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Messages from the Young Journey Crew…..A tribute to our Troops

The Young Journey Foundation releases its free music and poetry CD for our troops and their
families in recognition of their services. The CD features a new song “One Heart” thanking our
troops, plus original poems written and recited by Young Journey children.

NEW YORK, September 1, 2005 – The Young Journey Foundation (TYJF) is a non profit youth
education and entertainment organization releasing the first CD project on the JMT label.

TYJF is a family friendly organization formed to empower youth to reach their highest potential
academically, creatively and spiritually. The organization transcends communication barriers by
creating, supporting and conducting children’s educational informational activities using the arts
as a vehicle. One of the main goals is to develop good characteristics in children preparing them
to be future leaders.

The organization was established to assist youth in reducing the incidence of negative behaviors
such as truancy, violence, drug and alcohol use – things that classify them as being “at risk”.

TYJF focuses on major productions such as television programs, music CD’s, live events and
other projects, that build self-esteem and improve the well being of children from all
socioeconomic groups.

The first major project completed is Messages From The Young Journey Crew…..A Tribute To
Our Troops. It features children from a Young Journey Poetry Contest plus a new song
performed by Ms. Jaha, Lamont O’Neil and children. It also features excerpts from two young
brothers who spoke heartfelt words to their parents who are both deployed in Iraq.

It is a sponsor supported, free CD for troops and their families in support of this historical
mission simply saying “thank you” for their works. Many sponsors have donated their service,
facilities, talent and finances in support of the CD.

There is a real need to support and encourage our service members and their families. “Our goal
is to reproduce 10,000 CD’s by December 31, 2005 to be inserted in care packages and given to
those who have returned from overseas duty” said Jaha Wilder, president of TYJF. “We are
highly excited about them receiving this project. We greatly appreciate all support received
toward this goal.”

Even in the current works of the Hurricane Katrina relief, our troops continue to show a
commitment to serve our country. This project says we appreciate our troops and they are not
forgotten. Ms. Jaha, will be promoting the CD at radio and television stations nationwide in an
effort to raise funds for the reproduction and distribution of the project.

Read more and listen to the CD online at www.jaha.tv/troops.

                                                       THE YOUNG JOURNEY FOUNDATION
                                                     P.O. Box 300168, Jamaica New York 11430

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