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					                                  Vernon College
                 Assessment Activity/Report Communication Form

Title: _DWI Annual Report_______ Date of completion: _September 15, 2010_________

Please circle:       Assessment Activity                 Report                Both

Highlights of data:
The data reported includes the number of DWI Intervention and DWI Education
classes held at both Vernon and Wichita Falls; and the number of students
enrolling and completing these courses, as well as, the drivers license number or
social security number and date of birth for each person completing.

The total number of classes and completers is as follows: There was 1 DWI class
held in Vernon with 5 enrolling and 3 completing. In Wichita Falls there were 10
DWI classes held with 152 enrolling and 149 completing and 3 DWI Intervention
classes held with 45 enrolling and 44 completing. All of these classes were held
and completed during the 09-10 academic year.

Use of data:
The DWI Annual report includes data for the Vernon College DWI Program to
prove its effectiveness to the Texas Department of State Health Services. There
are necessary minimums that must be met and they are reported at this time.

Where the report can be found: _In the filing cabinet in Anne Patterson’s office
(King Center Gym) in the DWI file drawer under Annual Reports

Submitted by: ___Anne Patterson_____________________ Date: _9/28/10_______________
                             (responsible party)

Received by Office of Institutional Effectiveness: 9.29.10

Presented to College Effectiveness Committee:     10.18.10

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