and hotel heiress                                                  ing area.
Vilma’s Girl Friday Aida                                                                                   coming off an eight-                                                       Teenager Alex Camcam
Fandialan.                                                                                                 hour flight.                                                            grabbed the chance to have
    If that project pushed                                                                                                                                                         Hilton’s autograph as she
through, it would be a                                                                                     Hilton, who is in the                                                   passed by her. Camcam
brilliant casting coup. It’s                                                                               country for a series of                                                 later told the INQUIRER
about time Robin and Vil-                                                                                  meetings and engage-                                                    she had asked her mother
ma did a movie together,                                                                                   ments, arrived around MANILA WELCOMES PARIS. American heir-             to accompany her to the
isn’t it?                                                                                                  10:30      p.m.     Sunday ess and media personality Paris Hilton is es-airport upon learning about
     But first, Vilma will                                                                                 aboard an Emirates Air- corted to her limousine shortly upon arrival    Hilton’s visit.
have to finish shooting                                                                                    lines flight from Dubai. at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport        Hilton was to design the
The Healing, with Chito                                                                                    She was received by of- in Manila, Philippines late Sunday Aug.14,      centerpiece of the real es-
Roño as director, which                                                                                    ficials of Century Prop- 2011. Hilton is in Manila to meet with her     tate firm’s latest develop-
is the second (after In My                                                                                 erties, who tapped her to friends, Filipino boxing champion Manny       ment called Azure Urban
Life) in her existing three-                                                                               design a beach club of its Pacquiao and wife Jinkee, inaugurate her     Resort Residences-a beach
picture contract with Star                                                                                 newest development in Paris Hilton boutique as well as design and       club highlighted by luxuri-
Cinema. The Healing will Robin Padilla and wife Mariel Rodriguez look like honeymooners in Rome            Parañaque City.               promote residential resort-type condo units
                                                                                                                                                                                   ous facilities, such as a spa
start shooting early next during their recent European vacation. Inset: Batangas Gov. Vilma Santos             “I lost my iPhones,” under the Century Properties Inc. AP Photo/    and massage center and a
month.                       who looks forward to working with Robin                                       Hilton said to a Century Bullit Marquez                                 movie room, among other
   Incidentally, Robin has                                                                                 Properties official, the exchange recorded on amenities.
just come back from a European holiday with to a priest who asked them to produce some                     video and aired on ABS-CBN.                            In a statement, Century Properties managing
his wife Mariel Rodriguez that brought them papers as a “guarantee” that they wouldn’t                        An official of the Manila International Air- director Robbie Antonio said the company “put
to Amsterdam, Paris and Rome. Robin did a separate. They didn’t have the required paper                    port Authority indicated the loss was unlikely our absolute trust in Paris’ abilities to fully-in-
show with some ABS-CBN stars to promote with them.                                                         to have occurred at NAIA Terminal 1 since tegrate a superior lifestyle that cannot be found
his action-adventure series Guns & Roses but          “Okey lang,” said Mariel. “What’s important
                                                                                                           Hilton, who flew by herself, found out her elsewhere in the country.”
he and Mariel split from the group and traveled is that we are in love with each other. Rules are          phones were missing as she was walking at the          Hilton would be overseeing the design compo-
on their own.                                       just man-made, not by God,” adding that as of
                                                                                                           arrival concourse.                                   nent of the beach club while the company would
   “As a Catholic,” Mariel told Funfare Update, now, she is without religion “but not without                 “As she was walking the concourse area, she ensure in implementing the concept, the official
“I wanted to visit The Vatican but it was never God.”                                                      stopped and tried looking for it in (her) bag,” continued.
our intention to talk to The Pope,” contrary to                                                            said Connie Bungag, chief of the MIAA’s me-            She would also be opening her signature luxu-
reports that they went there on purpose to ask Isn’t she converting to Islam?                              dia affairs division, over the phone. “We don’t ry brand at SM Megamall on Wednesday where
the The Vatican’s permission for her and Robin         “No,” said Mariel. “I still have to learn how
                                                                                                           think she lost it here. When she was deplaning, she was expected to meet with patrons of her
to get married in Catholic rites as follow-up to to say the Muslim prayer.”                                she was already looking for the phones.”             bags. On her Twitter account, she revealed a
their Muslim wedding last year in Taj Mahal,          Isn’t Robin talking her into “converting”?
                                                      “No,” said Mariel. “No pressure from Robin.             Despite the missing phones, Hilton still car- potential meet-up with world boxing icon and
India.                                                                                                     ried herself well to the delight of the awaiting Saranggani Rep. Manny Pacquiao and his wife
                                                    We respect each other’s (religious) beliefs.”
                                                      And how soon do they plan to have a baby?            crowd composed of camera phone-carrying Jinkee for dinner.
In the first place, Mariel and Robin didn’t have                                                           passengers and airport personnel who seemed            Hilton came from what appeared to be a Eu-
any prior appointment with The Pope.                   “Not so soon. At the moment, Robin is my
                                                                                                           to have left their workstations momentarily to ropean holiday with her sister Nicky as seen on
   But according to reports, the couple did talk baby and I enjoy taking care of him.”                     get a glimpse of the celebrity.                      the former’s Twitter page. She snapped photos
                                                                                                              As the public address system announced the of the parties she attended in the French Riviera
                                                                                                           flight’s arrival, onlookers massed up the cor- and Ibiza in Spain.

Charice eager to work with Sarah
By Mario Bautista
                                                                                                           Sarah on projected romance with Gerald:
                                                    consider myself as magaling. I still want to           Let’s not force it
                                                    improve and learn the techniques to effortless
                                                    singing.”                                              By Marinel R. Cruz

                                                    Did she get to meet Charice in the US?
                                                      “No. She was too busy shooting a movie and
                                                    doing her new album that we never got to meet.
                                                    But she sent me a message saying na sana,
                                                    matuloy pa rin ‘yung balak niyang collabora-
                                                                                                           S   inger-actress Sarah Geronimo
                                                                                                               finds no need to link her romanti-
                                                                                                               cally to fellow Kapamilya Gerald
                                                                                                           Anderson just to promote a movie.
                                                    tion namin.”                                           Sarah told entertainment writers recently:
                                                                                                           “Let’s not force things to happen.” She first
                                                                                                           worked with Gerald in the March 2011 roman-
                                                    Marian Ri-                                             tic-comedy flick, “Catch Me, I’m in Love” by
                                                    vera’s fans                                            director Mae Cruz. They are expected to make
                                                    hosted a party                                         another film before the year ends.
                                                    for her at Im-
                                                    perial Palace                                          Chemistry
                                                    for her birth-                                         “Love happens in its own time and pace,” she
                                                    day. Much to                                           explained. “Right now, Gerald and I are okay.
                                                    their delight,                                         People who watched our first movie saw that
                                                    she sang and                                           we have chemistry. That’s what’s important.”
                                                    danced      for                                        She noted that the movie worked even without
                    Charice                         them to the                                            “intimate or steamy” scenes.
                                                    tune of “Hul-                                             Sarah also said she was unaffected by sto-
‘But she sent me a message saying na sana,          ing El Bimbo”                                          ries pitting her against Angeline Quinto, first
matuloy pa rin ‘yung balak niyang collabora-        and “Lucky.”                                           grand winner of the talent search program                          Sarah Geronimo
tion namin. – Sarah Geronimo’                       Has she re-                                            “Star Power.”
                                                    ceived     any                                            “Controversies are part of show business.  ing a media gathering for the Globe Superunli
ABS-CBN pulled a trick on writers attending         gift from boy-                                         I’m used to them now,” Sarah said. “I remem-  Alltxt promo.
the recent presscon of Vice Ganda. Vice ap-         friend Ding-                                           ber how bad I felt when I was still starting [in He said all is well between him and former
peared only on video to declare he wasn’t there     dong Dantes?              Marian Rivera                show biz] and was always being compared to    girlfriend Kim Chiu, who is now entertaining
and presented Sarah Geronimo instead. Later                                                                Ate Rachelle (Ann Go, also a product of a tal-suitors. “I can’t stop guys from pursuing Kim.
on, Gerald Anderson joined her. It turned out to    “Wala pa. Baka sa mismong birthday ko. But             ent search program). Every singer has her own ’Di ko hawak ang isip nila. Kim is very beauti-
be a presscon for their endorsement, Globe Pre-     I already told him presence and faithfulness           style. It’s wrong to make artists fight just to
                                                                                                                                                         ful, especially these days,” Gerald said. “We are
paid’s Superunli AllTxt giving unlimited texting    lang niya, happy na ako. Sabi naman niya,              pick the ‘better’ one.”                       in touch, but not as much as we used to be. She
to all networks, 10 minutes of calls and one hour   corny ko raw.”                                                                                       knows I’m always here for her.”
mobile internet.                                      But she did give Dong an expensive gift for          Not dating                                     A leaner Gerald is set to star in the Roel Bayani
                                                    his birthday last Aug. 2, said to be a watch he        Meanwhile, Gerald denied rumors that he drama series “Budoy,” where he plays a men-
Sarah has been away for sometime. “I stayed         had long wanted to buy for himself. “I talked          and young actress Jewel Mische were dating. tally challenged boy. To fit into the role, he had
in the US for three weeks and took voice and        to the supplier directly at binilin kong ‘pag          “She’s a friend. We see each other on ‘ASAP,’ to shed 10 pounds and grow his hair long. “The
dance lessons with different teachers,” she says.   may dumating, ako na ang unang bibili, akin            but we never dated. It’s funny that people story is about family, friendship and loyalty. It
“Gusto ko lang lumawak ang knowledge ko             ang first option.”                                     claim they saw us malling,” Gerald said dur- will make viewers cry.”
about my craft. Pam-boost na rin ng confidence        And what’s her own wish for herself?
in performing.”
  Why did she still have to study singing when “Peace of mind, wala ng iba. Gusto ko ng                                                                   QUALITY PERFUME OILS & INCENSE
she’s already an accomplished singer? “I don’t payapang buhay.”
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